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Filer's Files
By George Filer

MUFON Eastern Region Director
April 2, 1998

George Filer:
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A world wide pattern of sightings and possible life on Mars develops further.


Several callers claim they observed UFOs and call the New Jersey FM 101.5 morning talk show with Jim Gerhardt. Tom Benson, Sam Sherman and Richard DeTaranto called to tell me that a woman and her daughter saw UFOs on Rt. 70 in Pemberton. She said there were many UFOs and lights darting around from 9:00 to 11:00 PM on March 29, 1998. Apparently, several other witnesses also reported various colored lights and UFOs flying around Mc Guire Air Force Base area and as far north as Long Island. Witnesses claimed lights moved strangely darting around at low level. The lights appeared to be rotating balls of energy with several lights moving in a circle around the others. Hundreds of lights were reported over the area. They seemed balloon or bubble like. One caller indicated she was frightened by the lights and watched them parked on the side of the road for several hours. I called the Air Force who denied any knowledge of the UFOs. A meteor shower was observed on Saturday night in the same general area.


Dennis Hawley was in a parking lot in Virginia Beach when an object caught his eye in the clear blue sky at 12:25 PM on March 11, 1997. The UFO was flying very high and fast before disappearing in the distance. Dennis initially thought the object was a balloon, but realized it was flying too fast and straight. The UFO was first observed in the southeast flying in from the Atlantic Ocean about three miles away. The object flew in a straight course to the northwest into a wind. . The object was described as a round metallic disc, glowing and extremely fast. The size was comparable to a button held at arm's length or about real size of an airliner. However, he noted it was very difficult to estimate the exact size. The witness is a member of MUFON and is a Human Resources Administrator for a local hospital. Thanks to Rick Atristain, Virginia State MUFON Director and Dennis Hawley.


Jerry Sievers, Indiana MUFON Section Director reports that there were numerous UFO reports near Princeton and surrounding areas of Southern Indiana on March 27, 1998. A big, large ring of UFOs was observed near the Toyota manufacturing plant in Princeton. A very large gray triangle with five lights on one side was seen north of Petersburg. Nocturnal lights were reported over northern Kentucky. WTVW, Fox 7 News from Evansville, Indiana broadcast that numerous UFOs were sighted from Illinois across Indiana into Kentucky. The station claimed to have getting reports as fast as they record them. There was an apparent large upswing in reports on Friday night and again on Saturday night. They were of three types. The large triangle with headlights was the most spectacular. Numerous fast moving yellow colored lights were reported and two parallel lines of three to five lights. Many people reported observing structure on the craft near Evansville. The television station had three hundred UFO reports over the weekend. UFOs were reported from Olney, Illinois to Vincennes, Petersburg, Princeton and Evansville, Indiana and south into Owensboro, Kentucky. Crop circles were also reported near Huntingburg, Indiana by the local newspaper. One interesting factor was that there were also severe storms in progress through out the entire area.


Clint Stone, the ASD Kentucky MUFON writes: "I stepped outside around 7:15 p.m., to take a look. Within minutes I noticed three objects that were each sporting a white and red flashing light (there was no sound). What was peculiar about them is that they were flying in a perfect triangle; it appeared almost as if they were one object because of their well-defined formation. I watched them with great interest as they flew northwest towards the tree-filled horizon. Before they got there, however, this extremely bright, whitish-gold light descended from a nearby cloud and flew towards the other lights. It was as if it "turned on" the other three somehow, as they began to glow the same color as that one. I watched with amazement as they silently neared the trees. I moved into a position to get a better look and as I did, two of them doubled back and headed straight for me. One of them flew off to my right, while the other one (now back to its white-red flashing light "stage") flew right over the top of my head. That's when I noticed a small triangular object with golden-colored lights on all three corners flying with its tip turned towards a "plane-like" object with red and white lights on its "wings." I thought a crash was imminent; they were that close. As I continued to watch, the tip light began to generate an even more brilliant golden light. They were directly over me at this time, and I could tell that the small triangle was heading slightly southeast, while the object with the white-red combination was heading due east. As they flew along, the small triangle merged with the white-red object, almost as if it were eating it. The now merged object then turned on its side and continued flying while the triangle was nowhere to be seen. (That was one tricky maneuver if you ask me!) I kept watching as it flew out of sight. Throughout the duration of my observation I counted around 15 of these white-red flashing lights all heading in the same direction. I heard a helicopter at one point, as well, but was never able to spot it. Later on, I heard an airplane fly over my head that had the regulation red-green-white combo of lights." Thanks to Clint Stone KY MUFON &


On February 10, 1998, Jerry Goudy, 28 reports he and his patrol partner saw a strange glow arising over the water of the bay near Point Loma. There was significant fog underneath the UFO as it sat, motionless above the waves at 5:46 PM. It was making a high pitched whining noise that raised and lowered in pitch. The lights were dimming and brightening slightly as it rotated clockwise. The craft was 75 to 100 ft in diameter. Jerry stated, "As I approached the water in my patrol car, it slowly glided out to sea at an altitude of 20 feet. I attempted radio contact with base, but my radio would not respond. Suddenly, the lights got brighter and the whining pitch increased to an almost intolerable noise. The object then dove into the water and moved away from shore at a very rapid pace, leaving no wake. The light disappeared out of sight after 18 minutes." Thanks to B.U.F.O.D., Ben at and Bruce Cornet at


ISUR reports that Peter C. Wilson observed two very bright lights flying towards him at a very low altitude on March 7, 1998. They were moving at a terrific rate of speed issuing great clouds of smoke. The UFOs made no noise climbing rapidly out of sight at 19:50 A.S.T. The UFOs left behind a big cloud of smoke mass which lingered for about ten minutes. Wilson said, "I at first thought it to be an aircraft, but there where no navigation/anti-collision lights to be seen. Many sightings were reported from all over the island, calls were made to local police, press, etc. I had my scanner on at the time tuned to the aviation frequencies, as I am an aviator, and listen to air traffic over Bermuda. Three airline pilots reported the sighting to New York Center, who in turn reported they only had the three airliners on their radar. The U.S. Navy made a statement, that they had conducted a submarine missile launch, and what we saw were the boosters falling back to earth. I have a great dispute with this explanation. First, Sub launched missiles use solid fuel systems, and don't use disposable boosters, as space is limited. Second, How could boosters travel in a level flight attitude, then climb to altitude, and at such speed, make no noise, and leave such a massive cloud, obscuring our view of the islands? Why test so close to a populated land area? Thanks to ISUR John Thompson and Peter Charles Wilson Eleys Harbour Sandys,


Kenny Young reports that Amy H. sent the following E-mail. "I hope you do not mind me asking your opinion? My husband and I were driving westbound on the 401 near Oshawa Ontario on March 28th at around 7:30. We noticed three circular objects so we pulled off the road to watch. They were cloudy looking white balls. They moved in a circular pattern, then would come and join in the center. Then they move out, go around in a circle and repeat the process joining in the center again. Thanks to Ken Young at TASK.


Canadian astronomer and UFO researcher Chris Rutkowski claims a new study by a national research group has found that the skies are getting more crowded with UFOs with a 10% rise in 1997. "We were surprised to learn there were so many reports last year," said astronomer Chris Rutkowski, research coordinator for Ufology Research of Manitoba (UFOROM), which collects and studies UFO reports. "There were 284 UFO sightings reported in Canada in 1997, up about 10 per cent from 1996." Last year's cases ranged from a group of people chased by a flying saucer near Tuktoyaktuk to a giant boomerang buzzing a 20-year Coast Guard veteran in Sault Ste. Marie. Rutkowski said sightings reported to researchers and UFO groups from BC to the Maritimes were collected by UFOROM and added to a database for statistical analyses. Among the findings: Most UFOs were reported in the province of British Columbia (35%) and Ontario (25%). UFOs were seen in winter as likely as summer; no national monthly trend was found. Almost three-quarters of all UFOs are seen at night, and most of these around 11:00 p.m. Most UFOs are watched for a long time; the average length of observation was 20 minutes. UFOs are witnessed by more than one person at a time; most cases have two witnesses. The typical Hollywood- style flying-saucer-shaped UFOs are now less common than triangular ones. Only 4.6% of all the UFO reports were labeled "higher-quality unknowns." Most UFO sightings were either misidentifications of things such as planes or planets, or we simply didn't have enough information. "None of these 'unknowns' prove there are aliens out there," Rutkowski said, "but we are left with some cases which investigators cannot explain." For additional information, contact: MUFON Ontario, 416-532-9371, UFO*BC, 604-432-4113, SOS OVNI (Quebec), 514-536-0140, MUFON Nova Scotia, 902-832-1984 or Chris through UFOROM, 204-269-7553 and circulated by UFO UPdates (
Editors Note: I have almost 5,000 hours in the air and seldom is any aircraft observed for 20 minutes. Most aircraft are heading for a destination and do not stay in one area for long. There are exceptions such as pilot training, but sightings for longer than a few minutes is a good indicator you may have a legitimate UFO. Even flares burn for around five minutes.


Dave Ledger and Skywatch report that the sightings of anomalous lights and heavy military involvement, from the West Coast of Scotland are still coming in. There definitely seems to be something odd going on over there, following many witness reports of black helicopters and military jets chasing UFOs over East Kilbride, Scotland. Strange lights are being seen all over the local area. This kind of activity is relatively unknown to the local people of East Kilbride and certainly seems to support the fact that something out of the ordinary is going on. The helicopters seemed to be searching for something or someone. Thanks to Dave Ledger and Skywatch Internationaland, Kieth Barber for his call.


Max Burns is the chief investigator for a series of spectacular UFO encounters over central England, last year. Allegedly, six Tornado, RAF jets were in pursuit of a 300 foot Flying Triangle UFO, which hovered, at times, within feet of houses in Dronfield, Sheffield. The British Geological survey instrumentation at three sites on March 24, 1997 recorded two air burst explosions. It is believed a UFO conducted a hostile attack on aircraft that were in pursuit. Apparently, one RAF jet was lost and two bodies were recovered from a mountain reservoir the next morning. All air traffic was excluded from the area. BUFORA will release a detailed report on April 4th, in London, via a video presentation taped by Miles Johnston. The full report will be available from Lionel Beer.

BUFORA is also expected to release at the BUFORA AGM, footage of a Flying Triangle filmed moving from Norfolk to Suffolk on the East Coast of England. The video was taped by D. J. Spoor of a large craft flying along at about fifty miles per hour along the coast. Full details have been released to the Press Association, & Sky News (London). Thanks to MJ.


French Mirage Jets have been witnessed by hundreds during the last several months in pursuit of a large triangle shaped craft over the Irish West coast. The French Mirage jets have been operating at maximum range to intercept and photograph the huge triangular UFOs. They have apparently violated Irish airspace while doing so.


Skywatch International reports that a group of students at Taman Orkid saw an object like a saucer on March 14, 1998. The UFO was at a distance of 100 meters and about the size of two cars. It hovered for a few minutes near Minguan. Twelve year old,Mohd Firdaus Rashid, said, "The saucers seemed to want to land on the near side of the field. The saucers beamed their lights at us a few times and shut off their lights before they flew away into the sky." Mohd and his 6 friends were playing when the sighting happened near a mosque. His friends, Mohd Nazrin Ozali, 11, said the objects produced the sound of an aeroplane, but not too noisy. The color of the craft was gray. The saucer did not rotate and we saw four wings and a light beam on to the field. There was no vibration, but they could feel blowing wind from the objects. Another student Ihsan Ibrahim 12, said at first he thought the objects were stars, when they suddenly arrived at the field. The students waved their hands at the objects. March 15, 1998. Alor Star , Kedah - A Simpang Empat and Skywatch International.


The UPN network will present the first U.S. showing of sensational UFO footage from Mexico on Monday, April 6, starting at 8:00 PM ET/PT. The program, titled "Danger in Our Skies: The New UFO Threat," is produced by Henry Winkler and features daylight UFO footage shot over Mexico City on August 6, 1997, and footage shot over Phoenix, Arizona. According to Ann Daniel, "The special interviews air traffic controllers, UFO experts and pilots." The program will ask the question, "Do UFOs represent a "threat to global safety?"


During the last couple weeks we discussed the possibility of ancient intelligent life on Mars. Several sites near the south pole of Mars and Cydonia have structures that appear to be artificially formed. The site at Nod if not a combination of pixilziation and transmission errors is particularly interesting. This site appears to be cultural site the could have been used for growing plants and producing oxygen. The site is on the edge of snow and ice fields composed of carbon dioxide. John Kramar writes I was looking at the Liz Edwards' and NASA images, I estimate that Nod is at 83°S 43°W on Mars and the top wall is about 45 miles long. As noted by others the "structures" on Mars are monumental in scale. By the way, there is an area NASA has labeled the Inca City that has many contiguous rectangular walled areas, each about 4 to 5 kilometers across. It is located "nearby" at 81.8°S - 59.1°W. Cheers, John Kramar, Note : It is obvious that NASA as found some interesting images in the general area of Nod giving it the descriptive name, "The Inca City." The Inca's built a strange series of ancient cities in Peru prior to being conquered by Spain. The stone structures are noted for their precision and powerful design. The Inca's also believed they were being visited by spacemen.

The Media Relations Office at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory (NASA) replied to my query about the structures at Nod and Inca by simply indicating their Mars Global Surveyor spacecraft is about to begin a summer-long set of scientific observations of the red planet. These will include several attempts to take images of the Cydonia region. The. Global Surveyor will pass over the so- called "Face on Mars," Cydonia region on April 5 at 12:33 a.m. Attempts to re- photograph the sites will occur during two additional passes, but it will not be possible to predict on which orbit the spacecraft will pass closest to the Face until the Global Surveyor has established a stable orbit. The sites will be visible about once every eight days, and we'll have a 30 to 50-percent chance of capturing images of the sites each time." The exact locations of specific features in the Cydonia region are not precisely known. As for the "Face on Mars" feature, "most scientists believe that everything we've seen on Mars is of natural origin," said Dr. Carl Pilcher, science director for Solar System Exploration in NASA. "However, we also believe it is appropriate to seek to resolve speculation about features in the Cydonia region. New images of the Cydonia region will be available on JPL's Mars news site at: and .

The new book, Eagles Disobey, A Case for Inca City, Mars just may help answer the question did life once exist on Mars. Dr. Dan Burisch was checking out the NSSDC Website, about a year and a half ago and he noticed an image identified as "Inca City" which had some strange crosshatched patterns. Up near the top of the 'boxes' was a face staring back up out of the sand. It was incredible, so he decided to look around for more objects. It was obvious NASA scientists also saw the images and named it the Inca City. A team was assembled and began more than a year's investigation. Scientist Dr. Dan Burisch did the image analysis, while B. J. Wolf wrote the book. It contains over 170 images from NASA's own archives. They found the most remarkable collection of objects, structures, glyphs and symbols and more Faces. One group of symbols forms a circle around a central figure and one resembles a flying dinosaur. These objects, often many miles long on the surface of Mars, might be beacons, or signposts. The book contains images of monolithic drawings, etchings, and monuments on Mars. You can order the book at Riskers/NUFOIA:

The Great Catselas Pyramid is particularly spectacular because the shadow that it casts, in fact the entire object seems to offer reverse light. Instead of creating a dark shadow, the area is lighter suggesting lights or a crystalline matrix or glass, that gathers light. They found a face imbedded in a triangle and another within a circle! All of these objects are related by complex geometry of triangles, circles, and the 19.5 degree angles. We can speculate Mars acquired an advanced civilization in the distant past. Eventually their atmosphere gradually deteriorated. The Martian's tried to build enclosed self sufficient structures, built giant signaling devices and attempted space travel. Since there is little evidence our ancient Earth cultures could reach Mars, we can speculate the strange symbols and beliefs were brought here by ancient astronauts. The book's thesis is that there is a distinct link between what was found on Mars and ancient cultures of earth. This seems to lock down the case for artificially objects on Mars created by intelligent life forms as opposed to natural causes. The author claims Mars is a treasure trove just waiting for us. We hope to have some momentous announcements in the coming weeks.

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