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Filer's Files
By George Filer

MUFON Eastern Region Director
March 19, 1998

George Filer:
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Liz Edwards has located significant new NASA images in the south polar region of Mars. Assuming this is not a hoax, Liz's images clearly show what appears to be a probable industrial complex. The site is located next to thousands of acres of snow and ice. There is a group of structures consisting of at least eight long narrow buildings, walls or huge pipes and various odd tanks or holding structures. The complex indicates a possible power plant, storage tanks, etc. Surrounding the complex is an almost complete square shaped wall or tube like arrangement. These geometric shapes appear as unexplained artificial features inferring they are not natural. There are distinctive square rows, large holes, and unique rows of circular geometric shapes. The buildings appear to be Quonset like rounded huts of tremendous size squarely cut off at either end. They remind me of giant greenhouses. In addition the image seems obscured near the snow line by fog, heat or cloud effect that may be steam. These geometric shapes infer cultural activity and do not appear natural. One concern is that the pixel scans run up and down the image in line with the structural complex data. The structural complex data could be the result of the image scanning data. In other words, the structures may be caused by computer and transmission problems. I personally have some experience in aerial photographic analysis as a former intelligence officer in the Air Force. If these were photos taken on Earth there would be no question they were constructed by intelligent life. Although, heavy dust has probably covered the buildings over time, and assuming these are real and untouched images, this is significant evidence. We can assume if aliens once lived on Mars they would require water and oxygen for survival. We can therefore speculate, that the snow composed primarily of carbon monoxide could be heated and absorbed by plants within this giant complex. The carbon monoxide is then converted into oxygen and carbohydrates. With the addition of underground water and a source for heat this giant complex could likely be self sustaining. My initial conclusion is that Mars at least at one time had intelligent life. I repeat this is just speculation, but the evidence is building. This confirms evidence from Russian sources that their Phobus II mission detected areas of heat and what may be cities on Mars. Of course, it may be another mistaken identity or hoax, but these look very interesting. The images were posted on 18 March at:

I have queried NASA Internal Relations concerning the south pole structure. I was referred to their web sites that stated: The south pole area is of great interest to NASA and this is where the Mars Polar Lander will touch down in late 1999. The new images of the south pole landing region taken by the camera aboard NASA's Mars Global Surveyor, confirm that this strange, layered terrain represents a dramatic departure from the now-familiar Martian landscapes previously observed. In December 1999, the next lander will set down in this uncharted territory to dig for traces of frozen, subsurface water. "Despite ground fog that obscures part of the surface in these images, we can see much more surface detail than we've ever seen before, which suggests that the 75-degree south latitude landing zone is quite a bit more rugged and geologically diverse than we had previously thought," said Dr. Michael Malin of Malin Space Science Systems, Inc., San Diego, CA. Malin is principal investigator of the Global Surveyor camera and the cameras on the 1998 missions, the Mars Polar Lander and its newly named partner, the Mars Climate Orbiter. In the current images from Mars Global Surveyor, obtained during an aerobraking orbit from about 2,800 kilometers (1,700 miles) above the planet's surface, objects about 15 meters (48 feet) across can be resolved.
Over the next year, the Global Surveyor images will be used in concert with other spacecraft data such as that obtained by the thermal emission spectrometer to better characterize the geology of Martian south pole.

I phoned NASA Internal Relations and asked if they would provide images of Cydonia. NASA assured me that it plans on observing the so called Face on Mars and Cydonia with the Mars Observer now in orbit. NASA is apparently upset by the constant claims by outsiders that they will purposely avoid taking images of the controversial features in the Cydonia area. They resent the public's focus on "conspiracies" that imply they will keep information from the public. The NASA website claims that if an image of the "Face" is acquired, it will most definitely be released. The "Face on Mars," "City," "Fortress," "Cliff," "Tholus," "D&M Pyramid," etc., are in the MOC target database. Image acquisitions will be scheduled each time the spacecraft is predicted to pass over each target. This is done automatically. Given the drifting path of the satellite, there is no certainty that the images will actually include the features of interest. The Mars Observer's orbit is not exact and it may not pass directly over every spot on Mars due to the variations in the orbit, not controlled by NASA. The bottom line is NASA has done everything they can to try to acquire images of the "Face" and other features in Cydonia. This plan was not established in response to outside pressure; rather, there are two reasons for acquiring these images. First, given the interest in the general public about the "Face," it is appropriate to acquire such images for public relations purposes, especially since the public interest has been generated in no small way by the people who claim there is a conspiracy at NASA to withhold information from the public. Second, there are valid scientific reasons to examine landforms in the area (which, after all, is why the Viking spacecraft were photographing the area in the first place). Thanks to NASA.


BARNEGAT, NJ. A grandfather writes: My grandchild, Tyler K. is not known to tell stories and does not have any knowledge of UFOs or spacecraft according to his mother. At the time of the incident he told his mother about the UFO. So I had him draw a picture of what he observed on January 11, 1998. He drew the picture of a typical disc craft with green and yellow alternating lights around the rim. On top was a glass dome with a strange creature inside. The creature had a large head and stick like arms with two fingers on each hand. The head did not resemble a human head and looks more like a potato. Tyler explains the pilot was wearing a helmet. Tyler went to sleep as usual in his home near the bay. He awoke about midnight because a bright white light was shinning in his bedroom window. He was afraid of the bright light and backed away where it could not reach him. Although his three years old brother was also in the room, he kept sleeping. He could see a disc shaped craft hovering outside his bedroom window between his home and the thirty feet to the house next door. Based on the drawing the craft had a diameter of approximately twenty feet. Tyler's drawing included an antenna at the top of the craft and distinctive markings at the bottom right under the rim lights. Tyler was very excited about the sighting and wanted his mother to place his story in local newspaper to see if others had also observed craft. At the lower right hand of the disc is what appears to be a symbol. The design drawn by Tyler appears to resemble a skull and crossbones, perhaps a pirate flag. The symbol could also be interpreted as an upside down triangle, that has been reported previously.

OCEAN GROVE, NJ: Investigator, Dr. Bruce Cornet writes: I met with Allen Wahl today, and he showed me the location for his 27 February, sighting of the finned orb UFO over Ocean Grove, NJ. As Allen was describing where he saw it, a black helicopter gun-ship flew near us, going north just over the beachfront. I got a picture of the helicopter, if it means anything. I attach his drawing of the UFO and compare it with a 1973 sighting of a similar object in Mexico. The resemblance is uncanny! Allen Wahl is an architect who was able to use strong mechanical drawing skills to make a detailed drawing of the object. When you compare his drawing to a 1973 Mexican photograph, what do you think? Do we have a possible confirmation for the Mexican photo? Note: I think the photograph and drawing by architect Allen Wahl bare virtually identical and provide excellent evidence to the existence to UFOs. This evidence is often better than that used to convict criminals in a court of law.


MUFON investigators Mike Shields, Dennis Hawley and Dick Daley interviewed a witness Mr. William W. who reports observing a large boomerang shaped UFO on March 12, 1997. The witness was outside when he noticed something blocking out the stars in Orion's Belt. The object then dropped in altitude to only 200 feet and moved north along and above the Hampton Boulevard in Norfolk at a speed of between 40 to 50 mph. A portion of the object passed through a halo of amber street light emitted by the street lights. It was boomerang in shape with three dome like structures underneath and one dome on top. It consisted of two right angles curving at the apex. The UFO was between 800 to 1,000 feet long with a groove along its length on its backside. The object had no lights and was dark in color. It made a low pulsating humming sound. This location is only a few miles from Norfolk Naval Air Station. The witness thought at first it might be Navy Seals training with hang gliders. The entire right side of the craft was seen as it passed through a halo of amber light emitted by the street lights. The UFO did not appear to be aerodynamically shaped because its right wing tip did not have a tapered appearance. It consisted of two right angles curving at the apex. The drawing reminds me of a very thick boomerang. The UFO's appearance does not fit the description of any known aircraft or balloon. The drawing infers a flying wing because of it's, low flight level and structure. The closest aircraft in the US inventory would be the B-2 bomber, but with unusually thick wings. The square shape and thickness of the wing are particularly puzzling. The investigators felt the witness truthful and provided a detailed description of the craft including drawings on two occasions. His unyielding account of the incident indicates this may be a potentially significant sighting. The UFO disappeared moving north behind some trees in the direction of Hampton Roads Bay. The craft was flying over some our nation's primary Naval installations long known for tracking UFOs. Additionally, the craft would of caused a safety hazard to aircraft operating from Navy Norfolk or Norfolk International airport. The witness who is a member of the Civil Air Patrol felt the craft may have come from the nearby Craney Island Military installation. He was interviewed on two occasions and his story never changed. It is the consensus of the investigators that he was a spectator to a truly unusual event. Approximately 26 hours were spent investigating this case but no other witnesses to the event could be located. Thanks to Ricardo Atristain MUFON Virginia State Director.


A UFO was seen hovering above the University campus in Charlotte, North Carolina, a large city 168 miles southwest of Raleigh, on Saturday, February 28, 1998. Mark F. was in the Mint Hills section of the city, near Harris Boulevard and Independence Boulevard, when he saw "three, maybe four, lights" blinking off and on along my drive home. I would estimate them to be at 25 degrees above the horizon. I never saw them depart, just disappear." Mark estimated the lights to be "around two radio towers that were 15 minutes away in the UNCC area, northeast of the city, or University area, as it's called." Local Ufologist Aaron L. said the UFO "appeared to be either landing or coming at me." He saw it for a few seconds while driving with his father. "Oh, I'd say it was about 65 degrees above the horizon...The strobe light was white. I didn't see any structure. This wasn't a vague and off-in-the-distance thing. It was pretty close and the lights appeared larger than most planes I have seen. It was larger than Venus appears." Thanks to UFO Roundup #10, Joe Trainor editor.


Kim writes: I am somewhat hesitant to send this report to you because, well frankly, I feel a little foolish. It happened so long ago, at a time when reporting such things was much more open to ridicule, and I have kept it fairly close to the vest, so to speak. At any rate, it was in 1973 in Plattsburgh, New York, just outside the college campus and about ten miles from the Air Force base. Beth my girl friend, (now my wife) and I were traveling the back country roads to going to a movie. It was about 6:30 p.m., in late April. It was still quite light out. Suddenly, seemingly out of nowhere, a round object rimmed in lights floated noiselessly over our car a little better than tree top level. We both screamed something akin to "What the hell was that!" We looked out the back window to see it still moving slowly over the hedge row of trees to our right. Both of us, without realizing it I think, jumped out of the car to watch the object. It floated over the trees and into a clearing or open pasture area. I started to run after it. My girl friend/wife started screaming at me to "get back in the car!" I remember her pounding in the roof of the car and crying. I said something like, "I want to go see what that is!" Again, she screamed for me to get in the car or she was leaving without me. I did, and we left. We sat up all night trying to figure out what it was we saw. I think I, and every citizen of this planet, have a right to know about it and decide for ourselves its impact. Thanks to: KIM and Beth at:


Jack and Jo Dowless met me in Chatsworth this past Sunday and we interviewed our witness who lives in the area of Highway 411 on a high ridge. The witness is a Georgia native and businessman who is well established in the Murray County community. He reported observing unusual craft in the valley in the immediate vicinity of his beautiful home. He has an excellent panoramic view and reports seeing four UFOs: #1, The first sighting occurred in late summer of 1995. A thick bodied tear drop shaped disc with a 'cockpit' type bubble on the top side. The whole craft including the cockpit was a dull aluminum color. The object was about 300 yards distant in a hover, and tilted slightly giving a view of the top. The witness described the UFO as being the size of a football held at arm's length. The witness quickly retrieved binoculars and watched for two minutes. He observed a dark hole to open in the side of the object and a projection of 'icicle' like energy or rays emitted out in a spread for about 50 to100 feet. The object then disappeared as he watched. #2-During the Summer of 1997, the witness observed an object the shape of a half moon (flat side up) moving slowly from the northwest to west. The object had the color and brightness of moon and was about the size of a VCR tape held at arm's length. #3, In late 1997 and early 1998, the witness observed an extremely bent boomerang, thick bodied, dark, moving slowly to south. Witness said it could have been a triangle, but observation was made against the night sky, but he was sure it was of the same shape as extreme boomerang/triangle. He estimated it was 300 to 600 feet from him and the size of a tractor trailer rig. Lights along the bottom of the flanks are white and red. This object has been observed twice. The Dowless Team is continuing the investigation in the pursuit of additional witnesses, and to establish the exact dates of observation. The sketches made by the witness are of excellent quality. Note: As of 18 March, we have four new members resulting from our meeting and it's attendant publicity. One of these is a pilot. Four additional persons have contacted me and may submit applications including a student preparing shortly for a degree in Cultural Anthropology, and a state police officer. Thanks to Georgia State MUFON Director, Chief Walter Sheets. Note: I have started contacting people who have panoramic views of water or a valley from their homes. Many casually report they regularly see UFOs. We encourage you to search out these people and talk with them.


The National UFO Reporting Center received numerous calls concerning UFOs over Florida from 6:40 to 6:50 PM on Saturday, March 7, 1998. "Two very bright, anomalous lights were observed by many witnesses flying across the state of Florida, heading northwest. They moved erratically sometimes fast and other times almost stooping. Danny Oakes, a "warbird" pilot with the Confederate Air Force, who lives in Okeechobee, Florida, reported two brightly lighted objects approaching his location from the southeast at what seemed to be a very high velocity. The objects appeared to Oakes to slow suddenly, after which one of the objects "shot" off and then returned to its position beside the other object.
MUFON also reports UFOs hovering near Cape Canaveral. Thanks to Peter Davenport.


Mike Engebretson writes: You may be interested in a sighting of a triangular craft I saw last September in Wisconsin.. It is very similar to the NJ sighting described in Filer's Files #10-as follows:>"On two occasions both my girl friend and friend Paul Davidson, and myself saw a round band of fluorescent blue light on the under belly of a hovering craft directly above the Garden Sate Parkway. We followed the craft until it suddenly extinguished its lights."> Mike states, "Particularly interesting is the "fluorescent band of blue light" which is what I saw. I would be interested if you have heard of any similar sightings. I am collecting information in an effort to investigate what I saw." You will find a report and drawing of my sighting at:


On Wednesday, February 25, 1998, at about 9:15 p.m., Debbie Hickman was driving west on Interstate Highway 40 in Oklahoma when she spied "a green fireball" in the night sky. Ms. Hickman saw the object "at mile marker 126, west of El Reno. "I left Oklahoma City and was driving west on I-40 back to Elk City," she reported. "I had passed the towns of Yukon and El Reno and was at mile marker 126 when I spotted a green fireball in the sky west of my position. It appeared to be about the size of a golf ball at arm's length and traveled straight-line. I spotted the fireball as it came into the view of my windshield. It was in view for three or four seconds as it traveled straight down and then impacted the ground. I saw green sparks fly up from the impact." The next evening, Thursday, February 26, 1998, Ms. Hickman saw "a huge white light just south of Clinton Lake. The light was seen near the Clinton/ Sherman Air Force Base but it was at treetop level. While (she was) observing the light, it 'instantly' came forward to the edge of the tree line...and the light could be seen through the trees. It then moved up a few feet in altitude and moved over the interstate directly over her truck. It then flew along I-40 for a few seconds." By the time Ms. Hickman reached mile marker 47, near Canute, the mysterious light had vanished. She added, "The light was so bright it illuminated the (truck's) cab." Thanks to Cliff Capers and Jim Hickman of Skywatch International.


Dave Dunworth, UK Director of Skywatch International reports a Flying Triangle over M5 Motorway on March 9, 1998. The UFO was followed for fifteen minutes by Mr M. Peast, Mr D. Matthews and Mrs. J. York 39 miles from Exeter. Mr. Matthews spotted what appeared to be a star in the south that first moved like a conventional aircraft and then started to maneuver and descend with an array of bright lights. The craft descended from a height estimated at 25,000 feet to a height of 5,000 feet within a couple of seconds. It displayed a vertical lift maneuver that showed the shape of the craft as being triangular. The lights on the craft by this time became much more discernible. The craft displayed three highly luminescent white lights that were very bright and in the center there was a large section of reddish colored light that pulsated in intensity. The craft was about the size of a jumbo jet. As the craft climbed they described seeing a small kind of yellow and orange glowing ball that dropped from the reddish area of the craft. The glowing balls of light shot off at high speed towards the south and were immediately followed by the triangular shaped craft. The ball compared to the craft was about the size of a tennis ball. Both the craft and the ball of light rapidly disappeared from view into the night sky and all were left with an incredible feeling of wonderment at what they had seen. Other motorists must have also witnessed this because the traffic slowed down and everyone that passed us had their eyes on the sky at that time. Thanks to Skywatch International Inc. and Dave Dunworth

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