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Filer's Files
By George Filer

MUFON Eastern Region Director
July 9, 1998

George Filer:
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The Zulu African Spiritual Leader speaking about Extraterrestrial Beings visiting our Earth states, "The universe is a gigantic chamber of possibility where everything has the chance and the right to happen, and so we must not have cut-and-dry theories regarding just how life should look." From Vusamazula Mutwa's book, Song of the Stars. Page 143. Thanks to Irene McDonald.


Brick, NJ. Jason Blalalck states: "On the morning of July 4th at 2:45 a.m. I witnessed a bright pulsing light while fishing at Lake Riviera. The light hovered in the western sky for approximately thirty minutes above Lakehurst, NJ. While hovering, the light would glow a blue-green and then move slightly at 90 degree angles at which time it would glow white. This continued until the light began moving south for what appeared to be 3 to 4 miles. It was about the size of 1/4 of a dime held at arm's length. The light hovered again for about ten minutes glowed very brightly, blinked on and off a couple of times, and then shot off towards the north at an extremely high rate of speed. Thanks to Jason Blalalck E-mail:

Vineland, NJ. On May 21,1998, Lori and her friend visited open air shopping market near Vineland. The shopping area was partly covered and they went inside. Her friend was looking for pot holders and she was looking with her. When all of a sudden, they found themselves in a field. They looked at their watches and it was 2:35 PM. They realized that two hours had passed in a moment. Lori said, "They just woke up in this field, there were no vendors in this area, there was no parking area or shopping area where they were. The two women were in a field way behind the shopping mart! When they gained consciousness they both said at the same time, "How did we get out here, what's going on?" They both were very upset about the whole incident. Lori's friend kept saying, "Maybe we passed out in the place?" Lori answered, "If we had fainted, they would have called an ambulance." Lori asked the woman if she would like to talk to a MUFON investigator? She said no and that she didn't even want Lori to mention her name. The woman was very frightened and has strange new scars on her body. Thanks to Evelyn Galson. (Names with held by request)

McGuire Air Force Base, NJ. July 8, 1998. Peter Chesky reports he was driving down the back roads behind the base with his mother in the car. "We looked up into the sky ahead of us and saw a glowing round ball. It was pretty far away so I could not really see what it was. It came towards the earth slowly." The military conduct training in this area, but it did not seem to be a flare or something caused by them. I wanted to go closer, but my mother insisted we go home. Later, I went back to the area with her husband, but the object was no longer visible." Thanks to Peter Chesky Phone 215-673-0124,


Stan Gordon reports a strange object with long appendages was sighted in Ross Township near Pittsburgh on July 7, 1998. The sighting occurred at 8:42 PM, and Stan received the report only twenty minutes later. A couple was admiring the beautiful sunset and noticed a black object just above the top of some clouds that appeared to be motionless. The National Weather Service indicates the clouds' tops were at 10,000 feet with generally clear skies. The black object looked like the fuselage of a large aircraft, but without wings or rotor blades. As they watched, the object appeared to slowly rise in altitude. Curious the man obtained his WWII Navy issue binoculars to take a better look. Through the binoculars, the object looked like a black helicopter fuselage without rotor blades or lights. On the top of the object was two long projections that looked like two giant lollipops or "big antennas." They were long and solid looking with a round object on the end. The object began turning from side to side with a fishtail movement showing 6 to 10 long appendages around the top, underneath and sides. After ten minutes the object moved north picking up speed and disappeared behind a tree. There have been numerous UFO sightings reported around the Pittsburgh area since early May. Thanks to Stan Gordon PAUFO@WESTOL.COM.


On July 1, 1998, at 8:53 PM, a witness sighted a UFO near his home in Bowie, a suburban community located 20 miles northeast of Washington, D.C. "I observed a bright white point of light which appeared about 1.5 degrees north of the half moon. It moved extremely slowly to the northwest," he reported. "I estimated the light to be about magnitude zero and briefly mistook it for Jupiter, which I quickly realized should not have been there. After about three to four minutes of observation with binoculars, it rested at about 0.5 to 1.0 degrees northwest of what I believe was the star Porrima (Gamma Virginus) or about three degrees northwest of the moon. The steady brightness and very slow movement suggest to me that the light was not an aircraft. The light then flashed for several seconds to maybe magnitude 5 or 6, then disappeared. I saw a faint 'puff' of white smoke or vapor, not a trail, where the object had been seconds before. (Thanks to Jim Hickman of Skywatch for forwarding this report.)


Stone Mountain: David Howell McCarty reports that on June 20, 1998, I was walking to get my morning paper around 8 AM. I looked over my left shoulder and saw the faint image of a flying object in the distance. As I proceeded towards my home the object continued closer as if coming towards me. It seemed to stop right above me and signaled to me with lights. The UFO then flew off and I lost eye contact about five minutes later. Thanks to ISUR and David McCarty (404)-252-6049 at 5901 Musket Lane, Stone Mountain, GA. 30087,

Rome, GA: On July 5, 1998, Regina Sanford-Garrett reports a bright light bouncing in the southeast about 1,000 feet in the air at 1:19AM. The UFO made swift movements up and down and to the left and right. These erratic movements continued for over an hour. At 2:34 AM the UFO was still hovering, but the location changed slightly. Thanks to ISUR and Regina Sanford-Garrett 706-802-0883, 634 Eden Valley Road S.E. Rome, GA. 30161 UBDZ31A@PRODIGY


Kalamazoo/Plainwell. On July 2, 1998, the witness reports I had been online until 1:15 AM chatting with a friend. I decided to go outside to chain up my dog in the back of our yard, and noticed a bright light just over our trees. I stared at it for about three minutes. At first I thought it was the moon. The shape and color were very odd. The bottom half of it was blocked by the trees, but the top half looked cone shape, bright orange glowing with a haze around it. I was so taken by it that I got my husband so he could see it. Not a minute later it was gone. Also, a few months ago, I was awoken by this "woosh, woosh" noise. It sounded as if it was over our house. I went to investigate and could find nothing. Could you please let me know if there have been other reports of this orange light in the sky? I am from the Cooper Township area in Michigan. This event took place at 1:30 AM. Thanks to
Editors note: UFOs are being observed on both sides of Lake Michigan in recent weeks.


Correction, Port Washington is located on the western shore of Lake Michigan 25 miles north of Milwaukee, Wisconsin and not in Michigan as I reported last week. Bob Mueller reported that he "saw five black helicopters fly over his house on Saturday, and again on Sunday, June 14, 1998. Then at 11 PM, "I went out to my car saw a moving, flashing orange light very high in the sky. When it flashed, it was very bright and reflected off my car and glasses. The UFO was heading in a straight line due north along the same path as the helicopters." Thanks to Bob Mueller.


Arlington, Texas: On June 26, 1998, while attending a family outing I noticed an unusual pulsating red object in the night sky at 9:15 PM. I noticed an object that did not match the "norm" for aircraft in this area. I was five miles from Dallas Fort Worth International Airport where I often watch aircraft make their approaches. I saw several aircraft fly by with their standard aircraft lighting of red, white landing lights and white strobes.? The unknown object was flying in the same area of sky as the previous known aircraft had been flying. This unknown object was displaying only a single red light. No landing lights or strobes were visible during the entire sighting. Only this single very large red light that pulsated from its brightest down to a dim glow and back to bright again was visible. It moved across the sky at twice the speed of the other aircraft about 33 degrees above the horizon. I calculated the frequency from peak brightness to dimly lit and back to full brightness as being one second peak to peak. The transition throughout the cycle was a very smooth gradual brightening from dim to brightest. The size of the red light appeared to be a similar size as a standard aircraft landing light and about as bright. It flew at a steady speed and continued the cycling of the light until it moved out of sight behind some trees. I would estimate it to have been approximately two miles from my location. If anyone has a clue to the identity, please e-mail me at the below address. Thanks to Mike Harman at


R. Jones reports she had a siting on July 1, 1997, near Roswell, NM of a silvery disk shaped UFO. It was around 6:30 PM when they noticed a stationary craft starting to move back and forth horizontally. Later, it was motionless again, and then all of a sudden it was gone. This was the first time I had ever seen a daylight UFO sighting. It lasted for quite a while too. There was some kind or energy field around the craft. Actually, it was very beautiful sight. Thanks to (Chat Interview)


On July 6, 1998, Terry W. Colvin reports: "Something is killing and mutilating cattle, horses, and other animals in the Southeast Arizona counties of Cochise, Pima, and Santa Cruz. This area is about 2,500 square miles of small towns, ranches, farms, orchards, vineyards, and the Army's Fort Huachuca. Robert Marsett, a cowhand with the Sands Ranch, tells of a recent kill and mutilation. The carcass appeared where only live cattle were seen the day before, although the dead cow smelled as though it had been dead for several days. Marsett says coyotes and vultures did not approach the carcass. Nearby cows failed to nuzzle the carcass, as normally happens. Some blood was drained, organs were missing, and some samples were taken in the genital and rectal area. He states, the cowhands are now "packing iron" as "flakes" are suspected. Thanks to Peter Gersten CAUS and Terry W. Colvin"


ISUR's received this report from Kat stating, "On July 4, 1998, hundreds of fireworks spectators were treated with an even more rare an interesting sight when they left the fireworks at Incline Village. Hovering in the sky, about the size of a car tire was an oval, red and white lighted object that changed directions rapidly and had other strange movements. Everyone was joking and saying the movie "Independence Day has arrived" but I've never seen anything so strange. Although, I've never seen any other UFOs, what else could it have been with such strange movements? Thanks to ISUR John Thompson and kat (


A very large dark disc-shaped UFO visited the huge hydroelectric dam at Lago (Lake) de Colbun in southern Chile on May 16, 1998. The UFO was witnessed by over 30 people. They described it as a gigantic dark disc with a big orange light in the bottom center. Small lights moved around on the outer rim of the object. Lago de Colbun is Chile's biggest hydroelectric dam is located 120 miles south of Santiago de Chile. The UFO hovered at 1,000 meters (3,300 feet) above the ground and remained in view for 20 minutes before flying across the lake and into the Andes. Witnesses described the object as "so big that it seemed to cover the whole valley." Ufologist Luis Sanchez Perry says many UFOs have been seen in recent months. "They call the UFOs robones (thieves) because that they say they steal electricity. Before they had the high-tech plant, they only had one or two blackouts in a month, but now they have three in a week. UFOs are seen coming out of Lake Colbun near the high tension wires, absorbing electricity, and taking water. Some UFOs fly at high speed through the valley towards the hydroelectric plant," coming within a few hundred meters of the dam before disappearing." Thanks UFO Roundup Joe Trainor editor for this report


Joel Carpenter reports seeing a very unusual aircraft lighting pattern on a Gulfstream IV corporate jet landing at Philadelphia Airport. The lights were bright white like normal landing lights, but I noticed that they were dimming and brightening in a strange pattern - not a regular interval like a strobe, but almost randomly. It almost looked like someone waving a flashlight. The landing lights were _blinking_ randomly, side to side - almost like the headlights on an ambulance or police car. It also had the regular white strobe and red fuselage lights, but these blinking landing lights looked _weird. Ufologist and commercial pilot Bob Durant reports. "What Joel saw is a fairly new lighting system that is an option for buyers of the latest generation of business jets. These are white lights, one on each side of the fuselage, at about the wing root, and these turn on and off about one second per on, one second off, and in such a way that when one side is on, the other side is off. The appearance is quite strange, especially the first time you see one in action. But it is also a very good way to attract attention, which is why these things were invented. In addition to the "running" lights, green on the right wing tip and red on the left wing tip, which are on steady, there is always a rotating or flashing red light. Newer ones are strobes, the older ones literally rotate. The addition of the lighting system described by Joel is a substantial advance, in my opinion. But it is also probably expensive to retrofit, so it will remain rare.


On June 17, 1998, several people in Galliach, near Derry, Northern Ireland reported sighting three silver spheres flying and hovering over their homes around 11 AM. According to the Derry Journal of June 19, there were several reports of UFOs in the sky around the Galliach 120 kilometers northeast of Belfast. One witness said, "It was spinning, and you could see the sun reflected from it. But the strange thing was there was no sound. Then two other objects and that strange light could be seen spinning high in the sky." "The objects flew across the sky and two disappeared by flying straight up into the atmosphere. The other reportedly disappeared after flying across the sky." Galliach is about Many thanks to #3-27 UFO Roundup 7/6/98 Joe Trainor Editor and Daev Walsh for this report.


Bruce Maccabee comments on Marilyn Ruben's letter in Filer's Files #26. She states: <The beam is not wrinkled except along the edges, which as noted previously, was caused by the crash impact. I am sure the English Professionals has already seen this as well. The magnification does not lie. It shows what the human eye can't see.>

Macabee responds, "Marilyn says, the magnification does not lie. However, great magnification does not guarantee proper interpretation by the viewer. After all, what is a picture other than light and dark areas (some times with color)? It is a Rohschack test to discern some features from a highly magnified picture. Just because Marilyn sees brightness variations which seem to form a recognizable shape or shapes does not mean that the actual object photographed had those shapes. There always is a danger of "over interpretation" or "seeing what you want to see" in magnified pictures. Thanks to Bruce Macabee MUFON Maryland State Director.


Jeff Sainio writes regarding last weeks Filer's Files. I find the reports of UFOs as plasma amusing, since the minimum temperature to generate a plasma is several thousand degrees. As any 5th grader knows, "heat rises," so any airborne plasma would rise quickly. As this contradicts the evidence, plasmas are eliminated as a possibility. My previous comments about plasma refer to a natural plasma source such as lighting; an artificial object, such as a metal device generating a plasma around it, would be a different situation. Thanks to Editors Note. We are seeing plasmas dive, rise, fly in all directions, go through walls without scorching them, etc. They appear similar to ball lightning and may surround an artificial structure. Perhaps we need a new name to avoid confusion.


Larry Hatch writes that his *U* Database *U* now has over 17,160 sightings. Each listing has a matrix of 64 "attributes" as I call them, one-bit ( yes/no) fields, among which are several for different types of craft by general shape. Among these are SCR for saucers, disks, spheres having some visible size, as opposed to a "round" point of light. Then there is CIG for Cigar, cigarette, cylinder, or fuselage type craft. DLT is for Delta, triangular, boomerang craft. The odd rectangle, square and pentagon get dumped here as well. Hexagons and higher regular polygons become "disks." The criteria is sharp corners and linear edges. SUB is for submersibles.. Anything entering or leaving bodies of water regardless of shape. Where shape is given, that field is activated also, since these fields are not mutually exclusive. Here are total counts for all years, and broken down by decades:

     DATES          SCR/DISKS       CIGAR       DELTA       SUBS   (total events)

     BC to  1939          178         176          33         19            (431)
     1940 - 1949          680         155          35          8            (939)
     1950 - 1959        3,079         690         161         44          (4,066) 
     1960 - 1969        2,160         357         184         80          (2,997) 
     1970 - 1979        3,002         550         399         83          (4,273)
     1980 - 1989        1,020         270         404         18          (1,752)
     1990 - 1998        1,393         366         727         25          (2,707)
     ALL Years:        11,512       2,564       1,943        277         (17,166)

Notes: The high proportion of CIGARs prior to the 1940s are mainly due to the "great airship" waves of 1896 - 1910, mainly in the USA, Britain and New Zealand. Deltoids caught on in the late 1970s and have figured prominently since. The 1980s were the virtual doldrums in terms of numbers. I have found no new data to refute this. While the 1990s are "busier", they are not much busier. Due to "overlap" where multiple shapes were reported, figures will not add up from left to right. You can easily download the DEMO version of *U* which I call *UDEMO* at Thanks to Larry Hatch.

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