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Filer's Files
By George Filer

MUFON Eastern Region Director
January 22, 1998

George Filer:
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Unidentified Flying Objects are active over Georgia, Arizona, UK, Croatia, and India.


John C. Thompson, MUFON's Georgia State Director reports a 38 year-old woman and her parents were driving south on I-75, on January 17, 1998, at around 7:30 PM. About 50 miles north of Macon they saw a circle of blue-white lights hovering just off the interstate. The lights formed a continuous circle, and were solid-like a piece of "Swiss-cheese." The craft was the size of a small jet airliner. The lights were hovering over some nearby trees and slowly shifted their position. They saw the ring of lights for several minutes and noticed that other cars slowed like them, but didn't stop. Driving south they could see the large bright circle of lights in the rear window of their car.

Later, around 8:45 PM, the family was driving on Route I-16, twenty miles southeast of Macon and saw a strange beam of light go to the ground. They then saw a moving bright light shooting across the sky in a "strand" of flashes. Only one light was involved, but it darted across the sky going from south to north. The light besides varying in altitude also seemed to advance westward before repeating its south-to-north flashing. The beam and light "stream" was located off Route I-16 near a cellular phone tower. This time they stopped their car and watched. The light made no sound as it "streamed" across the sky "4 to 6 times" before it disappeared. The witnesses felt hundreds must have seen the circular UFO between Atlanta and Macon as I-75 was very busy. She said, she made calls to the Macon and Atlanta police departments, to several TV stations, the Atlanta Constitution, and the FAA all said they had heard of no UFO reports..
John has assigned the case to Todd Ganas, State Section Director in Savannah.

On January 8, 1998, a strange intense beam of light, much like the Macon beam, going from heavy overcast skies to the ground in LaGrange was reported between 7:30 and 8 PM by a couple driving on North Greenwood Street. A check with 911 in Troup County showed no other reports of this intense light beam.

An elderly lady called John Thompson and said that on January 18, 1998, at around 2:30 PM she saw a "round shiny dot" moving extremely fast. It was above Moody Bridge Road just west of Wal-Mart in LaGrange. This would be about a mile north of where the strange light beam was seen on January 8th. She said the perfectly round ball had sunlight reflecting off it, and was moving from south to north (as airliners often do over LaGrange) but at a high rate of speed that was at least twice the speed of a commercial airliner. She said it made no sound and disappeared in clear open sky as she watched. She estimates that it was at least a mile away and had an apparent size of "1/8 of a full moon." She said, "It was definitely not an airplane." She saw the round shiny ball for three seconds before it disappeared while looking to the West. She also said it was flying lower than most commercial airliners do when on their approach to the Atlanta airport, 60 miles to the northeast. It should be emphasized that none of these sighting reports have been investigated. Thanks to John Thompson.

Three hours later, a second witness saw two UFOs flying over northern Georgia on Sunday at 6:06 PM.. Herring claims he was in Conyers, GA on January18th, when he saw "Two black circular objects flying west to east with no lights. The second pulled up and slowly disappeared. The first UFO kept going straight and disappeared. About thirty minutes later, he saw one flying straight, but swaying or unstable. He then preceded to find another witness, who also saw the craft for a couple of seconds just as it pulled up and disappeared." Its possible the La Grange and Conyers witnesses both observed the same craft. Apparently, the UFO moved 70 miles north to Conyers, near Atlanta. It is conceivable some kind of secret craft is operating from Lockheed-Martin near Atlanta. (Thanks to D. Herring dvsphish and John Thompson ISUR Sighting Report.)


On Monday, January 5, 1998, at 2:50 PM, Ms. C.R. of Ozark, Missouri was in her car, waiting for a traffic light to change at 3100 South Glenstone Avenue in the nearby city of Springfield (population 140,494) when she spotted something strange in the overcast sky. "What appeared then was a round disk-shaped object moving slowly to the northeast. She observed the object for well over a minute while waiting for a left-turn signal." "She described the UFO as having a dull gray bottom with a bright silvery top as it slightly turned on its right. The woman had her car window down and she said no noise was noticed during the sighting. She attempted to take a photo of the UFO in a bank parking lot, but when she got out of the car, the object had disappeared." (Thanks to Brian Adams of the Ozark Area Research Group and Joe Trainor editor UFO Roundup #3. (/19/93)


Jeremy Clark Packer, a 32 year old engineer reports a UFO sighting on a Monday morning in late December 1997, from an oil drilling platform in the Gulf of Mexico 30 miles from Corpus Christi, Texas. Jeremy reports: " Out of the West we saw what looked to be about 25-30 Helicopters on maneuvers...not an uncommon sight. What was uncommon was that the rig commander came up and told us he had no alerts to any military maneuvers from the coast guard that day.

Suddenly, something very large surfaced beneath them. It was a huge metal object about the size of our platform! It just came straight out of the water and straight into the air! It hovered over the helicopters for about two minutes. Enough for us to use the telescopes to check it out! It was as large as about two football fields, concave underneath with four large bulbous domes in the concave part of the bottom of it. It turned on it's side and we saw that it looked like a huge flying cigar which was tapered at both ends. On the top of the thing was another concave indent that had lights circling within it. Every color you could possibly imagine! It was beautiful, then it was gone. Photographs were taken of the object. our watches showed 30 minutes late/about the time the sighting took place. The day was cold and windy." (Thanks to the B.U.F.O.D. Space, Above and Beyond Website. and Ben Field


Tom King reports multiple UFO sightings over three large cities in Arizona. The new flap began Sunday afternoon, January 11, 1998, when residents of Phoenix, the state capital, reported spotting "three shiny silvery objects flying at a high altitude" above the city. That night, at 9 p.m., a TV station in Tucson (population 405,390), a large city 117 southeast of Phoenix, aired an amateur videotape showing "a large bright orange glowing UFO" flying near Mount Lemmon and Spencer Canyon north of the city. The news broadcast described it as "a possible campfire." According to Tom King, director of Arizona Skywatch, park rangers investigated the event "and found nothing." On Monday, January 12, 1997, at 12:30 a.m., witnesses in Mesa, Arizona (population 288,091), a city 19 miles east of Phoenix, "saw the strange orange object. It brightened and dimmed several times," King reported. "It split in two and headed in formation towards Phoenix" at "three times the speed of any normal military aircraft." The object's estimated speed was about 1,800 miles per hour. On Wednesday, January 14, 1998, at 10 p.m., Arizona Skywatch received calls from several residents in the Broadway Road/Southern Avenue section of Phoenix. They reported videotaping "mysterious orange lights" over the South Mountains, scene of the big UFO flap on March 13, 1997. King said his group has "obtained the schedule of military flare drops" and will compare these times with the UFO reports. On Thursday, January 15, 1998, at 10 p.m., witnesses in Phoenix and the city of Casa Grande (population 19,082) about 40 miles (64 kilometers) to the south reported seeing "three glowing objects with slight pulsating motions" over the nearby desert.

Robert Michael states, "I was driving up past Casa Grande on January 18, 1998, and observed objects to the west as I pulled off onto Route 387, north of Casa Grande. At that point, I counted 9 and up to 11 Orange Globes strung out all the way from west to east, north of my position over Phoenix. You could see the normal Phoenix air traffic between these lights: I had Bushnell Binoculars on these Orbs and at times I could make out some sort of Disc structure on one or two of them. I was getting a lot of atmospheric diffraction effects from the lights. This short wavelength cohesive type visible light scatters very well in the Phoenix polluted air: Observation times were from 7:25 to 7:55 PM MST: Two Orbs were still visible as I left observation point. I'm sure there is much more to come and there should be lots of good video of this mass sighting. (Thanks to Robert Michael and Tom King of Arizona Skywatch International for this story.)


Victor Kean reports that Flying Triangles (FT) continued visiting nuclear power stations in Southeastern England during the month of OCTOBER 1997. To clarify a previous report. There were a total of 132 sightings of Flying Traingle craft over the three nuclear power stations. Sizewell, Suffolk had 76 sightings or more than two a night for the month. Bradwell, Essex had 37 and Dungeness, Kent had 19 sightings. The FTs are usually first observed in the North Sea off the Suffolk coast. The same craft probably visited more than one site during their almost nightly routine. Also a UFO described as "a yellow harvest moon" hovered above a residential neighborhood in Immingham, England on January 4, 1998, at about 11:00 PM. Several relatives observed an object similar to a yellow harvest moon just above the trees. The real moon was much higher in the sky. The object was estimated to be ten meters in size and was viewed for about five minutes. Thanks to Victor Kean and Project FT.


On December 21, 1997, ufologist Geert van Halem left his home on the van Beethovenstraat in Gorinchem in the Netherlands when he spotted a strange object in the northern sky. Van Halem described the UFO as "about 8 to 10 meters (25 to 33 feet) in diameter, which illuminated a bright white light. It was not normal light but was kind of a shiny glow. Its altitude was about 500 meters (1,650 feet) and it was about 45 degrees above the horizon. It was hovering silently above my neighborhood." Van Halem said he had seen an identical white UFO in the same part of the sky the night of October 30, 1997. On November 8, 1997, at 7 p.m., he observed "an object which illuminated a bright red light with a kind of glow to it" to the north- northwest "at an angle of about 50 degrees above the horizon." Two weeks later, while bicycling after dark across a dyke on the Merwedekanaal in the nearby village of Woudrichem, he saw "an object about 20 meters in length. I could see a row of lights around the object, but I'm not sure if it was circular or similarly shaped. It moved silently with a speed of 17.5 meters per second (i.e. 6,300 kilometers per hour or 3,780 miles per hour--J.T.) It was this speed that convinced me that it could have absolutely not been an airplane." (Many thanks to Dutch readers Stephan and Annet for forwarding this story.)


A newspaper in Croatia reported last week that four aliens had landed at a farm just outside the city of Sibenik. Sibenik is a port on the Adriatic Sea about 225 kilometers (140 miles) south of Zagreb. According to the newspaper Vercernji List, a farmer named Jako Vrancic was herding his cattle on his farm north of Sibenik when a UFO landed soundlessly in the pasture. He described the object as looking like a household flatiron. Vercernji List described the event as "a close encounter between a (retired) peasant farmer and four aliens...The aliens had the stature and build of human children, he said." Vrancic offered to share his lunch of ham and dried figs with the occupants, but they told him they weren't hungry. "We had no problem communicating, as they spoke a broken form of Croatian," Vrancic said. "I felt no fear, as I had previously seen things like this on TV," he added. Following a brief visit, the occupants reboarded their "iron-shaped spacecraft" and flew away. Vrancic "is reportedly well-liked in his village and was described as an honest and down-to-earth man by his friends." (Thanks to CNI News vol. 3 #22, editor Mike Lindemann and Joe Trainor editor UFO Roundup #3 1/19/98.


According to the January 18th, edition of the Ukrainian newspaper, a "large unknown object" has crashed in a forested hill-side outside the small village of Vechne, about 100 miles from the city of Kharkov. The crash-site was spotted at first light on Sunday morning by a potato farmer who was bewildered by the large flattened area left by the crash; he could see it over a mile away on the side of a hill; he alerted the local priest, and went out to investigate, within close proximity of the crash, he said he became fearful and returned back to the village. Kiev Air Traffic Control have insisted they haven't lost any aircraft, neither have they received any distress signals. The locals in the remote village are too frightened to go near the site, and since there's been no report of a civilian or military air crash, no emergency services have been called out. Translation by Tanja Engl. (Thanks to Current Encounters and .


A Swiss family and a dozen local residents watched a UFO perform aerobatic maneuvers high above the town of Kimsar, Rajahstan state, India at 11 p.m. on Christmas Eve, December 24, 1997. Kimsar is located in the Rajahstan desert about 720 kilometers (450 miles) southwest of New Delhi, capital of India. Eyewitness Alex Carrara said his family had left their home in Geneva, Switzerland to spend the Christmas holiday in India. Alex was standing outside their rented home with his parents, his brother and his sister when they saw a crowd of "10 to 12 local people looking at the sky." "We were struck by the sight, and there was no sound," Alex reported, describing the UFO as "bright yellow or orange. I'm quite sure there was a yellow-orange aura around the object." The UFO approached Kimsar from the east "at an extremely high altitude...flying about at between 50 to 70 degrees above the horizon. Some of the (local) witnesses argued that it was a satellite, but the direction of the object wasn't straight like a satellite. The object followed three different courses. I know the sky well and have been studying astronomy for years. I know this was not a star." Alex also pointed out that it couldn't have been a distant electric light because "there are no lights (in Kimsar) because there is no electricity." The UFO performed its strange turning maneuvers for another five minutes before "it disappeared in the west," towards Phalodi. (Thanks to e-mail interview by Joe Trainor editor UFO Roundup #3 1/19/98.)


An article by Leigh Dayton claims that Aliens are on the way soon. Scientist Frank Drake predicts, "They may not look like humans, galaxy-trashing Klingons or gentle long-fingered ET, but intelligent beings exist in the cosmos and scientists are going to find them within 10 years." Moreover, the discovery is likely to be made by Australian astronomers, using telescopes that look up to the star-littered heart of the Milky Way galaxy. These bold predictions come from Frank Drake, a research professor at the University of California at Santa Cruz, the president and co-founder of the California-based Search for Extra-Terrestrial Intelligence Institute, and the first astronomer to suggest searching for smart life in other worlds. So what kind of life forms will the scientific stargazers find? "They'll be carbon-based life, and they're likely to have been using high-technology for a lot longer time than we have," Professor Drake said, adding that Homo-Sapiens will be the "new kids, the students, the primitives". Still, Professor Drake said there will be some similarities: an upright stance, a head with eyes up top for good viewing, and limbs free to manipulate tools, a requisite for a technological civilization able to send and receive messages. "My fun speculation - it's serious, but it sounds like a joke - is that I think, more often than not, the species will have four arms instead of two, because we all know that two arms are not enough when you have to carry groceries," laughed Professor Drake. He is in Australia for a series of lectures and to launch Southern SERENDIP, the most comprehensive search for ET in the Southern Hemisphere. SERENDIP is a project funded by the University of Western Sydney, Macarthur, with the CSIRO's Australia Telescope, and the University of California at Berkeley. Using the Parkes radio telescope, Australian scientists will, over five years, "listen" to up to 72 million channels simultaneously, hoping for a pattern that cannot be produced naturally. - NOTE: to learn more about Serendip, contact:,135,0,0200.html? Thanks to Cliff Capers, Oklahoma State Director and Newsletter Editor, Skywatch International, Inc.


Top U.S professor sounds a grim warning in a Sun Special Report tiltled. "Alien Abductions Threat to Humanity. The Earth is under siege from aliens - not the cuddly dome heads beloved by Hollywood, but a cold, malevolent race bent on world domination. Now one man, a respected professor from Philadelphia's Temple University, has found the courage to sound the alarm bell before it's too late. "I have put many pieces of the puzzle together and I don't like what I see, " says David M. Jacobs, an associate professor of history and pioneer in the field of UFO research. "For the first time in over 30 years of researching UFO phenomenon, I am frightened of it. Alien abductions are far more ominous than I thought." "I know why the aliens are here and I know what they want." And what they want, Jacobs reveals in his new book, "The Threat," (Simon & Schuster), is the earth's women and the planet itself. Professor Jacobs interviewed 110 abductees - including one woman who abducted as Jacobs talked to her on the phone - and all of them recalled frightening ordeals with alien beings that included: ABDUCTION on board alien spacecraft. PAINFUL physical examinations by aliens that usually focus on the reproductive system. MINDSCANS that allow the aliens to manipulate human emotion and memory. FORCED mother/child interaction between abductees and babies and toddlers that appear to be a genetic cross between humans and aliens "We have finally learned why the UFOs are here and know the alarming dimensions of the alien agenda and its goals" Jacobs says. "I believe that the alien race will integrate itself into human society within the next 40 years." "If we act on that knowledge swiftly and with resolve, there will perhaps still be time to alter the gloomy future we face." Abduction expert and best selling author Budd Hopkins says Jacobs' research is "remarkable for its depth and unsettling conclusions." Hopkins adds: "Professor Jacobs' book will ultimately be regarded as a classic of research and accurate scholarly prediction." One highly placed government official says: "The stakes are too high to ignore Jacobs' findings." "We must act now to save humanity from the greatest threat in its history." Thanks to Ray Pollock and the SUN, Jan 27th issue Page 5.


Shari Adamiak passed away on January 20, 1998, from the ravages of cancer. She was with friends and loved ones, and left us peacefully and without pain. I ask that everyone pause to say a prayer for Shari and her loved ones. Shari was a dedicated Ufologist and Dr. Stephen Greer's top assistant in the CSETI organization. She was instrumental in bringing together a dozen top-secret military witnesses to tell an assemblage of Congressional staff personnel, the truth about UFOs. She was a wonderful personable lady. Although, I personally met her only once in Washington DC, last April, I was impressed by her sincerity and spirit. The world will be a little colder without her smile and warmth. My condolences to her friends and all who loved her.


George A. Filer and

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