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Filer's Files
By George Filer

MUFON Eastern Region Director
July 23, 1998

George Filer:
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During this summer hot weather UFO reports have taken a nose dive except in cooler areas. This may be due to a combination of cloudy overcast conditions and unusually hot weather.

Dr. Carl Sagan, Professor of Astronomy and Space Sciences at Cornell University wrote in The Encyclopedia Americana regarding Unidentified Flying Objects in 1963:

"It now seems quite clear that Earth is not the only inhabited planet. There is evidence that the bulk of the stars in the sky have planetary systems. Recent research concerning the origin of live on Earth suggests that the physical and chemical processes leading to the origin of life occur rapidly in the early history of the majority of planets. The selective value of intelligence and technical civilization is obvious, and it seems likely that a large number of planets within our Milky Way galaxy-perhaps as many as a million-are inhabited by technical civilizations in advance of our own. Interstellar space flight is far beyond our present technical capabilities, but there seems to be no fundamental physical objection to preclude, from our own vantage point, the possibility of its development by other civilizations." Carl Sagan


Two persons who spent most of their lives in the service or their country died last week. We wish God's speed to Alan Shepard and Colonel Philip Corso. Their newest journey has started. I thank you both for your courage and willingness to do what your country asked.


From out of the past Betty Lynch called today to inform me that she saw a formation of nine UFOs over Route 70 in Cherry Hill, fifty-two years ago in the summer of 1946. This sighting is a year before the famous Kenneth Arnold sighting. Betty stated: "They were huge white discs about the size of a basketball flying at high altitude." The UFOs were moving from north Philadelphia heading toward the southeast. Betty had been a member of the Ground Observer Corps (GOC) and had some expertise in aircraft spotting. Betty was with her brother Lieutenant. Anthony Michael Catana, who had been released from a Nazi prison camp at the end of the war. Her brother was a bombardier in W.W.II. His B-24 bomber squadron flew out of Foggia, Italy on missions to the Ploiesti Oil Fields. He said, "Those white discs are Foo Fighters. We frequently observed them during the war flying in formation with our aircraft. One of these Foo Fighters even flew through the belly of our aircraft." Later, his plane was shot down and he bailed out over Lienz, Austria and was imprisoned at Stalagwuf 1. After the UFO sighting, G-2 Intelligence came to their house and told him to be quiet about their sightings. Thanks to Betty Lynch of Haddonfield, NJ.

On July 15, 1998, Anthony Dogherty reports he saw a UFO near the Sayreville Clay Pits at 9:53 PM. He saw four lights in a diamond formation blinking on and off simultaneously. The UFO moved left and disappeared. It reappeared farther to the right, then moved left and disappeared again. This occurred for over 15 to 20 minutes. Sayerville is some twenty miles southwest of New York City. Phone number is 732-390-7760 at 44 Glynn Ct. Parlin, NJ 08859, E-mail: Thanks to John Thompson and ISUR.


Pearl River, Rockland County, NY. In December 1997, Frank J. saw a craft fly slowly over his house at only 200 feet above the treetops around 7:00 PM. Frank states, "I have a pilots license, it was not a plane. I have flown aboard helicopters many times in the military and know, it was not a helicopter! This craft hovered periodically and cruised down the block and over my house slowly with no sound. It was around the size and dimensions of a city bus, but half the height. It had dazzling blue & white lights whirring underneath. It proceeded past my house. I jumped into the car and followed it down the block towards Townline Road about a 1/2 mile away from where I first saw it approaching my house. The UFO stopped abruptly and vanished in a steak across the sky." Thanks to NY MUFON's Larry Clark.


On June 30, 1998, David A. Dunworth, his spouse and a friend were near Mounts Bay, in Penzance, Cornwall, UK when they sighted an unusual object in "the clear blue sky" at 9:10 a.m. "Myself, my wife and a friend of ours witnessed a small circular white object trailing a jet. The object was about the size of an O on our keyboard and appeared to be circling an aircraft heading east to London. "The O-shaped object was bright white in colour and moved in the same direction as the jet (easterly) about one inch in an arc above the tail of the jet. The object slowly circled the jet above the fuselage. The jet continued, probably unaware of their companion circling above them. As we watched, the object began to fade and disappear as if it had somehow disintegrated." Penzance is located about 180 miles (288 kilometers) southwest of London. Thanks to Steve Wilson Sr.


The phenomenon associated with the presence of a UFOs can be accounted for within the following scientific parameters: The craft emit Electromagnetic radiation measured isotropically that is in all directions of approximately one megawatt, that is a million watts.
The wave length is of one-tenth to one twenty-five millimeters at sixty to eighty cycles per second. There appears to be an undulation motion and high frequency oscillations of constant amplitude. The Pulse width is ten to forty microseconds. The pulse is a brief surge of voltage or pulsating. On top of the craft is an exceptionally high magnetic field which is about a million times more powerful than we know how to produce on the Earth. There is also a slow ripple effect of about ten per second. That ripple is what causes the spinning of compasses. The UFOs may effect aircraft in various ways that cause ionization of the air. An electric current may move from the UFO to another object in the air. UFOs have strong radiation and other unknown effects that may harm humans.

Abductees report feelings of weakness, scars, and other evidence of abuse or contact with the UFOs. Because of these tremendously power of the UFOs it is logical to assume that there may be danger to the abductees. Abductees often claim they are flown to high altitudes aboard the craft. There are medical indications of mental strain and fatigue. Further there are indications abductees have a lowered ability to fight illness. This may infer that anemia or similar problems could possibly be traced to the UFO abductions. Therefore, regular complete and comprehensive blood tests may be one of the best methods for determining the health of the individual abductee. If you suspect you are an abductee, I encourage you to obtain blood tests that can be ordered at a relatively inexpensive cost by your physician. You may not wish to tell your physician why you desire the tests, but fatigue, lack of endurance, and low immunity may be indications of anemia and other problems. I encourage you to request a copy of the results and send them to me and our physicians will attempt to analyze them. Unless we receive funding for these tests, we request the abductee absorb the cost on an individual basis. We have a medical doctors willing to analyze the data and general results will be published here. We are accepting donations for this work.

Regarding the high power of the UFOs, we have found that some fairly simple instruments may be useful for tracking them. They are know to cause disturbances to compass readings. Rather than watching the compass continuously it is possible to get an alarm from any compass that is setting still and starts deviating. MUFON's George Reynolds set up a system that recorded variations in compass readings that helped predict earthquakes. Scanning of the radio frequency spectrum can sometimes pick up electrical disturbances caused by UFOs. This can be done with rudimentary equipment such as radio receivers. Amateur radio enthusiasts listen to a range of about 200 kHz through about 30 MHz. These would be the short wave listening hobbyists. The ham radio operators would also have these, but could scan additional bands of higher frequency. They could, if sufficient interest were generated, build or modify equipment to scan frequencies in the microwave region. All that would be required at the onset is listening devices with some rough idea of the frequency being tuned. Once the UFO frequencies operating in an area were defined, then more "fine tuning" could be accomplished. UFOs radiate energy in the microwave region, so there is a good chance that we may have some success in tracking their propulsion systems. Many drivers own radar receivers for use against police radars. Radar receivers often used by high speed drivers can also be used to measure the microwave range energy that is sent out by many UFOs.


Nikolay Subbotin reports that: "We now been told that the entire Soviet armed forces, a total of 15 million people over ten years (1979-1989), were involved in a UFO study that turned up forty major incidents and hundreds of minor ones. This included one that prompted fears of starting an accidental nuclear war. As a result of the study hundreds of UFOs were recorded and many were photographed. In some cases there were multiple witnesses. Unfortunately, until late 80-s, the UFO subject was forbidden to discuss in the Soviet Union. Any talking about UFOs might get you into serious trouble. Local residents have observed strange flying objects for a long time. Those objects were shaped as spheres, black "boats," domes, plates and so on. Also, there have been weird places, where people felt like being observed or were afraid of presence of something odd. When the ban of ufological information was removed, the researchers attention was drawn to abnormal events near Mobelka village. The results of the first expeditions (Perm's Bachurin's group, Muhortov's group) were a sensation in 1989, when this information got out to the media. The Roswell Incident was not the only UFO crash in History, there were many more." Thanks to Vlad G. and Nikolay Subbotin, The movie The Secret KGB UFO Files with Roger Moore, and myself is scheduled to be shown on TNT on September 13.


Red Deer, Alberta. Cameron Smith on July 19, saw two wobbling discs of a gray shiny color fly by slowly at the speed of an aircraft at 9:40 PM. The craft were not luminous and were at low altitude. Cameron requests any confirmation or explanation for the sighting. Phone Number: 403-343-2985, Address: #8 Anquetel Close, Red Deer, Alberta, T4R 1G7 CANADA


On Monday, July 13, 1998, at 11:00 p.m., an "unidentified craft" flew over the small city of Gualda Tadino in northeastern Umbria province, Italy. The UFO "circled the city at high velocity," and then hovered for about two minutes before flying away to the north. The UFO "flew below the clouds" and had "a great luminosity." Minutes later, the UFO flew over the nearby city of Gubbio, in the Apennine Mountains. Witnesses described the UFO as "resembling a glowing soccer ball" and said "it flew to the north-northwest," and, after aerobatic maneuvers lasting about five minutes, and left in a northerly direction. The phenomenon was seen by four witnesses in one location, and seven other people confirmed this sighting. Gubbio and Gualda Tadino are east of Perugia, located about 150 kilometers (90 miles) north of Rome. (Grazie a Squadra Film Spaziale d'Italia per questo rapporto.) Thanks to UFO ROUNDUP Vol. 3, # 29 July 20, 1998 Editor: Joseph Trainor


An English professor has developed an electromagnetic theory on what may be to blame for the crash of TWA Flight 800 - and she's asking federal investigators to take her theory seriously. Electromagnetic interference could be the culprit, Harvard University professor Elain Scarry said Sunday. "In the TWA case, the possibility of a meteorite was thoroughly studied and ruled out. But we didn't look at the military questions of HIRF (High Intensity Radiated Field), particularly what effect it has on 747s," Ms. Scarry told The Associated Press. National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) chairman James Hall says Ms. Scarry's theory is already being investigated as part of his agency's inquiry into the July 17, 1996, crash off Long Island. All 230 people aboard died when the Boeing 747 jumbo jet exploded in midair minutes after leaving John F. Kennedy Airport for Paris. Investigators say the plane's central fuel tank exploded, but have not been able to find an ignition source. Two other theories a bomb or a missile -- were ruled out after an extensive probe. An exchange of letters between Ms. Scarry and Hall appears in the July 16 issue of the New York Review of Books, a scholarly magazine which last April 9 published an article by Ms. Scarry raising the question of whether electromagnetic interference, or EMI, from an outside source -- possibly one of about 10 military ships or planes in the vicinity -- had triggered the TWA disaster. She said that studies had shown that both military and civilian aircraft had been subjected to such effects, but that the theory had not been seriously considered in this case. In a March 13 letter to Hall, Ms. Scarry said NTSB findings had not ruled out "the possibility that a High Intensity Radiated Field, or HIRF, played a part in the crash of TWA 800," and suggested that instead of questioning top-ranking officers, the agency should interview sailors and airmen who actually were operating electronic gear at the time and could best provide information needed for a minute-by-minute reconstruction. In another letter June 17, Ms. Scarry insisted that a TWA pilot's comments about a "crazy" fuel gauge and difficulty "trimming," or stabilizing, the plane just before the explosion could be anomalies hinting at an EMI event. She argued that a 1994 NASA study -- the only one ever done on HIRF effects on civilian aircraft -- dealt only with solitary planes, so the effect on multiple aircraft was not known." Thanks to July 13, 1998. Editors Note: A Swiss Air 747 reported a near miss from an elongated Plasma like object on August 9, 1997, in the same area.


WASHINGTON "Somebody came into our waters and shot down -- for the first time ever -- a flag carrier of the United States," an expert on the explosion of TWA Flight 800 said at a Washington briefing yesterday. Commander Bill Donaldson, a retired Navy pilot and accident investigator who has spent 15 months examining the case, said that two missiles were fired in the vicinity of the airplane, and that one of them exploded close enough to bring the plane down. It's no wonder, he said, that investigators did not find evidence of a direct missile hit; the missile was of a type specifically designed to explode near (rather than in contact with) its target. Flight 800, Donaldson said, "was intentionally destroyed by a powerful, proximity fused, airbursting, antiaircraft weapon launched from a position approximately one nautical mile off shore and three nautical miles east of Moriches Inlet, Long Island, New York." In addition, the airplane was "engaged seconds later by a second missile fired from a closer position to the south of [the plane's] track." There were 230 passengers and crew on board the Boeing 747 when it was destroyed, on the evening of July 17, 1996. The plane was bound for Paris and, at the time of the explosion, was eight miles off Long Island. Government officials have suggested that the plane was brought down when a spark ignited fumes in a nearly empty fuel tank causing it to explode, but they haven't been able to explain the source for the spark. Donaldson based his claims on an analysis of physical evidence and eyewitness accounts in a 109-page report (available at Those appearing at the briefing to support Donaldson's theory included a helicopter pilot who saw the explosion, a man who saw it from the ground, and a now-retired TWA captain who had served as flight engineer on the same plane just a few hours before, on its flight from Athens. Donaldson believes that a missile detonated on the plane's left side, about 20 feet from the hull and "probably slightly low," sending a shock wave that blew open the skin on the left wing. The airplane then moved violently to the right and rolled almost onto its back in an instant, some "144 degrees in one-second." The stress created by the missile explosion caused the plane itself to explode in bright flash followed by a dull red-orange fireball that fell to the water amid a cloud of black smoke. In preparing his report, Donaldson analyzed the composition and distribution of debris from the plane, interviewed witnesses who claimed to have seen a missile streaking toward the plane (and turning as if homing in on the plane's radio signals), and examined all the official documents released in the case. He said that he is apparently "the only trained accident investigator" who has interviewed most of the witnesses; the FBI allegedly blocked NTSB investigators from conducting their own interviews. Among the eyewitnesses who saw what appeared to be a missile attack, Donaldson said, was an FBI agent. "He said he had seen a plane shot down."

Admiral Thomas Moorer, former chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, attended the briefing in support of Donaldson. "This certainly appears to be an act of terrorism," Moorer said. He called the Donaldson report "very excellent" and said Congress should conduct its own investigation of the explosion. Vernon Grose, a physicist and former member of the NTSB, attended the briefing as an observer. He said he was interviewed on CNN for six hours the night of the disaster and has been interviewed on the subject some 170 times. "I've spent two years defending the NTSB," he said, only to find that the facts don't seem to line up with the official story. He told WorldNetDaily that he felt "betrayed" by the NTSB. The Donaldson briefing "disturbed" him, and he believes that government officials may have come to a conclusion first, then tried to make the facts fit their theory. "There ought to be an open, public hearing" to address the points made by Donaldson and others. Grose said he's not a fan of conspiracy theories, and he believes there might be a reasonable explanation for the government's behavior in this case. "But if the truth contradicts what has been said, let it be heard," he said. At the briefing, Captain Al Mundo, flight engineer on the same plane on its previous flight, said he finds the official theory "highly improbable." After the earlier flight, he had performed a procedure that cleared the center fuel tank. "I question whether vapors were even in the tank," he said, due to physical processes that should have cleared any vapors that were present. The helicopter pilot eyewitness -- Fred Meyer, a lawyer and Vietnam veteran Naval aviator -- said at the briefing that, "Based on two combat tours, it is my firm belief to this day that it was military ordnance." The government theory, he said, is "a government excuse for something -- totally mystifying. I know what I saw."

Richard Goss, a businessman who saw what appeared to be a missile, said that at first he thought it was part of a fireworks display. "Someone else at the Yacht Club [from which he saw the incident] even said, 'Look at the fireworks!,' and we waited for the display." His reaction to the government's version as seen in a CIA-produced computer simulation: "Personally, it was a joke to me. It was an insult. It was so different from what I saw." Donaldson's report is full of tantalizing details. On the day of the explosion, a Beirut newspaper received a fax, apparently from an Islamic terrorist group, stating that "Tomorrow morning we will strike the Americans in a way they do not expect and it will be very surprising to them." The Flight 800 disaster occurred at 8:31 p.m. EDT -- which, on the Arabian Peninsula, was the next morning. On November 17, 1995, eight months before the Flight 800 disaster, two aircraft off Long Island reported seeing a bright, fast-moving object trailing smoke and not registering on FAA radar. The object passed within 2,000 to 3,000 feet of the two aircraft. Radar detected an object, apparently a surface vessel, only 2.9 nautical miles from Flight 800 when it exploded. It was traveling at 30 knots and "avoided the visual range of all other surface contacts" until it got out of range of Islip radar. "This is a normal military tactic," Donaldson noted, not the action of someone who had just witnessed a plane crash. Donaldson reported that some of the strongest evidence for a missile explosion -- the drastic change in apparent altitude, speed, and other factors noted by the flight data recorder (FDR) at 8:31:13 p.m. -- appeared to have been removed from the official version of the FDR's readout. Thanks to: WorldNetDaily.

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