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Filer's Files
By George Filer

MUFON Eastern Region Director
February 11, 1999

George Filer:
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During the autumn of 1973 hundreds of people throughout the United States reported UFOs to National Investigations Committee on Aerial Phenomena (NICAP). Both Governors Reagan of California and Carter have reported seeing UFOs, both later became Presidents. Jimmy Carter stated, "If I become President, I'll make every piece of information that this country has about UFO sightings available to the public."

LEARY, GEORGIA –On October 12, 1973, then Governor Carter responded to NICAP's inquiries about his sighting with a letter and a report form. Harry Lederman the Regional Investigator handled the investigation. The following is the essential answers to questions on the NICAP form: Name-Jimmy Carter, Occupation-Governor, Address: State Capitol Atlanta, phone 404 656-1776. Education -- Graduate in Nuclear Physics. Military Service—Navy. Carter and ten members of the Leary Georgia Lions Club witnessed a UFO, shortly after dark, 30 degrees above the western horizon in October of 1969. The group of persons observed the object for ten to twelve minutes starting at 7:15 EST. The object was at one time as bright as the moon. The object changed size, color, and brightness. The object was sharply outlined and self-luminous. The object came close, moved away--came close then moved away. It was about the same size as the moon, maybe a little smaller, Varied from brighter/larger than planet to apparent size of moon. The object moved to distance then disappeared. Estimated distance to the object was difficult to determine, maybe 300-1000yards about 30 degrees above the horizon. Signed 9/18/73 Jimmy Carter. Editor's Note: Considering this testimony it is doubtful this was a planet or an aircraft. The brightest star, Sirius, has a magnitude of -1.4, Venus at its brightest can reach a magnitude of about -5, and the full moon is -12. Additional information is needed to determine the exact nature of the object and thus it remains as a viable unidentified object in my opinion. Numerous attempts have been made by Georgia MUFON to contact President Carter for further detailed analysis.


BRICK -- Edward Pisciotta writes, "Just sending you a note because I also had a sighting near Route 70 on July 10, 1998." The craft was nearly round without wings, exhaust, or sound. It moved slow and low at only 500 to 1000 feet high as it passed over me. Half of it was black and the other half was emitting bright light. It tumbled very slowly as it moved. It caused me some medical problems immediately afterwards. The skin of the palms of my hands peeled and I had a spot on my chest that looked like a melanoma. I went to a dermatologist for that and it turned out to be non malignant. I also developed a lump that almost required surgery but it went away quickly with anti biotics. The peeling was within a few days of the sighting. My palms never peeled before. I think I was gripping the pole of a street sign to steady myself as I watched. The sky was clear and it was day light. This ship was a very highly visible solid object. Months earlier, my neighbor and I saw a high altitude, strobing light streak across the sky extremely fast. Thanks to Edward Pisciotta and Larry Clark,

Editors Note: Many sightings have occurred on Route 70 that runs on the southern edge of Navy Lakehurst, Fort Dix, and McGuire Air Force Bases.


WILLIAMSTOWN -- On February 10, 1999, at about 9:30 PM Evelyn Galson and her spouse Russ were outside talking to a friend. It was a clear night with no clouds. As I was looking across the street, I saw fire fall from the sky. It started about tree top level and fell straight down in front of the motel across the street. It burned out quickly. There was no time for me to tell my husband to look since it was over so fast. It was strange that it started so low in the sky, just a little higher than the roof of that hotel. I could see the trees behind the fire, so it was actually in front of those trees. Thanks to Evelyn at


PEACHTREE -- JD says thanks for not giving our identities. I was in charge of the Computer Programming curriculum at the local community college nearly three years ago, when my wife and I saw a UFO. It was early spring on a warm day with the last fading hints of a beautiful sunset behind the mountains on the west side of the river. We pulled into Peachtree Quick Stop. Kathy went into the store and I stayed outside to get gas. Kathy stuck her head out and yelled, "John! Look at that!" She pointed across the road, out past the field by the General Textile plant. I saw a black shape streaking through the valley, over the river. It looked as if it had come from behind the hospital and was heading in the direction of Murphy. The first thing I noticed was that it was moving very quickly. The second thing was that it was making no sound at all. I was not particularly excited, and I certainly wasn't afraid. The clerk was telling Kathy that he had been watching it fly through the valley for the last thirty minutes, and it seemed to upset him. He kept asking, "What is that thing?" I went back outside, and watched it for a few minutes from the side of the road. Eventually, I crossed the road and watched it for nearly thirty minutes. It was a very dark, flat black, and I saw no lights reflecting off the object. It had red and green lights, but they were in the wrong configuration for an aircraft. It could fly at nearly hover speed, and then in a matter of a couple of seconds, it would accelerate to a speed I estimated to be 300 knots. This craft made no sound at all. It usually flew with the point of the boomerang pointed in the direction of flight, but at other times it seemed to be able to fly sideways just as easily. Perhaps this was an optical illusion. I saw no conventional directional controls such as aerilons, elevators, or vertical stabilizers. This triangular craft stood out in clear contrast as a black object between me and the mountains. On several occasions, it flew below the trees that line the river. It was about 100 or 200 yards from the road, and was clearly visible as it hovered in front of me. Then, it turned and streaked back up the valley towards the college. We then drove down the mountain and were crossing the bridge over the river as we entered Clay County. I saw something in my headlights and hit the brakes. We slowed to maybe 10 or 15 miles per hour and stared at the huge craft clearly visible in our car's headlights. It was nearly hovering just over the trees next to the road at the horse farm. We got to within 100 yards of the craft. It took nearly five seconds from the time the front of the craft went over the centerline of the road until the tail end crossed the same line In shape, it was a cross between a triangle and a shortened and thickened boomerang. There were no straight lines or sharp angles, it was smoothly curved over its entire shape. We could see the entire bottom of the craft. I slowed the car and stopped, just as it accelerated at a tremendous rate silently over the river back in the direction of Peachtree. I started driving up the road very slowly as Kathy looked for the craft to return. We had gone through Brasstown and were rounding the sharp curve back to the right just as Kathy called out, "There it is!" The craft flew down the valley to the fire station at an estimated speed of 100 knots. It changed course and flew over the Campbell Folk School, heading in the general direction of Martins Creek. We went on home and made separate drawings and decided the craft was 50 feet long with a 75 feet wing span. It was about ten to fifteen feet thick at the front, tapering smoothly to a thickness of about three or four feet at the rear. It was an extraordinary experience This is the first time I've told my story to the world-at-large. Thanks to JD.


ELKTON-- January 25, 1999, a 26-year old was traveling to Middletown, Ohio and began noticing unusual air traffic. He stopped his car at the Madison Food Market on Route 122 and watched four odd lights in the sky. He placed a phone call home and Ms. Smith (name changed) was curious and drove around the area. Upon returning she noticed 'a star-like light that appeared over the barn.' Ms. Smith said, that the light was to the south of her location, and it became very bright. The object hovered for about 10-minutes, and flashing red and green lights could be seen. Ms. Smith said that two smaller 'lights' were also visible 'dancing' back and forth. They would disappear and reappear from behind the treeline. The two smaller white-colored objects blinked. During the event, a faint low-pitched humming or droning sound was heard. The objects appeared at a low elevation above her five-acre field. The main object was closer. The sightings were from 8:22 to 8:45 PM. "bigger and brighter than any airplane. Ms. Smith retrieved a pair of binoculars and viewed the main object, adding that it looked 'hazy.' The objects moved very smoothly and departed from view by slowly moving off, disappearing behind trees in the distance. No animal reactions were noted. The weather conditions were clear skies with very cold temperatures. She is familiar with routine air traffic. Thanks to Kenny Young UFO Research
Ken feels serious consideration should be given to misidentification of stars, as Ms. Smith stated that sky conditions were clear and the object, when viewed through binoculars, seemed 'hazy.' Visual misinterpretation of stars and planets could be a factor, but this does not account for the 'droning noise' reported.


MC MINNIVILLE –February 2, 1999. I know this might sound crazy but it is totally true. My friends and I were camping on his ranch about a mile from his house. We were sitting around the fire and we heard some noises in the bushes. So we went over to check it out. We came upon some weird footprints in the mud. There was a circle with 4 lines leading away from it (guess they would be toes). So we followed them. The curiosity got the best of us. We went through the woods and into a meadow when we saw something that looked like a walking tree except for the head. The creature was walking through the meadow at a more than casual pace. When we went to use a flashlight to look at it as it disappeared. About 2 hours later a strange light shot across the sky without sound. Thanks to: (Ian)


MONTREAL — On February 5, 1999, Gabriel Allen, while driving into the city writes, "I passed over the Lac des Deux Montagnes bridge. I glanced to my right at 05:43 AM and noticed a smallish object emitting a pale white glow over the water. It was hovering, similar to a Harrier VTOL jet before landing. Another motorist and I pulled the car onto the shoulder to observe. As we watched, the object appeared to change places in the air. It must have moved incredibly fast to explain what we observed. I cannot quite pin down exactly what it did, but it was unlike the actions of any aircraft I have ever seen. A female motorist stopped and we directed her to look at the object above the lake. Then the UFO ascended sharply and dramatically and disappeared into the heavy cloud cover. All three of us experienced an intense vibration accompanied by a sound not unlike an intense thunder clap. The three of us exchanged names and numbers. As I entered the car and turned the ignition, a burst of static came over the radio and then quieted. I pressed the scan button to switch to my original channel, 95.9 FM, but the tuner selected a station, 02 MHz up the dial. This was also a dead station but instead of static a nonrandom periodic clicking came over the speakers accompanied by a slight hum. I hit scan again and the radio appeared to resume normal operation. Moreover, I checked my watch to note the time. It's a digital Timex, about six years old but with a relatively new battery (about three months old). The battery had completely worn out and my watch was dead. I replaced the battery today and the watch works fine. After the incident I developed a rash around my abdomen similar to hives. Large, localized swellings appear and move around my stomach and back. I am allergic to nuts so I am familiar with this reaction." Thanks to John Thompson and ISUR. (This report is suspect but we are investigating)

Michael Strainic, Canadian National Director of MUFON reports that on November 9, 1998, pilots of an airliner flying from Alaska to California saw unusual unidentified lights in the sky. The flight was approximately 90 nautical miles west of the Sandspit, British Columbia, VOR station in the area of Queen Charlotte Islands, when one of the pilots asked their ground controller. "Do you have traffic for me?" The controller told the flight that he had no traffic, and confirmed with North Bay Air Defense that there were no aircraft within 200 nautical miles of their location. The pilots then reported a visual sighting of traffic at their 12, 1 and 3 o'clock positions. They observed three orange objects, and then two white objects. The pilots stated that they could possibly be flares. However, a check with the Rescue Coordination Centre confirmed there were no flares active in the area at this time. The pilots were flying in visual conditions in a dark night sky. The local time was approximately 7:27 PM. Since a Canadian military flight had reported sighting meteors in the same area the previous night, the pilots were asked if what they were observing might be meteors. Their answer was simple and direct: "They're not meteors." Checks with the military regarding the meteors of the previous night were met with the usual and predictable lack of interest. The airline flight number is on file with MUFON but is being withheld while the investigation continues. Thanks to Michael Strainic See


Let me just take you up on the latest "Aurora" sighting in Alaska made by Warren A.   Bill Rose writes I spoke with a leading aircraft recognition expert in an attempt to determine what aircraft details are visible at what range, allowing for aircraft size and atmospheric conditions. The opinion is that a 747 is approaching the limits of (unaided) recognition at about 7 miles distance. On this basis, it seems unlikely that an overall shape (described as a silver reflective triangle) could be determined at a distance of 15 miles, even if the craft was somewhat larger than an airliner. This report from Alaska is still very interesting and something unusual seems to be taking place, although we do need more detailed information before a reasonable assessment can be made. Thanks to Bill Rose.


LARNTOWN -- Kenneth Mundell video taped a flying triangle type aircraft on January 20, 1999, at 4:50 PM GMT over his house at Inver, Larne town, Co. Antrim, Northern Ireland, UK. He states, "I noticed the Tri-UFO [triangular UFO] coming from the East just about 1000 feet high traveling slowly at 30 mph to-40mph maximum speed. There was no sound coming from the craft. The camcorder 8 mm XR [extra resolution] tape is fantastic quality of the encounter that lasts a couple of minutes. When the UFO was directly over my house it changed direction slightly to a more Northerly one. Not noticeable in the MPEG is that the UFO spins round and 'skids' across the sky, which is an impossible task for any known aircraft. In October 1998, I witnessed an egg-timer 'X' shaped object over the Glynn near Larne and decided to buy a camcorder. It certainly paid off! There are stills on the Website. After careful examination of the tape there are at least two aircraft nearby. When the triangular object is flying away from the camera [slowly] there appears to be what seems to sound like a plain engine. The video can be seen at


GREYMOUTH -- On Saturday afternoon, January 16, 1999, people relaxing on the beach on South Island's western shore were startled by the cries of children who were "pointing to the western horizon. There was "a UFO was enjoying itself." The UFO, described as "a large opaque and shiny disc," zipped about in the blue sky over the Pacific Ocean for several minutes. "One intrepid adult took a photograph or two of the large opaque and shiny thing as it bounced, dived and then proceeded north in a flat trajectory. Everyone is waiting to see how the film comes out, which, considering the camera is not much more than a box Brownie, will be an event in itself." Greymouth is on the South Island about 160 kilometers west of Christchurch. ("The Press" New Zealand 1/21/99, "Unusual sighting at Greymouth." Many thanks to Errol Bruce-Knapp.

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