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Filer's Files
By George Filer

MUFON Eastern Region Director
March 18, 1999

George Filer:
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Now as I looked at the living creatures, I saw a wheel upon the earth beside the living creatures one for each of the four of them. As for the appearance of the wheels and their construction, their appearance was like the gleaming of a chrysolite, and the four had the same likeness being as it were a wheel within a wheel. The four wheels had rims and they had spokes, and their rims were full of eyes round about. And when the living creatures went, the wheels went beside them and when the living creatures went, the wheels went with them, for the living creature was in the wheel. Ezekiel, Chapt. 1, 15 to 21. Revised Standard Version. Was the following what Ezekiel saw?


WA MUFON Director Investigations Robert A. Fairfax and the Director of National Reporting Center, Peter Davenport drove down to the Mt. St. Helens area to investigate a phenomenal case -- the daytime elk abduction witnessed by 14 forestry workers. Peter reports: "The crew was planting trees on February 25, 1999. A herd of elk were grazing about 280 feet down slope and to the north of them (about 1600 feet away). Just before noon, a small UFO flew slowly over the ridge and wobbles its way down toward the herd. About 100 feet from contact with the herd, the animals become aware of the craft and run uphill to the east. One of the elk separates somewhat from the rest and the UFO pursues it. Without pause the craft goes over the animal at a height that might have brushed the elk's head. The craft with the elk dangling beneath then starts ascending to the northeast. The witnesses added that shortly after lifting the elk off the ground, the object seemed to begin to "wobble" to a more pronounced degree than it had exhibited earlier. As the object appeared to increase its altitude, the elk, which was suspended upright below the disc, rotated slowly beneath it and appeared to be getting closer to the ventral surface of the disc. The elk is slowly rotating but no other movement from the animal is detected. When the craft reaches the end of the clear-cut and encounters the tree line the elk is almost totally inside however the craft is not high enough to clear the treetops. It is thought that the treetops might have been hit. They also commented that the object seemed to increase in size slightly after it had picked up the animal. With the elk suspended below it, the object began to ascend slowly up a clear-cut slope to the east. However, the witnesses watched it apparently brush the tops of nearby trees to the east, at which point it reversed its course and proceeded to the west.

The witnesses stated that once the object had started to ascend and had climbed to an altitude above their vantage point, they no longer could see the animal suspended below the craft. Their presumption was that the animal had somehow been taken into the craft. The witnesses could discern no "door," or any kind of aperture through which the animal might have been conveyed into the craft. The craft circled (after much wobbling) 360 degrees; gaining altitude then ascended nearly vertically until it was lost from sight in the clouds. We found a dead elk two miles or so from the sight. However, there were no mutilation marks discernible, no gunshot wounds found, and no broken bones from a fall. The large female elk appeared healthy albeit dead. We were on the site 8 days after the event. No scavengers had attacked the elk body. We found a dead porcupine on the drive out with a scavenger bird picking at the remains. A large corporation and another company are involved in the investigation, but want their names kept secret. Robert Fairfax stated this is an excellent sighting because of these 5 factors that point to a real event. 1. The 14 forestry workers were working on contract for a large corporation with a number of individuals that had worked for 15 to 20 years with the same company. It is not likely that they would risk their jobs to pull a stunt. The forestry people were sincere and believable. 2. The corporation (which must remain unnamed at their request) vouched for the past integrity of the individuals who are all hard working family men that work in inclement weather conditions without any complaints. 3. The voice tone and body language during interviewing left me with no doubt that they had been frightened, awed, confused and were telling the truth. 4. Details that would generally not be known to ordinary people, e.g., The description of the oscillating wobble traveling 360 degrees around the circumference of the craft. That the elk herd gathered together in a tight group for the rest of the afternoon after the one was abducted. The humans grouped together for the rest of the afternoon also. 5. Some reported having continued nightmares after the fact. 6. They wanted absolutely no publicity and they were not even going to tell anyone about it. A corporate supervisor (not at the site but seeing the group later) noticed that the whole group appeared frightened by something and had to pry it out. Anyway, those were some indicators. The witnesses saw a more pronounce wobble and interpreted that as the object having trouble with the extra weight. Thanks to Robert A. Fairfax and G. Knowles WA State Director, Walter Sheets and Peter Davenport.


TULSA -- Tracy L. Thomson reports he was driving north on I 44 on March 3, 1999. At 3:23 PM he observed four flying objects with two similar objects flying "Wingmen." They crossed the sky in front of me about 500 feet. I am a commercially rated pilot keen on W.W.II vintage aircraft and flew sixty missions in Korea in Skyraider AD4NL's. They have no rudder or empenage. I can make out something between a ball and a flat disk about the size of a VW Beetle. The ships are shiny silver in color. They move in perfect formation of four and two with no sound. I watch the four formed into solid flying-wing configuration while the other two mated into one. There is no irregularity to be observed in their formation before they unite at 140 to 150 mph. They flew so evenly fluid; so perfect in formation; so unlike anything human pilot's could achieve. I watch them fly at an altitude precisely level with the 8th floor of a building they pass to their left side. Is this an illusion? They seemed higher -- and now so low. I turn my head to check traffic in front of me. I turn my head back toward the building that marks passage of the flying objects. They are gone. I check my watch. It is 1523. Oh, no! Don't tell me. Jesus Christ, I have to say it: I just witnessed six UFO's slipping through Tulsa. Thanks to CAUS and Tracy L. Thomson (


John Thompson reports that on March 10, at around 9:30 PM local time, a middle-aged horticulturist was driving southwest in Troup County on I-85, when a brilliant white ball passed in front of him. Flying extremely low and level and to the northwest, the non-blinking, solid white ball had an apparent size of Venus. The white ball exhibited no sparkler effect or tail, as would be expected if only a meteor was seen. The ball appeared to be flying at nearly twice the speed of a small jet aircraft that, within 30 seconds, was seen to be following it. The witness estimated that the UFO and the small jet were flying at less than a 1000 feet altitude. The jet had a triangle configuration of green and red lights, with at least one light blinking as is required by the FAA. On arriving at the location where the white ball and small jet crossed I-85, they heard the familiar "whop-whop-whop" of a low- flying helicopter pass directly overhead. The helicopter he said, based on its noise, was chasing the plane and ball that had preceded it. Total viewing time for the white ball to cross the horizon in front of the horticulturist was about "5-6 seconds."

On March 13, 1999, in the Troup-Heard Corridor, a witness had a bizarre set of sightings. At 12:40 AM he was laying in bed when he saw a greenish-blue light barely peeking through the closed blinds of his bedroom window. Getting up, he opened the blinds far enough to see three greenish-blue rectangles "sitting" in front of a ridge line only a half-a-mile away. Looking at 220 degrees, the identical rectangles had an apparent length equal to the moon. The northern most triangle, however, was near the top of the ridge, whereas the other two were on line with each other halfway up. All three rectangles were orientated with their longer bodies parallel to the ground. Estimated real size of the rectangles was approximately 20 x 5 feet long. Pulling the blind all the way up the witness said he watched the rectangles for "5 seconds" when suddenly all three lights went off. Opening the window, he heard no sound. In this northern portion of Troup County, on at least one occasion, steady, glowing green lights have been found in and on top of the soil. It can be speculated that biological or Piezoelectric activity may be creating strange lighting patterns.

On March 15, at dusk, a brilliant white light appeared for nearly 7 to 8 minutes. Walking towards the woods about 75 yards away the witness heard what sounded like a "humming sound." Within a few seconds the noise got louder and sounded like a small roaring jet engine. Flying slowly, a black triangle with a 5 to 7 feet wingspan flew over twenty feet above the witness. At 7:50 PM while looking again to the northeast a red light shot straight up from the wood line. Another member of the witness's family saw a "thin yellow line" of about 15 feet instantly appear and disappear only thirty feet above them. Within 30 seconds a "blue invisible" triangle "riding" on a solid blue haze streaked by at the same low height going to the Northeast. The triangle was of similar size of the black triangle but flew at a blinding speed and made no noise. The outline of the triangle was visible but the interior of the triangle was "invisible" so that the night sky could be seen through it. While it could be speculated that a remote control model craft or drone was responsible for the first triangle sighting, the combination of strange events over a three day period suggests most unusual activity. Clear sky, no wind, unlimited visibility and 45 degrees F. Thanks to John Thompson.


Also on March 15, 1999, a 37 year old truck driver 30 miles west of Jacksonville, Florida saw a UFO at approximately 9:45 PM. Driving west he said he saw two bright stars (Jupiter) and "to its left (south) and lower, another star (Venus)." Above the planets Venus and Jupiter there was a third bright "star." As he continued to drive on I-10 the "star" moved down and between the gap between Jupiter and Venus. Thinking his eyes were playing tricks on him he pulled his rig over. For the next five minutes he watched this unknown object move downward. After reaching a spot low on the horizon, it then moved upward and to the northwest. After a few minutes of climbing, the object stopped and remained stationary. He lost interest in watching it and got back into his truck. He said the unknown object, in his opinion, was not in our atmosphere. He also said that Venus and Jupiter did not move relatively speaking in relation to what the unknown object did over the approximate 15 minutes plus he watched it. Thanks to John Thompson


Chris Mc Craney reports that he saw reports on cattle mutilation. He saw a late February 1999 report on the local news Channel 12 (WSFA) that in the town of Pine Apple, a horse, some cows and goats where all sexually mutilated. They did not know who was responsible. Thanks to ISUR Chris Mc Craney: and Walter Sheets


PHILADELPHIA -- On February 23, 1999, William B. was driving to his office at 6:10 AM when he though he saw the landing lights of a large commercial airliner coming directly at him. The color was white, steady, no additional lights. There were multiple points on the object, maybe as many as eight, making it appear in the same general appearance as a Christmas star" on top of a Christmas tree. "What made the light interesting was the appearance of a bluish-white, spotlight-like beam coming out of it at a 45-degree angle toward the surface. Within this beam was a much-thinner white threadlike beam which came to an apparent halt within the bluish beam approximately 20 percent of the way to the ground, and then appeared to slightly diverge in direction. "The object was about 30 degrees above the horizon and no sound was heard. "I estimate that the object was over the King of Prussia 20 miles away. Apparent size about 20 percent of the size of the full moon." Thanks to UFO Roundup Vol. 4 #11 3/15/99, Joe Trainor editor.


Skywatch reports that saw a UFO in Western, NY on March 16, 1999, at 12:21 AM. My wife saw a white object travel very squiggly a few hundred feet above her. The sighting lasted a couple minutes and shot by without making any noise. The censor lights at her work place flickered after it passed by. I also looked at the sky and had noticed a very large diamond shaped object with various colors in it. It appeared as it was moving and blending in with the stars. Thanks to and Skywatch.


CLYDE -- (Sandusky County) Kenny Young reports that two separate UFO incidents were reported to police on the nights of March 11 and March 14, 1999. The first incident was reported to police in Clyde at about 11:45 PM, not far from Lake Erie. The police report for March 11 reads, in part, as follows: "The complainant [name withheld for privacy] stated that she was traveling towards Clyde, Ohio on SR 101 in the area of County Road 260. She stated that she observed what appeared to be a UFO [that] looked like a triangle in shape and had three round lights on the bottom. She stated that it was directly overhead and she could not determine the height or distance. She stated that she could visibly see that it was triangle in shape with very distinct round lights. She stated, that it was at this point for several minutes and then, like a shooting star, the UFO sped away in an unknown direction. The police officer adds that he contacted Peter Davenport at the National UFO Reporting Center. He was told that a similar sighting had been phoned in from the Chicago, Illinois area just 10 minutes earlier. It is not known if the two events are related since Clyde is 200 miles east of Chicago.

FREMONT -- In the second UFO incident about six miles northwest of Clyde on March 14, the witness telephoned police at 11:36 PM. A patrol officer in the area reported also seeing a strange cluster of lights as reported by the main witness. The patrol officer's report states, in part: "The complainant [name withheld for privacy] called dispatch and indicated that he was observing a strange array of lights in southwestern sky. The lights were clustered together and multicolored. "As I responded to the area of the call, I first observed the cluster of lights as I was on the west end of the bypass. They appeared to be red, green, white or yellow in color. I continued south on SR 53 and then west on SR 12. The lights did not appear to be getting closer, so I pulled my cruiser over in order to retrieve my field glasses from the trunk. "I was unable to identify the object through my field glasses. The lights appeared to be illuminating in a steady fashion. I did not observe any flashing or change in brightness. The unidentified flying object did not give me any indication that it was anything else other than an airplane or helicopter. Although the lights did not appear to be moving at a high rate of speed, the height and distance from my location made it difficult, if not impossible, to estimate. "Ohio-based researcher Kenny Young was alerted to this incident by Tim Hagemeister of NACOMM. Young followed up with the main witness and learned the man's wife and daughter had also seen the strange lights. The witness said the objects were visible from around 11:30 PM until almost 2:00 AM when the family finally decided to retire to bed. "They were not stars, airplanes, or helicopters," the witness insisted. "They were cigar-shaped, oscillating lights. Several of them were way out to the west of us sitting in a triangular pattern. "One that was closest seemed to have a white light underneath and [an]other light on top." We did not see any structure -- they were too far away -- but we could see some shape to them. "Each individual object would be visible for a lengthy duration of time, and would move around in different parts of the sky." "They were not on the horizon at any point." The witness emphasized this detail to distinguish the unusual lights from twinkling stars, which were seen to be setting toward the western horizon. The daughter described a quiet, low humming sound heard while the objects were closest to their location. They were cigar shaped or oblong lights. The witness said the incident scared them. Thanks to Kenny Young UFO Research


Paul Anderson Director of CPR-Canada writes that the new national newspaper, The National Post, has an article entitled "Stranger than Science Fiction." The article outlines the discovery, since at least the early 1980s, of more than 2,000 strange rings, in the forest regions of northern Ontario and Quebec with various theories to explain them. Fungus was ruled out by testing. The article centers on the work of Jean Veillette, a geomorphologist with the Geological Survey of Canada in Ontario, who first found the rings on aerial photos. The rings are perfectly round, ranging from under 300 meters to two kilometers (over a mile) across. The rings are light-colored, with sparse vegetation growth, standing out against the darker colors of the surrounding vegetation (inside and outside the rings), and are "depressed" into the soil. The rings are found typically in areas of carbonate-rich soil and, or bedrock, located in forest regions of black spruce, tamarack and pine trees. Whether these have anything at all to do with crop circles or UFO landings per se I do not know, but they are certainly intriguing, even if just a natural phenomenon (?). The article is on page A17 of the March 16 edition of The National Post. The article also contains two aerial photos, one showing a ring in Quebec that is 500 meters across. Paul Anderson Director CPR-Canada The National Post, March 16, 1999.

ILE BIZARD, QUEBEC -- Gaetan D. is 38 years old and lead a happy life until he witnessed a UFO at 5:45 PM on Friday, March 5, 1999. He says it has turned his life upside down. I was walking my dog in the woods and admiring the sunset when I saw this object fall from the sky. It was about 100 feet above me. It was huge, metallic in color with a very bright white light in front. The middle of this thing was orange and blue. It had a cigar like shape. There were allot of white sparks flying as it flew behind the trees. It seemed to become one again and change shape. It fell behind the trees at an angle of about 45 degrees. All this took 25 seconds. Believe me nothing of this world can look and do what this thing did. There was no noise. Believe me what I saw is not of this world. The temperature was about -10 C. Thanks to Gaetan D. Thomas McFarland, Vermont MUFON State Director

PORT ALBERI, VANCOUVER ISLAND, BC -- Ryan Forrester, 26 years old reports about a year ago I was going over to my friends house to meet him. He wasn't there yet so I went around to his patio in the back yard. The view from his patio over looks the canal and mountains that are quite a distance away. At first I thought they were birds or planes. I realized they were to far away to be birds. I knew they were not planes because planes do not fly in groups of twenty-five and if they did you would at least here some noise. These were black objects flying close together at a very low altitude. When they were over the mountains I knew for sure that they were not planes, so what were they? I am an artist so I drew a picture of what I saw so if you are interested let me know. Thanks to Ryan Forrester


NASA's Mars Global Surveyor spacecraft began its prime mapping mission the second week of March and one of the first things it saw was a smiling face. NASA is hoping this new image isn't as controversial as the last face on Mars which led to theories that an alien civilization had carved it out of the Martian rock. The Happy Face Crater, as it is known, was imaged by the Mars Orbiter Camera (MOC) on the first day of Global Surveyor's mapping mission. "The MOC team's happiness is perhaps best expressed by the planet Mars itself," Malin Space Science Systems, which built the camera, said in a caption accompanying the "happy face" image. The low level mapping has been delayed by over a year by technical problems and scientists are delighted to start their imaging work again. See the smiling face at Astronomy Now 3/11/99,

Correction: In Filer's Files #9 a sighting occurred over Rhode Island of a triangle shaped craft that was reported to ISUR. There were two separate sightings rather than only one. The craft was dimly lighted, but had a circular light at the center of the craft. The first one was on February 15, 1999, at 7:00 PM and a second sighting was on February 20, 1999, at 11:40 PM. Request removal of Dennis Bossack's phone, and address from the previous file.

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