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Filer's Files
By George Filer

MUFON Eastern Region Director
October 26, 1998

George Filer:
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On October 30, we celebrate the fiftieth anniversary of Orson Welles' radio broadcast "The War of the Worlds," novel written by H. G. Wells. The broadcast was about Martian invaders' landing in rural New Jersey. It was broadcast as a news show with the Martians using huge fighting machines that kill thousands with rays and poison gas. They land at other points on Earth and advance toward the major cities defeating our armies in their path. The Earth is helpless against the invaders until mysteriously they start collapsing. Humans did not destroy the Martians. Instead, they fall to a mysterious microorganism placed here to destroy the Martians and save the Earth. The radio show created panic among millions and an unusual fear causing people to flee their homes. The panic caused by the show is often cited has one reason the government will not admit aliens have visited the Earth.


HUDSON RIVER: Bowden reports on September 28, 1998, I was driving a family member back to her home in Ossining NY, when I noticed a light in the Northern part of the starry sky. This light source would not have been noticed quickly because it looked very similar to the various stars. The object was changing colors at a very fast pace. It changed from Red, to Blue, to Purple, to Green, to Yellow and to a very intense White. I was driving on the Saw Mill River Parkway watching this object from about 9:15 to 9:40 p.m. My passengers were unable to see due to their eyes being dilated by a doctor earlier in the day. I got to their place in Ossining at about 9:50 PM, when I noticed that the star like-color changing object was now the top point on a 3 pointed delta shaped object. The 3 points were connected only for a maximum of 2 to 3 seconds with a thin blue-green light line. This delta shape hung low in the Northwestern portion of the sky directly over the Hudson River. The three points would just remain each changing color in a twinkling fashion. I would estimate that the object was about 3 to 4 football fields wide at the bottom points. This was a very large object. I watched this object until the direction of the road changed my line of view. An interesting note is I have a portable radar detector that I had just placed a new 9 volt battery into about two weeks ago. Normal life of a 9 volt battery in my detector is about two months use. However, when I got within three miles of my home -- I noticed that the battery was dead as my detector was blinking indicating that I needed a new battery. Thanks to: Bowden1818.


GRATIS: Kenny Young reports that Samuel XXX saw an object with a 'cone- shaped glow' over the Camden/West Elkton Road on October 22, 1998, in Southern Ohio. Samuel states, I saw something interesting tonight on the way home from work just north of Wayne Trace. My wife and I noticed a bright light in the sky, flying low headed eastward. We recognized the light as the headlight of a bright aircraft, yet it pulsated instead of blinking. As the craft got closer we notice two blinking lights on both sides of the center light. We parked our vehicle in the middle of the road and just observed the craft as it came closer. I was out of the car listening for the recognizable sound of a helicopter. I knew it could not be a plane, as it didn't travel as a plane does. As it came fairly close into view I noticed that it didn't make any noise like a plane, jet or helicopter. This craft "Hummed." I also noticed a bright rear light as it passed. I asked my wife how she would describe this bright light in the rear of the craft? We felt it was yellowish or amber in color and it illuminated the rear section of the craft. What was strange about this rear light was how it was illuminated in appearance. At first I thought I was looking at a jet engine flame, but there was no sound to support this, so it had to be a light that created this cone shape glow. If this was a rear illuminating light, I could not tell you what the shape of the tail section was. After watching it "HUM" off into the distance, I believe it possibly could have been a chopper that uses some form of Silent Mode ability. Samuel is an E.M.S. rescue coordinator. He first reported 'strange lights' previously seen by his wife and daughter near Gratis, Ohio in November 17, 1997. A separate individual also reported a UFO near Gratis, Ohio on February 5, 1998. Gratis is 41 miles southwest of Wright Patterson Air Force Base. Thanks to Kenny Young

WESTERN OHIO: On Friday, October 16, 1998, at 7:15 p.m., Ufologist Steven Neeley was returning home from archery practice in rural Hardin County, near Kenton, Ohio when he saw "what appeared to be a star with red and blue lights ahead of me in the southern sky." "Using my game binoculars, it was clearly visible and stationary," Steve reported, "I watched it for two to five minutes." "I stood there watching, and it began to move away and up from its original position. I walked on and came around a bend in the trail," only to see the UFO glowing "on the opposite side of the sky. It was then 180 degrees northerly. It was closer and lower. It was the same craft I had seen minutes before. It was a medium-sized star of white bright light with red and blue lights seemingly moving in a circle around its equator. Then it disappeared. In the blink of an eye, it vanished from sight." Thanks to Errol Bruce-Knapp and UFO Roundup #42 10/24/98 Joe Trainor editor.) Note: It was issue #43 - John (UFOINFO).


SOUTH PADRE ISLAND: October 12, 1998, the Brownsville Herald reports that U.S. Coast Guard officials this weekend received two independent reports of a UFO hovering about a mile off the coast of South Padre Island. In two separate telephone calls Friday night, at about 9:18 p.m., callers told a Coast Guard officer that they had seen a round object hanging in the air over the water for between 20 and 30 minutes, said Coast Guard Officer Steve Williams. "What was described was red, white and green rotating lights over the water, just staying there," Williams said. "They both believed it was close enough for them to have been able to hear something, but they couldn't hear anything." The first call was from Seabreeze Condominiums and the second, which came almost immediately after the first, was from Saida Towers. "As soon as the officer hung up the phone with the first caller, the second one came in," Williams said. The officer who logged the calls reported the information to officials at Kelly Air Force Base in San Antonio. A manager at Seabreeze Condominiums, who said she had heard of no other UFO reports or alleged sightings, but suggested that a fireworks display, which began Friday night at about 9:15 PM, may well have been the cause. "They do have red and green fireworks, so maybe that's what they noticed, "the manager said. Note: the time of the fireworks show and the sightings suggest that the viewers saw what was possibly a reflection of the fireworks on clouds or the water. However, the fireworks take place several miles from where the UFOs were observed. Rotating lights do not sound like the reflection of a fireworks show to me. On a personal note, that part of this land has always had a mystical feeling to me, as if the sea were a great intelligence that plays tricks on humans that come near. I am inclined to believe something unexplained was seen. Thanks to John Thompson and Philip Freeman


Joe Stefula writes that at John White's UFO Conference in New Haven, CT, on Sunday afternoon October 11, l998, Dr Bob Woods and his son, Ryan Woods, announced that they have obtained approximately 200 pages on Roswell related documents from former Military Intelligence source. These pages include the "SOM-1 Operations Manual". The documents describe a debris field near Roswell AAF and a vehicle crash site over near Socorro, NM. Details were lacking concerning the Source of these new documents. I would hope that time is taken to verify the source of these documents before releasing them in a book and TV Special. Thanks to: Joe Stefula. Editors Note: We are happy to volunteer Eastern MUFON resources to help verify the authenticity of these documents.


Art writes, "I'm very happy to report, I WILL RETURN to Coast to Coast AM and Dreamland beginning Wednesday night, October 28th. 'Til then, from the high desert, goodnight. Thanks to Art Bell.


Niall McKay writes: If the European Parliament has its way, the lid is about to come off what is reputedly one of the most powerful, secretive, and extensive spy networks in history -- if, in fact, it really exists. This month, Europe's governing body will commission a full report into the workings of Echelon, a global network of highly sensitive listening posts operated in part by America's most clandestine intelligence organization, the National Security Agency. "Frankly, the only people who have any doubt about the existence of Echelon are in the United States," said Glyn Ford, a British member of the European Parliament and a director of Scientific and Technical Options Assessment, or STOA, a technology advisory committee to the parliament. Echelon is reportedly able to intercept, record, and translate any electronic communication -- telephone, data, cellular, fax, e-mail, telex -- sent anywhere in the world. The parliamentary report will focus on concerns that the system has expanded and is now zeroed in on the secrets of European companies and elected officials. The parliament is alarmed at reports of Echelon's impressive capabilities, and during a debate on 19 September, the European Union called for accountability. The parliament stressed that the NSA and the Government Communications Headquarters, which jointly operate Echelon, must adopt measures to guard against the system's abuse. International cooperation on law enforcement is important, Ford said, but there are limits. "We want to establish a code of conduct for the systems to protect EU citizens and governments." Across the Atlantic, Patrick Poole, deputy director for the Free Congress Foundation, a conservative Washington think tank, is preparing a report on Echelon to present to Republican members of Congress. "I believe it's time we start to bring this matter to our elected officials," he said. Poole and Ford have their work cut out for them: Neither Britain nor the United States will admit that Echelon even exists. An article called Eavesdropping on Europe. 9/30/98. Thanks to Bob Shell.


Dr. Roger K. Leir, D.P.M. has written a new book called "The Aliens and the Scalpel: Scientific Proof of Extraterrestrial Implants in Humans." Eight surgeries have been conducted since 1995, to remove strange foreign objects from the people who claim they are abductees. The book tells of Dr. Leir's investigation of implants and research into this area. This book concludes that we are now able determine that some apparent abductees have artificially manufactured objects in their bodies. The analysis appears to prove that these implants are not manufactured by humans and are of demonstrably alien origin. The implants were scientific marvels of engineering that did not cause an inflammatory response in the human subjects. Two bioscientists concluded that the implants were surrounded by a membrane material that could revolutionize medical science. If this membrane can be duplicated, we could wrap anything we wanted to instill into the body and the body would not reject or react to it. Even transplant organs might be wrapped in this membrane and result in the patient not having to take anti-rejection medication for the remainder of his life. In short, we now have hard physical scientific evidence of a continuing alien presence on Earth. Chapter 13 of the book, discusses biological and metallurgical testing of the removed objects. The "smoking gun" of ufology that tends to prove that we are being visited and abducted by extraterrestrials. To order "The Aliens and the Scalpel" by Dr. Roger K. Leir (Wild Flower Press 1998, $24.95) call 1-800-366-0264.


Tim Matthews writes that there is a big debate raging in the UK about the use of hypnosis and 'recovered' memories of close encounters. Does anybody have an informed view about the link between hypnosis and 'abductions'? On a personal note I have to say I am quite interested in this and at this stage I see no reliable medical or scientific evidence to indicate that hypnosis is an effective way of finding out about the objective reality of events. I could be wrong - convince me otherwise. In coming months it is likely that a small- scale MIT abduction conference will be held in the UK and I should like to hear your views on this very important subject. I am particularly interested to hear from US researchers and experiencers. Your experiences and information are, as ever, held in the strictest confidence! Tim Matthews - British UFO Studies Centre. Editors Note: I recommend using hypnosis has a last resort. Mind enhancing and recall methods often work allowing the experiencer to recall memories on their own. Briefly anyone who suspects they have been abducted will have at least a partial memory. Upon awakening I suggest they attempt to relive the abduction experience. While still in partial sleep, visualize the scene looking to the left, right, up and down. Attempts should be made to feel the temperature, smells, moisture and other feelings encountered. These memories are of much greater value than those obtained during hypnosis.


The Spanish Air Force has completed its declassification of 62 UFO files that had been collected over the last thirty years. The files have been deposited in the Air General Headquarters Library in Madrid and were until recently classified Secret. The Junta de Jefes del Estado Mayor (JUJEM) took a brave decision in this regard in declassifying the historical files of the Air Force. The files were guarded under the classified matter stamp - to the Air Operative Command (MOA), organization commission of management of UFO information, located at Torrejón Air Base in Madrid." In total, 83 UFO files occupy almost 2,000 pages on and examine 122 anomalous appearance events that occurred between 1962 and 1995. "Today we know -declared by Ballester Olmos, author of five books on UFOs - that the Air Force only very slightly investigated the UFO phenomenon between 1968 and 1980. The Valencian researcher has claimed that "The Air Force has finally realized that the characteristics of the UFO topic are more sociological than aeronautical and that they do not suppose any risk for the National Security." V.J. Ballester Olmos is recognized as the civil driver of this historical declassification. "We can assert with absolute guarantee that all the information on UFOs known by the Air Force has been put at the disposal of the civil society without any cover-up. Now it is up to us to evaluate the data. Thanks to Pedro P. Canto, Ricardo Campo.


British aviation writer Bill Rose writes that one of the first scientists to conduct serious research into electrogravitics was Thomas Townsend Brown, who discovered that a highly charged electrical field could marginally distort gravity. Much of Townsend Brown's work remains cloaked in mystery, but some researchers believe that he participated in the US Navy's alleged 1943 Philadelphia Experiment which may have been an attempt to make a warship (U.S.S Eldridge) radar-invisible. By the mid 1950s, Townsend Brown's research into electrogravitics was being taken seriously by the USAF. They were so impressed with his work, that ten major aerospace companies were commissioned to evaluate proposals for disc shaped aircraft which used gravity modification technology. This led to Project Winterhaven, which was a top secret ten year USAF programme to develop a high performance combat saucer using a combination of electrogravitic and turbojet propulsion. In simple terms, the principle of this system was to positively charge the leading edge of the aircraft and negatively charge the exhaust stream. It was expected to significantly improve airflow, reduce the radar cross section and a lower the aircraft's thermal signature, while the aircraft literally rode on a gravity wave! Officially, Project Winterhaven never progressed beyond a series of feasibility studies and the physics were later described as proving non-viable.

Nevertheless, it has been suggested that a prototype vehicle was built which led to an entire family of increasingly advanced black budget aircraft using gravity modification technology. Three decades later, Project Winterhaven had faded into obscurity, but in early 1992, reports began to circulate that the B-2 stealth bomber used a highly classified electrogravitic system to boost its performance. According to an article which appeared in the well respected journal "Aviation Week and Space Technology," the B-2's leading wing edges and its exhaust flow might be electrostatically charged like the Project Winterhaven proposal. Whether such a system is being employed to enhance the performance of the B-2 (or other black aircraft) remains open to speculation, but it could explain a number of curious shortcomings identified in the B-2's basic design. Winterhaven seems to have run in parallel to Project Silver-Bug and it was handled by the same group at Wright-Patterson. Townsend Brown demonstrated flying disc models in the 1950s using his techniques. The full size military craft would have been similar in size and performance to the advanced Silver Bug. A great deal of money was spent on Winterhaven and while I have strong reservations about gravity modification technology, I don't think it can be ruled out as a hidden black technology. As I recall, Tony Gonsalves made a number of very good points about the B-2's payload, performance, fuel capacity, range shortcomings a few years back. Thanks to Bill Rose at


Pete Geremia, NH MUFON Director wants to spread the word that the second 1998 NH MUFON Conference is being held on November 8 and will feature Erich von Daniken and Michael Cremo as speakers. For further information contact Pete at 603/436-9283. Thanks to Ray Fowler.

35th NATIONAL UFO CONFERENCE: The Thirty Fifth Annual National UFO Conference will be held at the Days Inn in Bordentown, NJ on November 7 and 8. Jim Moseley the editor of Saucer Smear is the master of Ceremonies. Speakers include Antonio Huneeus on UFOs in Chile, Karl Pflock on the Florida Scout Master Case, Pat Marcattilio on the Physical evidence for UFOs, Peter Jordan- Cattle Mutilations, Bob Durant- Roswell Yes, Tom Benson- One good case is enough and George Hansen-Remote Viewing, Anna Hayes Voyagers, Richard Sauder- Underground bases and tunnels, Rick Hilberg- UFOs the first three decades, David Huggins-abductions, Curt Sutherly author of Strange Encounters. The Days Inn is located on Route 206 just off exit 7 of the NJ Turnpike. Many of these speakers are the best researchers in Ufology.


Bruce Widaman, MUFON State Director of Missouri hosted a great regional U.F.O./I.A.C Conference on government connections with Ufology on Oct. 17, 1998. Stanton Friedman, nuclear physicist and UFO researcher spoke on government secrecy; Robert Swiatek, FUFOR also discussed Air Force and government secrecy; Chris O'Brien, spoke on the Colorado UFO sightings and mutilations in his mysterious valley, Lt. Col. Gerald Rowles Washington Director spoke about a UFO hovering over Aviano Air Base, Italy in 1977. These speakers were excellent. I spoke concerning the many witnesses describing a UFO at Wright Paterson Air Force Base. The conference was hosted by Ted Phillips, Marvin Czarnik and Bruce Widaman and was one of the best conferences of the year.


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