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Filer's Files
By George Filer

MUFON Eastern Region Director
February 20, 1998

George Filer:
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Astronaut Mitchell claims UFO's are not in any nation's arsenal, but they do exist.


Alex Cavallari of Brooklyn, reports photographing an orb or sphere on February 1, 1998,at using a 35 mm Minolta camera and ASA400 Kodak Gold film. The pictures shows a UFO Sphere or Orb that was seen maneuvering in a controlled and or piloted fashion. Alex writes: "It was a nice day and I had to go outside on the roof of my home to adjust my amateur radio antenna. I first noticed a small orange and red colored bright dot in the eastern sky, in the direction of Kennedy Airport about 4:20 PM, EST. I scanned the sky for a few more seconds and all of a sudden the UFO appeared. It just appeared from nowhere. I did not see it fly to the area in the sky that I was viewing. This time it was much bigger and closer, it was about the size or diameter of a cigarette, when viewed at arm's length. I went inside and got my camera. When I returned and looked for the sphere it appeared to swoop straight down in front of my view and then stopped for about three seconds, and then it disappeared.

Suddenly, it was to my left and I took a picture. The UFO started to move forward and down towards me and then stopped. It was the size of a basketball when viewed at arm's length, a solid mass of light bright red, orange, yellow, white orb. There were different layers of color around the perimeter of the sphere. It flew to the north, then straight up and straight back down. I took two more pictures. Then it just flew from the north, stopped for a split second and headed to the southwest towards the sun and was no longer visible. The total time of the event was about 12 minutes. Thanks to Alex Cavallari. NY Director of Skywatch International.


Timothy J. of Gratis, Ohio on February 5, 1998, at 8:30 PM, reported that his brother came in the house and stated, "There's a UFO outside!" Timothy ran outside and saw a craft southeast of his house, 15 miles SW of Dayton. He described it as, "Triangular shaped with a glow that contrasted against the sky. It had a light at each corner and three more in the center. Two of the outside lights blinked alternately with one center light. It made no sound and flew extremely slow." Contacts with the local police have thus far been negative.

Samuel X reports, "My wife and daughter saw strange lights south of Camden and Gratis Ohio in the past." The lights were first observed on November 19, 1997, between 5:30 and 6:00 PM. There was four lights with two of these lights almost on top of each other. One of the two lights was much larger then the one at its side. The smaller light would at times circle the larger one. These two lights were the ones, that I found to be the strangest. The two other lights seen were not as bright, and they kept fading in and out of sight. My daughter states she has seen these lights frequently and calls them the Gratis UFOs. I hope to get a photo of them this week. None of these lights blinked and they never changed in altitude. Thanks to: This sighting report received from NACOMM's, Bruce Cornet, and UFO Research


Victor J. Kean reports that Project FT is reviewing hundreds of reports of Flying Triangles (FT) over southeastern England during the last several years. Most of the sightings are near three important nuclear power stations near the coast. We can only speculate why these craft are flying over this area almost nightly. Sizewell Nuclear Power Station (NPS) on the Suffolk coast and Bradwell NPS on the Blackwater in Essex are located 45 miles apart. The Kent coast at its nearest point (Isle of Grain) to Bradwell is about 27 miles further south. The FT have also been reported over Tihange, a nuclear power station with 3 cooling towers. Within 10 miles of either side of this flight- path there are significant military and government facilities such as: Orford Ness Research station, Bentwaters--Lakenheath AFB (disused) RAF Woodbridge, RAF Alconbury, Colchester Barracks, Brit Telecom Research Martlesham Heath Foulness (nuclear weapons store) RAF Bawdsey (electronics research). The flying triangles might be examining important ports such as Harwich, and Felixstowe the largest container port in Europe.

Victor gave an example of the validity of the FT reports. "We received a report from Observer 'B' a year before Observer 'A' emerged, so it was quite pleasing when we entered the latter report into our database and discovered that the two sightings were only 5 minutes in time and 11 miles in space. Equally of interest, these reports highlighted that the object had on more than one occasion, been seen by Observer 'A' ten minutes before arriving at Observer 'C' who was even further south in the area of a nuclear power station. In fact, we even 'caught' the object returning back to where Observer 'A' had previously seen it after some 20 minutes."

Detractors claim the FT are some rather slow moving stealth 'airships' belonging to either the RAF or the USAF. Some stealth chasers have been studying the small, silver-colored triangle aircraft that flies out of RAF Wharton. The idea that the FT is a 'black budget' aircraft is a theory by those who dismiss the alien possibilities. The problem with *that* theory is where does one get pilots who are capable of withstanding the high G-Forces and other 'shape-shifting' capabilities displayed by the FT. Also, why would the RAF or the USAF aircraft randomly hover for 5 to 25 minutes over a Nuclear Power Station on a nightly basis? After all, any readings or visual inspection can be carried out by the staff on the ground. Water samples taken from the mouths of rivers would also quickly identify contamination. Just imagine the result should one of these large craft fall out of the sky.

There are a few 'lone' FT reports from 1960 to 1988 in the vicinity of UK Nuclear Power Stations. Our database has recently received 16 reports from 1989, and 92. Additional reports from 1990 showed 71 were over Sizewell NPS, Suffolk. The NPS were visited by orange or yellow 'Spheres' or 24% of the total. Apart from the odd exception, the FT was always described as displaying three white apex 'lights' and with a single red 'light' in the center of the underside. The FT was described as "black" or as a "triangular pattern of lights." A grey-colored Disk shape was also seen on one occasion that year.

It appears the FT is a source of infra-red, which erases or nearly erases images on photographs made with a short exposure time. This is the "Herschel effect," a perfectly respectable scientific phenomenon. We suggest using ordinary film and long exposure times, like Ektachrome ED 200 ASA, with two second's exposure times. Victor announced that a team of independent 'observers' complete with cameras, VCRs and binoculars is organizing a 'skywatch' near one of the UK Nuclear Power stations next month. Furthermore, one of the most respected and long established UFO Research groups in the three counties involved has been on regular 'Skywatch' in Rendlesham Forest for the past five years. They've recorded the 'comings and goings' of the FT

Jean-Pierre Pharabod of France, an excellent researcher, writes the evidence includes numerous newspaper reports about the British Flying Triangles. These include: the Cornishman-Penzance newspaper on 6 July 1995, the Southport Visitor newspaper on 8 March 1996; the Daily Mail Weekend on 9 March 1996, as well as a rather long article in the Manchester Guardian. There is also an article by David Windle, a serious scientific free-lance journalist who usually writes for the Sunday Times. He was not interested in UFOs, but in secret planes, and was chasing the infamous "Aurora" when he ran into these British FTs. He has investigated some cases and interviewed witnesses for his article in the June 1997, Focus.

Another article entitled, 'A Flying Triangle of Fear' was published in the 'News of the World': It stated, "The bizarre flying triangle hovered almost silently above the tiny hamlet of Hollesley in Suffolk for 20 minutes. Frightened children fled indoors and stunned villagers watched open-mouthed as three bright white lights hung motionless in the night sky. The UFO finally zoomed off making a high-pitched whining noise, 'nothing like an aeroplane or helicopter' according to eye-witnesses! A baker, Ron Macro was out on his rounds when the eerie lights came over the trees. 'We froze,' said 41-year old Ron, of St Austel Grove, Kesgrave, near Ipswich. 'The lights were in a triangle and remained perfectly still.' Several minutes passed. Then the lights moved. 'Whatever was in the sky flew over us. The lights beamed down and we heard a high-pitched whine,' added Ron. The most frightening episode in the latest UFO incident was experienced by pretty Debbie Foreman and her pal, Pauline Osborne. Strange things suddenly started happening to their car as they drove under the mysterious lights. 'The headlights on the car dimmed and the engine cut out,' said Debbie, 21, of Heath View, Leiston, Suffolk. 'Until then the car had behaved quite normally. But everything seemed to go wrong." The silent (only emitting sound when moving?), hovering, low altitude object, directed beams of light downward and eventually departed at great speed. Captain Kathleen McCullom, Chief, Public Affairs Division at RAF Woodbridge and the adjoining RAF Bentwaters stated: "Nothing was seen on radar. I cannot say more than that." The article is dated 23 October 1983, and may be the first UK newspaper report of a 'flying triangle' and origin of that terminology?

Additionally, there are numerous articles about the Bentwaters and 'Rendlesham Forest' incidents in the early1980's, as described in Colonel Halt's memo to the Ministry of Defence. Most reports still originate from the US and there are comparative, earlier reports to be found in the US media. On the subject matter, I'm surprised to see so few, if any, references to Ellen Crystal's book, 'Silent Invasion', which documented her alleged encounters with 'flying triangles,' long before this was a topical facet. Her sketches are also noticeably similar to later descriptions and drawings of said beast. Thanks to: Victor J. Kean Project FT, Jean-Pierre Pharabod and Current Encounters.


Joel Carpenter writes, "In light of seemingly imminent air operations over Iraq, I thought it might be of interest to bring up the issue of Gulf War "Foo Fighters and UFOs." According to Gulf War Air Power Survey, Vol. II: Operations / Effects and Effectiveness , Part 1, (Washington, DC: Government Printing Office, 1993) Page 194:

US F-111 "Aardvark" pilots: "reported on several occasions being intercepted by Iraqi aircraft that approached them and even illuminated them with searchlights without ever firing. The TACC log reports a ballad about 'Baghdad Billy' that runs as follows: I'm an F-111 Jock, and I'm here to tell of Baghdad Billy, and his jet from hell. We were well protected, with F-15 Eagles in tight, but that didn't stop the man with the light. RJ, AWACS, they didn't see as Baghdad Billy snuck up on me. Then I found a spotlight shining at my six and my whoozoo [weapons systems officer said, whooly s***. I popped off some chaff and I popped a flare, but that Iraqi bandit, he didn't care. I had tracers on my left, and tracers on my right with a load of bombs, I had to run from the fight. I rolled my 'Vark over and took her down into the darkness and finally lost the clown. When I landed back at Taif and gave this rap, CENTAF said I was full of crap. I'm here to tell you, the God's honest truth that Iraqi bandit, he ain't no spoof. You don't have to worry, there is no way you'll see Baghdad Billy if you fly in the day. But listen to me son, for I am right watch out for Baghdad Billy if you fly in the night!" Even more incredible, according to the document, is the fact that an F-111 was lost when its pilots flew into the ground trying to escape the nonexistent "Iraqi bandit with the light." As far as I know, no planes were lost to the WW II Foo Fighters. Thanks to: Joel Carpenter and Project 1947


Dr. R. Lear and Mr. Derrel Sims, in a meeting in Thousand Oaks, California demonstrated revolutionary findings about markings on the skin of people who feel they have been abducted. These markings were not visible to the naked eye, but were discovered incidentally while standing under a 'black light.' What appeared was fluorescent markings on the facial area, hands, arms, stomach -- and also elsewhere. The colors were greenish, and not able to be either washed or scrubbed off. The markings were sub-derminal and can last from one hour up to ten days, as far as research till now have proven. Mr. Sims could not explain how these markings were made. Abductees, all upon having marks, have through hypnotic sessions explained they have undergone examination onboard alien craft. The only time variation occurred in the color was among some female abductees that claimed to have been onboard the craft, holding and nurturing hybrid babies. These women had red fluorescent marks, on their palms, necks and face, where one would expect close contact holding a baby.

Keep a black light lamp at home, if you suspect that you are among the abductee group. Memories are most often erase upon awakening the next morning after a nocturnal meeting. Sometimes only a vague flash will remind you of what has occurred during the night. If you want to check it out, keep a black light at home, the kind that often is used at Holloween giving off a bluish light. Check out your arms and face in the morning. The ones we saw, were random, non-figurative marks to markings that were figurative. One doctor had found an illuminative mark that looked as if it were 'stamped' on his upper arm. If you find such marks, please notify us immediately and we will attempt to check into your case.. Thanks to Pleiades at:


On January 31, 1971, Navy Captain Dr. Edgar Mitchell embarked with Admiral Alan Shepard and Colonel Stuart Roosa on Apollo 14 for a journey of over 500,000 miles in outer space. He became the sixth person to walk on the moon. His academic background includes a Bachelor of Science in Industrial Management from Carnegie Mellon University, a Master of Science from the U.S. Navel Postgraduate School and a Doctor of Science in Aeronautics and Astronautics from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Dr. Mitchell's comments from the Prophets Conference last October were:

"I'd like to add a bit to what Steven (Dr. Steven Greer) had to say. It was a marvelous report, but what I'd like to add to it is that in our briefing of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Intelligence Group, it became very clear to us that they were naive. They did not really know any more about this effort than we do, if as much. That is because, as Bob Dean pointed out earlier, most of the people in government were not in government when I retired twenty five years ago, they are younger people. The files going back fifty years just no longer exist. They've either been purged, compromised or whatever. They don't exist. So when we blame government for not being forthright, they really don't have anything to be forthright about, at least at that level. Now, somewhere there's knowledgeable people, and Steven has ferreted out quite a few of them. And in my own efforts in talking with these folks, and talking with government, the question often comes up as to how they could have kept this a secret for so long. And friends they haven't. It's been around us all the time, but it has been denied, and obscured. I often like to state the condition, the story, the myth if you will, about Columbus coming here and some of the Indians not seeing the ships simply because it was not in their collective consciousness and their repertoire, they at least didn't want to see them. Much of what we're seeing now is what many people don't want to see either. There's been a massive effort at creating that, of denying the obvious, of saying that you're not seeing what's sitting right in front of you right now, thus causing doubt in your own mind. It's amazingly effective. So, documentation and evidence, that is probably the smoking gun type of evidence, has been totally compromised by saying that it's simply not true. So it is not true that they (government) have kept the secret.

They haven't kept the secret, but it has been totally compromised by misinformation and disinformation. Now for my own experience, I have had no first hand experience like so many of you. I have not encountered a UFO, and we did not have them trailing, us as far as we know, going to the moon. We didn't meet anyone on the moon. We did it just like we said we did. For the last twenty-five years we have dealt with the issue of, on one hand, the flat- earthers who said, 'you didn't go anywhere, it was all filmed out here in the desert,' and on the other hand, another fringe that said, 'yes you have been there, but you were followed. You were in contact with UFOs. There were beings on the moon that you met and had contact with.' Well, that's not true either. So, we have walked between these two extremes of misinformation, disinformation and pure ignorance. We did what we said we did, and I want to assure you, from that period up until the current time, NASA was one of the organizations ignorant of this type of activity. And the prevailing wisdom in NASA was that we didn't even think about it. It was a ridiculous idea that we would encounter beings on the moon.

However, in the last twenty-five years since that time, I became quite knowledgeable and became friends with Allan Hynek. I know and work with Jacques Vallee consistently now, and I have known the gentlemen on this stage, Bob Dean and Steven Greer for a few years. For me with all the evidence, it's not a matter of believing, it's a matter of the preponderance of evidence, and the evidence keeps building. The sightings keep happening. So it is clear that if they are ET, and I will question some of the sightings as to if they are ET, they are making their presence known. I also think that the prevalence in the modern era of so many events - the sightings, the continual mutilation events, the so-called abduction events - that we are looking at likely reversed engineered technology in the hands of humans that are not under government control or any type of high level control. I find that quite alarming.

With regard to the technology itself, I work with folks who do know what is in our technological data base and what is available to modern armies. The so- called ET technology, the ability to have silent engines and flying machines that make no sound, flying machines that have the characteristics that are consistent with reproduction of UFO sightings, are not in any nation's arsenal, but they do exist. So if there are back engineered technologies existing, they are probably in the hands of this group of individuals, formerly government, formerly perhaps intelligence, formerly, under private sector control with some sort of oversight by military or by government. But this (oversight) is likely no longer the case as a result of this access denied category that is now operating. I call it a clandestine group. The technology is not in our military arsenals anywhere in the world, but it does exist, and to me that's quite disconcerting. I do work with a number of groups. We do know about some of the things that the technologies are used for, and I want to assure you that these technologies are not that far beyond our current state of knowledge. Now understanding it scientifically, understanding how it can be, is a long way from having a fully developed usable technology. But if in our knowledge we can understand how it has to be in order to create that technology, we're not that far away. So I want to assure you that we're not talking about technologies that are so farfetched that we can't understand them. They're just beyond the technological horizon.

I want to tell you that it doesn't appear we need to be using ultra- dimensions and wormholes, etc., for this. It looks like our three dimensional or four dimensional space-time universe is about what it appears to be, and that we can operate within that space-time universe with these types of technologies. We have tended, like the ancients of old, to have invented myths about too many dimensions and time travel, wormhole travel, etc., and it doesn't look like that's necessary to explain what we're seeing." Thanks to Dr. Mitchell, Axiom

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