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Filer's Files
By George Filer

MUFON Eastern Region Director
February 16, 1998

George Filer:
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Evidence of life on Mars would help confirm UFO reports on Earth.


Last week we ran the account of the three days or sightings over the Gulf Breeze and Pensacola, Florida area. Anne Morrison's, Elise and Ray Pollock, reported on their sightings on January 31st. Now Vicki, Pat & Buddy write:

Dear fellow UFO friends, We wanted to share with you some very exciting sightings which took place in the last few days, as they are so very significant when you look at the circumstances surrounding them. Life Magazine was here with their outstanding photographers, along with Whitley Strieber, who is writing the piece, and the UFO showed up for the photo shoot, and then the next night as well. Then I also had a spectacular daytime UFO sighting that resembles what is being seen in Mexico. It certainly seems that UFO activity is picking up around the country, and it certainly has come back to us in Gulf Breeze! We are now out at night again checking out the skies with a vengeance. We are including accounts of several people describing the incredible events of the last few days. Hope you enjoy, and let us know if any interesting events are happening in your area, as well.

Thought I would document my records and impressions for the UFO sightings on Pensacola Beach from 6:29 to 6:37 p.m. on January 30-31, 1998. We saw a bright, cherry-red light very similar in appearance to those frequently sighted around Gulf Breeze in 1991-92 that were known as Bubba. The UFO was near the water's edge in front of the Dunes Hotel. The UFO traveled in straight line toward us and appeared to turn eastward while directly overhead. The final position of UFO was directly overhead of witnesses, when it faded out.. The wind was from the southeast almost opposite the flight path of the UFO. There was no sound. The UFO was at an estimated altitude of 5,000 to 8,000 feet. I took 12 photographs and got something on 7 of the shots. All were time exposures using my 2000mm focal length lens, Ektar 100 film, and tripod-mounted, 35mm Minolta SRT102 camera with pneumatic shutter release. Each photo shows a pulsing red line that moved up and out of the camera's field of view. I actually had a hard time getting the UFO into view and keeping it there, while locking in my camera's tripod; with hindsight, I wish I had aimed in front of the expected line of travel and just let it pass by. The pulsing intensity of the UFO was probably in the 10 to 20 pulses per second range, something which the human eye can not detect, but the film record clearly shows. Witnesses noticed some changes in intensity during the 8 minute sighting, but none observed the rapid pulsing recorded on film. The light was estimated at 1 to 2 feet in diameter and 1 to 2 miles distance from camera. Five of the witnesses were being photographed by Life Magazine photographers, who had the witnesses pose looking to the sky to the north exactly where the UFO appeared. The witnesses strongly felt: 1. That this UFO appearance was more than just coincidence, 2. That the intelligence behind this UFO knew where we were and want we were doing, and 3. That it wanted the UFO to be noticed and reported in an important medium such as Life Magazine. Thanks to John Thompson, Vicki, Pat & Buddy.


In our #4 Files we reported on the Zaneville, Ohio sighting of a large V shaped UFO on January 29, 1998. Kenny Young of the UFO Research Group provides some additional information in answer to questions by Dr. Bruce Cornet, Keith M. King and Tim Edwards. Could the military be intentionally dropping flares and flying in a triangular formation in the area when chasing a reported UFO? It seems too much of a coincidence that following the 13 March 1997, Phoenix event, the AF in Ohio should drop flares on the same night that a large triangular-shaped craft was spotted by witnesses: "Although witnesses described a massive triangular object in Arizona (accompanied by reports of military jets in action in the vicinity), a duplicate incident in Ohio on March 26, 1997 of an identical 'triangular ship' was explained as a flare formation traveling in a triangular arrangement (after being discharged from over-flying military jets also traveling in a triangular grouping.

Ken Young responds: I'm not sure how confident I am to deal with this question, aside from just pointing out the similarities apparent in the description of the object. We have no information to indicate that the recent sighting in Zanesville, Ohio (January 29, 1998) has any relevance or relationship to the Phoenix sightings aside from the descriptive reference given by the witnesses, eluding to a 'triangular definition' of an unknown aerial object. In the case of the Zanesville sighting, this locality is not within a MOA (Military Operating Area) and the time of the event was not within the time frame for flare activities permissible within MOAs. We have no reason to think that flares were involved with the Zanesville, Ohio sighting in any way. I would not affiliate anything with the Arizona sightings simply because the 'flare explanation' seriously complicates the Arizona account and has 'stressed down' the case with allot of 'noise.' Although witnesses described a massive triangular object in Arizona (accompanied by reports of military jets in action in the vicinity), a duplicate incident in Ohio on March 26, 1997 of an identical 'triangular ship' was explained as a flare formation traveling in a triangular arrangement (after being discharged from over-flying military jets also traveling in a triangular grouping). Videotapes of the Ohio events (one also happening on October 16, 1996) were made and analyzed, witnesses interviewed, and the Springfield Air National Guard did openly confess and admit responsibility (right down to a televised admission on the Cincinnati cable-TV program 'UFO UPDATE: LIVE!

The appearance of similarity between the Ohio and Arizona videos are striking, both in appearance (as depicted on the videos) and through witness description in their testimonies (even down to the massive triangular ship at treetop level). The presence of military jets in the area complicate the matter, and could be said that they are either 'discharging the flares' or 'pursuing the unknowns.' In the Ohio case, several witnesses, to their credit, observed and acknowledged that the objects were 'coming from the planes.' For details about the Ohio research, a section of the web-site listed below contains information on this. There are a number of reports that complicate a broad 'flare explanation' for all of this, but I think that SOME of the activity is explainable as such. I have speculated that this could be a military disinformation project which takes place during a UFO-related event. The recent event in Zanesville doesn't correspond with the time and localities of permissible flare exercises, which makes this report all the more interesting. Sincerely, Kenny Young, UFO Research


On Saturday, January 24, 1998, at 3:20 p.m., D.B. Michael was at his home in Leander, Texas (population 3,398) when he received a phone call from his brother, Dave, asking him to hurry outside, "You've got to see this!" Leander is on Highway 183 about 23 miles north of Austin, the state capital. "He and (D.B.'s son) Daniel were in their backyard, which joins mine." Hurrying outside, D.B. "observed the object moving in a northerly direction," describing the UFO as "a cylinder object that was positioned upright, not oblong." The men shot several photos of the UFO with their two 35mm cameras while "the object stayed vertical without any rotation." "We followed it on U.S. Highway 183 heading off at (county highway) 2243 East. We then traveled on 2243 East and pulled off the road. It passed over us...We then commenced east again intending to go to Interstate Highway 35 and intercept it again." Just then, "a dark helicopter was observed flying for the south at an altitude of about 500 feet," he added, "Reaching I-35, we looked about but found nothing. We traveled west on Highway 29. We observed three jet aircraft that appeared to be in V a flight that that would have intercepted the object if it had continued in the direction of travel last seen by us." (Thanks to Steve Wilson Sr. UFO Roundup 3#6, 2/8/98 Editor: Joseph Trainor.)


On Thursday evening, February 5, 1998, around 7:45 p.m. EST, a black triangle aircraft was spotted west of Howell, Michigan heading west and paralleling Mason Road at an elevation of 55 to 60 degrees. The observer, a high school senior driving in his car at the time, noted that the craft had three round, white, non-blinking lights at the three points of the triangle. He pulled his car to the side of the road to get a better view, shut off the engine and told me that the object was the size of a quarter held at arm's length. No detectable noise was heard coming from the craft. Had it been a conventional aircraft at that distance, it would have been easily identified due to the noise of its engines. He further stated that, although he made a point of looking for them, no navigational strobes--red, green or white--were visible at any time. He estimated the speed of the craft to be 60 miles per hour, the same speed as his car. It was in sight for over a minute. He also told me that at no time did his car malfunction. He was unable to estimate its altitude, however, since nothing presented itself for comparison. Weather conditions at the time were partially overcast, but the moon was visible. No missing time was reported. The credibility of the witness is high. Thanks to Doug Parrish Michigan Director / Skywatch International <>


On January 24th, around 3:30 AM, Sergio Rojas, with other four friends went to the "Tranque Alfalfal" located in "El Cajon del Maipo" a UFO Hot spot, 40 minutes from Santiago. On the way up to the El Alfafal Dam they saw two balls of light pass over them at very high speed. A few minutes later they saw a third UFO traveling at a much slower speed. From a cliff near the dam they could see a cigar or egg shaped UFO coming up the river 100 meters below. It was bright white color and 18 metes 1ong. The light did not reflect on the nearby rocks. The UFO was flying very fast and near the water. They heard a very high pitch tone that clogged their ears. They also felt what they described as a "strange wind" that was cold and hot at the same time. The sighting lasted only 5 to 6 seconds. After this they decided to return home. On their way down to "San Jose de Maipo" they encountered another UFO that was floating about 800 meters above them. They stopped their car and got out. The UFO looked like the moon, but slightly smaller and it was white colored. After 5 minutes the UFO faded away like a cloud, but it never moved from it's position.

In early February in the fishing town of "Iloca" (3 hours north of Santiago) most of the people in the town including the local police witnessed a very large cylinder shaped UFO. It was hovering over the ocean. It was so big that the police had to calm down the population, who were also scared. Thanks to: Luis Sanchez Chilean Director Skywatch International.


Mars has fascinated mankind for centuries, and it is my belief that NASA is attempting to obtain startling evidence for life on Mars. Our sister planet created headlines in 1877, when Schiaparelli announced his discovery that a network of straight lines covered the surface of Mars. Percival Lowell felt these lines were canals that represented the work of intelligent beings. NASA's Global Surveyor satellite now in orbit around Mars on February 2, 1998, proved for first time that there was once a flowing river meandering across the planet. It's not known when the river went dry, but the dry bed is an unmistakable river. A second photo also revealed evidence of horizontal layers on the surface of Mars, that indicates Mars has something similar to the Grand Canyon in Arizona. The Surveyor also proved the existence of a magnetic field on Mars that is essential for the development and continued existence of life on Mars. The field shields a planet from fast-moving, electrically charged particles and cosmic rays from the Sun.

Although, our two most recent probes appear successful, we should remember the previous three probes of Mars ended in failure. Previously our own Mars Observer and two Russian Phobos missions mysteriously stopped transmitting when nearing the planet. The Russian Phobos II mission actually took up orbit around the planet in September of 1989, and allegedly took startling infra- red photography just prior to its ceasing transmissions. Soviet Cosmonaut insiders claim that the infra-red photos showed an aerial view of an ancient city the size of Los Angeles with a geometry of streets and cross roads. The cultural features were 4 kilometers wide and 60 kilometers long. Infra-red film indicates the city was still emitting some heat. These alleged photographs have never been released to the public. The Soviet Spacecraft then transmitted photos of a strange immense oval shadow just prior to its suddenly going off the air. Its last transmission showed a large unidentified cigar like object approaching the satellite. All transmissions ceased implying the satellite had been destroyed.

The apparent programmed release of information points to a carefully thought out plan to prepare the public for spectacular announcements of a past civilization on Mars. In the summer of 1996, NASA announced that microbes that once lived on Mars had traveled to Earth inside a Martian meteorite. They apparently had been blasted off the red planet more than 15 million years ago possibly during the impact from another large planet. Some Martian microbes may have survived the trip and continued to live on Earth. Recent studies by scientists at the University of Wisconsin show that temperatures of the microbes never exceeded 212 degrees Fahrenheit. Although, scalding hot it is within the living range for many life forms. Theoretically, Martian life forms could have reached our planet millions of years ago and be part of our heritage.

The Hubble telescope findings indicate there are clouds, dust storms, water and a climate similar to Anarctica on Mars. The scientists believe their could have been both an atmosphere and a magnetic field on Mars in the distant past. Analysis of Viking, Mariner and Soviet Phobos photography suggest that a civilization once existed on Mars. Dr. John E. Brandenburg who has made a study of the photographic evidence believes that three large carved faces all with similar details indicate that a humanoid civilization once existed on Mars. Large pyramid like structures have also been identified. Nearby are what appears to be archeological ruins similar to those in ancient Egypt. Study of the geology and Mars surface indicate that water, mild temperatures and an oxygen rich atmosphere once existed on Mars.
Scientists have also confirmed the existence of a planet-wide magnetic field that would protect life on Mars from using an instrument on-board NASA's Mars Global Surveyor orbiter, as the spacecraft began to circle and study the planet from a highly elliptical orbit. "
Interestingly, the faces on Mars resemble the human like Sphinx in Egypt. Ancient Egyptian, Sumarian and Israeli writings tell of visits by aliens from other planets. New evidence suggests that the Sphinx may be much older than anyone suspected. Both faces are similar and suggest we humans and Martians are from the same or related genetic material. They even resemble the Nordic type of alien often reported in the literature of Ufology. The three kilometers long face has numerous anatomical details which include a mouth, lips, teeth, nose, eyes, cheekbones, chin and hair.

Tom Van Flandern a respected scientist has conducted additional tests and writes: "Either the unusual landforms at Cydonia on Mars are natural features, or they are artificial constructs of intelligent beings. A number of tests of artificiality have been proposed. For example, it has been noted that the "Face" is a three-dimensional face, not merely a profile or an outline. As such, it still looks like a face from every angle. Moreover, the U.S. military has perfected the use of fractal techniques to search for man-made objects camouflaged by terrain in aerial photographs. It has been well demonstrated that natural objects show a high degree of fractal content, whereas artificial objects have more symmetry and regularity. This software was applied to various features on Mars, with the finding that the "Face" gave by far the highest degree of artificiality of any image tested, usually high enough to assure artificiality of the object if it had appeared on Earth.

In the immediate vicinity of the Cydonian landforms, but in general not elsewhere on the Martian surface, can be found more than a dozen small, raised mounds of similar size.
The Stanley McDaniel Report points to a Martian civilization shows that the random geology hypothesis fails to account for the regularity and redundancy of geometric patterns in these formations. At the least, enigmatic geology is involved, the alternative being intelligent design. Each of these features, taken in conjunction with the presence of several other anomalous objects in close proximity, have induced a number of serious scientists to seek to develop further tests of artificiality. Several factors such as the Bilateral symmetry of the Face indicate this was made by some sort of intelligence. If natural, the chances are negligible that the shadowed side of the object would resemble a symmetric half of a human face, and ought to be a random pile of rocks or sand. If artificial, the mirror image of the visible half face is to be expected. New findings suggest Cydonia is a culturally significant location that once was located on the equator and was situated in a polar- aligned north-south orientation. Functionality: The faces on Mount Rushmore in South Dakota are visible to people on the ground. The "Face" on Mars stares up into space, although ten times the height of the Pyramid at Giza, it cannot be seen from any other planet. A lack of obvious purpose suggests a natural object, although we cannot hope to guess all possible purposes of its hypothetical builders. An obvious purposefulness would suggest artificiality.

The Mars surface shows indication of a tremendous explosion in space. We can speculate that the asteroid belt was once a planet. Its explosion caused damage burying parts of the planet in 21 kilometers of ruble. Assuming the landforms at Cydonia on Mars had been built by advanced beings, the exploded planet might have been the cause of the demise of their civilization. If that were the case, then the structures at Cydonia would have necessarily been built before the most recent explosion event. There was evidence that a shift of the martian pole was probably caused by the explosion. the "Face" on Mars was relative to the prior location of the Martian pole.

Tom Van Flandern suggests that Mars is a former moon of the destroyed Planet V. And as we have seen, Mars would have kept the same side permanently toward Planet V. So our line of reasoning has suggested a previously unimagined cultural purpose for a "Face" to be built looking up into space: It would have been visible to the presumed occupants of parent Planet V. We can readily imagine that the hypothetical builders would have outfitted the "Face" and landforms with appropriate illumination to make them visible even when in total darkness. Hence, a cultural purpose for a "Face" looking up into space has arisen completing the test.
It is intriguing to note that this hypothesized civilization apparently had the ability to save some of its members from the deadly effects of explosions by space transporting them to the far side of nearby moons. But following the destruction of their primary world, Body C, at 3.2 Million years ago (Mya), this species would have been forced to choose between attempting to survive on explosion-torn, atmosphere-stripped Mars, or long-distance relocation to the most habitable of the remaining planets, Earth. This is intriguing because the first appearance of hominids on Earth also dates to just about the time of this last explosion, 3.2 Mya. And it has been noted that the Face is apparently more hominid-like than alien.

In conclusion, the "Face" on Mars has now passed each test of artificiality yet proposed. These tests include a three dimensional structure, a lack of fractal patterns in the image, non-random distribution of the nearby small mounds, proximity of other anomalous landforms, an apparent bilateral symmetry, being located on the Martian equator, having a culturally significant orientation, and serving an apparent culturally significant purpose. It would be an exaggeration to say that the case for artificiality is now compelling, and many thoughtful people will still find that conclusion less likely than all these "coincidences" put together. Yet the balance of the evidence, considered objectively, now weighs clearly in favor of artificiality over a natural origin of the Cydonian landforms. Thanks to Tom Van Flandern, A more detailed version of this article with photographs is found at:

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