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Filer's Files
By George Filer

MUFON Eastern Region Director
April 1, 1998

George Filer:
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Sightings continue and Soviet KGB Files reveal aliens are with us.

I just returned from filming in Los Angeles for an Associated Television International two hour special documentary called "The Secret KGB UFO Files." My observations indicate this may be one of the best UFO specials ever. The show features Roger Moore as the host. Dr. Richard Haines, Antonio Huneeus, Stan Friedman, and Russian experts will appear. The publicity for the special claims that Top Secret documents and pictures reveal the truth. When two MIG fighters tried to shoot down a UFO, both jets were blown out of the sky. We were shown amazing film footage smuggled out of Russia. There is stunning proof the Soviet's recovered something not from this earth. The KGB took UFOs seriously, they lost pilots and aircraft chasing them. Personally, I was always surprised the Soviets were so interested in UFOs. Their spy intelligence collection efforts would often pay more money for UFO information than solid data on our latest aircraft. It's too early to tell if the footage taken of me will end up on the editing floor, but from the little I saw this should be a remarkable show that will be shown during the sweeps in May on TNT. Thanks to the great guys at Associated TV.


April 17, 1998: Sam Sherman writes: "Having seen a Flying Saucer and some other round anomalous aerial objects, I had no opinion either away about tales of long, tubular aerial objects that might be Mother Ships which carried smaller round scout craft to Earth. Tonight I believe I have learned otherwise. My wife and I were driving to dinner at 7:30PM in Old Bridge, NJ heading due West on Route 516 to East Brunswick. Directly overhead storm clouds were gathering, although low on the horizon the sky was still blue and the sun was shining brightly prior to setting. I looked up in the sky and saw what looked like a contrail between some dark clouds. It was like no contrail I had ever seen, as it moved forward in a northerly direction, but did not leave a trail of vapor or smoke behind it stretching out. This was of definite and finite length. To describe what I saw follows: At arm's length, it appeared to be about three to four inches long and tubular in shape. The color was white, but with luminescent color overlaid greenish-blue tinge. As the sun appeared to be behind it, the object did not appear to be reflecting the sun's rays, but instead produced its own bright illumination. This long tubular bright object was moving to the north and threading its way in the clouds. It eventually was lost behind a dark cloud to the north.

I have seen footage of objects like this going back to the 1940s and heard of observations of them from that era and up to date. I have heard these objects evaluated as being a mile long or longer. What I and my wife both saw was similar to recent footage from Colorado, New Jersey and South Korea. We did not film this, shoot this with a digital camera or produce any technical artifacts to create this image. We saw this object with our naked, unaided eyes. I don't think we have a big enough landing field for this craft in Old Bridge as much of our farm land is being developed for housing. This sighting may be added to anyone's catalogue of sightings of similar objects in the past or more recently. My wife and I will be glad to answer any questions posed on this sighting. By the way, the object was canted at an angle of about 100 degrees to the ground." Thanks to Sam Sherman.


MUFON investigator, John Thompson interviewed Douglas County Dispatcher, Adam Watson, who said, "I took a call from a frantic lady reporting a UFO as big as a house!" On April 5, 1998, the lady asked, "Is there a ball park behind my house?" He replied, "No. Why?" She said there is a bright white light as big as a house behind my house. The light has six smaller white lights on it, that are rotating. "Watson said Douglas County Sheriff Department sent out cars to patrol to Fatman Road the rest of the night, but none of the deputies arrived in time to see a UFO. Dispatcher Watson said the lady was quite disturbed and called Channel 2 in Atlanta and other news outlets about her UFO sighting. John also talked to dispatcher, Jennifer Craig, who also talked to the lady. She said, both the lady and her husband, and possibly some of their neighbors, saw the UFO, hovering over some trees near the couple's home. It had four large white lights and two smaller lights. The UFO hovered for 10 to15 minutes without making any noise. The lady described the UFO to the Douglas County dispatchers as the police cars raced to the scene, but the UFO disappeared just minutes before they arrived. Thanks to: John Thompson, Don and ISUR for this report.


We have further confirmation of the sighting of a strange craft over Norfolk. Another witness has come forward. MUFON investigators Mike Shields, Dennis Hawley and Dick Daley interviewed a witness Mr. William W., who reports observing a large boomerang shaped UFO on March 12, 1997. The object dropped in altitude to only 200 feet and moved north along the Hampton Boulevard in Norfolk at a speed of between 40 to 50 mph. It was boomerang in shape with three dome like structures underneath and one dome on top. It consisted of two right angles curving at the apex. The UFO was between 800 to 1,000 feet long with a groove along its length on its backside. The UFO disappeared moving north behind some trees in the direction of Hampton Roads Bay. Thanks to Ricardo Atristain MUFON VA State Director.

A reader saw the above article in Skywatch International e-mail. DJAlienasn writes:
"I live in the Hampton Roads area and work at Little Creek Amphibian Base. I saw the same thing as it crossed the bay towards Hampton and I followed it. It seemed to hover above Langley Air Force Base before ascending vertically really smooth and fast. I thought I was crazy. Now I know I was not!!!" Editor's Note: This second sighting tends to confirm the first. I would recommend continued investigation and comparison of drawings. If we can come up with coordinates and times we may be able to confirm with satellite data. Thanks to Skywatch International Inc.

A flash of Kryptonite green zipped across the Fredericksburg area on April 3, 1998, according to The Free Lance-Star article dated: April 7, 1998. Four Fredericksburg police officers saw a green shaped neon egg along with many other witnesses.


On Sunday, April 5, 1998, Ms. Kathy D. and her stepdaughter were driving south on Highway 9 in Louisiana, from Junction City on the Arkansas state line to Homer, LA. when they spotted something unusual in the sky. "We noticed a strange reflection in the sky," Kathy reported. "At first I thought this was the sun reflecting off an aircraft. But after looking at the object I could tell it was no airplane. It was a sphere, that I at first believed was a weather balloon. But when it began to move randomly, I knew that it was not a weather balloon." "I pointed it out to my step-daughter, and we both watched it disappear." "In a matter of ten to fifteen seconds, the object reappeared ahead of us...It moved away from us, turning toward the left and traveling at what seemed to be great speed. It then disappeared again, and we didn't see it again...I have never witnessed anything like this." (Thanks to Tim Hagemeister of NACOMM for this report. And UFO Roundup #15, Joe Trainor editor.


A bicyclist pulled into my place in the Rocky Mountains a while back to report an aerial object, and I thought I'd pass it along just to see if you have ever heard of any others like it. I never have. She described it as "an airplane with two tails." She said that it looked like someone had taken the back half of a private plane, and joined it to the back half of another plane, so that what was left was a fuselage with a tail on each end. But only the vertical part of the tails; the horizontal stabilizers were missing. She described it as floating slowly along in the air at 500 feet. Thanks to: Bob Thrift- Institute for UFO Research.


David Martin reports that on April 2, `1998: "I was walking in a area called Blanchardstown in Dublin going into the Bell Pub, when I saw a red object flash across the sky at about 5.00 PM. It stopped and hovered over my head. It seemed circular in shape. It flew off to the east in the direction of Raheny. Dave's address is: 111 Raheny Road, Dublin 17, Dublin Ireland Thanks to ISUR's John Thompson and David Martin.


Kaan Kivilcim on April 8, 1998 observed a UFO wile at the Sutherland Cricket grounds in Sydney, Australia at 10:23 PM. The UFO was weird like a fireball coming through the atmosphere. then it went from a red color to a blue color then zipped of the coast Thanks to ISUR and Kaan at


Phillip H. Krapf, The Metro Desk editor of the Los Angeles Times (ret.), has written a new book called "The Contact Has Begun." Krapf claims to have been contacted by visiting aliens who told him to write this book in June of 1997. Most journalists are skeptical of stories about UFOs and visitors from space. This book is important because a key member of the news industry is putting his reputation on the line telling others we are being visited. Essentially a peaceful race of extraterrestrials is making contact with Earth's leaders from an Intergalactic Federation. The editor of the Los Angeles Times is a skeptical journalist, who with his won acclaim for his coverage of the Los Angeles riots. He claims to have been taken aboard a craft from another world. Krapf's claims he was instructed to help other humans accept we are not alone. Now is the time for us to prepare to enter the Intergalactic Federation of Sovereign Planets. Important people from all over the world are being contacted by the extraterrestrials to serve as ambassadors to the human race. The aliens claim to carry no weapons and are peaceful, promise a new wonderful world and call themselves, Verdants. Their planet is 14 million light-years from Earth and is more than twice the size of Earth. They assured him that the universe is teaming with life and there are hundreds of thousands of inhabited planets. Dan Smith interviewed Phillip Krapf in California and found him to be a warm, intelligent person with no apparent mental problems. He certainly believed his story and assured us that other important people will be speaking out in the coming years concerning their contact. He claims that he recognized many important people aboard the space ship who were also undergoing edification and indoctrination. All have been given a mission to meet with Earth's leaders and to prepare them for the future summit and contact. A new city will be constructed by the extraterrestrials overnight and called, "Genesis." Key leaders from all backgrounds will go to Genesis and be trained to participate in the confederation. The essential message is that they come in peace, they have discovered the light and they will shine it on our path. Humanity is on the threshold of rebirth. They will be our shepherd and watch over us like lambs. The first announcements will come in 2002. The book is from Hay House Publishers and local stores. Note: This is pretty wild stuff even for an UFO investigator.


There are a series of recent reports claiming Monsignor Corodio Bolducci, close to the Pope has proclaimed that extraterrestrial contact is a real phenomenon. Our contacts in Italy assure us this interpretation of the Monsignor's statements is in error and that he does not speak for the Vatican.
However, Whitley Strieber interviewed Monsignor Corrado Balducci, and confirmed he is an important Vatican advisor. Whitley states: "Monsignor Balducci has given me an interview that is going to be published in my new book Confirmation, and in it he makes statements about the need to stop fooling ourselves that the contact situation is psychological, and he makes the point that it is dangerous for Christians to ignore the testimony of millions if they are to accept the testimony of just a few as the basis of doctrine. He also discusses his contention that the visitors are not demons, and mentions that the subject matter is of special interest to the Church and the Christian community. Msgr. Balducci told me personally when I asked him about his relationship to the pope, that he knows the pope and is friendly with him. When I asked him if the pope was aware of his views on UFOs, he said that they had not discussed the matter per se, but had talked together about issues of demonology. Msgr. Balducci as an expert on demonology and has published on the subject and has been the exorcist for the Archdiocese of Rome. It is because of his expertise in this field that there is reason for Christians to regard his views on the question of whether or not the visitors are demons as an authoritative one. In the interview I have, he did not mention anything about Papal nuncios reporting information to the Vatican on a formal basis, or the existence of a commission to deal with the issue. He has personally read and agreed to every detail of the translation, and it is completely accurate. It will be published as an appendix to Confirmation, which should be in the stores by April 15. In the interest of accuracy, I would very much appreciate your re-posting of this letter to the same list that has received the previous two posts. Sincerely yours, Whitley Strieber and Peter A. Gersten, Esq. Executive Director, Citizens Against UFO Secrecy, Inc. CAUS

SHAG HARBOR: It is known that the Roman Catholic Church has an excellent intelligence system and is well aware that many UFOs are being observed around the world by its members and priests. Canadian MUFON reports that the role played by Roman Catholic Father Michael Burke-Geffen in the Shag Harbor UFO crash is interesting. On the night of October 4, 1967, shortly after 11:00 PM, a UFO some 60 feet in diameter was seen to disappear into water near the tiny fishing village of Shag Harbor, Nova Scotia. The UFO displayed four bright lights that flashed in sequence. This case was largely unknown before MUFON's Assistant Director for Nova Scotia Christopher Styles' began working on the case. His work was phenomenal. He discovered that Father Geffen, now deceased had two lives, one as a Jesuit priest and cornerstone at St. Mary's University in Halifax. In addition, he was an astronomer and held a position with Canada's NRC as a UFO investigator and government contact person. Requests from Ottawa can be found in Canada's RG 77 file calling for the priest to gather physical samples from UFO trace cases and Close Encounters to send to NRC Headquarters for detailed analysis. Father Geffen claimed to have no interest in UFOs, but was in fact collecting intelligence on them. Genuine Royal Canadian Mounted Police X-files, were found among his personal papers. Two of those X-files are replies to Father Geffen from the superintendent of the Nova Scotia RCMP, assuring the father that he would receive UFO reports from southwest Nova Scotia as quickly as was reasonably possible. In fact, personal notes in archives from this period of October 1967 show that he took notes on the details of UFO sightings given to him over the telephone, even before they could be mailed or telexed. Time seemed to be an important concern for this scientist priest. The Story! Perhaps the most exciting element of Styles' and Don Ledger's investigation is the story of an attempted recovery operation 25 miles up the Nova Scotia coast from the impact site. Thanks to Canadian MUFON web at:


Almost nightly reports of giant flying triangles continue over the southeastern coast of England. The reports intimate a craft operating at only 40 to 60 mph. Since most aircraft stall out of the sky below 100 mph, it infers the witnesses may be viewing a lighter than air type craft, something like the Aereon Pumpkinseed design. It would be reasonable to have an Airborne Warning and Control (AWACs) type craft patrolling the coast at night carrying a large phased array radar system. However, it seems logical that someone would see a large craft lifting off unless it is stationed on some remote island or guarded peninsula. There could be a secret base some where near the North Sea such as on the Frisian or Sheppey Islands within range of these sightings? This craft could probably operate without much of a runway. We know the flying triangles are usually first sighted off the eastern coast of England coming in from the North Sea. If the craft flies as slow as is claimed, the West Frisian Islands seem to be the most likely base. Bentwaters or Sculthorpe RAF are other possibilities. This may be the same craft that operated over Belgium several years ago. Of course if the triangles are not stationed at any land base, then it might be a craft using an unknown type base. Some believe the craft performance indicates it is not of human design. It's strange lighting system seems designed to appear alien and to appear to accelerate at fantastic speeds.

Tim Matthews writes: "I agree with you that we need to focus our efforts upon the location from which these things operate. The coast seems to always play an important part in these sightings. A couple of years ago, I included a Jane's Defence Weekly report in my magazine which noted the use of "MOBs" -- Mobile Offshore Bases - which were not unlike large and glorified pontoon bridges. Although these could work on a temporary basis I doubt that the swell of the North Sea would make for ease of operations. There are comparatively few sightings this year. Keep up the good work. Yours for sanity in ufology. Tim Matthews

GEORGIA MUFON investigator, John Thompson writes I thought I would give you my observations concerning the Flying Black Triangles. The Manchester State Trooper sighting is the best on the Triangles in Georgia. In June of 1995 the trooper was driving in Talbot County on US 80 at around 10 PM near Fort Benning. As he drove down a hill, he saw a large Black Triangle hovering in the flats below him. The Triangle pivoted and its three huge orange lights began pulsating. Suddenly, the UFO started spinning rapidly and shot off to the northeast at almost instantaneous speed." Total sighting time for seeing the UFO was only 10 seconds. The Triangle moved nearly an entire mile while below the patrolman's line of sight. It bothered him so much. He put on his sirens and pulled the car over in front of him and asked, "Had he seen anything?" The driver verified he had viewed the UFO and agreed to let the Trooper record his observations. He taped the description and called it into his Manchester Patrol Post. I heard of this story from a LaGrange State Trooper. Then a MUFON member told me his friend who was a dispatcher at the Manchester Post had taken the frantic troopers call. By-the-time I caught up to the Trooper, and despite him having the audio tape of the other witness, he had become the butt of jokes. He refused to meet with us, but I ran into him at his dad's locksmith shop and he confirmed the whole story. The UFO was "football field size" (300 feet) between each orange light. This was a big boy! Several more witnesses came forward claiming to see the triangle with orange lights moving at right angles at what he estimated was several thousand miles per hour. They stated, "It moved so slow you could walk along with them until they sped away. Both sightings were also just above their heads so close-they blocked out the entire sky above them. I have no doubt that some of these Triangles are of extraterrestrial origin and not of human technology.


Researchers at Glasgow University see strong evidence for Maritian Life. The experts say a huge rock formation on the planet's surface is probably a giant fossil created billions of year ago by microbes. The Glasgow team believes that photographs of the fossil on the white rock -- a 17 km-wide feature in a giant crater -- are the strongest proof to date of life on the Red Planet. Professor Mike Russell says he believes the formation was caused by bacteria whose growth was fueled by the sun and nutrients in the water in a crater lake. However, he believes that the life forms probably retreated below ground billions of years ago when conditions became harder and water disappeared from the surface. "There probably is still life on Mars, but not actually on the surface. Wherever there is water on a planet there is likely to have been life. But Mars now has a dry desert surface so there probably is not any life near the surface," he said. Dr. Russell also believes it possible that the formation on the white rock could be similar to magnesium-found on Earth, which were created by micro-bacteria feeding on magnesium, carbon dioxide and iron and light. Thanks to BBC's online news service.

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