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Filer's Files
By George Filer

MUFON Eastern Region Director
May 7, 1999

George Filer:
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In 1950, President Harry S. Truman commented, "I can assure you that flying saucers, given that they exist, are not constructed by any POWER on earth." White House Press Conference on April 4, 1950. Stanton Friedman wrote to inform me that the Truman Library has no record of an April 4, 1950, Press Conference. The source of my quote was from the "Unidentified Flying Objects Briefing Document" by Don Berliner and Antonio Huneeus, presented by the UFO Research Coalition.

I have not have the resources to investigate the authenticity of each of the following stories. Whenever possible these cases are turned over to field investigators for follow up investigation. The reports are the opinions and research of the authors whose names are provided. They are extraordinary stories that I felt the reader would want to consider. They range from sightings in Denmark, to Rhode Island and Georgia. The observers and researchers could be mistaken, but they are searching for the truth. Much of this is not the standard thinking on the UFO subject. Last week, I discussed that POWERS rather than simply visitors were involved. POWERS infer a fairly large force with an ability to operate with national might with both spiritual and political strengths. In mail dated April 29, 1999, I was sent a signed investigation form by Dennis Bossack telling of his extraordinary sightings.


Dennis reports that on February 15, 1999, a triangle passed overhead heading west to east while he was driving on Route 138 north of Woodville. He lost sight of it due to the trees. A few days later, on February 20, he and his wife were sitting in their sunroom at 11:40 PM. They were watching a fox feed on bread they had put outside, when a craft appeared heading in a southerly direction. They stepped out on the porch for a closer look. Dennis states, "The craft passed over us silently, slowly, steadily and very low. The underside of it was dimly lighted by a hazy white light, thus making it possible to see the logo. The logo was a triangle edged in yellow containing the Earth being struck by two lightning bolts with the number '1' in the right hand corner. As it approached, a feeling of serenity and calm came over us making it a wonderful feeling to watch as it passed overhead. I estimate the speed of the craft at five to ten miles and hour. The size was approximately 40 feet in length and forty feet wide at the rear of the craft with the nose of the craft forming a point. The craft looked similar to a Stealth fighter, however it was a much large plane. The altitude of the craft was about one hundred feet, I repeat there was not a sound from the craft and id did not even create a breeze. I would appreciate any answers you might have to as what this craft is or who it belongs to." Thanks to Dennis Bossack.

Editors Note: I have spent several hours on the phone interviewing Dennis who states the logo or insignia was five feet in diameter and at the front was the Omega symbol. The two lightning strikes that penetrate Earth begin at the 11 and 1 o'clock position. A similar lightning symbol was used by Roman soldiers conquering ancient Britain. The lightning strikes could infer a discharge of atmospheric electricity or perhaps intentions of colonizing Earth. We are also receiving strange communications from someone claiming to be Robert Omega. The Bossack's are respectable home owners mystified by this sighting.


PAWLING -- A 28 year old woman woke up on the morning of April 26 after a weird dream at 4:45 AM. While awake she happened to see a light move outside through the window. She saw a round object that looked like it had a hole in the middle (donut shaped she thinks). The object looked like it was on fire (she said it looked this way because of the very bright white light). It was spinning and moved away from her in a westerly direction. When she first saw the object, it was about the same distance away as a nearby radio tower. The object was about 2 to 3 times the width of the base of the radio tower that is a 1/2 mile away. The object would repeatedly became very bright and then dim. It hovered, and was seen for about thirty minutes. She woke her brother up to witness the object. When it left, it moved at a normal speed and flew up into the clouds. Thanks to Jim Bouck Asst. State Director NY MUFON.


CLARINGTON -- Tim Hagemeister reports April 29, 1999, a witness states, "This is the third night I have witnessed something. I first thought I was watching a satellite traveling north to south. Tonight-9:45 PM, it started turning toward the east. It eventually circled and ended directly overhead. I watched for several minutes until it finally dimmed to nothing. I observed this same scenario on three separate nights -- all starting in about the same location in the sky. It was the brightest in the western sky. As it traveled farther south and then easterly, it dimmed. Is it possible that it was so high that it caught the sun's light? I know it was not a plane. No noise. I live in a very remote part of PA, and I hear any plane that goes over. On May 3, 1999, I went out on the deck at 9:50 PM and checked the sky. The object was there again and I watched it maneuver all over. It would slow almost to a stop -- speed upturn in tight circles -- turn in wide circles -- never stopping. I watched it for a full ten minutes. No beams of any sort, just a dim star light object playing. I don't know what to make of it? Thanks to Tim Hagemeister:


Richard Lang State Section Director of MUFON Virginia reports the strangest thing occurred at the lake where we live. Saturday night (5/1/99) my wife Karen and I were returning home at 10:30 PM. We live in a gated community which has a lake in the center. As we turned on to Route 600 (3 miles from the lake) we could hear a very loud helicopter and looked over in the field to the left. I then saw two helicopters in what appeared to be a chase. These two helicopters were low in the field maybe 100 feet altitude maximum and were lighted with normal navigation lights. I saw starboard green lights as they approached. These two helicopters were chasing something that was not lighted. Karen screamed because I swerved, trying to look up, and almost wrecked the car in the ditch, running off the side of the road. These two helicopters and what ever they were chasing passed directly over us heading toward the lake. We could feel the car shake as they passed over. We drove home and could hear the helicopters over the lake. A large heavy black helicopter flew over the street in front of our house, heading south in the clear sky. This black helicopter was at an altitude of no more than 50 feet above the tree tops with no lights of any kind! It was very loud and the ground shook. As the black helicopter passed over us, it was chased by the two well lighted, helicopters we originally saw. The two smaller chase helicopters were but had slightly different light configurations from each other. They appeared and sounded more like medical evacuation and business helicopters. All three turned and flew over the lake again. They came back and passed over head heading south and disappeared. I turned on my scanner, but was unable to pick up any information. I am a licensed commercial instrument pilot. I got a very good look at the helicopters. I was shocked they were flying so close and low in a residential area." Thanks to

Editor's Note: Black Helicopters were also reported over Downers Grove, IL on March 22, at 2:00 PM at 150 feet.


CLOUDLAND -- This afternoon I was interviewing a reliable witness in reference to a UFO encounter several years ago in Huntsville, Alabama. She was pretty excited and stated that she had just returned from a ranch in Cloudland, in North Georgia opposite the Sand Mountain. On April 16, 1999, at dusk she and a party of associates observed 5 to 6 highly anomalous objects darting around in the sky overhead. They were the size of a small pill held at arm's length. They performed unusual maneuvers, sometimes real slow, and then at outrageous speeds. They displayed green and red coloration. An occasional aircraft would fly over, and by comparison it was easy to determine the objects were not standard aircraft. The parties could tell the difference right away. The local resident providing said, they see these lights frequently. This area is west of Chatsworth - Ft. Mountain and combined with other intelligence the probability of activity during the Georgia Skywatch outing is high.

ACKWORTH – A witness reports that on October 24, 1999, at 7:45 AM, he was driving through his neighborhood just north of Atlanta. He observed a cigar shaped object in the sky traveling south in the general direction of Kennesaw. It was moving slowly, at about the speed the Goodyear blimp would travel. It WAS NOT a blimp and was bluntly rounded at both ends. There were no wings and no other structures of any kind were noticed. The object was well lit by the rising sun, having the 'golden' sun like tint on the bottom, and the upper half a metallic color. The excellent illumination and the clear weather gave him an outstanding observation of the craft for 10 to 15 seconds. He realized he had witnessed something highly anomalous. Later, when he had to visit Hartsfield Airport, he was looking at airliners landing and was able to make comparisons of distance, size and altitude. His rough estimate was that the craft he observed was about the same size as a large commercial jet fuselage at 1 1/2 mile and at 1200 feet in altitude. MUFON GA investigated a report of a similar object flying N to S over the Stone Mountain Freeway and this witness identified the photo of a similar object over Rhode Island in 1997 as being almost identical. Thanks to GA State Director Tom Sheets


NORWALK -- Diana Age: 36 a secretary on May 1, 1999, could see that something was moving and flashing in the sky near the shores of Lake Eire at 10:00 PM. Diana said, "Everyone thought I was nuts till they came out to see, what I was talking about." She got her neighbor to video cam the object with 500 times magnification. You can see some movement as it hovered in the distance . She had seen the same thing in Milan 19 years before. Several neighbors also saw the sighting. They agreed no plane hovers and moves from the same spot for an hour or more. It flashes and moves a little each time. Magnified at 500 times it looks like a fire cracker. - Clear and cold weather conditions. A video was made of the obect. UFO hovered and moved erratically while changing colors. Thanks to BUFOD Ben Field at


AUSTIN -- Chris reports that on April 20, 1999, "It was a nice night out so me and my sister decided to go out for a drive. We were listening to the radio at 9:30 PM, when we heard a loud screechy noise. At first we thought it was the car so we pulled over and shut off the motor. I went outside, but I could still hear it. I then looked North to where I felt the noise was coming from. I saw a rather large light in the air. The light was bright and didn't blink at all like a plane does. When we saw it stop and move straight up we thought it must be a UFO. The light suddenly changed to a light blue and zipped out of the sky in almost at about a 60 degree angle. We also saw objects hat were obviously planes We waited but it didn't return. Thanks to UFO Scotland:


SALT LAKE CITY -- Brad Rockerfeller had a UFO sighting Friday, April 30, 1999, while driving 40 miles north of the city on the freeway with his sister and brother-in-law. I felt a powerful sensation in my lower bowels at 9:25 PM. It felt as if my guts were being a-pulled right out of me. My sister a-tried to speak to me, but when she opened her mouth - NO WORDS CAME OUT! I got mighty scared, but I thanked Jesus for his protection and Love. As I said a prayer, a bright light appeared in the west about a half a mile from us. As it got closer, I could see that it was a cigar-shaped object about the size of a truck. It was orange in color and kind of glowed like a bug. The UFO was sighted for 30 seconds and made strange sounds like WAAAH-WAAAH-WOOOO! SSSSHHH. The craft was flying very low at 50 to 100 feet altitude. Then flew like a shot -- over toward the lake and was gone. There were thin clouds and calm winds. Thanks to BUFOD and Ben Field


Daily Express (UK) - Pilot, Crew In Shock By Simon Bird. A British charter jet has had a close encounter with a UFO said to be "the size of a battleship." The shocked pilot and crew of a Debonair BAe146 plane reported being buzzed by "a long cylindrical object" as they flew over the North Sea. Three other pilots have also independently logged seeing the bright object 58 miles off the coast of Denmark. Last night the Civil Aviation Authority confirmed a comprehensive report of the pilot's sighting had been received. The captain and crew first became aware of the object after the underside of the plane was immersed in an incandescent light while flying at 28,000 feet. The area below him was illuminated for about 10 seconds by incandescent light. A spokesman for the 6,000 member British Pilots Association said: "We get reports of this nature from our members but they are few and far between. Express Newspapers Ltd 4-28-99 Thanks to: Mark Hall

Editors' Note: Last week UFO Sweden speculated that a bolide flew by the airliners.


John Thompson poses some startling research based on his actual field investigation of hundreds of sightings. John is the former MUFON State Director of Georgia and has probably investigated more sightings than anyone in the country. John states: "I feel I am doing ground-breaking research. I also believe much of what I say will be eventually proven. Recently I caught flak from two ufologists for my suggestion that police agencies should investigate if any of the recent student-killers at several high schools had ever experienced abduction type symptoms. My suggestion stems from the pattern of the shootings, which thus far have exclusively occurred in rural or former rural areas (Littleton, Colorado) that I believe have high UFO/alien activity. It is my contention that abductions, as outlined in my article, "Abductions: The Truth," at, have nothing to do with extraterrestrial (ET) visitations. While, the abduction phenomenon is real, it only involves dimensional innerterrestrial (INT) aliens. Several factors lead me to this conclusion. Importantly, there is never physical proof or independent witnesses to abductions. Nonetheless, millions, knowingly or unknowingly, have experienced symptoms that suggest they were abduction victims. Something most frightening is happening, but it does not involve physical space craft. I have done several formal abduction investigations and many cases that involved only entity sightings. Interestingly, the majority of my witnesses who saw entities did not see a UFO. Some of these same witnesses have seen UFOs, but not while seeing an entity. Most did not think they were seeing an ET entity but a demon, or as it is commonly called in the South, an "haint" In two abduction cases that allegedly involved entities in space-craft I found no proof. One witness's story disappeared after talking to his psychiatrist and finding he had told her a different version of the same tale. In the other, I concluded the "abductee" had staged his abduction. This individual, while possibly having had several genuine UFO sightings, cleverly crafted a convincing UFO abduction that at first glance was impressive. But the longer I knew the impostor, it became clear that his story had come about from years of reading UFO books and magazines. New lies and deceptions also appeared with other matters to show he was a charlatan.

Two entity sightings with UFOs and which involved other witnesses proved far from conclusive. In the first case, the other witness involved denied the whole event had ever happened. With the other case, the second witness said he did not see an entity as his friend had thought but did see what he perceived as a low and slow-moving secret government plane. So in a 120 plus cases and hundreds of firsthand interviews with other UFO witnesses, I seemingly have no provable sightings that involve witnesses seeing entities with a UFO. On the other hand, I do have many, many entity sightings that appear to be real. Two different witnesses interviewed saw entities wearing a Panama style hat with wide brim. This same hat was seen apparently not coincidentally on a "Gray" by a third witness who believes she is an abductee. Tom Sheets, Georgia of MUFON's State director, investigated this case. The other two parties thought what they saw was a haint in different disguises. A middle-aged lady in Dallas believed her haint, with hat, was the "Angel of Death." Her husband, after a long illness, died a few days later following her INT sighting. The other, a 23 year-old restaurant worker in LaGrange thought her haint was her long dead grandfather. The Dallas and the LaGrange witnesses have said they instinctively knew they were dealing with evil creatures of the supernatural. Yet another witness in LaGrange who saw an entity (without hat), and remarkably like the Dallas woman, made his INT disappear on asking help from God. This same nineteen year-old college student had a UFO sighting, with others, two years earlier. Despite his prior UFO sighting he said he never entertained the thought he was seeing an ET alien. While he thought it was of a dead friend, he intuitively knew it was evil. The restaurant worker, who twice saw the same INT with Panama hat on, but ten years apart, has had other family members see entities. Her grandmother, which I did a case with two years ago, saw what would be termed a "Nordic" by most abduction researchers. Other family members have told this investigator they too have seen haints. Curiously, none have seen the same exact entities. Possibly relating to this, an older son currently resides in prison for a weapon's charge. Earlier, he had served several years for a second-degree murder he had committed. His niece who saw the Panama hat attired alien says her uncle has seen haints; even in his jail cell in a maximum security prison! Based on the evidence shown above and other investigations it is my sincere belief that what abductions are about is mind-conditioning.

Coincidentally, Wes Clark of MUFON in Florida and CE-4 Research has independently confirmed much the same. Abductions are the actual mechanism for how evil is imported into our bodies. While family, friends, society and culture undeniably play important roles in shaping our personalities, the actual emplacement of evil by abductions appears to be happening. Fortunately the conditioning by INTs does not often take or can be warded off with the assistance of God. There is no other way to explain why the calling for the Lord makes INTS to disappear. But as long as there is "an opening," the INTs probe. This is why the INTs continue to come back for many visits throughout the abductee's life; not for breeding purposes, as many have suggested, since the abductors are not creatures of the flesh. Innerterrestrials are and have been negatively effecting mankind's mental evolution. Should investigations by law-enforcement personal show that any of the student killers had experienced abduction symptoms they may establish why some men are ghastly evil and others not when all else is the same. The "devil in me" may have more basis than we think. Most importantly, such investigations and related research might prevent future tragedies. COPYRIGHT, John C. Thompson, 1999. All rights reserved. Editor's Note: Each person is searching for answers to the abduction phenomenon, John has given his investigation a great deal of thought. His deductions are not based on books and theories but actual investigation.


CAPE CANAVERAL – By my count six rockets have failed in recent weeks to deliver satellites into orbit. On May 4, a Boeing Delta 3 rocket failed to deliver a commercial communications satellite into its intended orbit.


In recent months strange low level contrails have been reported throughout the US. Chuck Warren's sight at is excellent. There has been a great deal of speculation on the cause. Kent Steadman writes that planes spreading chem trails have been photographed over NH on 4-6-99, 4-11, 4-30 and 5-3-99. On 5-3-99 the first hour of Art Bell show, one chap near the Great Lakes, said he used binoculars and saw the tail section painted red. My picture also shows a red tail, wing tips and engines that should be easily identifiable. USA TODAY paper states Ice Lab testing is going on over NH putting ice crystals into the atmosphere to test the freeze time on airplane wings. Could this be part of the contrails? Thanks to Kent Steadman:

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