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Filer's Files
By George Filer

MUFON Eastern Region Director
December 3, 1998

George Filer:
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UFOs and possibly related abductions are being reported over many countries throughout the world such as China, United Kingdom, India, Italy, Chile, Singapore, Australia, etc. There are too many to give detailed reports. Additionally ghost hunters are reporting increased activity in Georgia and other places. Religious organizations are reporting an increase in demonic- like activity. These reports may not be related to extraterrestrials. However, one only has to look at hundreds of books written in the Middle Ages to see a startling relationship in the various stories. We could be dealing with several different phenomena that are visitors to people's homes. Last week, I received a call from a very successful woman in Southern New Jersey. She saw a ghost like creature coming into her bedroom on the night of November 28, 1998. The woman had a nightmare of being raped by the entity. She had ugly black bruises on her inner thighs and had and other indications of being mistreated. The bruises appear as a small hand might have caused them. Hold all fingers of your hand together as if you were trying to pick up a small object. Press hard into your inner thigh and you get an idea of how bruises would look. Most bruises are above knee as if pushing your legs apart. The witness saw a luminescent scary form about the size of an average man. Many stories fit the old incubus and succubus legends. She felt she awaked after being levitated off the bed and suddenly dropped. Although her husband is a light sleeper, he appears to have been unconscious. The woman screamed loudly, but her spouse did not awake. The entity left the room with her screaming and praying. They seem to come from another world, a realm beyond our physical world. Obviously the couple is very upset about the intruder. They are successful college educated people who met a different form of intelligence. The bruises and the violations are real. Whitley Strieber phoned and also indicated his concern about the apparent increase in cases. He reminded me that his book Majestic was based on the testimony of high ranking officers. Perhaps there is both extraterrestrial and inner terrestrial intelligence?


BRITAIN -- The Sunday Times November 22, 1998, by Science Correspondent Steve Farrar. Life forms so alien that scientists may simply not have recognized evidence of their existence could inhabit the Earth, according to a leading scientist. DR Tom Gold, emeritus professor of astronomy at Cornell University, believes that organisms based on silicon -- completely unrelated to all the carbon-based life man has encountered so far -- may live at great depths. In a forthcoming book he will suggest that scientists should take the possibility more seriously. Gold, who is a member of the Royal Society, previously predicted that vast amounts of more conventional bacteria live miles down within the Earth's crust. Scientists initially dismissed the idea, but many now agree with him. "So long as nobody suspects there could be silicon-based life, we may just not be clever enough to identify it," he said last week. Rocks bearing signs of silicon-based organisms may already be sitting in laboratories, he believes, with their significance overlooked. Every known living organism, from bacteria to mankind, is based on the chemistry of carbon, which forms the complex molecules such as DNA that are central to our existence. Scientists believe that if extraterrestrial life is found, the chances are that it, too, will be carbon-based. Silicon has many chemical similarities to carbon, prompting scholars and science fiction writers to dream up new life forms. Gold is often right in his scientific predictions. Copyright 1998 Times Newspapers Ltd.


FORT DRUM--A witness claims unusual sightings along the southeastern edge of Lake Ontario. Larry Clark reports he interviewed a lady who lives near the lake and base. She has observed a large triangular craft in the night sky on a frequent basis. Teenagers from a local Civil Air Patrol group told her they also spotted the triangular craft near Evans Mills, and Ft. Drum. Within the last few weeks the woman has regularly observed a large bluish light with a small red strobe in its center. She has seen it nearby her property and over the lake, sometimes hovering for hours. She reports it can hover silently, or on occasion emit sound. The craft may be gathering intelligence and my be conducting mapping. The person has also reported significant new construction both on the base and in the area. New microwave towers around the base and 'golf ball' shaped satellite dishes and communication devices are under construction. The upgrade of the perimeter enclosure with high, razor wire topped fencing. On base construction continues on a new runway, new hangars, and possible underground facilities. There are also huge venting pipes protruding from the ground. The woman believes the area is riddled with strange humming and vibrations from underground construction. Thanks to Larry Clark at &


SURF CITY -- Bill Phillips writes he saw UFOs on April 6, 1998, from the shoreline of Long Beach Island. My partner and I were walking north on the beach and saw a brilliant white light, just east of Barnegut Light, over the Atlantic Ocean. One minute it was relatively high in the sky, the next it was very low or on the water. After a few minutes, we noted a small dim white light, moving east appearing and disappearing, as if a small plane was switching its landing lights off and on. The object appeared to pass over the island losing altitude. One light appeared to be a helicopter. The second light or object which slowed to a stop, moved backwards, drifted vertically a bit, but maintained a steady position over the ocean. We then noticed a third and fourth object all moving erratically. The third object turned east and slowly moved out to sea. The fourth object then dropped in altitude heading east, then turning back toward the west and repeating, as if they were slowly running some sort of grid/search pattern. After fifteen minutes all three objects disappeared. Total time of these observations was 45 minutes. Anyone spending time on the Jersey coast should keep an eye on the sky. You just might see something that will surprise you! Thanks to: Bill Phillips Mansfield PA

NORTH JERSEY—Vinny reports he took a new daylight photo of a pink orb among the trees on November 24, 1998, near dusk at 4:55 PM. The pink plasma like object is partially obscured behind a tree. Thanks to UFO Contat.


LITHIA SPRINGS—MUFON State Director, former Police Chief Tom Sheets reports they were able to identify and interview the UFO witness from the sighting in last week's files. She is 50 years old and resident of Lithia Springs, who holds a degree in Horticulture. On September 15, 1998, at about 5:30 AM, she was enroute to work and drove by a local ball park. As she approached, she observed lights through the trees. Then upon reaching the central portion of the facility, she observed a large domed shaped craft hovering over the playing fields. She said, "The craft was solid, and appeared to be gray." The lights were in groups of three, red/white/green, a space, repeat, space, repeat, non-blinking, and seemingly on a rib or ridge that ran around the craft. She indicated the craft was about the size of a house. There was no sound, but when she rolled her window down she heard a soft 'whirring' noise like the wind blowing. Suddenly, the craft completely disappeared instantly. Within a few days she returned with a friend and observed a scorched area. Bill Stockwell of UFO Forum conducted an initial investigation of the field. On 28 November, Tom Sheets, Field Investigators (CFI) Jim Clifford, FI Roberta Puhalski, and FI David Brown and photographer Barbara Sheets investigated the site. The scorched traces were not visible, but it has rained several times since the event. Most of the grass was winter brown. Significantly new grass shoots were in evidence. Some samples were taken for further examination. This investigation will continue. Editors Note: In some areas where UFOs have hovered the plants will be sprout or grow at an unusually rapid rate. The newest Air Force F-22 fighter aircraft is being built a few miles away. Engineers at Lockheed Martin might be interested in the performance of this UFO. It seems unlikely they would test an experimental craft 15 miles from downtown Atlanta. This suggests something very special. Keep up the great work!

DOUGLASVILLE/HIRAM—On November 28, 1998, a witness called and stated that she and her spouse had observed some unusual 'jerking and swaying' lights in the sky. They trained a telescope on one. It was circular with a biological 'cell' like appearance. It had a 'cell' as nucleus with a dark ring within that changed to a spiral shape. The lights flickered with different colors. She became hesitant to speak more because she wished to return outside and continue to watch it. She gave her contact info and I advised her to sketch it while watching since she had no cameras. This investigation will continue.

ROXBURY—A woman called on December 1, 1998, stating she saw a 'spire' shaped object at the Lenox Mall. It was hovering vertically with a triangular shape on top.

CLERMONT--On December 1, 1998, at 10:00 PM, just north of m town Gainesville/Lake Lanier in the mountains a witness observed a glowing object 15 degrees above the ESE horizon. It was oval in shape, white, but giving off red, blue and green colors. I am supposed to meet tomorrow night when he is home and can talk freely. I'll be meeting with the second Highway 400 event witness in Alpharetta Saturday to check out the site. Thanks to Tom Sheets

TROUP COUNTY--On December 1, at 7:00 PM, a mother saw a "moon UFO." Looking to the southwest and approximately five miles away in Harris County, halfway between Pine Mountain and Whitesville, the mother said she saw a ball of light at less than 200 feet high. The ball, which was much brighter than the moon and about a quarter of its size, was seen for nearly 15 seconds. "It was like looking at a giant spotlight in the air." While watching the motionless UFO, she also saw an extremely low-flying helicopter approach from the northwest. The lights on the helicopter, "one flashing white, and one steady red," were "20 times smaller" than the "huge bright ball." On seeing the helicopter get near the large light, the mother excitedly left her yard and called her parents, but they missed seeing the UFO. For the next ten minutes the father a former Navy and private pilot, said three helicopters and a small plane were frantically searching the area at treetop level. He had flown similar search patterns when in the Navy and is certain they were looking for something. Finally the small plane flew directly over their heads at less than 500 feet. Calls were made to three sheriff departments and the military, but all denied seeing a UFO. Thanks to John Thompson SSD.


On Wednesday, November 18, 1998, Jerry F. and his daughter were leaving their home in Cross Lanes, West Virginia at 8:00 AM, when he spotted a strange glimmer in the sky. As I entered the garage, I looked up into the sky to see a Boeing 727 jet fly overhead. It was high up enough that it left a very clear contrail. Suddenly, at a very close range above the plane, a silver/grey disc appeared. It flew directly over the top of the plane and made a side-to-side swaying motion, almost like a leaf falling. As it moved, the sun glinted off it, and it shone very brightly. "Suddenly, from the east, a delta shaped jet came screaming toward the UFO." At that point, the UFO abruptly stopped. The UFO glowed very brightly and then shot straight up and out of sight in seconds. "I have an Air Force Intelligence background," he added, "and what I saw is nothing I am familiar with." Cross Lanes is 15 miles northwest of Charleston, the state capital. Thanks to UFO Roundup #48, Dec. 1, 98 Joe Trainer Editor.


OKLAHOMA CITY—November 17, 1998, Jim Hickman reports Bill M. and Carroll Y decided to go outside to view the meteor showers at 4:10 AM. 'We work the night shift together.' After five minutes, Carroll pointing to the sky eastward and excitedly shouted 'look, what the hell is that?' That's when we had seen the bright white light for about three seconds. The light was brighter than even aircraft landing lights or otherwise. Then it extinguished. We then witnessed a meteor shower. Ten minutes passed when Bill shouted and pointed at three orange colored lights moving Southwest forming a triangular pattern for about ten seconds. Thanks to Bill M. and Skywatch International Inc.


LONDON--Gerry Lovell of the Sunday Independent writes. A group of retired and serving police officers are risking ridicule by coming forward to tell all about their alleged encounters with UFOs. More than 20 officers have responded to an advertisement in Police Review inviting them to recount their close encounters of the third kind. These include stories of alien abduction and gigantic blocks of light hovering above their squad cars. At least two former officers claim to have photographic evidence of their meetings with extra-terrestrials. Their extraordinary stories are to be collected in a new book Policing the UFO, to include interviews with at least 20 former and serving police officers and as many as 200 recorded incidents involving police from around the world. Many of the examples from the second category will be taken from previously unreleased Ministry of Defense papers. The book's author, Irene Bott, has chosen to concentrate on police officers because of their relative position of trust in society. "They are less likely to be written off as cranks, or loonies," she explained. Others may, however, think they are boldly going beyond the call of duty and risking ridicule and professional suicide. For this reason, many officers appear to have waited until they have left the police service before speaking out. One officer claims to have been abducted and medically examined by aliens in the 1980s. He later recalled, via hypnosis, being taken aboard a space craft and examined by aliens. A police officer says he took five photographs of a UFO while on duty in the West Midlands in the 1980s, but that the MoD confiscated them. Declassified MoD papers from the 1950s to the 1970s that report investigations into sightings by police officers and incidents at military bases. The files name police officers involved and allegedly include accounts of helicopters being sent after UFOs. Two serving officers contacted her a couple of weeks ago and claim to have seen UFOs in the past month.11-27-98 Thanks to John Thompson and posted by John (


Peter Spinks on The Age [Australia] wrote: "The chances are we are not alone." Scientists have found another planet -- this time a massive one that is relatively nearby -- orbiting a star a little smaller and dimmer than our sun and a relative stone's throw from our solar system. The planet, believed to be about four times the size of Jupiter, the biggest planet orbiting the sun, is the 13th so far discovered outside our solar system. It was found by a team of Swiss astronomers using a powerful telescope in Chile. Although the planet is too faint and distant to be observed from Earth. Its existence was inferred from the gravitational tug it exerts on the parent star, known as Gliese 86, which it orbits. Gliese 86, one of a pair of stars in the southern constellation of Eridanus, is not as bright as the sun. However, it is only 35 light years from us, which means the star can be seen in the night sky without binoculars. Astronomers at the European Southern Observatory's La Silla Observatory in Chile believe it exists because Gliese 86 is wobbling in space. The 13 suspected planets outside our solar system have been detected in the past three years, and most caused a wobble in their parent stars. "Planets are popping up everywhere -- it's great," said DR John Lattanzio, a planetary scientist in the applied mathematics department of Monash University. "The universe, must be full of planets." Thanks to November 26, 1998, The Age.


Kevin Randle writes that Russ Estes has conducted a number of tests on the paper seen in the July 8, 1947, photographs of General Ramey's hand. Estes used a professional video camera that cost about $50,000 originally, a $7000 macro lens, and about $50,000 worth of computer equipment. He used Adobe Photoshop 4.0 as software and flat scanned at 9000 dpi which created a file of about 1.5 gigabits. In other words, he used the best equipment available for the imagining. He also used a microscope to examine the memo. He, and others used magnifying glasses, jewelers' loops, and their bare eyes. They used every and all techniques to look at the memo Ramey held. (And yes, they noticed that he had a ragged thumb nail that could mean he bites his nails or that he had broken it.) According to Estes, the words' lengths were visible, but the individual letters were open to interpretation. He said that it looked to him as if it was memo was in all caps. He said the only word that he could be positive about was "THE." He also believed that he could see the letters ELA but could not tell if the first image in that string was quotation marks or other letters that could not be read. He also said that he saw the word "Confidential" stamped at the top of the memo and that there was a smear near Ramey's thumb that could be seen as an old style telephone. Estes used the best equipment and software available. (Snip). Estes said that he was disappointed that the images couldn't be resolved to the point where the words were readable rather than interpreted by those doing the examination. Thanks to Kevin Randle

Photographer Dr. James Bond Johnson writes the message in General Ramey's hand reads, "Victims of the crash," is easiest to see and "transported (unclear) to Fort Worth, Tex," "Weather balloon" are clear. Ron and Debbie Stock were the first to read "Magdalena" - John Bond Johnson reports that the Roswell Photo Interpretation Team continues to see data within the photographs taken by him in 1947. The symbols in most cases are easier to "read" on the Major Marcel's right photo. The wider beams seem to have strange symbols etched within them. They look like a hook, an h, a cross, a flat S, and even a lion face. Comparing several of the photos affords a kind of 3-D effect and permits more understanding of the makeup of the beams spread out on the floor of the General's office. Incidentally, I reviewed again the "blueprint" for the Rawin radar target device and was unable to locate any beams of such proportions. The embossed symbols seem to have definite height along the Bond Beam, that appears to definitely rule out that the glyphs are "painted" on the beams. A comparison of the same symbols and objects in the different shots with different lighting & shadow composition seems to rule out that the symbols are illusory due to "light reflections."
One ancient "emblem" symbol appears similar to a "stelae" or carved 2,500 year old Egyptian tablet in the British Museum. Thanks to James Bond Johnson and Marilyn Ruben Photo expert Bob Shell says the FBI and state police labs have the special software to easily read the message.

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