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Filer's Files
By George Filer

MUFON Eastern Region Director
March 4, 1999

George Filer:
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NUMEROUS SIGHTING REPORTS are coming in from all over the world. Only the best are being reported and hopefully we'll have the resources to investigate in detail. There may be some witness confusion with Venus and Jupiter who passed within one-tenth of a degree from each other in the evening sky on February 23, 1999. The planets will remain close together in the west-southwest sky as they drift apart over the next several weeks. The bright planets get people looking at the sky and they often notice and videotape the movement of strange craft.


HOPE VALLEY -- Dennis Bossack reports on the evening of February 15, 1999, a large black triangular craft passed overhead at 11:40 PM. It moved silently, swiftly and steadily. There was no breeze, nothing.


DAYTON - A blue UFO was sighted on February 14, 1999, at 11:15 PM, hundreds of witnesses between the cities of Dayton and Cincinnati in southwestern Ohio. Five people called radio station WLW 700 AM in Cincinnati and talked about the UFO on the talk show Sci-Zone. They said it was a "blue-colored object with a wispy, luminous trail." One caller was a retired police officer from Dayton, who spotted the object in the northwest. Another caller was from Milford, Ohio who reported the object was accompanied a 'flash' before its disappearance. Charles Stuart, a Cincinnati UFO researcher who, witnessed the object at around 11:15 PM Sunday night said. "I observed a bluish-white object descending vertically, disappearing behind a tree-line to the north." It gave the impression that it landed or impacted only a mile away. The light could have been a large meteor or bolide passing through Earth's atmosphere at high altitude. The light appeared to be the apparent size of a dime at arm's length. Thanks to Kenneth Young of Cincinnati UFO Research


ELK CITY -- Skywatch reports that on March 3, 1999, several witnesses reported seeing a flying object that was spinning rapidly on its axis at 12: 35 PM. It appeared to be mostly stationary but had a wobble to it's spinning. The object was reflecting the sun, but seemed to be yellow-gold in color. I noticed several contrails and I am quite familiar with jet aircraft after 6 years in the Air Force. This object was not an aircraft. It appeared to be the size of a match head at arm's length. I kept the object in view for 5 minutes as it slowly moved north till it was out of range. Thanks to Jim Hickman Skywatch International Inc.


TUCSON -- James W. Bentley reports seeing a UFO on February 2, 1999, at 10:30 to 11:00 AM. The object appeared to be the same UFO as the one photographed over Nellis Test Range in Southern Nevada in 1994. The UFO was composed of 4 spheres very close to each other, possibly connected together. It was Grey metallic in color then changing to a bright fiery glow then back to the metal color many times. A coworker and I witnessed the object through binoculars over northern Tucson. We watched for over ten minutes then it slowly moved east. There it stood still, and then sped off to the north. 520-603-1364, 6635 E. Calle Herculo Tucson, AZ 85710 James Bentley


GROOM LAKE -- Bob Hetsko reports a friend of mine put me in touch with an airline pilot who saw a UFO in June of 1998. He and his co-pilot both saw a strange object flying in formation above them. They were flying from west to east at 40,000 feet and the object was overhead. Its altitude was hard to determine, due the relatively small angular dimension of the object. It was the size of a pea held at arm's length. The object was largely invisible, but appeared for brief periods, where it appeared as a plume of orange exhaust, or a cone of orange. It did not move like any rocket, jet or aircraft that the two experienced pilots had seen before. The movement was very erratic, and mostly back and forth, tending to follow the airplane in general flight path. Several times the object seemed to stop a little to the north of Nellis AFB. They watched for over 20 minutes. I asked the pilot if it was reported? He said it was not. He said it is frowned on to report anomalies over the radio bands unless the parties know each other. The pilot, of course, wanted to remain anonymous.


LAKE FOREST -- John Bruns, 29, a machinist reports that on February 22, 1999, he was looking out side and saw the planets Mars and Jupiter at 8:20 PM. After looking at the planets he saw something moving, but it wasn't an aircraft. There were two triangular shaped UFOs with red and white lights around them. They were moving really slow east toward the mountains. They made no sound at all. After I saw them, I saw two military aircraft going after them. Obviously the government knows but won't tell us. Can someone help me or tell me if they have seen similar sightings in Orange County? My sister and I watched the craft for ten minutes. Thanks to Ben Field

VAN NUYS -- General Contractor S. Windsor, 32, reports he was standing in his driveway on February 23, 1999, in the San Fernando Valley 9:05 PM. My friend and his wife were standing next to me talking and I said, "Look it's a shooting star!" But we decided it did not really look like a shooting star. It did not have a tail or streak following behind it. The object yellowish to orange in color seemed to pulsate, get bigger and smaller as it shot across the horizon. It moved north to south streaking across the sky covering the horizon in about 5 seconds. It however did not vanish into the horizon, but seemed to vanish just before. My friend saw it and agrees it was not a shooting star. The object made no sound in the clear sky. Thanks to Ben Field BUFOD.


The 1998 Canadian UFO Survey indicates Canadians reported 194 UFO sightings last year. Ufology Research of Manitoba working in cooperation with researchers across Canada has released its annual review. "UFO sightings continue to be reported at a fairly constant rate," says Chris Rutkowski, an astronomer and science writer in Winnipeg who for the past 25 years has been studying UFO reports in Canada. "People still report observing unusual objects in the sky, and some of these objects do not have obvious explanations." The typical UFO sighting occurs after 10:00 PM, and most sightings have two witnesses. Many witnesses are pilots, police and other individuals with good observing capabilities and good judgment. This year, the study found there was an unexplained increase in the number of UFO reports from the Northwest Territories and Yukon. In addition, researchers found that most UFOs in Canada were reported in the fall than at any other time of year. "We are not sure why there were some odd differences in the patterns of UFO reports last year," says Rutkowski. "But 1998 was definitely not like any other year during the past ten years of this study." Rutkowski notes. "Although there is no incontrovertible evidence that some UFOs are alien spaceships as popularized in the media, the continued reporting of UFOs leads us to recommend more studies of the phenomenon by social, medical and/or physical scientists." Among the 22 cases listed as "Unknowns" this year: a black triangular object flew low over a truck driver on the Hope-Princeton Highway. A 'v'-shaped object affected electrical devices in Bancroft, Ontario. A softball-sized, metallic object hovered over a witness near Emerald Lake, Yukon. A copper-colored cigar-shaped object flew over some campers near Blainville, Quebec. Thanks to Chris Rutkowski at:


KINGSTON -- Lanre Coke reports, strange lights were seen by at least three people in a Central Village area on February 28, 1999, at 10:30 PM. It was reported by a woman who called a talk show and said that she had seen a strange bright light. It seemed to light up everything and then in a few seconds it had disappeared. What is remarkable about this is that I have a fellow co-worker who had experienced the same thing about 18 months ago while driving to the country with a friend. They were on a road that had no lights and then they said that all of a sudden the whole area was lit up by this bright light. Not many people here in Jamaica believe in UFO's and they all laugh when the topic is being discussed. But it is as they say "It would be a waste of space if we were the only intelligent life form in this universe" Lanre Coke Jamaica West Indies. Their Phone Number: 876-926-7929-w/876-925-7305-h Their Address: 13 Glenalmond Drive Kingston 8. Jamaica West Indies Thanks to John Thompson and ISUR.


LIMA -- On February 9, 1999, just before midnight, witnesses from the port of Pisco, 300 kilometers south of Lima, watched a large anomalous light emerge from the Pacific Ocean. The UFO was described by witnesses as a supply ship or mothership rose into the air, banked sharply to the right and flew east heading for the shore. The following evening February 10, residents of Chorrillos, a suburb of Lima reported seeing luminous discs "flying at a low altitude." In Jesus Maria, another Lima suburb, residents poured into the plaza to watch the overflight that was again videotaped. Within the hour, another squadron of luminous UFOs flew over the seaport city of Callao, 13 kilometers west of Lima. By now, the word had spread, and a crowd of about 2,000 people witnessed the overflight of Callao. "Neighbors in the zone went outside of their homes in the hope of seeing the OVNIs (Spanish acronym for UFOs) again." At 11:00 PM both Channel 2 and 5 Television Panamericana stunned all two million residents of Lima with a special 40-minute broadcast on the UFO flap. The show aired video footage of the objects flying over Jesus Maria and Callao. Two luminous UFOs flying eastward towards the Andes from Ica, 400 kilometers south of Lima. Rumors spread about the presence of an undersea base a dozen kilometers offshore. On February 12, more UFO reports came from the desert northeast of Lima as residents watched the UFOs pass overhead. According to Dr. Virgilio Sanchez Ocedo the next day a startling videotape was shown on Channel 5 of a saucer skimming low over the rooftops and palm trees of Callao. (See the newspapers El Comercio and El Expresso for Feb. 13, 1999. Thanks to Pilar Valencia, Guillermo Alarcon, Henry Farias, Rose Marie Paz y Dr. Virgilio Sanchez and Joseph Trainor UFO Roundup Vol. 4 #8, 2/22/99.


GLOUCESTERSHIRE -- On February 8, 1999, businessman Miles J. was relaxing in his seat aboard a British Midlands A-310 Airbus jetliner, when he spotted something odd outside his window. He was flying home from Belfast, Northern Ireland, and the plane had just begun its descent into London's Heathrow Airport. Miles said, "I was seated on the right side of the Airbus when I saw a large, cigar-shaped UFO, at very high altitude. The very large, distinct, big cylindrical object was above the highest cloud layer. It seemed to be stationary and was 15 degrees deviation from the aircraft's flight path." "As the Airbus began to descend, the object remained fixed in altitude at 45,000 to 50,000 feet and was obscured by high clouds. The object was white, long, and cylindrical, with no obvious features. It was pencil thin, with white rounded ends." Miles stated that he believes his plane was "a bit south of Birmingham" when he spotted the UFO. It would have been visible from 25 to 10 minutes before landing. The total time in view was 15 minutes until the final descent into the clouds." Mile's estimated the craft was 50 miles away over Gloucestershire near Cheltenham. Thanks to Joseph Trainor UFO Roundup Vol. 4 #8, 2/22/99.

Editors Note: When I was in the Air Force, London Control asked us to intercept a UFO about 30 miles from this sighting. London Control had it on radar above Stonehenge. We dove on the UFO and I got one of the largest radar returns I had ever observed on my radar. When we got close it looked like a night shuttle launch into space. I've been chasing them ever since.

UFO LANDS IN KNUTSFORD, ENGLAND -- Tim Matthews reports the British UFO Studies Centre and the Lancashire UFO Society under the direction of UFO investigator Eric Morris are looking into reports of a 'UFO landing' event. On February 28, March 1, 1999, in Cheshire. Witnesses reported anomalous lights in the area and claim to have seen red and white lights descend very slowly into the nearby woods. The objects then behaved 'as if under intelligent control.' The local authorities, Police, Fire Brigade or Air Traffic Control at Manchester International Airport can shed and light on these unusual events. The BUFOSC team first discovered ground traces in the form of burn marks and scorching, possibly associated with the lights reported. Second, an unusual pattern in the surrounding bracken suggesting that it has been pushed down or "squashed" over an area of 60 meters. Third, evidence of tree and wildlife damage. Soil samples are being analyzed. Thanks to BUFOSC at and Tim Matthews


STIRLING -- Videotape of dozens of silver orb-like objects were shot by a road worker known only as Brian. Last December, Brian shot five and a half hours of video from which about 15 minutes is considered particularly impressive. Investigator Russel Callaghan told reporters, "We're convinced we've got something extremely unusual. What we've seen at Stirling is one of the most convincing cases I have ever handled. Callaghan said. "Brian is as genuine as the day is long and wasn't out to make a million. He is certainly not a fraud or a con-man." Callaghan reportedly questioned Brian for more than eight hours before arriving at his conclusions. The Daily Record and Sunday Mail report said that Brian's video is being "hailed as 'the most significant UFO footage ever recorded in Britain.'" Callaghan said, "Some of the maneuvers and detail on the 15-minute tape were stunning and resembled the activity recorded in the skies over Mexico," he said. A Scottish voice is heard on the video saying "Crazy, crazy stuff" as a UFO appears to skim through the clouds at high speed. Brian turned his tape over to the UFO Magazine editor Graham Birdsall, who said Brian does not own any sophisticated video editing equipment. He added "Brian has neither the resources nor inclination to perpetuate a hoax." Thanks to Jeff Rense ( and Britain's Daily Record and Sunday Mail Online, 2/24/99 (


ARMAGH -- Alan Sewell from The 'Irish Centre for UFO Studies reports their Program for Extraterrestrial Intelligence Research (PEIR) studies have shown that out of 400 reported UFO sightings, 120 were in the far southwest region near Bantry. County Cork in the Bantry area is similar if not more active than Bonnybridge, Scotland. This area is considered the third most active UFO area in the world. This group attempts to predict when Extraterrestrial Intelligence events are likely to take place. This research is an alternative to the international government sponsored SETI Program operating in other bands of the electromagnetic spectrum. The research has enabled a theory to predict when close encounters are likely to occur at given locations in the future, based on data from past events. A scientific study of UFO Close Encounter (CE) Events has revealed that such CE activity is satisfactorily explained as being an important element of an astronomical surveillance of the earth by technologically advanced space craft. On June 24, 1997, the PEIR team described the process and dynamics behind the ET activities on a Television Program, 'We Are Not Alone.' This program was shown in Europe and the USA. ICUFOS and PEIR announced to the public through radio and television interviews that for the very first time in the world they were able to successfully predict when UFO's would occur for Sky Watchers. The predictions were successful and resulted with both public and the PEIR team witnessing sightings that are published in a special report for that period. Thanks to Irish Center of UFO Studies 156 Meadowbrook. Craigavon. Co Armagh. N Ireland. BT65 5AD and


ALICANTE COUNTY -- We where driving up to my house when all of a sudden my car just stopped. My two friends and I where laughing at first, but then we noticed that our cellular phone also shut down. The digital clock and everything electrical in the car was inoperative. We stepped out of the car because we heard a humming sound. We looked up and saw three lights shaped in a triangle. Suddenly it flew off and our electrical systems became operational again. We could switch on our cellular phone and everything in the car worked fine. The weirdest thing of it all is that a colossal big triangular shaped thing was directly above us, but we didn't feel any pressure or wind keeping that thing up there. It took off at incredible speed without producing any sound. The UFO hovered at about 30 meters above us for ten seconds. All our watches and cellular time where exactly 5 minutes behind, and we know this because we phoned the time service right after the incident. Thanks to Ben Field BUFOD at:


GRAAFF-REINET – The Evaluation Center For UFO Reports (ECUFOR) has completed its preliminary investigation of footage of alleged UFOs. Testimonies of primary witnesses have been obtained. On December 27, 1998, at about 3:00 PM, the Laubscher family observed between 8 to 10 objects moving rapidly in a northerly direction over Graaf-Reinet. This is a small town situated some 260 km north of Port Elizabeth. Mr. Laubscher managed to capture a few minutes of this incident on video. The objects appeared somewhat roundish triangular and seemed to move in a group. Occasionally one or two would stop and the others would circle around. This motion repeated itself a few times. While moving the objects were shinny gold in color but when stationary appeared to switch to red and then to blue. The size of these objects was judged to be roughly 4 to 5 times that of a Boeing aircraft at the same altitude. The group had been in view for a few seconds when another much larger object traveling at very high speed in the same flight path proceeded in a northerly direction through and past the group. The larger object appeared gold in color and was basically spherical. It traveled at a constant speed and did not change color. Its size was estimated to be roughly 8 times that of a Boeing at the same altitude. The group of smaller objects then followed the larger sphere and they all disappeared behind some high clouds near the horizon. These clouds were roughly 2,000 feet. There was no visible residue or jet stream and no noise. The video indicates the presence of at least three objects zooming in and out of focus. There is substantial good footage for evaluation. Thanks to T. Farley and N. Herbiet ECUFOR P.O. BOX 7784 -- Newton Park Port Elizabeth - 6055 - South Africa cell-phone : 0826592428


I have a favor to ask of you. I am embarking on a new study of certain UFO evidence which deals only with cases in which the aerial phenomenon seen was highly asymmetric, unusual, strange-appearing. I am not interested in discs, saucers, etc. But each case must contain a lot of eye-witness details about the phenomenon (for example, flight trajectory, speed(s), acceleration(s), lighting pattern(s), rays, radiation, landing, sounds, EM interference, and such. A second requirement is that the eye witness must have made one or more drawings of the phenomenon that are also available. Artistic ability is not important, but labeled details on and around the object/phenomenon are valuable. Mail material to: Dr. Richard F. Haines, 325 Langton Avenue Los Altos, CA. 94022 (Richard F. Haines)

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