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Filer's Files
By George Filer

MUFON Eastern Region Director
September 3, 1998

George Filer:
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The SECRET KGB UFO FILES will be shown on US television Sunday, September 13, 1998, at 8:00 PM (et/pt). This is an extraordinary TNT special featuring never before--seen footage of actual gun camera film of Soviet fighter aircraft chasing UFOs. It shows Soviet aircraft apparently shot down by UFOs. A crashed saucer and an alien autopsy. Although I personally was not able to authenticate the film, some of it is the best I have ever seen. The film is narrated by Roger Moore who is best known for his James Bond roles. The KGB agents information correlates well with our own intelligence data. First time interviews with experts who have seen the documentation and know the truth. You will see what the Soviet's were really hiding behind the Iron Curtain.


CHATSWORTH: On August 22, 1998, State Director Tom Sheets, ASD Mark Ausmus accompanied by Barbara Sheets and Amy Seville traveled to investigate UFO activity reported in the area of the mountains and valley surrounding Chatsworth. The witness indicated that on August 8, about 9:30 PM he was relaxing on his patio deck facing north, which is at 3,200 feet altitude. There was a cloud cover, but no precipitation. As he sat there, he noticed a glowing yellowish orb descend below the cloud cover in the northeast, 1/2 to 1 mile from his home, and over the adjacent mountain terrain. The orb seemed to have a glowing halo around it with a black space in the center. It hovered for a short period, no more than 10 seconds, then vanished completely. He indicated that the apparent size was that of a basketball held at arms length. He added, he had made past observations of anomalous lights and objects in the wilderness. An additional objective of this visit was to survey the surrounding valley and ridge lines as a lot of activity seemed to originate there.

COHUTTA WILDERNESS: This area to the NE is part of the Chattahoochee National Forest which is closed to all vehicular traffic and only backpackers, hikers, and horse traffic allowed. This area is crisscrossed by hiking trails that cover some of the steepest and most rugged terrain in Georgia. It includes the Jacks River and Conasauga River basins. This 200,000 acres of terrain is classified as an official wilderness area. This Field Investigator (FI) has packed into the area for camping on numerous occasions and can attest to its remoteness for an arm of the Blue Ridge Mountains. These four FI's, along with David and Michelle Sheets, set up a surveillance beginning about 9:00 PM. Within a short time, a bright glowing object, brighter than a star, appeared above the ridgelines to the NE and descended quickly into the mountainous terrain, disappearing from sight. It was observed to be about 5 to 10 degrees above the ridges, and was more intense than Jupiter's magnitude. Mark Ausmus indicated it looked yellowish/white, and displayed a slight 'wiggle' as it descended out of sight. David Sheets indicated he observed some reddish tint to the light. Event duration was about one to two seconds. The weather was clear and mild, CAVU, slight haze toward the far mountains, calm to light breeze. While not as spectacular as some events reported in this area, it seems to support the statements of the witness and other individuals in Murray County concerning anomalous lights in the night sky. Thanks to Walter Sheets.


I want to share the sighting I had here in June at 11:30 PM, when I saw a small black object spinning counterclockwise between the houses across the street. It spun a few seconds, then it rose up in the air and disappeared. Then, suddenly a large oval shaped object moved into view. It was bright like a full moon but oval in shape. It moved slowly, then a similarly shaped black one moved over it so that you could see half the oval disc and make out half of the black. Then, as they moved together overhead, the light disc and the dark one separated and came together a couple more times before they disappeared at high speed. During this time, I was frozen on my driveway. I had no control over my body- I couldn't run or yell out. When it disappeared over the house, I ran in and dragged my Mom out to see. I spent the night outside until the wee hours hoping it would return. Right after that, my dishwasher became very hot inside even though we had not run it. Two days later, my son and I woke up with strange stains on our feet and on our pajamas. I will never forget that beautiful sight that night. MUFON investigators came to my house and investigated my sighting. It felt good to be able to tell someone about it right after it happened. The local police referred me to them saying, that they take UFO reports seriously! How refreshing! I also called the Air Force to ask if they had any sightings. They said no, and asked why. I said I saw something I can't explain. The man I talked to said they are not allowed to take any UFO reports. I said OK and just as I was about to hang up he said "but I am very interested in what you saw." This was the third time I have seen UFOs. The first two happened in Hawaii when 20 of us saw a huge triangular ship fly right over our heads. The Air Force told us it was a weather balloon. Oh well. Thanks to John Thompson ISUR, and Mari at 82.detroit-06.mi.dial-access.

SAGINAW: Jeff Westover of Mt. Pleasant witnessed Black Apache-style Helicopter and UFO sightings Thursday, August 20, 1998, at 5:50 PM EST, while I was traveling south on I-75 Jeff watched a huge 75 feet wide reflective silver orb quickly descend out of the sky from the east to the west in a stairstep-type descent. This descent was far too fast for a helicopter. It came down over the Zilwaukee Bridge over the Saginaw River and descended behind some trees. An odd long thin horizontal pole or boom, as long as the orb's width, seemed to project from the orb's trailing edge, giving it a helicopter-type appearance. Thanks to Jeffrey S. Westover.


MICHIGANTOWN: Kenny Young writes that The National UFO Reporting Center, received a report from a man who advised of a sighting in Clinton County. Two witnesses observed a "circle of yellow lights descend vertically, then rotate, tilt upward, and disappear back up into the sky." The witness is an instructor of electronics, said he was driving north at 10:15 p.m., on Highway 29 on Monday, August 24, 1998. He and his nephew spotted an UFO low over the roadway near their car. "We watched these lights drop out of the sky at 25 to 30 yards distant, it was 'powerline' high. "It resembled the bottom of a helicopter with two rows on the bottom of the base, but it rotated and looked like a solid line of lights." It rotated 90 degrees and tilted vertically and then it went up and disappeared." The nephew said, the object appeared to him to be of a circular shape. He also thought the yellow lights had a blue tint." The object was first seen low to the ground near the roadway. It then looked as if it was starting to 'go up' and in the split second that he leaned forward to watch the object, it rapidly ascended and disappeared. He drove on for a short distance and then stopped his car in attempt to see the object again. The duration of the event was around 5 or 6 seconds, and no sound was heard. There had been a severe storm earlier in the evening, at the time of the sighting the sky was clear and many stars were visible. The temperature was about 60 degrees. The Frankfort Police Department and the Clinton County Sheriff's Office (765-654-5563) were contacted but they had no UFO reports. Michigantown is about 42 miles north of Indianapolis, Indiana. Thanks to Kenny Young -- public relations director of Tri-States Advocates for Scientific Knowledge, T.A.S.K.


RIPLEY: On Thursday, August 20, 1998, at 10 p.m., the Bowman family were working late outside and talking with some neighbors when, all of a sudden, a strange light appeared in the sky." 'I saw two lights in the sky, quite a way apart,' said Patrick Bowman. 'They went out and moved over behind the trees, no more than a second or two. They went on again, then dropped again to the right behind another tree. When they were back on, they were three-dimensional, like a three-winged craft with lights at the bottom. The lights went on in sequence, then they went back off in sequence, then they shot up through the top wing. That's all I saw. It wasn't anything from here. It made me nervous.' Ripley residents saw the UFO "just after ten o'clock." The object was also sighted in Rushville, Pittsford and Mount Sterling. "An Illinois State Trooper, who did not wish to be identified, also saw the strange lights west of Mount Sterling. He declined to comment other than to say he saw them," Ripely is on Highway 24 approximately 246 miles southwest of Chicago.

CHAMPAIGN: A UFO was sighted 45 minutes earlier by a woman in Champaign, (population 63,502), a city 137 miles south of Chicago. Mrs. J.C. reported, "I had left my house around 9:15 PM, Thursday. My daughter lives only three blocks from me and called on the phone and told me to look at the light in the sky." Mrs. C. did so and saw a strange white light in the direction of Ripley. Thanks to UFO Roundup #35, 8/31/98, Joe Trainor Editor, Gerry Lovell and Errol Bruce-Knapp.


FORT WORTH: On August 24, 1998, Texas Ufologist Mike Harman reports "I had just gone to the break room at 1:25 PM, on the second floor when I spotted a daylight disk or diamond-shaped object. I was looking west out the office window. The object was very dark and moving very fast. It swayed back and forth rapidly gained speed and then slowed. "The object looked like a diamond or disk and was small, one-quarter the size of a pencil's diameter at arm's length. It was just under a thunder cloud, and as I watched for about three minutes, it moved into another area of the sky that was full of white fluffy clouds. It made some turns as I watched. It would turn in one direction and then turn back in, as if correcting and aligning with its original direction. I observed it until I was no longer able to see or make it out in the sky." Thanks to Mike Harman and Skywatch International Inc.


BEAVERTON: On August 28, 1998, at 12:03 AM, my friend and I were laying on my trampoline when we witnessed the most shocking thing of our lives. I was looking up at the sky, there were light clouds out but we could still see the stars, when I noticed a moderate orange/yellow light coming through the trees. I quickly told my friend to look and we watched the rectangular object flying 600 feet from the ground. It looked like a glowing animal of some sort, like a large bat flapping it's wings but it was just in a moderate flash, it had to have been going about 550 M.P.H. We watched the object fly almost directly above us until when it was in the distance it stopped, made three circles, and then disappeared. We thought it had left until we saw it shoot across the sky at about 2000 M.P.H. We weren't sure if we would see it again but we were so scared we did not do anything. Then all of a sudden it shot back towards us going 3 times faster and crossed the whole sky in a split second and then was gone. We haven't seen it since but we will keep you updated about any other encounters. Please believe us because nobody else will. Thanks to Jason A. Cole and Matthew V. Stone, (Jay)


ONTARIO: Robert Mussell reports "I saw an odd thing in the northern sky on August 26. 1998, and I'd thought I might ask for some opinion here? Around 11:30 while walking along a beach about a mile north west of Buffalo, NY, I saw an odd mass of light in the sky. The moon was not up, and there were no clouds in the sky. To describe what I saw. While walking along the beach, which ran east to west, I saw a strange "pulsing" to the north. At first I dismissed the phenomenon as someone shining lights in the sky. However, after several minutes, as the lights grew to cover a quarter of the sky, I was forced to abandon this explanation. The "Lights," were in two sections. To the West was a "ribbed region," that was motionless. The larger section, appeared to move like a wave. "Ripples" seemed to pulse across the northern sky. After several minutes, the lights had moved southward, until it was overhead. These "ripples" seemed to move with constant frequency and brightness from the South. Over several minutes, the lights faded, a residual arc was left denoting the farthest southern approach of the lights. Then the lights retreated back below the northern horizon. Was this the Aurora Borealis?"

Editors Note: Recent solar storms likely excited the Aurora Borealis. Thanks to Robert Mussell at and Skywatch International Inc


TELFORD, ENGLAND: I had another sighting at 11:40 PM last night, September 1, 1998. I was just closing my window to go to bed when I saw something flying in my direction. It silently glided along the same flight path and height about 800 meters as my sighting of two diamonds in October of last year. The shape was like a squashed pyramid but more like just the top half of a diamond. At arm's length it was about 1 1/2 inches wide by about 1/2 inch high. There was a red light on the left of the object and a green one on the right. Between these was a white strobe light. The white strobe light lit the underside of the object going across from the red to the green light. I went to bed and about five minutes later. Thanks to: Adam at (Adam)


Frogs and salamanders that have lived on the Earth for 350 million years are dying in alarming numbers in many areas of the world. In many pristine areas of the world frogs are dying from unknown causes. Half the Nicaragua's frogs have disappeared and large populations in pristine areas of Minnesota our dying or being born with alarming birth defects. These are indicator animals that tells us the worlds environment is in trouble.

The Los Angles Times reported steadily warming ocean is devastating marine life along the coast of California. Researchers at the Scripps Institution of Oceanography said, "From microscopic plankton and forests of kelp to the fish, birds and mammals that depend on them for sustenance marine life is dying." The researchers, who studied extensive water temperature records dating to 1916, documented an overall temperature increase of 2 degrees Fahrenheit in coastal waters along the length of the West coast in recent decades. The new blanket of warmer water is slowly smothering ocean life by preventing more fertile deep Pacific currents from rising to the surface. This blocks the source of nourishment for the rich menagerie of marine life for which the West Coast is known. The warmer waters also enable fish and animals to migrate northward from tropical waters and edge out California's native species. The decline in plankton which form the basis of the marine food chain had severe consequences for many larger species. Abalone, Squid, and Chinook salmon are almost gone.

Rueters reports a melting Antarctic glacier could lead to the collapse of the West Antarctic Ice Sheet, causing global sea levels to rise as much as 20 feet, researchers said. Satellite radar images between 1992 and 1996 of Pine Island glacier in West Antarctica showed the glacier is shrinking. "It is important because it could lead to a collapse of the West Antarctic Ice Sheet," said study leader Eric Rignot, a radar scientist at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory in Pasadena. "We are seeing a glacier melt in the heart of Antarctica." Antarctica has about 90% of the world's glacial ice. Scientists say this data from remote and stormy West Antarctica could be the first real evidence that some of these massive glaciers might actually be retreating rapidly. "The continuing retreat of Pine Island glacier could be a symptom of the West Antarctic Ice Sheet disintegration," said Craig Lingle, a glaciologist at the University of Alaska in Fairbanks who is familiar with the study. "If the sheet did collapse, it would push sea levels up throughout the world, with regions near sea level experiencing more flooding and faster erosion," Lingle said. From Reuters 7/23/98

The New York Times reported "The AIDS virus is spreading rapidly in many parts of the world. Africa is particularly hard hit with as many as 25% of adults aged 15 to 49 years being infected with the virus that causes AIDS. Around the world the disease rivals the greatest epidemics of history. The United Nations claims that more than 30 million people now carry the HIV virus. Over 20 million live in Africa where the disease is spreading at an ever increasing rate. Botswana and Zimbabwe a quarter of the adults are infected with 13 countries having over 10% of the adult population infected.

In Europe although AIDS infection is comparatively low, a population implosion worries a graying Europe. Birth rates in many countries are in a rapid, sustained decline. Never before except in times of war and plague have birth rates fallen so low for so long. No country in Europe is having enough children to even replace its population. The citizenry is growing old and there are not enough children to replace them. For example, in Italy is the first nation in history to have more people over the age 60 then there are people under 20. This year Germany, Greece, and Spain will also pass the magic divide. There is also an alarming reduction in the sperm count among young men contributing to the lower birth rate.

Editors Note: Its almost as if an outside force is working to reduce the population in Europe and Africa. These trends are alarming and indicate trouble ahead for our civilization. It struck me that all these environmental problems may not all be man-made.


Aerospace Writer Bill Rose responds to last week's article on the alleged triangular NATO aircraft. May I add a few comments to the recent report on Firefly. Firefly (proper name Lampyridae) is a stealth interdictor aircraft, semi-secretly built by Messerschmitt-Bolkow-Bohm, (MBB) now Daimler Benz Aerospace in Germany. Designed by DR Gehard Lobert, this fighter sized aircraft is essentially a second generation F-117A. Two demonstrators were flown at the Overberg Test Range in South Africa during the late 1980s, but the project was placed on the back burner and has probably been canceled. The British HALO (High Agility, Low Observability) program is definitely not a smokescreen for any program called Firefly, because HALO is itself highly secret. The exact nature of HALO remains classified, but BAe (British Aerospace) and the MoD (Ministry of Defence) have acknowledged that small demonstrators are being test flown. HALO is believed to involve an ongoing series of UCAV (Uninhabited combat Air Vehicle studies, although HALO may include manned prototypes based on US designs like the canceled A-12A Avenger 11. Reports indicate the existence of several large experimental LTA (Lighter Than Air) craft that operate within UK airspace, although there is nothing which shows a link to BAe. These airborne vehicles are considered to be experimental platforms for new sensor technology or exotic bi-static radar systems. Pinning down a suitable base for trials of these craft is difficult, but a strong possibility is RAF West Freugh, a highly secret facility in Western Scotland. The suggestion that these platforms are equipped with sonic and psychotronic devices cannot be anything more than speculation. Non-lethal weapon programs have received substantial black budget funding in many industrialized countries, although little technical information on these projects has become public knowledge. NATO pilots fly each other's aircraft on a fairly regular basis (including recent Russian jets) and these programs sometimes stretch into the black domain. RAF and Luftwaffe pilots flew the F-117A before it was declassified. However, there is no evidence NATO teams are operating secret stealth triangles with exact measurements of 184 feet from tip to tip. Thanks to Bill Rose.


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