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Filer's Files
By George Filer

MUFON Eastern Region Director
June 18, 1999

George Filer:
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Wilbert Smith, Senior radio engineer, Department of Transport, Director of Project Magnet for the Canadian government after visiting key US officials stated:
          "The matter is the most highly classified subject in the United States Government, rating higher even than the H-bomb. Flying saucers exist. Their modus operandi is unknown but a concentrated effort is being made by a small group headed by Doctor Vannevar Bush. The entire matter is considered by the United States authorities to be of tremendous significance." (Top Secret memorandum on "Geo Magnetics" November 21, 1950:)


WANAQUE -- Tim Beckley writes about last weeks Jim Cleary interview with a Wanaque investigator. There are a few things wrong with this report. I was involved in the initial investigations and wrote the story up for Fate magazine. There were strange things flying around Wanaque that I do not believe were (Earth) fault lights, because these cannot shoot into and out of a reservoir. However, a craft did not go into the water for a week and stay there. Augie Roberts, somewhat of a famous Ufologist and early UFO witness himself saw and photographed a light over the water. He said it looked like it had submerged, but there was ice all over he reservoir and I think this was in February. Supposedly it shot down a beam of light onto the ice and cut a hole into it first. Some people were even going around with pictures showing the craft, but the much reproduced photos were really taken in Pennsylvania sometime before. They are a series of four or five photos showing a beam of light coming out of the bottom of the craft. Also the Governor never visited the site. The Mayor made some comment at a town council meeting and some thought the Air Force had shown up and threatened witnesses. But it was actually an NICAP member who wanted the case kept under his belt so he got credit for the investigation and word got out that he was an MIB or government agent. As usual things got out of hand and certain rumors persist to this day. As in the case of Roswell and other UFO incidents you have a legitimate case and what is added on later acts like a smoke screen to make the story sound ridiculous. There was at least one police officer with multiple sightings and there was talk that a car had disappeared. This is totally without proof. If you drive down the road around the reservoir you will disappear because it just keeps on going toward I think High Bridge; where Howard Menger was having some of his experiences. Thanks to Tim Beckley Mr. UFO.


GARY -- Eric Carman writes: "I would like to share with you an incident that I have only told my wife and brother about." On a relatively clear day last June, (I am not sure of the exact date) I was sitting in my living room at approximately 10:30 AM waiting for my daughter's school bus. I was seated next to my large picture window when, something caught my eye to the right. At first glance, I saw what I perceived to be children's balloons floating away in the wind. When I took a second look, I was struck by something odd. There are 4-6 power lines located in front of the house and these balloons were slowly traveling in a trajectory directly parallel with the power lines. This peaked my interest enough to go outside and look. I noticed three gray, slightly metallic, slightly oval spheres slowly rotating or "rolling" over one another as they traveled horizontally. Then a low level fourth sphere came and joined the original three. They continued their horizontal path for a few more seconds in relation to the power lines, sped up tremendously and vanished. I was able to snap a photo, but I took it as the four UFOs joined and it doesn't show much. I do not know what they were but I know I will never forget them." Thanks to Eric Carman,


TWO HARBORS -- Just north of Duluth on Lake Superior's southern end is a National Park called Split Rock Light House. It used to be a working lighthouse but is not any more. I was hiking with my daughter on June 4, 1999, along the shore. We stopped to see a VERY bright object hovering above the lake about three miles out from shore. There were no other objects in the sky nor any shipping to speak of in the area. It was about 1,000 feet above the water. We were unable to tell the size of the object since it was so bright and we just watched it hover there for about 30 minutes. After that it went straight up! I did not have my camera with me -- something I regret for more reasons than this. There were several other witnesses at the lighthouse. There was no aircraft traffic in the area according to the Duluth International Airport radar. Thanks to Dave Briscoe, Minnesota State Director Skywatch International.


KARNES CITY -- Your Filer's Files 99-22, regarding Michael Harvey's sighting of a UFO while working the night shift for Conoco Oil Company at an open pit uranium mine. Graduate Geologist John Thompson and field investigator writes: "Did that hit a nerve." I worked much of South Texas in a geochemical survey for uranium. I have stood in many of those open-pits. Virtually, everything Harvey wrote rings true. He even had the designation for Caterpillar 657B earth movers correct. I cannot confirm the UFO sighting, but there were many strange things going on in those days including UFO reports. I had a rancher tell me once that two of his cows changed colors while drinking water on his ranch, not far from a Karnes City mine. Harvey's story holds up remarkably well for at least what he claims to be doing when seeing his UFO. Harvey stated, "The light was so bright that it hurt my eyes. The object was round and the bright light was coming from the center of the bottom of the UFO. Around the perimeter of the craft were hundreds of penlight size light beams that alternated in all colors of the spectrum. Now, I know they were laser beams. Two days after the UFO incident, the tap rock was removed to expose the uranium ore. We were astounded to find that the uranium ore was now a chalky white substance that had NO radioactivity at all! There was a 250 foot diameter circle of this chalky material in the center of the pit. Outside of the circle, the uranium ore was still as potent as before the incident. Core samples do not lie. This chalky material was uranium before this incident. Many a night I have thought about what happened and wondered why the UFO needed the uranium?" John Thompson comments, "I suspect that the open pit mine of his has long been covered over. Only the most sensitive instrument-far more expensive than a Geiger Counter-could perhaps, sense the truth of his claim about the uranium ore losing its potency where the UFO hovered. The circular area around the chalky material was still "potent" uranium ore. In any advent all the ore would be mined now. If somehow the UFO changed the material, it would have been noted somewhere by a geologist or mining engineer with Conoco. This case may be able to provide hard evidence of a UFO visitation and it would be worth following up and getting a signed MUFON form." Thanks to John Thompson MUFON GA State Section Director.


MINCO - S. Ritter writes, "I have two new UFO reports for you. On June 3, 1999, my husband and I had gone on a road trip and we saw two UFO's. At first they were headed south and then the second stopped and started going north. They were the size of BB's (an eighth of an inch) held out at arm's length. We pulled over at the First American Bank in Minco, got out of the car and watched them for at least five minutes. We watched them until they disappeared. The second UFO siting occurred the same night at 10:20 PM, as I continued to watch the sky. I noticed that there was a cluster of stars in a small half-circle formation. As I was closely watching, from out of nowhere an object shot out of the center of this cluster of stars. It accelerated at a very high speed heading east and then disappeared. It was also the size of a BB held out at arm's length. This was by far not a shooting star or a falling star. Thanks to. S. Ritter at Bbbritter in Yukon, OK.


FLORENCE - On June 15, 1999, at 10:30 PM a gold light was observed shooting across sky similar to shooting star. The gold light then flashed bright blue/green and disintegrated or disappeared. It was observed by two people. Thanks to Skywatch International Inc.


Thiago Ticchetti reports that the NOTÍCIAS POPULARES Newspaper claims that a Flying Saucer appeared over ten Latin American countries during Monday afternoon and dawn on Tuesday, June 12 and 13, 1999. A spaceship the size of a football field may have landed in Goias, Brazil. There are several reports, all very similar, from residents of Chapadão do Sul, in Mato Grosso and Chapadáo do Céu, Goiás. The phenomenon would have been seen in Bolivia, Colômbia, Argentina, Costa Rica, Panamá, México, Peru and Venezuela. The main report came from Francisco Fetter who was at work and around 6:00 PM. He looked to the sky and saw a strange thing. The thing looked a pot cover. The size was about a football field, had lights and became red before disappearing. He saw the UFO for three minutes and called another office 80 kilometers away. When Mozar Menezes got the call, he said, He was could see the object. "It was a spectacular light, wonderful," said Francisco. Housewife Ema Helena Schilick and her children, said that they also saw a strange object in the sky. Eunice Claudia and Ernane Emerson were at the bus stop when the UFO appeared. They said that it was a round object, enormous, and moving very slow. Four tourists at the Parque Nacional das Emas tell the same story. "This thing is a burning hot story," said the Revista UFO editor, A.J. Gevaerd. "We've received dozens of from all over Latin America." Gevaerd is going to Chapadão do Sul to investigate -- "I am going to interview some witnesses, because usually when these sightings happen there are also abduction cases." There are also rumors that fighters were launched from Anápolis Air Force Base, in Goiás, to chase the UFO. Thanks to Thiago Ticchetti,, (DEPTE - EBE-ET / Brasilia-Brasil)


EAST FIELD -- Stuart Dike and Andreas Müller 'and the International Crop Circle Archive' report a huge crop circle has been found near Alton Barnes, Wiltshire on the June 12, 1999. The first formation closer to the hill is a staggering 700 feet in length, with a mixture of different styles from season's past. It is basically a combination of the very first pictograms from the early nineties with different components from the designs that stirred the world, back in those heady days. The formation is close to Knapp Hill, and has amazing amount of different sections, including the famous Boxes, which were seen on the very early formations, plus Key designs, and an unusual Celtic Cross design placed in the central section of the overall pattern. Images and a video shot by Peter Sorensen copyright 1999, can be observed at the web site:
Editor's Note: The shear size of the pictograms provides convincing evidence they were not made by human endeavors. Seven hundred feet of intricate pictograms should prove once and for all the reality of the phenomenon based on their complexity, huge size and a possible message. It would require dozens if not hundreds to hoax a site this large and complex. The logical conclusion is that this pictogram crop circle was made by an unknown intelligence.


GRAFTON - The Keith Basterfield Network and Skywatch report a total of six orange UFO's slowly flew over the Eastern Coast heading northeast on Friday, June 11, 1999. The first UFO was seen at 6:50 PM, a second at 9:45 PM, following the same flight path. At 10:10 PM, another object approached from the southwest also heading northeast. An amazing sight occurred at 10:25 PM as one by one, three orange UFO's emerged from behind a tree line. They slowly flew on the same flight path as the others. The two leading objects were one slightly behind the other at the same altitude. The third was trailing 300 meters behind, and about the same altitude of the first two. Its altitude is estimated at around 1,500 feet. When the group was to the north of my position, the center object appeared to almost stop. The leading object continued to move on alone, blinked a few times then went out. The trailing object then caught up and overtook the stationary center UFO. After it had passed, both UFOs began slowly blinking on-and-off in perfect unison. They then faded out together. While video taping the 10:10 PM sighting, a 'meteor' without a tail streaked through the field of view. I am not sure what it was, but it was very fast. A total of 23 minutes of video was taken of these sightings. Supposedly, there was a news report of UFO activity on Prime TV. Thanks to Barry Taylor,

ESPERANCE, WEST AUSTRALIA -- Diane Harrison Australian Skywatch Director reports that on June 9, 1999, Peter witnessed tons of white filamentous threads falling from the sky over a 90 kilometer area. Paddocks, hedges, trees were covered with the stuff and it hung off power lines in great shrouds with lengths up to thirty feet long. Apparently the sky was thick with it up to a thousand feet or more. The threads fell for five hours from 10:00 AM to 3:00 PM. All the paddocks in the area had a 'sheen' caused by layers of the stuff. Peter picked up some of the 'hair' to try to get it analyzed. A Cessna aircraft was flying at 200 feet through the falling threads. Three contrails were stationary much higher. Channel 9 reported the 'Angel Hair' was used in Yugoslavia to put out electrical power generators. We all know that was an unrelated carbon based substance! Thanks to Australian UFO Research Network


The primary purpose of this RPIT Report is to present the findings of RPIT (Roswell Photo Interpretation Team) photo analysts after five-months of intensive study of the Roswell "flying saucer" photos taken in the office of General Ramey on July 8, 1947, and then to invite the assistance of Ufologists who are willing to seriously address this question: "What can all this evidence really mean toward resolving the half century old Riddle of Roswell?" Even though the RPIT group at this juncture is only presenting this evidence and offering no final conclusions, it would appear that this may be the most convincing close-up visual evidence of arrival of an ET spacecraft on earth.

BACKGROUND: In May of 1998 Major George Filer, USAF-Ret., an official in the MUFON organization and publisher of "Filer's Files," contacted a fellow military retiree, Colonel James Bond Johnson, USA-Ret., to voice a special concern. Filer had been phone visiting with the widow of Lt. Gen. Roger Ramey, USAF-Ret., and she had expressed concerns over what she described as unfair treatment of her late husband in connection with his part in the Roswell Event of 1947. At issue is whether the general committed fraud upon the American people by announcing during a special live radio broadcast that the object first identified officially by the then Army Air Forces as a "captured flying saucer" was in fact "only a weather balloon and weather device." A few writers had even accused the general of "switching" the actual debris with fake junk prior to allowing a member of the press to examine and photograph the purported wreckage. Johnson, who on the afternoon of July 8, 1947, had taken a series of photos of General Ramey and two other officers in the general's 8th Air Force HQ offices in Fort Worth, Texas, for his newspaper, the Fort Worth Star-Telegram, offered to revisit the matter. Johnson only recently had obtained an enlargement of a photo of one of the officers, Major Jesse Marcel, intelligence officer of the 509th Bombardment Group, stationed at Roswell, NM. Major Marcel had headed a recovery team of the "flying saucer" wreckage from a ranch near Roswell and had been ordered to courier the debris to General Ramey's office for examination. Marcel had just arrived in Fort Worth by B-29 bomber and was photographed as the debris was being unpacked from meat wrapper paper packages in Ramey's office.

The general was away from his office but expected to return shortly. Two unopened packages of debris lying in clear view, Marcel's soiled flight uniform, scruffy field boots and his tie and uniform cap tossed across a nearby radiator on a blazing summer day in Texas point to a "fast breaking" and unresolved situation. Reporter-photographer Johnson had arrived unexpectedly to provide the sole photo coverage of what has proved to be the "Story of the Century!" Johnson first assisted with the debris unpacking and then "posed" Marcel with what later was described by the major as some of the "less impressive pieces" of the wreckage. When General Ramey returned to his office Johnson photographed him alone examining the pieces of wreckage and then he was joined in other shots by Colonel Thomas J. Dubose, Ramey's chief of staff. Of special interest, the general in each of the four pictures taken of him by Johnson is holding a letter-size paper. In the first two pictures the general has the message folded but in the last two shots it is unfolded and in a position to be read. It has been speculated that Ramey was handed an urgent message as he entered his office and that if he first had read the message he never would have permitted the photos to be made. In support of this theory, shortly after Johnson departed the Ramey office, the general ordered his weather officer to report to his office and to identify the debris as a "weather balloon and radar device." Then, the general personally went to a Fort Worth radio station that same night to make his dramatic announcement that "shot down" the earlier official AAF "flying saucer" "capture" story. And the Roswell debris NEVER has been seen since by any member of the media during the next 51 years! The five month study by RPIT has been done in a completely "Sunshine" climate with frequent updates being made to the UFO community and research results being posted independently on their web pages by each RPIT analyst. All of these RPIT member web sites are linked to the link page of James Bond Johnson. None of the RPIT analysts have sought any financial profit from their findings and also they have borne their own expenses to date in advancing this project.

INVESTIGATIVE ACTIONS TAKEN: After the call from Filer, Johnson first examined the Marcel photo he had obtained from the University of Texas at Arlington Library, depository of four of the original Ramey office photo negatives. He noticed what seemed to be never before noticed anomalous objects and symbols in the debris. He then contacted two members of the MUFON Orange County to show them his findings and then placed on the Internet an invitation for others to assist in "revisiting" the Ramey office photos. Selected as charter members of RPIT (Roswell Photo Interpretation Team) were three volunteers from the United States and two from the UK. The Team has since been augmented by other volunteers from Australia to the former USSR. The only things the Team shares in common is an interest in trying to solve the Riddle of Roswell; they all possess a computer and the required software for photo analysis. The team members at the beginning of the project were mostly skeptics regarding any ET connection to the Roswell Event. RPIT members independently obtained enlargements of the Ramey office photos directly from UTA and began their investigations under coordination by Ronald Regher, Los Angeles area aerospace satellite engineer and MUFON Orange County associate director. Initial Team findings concluded that none of the several Air Force explanations as to the details of the Roswell Event could have been accurate. The Air Force had claimed recently that the Roswell "UFO" was "likely" an experimental Mogul balloon train. RPIT has determined that: I. There was NO Mogul launch that reasonably could have produced the kinds of debris seen in the Ramey office photos. II. The Ramey office photos contain NONE of the items that would have been found in the wreckage of a Mogul balloon train: sheets of plain aluminum foil with balsa wood stick frames and all held together by several hundred feet of string; this all was then lifted by inflated helium filled neoprene balloons. Neither the instructions in English included with each Mogul balloon train nor any other English writings -- or any other known language writings -- are to be found in the Ramey office photos. III. The RPIT initial discoveries also included: • (A) foil like material that is covered by organized symbols or glyphs such as would be utilized in "writings." The symbols are described as similar to ancient Egyptian glyphs but have not yet been deciphered. Some symbols are found repetitively in various parts of the photos, which would virtually eliminate the "chance" factor; • (B) beams which have very prominent organized symbols or glyphs embossed in bas relief along several beams in the wreckage; • (C) The beams appear to be hollow and fabricated from some type of possibly ceramic material -- but NOT balsa wood as used in a Mogul train! -- which has been formed and drilled in several places; and, • (D) Numerous other anomalous objects that would NOT be found in a Mogul train or any other weather balloon or Rawin device. Please forward suggestions to: Ronald Regehr, Coordinator, Marilyn Ruben, Analyst MJ, Neil Morris,, Ben Field, Thanks to James Bond Johnson, RPIT's Project Director

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