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Filer's Files
By George Filer

MUFON Eastern Region Director
November 13, 1998

George Filer:
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Robert Collins reports that during a recent interview of "Star Trek" movie actor Leonard Nimoy for a magazine article he was quoted as saying, "We did receive Government help in making several of the "Star Trek" movies." The Government seemed to want to make sure we portrayed some items about Alien Lifeforms in the correct manner. I was amazed at this since the Government always made the official statement that they don't know anything about Alien Life!" Nimoy played the famous Dr. Spock in several movies and on television. Thanks to Robert Collins.


My son who attends Florida Tech and I were driving to the Manchester Airport around 6:00 AM on August 15, 1998. It was when I saw a light in the distance between two hills. I screamed and said, "Did you see that?" He got a glimpse of it. I was startled, I didn't know how to react and kept looking in the sky. It resembled the emblem of the Mercedes Benz, or the horn of a Ram or a Y, that is all I can say, I was shocked and afraid thinking that it could have possibly been a sign. My son was embarking on his trip to college on an airplane. I called my husband and I told everyone, I checked in the Internet, I followed the news but no-one has mentioned anything about any other sightings. Please let me know if anyone else has come forward with such story. Thanks to: Grazia: Grazia74


A cigar shaped UFO and a smaller rod were recently videotaped by Jerome Turner. As we have had many questions about whether or not Rods are cigar craft this sequence seems to have put this question to rest. The cigar shaped object travels at a pretty fast clip but is left behind by the less visible Rod. The object moves slowly in the video traveling from left to right. The Rod zips by in only six frames and is tough to observe. The cigar shaped object does not show any wings or tail section throughout the sequence. It certainly seems the camera would have picked up a tail section or wings. There is nothing there to suggest a normal plane in flight. Please check out and particularly its follow-up close-up to see the best cigar shaped photos of an UFO yet. The video-stills shown at the Website were taken in Rhode Island. This same UFO has been seen in the LaGrange, Georgia area by several over the years. Thanks to John Thompson.


Scott Hammons reports that an employee in our front office was very excited to relay his November 6, 1998, UFO sighting. While describing the craft, another employee chimed in that she also saw the same lights hovering over New Paltz at 8:40 PM and thought "they were a formation of very unusual helicopters or something." The first employee, Shawn said that as he was driving out of our property where our road splits he saw this formation of lights and couldn't tell if they were moving or not. He stopped and got out of the car to confirm. It was a triangular formation of white lights with one red one in the center. The three outer lights moved from corner to corner simultaneously. Shawn said the craft was just hovering. After observing for a while Shawn continued driving down the mountain toward the east and saw the craft twice again hovering over the Wallkill Valley of New Paltz. It is here that the second employee saw the same formation and verified the number, movement, and color of lights, with the exception that she saw the lights move away in opposite directions. Thanks to Scott Hammons, Mohonk Mountain House,


WANAQUE RESERVOIR: On November 3, 1998, Mike, Ryan and Jordan observed UFOs When we first arrived looking south towards the hills we noticed lights. The lights seemed to be in the woods on the hill. The first light was a regular tannic white, but later a second light appeared next to it that was green. As usual there were numerous lights flying about, turning on and off, and fading in and out throughout the course of the stay. Thirty minutes after arriving a single Fourth of July style fireworks went off over the hill while the other lights were still visible. It first appeared as a big flash, then as it rose a little it flared off in a green sparkle fade, with no accompanying sound to it. I'm not sure if it was related to what we were watching, but it certainly was exciting. Also, at one point we seemed to be surrounded by them. I glanced east and noticed a craft off to the left in the sky. I pointed towards it and it turned off. I glanced west and there was another one, and before I could even say anything it turned off too. The next day, I was leaving from jury duty in Newark at about 4:30 PM. I looked up to see a light and that light was there for only three seconds before it faded out. Just down the road I witnessed another bigger light, that looked like a silver fire ball. I looked to the south and saw another with a helicopter chasing it. Thanks to Mike at MATHrk101.


LAGRANGE--A local couple reports that they have been terrorized by so much strange and frightening activity that they are prepared to move from their home if it doesn't stop. While the couple believe their singular happenings are of a demonic or spook nature, the events have all the earmarks of inner- terrestrial (INT) alien activity. On Thursday, October 29th, at approximately 9:45 PM the husband said while alone at home he saw what he PERCEIVED as a "girl" in a long gray dress standing only eighteen feet away. The four foot tall "girl," despite facing him in a lighted room, was featureless and dark. The "dress" that the entity "wore" was flowing and of a slight lighter shade than the entity's face and shoulder length "hair." (Note: As the "hair" continued onto the "dress," the entity could have been "clothed" in a "hooded robe.") After staring at each other for two seconds, the husband said the entity "floated away. Two hours later, "a blue cast" was seen spilling under the doorway of the bedroom where the couple's daughter sleeps in. On yanking the door open, the blue light instantly disappeared. For the last four months before the sighting of the INT the couple say they have heard "walking" about their older home and unintelligible talking. Their daughter's television set has also suddenly come on in the dead of the night. The evening following the INT sighting the husband felt "something" atop of him in bed trying to suffocate him. He also believes that the foot of his bed levitated off the floor and his hair was, somehow, "made wet." Later, during the same night, he had a lucid dream where he saw the "Grim Reaper" standing at the foot of his bed. The wife and husband say at other times they have seen "shadow" like figures moving about the house. On early Friday, Nov. 6th, the husband had an audio recorder going and awoke to a loud "shotgun" like explosion that shook their house. Getting up, the husband explored inside and outside but could not find the source for the explosion. On playing the recorder the next day, the couple said two explosions and low unintelligible talking, as they have heard in the past, were recorded. MUFON general and entity case forms will be completed on the INT sighting. The recording will also be analyzed. Thanks to John C. Thompson. Copyright, 1998. All rights reserved.


POPULAR GROVE-- Christopher Lee Toltzman sent ISUR an October 30, 1998, sighting report. "I am writing this in partnership with the person that actually witnessed the event. We are looking for some answers to the unexplained lights that were witnessed. The person was videotaping his sons football game when he saw what appeared to be a brighter than average star on the Eastern horizon at 6:45 PM. After noticing that the light would pulse every so often, he aimed his video camera at the light. Upon doing so, it was revealed that there were three lights altogether. On the left was a light blue light, the middle light was red, and the light on the right was white. The white light on the right was approximately 3 times the size of the other two, which were approximately of the same size. The light on the left was steadily on, the middle red light would strobe on and off at an interval of once every 2 seconds, and the larger white light on the right intensified, then returned to normal once during the sighting, and then right before moving. The lights were not moving-they appeared to be hovering in place. After about 10 minutes of viewing, the middle red light stopped blinking. It started blinking again in the place where the left blue light had been. The red and blue lights had switched places. Now the red light was blinking on and off on the left, and the blue light stayed on in the middle position. After another 3 minutes of this, the lights took off from the position they held and moved from east horizon to the western horizon in a matter of a few seconds. They traveled at a high rate of speed, and went from standstill to full speed instantly. Again, we have almost the entire event on video tape showing the lights, but no detail of anything else. The videotape isn't very clear, but does show the colors, blinking, and the moving of the lights. Also, it should be noted there was no sound emitted from the lights whatsoever. This is not a hoax. We want to have it checked out if possible for explanation. We are professionals interested in getting answers, fully aware that many times these events can be explained. Thanks to ISUR and John Thompson: Chris Tolzman (630) 368-4367, 2000 York Road, Suite 114, Oak Brook, Illinois, 60521. Editors Note: The video can be analyzed by MUFONs photo analyst Jeff Sanio.


Jack Carville reports that an oval shaped object with two balls extending out and downward appeared in an area between El Campo and Victoria, Texas for about a week in late August. This is a stretch of about 50 miles along the Texas Gulf Coast. Hundreds of people witnessed the object in the early morning hours. A small article appeared in the Victoria Advocate newspaper. Nothing else has been published about this object. Any other information available would be greatly appreciated. Thanks to Jack Carville,


MUFON reports they received an e-mail message from Captain David Bertrand of Capital Cargo International Airlines that he and his crew observed an UFO near Memphis enroute to Philadelphia on July 28, 1998. At 6:20 AM Captain Bertrand, First Officer Dwight Howell and Flight Engineer Steve Franks watched an egg shaped black object at their 12 o'clock position at 33,000 feet about 40 miles west of Memphis. The object was about the size of Captain Bertrand's index fingernail. Bertrand explained the reason for his delayed report is that he saw a similar object on the TNT presentation "The Secret KGB UFO Files." Soviet MIG gun camera film was shown on the program chasing similar disc shaped objects. Thanks to Walt Andrus, MUFON director. A more detailed report can be read in the MUFON Journal.


RONA--Since November 16, 1998, there have been almost nightly sightings of UFOs in the Mission Valley area. Some 500 witnesses have observed the lights of the UFO. Allegedly F-16 aircraft from the Air National Guard unit at Great Falls International Airport have been launched to intercept. The 120th Fighter Wing indicates the Air Force does not investigate UFO sightings and will not confirm. Of course aircraft are launched on a regular basis for routine flights. The tail fin of the F-16s are painted with a dark gray bison's skull against a prairie mountain profile. Reports indicate when our fighters investigate the UFO disappears. The UFO is reported to be quite large with one continuous red light, a flickering (not blinking) green light and a flickering blue glow that appears under the craft. Outline and shape of the UFO are still undetermined at this time. The 'Lake County Leader' Newspaper 406-883-4343 and the Lake County Sheriffs Office 406-883-7279 (Polson Montana) are following the story. Incorrect reports have circulated that fighter aircraft are being launched from Malmstrom Air Force Base. This base has no runway and only uses UH-1 helicopters to support the Minuteman III missiles.


CAMP VERDE--An October 27, 1998, Skyopen Sighting Reports states: "This morning at about 5:50 AM, I observed a formation of reddish-orange lights flying rather fast in the area of the Verde Valley Arizona. The lights were a considerable distance to the south. At first I thought I was seeing something like the big UFO over Phoenix from last year, as the unusual lights were in a rigid V-formation. It seemed very solid and my first impression was of a large object. When I got out of my car and put on my glasses, I could tell it was several miles distant. It moved towards the southwest and disappeared over the hills, then reappeared within about 30 seconds. When it came back, it was no longer in a V-formation. It flew more like a 'swarm,' I can't describe it exactly. But they were sort of flying around each other in a weird pattern, not really symmetrical. Definitely not airplane moves! The group paused for a second or two, but kept 'buzzing' around each other, then moved off to the south. I toyed with the idea that it could have been a flock of birds with light reflected on their bellies, but that really doesn't fit. Also, so far I can't find anybody in town who saw anything, except me. Thanks to Skywatch International and Deja News,


SHANGHAI -- Nov. 05, 1998 -- (Agence France Presse) The air force had a prolonged up-close encounter with a UFO last month that one fighter pilot described as "just like ones in foreign movies," a government-controlled newspaper reported Thursday. A Hebei Daily report -- carried in the news digest Baokan Wenzhai -- gave a detailed pilot's account of an aerial cat-and- mouse game played between the object and a jet fighter ordered to intercept it. At least 140 people on the ground also saw the object, it said. An editor with the Hebei Daily said the events took place on Oct. 19 and were still being investigated by local government departments. The newspaper's report and military sources quoted show an openness that contrast sharply with Washington's notorious secrecy on the topic of unidentified flying objects (UFOs). It said the encounter began when four different radar stations in northern Hebei province picked up an unknown moving target in airspace directly above a military flight training base near Changzhou City. To observers at the base, the UFO first appeared like "a small star," and then grew larger and larger, perhaps as it descended to a lower altitude, the report said. They described an object with a mushroom-shaped dome on top and a flat bottom covered with bright, continually rotating lights. A base commander surnamed Li reported to his superiors, who ordered a Jianjiao-6 armed interceptor airborne to pursue the object once checks showed no other civilian or military aircraft in the area. The two pilots aboard said the object closely resembled depiction's they had seen in foreign science fiction films. When they got within 4,000 meters (13,200 feet) of the UFO over Qing County, it abruptly shot upward, easily evading subsequent attempts to get closer. It appeared to be toying with the fighter by repeatedly outdistancing it and then reappearing just above it, the pilots said. The report said a request for permission to fire on the UFO with an onboard cannon was denied by ground command at one point. The interceptor was eventually forced to return to base after it ran out of fuel at an altitude of 12,000 meters (39,600 feet). The UFO then disappeared before two newer-model planes could get airborne, the article said. While China's racy tabloids often run stories of strange phenomena alongside celebrity-gossip and crime stories, UFO reports are seldom carried by more official papers like the Hebei Daily. c) 1998 Agence France Presse) Inside China today, Thanks to Dr. Richard Haines


Last week British Aviation expert Bill Rose claimed many of the craft in our skies are US Government Discs. He states: "After all, they built their postwar aerospace industry on a lot of UK and Nazi technology. I doubt if Arnold was that accurate on his estimates of performance, but I think it is quite possible that a few US high performance prototypes were flown in secret which fell between the Horten lX and the Skyray. Because of Yeager's flight, they will never be revealed. But who knows?" I might add that I spoke to a man who wishes to remain anonymous who conducted the first tests on the Horten lX."

Bruce Maccabee responds: "This man doubts that Arnold's speed estimate was correct. However, it is more likely correct than off by nearly a factor of three. Arnold used his dashboard clock to time the number of seconds it took for the objects to travel from Mt. Rainier to Mt. Adams. At the time he thought he was looking at some to Air Force development, so we can presume that he was being reasonably careful in his measurements. The distance was about 50 miles covered in 103 seconds. This calculates to a speed of about 1,750 mph or about 2.5 Mach. This is far above any speed attained by manned craft or projectiles in 1947. Arnold couldn't believe his own calculations and arbitrarily lowered the speed to over 1200 mph in his public statements. This is still much higher than Mach 1. Thanks to Bruce Maccabee:


Tom Deuley MUFON Assistant to the Director writes I feel last week's sailor's story about seeing a UFO is questionable. There are many errors in the story based on experience of people who have served on submarines.. I Served for fourteen years in the Nuclear Subarine Service as an instructor, as a qualified Nuclear Plant Operator, as a training officer at the FBM Training Center, Charleston, and as an Assistant Weapons Officer and as a Communications Office within CINCLANTFLT. The above story has several serious holes in it that puts it in the "doubtful" category. We have contacted the sailor for further clarification. Thanks to Tom Deuley. Editor's Note: If the story is true, it appears the sailor was very inexperienced. USS Memphis is hull number SSN-691, not SSN-698. There are no attack or ballistic missile submarines homeported out of Titusville. Some are assigned there TDY for missile testing.


An important annual Leonid Meteor Shower will light up the night sky during the next week. An unusually large numbers of meteors that may qualify to be judged as a rare meteor storm! is expected. Peak meteor activity is expected on November 17 and 18. A moonless sky in both the evening and early morning will help make the meteor activity excellent for observing. With hundreds of satellites now above the earth there may be damage to satellites. Most of the meteors will appear to approach from the northeast, but you'll want to observe the entire sky particularly in the early morning hours.

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