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Filer's Files
By George Filer

MUFON Eastern Region Director
December 24, 1998

George Filer:
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ANGELS—It seems appropriate that during the holidays we discuss angels. They are essentially spiritual and superhuman beings who are messengers of God and visitors from another world. One angel brought the message of the entire Koran to Mohammed and the Moslems. An Angel of the Lord spoke with Abraham in the Torah, when he was 99 years old and childless, telling the Jewish leader he would be the father of a multitude of nations. According to Genesis he was. The Eastern religions speak of Devas who are organized in a military hierarchy and operate in a similar manner to angels. In the Christian Bible it states:

In the sixth month, God sent the angel Gabriel to Nazareth and a town in Galilee, to a virgin pledged to be married to a man named Joseph, a descendant of David. The virgin's name was Mary. The angel went to her and said, "Greetings you are highly favored! The Lord is with you." Mary was greatly troubled at his words and wondered what kind of greeting this might be. But the angle said to her, "Do not be afraid, Mary, you have found favor with God. You will be with child and give birth to a son, and you are to give him the name Jesus. He will be great and will be called the Son of the Most High. The Lord God will give him the throne of his Father David, and he will reign over the house of Jacob forever, his kingdom will never end. "How can this be" Mary asked the angel, "since I am a virgin?' The angel answered, The Holy Spirit will come upon you, and the power of the Most High will over shadow you. So the holy one to be born will be called the Son of God! Luke 1-verses 26 to 35. Two thousand years later, much of world celebrates this birth at Christmas.

Much of our history revolves around visitors from a planet called Heaven. In Vedic writings the topmost authority in the material universe is known as Brahma, and he lives in the highest material planetary system, called Brahmaloka. These extraterrestrial angelic visitors are real according to most of the great historic religious writings of mankind. It seems reasonable that these are not simply myths, but are based on actual visits by angels, visitors, watchers, ET, devas or what ever you choose to call them. They are often given credit for bringing writing to Earth. Thousands of books have been written describing their interactions with Earth. If you visit the great temples and churches around the world, almost all have the story of a strange being who oversaw their construction. Often there are similar stories of strange objects in the sky. Several friends claim to they were healed by angels. To understand the events of the last few weeks is to realize all that happens in the world may not be simply by chance. So remember when you enjoy Christmas it all started with an angel. For he will command his angels concerning you to guard you in all your ways. Merry Christmas

NORTH POLE--UFO with red nose seen heading south early on December 25.


LAKE ERIE--On December 14, 1998, a woman witness was outdoors in Avonia, a small town ten miles west of Erie, and about one mile south of Lake Erie, when she saw a UFO at 6:30 PM. She was "unloading some items from her car when she was startled to see a bright white light with a tail that appeared to pass directly over her head. The object was moving from north to south without making a sound. "The object continued to move to a distance of about 30 feet and stopped directly above the roof of my house. The object then appeared as a solid, real white light, and it was motionless. It then began a pattern of blinking off, then blinking on--at about one-second intervals. I became frightened at that point and ran inside, and that was the last I observed." Thanks to Stan Gordon of PA UFO Hotline (724) 838-7768.


BRADENTON--Nancy Dunning reports, "I have a friend that reported to me that he saw a UFO on December 15, early Tuesday morning when he got up for work. He has to be at work between 5:00 and 6:00 AM. He told me that he was looking up at the stars and he saw what he thought to be a satellite. He watched it and it got almost even with a star. Then it just changed direction and shot out of sight. He said that it looked like it made a check mark in the sky. I still need to get more information from him about the sighting. When I find out more I will let you know. By the way, he actually lives just on the north side of the Hillsbourogh County line. Thanks to Nancy Dunning.


WACO—When the skies cleared around 12:30 AM a brilliant bright object could be seen hovering above this central Texas town on Saturday, December 19, 1998. The witness was located at Baylor University looking toward the east, when she noticed the bright light in the sky. The object appeared to hover east of Waco for almost an hour and then flew off at high speed in a zig zagging maneuver. The female witness was unable to see any structure within the bright lights. She stated, "They changed color from red to green, blue, yellow almost white then pink to red. A virtual rainbow of colors. She felt students at the university must also have observed the display." She thought the sun was reflecting off a highly polished surface. Waco is 100 miles south of Dallas.

Editor's Note: Rainbows of cascading colors are not necessary for propulsion or any other facet of spacecraft operation. UFOs of many colors become high-strangeness event to witnesses on the ground looking up, and may be designed to get the attention. Colors dazzle our mind and I deduce they are put there by design."


On Sunday, December 13, 1998, Patricia Mundorf, a Roman Catholic prophet who lives in Phoenix, Arizona, claimed that she had just been visited by an apparition of the Virgin Mary. The apparition warned Mundorf that an air attack against Baghdad was imminent. According to Ms. Mundorf, Mary said, "The United States will attack Iraq. My children, I have warned you of this conflict. The Red countries will not back you on this. NOW YOU WILL FACE THE GREATEST POSSIBILITY OF NUCLEAR AND BACTERIAL WAR ON YOUR LAND!" Strangely enough, Ms. Mundorf experienced her vision 3 hours before President Clinton ordered the attack. According to columnist Robert Novak, the president decided to launch the bombing Sunday while flying home from the Middle East. (See the Boston, MA. Herald for 12/22/98) Thanks to UFO Roundup, Vol. 3 #51, 12/22/98, editor Joe Trainor.


BAGDAD--Large triangular UFOs were seen over in Iraq during Operation Desert Fox bombing on Thursday, December 16, 1998, around 2:30 AM. John Thompson and others were observing CNN's video of the war at 6:3O AM Eastern time, December 15. A large triangle-shaped pattern of lights was visible that appeared similar to the lights of Phoenix." The lights hovered above the city and Iraqi anti-aircraft tracer fire could be seen flowing from the ground up towards the almost stationary lights in the sky. The scene appeared on CNN's live broadcast, which aired in the USA. Joe Trainor UFO Roundup also reported a similar sighting by Ufologist Ignatius Graffeo. "I did see a triangular formation of lights moving very slowly at about" 12:55 a.m. Baghdad time that Thursday "on an NBC news report of the bombing...The light was steady, and it was definite and very striking." He described it as "a V-shaped formation like the one at Phoenix," Arizona on March 13, 1997. The UFO "was against a black night sky and very different from the 'greenish' tracer fire moving across the sky, which did not hold their position for any length of time." Editors Note: This brings up the possibility that these V shaped formations are created by US military as a diversionary tactic. According to the Boston Herald, Fort Drum, the US Army post in upstate New York, was a staging area for the four-day Operation Desert Fox. The Herald reported, "Along with the additional air assets, the Army is sending a battalion of light infantry troops from Fort Drum, NY and nuclear-biological-chemical experts from several bases to watch for any attack by Iraq against Kuwait and other neighbors in the region." (See the Boston, MA. Herald for 12/17/98, "U.S. to pump up military muscle," page 22.) Thanks to UFO Roundup, Vol. 3 #51 12/22/98 editor Joe Trainor.


My name is Walter T. Rogers. I met you at the Show-Me UFO Convention in Saint Louis last October 17th. I enjoy your Files very much. But #48 was the best because you gave us a look into the little understood, under reported phenomenon of the inner-terrestrial. I would like to hear more about the woman who called to report the attack of a modern incubus. Can you tell me if this was a one time attack, or do they continue to happen. I would love to hear move reports of this kind in Filer's Files. I met an old neighbor of mine who told me about a woman she knew who claimed to be attacked by an invisible incubus type entity that climbs into bed with her. This woman thought it might be her dead husband, since these things started to happen after he had died. This woman claimed the entity left scratches on her back, which she was being treated for at the Southside Clinic. I would like to have more of these reports. As you well know UFO abductee's often have a version the old incubus phenomenon. The entities known as reptilians are said to rape both male and female abductees. Keep up the good work. I would like to hear more reports of this sort. UFOROGER@IX.NETCOM

Editor's Note: I get a steady stream of these type reports mostly from Georgia and New Jersey. They are similar to abductions, but difficult to prove. Frequently the victims have scratches, bruises, and damage to sexual organs, etc. The church has believed in these accounts for hundreds of years. Perhaps we are watching the modern version of the same attacks. Perhaps these are the fallen angels also described in historical documents. Sometimes truth is stranger than fiction.


More spectacular UFO photos are on the Alien Abduction Experience and Research web site. These photos are spectacular and the photo enhancements clearly show some very unusual aerial objects. As Lynn Taylor noted, "They're back!" White Ball UFO Videotaped over Indiana and Ohio. Thanks to Marilyn at


ALMATY CITY--Kolchin Igor reports a bright star of luminous white-violet spectre moving abnormally fast right towards the East on December 16, 1998. The time was about 5:30 PM. Phone: 007-3272-677-364, 480072 Republic of Kazakhstan, Almaty, Baytursinov str/100-2


BICYCLE BOB writes the following is some of the best information available from Linda Moulton Howe and other sources on the three known crash sites.

Landing Zone 1 is on a ranch near Corona, New Mexico. Debris field and "bodies dissected as one would a frog." No clarification whether bodies were human or non-human.

Landing Zone 2 -- 10 miles northwest of Oscura Peak in the direction of Socorro. A damaged vehicle was found there with five, small, children-sized bodies. There is reference that inside the craft animal parts were found, but nothing further is detailed in any of the documents. The four lab technicians who handled the five bodies became ill and bled profusely a few hours afterward and all died.

Landing Zone 3 -- 30 miles east of what is now called Holloman AFB toward the Sacramento Mts. and the Mescalero Indian Reservation. Another vehicle was found and retrieved on July 5, 1947. Landing Zones 1 and 2 were handled militarily between July 5 and 7, according to the documents. Thanks to Bob Soetebier (BICYCLE BOB) & Linda Howe.

Editor's Note: Several friends have told me, there was a crash of several unidentified objects in New Mexico in 1947. Admittedly, there is little reliable evidence that these crashes actually took place. The photographic evidence taken in General Ramey's office by Bond Johnson on July 8, 1947, is accepted by both the government and Ufologists. Now a half dozen people, several from different countries, claim to see strange symbols and writing on the debris. It also appears part of a message held in Ramey's hand can now be read. I feel it is logical to discuss and examine the photographs with the latest investigation techniques now available. The first few times I looked at the photographs I did not see anything unusual. Many honest and honorable people do not see anything, but the debris of a balloon and a RAWIN target reflector. The Radar target reflector looks like a box kite with aluminum paper covering. Recently, two computer experts who publish medical books, and are not particularly interested in UFOs spent an evening with me trying to help. We believe we saw the words "Victims of crash," Magdalena, Fort Worth, weather balloon, Temple, and a few others. They were not clear, but we thought we saw it. We also saw writing on the sticks that seemed to be carpenter's measurements and a few unknown symbols. Kind of like an elongated G, a cross and a few symbols that do not seem logical to be printed on the beams or sticks of a RAWIN Radar reflector. Our analysis may be no more than wishful thinking. We freely admit that we may be looking at something and simply putting our own interpretation on it. I do not know if any of this evidence will hold up. Nothing in our research proves an alien spaceship crashed. However, it does seem to infer there was much more than a Mogul balloon and a RAWIN target reflector that crashed at Roswell.

Larry Clark writes: Regards: Filer's Files #50: I posted this to UFO updates previously, from: Schenectady Union-Star 1947: July 9: Army, Navy Launch Campaign to Halt 'Flying Disc' Rumors Mentions aftermath of Roswell reports and statements by Haught & Ramey. Mentions : "Those who saw the object said it had a flowered paper tape around it bearing the initials 'D.P.' Thanks to Larry Clark.

Niel Morris writes from Manchester, England: "Thanks again for your continued coverage of our findings. I'd like to clarify one or two points brought up in Filer Files #50 and also some of the statements made by Bob Durant. I might also add that Bob was one of the first "researchers" to contact me directly and oddly requested I send him what boiled down to my CV, this I gladly did outlining my job at the University. It struck me at the time he seem more interested in who I was than with the results of the photo analysis, though he was kind enough to forward copies of some of the articles he has had published. These were most useful in highlighting just why some of the debris seen in the images could NOT be balloon debris, again I have that to thank him for. To turn to Bobs comments: BOB DURANT writes that: "Once again you have misled your readers by printing J. Bond Johnson's fantasies concerning the Roswell photos. Bob, these are not fantasies, I have by intention, made my results available freely on the Internet so that ANYONE who wishes can reproduce these results. I have so far not received one response from any party to say they have tried to reproduce my results using comparable data and software and failed. I can only suggest you contact the University of Texas Archives obtain the 11x14's, scan them at 2400 dpi and using a "simple" graphics package, a "freebie" copy of Paintshop Pro will do, look for yourself. YOU DO NOT NEED SOPHISTICATED SOFTWARE TO FIND THESE FEATURES.

Filer claims -- and published -- that the University of Manchester, England and its physics department are studying the Roswell photos, and that a professor of physics named Neil Morris is working on the project. The University is doing nothing on the photos, nor is their physics department. Neil Morris is neither a physicist nor a professor. OK, so we all get crossed wires don't we. Morris is a technician attached to the physics department at Manchester. When they need a light bulb changed, they call. Morris responds: And if Bob want's to be pedantic so can I. Nope I don't change light bulbs, our estates and services dept. does that. As an example of the work I am engaged in, we currently have on the bench nearing completion a set of in house designed computer controlled power supplies to drive spectrometer electron optics, these, destined for a spectrometer in Poland, a similar set of our electronics has just returned from a successful "run" at your own Advanced Light Source in Berkeley, CA, and another similar set now at the University of Michigan will be off there in the New Year. By the way some of the software that goes with the Michigan equipment, I devised and wrote. Correct I don't have a Ph.D., but that hasn't stopped either my late father or myself from obtaining a number of world and European patents on electronic devices we designed. Needless to say they (the patents) cost a fortune rather than make one. Morris works on the Roswell photos on his spare time, as a hobby, using a very ordinary personal computer and very ordinary off-the-shelf photo manipulation software. All true AND it drives my wife to distraction at times! The PC I put together from parts, Pentium 266, 64meg of ram, Matrox 4 meg graphics card, 15" monitor, currently aprox. 4gig of disk storage. Nothing special by today's standards so you people out there should be able to get the same results with similar hardware. See his web site, and check all this out. I hasten to add that Morris is perfectly honest about who he is and what he is doing. You might do a favor for your readers if you would ask your friend J. Bond Johnson to share with us some details about his years as a psychological warfare specialist working for the National Security Council. Johnson has a doctorate in psychology, and retired from the Army reserves as a full colonel." Thanks to Bob Durant. Bob might like to know that Bond has been quite open about his background with the members of the RPIT group, as we all have, but for a little balance Bob might have also mentioned that Bond has been an ordained Methodist Minister for the last 30+ years too, and still takes services at his local church. Filer's Editor Note: I stand corrected that Neil Morris is apparently not a physicist, although he does work for the Physics Department of the University of Manchester as a technician specializing in photography. Well not actually, it's electronics and computing, though photography has been a long standing hobby, I was taking pictures when I was 9-10yrs old, by the time I was around 12, I was printing and processing them myself, my father was a keen amateur photographer and the bathroom doubled as a darkroom, we used to make the bathroom "hardware" go the strangest colours. Later I also became interested in cine photography and home processed both B+W and colour movie films. I'm still a keen amateur photographer though I don't get shouted at now for discolouring the bathroom, I let the local processing lab take the strain. He apparently maintains -- and uses -- the highly technical equipment for the Dept. of Physics and Astronomy. "Builds" should also go between maintains and uses. Neil Morris and the RPIT team are uncovering evidence and writing within the Ramey photographs that may be significant. See website at: (snip) Thanks to Neil Morris. E-mail:

Dr. Richard Haines writes: "Thanks for forwarding this material on a very controversial subject indeed. Having worked in the area of human visual perception optics, lighting, and image compression for a long time I have been continually amazed (e.g., Face on Mars) how creative our brains can be at seeing pattern and meaning in otherwise random fields. This is a scientifically established fact that extends far beyond the well-known projective tests (ink blots) used in psychiatry. I would caution you and others to proceed very slowly and seek the signal and leave the noise behind. In pattern analysis the signal can be camouflaged almost out of sight. 'nuf said. Dick Thanks to (Richard F. Haines)

Next week: Author Kevin Randle and Dr. J. Bond Johnson give their views.
Happy New Year

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