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Filer's Files
By George Filer

MUFON Eastern Region Director
February 18, 1999

George Filer:
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"Confirmation: The Hard Evidence of Aliens Among Us?" was aired on NBC television February 17, 1999. I feel this was an excellent presentation, and one of the best UFO specials ever. I would like to congratulate those who participated. I think Ufology won the match over the debunking scientists about three to one. I particularly enjoyed the Brookfield Township, Ohio Police Department's willingness to state frankly what they saw. Kenny Young did a great job in his investigation of the case a came across as credible and confident. The testimony of the police officers and actual 911 recordings and dispatcher's statements made this case entirely convincing and credible. The police claimed they witnessed three UFOs, one even caused the police cruisers engine to stop. When UFO departed the engine restarted itself. The astronomer claimed it was scintillation, twinkling of stars and a fireball since they can be brighter than the moon. It was just a coincidence the police car's engine stopped with the UFO overhead. Scientists have rejected the power of observation by others for centuries. This is what delayed for so long the `scientific' discovery of meteors, giant squid, gorillas, and many other wild and wonderful facts of this world. Even though UFOs are unlikely they do happen. Scientific rationalization is not always correct. I think NBC and Whitley Strieber did a masterful job of pointing this out to the viewer.

Joe Firmage the former CEO of US Web placed a full page advertisement in the February 19, USA Today Newspaper using famous quotes of world leaders. This is well done ad and indicates to many that UFOs are a serious business. With a tenth of the money for the cost of the ad, we could follow up our very promising leads. However, this kind of powerful advertising I predict will open some very important doors. Thanks to Joe Firmage for his vision and sincerity.

A story from Europe sheds light on the real UFO situation. George Keleti, the Minister of Defense in Hungary, in an article by Attila Lenart entitled "Ask a Question to the Minister of Defense: George Keleti was asked, "Are You Afraid of a UFO Invasion?" He answered: "Around Szolnok many UFO reports have been received from the Ministry of Defense, which obviously and logically means that they [UFOs] know very well where they have to land and what they have to do. It is remarkable indeed that the Hungarian newspapers, in general newspapers everywhere, reject the reports of the authorities." Nepszava, Budapest, 8/18/94.


Several local MUFON members, including State Section Director for the county, Richard Sitts, visited the Saratoga Lake area on Saturday, February 13, 1999. The area has had a high number of UFO's reported since last summer. They were there to provide possible confirmation of anomalous activity. They in fact observed an unusual display. In Richard's words: " The sighting was silent to us across the lake. It appeared very similar to what we saw on Chris' tape. The number of lights varied from 1 to 5. Color varied from amber to white. Did not appear to be airplanes. Wish we'd had a camera! What we had there was an informal ride to the lake without any planning. Just a spontaneous event for us. We'll go back. "The film Dick refers to is a nine minute segment captured by local investigator Chris O'Leary. It shows first one, then two brilliant objects that appear to hover over the lake with the brilliant light reflected in the water. Each object then leaves in an opposite direction. The second object to leave goes down to the end of the lake where ducks are heard apparently reacting to the object. That object then continues on past the lake and is observed moving along the contour of the hill beyond the lake, illuminating the tree line. A copy of the film has been forwarded to a MUFON video analyst. Thanks to Larry Clark. phttp://www.nymufon.orgp & Richard Sitts: p>RASitts@aolp.


WANAQUE RESERVOIR-On February 9, 199, my friend Ryan and I visited the reservoir to look for UFOs. We saw two objects over the hill on the horizon. One was pulsating from a bronze light color to red and at one point increased in intensity. They sat still as we watched and left. That's all that happened. We only stayed for ten minutes because it was so very cold outside, we'll return when its warmer. Thanks to Mike.


PHILADELPHIA -- Mark writes that on Friday, February 5, 1999, between 6:30 and 7:00 PM, my family and I observed a very unusual light in the evening sky in Telford. That's about 30 miles NNW of Philadelphia. It was about 30 degrees above the southeast horizon. We observed it through binoculars and a small telescope. It was a very bright sparkling object, which rapidly flashed in all colors. It was smaller than either Jupiter or Venus, but noticeably brighter than either which were both observable in the southwest last evening. My telescope is powerful enough to show the disc of Jupiter, with the cloud bands and moons clearly visible. When I looked at this object, all that was visible was a bright sparkling point of light shooting off colored sparks or spikes. There were also lots of planes around to compare it to, but there was no resemblance. Mark Isganitis pisganim@enter.netp

MERCER COUNTY -- Stan Gordon reports there were odd early morning sky glows on January 18, 1999, about 6:20 AM in the direction of Sheakleyville, PA. Witnesses saw the entire northern horizon illuminated with a fiery red color. The glow appeared to pulsate from brighter to dimmer, giving the observers the impression that there was a large forest fire in that area. The glow was right on the horizon, no color was visible in the upper part of the sky. I speculated that what they might have see could have been the Northern lights, since they have been seen in the past. Normally when they are seen however, we generally hear more widespread reports. I discussed this matter with a meteorologist acquaintance of mine, and he also thought that this was a possible explanation. The rising sun could have illuminated some clouds causing the reddish appearance. The Northern Lights appear very different.

TURTLE CREEK -- The second report occurred at 1:54 A.M. on the morning of February 8, 1999, a suburb of Pittsburgh. He was looking southeast, and noticed the entire skyline lit up like a big fire. It was described as rosy- orange in color, and pulsated brighter and dimmer. He watched this for about 2 to 3 minutes, when suddenly in the center of the glow, a bright white diamond shaped light appeared for a second "like a flash bulb going off." Instantly after the flash, the sky went back to normal and the fiery glow had disappeared. Westmoreland County 911 emergency had no reports of fires, or other calls that would be associated with the report. Thanks to Stan Gordon UFO Hotline 724-838-7768.


CHARLOTTE-- R. Terry Kimbrell reports that on February 10, 1999, a strange large V-shaped object w/ red lights bordering the craft was sighted by two brothers. The object was low, with no sound, and about 6" across at arm's length. It approached from the NW, moving SE across the sky with absolutely no sound. It was moving the whole time but was visible for about five minutes at 7:44 PM. It had red lights all around, one at the nose, about three at the lateral sides, and maybe two at the back. Richard A. Bellin said, there were six to eight lights around it. John my brother and I disagree on what we think it is. He believes it was alien and I think it was military in origin. Black is the only word we could both use to describe what we saw. It had no discernable shape, albeit what you could determine from the lights bordering the craft. Weather was clear and the stars were blocked out between the lights. The UFO was followed by 15 small jet aircraft that may have been military. I tried to contact Douglas Int. Airport tonight with no luck, just voice mail. The witnesses sounded very intelligent and sincere. There is a lake in the area that has many UFO reports. Thanks to T. Kimbrell and John Thompson and Richard A. Bellin and ISUR.


MOULTRIE - MUFON investigator John Thompson met with A 77 year old woman and her daughter who saw a UFO. She saw a short fat plane like object at only a 100 feet away. It had short stubby tail and a set of swept-back wings. Real size was that of a standard car. It was about 20 feet off the ground and she saw the UFO for 15 to 20 minutes. It made no sound and its only movement was a single headlight that came out of it in a straight level path. The bluish- gray or bluish-green light returned on the same path into the bottom of the craft. She says it did move and stopped several times and moved in and out of the craft. She didn't see the UFO come or leave. Spence Airfield is only a mile away and is still used. MUFON says most witness underestimate distance and overestimate how long they see a UFO; add another one, they usually overestimate the size of a UFO. That explains why nearly all close-encounters I have investigated -- but not always -- involve a craft of car or van size. Most possible explanation for the midnight to 1:00 AM, 4/10/97 was some kind of secret black-project craft operating out of Moody Air Force Base at Valdosta. Why the UFO was loitering silently over a cotton field for 45 minutes? A call to the Colquitte County Sheriffs Dept., (912) 896-7430, yielded some interesting information. The dispatcher said, at 11:00 PM in the summer of 1997, she saw six large stationary lights that changed from orange to red color. The lights formed a diamond shape, with one light at each corner and two in the middle of the diamond. They were low on the horizon but above the trees for "five minutes." The lights suddenly blinked out. The same night at 11:00 PM two other Colquitte County residents called to report lights. I have had reports of this before--but could not explain the diamond shape formed by the lights or why they changed in the fashion they did. These cases show something unusual was happening in Colquitte County in 1997. Thanks to John Thompson.


DAYTON-Kenny Young reports at 11:15 PM on Sunday evening, February 14, 1999, a 'blue-colored object' with a whispy, luminous tail was seen by dozens of people who had reported the object as a UFO. At least five callers to the Sci-Zone radio program on WLW 700 A.M. (Cincinnati) described the oddity. One caller was a motorist from Dayton, Ohio who spotted the object to the northwest of his location. Another caller was from Milford, Ohio, and also reported the object to the North. The object, he said, accompanied a 'flash' before it disappeared behind a tree line. A later statement from WLW newscasters informed that the object was spotted in Ohio and West Virginia, and that the news station had received several calls. Cincinnati-area UFO researcher Charles Stuart was fortunate enough to actually spot the object while traveling in his car. He stated, "At around 11:15, Sunday night, February 14, 1999, I momentarily observed a bluish-white light descending vertically, disappearing behind a tree-line to the north. The appearance was similar to fireworks. The mystery light did not break up or dim before disappearing on the horizon as do most common meteors. In fact, it gave the impression that it had landed or impacted only a mile or so away. My best bet at this time is that the light was simply a large meteor or bolide passing through Earth's atmosphere at a high altitude. The light appeared to me to be the apparent size of a dime at arm's length. Thanks to Charles Stuart and Kenny Young: ufo@FUSE.NET


San Francisco Examiner, February 12, 1999, Bright light in night sky over Bay Area and Northern Californians by surprise for the second time this month. People from the Bay Area to Sacramento reported seeing the light, which some said lasted as long as two minutes, at about 7:30 PM on Feb. 11. An astronomer said it was likely a fireball, or an extremely bright part of the Aurigids meteor shower. Thanks to Gerry @ Far Shores


TORONTO -- On Wednesday, February 3, 1999, at 10:15 AM, aircraft engineer Graveled Bowser spied a very large UFO crossing the sky. Bowser reported that he "saw a wingless, noiseless, three-hundred-foot-long, fifty-foot-high object with a 'nubbin' on top. It was over St. Clair Avenue West a little beyond Casa Loma." He estimated that the object was traveling at about 400 miles per hour. Elevation 15 degrees from horizontal. Altitude 10,000 feet, descending to 8 degrees from horizontal two miles to the north. It was very silvery, with pointy-rounded ends, no tail fin, and a black horizontal band around it. The sky was clear blue. "Having been in the aircraft industry for five years and having an eye and ear for engines, this object is unlike any craft I have observed heretofore," Bowser stated. The case is being investigated by Larry Fenwick of the Canadian UFO Research Network. Thanks to Bruce-Knapp and UFO Roundup Vol. 4, #7, 2/15/99 Editor: Joe Trainor.


Astronomers are finding that the universe is apparently crowded with planets. Although only 18 planets have been found officially, new techniques have determined that almost 90% of the stars tested, wobble. The gravitational pull of planets orbiting the stars cause them to wobble. Early indications are that a large majority of the stars examined have planets and possibly solar systems similar to our own. There are billions of stars, more than the grains of sand at the sea shore, and these still early calculations indicate a large majority of stars have planets orbiting them. Those of you who believe in extraterrestrial visitation can now point to the fact that most space scientists are now convinced that E.T. is out there. They do not necessarily agree with the idea that E.T. is visiting us. Drakes equations need updating. The odds for E.T. visitation have now increased tremendously. Mathematics often leads scientific discovery and updated equations will likely predict they have visited us. Additionally, mankind has ancient sacred written records indicating these visits have taken place. Sumarian texts repeatedly claim we have been visited by the Anunnaki who came to Earth from Heaven. If you pick up the Koran, Torah or the Bible and read them not as religious spiritual books, but as history, the record is surprisingly clear. We have been visited repeatedly by angels, lords and human like alien creatures from space. They repeatedly state they are God's messengers. Zecharia Sitchin the author of Genesis Revisited and The Earth Chronicles told me that Genesis was a compilation of the true history of Earth. Modern science is just starting to catch up with the revelations of space travel, creation, and genetic engineering. The Bible has many scriptures that can be interpreted as UFOs. Seventy per cent of its predictions have come true, while many seem about to happen. Finis Jennings Dakes and his family spent 43 years literalizing the Bible instead of spiritualizing it. The Dakes Annotated Reference Bible states: In the beginning God created the Heaven and the Earth. Heaven is a material planet with temples, homes, cities, animals, trees, marriage, musical instruments, rain and fire. It is God's dwelling place with mansions, angels, and armies. It is located in the North part of the universe in relationship to Earth. NASA feels that in less than fifty years we will be able to make Mars habitable. It's called terraforming.

It seems reasonable an advanced form of extraterrestrial intelligence could have visited our planet, perhaps on its way to exploring or even populating the whole galaxy? According to the scriptures fifty men from Earth have been taken to heaven and have lived there in natural bodies. Some notable ones include Enoch and Elijah. The alien visitors usually referred to as angels or lords, claim to be sent by God the supreme being. They declare God even created Homo Sapiens. Christianity claims God placed his son on Earth to instruct us in a better way to live. Some of Jesus' last words were, "In my Father's house there are many mansions: if it were not so, I would have told you. I go to prepare a place for you. I will come again!" John 14-2. The ancient Indian Vedic texts refer to vimanas or craft that match our descriptions of UFOs. Perhaps the visitors attempt to direct our beliefs so we can join other worlds in peace.

There are 18 confirmed planets/brown dwarfs around main sequence stars: The top 29 candidates are listed:

(1.) HD 75289 update 1 Feb. 99.
(2.) 51 Peg update 2 Sep. 98.
(3.) HD 187123 update 17 Dec. 98.
(4.) upsilon And update 12 Dec. 96.
(5.) 55 Cnc update 27 Oct. 98.
(6.) rho CrB update 2 Sep. 98.
(7.) HD 217107 update 11 Jan. 99.
(8.) HD 210277 update 17 Dec. 98.
(9.) 16 Cyg B update 23 Nov. 98.
(10.) Gliese 876update 1 Sep. 98.
(11.) 47 Uma update 19 Dec. 96.
(12.) 14 Her update 17 Dec. 98.
(13.) HD 195019 update 11 Jan. 99.
(14.) tau Boo update 25 Nov. 97.
(15.) HD 168443 update 11 Jan. 99.
(16.) Gl 86 update 24 Nov. 98.
(17.) 70 Vir update 4 Dec. 98.
(18.) HD 114762 update 16 Dec. 98. 13 Jupiter mass limit
(19.) HD 110833 update 4 Nov. 96.
(20.) BD -04 782 update 4 Nov. 96.
(21.) HD 112758 update 4 Nov. 96.
(22.) HD 98230 update 4 Nov. 96.
(23.) HD 18445 update 4 Nov. 96.
(24.) HD 29587 update 4 Nov. 96.
(25.) HD 140913 update 4 Nov. 96.
(26.) HD 283750 update 6 Nov. 96.
(27.) HD 89707 update 4 Nov. 96.
(28.) HD 217580 update 4 Nov. 96.
(29.) Gl 229 update 11 Dec. 98.

There are a large number of unconfirmed, doubtful or unpublished possible planet like objects. See


On of February 23, Jupiter and Venus will be within a mere 12' of arc of each other appearing to merge. This is less than half the diameter of the full moon. Venus will be brighter. It technically is not a "conjunction," but, an "appulse." Thirty minutes after sunset, look to the west-southwest for Jupiter and Venus. Saturn will also be there farther to the south, and higher in the sky. Just rising will be Mercury. All four planets will line up like this \ slash mark and be joined by the crescent moon on the 18th.


The government claims what was found near Roswell, NM was a mundane Mogul balloon and a kite like device known as a RAWIN target reflector. Neil Morris a member of the Roswell Photo Interpreter Team (RPIT) continues his examination of Bond Johnson's photos taken of the balloon wreckage in General Ramey's office in 1947. "Close examination indicates something more complex is in the photos. Neil writes, "I continue the analysis of the alleged balloon around the area of the 'symbol' with interesting results." This shows the prominent symbol 'E,' but off to the left is a fainter '2' like symbol. The lines highlight the path of a "pipe" as structure spotted by fellow British RPIT member Ben Field. It seems to be attached to the edge of the material very much like a "hem" to a piece of cloth though it gives the impression of being far more ridged than the material. Similar "tube" like structures can be seen attached to the "foil sheets," on examination of damaged examples they show a "wire-frame" or pipe structure. There appears to strange structures, pointing out from the debris at an angle towards the camera. There is a small highly reflective sphere, the right hand one is much darker but still reflective. What to me looks very much as a badly burned and charred cable. The outer insulation layer of an electrical cable has been burned away and just left the very thin "conductor" intact. If you subject a piece of standard mains cable to a blow torch for a few minutes and you'll get the same sort of result. If the "balloon envelope" had been in close proximity to intense heat for the time it took to burn away the outer covering of the cable? Would we STILL sees this amount of INTACT envelope material? There appears to be "charred" cable-like item attached to the "pipe" structure that is attached to the edge of the "balloon envelope." Another puzzling discovery is that on the edge of foil peaking out from the "balloon material" there is a neat piece of decorative artwork! I see branching Plant Fronds or Comet Trails, and to the top left what could very well be taken as an abstract "fish"! There is increasing evidence within the photographs that the "balloon material" was subject to extreme heat. A neoprene coated nylon balloon would not survive intact as in the images. As well as the charred cables there is an image of a "metallic" bead adhering to the surface of the "material" that shows signs, in the form of a "trail," that it struck the material while molten. It then rolled a short way while still molten, leaving the trail before solidifying in its final position. Thanks to Neil Morris@Home. E- mail: Please visit the Website at:

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