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Filer's Files
By George Filer

MUFON Eastern Region Director
June 25, 1999

George Filer:
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On Thursday evening I met with Steve Snyder and his wife about future plans for the museum. On Saturday, I'm sorry to report this great innovator and visionary died while flying his beloved F-86 Sabre jet during his performance at the South Jersey Regional Airport. He was flying low over the runway after performing some acrobatics and the Korean vintage jet's right wing dipped and touched the ground. The aircraft cart-wheeled into a wooded area and burst into flames. We lost a fine person and friend. I had been trying to convince Steve of the reality of UFOs for several years. He seemed to be coming over to thinking that UFOs just might be real. He had allowed me to place an expanding UFO exhibit in the museum. Steve had graduated from Georgia Tech has an aeronautical engineer, and UFOs were tough for him to accept. Thursday he said, "My biggest stumbling block to ET is the tremendous distances between our Earth and other solar systems!" I attempted to explain NASA engineer Paul Hill's findings regarding the time requirements for interstellar travel. After listening to my arguments, Steve said, "Lets have a UFO Dance at the museum. I'll get a model UFO to fly from the center of the floor and every one will go wild!" We laughed and agreed to have a UFO dance at the museum. Steve was a wonderful guy who invented the square parachute and piloted aircraft for 7000 hours while running several companies. In Steve Snyder's honor, I'm providing a summary of Paul Hill's concepts, "Unconventional Flying Objects." Perhaps Steve can put these concepts to the test?


Most writers, and physicists too, in estimating the time for interstellar travel, neglect the effect of the accelerating portions of the trip on the trip time, making the simplifying assumption that the vehicle makes the entire trip at constant velocity. This is probably done because the requisite equations are scarce items in the literature... snip.
4. It is possible for an interstellar trip to be very short. The trip from our nearest neighbor, Alpha Centuri, a triple star system 4.3 light years away made by acceleration at 140 g to a v/c of 0.9999 is accomplished from a standing start to a standing finish in 6 weeks. Snip
At the highest speeds considered, the travel time is not at all proportional to the distance. For example at 20 g and v/c=0.9999 we read a distance of 25 light years takes 0.6 years on board, while a distance of 100 light years is covered in almost a year. The reason is easy to visualize. Once the vehicle is up to speed, vast amounts of additional distance may be covered during the coast period with but little increase in time and, obviously, with no increase in additional light year covered while coasting.

CONCLUSION: I hope I have made it clear that there is an important distinction to be made between the time experienced by the space traveler and the time which passes meanwhile on the home planet and on the planetary destination. The tremendous acceleration, speed, and energy capability displayed by UFOs make them well suited to capitalize on this distinction by the attainment of greatly reduced on board times realizable by approaching the speed of light. Even an approach to 90 percent of light gets the job done for the nearer stars. Higher fractions of light speed give attractive time reductions for longer trips. Don't be misled by the countless statements in the literature that interstellar distances and the speed of light constitute some kind of barrier to space travel. There are only two paths to this conclusion: Nobody in the universe has the technology to approach light speed. Observer time is significant, and on board time is to be ignored. Both paths are false ones. The confused second view is the more common. Its proponents are using the observed time for light to travel as the shortest possible time for passage. "Totally false." Thanks to Paul Hill, "Unconventional Flying Objects." Pages 268-279

Editor's Note: The sailors who crossed the ocean a couple hundred years ago and those settlers who crossed the West in wagon trains would find the trip aboard a fast space ship to another star system a reasonable time period. The biggest problem would be that their friends and relatives would be unlikely to be alive when they returned, so they might decide to bring them along. Speaking of friends, Steve Snyder will be painfully missed and I send my condolences to his wife Barbara and two sons.


WARWICK – MUFON Assistant State Director Janet Bucci writes. "I thought you might want to know I am investigating another case. Friday evening June 11, 1999, at around 11:00 PM a gentleman in Warwick, was looking out his window at the sky and spotted three lights acting strangely. They were gambling about as if playing and headed toward the ground, whereupon they became one light. The light shot back up in sky and separated into three lights again. This sequence repeated over and over again, while the gentleman watched for about half-an-hour. The details are as yet unknown since the investigation has not yet been started but thought you'd want to hear that we have a potential sighting in the works.


PARAMUS, NJ -- Vinny Polise writes, "At the present time I have been experiencing what some in the Ufology and Paranormal Field call ORBS." Orbs over the past years have been showing themselves to certain individuals, such as myself and have bought themselves to my attention. What is this phenomenon? We are unable to comprehend what they are and where they come from. In the beginning of my research, around 1990, I started investing time in the Pine Bush, New York, phenomena better known as the Lower Hudson Valley Sightings. Pine Bush is known for being one of the UFO capitals of the world. Between 1990 and 1999, I personally witnessed many strange phenomena relating to UFOs and other dimensional beings. Photographing became part of my research and would indeed prove to be a monumental improvement in what we believe to be the reality of another dimension. Strange anomalies would appear on my photos and negatives. Whether it be strange light streaks, Orbs, Paranormal Mist, or just plain ghostly shadows, I knew there was something extremely strange going on in the area. Time went on and these phenomena would still be registering on all types of camera equipment, no matter how inexpensive the camera would still register these images. TV shows such as, Sightings, A&E, The Learning Channel, and so on have all been to the Pine Bush area. Sightings actually video taped a flying Manta or V shaped craft in the late 80's along with other phenomena. This phenomenon is ongoing. What I have found is that the area is not critical, but the person and his attraction to the phenomena are. That's right, the phenomena from my perspective is everywhere, but there is one catch. This phenomena is attracted to certain individuals. The ability to film these images and anomalies come from within the individual. During the past two years, the Pine Bush activity has followed me home to Paramus, New Jersey. This is a border town close to New York. It is a quiet little community where I found an open area and a semi-dense wooded area close to my home. I have been filming there for over a year. The results have been phenomenal. The phenomenon of the "Orbs" is one "we" may or may not find an answer too. There are a lot of single people doing individual studies on this "orb" concept and phenomena. Basic studies done by myself have shown me that "orbs" have an intelligence, are able to move at rapid speeds, disappear, appear, change color, shape, and size all in the blink of an eye. Usually you need the camera to pick them up but sometimes they are visible to the naked eye. Orbs tend to be in another dimensional level, but have the ability to interchange dimensions. I think within time we may one day be able to communicate with other dimensional worlds and their inhabitants. Orbs are not harmful, and seem to only be as curious of us as we are of them. I have found that a simple "asking" will entice these orbs to come closer to the individual filming them, as you can see in the photos. There have been times that I have been so close I could have actually grabbed one of them, but they have an ability to maneuver and disappear. What I am looking for with these orbs, is contact on a conscious level, to learn from them, and possibly getting a glimpse of their reality! Thanks to: Vinny Polise. See photos at: The Pine Bush Vortex, (


LOXAHOCHE -- Endrick Torres a 19 year old student reported to BUFOD that he saw a UFO near Wellington on June 20, 1999. Two of my relatives and several neighbors spotted something in the sky at 10:30 PM.. It was very bright but not moving. At first we thought it was a star or a plane, but I have never seen a star not blinking and a plane not moving. I grabbed a pair of binoculars to get a better view. It was a strange object with three vertical lights close to each other that from afar, looked like one glow. It stayed like this for a half an hour, so we started filming. It kept on like this for the remainder of the tape until the video ended. When the camera stopped filming, the object started moving and changing shape. It went from a vertical line to an oval shape then to an ellipse and back. The top light changed from white to red and morphed that way. This went on for 30 minutes until 12:00 AM, when we lost sight of it to the west. It was hovering towards the bell glade area. We watched the video and everything came out pretty good. There were times when it was difficult to see because my hand was moving but the good shots are unmistakable. The hovering craft made no noise and had many lights that changed shape and color at an estimated 800 feet. Thanks to BUFOD' Ben Field - and


LAKE LEWISVILLE – Last week, I reported a June 6, 1999, sighting of three large maneuvering lights. The correct date is June 9, 1999. Amy writes, "What is interesting is that I saw this 'splitting' UFO almost exactly two years to the day. On June 7, 1997, I saw a huge moonlike UFO that hovered in the field behind my house." All hell seemed to break loose that month. I got some of it on video tape! It changed my life so much that I went from ignoring general UFO reports to reading every UFO report I could get my hands on for the last two years. I came across some amazing discoveries in my studies (well, amazing to me). Just the other night I saw a bright flash of light that lit up the sky. Then a few seconds later all the power went out in my house leaving me staring at a blank computer screen in total darkness. Power seemed to be out on the entire block, but who can tell in these small towns where they roll up the streets at 8:00 PM? (grin). The power came back on within 5 minutes. Something mighty weird seems to be going on back there. I've heard the area where I saw the moonlike UFO is owned by the Army Corps of Engineers. I've seen many strange beams of light coming from the ground all over the place yet there is nothing out there but open fields and small houses for miles. Guess it's time to take a hike. Only way I know to access the area is dirt bike or on foot. Thanks to Amy Hebert -


LONGVIEW -- I met with Peter Davenport concerning updates on the February 25, elk abduction in Washington. Apparently, more witnesses were interviewed by the MUFON investigator Bob Fairfax. The witnesses who are of Mexican descent were planting seedlings on the side of a mountain. They would have been plainly visible from the air. A small craft roughly in the shape of the heal of a shoe, (an elongated disc with the back cut off), flew over and picked up a running elk. The fourteen forestry workers were all frightened by the UFO abduction of the elk and remained close together for the rest of the day. During the investigation an elk was later found that might have been involved in the abductions. The elk had no visible signs of injury but had ticks still embedded in the elk's neck. Both the ticks and the elk were dead. When an animal dies the ticks quickly leave because the temperature lowers and the blood flow stops. The Game and Wildlife officer says, there have been hard conditions this year for animals and most are undernourished and many have starved. The craft was 10 to 12 feet long and only slightly larger than the elk. Several witnesses felt the UFO appeared to grow larger to accommodate the elk. Thanks to Peter Davenport.

Editors Note: It is very unusual for UFOs to attempt to pick up animals in broad daylight in front of 14 witnesses. The UFO's aircrew may also have problems in obtaining food.


MIDVALE -- Tim Hagemeister Director NACOMM reports a Sunday, June 20, 1999, sighting at 4:10 to 4:20 PM of three silver round objects. One object particularly convinced me what I was seeing was not anything I have ever seen before. Its movement was sharp and at one point not moving at all for several minutes. We're looking to find any other reports for same area. This is an initial sighting report and more detailed report will follow in the coming days. Thanks to Tim Hagemeister Director NACOMM


COCHRANE -- Luis C. Sanchez Perry Chilean Director Skywatch International reports that on June 20, 1999, a married couple that live on Chilean military land reported a UFO sighting. Last year a 400 meter triangular UFO was seen in this same area. The couple report three times a day from Predio Backer to the Coihaique military base, where the following report was obtained. On Sunday night at 8:30 PM, they saw five luminous objects fly over their house in a linear formation (O O O O O). They were three meters apart heading south. About 300 meters from the house they stopped. Four of the objects merged into one lighting up the entire sky. The fifth object remained static. Both of the objects started moving very slowly from their position to a nearby hill called "La Meceta." Once over the hill, the five objects separated in all directions. They gathered again in a line formation (O O O O O) and left heading for the city of Punta Arenas. The sky was clear and the entire sighting lasted about 14 minutes. During the sighting, they tried to radio the police in Cochrane, but the radios failed to function until the UFO's departed. Thanks to military officer Rodrigo Bravo from Coihaique base who ordered that this report be released. This is the first official case as far as I know where a UFO sighting is officially registered in the Daily Event Book and released to the public. In normal circumstances this sighting would not be registered. But Rodrigo Bravo is a good friend of mine and he is very interested in UFO's. So he thought it was time for the military take a more serious and opened attitude about UFOs. Let hope it works.

COIHAIQUE -- During May numerous military personnel reported UFO sightings in the middle of military exercises. 1) Two lights (red and orange) were seen going from the ground to the sky (vertically), one after the other at Las Vandurrias 24 kilometers east of Coihaique at 8:30 PM. 2) Small star like object moving erratically (up, down and sideways) with flashes of light that illuminated all the sky. This lasted a few minutes. After about five minutes it happened again but on the opposite side of the sky. 3) Many solders saw a ball of orange light come horizontally out of "Cerro Piramide" without a tail.

UFO FLIES NEAR A COMMERCIAL AIRLINER -- On May 23, 1999, a UFO was witnessed by the flight crew and passengers for thirty minutes. The sighting started over Puerto Natales, and the commander invited some passengers to the cabin to have a better view of the UFO. The Commander then contacted the control tower that also had a visual contact with the UFO and it's movements. All the radio contact between the aircraft and control tower was recorded on tape. There was no radar contact with the UFO. The Flight number and pilot's name are being withheld. This case is being investigated by the UFO group AION. ( Thanks to Luis C. Sanchez Perry Chilean Director Skywatch Int.


Aviation enthusiast Eric Morris states: "On Saturday 12th June, I attended the Woodford Airshow held at British Aerospace, Woodford, Cheshire. At approximately 12:45 PM I made my way over to a group of pilots who were talking to the public and giving stickers out to enthusiasts. I managed to get into conversation with two of these men, one the pilot of a Royal Netherlands Air Force aircraft and the other an F-16 pilot. After a few minutes I asked them candidly about the 'Belgian UFO incidents' of 1989/90 and without any hint of a lie the told me that firstly, they were knowledgeable about the case. Secondly, they knew the name of Colonel Wilfred de Brouwer who was most closely associated with the case at the time -- from an official point of view. The pilot laughed when asked about triangular 'UFOs' and stated that they were/are not UFOs as such but classified aircraft. I feigned surprise and said that the press and public thought differently. This encouraged them to be a little more forthcoming and they added that 'an experimental aircraft' had been involved and had developed problems. The men stated that knowledge of this incident was not exactly limited to Belgium and that Dutch, UK and German radars were affected by this and that some tracks were made. In the UK radar stations on the East coast had, apparently, picked the aircraft up. They argued that the jet fighters were tasked to track the experimental aircraft in the air for some reason. They knew the Belgian pilots involved. They were adamant that this was not a UFO sighting and having had conversations with other NATO pilots had discovered that NATO Air Forces were 'in the know.' Official statements, of the type put out by de Brouwer, were little more than a smokescreen to hide the facts. The actual craft in question was, as far as they knew, of European design and they didn't know about any possible US involvement. America was not mentioned in this respect. They also had heard about cover-ups of incidents at RAF Boscombe Down. The aircraft in question were F-16's Serial J-256, J-259, attached to R. Netherlands AF Squadron 299, 301, 311." I am prepared to make a statement in front of a Solicitor in the form of an affidavit if required. This statement if true to the best of my recollection and for further information I can be contacted as follows; Eric Morris, 78 Greenall Rd, Northwich, Cheshire CW9 5RN. Tel (01606) 330567. Tim Matthews comments; Although this is a remarkable account some of the facts fit what we know. Derek Sheffield's "UFO - A Deadly Concealment" indicates that the MOD (UK) knew all about it and that North Atlantic Ground Defence Environment (NADGE) radar picked the aircraft up. Importantly, he states that anything reported to one country's radar would necessarily be passed on to the rest in the loop. He also indicates there was an official cover-up and it is remarkable to note how Ufolgists who believe in a UFO cover-up treat the Belgian military as a different and truthful entity, when claiming there is a Covert Agenda of UFO cover-ups at the highest levels of power. Thanks to Tim M.

Editor's Note: Our government's know which UFO reports are real and those that are not. We gain little by pushing reports that may not be true. Certainly, UFOs could have been involved, but within NATO military circles this version of the report is considered true.


ROSTOV -- Anatoly Kutovoy reports I have received some details regarding the UFO from one fellow from Rostov in the Northern Caucasus. The UFO was filmed by Liudmila Goryacheva, a university student, her address is known. Also Moscow TV evening program 'Vzgliad' (translated as 'Look') interviewed two of the witnesses. The girls told what they had seen. There was also a report about the UFO on one of Rostov's local radio stations. The local newspaper "Evening Rostov" has also published an article. The UFO was sighted to the west (or West-North-West), 25 degrees above horizon. The events continued for about a month. A Rostov university student is trying to investigate but he does not have much time for investigation. Best regards, Anatoly Kutovoy


I have possible UFO sighting. During the movie, Men In Black (M.I.B.) there is a strange white dot that slowly moves across the sky. This occurs during the seen where the bug takes the doctor from the morgue to the space ship that is disguised as a water tower. This happens before the bug climbs the ladder to the ship. This is just one of the sightings. Thanks to Chris:

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Kecksburg UFO crash/retrieval Video Documentary. Most readers are familiar with the Roswell event, but many are unaware that a similar incident occurred in Pennsylvania in 1965, near a small rural community called Kecksburg. Veteran UFO researcher Stan Gordon, has been gathering information on this case for many years, and has produced a studio made 92 minute video called "Kecksburg The Untold Story." This production recently won the 1998 EBE film award for the Best Historical UFO Documentary. The video contains interviews with many people who have information about the case including witnesses who saw the object in the sky. Also with those who say they came across a large metallic acorn shaped object with strange markings, partially buried in the ground, before the military arrived on the scene. Among those interviewed are reporters who were on location that night, a witness who says he saw the odd acorn shaped object on the back of an army flatbed tractor trailer truck, and civilians who claim they were confronted by armed military personnel. For the first time, some witnesses speak out on camera discussing information that suggests that there could have been a cover-up to withhold the truth about what occurred near Kecksburg. A startling revelation is revealed here from a witness, who says he saw a body in the same building with the Kecksburg object, at Wright-Patterson Air Force Base, only days after it was delivered there. Also contained in the documentary are some of the actual audio excerpts from the WHJB radio special called "Object in the woods," which was broadcast soon after the incident in a "cut and edited version." To order your copy of "Kecksburg The Untold Story" send a check or money order to: Stan Gordon Productions, P.O. Box 936, Greensburg, PA 15601. Attention: Dept. GF. The cost of the tape including shipping and handling is $35.90. For PA residents the cost including tax, S&H is $38.05. For PA residents living in Philadelphia and Allegheny Counties the total cost is $38.41. For more information, check out Stan's updated Website at


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