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Filer's Files
By George Filer

MUFON Eastern Region Director
January 28, 1999

George Filer:
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Now that the holidays are over sightings are picking up particularly in Italy. December is a slow month for sightings around the world. I wonder if the UFO pilots take a holiday or do people just fail to notice them. This slow down might infer that many UFOs are actually secret aircraft, since many of our aircraft are deployed to the Iraq operation. I just returned from speaking at Mohonk Mountain Resort a beautiful place for a vacation, great food, and a wonderful staff. Several observed Triangle shaped UFOs in the area as recently as November 6, 1998. Other speakers were Ed and Lorraine Warren experts on the paranormal. They informed us that ghost, apparitions, poltergeists, angels and similar supernatural activities are at an all time high. Frequently unidentified lights, plasmas, and possible UFOs are also sighted in the vicinity or this activity. They have a great Website at:


LA GRANGE, HUDSON VALLEY -- Kenny Young reports he received the following E-mail. On January 19, 1999, my fiancée and I were driving home on a road we frequently travel Noxon Rd in LaGrange. We noticed two very bright lights through the trees. As we drove closer it looked like it was hovering over the road where it turns, as we came closer the two lights turned to three. A fourth light came on it appeared to be going down into the field as we got closer it moved over to the right of the road about 150 ft away. I think about 170 feet up. This was no airplane or helicopter as being in the US Army I know what they look like. I pulled the car over onto a side road to the left and got out to have a better look. The only sound I heard could be best described as a low hum. Three more cars approached from the Taconic State Parkway and slowed to look. Thanks to UFO Research


Terry W. Kimbrell writes, I am a Field Investigator for ISUR and noticed a "Blue Ridge Corridor" of UFO sightings. John Thompson suggested I ask advice from you on this theory. I am going to try compile the information on these sightings. It would make sense that as well as military remote training runs that something else is using these routes to make their runs to stay hidden in these Eastern Mountain ranges. In the last two years theirs been allot of reports have been coming out of the area of the Western North Carolina Mountains. There was one last week. If you could help me with my research with suggestions it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks Terry Kimbrell

Editor's Note: There does seem to be a fairly large number of sightings along the Eastern Mountain Range from Georgia to New York. This may indicate bases are hidden in the mountains or that low flying military aircraft are not identified. Something more mundane such as Earth lights and plasmas are also known to exist in these areas. Tom Sheets the Georgia MUFON State director states, "I am not sure we have enough solid cases to prove we have a UFO corridor." I suggest further research is needed and my files are available to you.


PLAIN DEALING—ISUR reports Jerry J. Reich had a sighting on January 19.1999, around 11:30 PM. Jerry states: "I noticed 5 bright lights over the tree line and I thought it was helicopters or weather balloons because they were stationary. The lights began to move in wavy motion so I knew it could not be helicopters. The lights some became brighter and some not as bright began going in different directions. I did not thank they were balloons. We are familiar with aircraft since they fly over from an air force base that is only 30 miles away. Both my wife and I saw the lights for several hours. She became scared and went inside." (318)423-8029, 1298 Rocky Mt. Road Plain Dealing, La 71064 Thanks to John Thompson and ISUR for the report.


CANON CITY-- At 5;40 P.M. on January 15, 1999, I saw a cluster of red lights moving together in the northeast sky. They were not a close cluster, but more spread out, maybe 6 or 7 large red lights. I was traveling down the Royal Gorge Highway as a passenger, when I noticed them. The driver did not see them but another friend asked if I had seen any lights. She described the same thing. She lives in a 13th floor apartment and said they appeared to land and blink out. Thanks to EDWARD W BURKE


On Saturday, January 9, 1999, at 10:30 p.m., a teenaged boy returning home in Cava dei Tirreni spotted "a black discoidal object" hovering above some houses. The saucer, he reported, had a diameter estimated at 10 meters (33 feet), emitted no sound, and showed no lights or colors of any kind. It circled twice over the town before flying away. On Monday, January 11, 1999, at 7:20 p.m., a fireball appeared in the sky over the city of Bologna, 300 kilometers (180 miles) north of Rome. "The UFO crossed the sky for 15 seconds in a southeasterly direction." On Monday, January 18, 1999, at 5:30 p.m., a UFO appeared over Trescastagni, a town on the island of Sicily, described by witnesses as "a luminous object that crossed the sky going from the west to the south." "The group spotted the object near the peaks of Tre Monti on the outskirts of Trecastagni and took note of the luminous trail rising in the west. It crossed the sky, lighting up the clouds like the last burst of sunshine and then went in a southerly direction. Some witnesses spoke of one object with three lights and a luminous molten glow. Others spoke of a trio of luminous objects proceeding in formation. The object reportedly zigzagged and its speed was too fast for it to be a conventional jet." (See the Italian newspaper La Sicilia 1/19/99. Thanks to Gianfranco Degli Esposti e Alfredo Lissoni di Centro Nazionale Ufologico) UFO Roundup Vol. 4. #4 1/25/98 Joe Trainor Editor.


Larry Hatch writes that he has found some surprising statistics regarding monthly distributions of UFO sightings. Out of some 16,870 events in my database where a definite month is known, one would expect roughly 8.3% of that number (about 1400 events) to fall into each month. The data for all years is lumped together. Instead, I find 6936 events in the first six months of the year [41.1%] and, the other 9934 listings [58.9%] in the last six months. A histogram shows slow activity right through June, then the count nearly doubles for July, slowly falling off into November. December is quite slow, much like the months January thru June. In fact, if I throw December into a "slow" period of seven months, the anomaly is even greater: Dec thru June : Seven months averaging 1142 per month -vs- July thru Nov.: Five months averaging 1779 per month! This cannot be chance, no way with nearly 17,000 data points. Some seasonal effect is at work (or play) here. Major meteor showers tend to cluster in the last half of the year. But, I try to filter out fireball and night-light sightings unless they have some other outstanding attributes. To test for this effect, I ran the same histogram for various types of UFOs, namely Saucer/ovoids, cigar/spindle types, deltoids, night-lights, fireballs and so forth. All types except Deltoids (triangles, boomerangs, etc.) gave the same general histogram in proportion! Interestingly, the Deltoids had a less marked end-of-year effect, and the curve was shaped differently. No, it's not meteors. I should add that the Geminid and Lyrid meteor showers occur in December and April, two of my slowest months. My busiest month, July, has no major meteor storms at all. Perhaps there is some demographic or other mundane explanation, but I am at a loss for what it might be. Naturally, I would like to believe that this effect is intrinsic to the UFO phenomenon itself, but someone should play devil's advocate here first. Best wishes: Larry Hatch Editors Note: The increase in sightings in the summer and fall months in the Northern Hemisphere may be explained by the fact more people are outdoors in warmer weather. Also, the UFO pilots may prefer to fly in warmer weather. The Deltoids may be secret military aircraft that fly on a fairly regular schedule.


British Aviation expert Bill Rose writes, I pretty well solved the Troup County sighting for you. I believe the unknown aircraft was a B-1B "Lancer" which is a large supersonic bomber with a long delta winged shape. (with its wings folded) The aircraft is powered by four turbofan engines and optimized for low level flight and having photographed B-1Bs on several occasions from fairly close quarters, I can promise you they are very noisy beasts. It is also the case that the standard paint finish for the B-1B is a dark gray color. Having now had time to study a detailed map of the area and plot the course of this flight, I believe I can say without any doubt that this was a B-1B en route to Warner Robin AFB where the 116th Bomb Wing operate these aircraft. This aircraft was definitely not the Aurora, which is now thought to be a Mach 3+ reconnaissance version of the still secret A-17/FB-119A that is designed for very high altitude long range missions and would not perform very well in low speed/altitude situations. The B-1B may have been on a secret training mission when this sighting occurred. These aircraft are now capable of seeking out Scuds and this incident was just prior to the recent Gulf strikes. What does surprise me a little is the fact that nobody seemed to know that B-1B aircraft were operating from a major USAF base outside Macon! --Okay, well maybe you didn't want to use a solution to that puzzle! There simply isn't enough solid detail to draw any conclusions. Thanks to Bill Rose

Editors Note: The witnesses seemed to rule out any standard commercial or military aircraft.


UFO researcher and writer Robert J. Durant last night offered to contribute five-hundred dollars toward a polygraph examination of a key figure in the controversy over recently surfaced documents purporting to show early US government and military knowledge of extraterrestrial craft. The offer, made during last night's live broadcast of The Mike Jarmus Show, a short-wave radio and Internet program specializing in UFOs, the paranormal and unusual, was immediately accepted by scientist and physicist Dr. Robert M. Wood. Dr. Wood, with his son and engineer, Ryan Wood, are the two primary supporters of the authenticity of documents brought forward by California UFO researcher Timothy Cooper. The documents, as a whole, are referred to as "MJ-12" or "Majestic-12" material, so-called for the supposed secret government/military group controlling UFO investigation, information and "saucer" crash retrievals since the late 1940s, the existence of which the papers are purported to prove. Cooper, also appearing on the radio show, answered in the affirmative when asked by researcher Durant if he would be willing to submit to a polygraph examination. A short time later Durant made the monetary offer to help secure the test and the Woods responded very positively. Cooper claims he received the material through his post office box over a period of time in the mid-90s from a man calling himself "Cantwheel." Cooper says he later met the elderly and mysterious Mr. Cantwheel, but that he has not been able to establish who, in reality, his source was. Physicist Friedman, a proponent of the "original" MJ-12 documents which surfaced nearly twenty years ago and are still controversial themselves, also appeared on the broadcast. Though Durant expressed some concern prior to the show as to Cooper's reliability, he made no specific charge on or off the air that Cooper's story was untrue, but emphasized the importance of checking sources in every way possible. Durant today sent a check for five-hundred dollars with a letter of understanding to Dr. Wood stating, in part, that the Woods "...will raise the additional amount required to carry out a 'lie detector' [polygraph] examination of Tim Cooper to determine if he has been honest in his claims regarding the various documents he has furnished to you." After the broadcast Durant pointed out that, with material as potentially important as this, every precaution should be taken to preclude fakery. The Mike Jarmus Show is heard internationally Sunday nights from 10 to 12 PM on WWCR, Nashville (5.070 short-wave) Website,


Continuing its legal battle under the Freedom of Information Act against government secrecy, attorney Peter A. Gersten, Executive Director of Citizens Against UFO Secrecy, Inc. (CAUS), a nonprofit Arizona activist organization dedicated to ending all secrecy surrounding this planet's contact with an extraterrestrial intelligence, announced today the filing of a new FOIA lawsuit. A 1998 CAUS lawsuit, still pending in the Federal Court in Phoenix, is against the Department of Army for documents involving the allegations of Col. Philip Corso in his book The Day After Roswell. This new lawsuit is against the Department of Defense for information about the alien craft seen in our skies. Gersten, who will be accompanied by a dozen eyewitnesses on the steps of the US District Court in Phoenix, has stated "its time someone in authority is held accountable and responsible for identifying these strange craft that are continually sighted in our skies and sometimes over populated areas. Its time we knew exactly what these objects are and more importantly, their purpose." He describes these craft as "either delta, boomerang, triangular or V-shaped; ranging in size from a house to a football field; moving very slowly or apparently floating; little or no sound; and with many lights including, on occasion, a red trailing light." Some of these objects, according to the CAUS director, were seen in the Hudson Valley in 1984 through 1987; in Phoenix, Arizona on March 13, 1997; in Salisbury, North Carolina from April-June 1998 and Sedona, Arizona on July 15, 1998, as well as countless other places. One eyewitness states that "I swear this craft just appeared over my head. I can say for certain I saw lights at each one of the three corners of the craft and at least one on each of the sides. I did see what appeared to be either a large light or a window directly in the center of the triangle. The eerie part was the silence for a craft hovering so close. It disappeared just as suddenly." "At a time when everyone is anxious about terrorist attacks, its alarming that no government or military agency appears concerned about these advanced craft that have unrestricted access to our skies." Thanks to CAUS: Peter A. Gersten, Ufolawyer@caus.orgUS and Stephen Bassett


FILER wrote to David Rudiak that I enjoyed reading his research on Roswell. It is excellent work. I have always felt Marcel was telling the truth. All my data indicates something crashed near Roswell not necessarily alien. However, they definitely went to great trouble to keep it secret. It was a very special aircraft either ours or alien. Knowing how the military works, it seems odd that they could release a story in Roswell and so quickly react in Fort Worth and Washington. I wonder if it wasn't a setup? They may have felt the word had gotten out, so first you tell the truth then take it away.

DAVE RUDIAK responds to my message stating: I didn't think that at first, but I now believe that's exactly what happened, though it was a daring gambit. However, I suspect coordination may have been a little ragged between Roswell, Washington and Fort Worth, leading to some surprise when the announcement did go out from Roswell. Col. Blanchard may have had Haut release the story too early. That led to a scramble in Washington and Fort Worth. Until General Ramey got his weather balloon/radar reflector, he had to improvise. He began giving out descriptions by phone of what was supposedly in his office, though Marcel hadn't arrived yet. That led to his peculiar description of the object being 25 feet across. Dave Vetterick and I have been mulling this over and noticed the similarity to the Johnny McBoyle/Lydia Sleppy story, which went basically like this. McBoyle called Sleppy in Albuquerque saying that he had seen the military hauling off a "crushed dishpan" about 25 feet long and also that there had been discussion of small bodies being found. Sleppy said that when she tried to wire McBoyle's story to ABC News, the FBI cut her off. Then before she could phone in the story, somebody else had "scooped" them. That most likely was the AP bulletin of Lt. Haut's press release that went out at 2:26 PM Roswell time. An hour or so later Ramey was speaking to the Pentagon Army Air Force press room and talking about an object 25 feet across. _Possibly_ what happened is that Ramey was quickly notified that some newsman (McBoyle) might have broken the story and given a 25 foot description of what was recovered. Ramey then hedged his bets by giving out the same description, though there was obviously nothing in the radar reflector photos that Bond Johnson took that could possibly lead Ramey to believe that it could be 25 feet across even if reconstructed. But in case McBoyle's story did leak out, they wanted to have a cover story for that as well. The 20-25 foot description continued to be put out well into the evening from the Pentagon, making it into a number of newspaper stories and also ABC radio news at 10:00 PM that night. It seems that attempts were made to deceive the FBI as well. The infamous FBI telegram indicates they were given a 20 foot description by Ramey's intelligence officer, but this was applied to the balloon instead of the radar reflector.

FILER: I don't really know what to think about RPIT debris findings. They are certainly trying hard and the message is a major find. I have seen a few of the symbols they talk about but wonder if it is just the way the material crinkles. Bond Johnson gave me the impression you were also seeing symbols?

RUDIAK: Not really. I think I wrote that maybe one piece looks like it might have something like symbols on it. And I've said I'm trying to keep an open mind about it. Maybe some "real debris" brought by Marcel got mixed in with the radar reflector, but basically what I see is a tinfoil radar reflector and a balloon at Gen. Ramey's feet. No cord or string makes me wonder about the debris. I'm most struck about the absence of such a description out on the Brazel debris field. A Mogul balloon train was held together with hundreds of feet of twine and fishing line, yet nothing like that was reported. Even Brazel in his RDR interview denied finding any. So what happened to it? If you read the Air Force Roswell Report, Lt. McAndrew noticed this anomaly and queried Professor Moore about it in his interview. Could the twine disintegrate in the sun, asked McAndrew? No said Moore. McAndrew dropped the subject, and not another word was mentioned in the entire Air Force report about it. It worked against a Mogul explanation, so the absence of line was swept under the carpet and not brought up in McAndrew's or Col. Weaver's summaries.

FILER Several other plane loads of debris were sent to various bases for analysis. By chance the most mundane including a RAWIN target reflector might have ended up in Ramey's office.

RUDIAK: I have trouble imagining that Marcel would bring predominantly tinfoil and rubber balloon junk to show to Gen. Ramey. The point of his debris samples would have been to show Ramey exotic debris.

FILER: By the way it was Newton in a sworn statement in the AF Roswell document that Major Marcel kept trying to point out alien writing on the debris in Ramey's office.

RUDIAK: This was never part of Newton's original story when first interviewed back in 1979. He also said back then that he had no idea why he was brought to Ramey's office other to identify a weather balloon, and he didn't find out about the flying saucer connection until sometime AFTER he left. Nor did he mention being questioned by Marcel. But in his 1994 AF affidavit, he claimed he "giggled" at the so-called flying saucer the moment he walked into Ramey's office. Then in 1995 he told OMNI Magazine that Marcel practically chased him all over Ramey's office trying to get him to change his mind. Does this sound plausible to you? It doesn't to me. Instead it sounds like Newton has jumped on the debunking bandwagon. In contrast Marcel's service file has Ramey a year later calling him "outstanding" and command officer material, and also protesting his transfer saying he had nobody to replace him. It's rather difficult to believe Ramey would write these if Marcel behaved like the embarrassed idiot in front of him as Newton claims. Ramey through Dubose also recommended Marcel's Reserve promotion to Lt. Col. just four months after the Roswell events. Dubose indorsed Blanchard's superior evaluation of Marcel ten months afterwards. Again, none of these officers indicated in any way that Marcel had screwed up, but were instead praising him. Marcel then was posted to two top secret positions, the first one as Chief of a SAC foreign air intelligence division. (There is also correspondence between the SAC and the Pentagon where they are competing for his services.) I honestly do not understand how Marcel could get such a position, if he screwed up a rather simple balloon identification. Thanks to Dave Rudiak.

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