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Filer's Files
By George Filer

MUFON Eastern Region Director
April 9, 1998

George Filer:
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Numerous sightings continue. Images from Mars shows new details.


On March 17 and 25th, a "large green tadpole shaped" UFO was spotted one mile beyond Hampton over the Atlantic Ocean. Multiple witnesses on both days saw the polliwog like UFO hover for five minutes before it streaked seaward. During the second sighting, high tides were pushing sand and stones onto roads during a full moon. Thanks to John Thompson.


Alex Cavallari the New York State Director of Skywatch International photographed UFOs over the Sheepshead Bay area of Brooklyn on March 29, 1998, between noon and 4:00 PM EST. Sunday, Alex received a call from a friend who was filming UFOs and informed him "The boys were back!" Alex went outside with his camera. He said, "The objects appeared to perform a sky show. Some exhibited very unusual start and stop characteristics and then sped away at incredible speeds towards the northeast. Later, I noticed a Cigar shaped object that I was able to photograph along with the normal air traffic. The Cigar shaped object flew northeast to the southwest at extraordinary speed. It looked like an upside down Frisbee. It had a blue, purple haze on the top of its form. The craft emitted a very bright chalk white light. I took 78 pictures of spherical objects with Kodak ASA 400 speed film." Thanks to Alex Cavallari, whose photos can be seen at:


Karin Gaun writes, "I wanted to let you know that along with my husband, father, mother brother, and two others, we all saw a strange light on March 29, 1998." It was 7:30 PM, and we had just arrived home from a day on Long Beach Island. We were looking up at the clear sky and thought we were watching a satellite, when all of a sudden it became a very bright moving light. So bright you want to shield your eyes, and then it suddenly flew to the southeast. There was no visible structure." Thanks to Karin Gaun. (Southampton,N.J.)


On April 4, 1998, Demostenese Cruger saw a UFO 12:45 PM near the Indiana Senior High School in Indiana, PA. He described the object has having red, blue, and green alternating lights in a circular pattern. The craft quickly disappeared into space. Their Phone Number: (412)742-4423, Indiana, PA. Thanks to John Thompson and ISUR.


On April 3, 1998, James Rickert, 26, a salesman reports observing a UFO only ten miles outside Washington DC in Fairfax, VA. James writes, "I was eating outside on the porch at a restaurant with twelve co-workers. Three of us at our table and many others eating at the restaurant saw a green orb in the sky. It moved along quickly and steadily for about ten seconds going across the sky, then disappeared. Forty people outside also saw it. A few dismissed it as a shooting star, those of who saw it for longer know that it was not. It glowed green and was cigar shaped. We are ten miles from Washington D.C. so I am sure others saw it." Thanks to James Rickert, Bruce Cornet. BUFOR Website.


Chief Walter Sheets, MUFON's State Director reports, on March 30, 1998, at 10:30 PM, two women saw a UFO shaped like a "cue ball rack," hovering near the ground. The "balls" inside the "rack" were large, bright, non-blinking and white. The ladies saw the triangle-shaped UFO with10 to 25 bright white lights for "3 to 4 minutes." Walter states, "I drove to Turner Road, where the witnesses first saw the UFO and stopped their car behind the Tall Pine Apartments to get a better view." The UFO was less than a mile away and had an apparent size ranging from 1 to 2 inches long. On reaching the back of the apartments, the UFO flew away at a high rate of speed, but slower than a jet." Since the UFO flew north, Walter thought they might have seen the Wall Street Journal plane as it took off from LaGrange's airport. This plane has some bright lights and generally lands around 9 PM. On calling Journal distributor in LaGrange, he said it was definitely not their plane as it always leaves by 10 PM. A manager at the LaGrange Calloway Airport said, "The plane has standard FAA lights and he knew of nothing that flies out of the airport that has numerous white non-blinking lights." The West Georgia Medical Center indicated no helicopters had flown on the night of March 30. Both witnesses remain adamant that the object was not an airplane or any other conventional aircraft. A check with local police and sheriff was negative.

MUFON Investigator John Thompson reports the following sighting is definitely a UFO! Teenagers were playing baseball north of LaGrange on March 31, at 7:10 PM. The batter, nearly 17 years old, was facing to the northeast and saw a huge white disc-shaped UFO fly by very fast. The UFO climbed at a steep 70 degree angle and disappeared behind a large cloud at blinding speed. The egg or plate shaped UFO was about a mile away and had an apparent size of three inches. It shot across the sky to the north in a second or less. The other boys did not see the UFO. I believe this is the same UFO that others in the LaGrange area saw in July and what a LaGrange High School student saw in September. This UFO can travel at several thousand miles per hour. The baseball player indicated the giant UFO's size was over 600 feet or two football fields. John states, "I now believe that a giant UFO is regularly penetrating airspace over the Troup-Heard Corridor in Western Georgia. Before darting away it creates a large flash, as it kicks into high speed. When loitering it flies well below the 2500 feet radar ceiling so that the FAA in Atlanta and Columbus can't "track" it. The UFO has an elliptical shape, so when looking at it "on edge" it appears as a slender disc-shape, At other times it appears the shape of an egg or plate. At night, it is luminous and appears "energized." In daytime it appears white. There is also the distinct possibility that the actual UFO is smaller and only has a large "halo" around it when "energized." Most likely it is not picked up on radar due to the computer elimination of high speed targets. The UFO picks areas to operate where radar coverage and the population are sparse. It loiters only at night and uses terrain such as ridges, valleys and hills for concealment purposes to mask its profile from ground view. Observers above the UFO claim it appears completely dark, when looking down upon it. Thanks to John Thompson.


Ted Phillips an expert in UFO trace cases writes. "I worked very closely with Allen Hynek from 1967, until his death. At his suggestion, I began specializing in Physical Traces associated with UFO landings in 1969. I was the original investigator of the Delphos, Kansas event and hundreds of other cases. I have started to re-investigate this case to try and extract additional data on the observation and traces. I'm looking for any piece of info anyone might have such as news clippings, photos, articles, etc., relating to the event. If you could suggest any contact, I would greatly appreciate it. I remember a MUFON person (I think Larry Moyers) who went there and later gave me photos and a interview with witnesses. Do you know if he is still living? Please contact Ted Phillips if you have information. I sent his request to MUFON Headquarters but perhaps our readers can help.


Clint Stone Kentucky MUFON reports that the flap in Henderson/Evansville/Owensboro area proves to be long from over. I have been observing the sky up here in Henderson for the most of the evening on April 6. Once again between 8 to 8:30 PM, I observed an UFO that had a combo of a white light, and a flashing red one. It was coming from the south with a light in the middle and two more white ones on the right side. It was heading northwest when it suddenly changed course to due east. It was almost as if it made a right angle turn to fly over my head. The lights on the craft were very unusual as they had erratic random motions that included chasing each other like Christmas lights. The combo of lights was followed by a very faint bluish white light that was only flashed every 10 seconds. The white/red light soon sped out in front of the bluish white light as it faded off in the distance. Soon after, a total of three lights was seen heading in the same direction. All had no sound. Thanks to: Clint Stone - Webmaster, ASD KY/MUFON at


Michael Petrick, 18, saw three lights in the distance on April 5, 1998, near Channahon some 40 miles southwest of Chicago. Michael says, "I spotted the lights that circled and moved while I was driving down a rural road at 11:35 PM. The lights in the shape of an equilateral triangle had lights at the corners. They were expanding outward as to give the impression, that whatever they were connected to was getting closer. The lights stopped moving and sat still in the sky. I noticed no other lights in the sky. I slowed to get a closer look before the next set of trees. I then saw the lights 'spin' clockwise and the one light that I had viewed began to move as if the front of an object. The UFO was sighted for 2 to 3 minutes before it rotated, hovered, changed color and moved away. Thanks to BUFORA and Bruce Cornet.


March 30, 1998. News release from the McClendon News Service by Sarah McClendon Washington, D.C. -- Unidentified Flying Objects, a term given for many years to unexplained sightings of craft in the skies over every state in the Union, are actual visitors from other worlds, believe a community of scientists and technicians employed by government. The real danger to the U. S. and perhaps this whole planet is the government has placed such a heavy blanket of secrecy upon this issue. So much secrecy, those in government who have knowledge showing UFOs are identifiable feel the subject cannot be discussed by those in the know without serious repercussions. Others are afraid their friends and co-workers will think they are crazy if they even so much as insinuate that UFOs are identifiable as manned craft from outside the earth. This particularly applies to newspaper editors and publishers, reporters and analysts. Thus the U. S. is denying itself the chance to learn more about UFOs or to encourage research despite the fact the U.S. stands to gain from such discussions. Not publicized but true is that the Clinton administration, soon after coming to office, had many briefings on the subject. Laurence Rockefeller provided the information for the President and Mrs. Clinton. Others provided documents and verbal briefings to presidential advisors Jack Gibbons (science), Bruce Lindsay (personal), Anthony Lake (national security) and Vice President Albert Gore. About the same time a three hour briefing was given by Dr. Steven Greer to the sitting Director of the CIA, Admiral Woolsey. Subsequently, Clinton instructed Webster Hubbell, when naming him to the position of Associate Attorney General at the Justice Department, that he wanted him to investigate and report back to him on two things, circumstances surrounding the death of President John F. Kennedy, and the existence of UFOs. Hubbell, despite his position and the presidential imprimatur, was boxed in at Justice Department and never was able to find out. All of this was disclosed in Hubbell's memoir Friends in High Places. Now the lid on UFOs is gradually coming off. There is a national drive underway to get one million signatures on a petition calling for an open Congressional hearing for government employee witnesses. Another who feels that positive proof exists within government, is Lt. Col. Philip J. Corso (retired), who reveals in a recent book, The Day After Roswell, that he was in charge of the Roswell files during his tenure as head of the Army's Foreign Technology Division. He states unequivocally that these files confirm the crash which occurred at Roswell, New Mexico was an alien space craft. This completely refutes the Air Force denials and subsequent explanations. Corso says that the crashed vehicle was studied and proved to be manufactured of materials unknown as to source and usage in this country. In time, he says, this and other UFOs provided technologies which were "worked into the commercial world via front companies." Incidentally he vouches for the fact that this has proven to be a valuable contribution to U.S. aircraft design and other commercial products. Corso and hundreds of others who work or have worked in secret defense and scientific agencies, are willing to swear under oath that alien craft are repeatedly penetrating our airspace. Whenever the military agencies are asked to look into this matter further, the answer is always the same - "We do not investigate UFOs." Contact: McClendon News Service at:


The UFO World Website reports that the DSP-1 Satellite has confirmed that a UFO chased an Iranian F-4 jet on September 18, 1976. The DSP Connection is an impressive breakthrough in the confirmation of the Iranian UFO encounter. This evidence was uncovered by researchers Lee Graham and Ron Regehr, of Aero-Jet in California. They confirmed that the UFO sighting over Tehran was, in fact, tracked by the United States military's DSP satellite. The primary responsibility of the DSP-1 satellite is to detect the launch of ballistic missiles. This deep-space platform detects infrared heat through sensors, that are mounted on the body of the satellite. Anything that emits infrared heat is detected by this apparatus. It can determine different types of aircraft simply by comparing the "signature" of the infrared signals displayed by an object against an intensely complete database of all known aircraft. The DSP was, as we now know, responsible for the detection of Iraqi SCUD missile launches during Operation Desert Storm. During their investigations, Graham and Reghr have located computer print-outs from the time frame of the Iranian UFO overflight, which show that the DSP definitely detected an "anomalous object" in Iranian air space. Thanks to Lee Graham and the Website at,


Many books have been written about the so called MJ-12 or MAJIC Project that allegedly concerned the study of UFOs. Necah S. Furman has written a book called, Sandia National Laboratories, The Post War Decade, the University of New Mexico Press, 1990. Furman claims that MAJIC in fact stands for Manhattan (Engineering District), Armed Forces Special Weapons Project, JCS, Integrated, Command. A special weapons project normally has to do with nuclear weapons and implies a highly classified program. Furthermore it was known as Project Y, Division Z, Division-Group: Z(Ordnance)-12. The Group Leader was Estel L. Cheeseman and the organization was formed in September 1947 or earlier. It is not known what this group accomplished or its exact function. Z groups are normally involved in building or standardizing nuclear weapons components. This Project Y was apparently at the highest levels because it required Presidential invitation by AT&T Bell Telephone. Z Division's Group 12 was established in September 1947. Its function and purpose apparently still remains classified. . Can anyone verify this explanation for the famous MAJIC or MJ-12? Thanks to Dan Smith. Editors note: We do know that the code name Project Y or Silverbug was also used as the designated name for a disc aircraft developed for the Air Force. It was declassified last year at Jack Pickett's and my request.


LONDON (AP) - Orbiting high above Earth, Europe's infrared space observatory has discovered water around stars and planets and in many other surprising places, raising expectations of life elsewhere in the universe, the European Space Agency said Tuesday. The discovery of water vapor in the atmosphere of Saturn's largest moon, Titan, has generated the most excitement, because that moon may duplicate the conditions that led to the creation of life on Earth, said Roger Bonnet, the agency's director of science.


The purported "Face on Mars" that has created such controversy over last twenty years has done an about face. Joel Carpenter writes: "The Mars Global Surveyor "Face" images indicate as you can see, "It's just a hill!" Others claim it looks like a sandal print or a stuffed chili pepper. Geologist, Dr. Bruce Cornet writes: "A second image of the "Face" is now up at JPL and NASA, and it looks even more like a face than the first image, which was distorted due to perspective. The nose is more obvious, even with what appear to be a pair of nostrils! And yet deep erosion is evident. As I stated below, I think the proponents of this object being a sculptured face will retreat, analyze, regroup, and come forward with explanations that fit their theory, while the detractors will point out those areas which are more likely natural landforms in origin, and emphasize how greater resolution did not make it look more like a face, but less like a face. I am disappointed that the image looks less like a sculptured artifact and more like a natural eroded mound, but on the other hand, all the features that are apparent in the Viking images appear to be counted for in the new image. The angle and possible distortion due to angle elongate the face-like features, and the face-like proportions evident in Carlotto's images seem to be gone. And yet the left eye does indeed appear to contain an eyeball-like form, and the pupil-like feature is even more apparent. Overall the new images of the Martian "face" resemble and seem to confirm previous suggestions that this object represents the depiction of a sphinx, or the blending of human-like and lion-like features - still evident even in its apparent eroded and damaged state. But because the features are not stylized as on most versions or depictions of Egyptian sphinxes, I suggest that it represents a more primitive form or concept of the sphinx - one which simply gives a human countenance lion-like features without exaggeration. Even the nose, which now appears to have a pair of nostrils, looks more like that of a lion nose than a human one. The border around the "Face" now appears to be a naturally eroded bedform, possibly created from layering within the mountain.

NASA's Michael Ravine, the advanced project manager at Malin Space Science Systems which operates Surveyor's camera says, "The legendary formation appears to be nothing more than an eroded hills, debris, aprons and plenty of imagination.` It's a butte, a mesa, a knob. The scientists were right all along in insisting the face was a natural formation, but I would have been overjoyed to discover otherwise. `If we found flying saucers carved at the base of this thing. I would be even happier because that would be cool!" Taking his direction, I looked at the close up images of the base of the Face and spotted a circular structure. I then contacted author BJ Wolf who wrote Eagles Disobey: The Case for Inca City, Mars. He said, "They're own analysis has revealed a doorway of some kind at the base of the Face. I liken it to the passage ways often built into ancient terrestrial monuments like the Sphinx at Giza, and the large Pyramids. I'm sure we'll find more suspicious objects"

Editors Note: We're getting mixed signals from NASA. Are they telling us where to look? NASA claims to be taking a neutral stand on its images, but they also appear to be playing games with the Grey pixels. Experts from CNN and other outlets have noted that NASA provided very poor images for the first big announcements. The raw image published by NASA contains only about 75 shades of gray, instead of the requisite 256 shades in normal photos from the Malin camera imaging system. This means that two thirds of the data, expressed as shades of gray, are simply missing. Later versions, appeared more Face-like. I personally could not understand why a Martian civilization would build a two mile long Face, that could only be observed from above. But, the rest of the Cydonia area is more interesting than the Face, and "the Inca City" a name employed by NASA is even more fascinating. An ancient Face on Mars whether its natural or artificial does little to prove UFOs are in our skies. The important factor is can we prove there is intelligent life out there in the universe. The incoming images will help answer the question about ancient life on Mars. We are just getting started and there is going to be much more to this story. This is not the end of the search for intelligent life on Mars, it's just a beginning.

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