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Filer's Files
By George Filer

MUFON Eastern Region Director
August 13, 1998

George Filer:
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President Ronald Reagan's address in September 1987, to the United Nations:
      "In our obsession with antagonisms of the moment, we often forget how much unites all the members of humanity. Perhaps we need some outside, universal threat to make us recognize this common bond. I occasionally think how quickly our differences worldwide would vanish if we were facing an alien threat from outside this world."


Barnegat Light. On Sunday, August 9, 1998, I personally spotted a rod or cigar shaped UFO over the Atlantic Ocean about 3:00 PM. I spent most of Sunday afternoon looking for UFOs while sun bathing at the beach in Surf City. Alex Cavallari had predicted that I would see one looking north along the coast Sunday afternoon. He was right! At first, I saw a luminous white object that I thought was a Navy P-3 Orion four engine aircraft. They frequently fly in the area on sub-patrol missions. I picked up my binoculars and the 100 foot long object filled my view. It was not a standard aircraft. It was in the shape of a rod with flat ends and a long smooth fuselage, but the edges were sharp and distinct. No wings, tail or any appendages were visible. The center of the fuselage was darker than the rest of the white craft. I thought perhaps these were the wings, but even a closer look the wings were not discernible. The darker area could have been caused by the center emitting light or electromagnetic energy. I watched for ten seconds trying to reach for my video recorder. I kept my binoculars on the craft as it reached the shoreline at about 25,000 feet and 200 knots. The edges were sharp. I looked away for a second just as the craft reached the shore line over Barnegat light. It was gone. Soviet fighter pilots gun-camera film shows a similar UFO in TNT's, The Secret of KGB UFO Files on September 13, at 8:00 PM with Roger Moore, Dr. Richard Haines, Antonio Huneeus and me.


Last week, I received a video of virtually the same craft from Jim Bouck one of our top MUFON investigators. The video shot on July 2, at 8:00 PM over Ticonderga of a rod flying south to north by Frank Soriano. At first, it appears like a white elongated disc-shaped object, but seems to change to a rod or cigar shaped craft. This craft also had a darker center on the fuselage. It flies right over a church steeple that is in the video. The edges of the craft appear sharp. It has been sent to Jeff Sanio for analysis. Jim Bouck writes, "Four months ago, I investigated another sighting in the same county that took place in July 1997, and the description that I was given then was almost identical to the one in the video. Knowing Frank I am sure that he doesn't know the other witnesses and would not perpetrate a hoax." Thanks to Jim Bouck.


Montague: Rita Stivale writes, "About 10:30 PM on August 2, 1998, I was walking towards my barn to give my horses a late night snack, when I spotted a bright, white light from a small air craft moving horizontally towards the north." It was flying under 1,000 feet altitude and should have had a strobe light or perhaps smaller green, red or blue lights. There was no sound. When I turned away for a second it had gone.

High Point State Park: A family spotted an object in the sky with a very bright spot light, moving north-east at 1,500 feet altitude on July 30, at 10:00 PM near Route #23. The family said it was there one minute moving slowly then "In a blink it was gone, not just moved to another spot, but totally gone." Thanks to Rita Stivale and Skywatch International


LaGrange: John Thompson SSD is investigating a report from a local citizen involving an event that occurred on August 10, 1998, at about 12:30 AM. The witness is reporting an extremely close up event, indicating he awoke and could not see the light from an outside street light. Upon further inspection, he found that something was between the street light and his window, moving slowly away. He was then able to observe non-blinking red and yellow lights, and a bright blue-green florescent light. He identified it as coming from an object that moved off about 100 yards, allowing him to determine a size and shape. The object appeared to be dark gray and shaped like a loaf of 'Colonial' bread and considerably larger than a house. Yellow and red lights lined the object, with the bright bluish-green light toward the middle. The object ascended at about a 20 degree angle and leveled off for 15-20 seconds. Then it suddenly streaked off at a speed many times faster than a jet, leaving a light trail from the blue-green light. Closest distance to witness was estimated at 70 feet. The weather was mild with clear conditions, moon rising at 12:30. A check with 911 revealed no other sightings. John is continuing with this investigation.

Athens: Peter Davenport of the National UFO Reporting Center forwarded info to MUFON GA regarding a sighting. SSD William Lester of Jonesboro began an investigation and spoke with the witness, a 31 year old computer engineering student at the University of Georgia. The witness was on his porch at about 5:30 PM on Monday, August 10. While sunbathing, he noticed an elliptical metallic looking object flying from north to northeast. He stated that it appeared to be about the size of a dime held at arm's length. After about 3 to 4 seconds, the object shot straight up and slightly to the left at a fast speed and disappeared. No sound was heard. The initial contact with the witness seemed to indicate he is a sincere individual. This investigation is continuing.

Chatsworth: A witness in a previous case phoned in information to SD Tom Sheets regarding a glowing orb observed hovering over a small mountain on August 8, 1998. Information from MUFON GA Historian Mike Hitt, indicates some 'mysterious' lights were reported to authorities that was written off as 'foxfire' the glowing of decomposing wood from a natural chemical process. Investigation will continue. Thanks to GA State Director Tom Sheets.


Brad Raby reports, "This last winter while traversing the waterway, we stopped in mid FL state Moorhaven in Glades County. I looked up and was astounded as was several others nearby to see in a clear blue sky, two very, very bright lights to the east of us. It was late afternoon. My wife informed me that they had been visible for 3-4 minutes. The lights seemed to turn like a giant flashlight as a discernible beam directed itself toward the ground. After that expenditure of energy, the ball of light just collapsed into nothing. What I think occurred was whatever was there went skyward. A tug boat Captain on VHF radio claimed a strange object had been seen over the ocean on the East coast. I also checked and no launches were made that day from Cape Canaveral. Thanks to Brad Raby


Marlette: Jeffrey S. Westover reports that on August 3, 1998, sometime between 3 and 5:00 AM, I awoke to see a strange light in the sky outside of my bedroom window. It looked twice as bright as Venus and was bobbing in the air like a small boat on choppy seas. As I awoke the hair on my arms and the back of my neck began to stand up. Just then I saw a grapefruit-sized ball, silverish and reflecting the ambient light of the streetlights near my home, materializes through my bedroom wall. It darted around my bedroom like an insect and seemed to be a living machine. It darted around me in bed and suddenly shot into my solar plexus area. My body instantly vibrated at an amazing rate. The energy was much more powerful but not as painful as household current. I blacked out within a few seconds. Thanks to and Jeffrey S. Westover (


Salem: Victoria Schwarz reports, "In July 1997 myself, and two other witnesses viewed a very large triangular UFO moving with three star-like corners and a translucent blue light. It had a low humming sound. On July 24 and 29, of this year we also witnessed a similar craft with very large and bright white star-like object with colored laser type shimmers. They move slowly, but occasionally at a fast pace. There are more witnesses to this sighting. Thanks to John Thompson ISUR Sighting Victoria Schwarz, at 503-585-8765.


Recently reported UFO sightings over San Francisco by numerous witnesses were most likely meteors'. Fast-moving blue-green lights that apparently broke apart and disappeared in a shower of sparks were most likely bolides. Early August, Perseids meteor showers were probably the cause of the excitement. One interesting report is that a giant tire fire ignited in the Tracey area, where the objects are thought to have hit the ground. One observer pointed out that these meteors could make great cover for UFO penetrations.


Colman S. Von Keviczky the internationally prominent Ufologist and Hungarian military scientist, passed away July 27, in New York City. I met Major Colman Von Keviczky about five years ago and was immediately impressed by his sincerity, vivaciousness, and strong belief in UFOs. He was a gentleman and a man of honor. He fought Communism in is homeland of Hungary, and was recently awarded his new rank of Colonel by a grateful country. He could speak with authority on every phase of UFOs. He traveled around the sun 88 times, and had a long productive life before cancer took its toll. He fought against Communism and the closed minds who deny the existence of UFOs. Colman pioneered the idea that Star Wars (SDI or strategic missile defense program) was aimed at the aliens long before the also recently deceased Colonel Corso, put it in his Roswell book. I salute Colonel Colman Von Keviczky (1909-98), a wonderful person who spent much of his life dedicated to UFO research.


"Snowbird," a commercial airline pilot reaffirms what John Thompson has already confirmed by the FAA in Atlanta and Columbus, Georgia. For all those "watchers" that want to see UFOs, I suggest finding rural areas with a radar ceiling that is above 2,000 feet. Vacant forested hills and wide valleys and fresh water are also required in the skywatching area you select. Here's how they come in: Under the cover of night and at an extremely high rate of speed; near 10,000 mph. Once under the radar ceiling, they find a place to linger that is also usually masked by hills so those on the ground will not see the UFO. I suspect some rural and isolated areas that meet these conditions are not visited as frequently. Why UFOs visit other areas with similar conditions, and not others has not been established. Another factor, even if radar coverage goes to mean sea level in many areas--such as along the northeastern eastern coast where layers of radar coverage overlap--it should be remembered that only planes with identification beepers are really followed. Only if a problem arises, does someone really go to the real radar scope and have a look-see. So with no problems, air traffic controllers just follow the digital images created by the transponders. Coming in fast or leaving fast before daylight arrives the ET UFOs are only seen, perhaps, by NORAD assets. And guess what they think? A glitch in their system, as the image is not there during the next sweep; or a meteorite or space junk has entered our atmosphere. Once the UFO makes it below the radar ceiling and are settled in their "lair" they've made it. That's what's going on folks. Thanks to John Thompson and J Stricker Snowbird. www.dejanews


Mark Cashman, MUFON's Assistant, RI State Director, claims it is often said that we know very little about UFOs. The working hypothesis used in the following article is that: (1) UFOs have an objective existence as solid objects that emit energy. (2) UFOs as solid objects have a body and an area outside the body. This "sheath" area is where many luminous effects exist. (3) UFO luminosity is probably the result of energetic processes which may very well be technologically generated. Of all the features of the UFO pattern, UFO emissions of visible light are among the most notable and characteristic. An analysis of photographs can reveal important features of UFO luminosity. In addition, there appears to be a close correlation between luminosity and behavior. The luminosity brightens, dims, changes color, and flashes, often showing a direct relationship to behavior. There are two types of UFO luminosity: •Luminosity near the UFO surface and •Luminosity extending some distance from the UFO surface. You can also see some examples of luminous structures in UFO photos. The Belgian sightings of 1989-1990 included an incident (Petit-Rechain) which produced a single photo that shows some fascinating luminous structures at the points of a triangular object. Robert Campbell's photos from Aug. 2, 1965 show the ejection of luminous material from a UFO.
-The Types Of Luminosity And Their Characteristics:
1.) There are several categories of UFO luminosity: a) Full body, b) Patchy body, c) Rim lighting, d) Point sources, e) Beams, f) Ejected.
2.) Full body luminosity is usually observed on objects in flight. In rare cases it is observed in a landed or hovering UFO, however, in those cases, the object usually almost immediately engages in flight. Occupants are (I believe) never observed near UFOs in the full body state. Landed UFOs rarely emit luminosity, except in a few cases where emissions from the base of the UFO are seen to continue as the UFO hovers. In some cases such as Levelland, the full body luminosity flashes on and off in a way frequently compared to a fluorescent light startup. Further the Levelland case indicates some relationship between full body luminosity and vehicle interference effects when the witness observed the intensity of his headlights varied inversely with the brightness of the UFO luminosity.
3.) Patchy body light is usually observed on slow flying or hovering objects. Sometimes this is exhibited as a full body covering which displays different colors on different portions of the object's geometry. The dome differs in color from the body of the object. Other times, as in the Tulsa, OK photo, there are areas of darkness between the lighting patches, and the patches can be seen to be fairly well delimited.
4.) Rim lighting can be part of a patchy body light or can be the only lighting displayed by an object. This is sometimes perceived as "portholes" and sometimes as a solid band. It has also been seen to flash in sequence and in unison. Sometimes the rim lighting is seen to provide the illusion of rotation. As shown in the Moreland case, it seems this is distinct from the sequential flashing of the sort observed in the Exeter case, and actually represents some form of movement around the rim of distinct plasma sources. It's probably a cold plasma, and the generation of this plasma is distinct from that produced by combustion. Insufficient turbulence exists at the boundary layer to produce the typical loud noise that such "flames" would be expected to generate.
5.) To the best of my knowledge, there are few close observations of point source lighting. If the Villas Boas case is to be believed, his observation indicates that these are bright areas of the surface of the object rather than incandescent lights as we know them. Further, assuming the validity of the Petit-Rechain photo from Belgium, we can see that the tips of a triangular UFO show lights which may also be attributable to a plasma phenomenon. In that photo, one can observe interesting striations of density in the light, and wisps that appear to be partly detached from the source. The Moreland case revealed the rim lighting of UFOs makes me cautiously willing to consider that point sources are, like the rest of UFO lighting, plasma manifestations of some energetic phenomenon near the surface of the UFO.
6.) Beams appear to fall into two classes -- normal and slow. Normal light beams behave like searchlights or lasers, and are likely to be just such phenomena. Although, a laser can be produced from a plasma, it is possible that UFOs simply control their plasmas in such a way as to cause lasing of various sorts. Slow beams, as observed at Trancas, Argentina, seem in view of their slow propagation, to certainly be some sort of plasma phenomenon.
7.) Ejected luminosity, as shown in the Robert Campbell photos from August 2, 1965, when material remains luminous for some time after falling away from the object. If this material is a plasma then a) it is heavier than air, and b) it is cohesive enough to survive a fall through the air and retain its luminosity. It seems more likely that this is a luminous or molten liquid.

Now, in looking at the various cases, one can come to some tentative conclusions:
1. Most photos of luminosity show some form of limb darkening, strengthening the idea that UFO luminosity is a plasma. (See, for instance, the Beaver Falls, PA and Tulsa, OK photo).
2. UFOs must input energy into the near surface area to generate luminosity. This energy does not appear to be heat energy (since UFOs emit relatively low levels of heat in close encounters), and thus is more likely to be the result of the injection of electrons (or other particles), UV light, x-rays, or gamma rays into the near surface area. Because of the difficulty of creating plasmas at atmospheric density and temperature, it is also possible (especially in light of the luminosity of some reported submarine UFOs that UFOs create an area of lower atmospheric density near their surface.
3. UFOs may maintain the near surface area ionization by emitting energy into the near surface area across the entire surface of the object, or from localized areas (the rim being a likely suspect for disc shaped UFOs, the points for spindle shaped or elliptical UFOs). Further, it is possible that maintaining this ionization even when not in the full body state makes it easier to go to the full body state.
4. The maintenance of this ionization may also benefit from the injection of ionized atoms or molecules into the sheath, much as a gas laser sometimes requires replacement or refreshing of its contents. This may explain the occasional chemical odors and the occasional presence of apparently chemical- related burns and rashes in close encounter cases. On the other hand, these odors and substances may be a byproduct of the dissipation of energy injected into the sheath (for instance, could formaldehyde, a frequently reported smell, be produced by chemical reactions in an atmospheric plasma without the injection of potential reactors into the sheath?).
5. Given these ideas, I would suggest that the point source lighting may well, represent the localized injection of energy or energetic atoms / molecules into critical locations of the sheath area when the UFO is in the non-full body state. Some cases suggest these even may be visible in the full body state when the full body emission wavelengths are sufficiently different from those near these localized sources. They may also represent random or sporadic lasing of specific areas of the sheath under certain conditions of energy emission or local plasma state.

I am skeptical that these represent lighting in the sense of our aircraft lighting and most of the luminosity represents a by product of a propulsion system, since UFOs clearly can fly while in a completely darkened state. Thus, I suspect, that these are manifestations of an air sheath for ensuring laminar flow over the UFO body at high speeds. One other interesting point -- a few UFO photos show small detached points and elongated spikes of luminosity. It is possible that these represent the reaction of moisture with the electrical and magnetic field of the sheath. It's possible that UFO luminosity represents a laser-type phenomenon, in the sense that an energy population inversion might be necessary to allow UFO luminosity to propagate from the base to the edge of the sheath. I am currently attempting to find some mathematical tools which will allow me to calculate the amount of energy needed to create a luminous plasma at various densities and pressures from atmospheric gases. What controls the ability of photons to make it from the inside of the plasma to the outside and how can we interpret limb darkening in an attempt to derive the density of the UFO sheath. Thanks to Mark Cashman see photos at:

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