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Filer's Files
By George Filer

MUFON Eastern Region Director
September 25, 1998

George Filer:
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Sightings of UFOs are increasing world wide. More evidence suggests some may be classified government aircraft. New startling photo interpretation of Roswell photographs.


Ron Regehr, Associate Director, MUFON Orange County and well-known space/satellite engineer, and James Bond Johnson, photographer of the Roswell "flying saucer" wreckage in 1947, were interviewed by David Garcia on the Fox- TV Network "News at 10 o'clock." For Sept. 23, 1998. The interview included showing of symbols and other anomalous objects identified by the international RPIT (Roswell Photo Interpretation Team) in the famous 8th Air Force office photos. Johnson took the famous photos on July 8, 1947, that show a message held in General Ramey's hand. For fifty years the message was unreadable. Now intensive study and new technology have revealed parts of the "Ramey Message." The Ramey Message is displayed in all caps on a telephone message sheet. There appears to be an official crest with a field of stars on a dark background, a parachute, an arrowhead; and an aircraft. A logo of phone typical of the 1947 era is also on the sheet. (So far positively identified):


Regehr and Johnson also presented the RPIT findings to the MUFON Orange County group on Wednesday night, Sept. 23, in Costa Mesa, CA. Editors note: This is a possible break through in the Roswell case. It uses a government message to prove a crash or crashes and victims, emergency powers and a safe talk story to divert attention away from these areas. It does not mention aliens, but it does show significant Army Air Force actions and operations were being conducted to hide some type of crashed object. We can speculate it was a classified military craft, a Soviet crash or perhaps even something alien. Thanks to John Bond Johnson and Ron Regehir.


LONDONBERY: On September 10, 1998, Dan H was driving on Mammoth Road when he spotted a triangular shaped formation of three bright white lights just above the trees. At first Dan thought they belonged to aircraft landing at the nearby Manchester Airport. He realized that the craft was too low and moving in the wrong direction. He describes the lights as consisting of two high lights and one singe light down lower giving the object the impression of tilting down in the front. The object suddenly jumped over to the left without turning and seemed to stop and hover. The witness described the motion with a quick sweep of his hand inferring that it was nearly instantaneous. After this he lost sight of the object behind some trees. Thanks to Greg St. Pierre and Errol Bruce Knapp.


GRIFFISS AIR FORCE BASE: Larry reports he saw a UFO on September 16, 1998, at 11:05 PM, while viewing a group of stars with his AN-PVS4 night vision scope. "I noticed a bright high speed light flying past from west to east over the former base. It was faster than any aircraft I have ever seen and it was definitely on a celestial course." I had witnessed a similar light the week prior, but dismissed it as an undisclosed secret aircraft. This most recent sighting baffled me, because of the way the light passed through my field of view, slowed down and turned 180 degrees to parallel its previous course. I'm not looking for someone to tell me I saw a UFO. I'm looking for answers to questions I have concerning similar sightings and why they go unreported. Thanks to Larry Clark:

WESTCHESTER COUNTY: CNI News editor, Michael Lindemann reported to local MUFON investigators that a large triangular object was observed on Friday, September 4, 1998. A 55 year old witness viewed an unusual aerial object from the terrace of his home in Hartsdale at 10:05 PM.. He heard a low rumble and saw a huge triangular shape softly lit or glowing in an aluminum color. The object seemed to be lit from lights on the ground. Although, there did not seem to be sufficient light coming from the ground to illuminate an object in the sky. The witness grabbed a pair of binoculars but was unable to observe the craft in greater detail. The huge craft was flying with its flat edge forward rather than a point forward. It was the size of a fist at arm's length indicating it was very close to the observer or very large. It was moving at a very slow speed inferring that it might be a lighter than air craft. The UFO had several lights including a bright red light which seemed to be at the trailing end of the craft. The craft had a large blue strobe light and several white lights at various locations. Editor's Note: We suspect these craft are classified aircraft carrying large radar arrays similar to the patented Aereon design. Similar UFOs have been reported over France in recent months.


NEWARK/NEW YORK CITY: Mark Hobbs reports that a close friend saw a UFO from her TWA aircraft flight at midnight on August 10, 1998. While flying into Newark from Portland, Mrs. C. said, "Looking out the window behind the plane, I saw we were being followed by a row of yellow looking lights." I remarked to my husband that we were being followed much too closely by another plane, but I didn't think too much about it." However after landing, we were in a taxi going to Manhattan, when the taxi driver said, "Did you see the yellow lights in the sky, scary huh?" I said, "I had but I thought it was a plane." As the time was now 2:30 AM, we didn't ask any more questions, I wish I had now. Thanks to Mark Hobbs> and Larry Clark New York MUFON

WANAQUE RESERVOIR: On Sunday, September 13, 1998, Mike reported that he and his friend Ryan Trimmer saw UFOs while sitting near the reservoir. Six objects were seen between 6:30 and 7:10 PM. One UFO showed up right next to a Cessna aircraft, then hovered for 20 seconds before disappearing. Many UFOs just showed up for a few seconds and then left. Two more moved along slowly and kept moving for 3 to 4 minutes before slowly fading out of sight. Both faded out in the same area. Several of the objects accomplished the same maneuvers. The last one we saw was the same as the first one we saw. It is my suspicion that these may be the same UFOs fading in and out every few minutes. You really should take a trip up there especially around sundown, since they seem to really come out at that time. Thanks to Mike MATHrk101


MEDINA: While driving along Route 252 on September 4, 1998, a motorist noticed three individual lights in the sky at 11:30 PM. Upon closer approach, the motorist discerned that the lights were connected to a very large black triangular object. The motorist chased the UFO and drove faster to get a closer look. The object was moving very slowly eastward and not making any sound as the motorist drove came to the top of a hill in Medina County. He saw two cars stopped by the side of the road watching the object that was only 150-yards overhead. "I pulled over next to the Honda and asked if he knew what it was? He did not! The object 'flashed a bright blue flash' of light, similar to the flash on a camera, at which point all the spectators began to leave. Upon reaching home he learned his aunt, a cousin and a friend had all seen the craft in recent days. Three nights later, on September 7, he saw the object again at 11:30 PM although this time it was farther away. This sighting was reported to New York MUFON researcher Larry Clark through his on- line reporting system.

WEST SALEM: A UFO was sighted by campers on August 29, only twenty miles southwest of Medina in north central Ohio. The campers saw a fiery UFO hovering at a low altitude. One female saw a peculiar cluster of four yellow lights. The object "flashed" several times, perhaps as many as five flashes. After each flash, a long tail of fire like a jet's exhaust was seen to shoot out the back of the object. Thanks to Kenny Young and Larry Clark. NY MUFON.


WARSAW: Greg Shafer and a friend were riding motorcycles on a back road and stopped for a smoke on July 15, 1993, at 01:00 AM. After a few minutes they saw a light coming toward them. It was the size of a school bus and had four lights all the way around it. The funny thing is that it made no sound at all. It was so low we could have thrown a rock and hit it. We still not sure what it was, but it is unexplainable. Thanks to: Greg Shafer: 3793 Viking Drive, Mentone, IN 46539. BLSSHAFER@kCONLINE.COM


MUFON's International Director, Antonio Huneeus reports, "I have an official letter from the Minister of Defense stating for the record what is the Chilean government's policy vis-a-vis UFOs." There was also a recent informal meeting between CEFAA (the Aeronautical UFO Committee) and Chilean civilian ufologists, where the first preliminary reports and statistics were presented by Chilean Air Force Gen. (Ret.) Ricardo Bermudes (director of CEFAA and the Technical School of Aeronautics), which shows a good start for openness and cooperation with private investigators. One of my sources is supposed to sent me an audio tape of the meeting and copies of whatever documents were presented. I'll probably translate the Defense Minister letter, which I will pass onto your newsletter." There have been a steady stream of UFO reports over Chile during the last few months. Unlike our government they take these craft seriously. Thanks to Antonio Huneeus,


Kirilov Denis reports that he saw a UFO a couple years ago in September. During the evening my mother and I went for a walk. At that moment we saw a big red sun in the East, but it was evening so it could not have been the sun. It was flying under the Rostov Voroshilovski Bridge. We saw the bright light for four hours and finally went home. After several days, I was at that place again and but did not see the sun like object again. I do not know what it was. Thanks to Rostov on Don.


There's a new design for a hypersonic aircraft which scientists say could travel between any two cities on Earth in less than two hours by literally "skipping" across the atmosphere. The U.S. Department of Energy's Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory announced that the new aircraft design, dubbed "HyperSoar," could fly at about 6,700 mph, or Mach 10, and would experience far less heat buildup on its airframe than previous designs. "We believe we have developed a design that not only addresses the primary issues in building hypersonic aircraft, but does so in a way that creates a number of different uses for HyperSoar, thereby helping offset its development costs," said Preston Carter, the Livermore aerospace engineer who developed the HyperSoar concept. Carter said the key to HyperSoar would be its "skipping" motion along the edge of Earth's atmosphere, much as a rock is skipped across water. After ascending to roughly 130,000 feet, just outside the atmosphere, the aircraft would turn off its air-breathing engine and coast back to the atmospheric edge. There, it would quickly fire its engines again and "skip" back into space. "A commercial flight from the Midwestern United States to Japan would require about 25 skips to complete the one-and-a-half-hour journey. Passengers aboard the HyperSoar aircraft would not get quite the smooth ride that today's commercial airline passengers enjoy. Passengers would feel 1.5 times the force of gravity at the bottom of each "skip," and weightlessness at the top. "The average passenger would probably put up with the slight roller coaster motion if it gets them from San Francisco to Tokyo in less than two hours, rather than 10 1/2." The HyperSoar concept would power the aircraft with normal, air-breathing engines rather than rockets, and the time the aircraft spends in space could sharply cut heat buildup on the frame -- which has been a major drawback in previous hypersonic aircraft design. The Livermore group, which estimated that it would take a total investment of almost $500 million to research and built a one-third scale flyable prototype of the HyperSoar, said the aircraft would quickly prove its value. HyperSoar could also benefit the military, the researcher said, noting that it would enable speedy military strikes "from an altitude and at a speed that defies all current defensive measures." Finally, the scientists proposed that HyperSoar could prove a boon to the space program as the first stage of a two-stage launch process, moving objects to just outside the Earth's atmosphere from which point then can be guided into their final orbits. "Research shows this approach will allow approximately twice the payload-to- orbit as today's expendable launch systems for a given gross takeoff weight," Thanks to Reuters News Service 9/10/98


WRIGHT PATTERSON: Regarding your Filer's Files #37, Roswell Crash May Have been a US Built Aircraft. I was an electrical civilian engineer at Wright- Patterson AFB, Ohio for over thirteen years and worked on many Advanced Aeronautical Systems Development Programs including the B-2, in the survivability analysis area With the exception of the following two stories, the rest of my comments are purely personal conjecture on my part. The First Story is a secondhand account: "At a retirement luncheon around 1992, for the chief of engineering of Aeronautical Systems Development, a plaque was presented to him with small models of all the programs he worked on for over thirty years. Three of the models were saucer shaped. Yes, it could have been a joke. What was interesting was his reaction to the plaque...he was red faced and furious!" The second story is a firsthand account: "Around 1993, a fellow engineer showed me an official UNCLASSIFIED photograph from British intelligence taken by two Scottish hunters in the UK. It showed a Harrier in the foreground and a clear image of a disk in the background. What is interesting is that British intelligence was circulating the photo through the US intelligence and development communities for the specific purpose of finding out if the disk was a US development program? About a month later, this engineer told me that British intelligence said that the disk was one of theirs, and to drop it! Talk about the right hand not knowing what the left hand is doing."

The following is Unofficial Personal Commentary/Conjecture/Background: At the risk of sounding heretical to the UFO community, I tend to agree with the view that many UFO sightings are advanced aeronautical systems development programs. Although, there are many valid UFO sightings of interdimensional origin, many sightings are simply advanced development programs of terrestrial origin. The Third Reich's Viril Society developed vehicles with advanced propulsion systems prior to WW 2. I suggest reading: "The Black Sun" by Peter Moon. Immediately after the war, a highly classified compartment of operation Paper Clip was used to evaluate these systems. As you know, the purpose of Paper Clip was to assess German technology and was, to some extent, used as a cover like project Bluebook. Curiously enough, I personally visited a federal records center in St. Louis in 1984, and spent two days pouring through thousands of declassified Paper Clip documents and found references to much information still classified and/or missing. One possible reason Hitler did not mass produce and deploy aeronautical systems with advanced propulsion during the war is that the Germans did not have access to large amounts of the rare materials needed for full scale production. Even the prototype vehicles could only carry small payloads of conventional weapons or personnel, so they were of little military value. They were used occasionally for espionage activities. Hence a greater priority was placed on developing nuclear weapons. This is why long range conventional bombers never got past the prototype stage. Hitler was waiting for the development of the atomic payload for the advanced propulsion vehicles or long range rockets. As a partial result of Paper Clip, Area 51 and a sister facility in the USSR was established to research, develop, and test the advanced German technology. Much of this German technology has been integrated into the advanced aeronautical systems that are deployed today and passed off as "UFOs."

Today, many of the futuristic vehicles of terrestrial origin carry advanced directed energy weapon technologies such as sonic, laser, and rf capabilities for biological system disruption and target hard kill. They also have stealthy characteristics using broad band holographic technology to easily "cloak" or conceal and/or present false targets. Conventional aerodynamic performance is not very important since advanced propulsion is the primary factor that determines overall system performance. Separately, in the case of conventionally powered flying wings that are inherently unstable, avionics controls flight dynamics and conventional propulsion thrust vectoring are used for stable flight.

As far as visitations from extraterrestrial or interdimensional origin, higher dimensional beings may visibly materialize and dematerialize at will using light vehicle technology. They account for many of the so-called "orbs of light" sightings and have no need for dense material objects for transportation. They are harmless and have only the purest intention to help us each evolve spiritually. The main point I wish for you to consider is that, regardless of the ultimate extraterrestrial or interdimensional origin over all history, I feel that there is a good possibility that many (possibly not all) UFO sightings are classified advanced development programs. These programs are extensive, have a hidden purpose or agenda, and directed by humans. Over time, it will be interesting to see how the evidence unfolds.

If you are asking me where the National Security Agencies build, store, and service these aircraft, I can't tell you that. If this information were KNOWN *and* officially ADMITTED the UFO phenomena would NOT be a phenomena. These human built aircraft, and especially the technology that is utilized in these aircraft is and has been Classified Information.

If contemporary alien visitation is FALSE, then it means a great deal to finding and disclosing the TRUE human owners and disclosing the technology of the UFO's that have been classified for 50 years. This would also mean a great deal to the so called "alien abductees," and possibly a serious reasons why humans would abduct humans, and maybe some retribution and compensation. It would also mean a great deal to "our" human culture, in the technological, spiritual, economical, facets of life on this planet, as technology that has been suppressed for 50 years is disclosed, and shared with all. Do you care that the technology that is utilized on some of these human designed and built UFO crafts, use physics that can change the socioeconomic structure of this planet?? Where "virtually" free-energy and "anti"- gravity like technologies has been suppressed for at least 50 years, in which the MANY MANY sightings of these human designed and built crafts are directly, or covertly blamed on aliens. Thanks to a USAF Wright Patterson Engineer. (Name held by request.)

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