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Filer's Files
By George Filer

MUFON Eastern Region Director
August 22, 1999

George Filer:
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READING -- Stan Gordon received a report from woman who told him how her son ran into the house very excited. He described a silver disk flying high in the sky on August 16, 1999. Stan interviewed the boy who had been outside watching some birds flying around, when his attention was drawn to a silver disk shaped object above him and high in the sky. The object appeared motionless at 2:12 PM. The young man stated, he could see what looked like a figure U that was dark green in color at the bottom of the disk. The object zoomed off at a high rate of speed towards the South with a low rumble. During July and August, there has been an apparent surge in UFO sighting activity being reported around the state. The National UFO Reporting Center lists numerous reports that they have received, many are from eastern sections of the state. These include numerous colored lights and odd beams illuminating the sky in Indiana County. A woman near Pittsburgh reports that a silent wide beam of light suddenly appeared above her and projected downward, illuminating the inside of her vehicle. She immediately got out of the car, but could not see anything that could account for the source of the bright beam.

BUTLER COUNTY -- Stan Gordon reports a second daylight observance of a UFO on August 16, 1999, has been reported north of Pittsburgh. A married couple were relaxing in a swimming pool at about 5:45 PM. The man noticed in the eastern sky, a circular object that appeared to be of a dull gray metallic color. The object was high in the sky and was quite small when first observed. During the next few minutes as the couple watched, the object moved west towards their direction over Butler, but remained at a high altitude. As the object got closer, it became larger and more detail could be seen. The couple could see that there were actually two round or circular objects that appeared to be joined together side by side, but giving the impression that they were individual objects. The objects were "like quarters on edge" and they appeared thin with little depth. The sun did not appear to reflect off the devices. As the couple continued to watch, the objects suddenly stopped, then made a sharp 90 degree turn towards the North and moved behind a tree blocking the view of the observers. They continued to look waiting for the objects to emerge from behind the tree, but this never occurred. Thanks to: Stan Gordon, PA UFO Hotline: 724-838-7768 Website:


John Combest writes concerning the case Vince Creevy and Derrel Sims discussed last week, concerning possible repeated abductions. I read about these folks with the stains on their hands. Since the occurrence of the stains has been somewhat repetitive with Rick and seems to be only on his hands, I formed the notion that Rick is not getting his hands into the staining material because of what the abductors are doing to him, but what they are having him do to someone else or something. In other words, he is being used to accomplish some task which subjects him to the staining material. Sounds like a real ripe case for regression. Just a thought. Thanks to: John Combest

CLIFTON – I returned the call of another possible abductee on August 23, 1999. He informed me that he had been abducted last night and was regularly visited by several kinds of alien beings. We are attempting to establish a support group in Northern New Jersey to investigate these cases in more detail.

SUSSEX COUNTY -- Frank Gussie reports he witnessed a triangular UFO in the summer of 1968. I was 11 years old at the time. It came over the trees maybe 200 feet up and flew over me and disappeared toward the Delaware River. It was a bright shiny silver gray in color. I called my family but they came out too late. We had the house in Hainesville, NJ at the time and we were on rural dirt road. I had not seen or heard of any more triangular shaped UFOs until I was watching Sightings on Fox television about a similar Russian UFO thus validating my sighting. Thanks to Frank Gussie (


MANITOWOC - UFO investigator Joe Trainor who is moving to Duluth writes In June we had another "Lake Michigan Triangle" incident. An excursion boat vanished ten miles east of Manitowoc, Wisconsin. Yes, that's the same Manitowoc where the weird white critter showed up last year. The Coast Guard swept the lake bottom with sonar, but there was no sign of wreckage. Thanks to Joe Trainor.


CHICAGO – On August 14, 1999, a father and two young children went sailing on Lake Michigan on a hot summer day. They have been missing since then. Their sailboat was fond after an intensive air and sea search. The sailboat was found drifting several days later twenty-five miles northeast of Chicago. The craft was still in good condition with the main mast stowed. All three occupants were missing.

Editor's Note: The entire Great Lakes are known for frequent UFO sightings and strange disappearances.


YUKON -- S. Ritter e-mail states, "As I stopped at the stop light at 1st Street and Vandement on March 22, 1999, I witnessed a strange cigar-shaped object. "It was flying along and then it stopped for a second or two, then it took off again heading east." I could see that both of the ends of this strange looking craft were round without wings. Later, the same evening around 11:00 PM, I was making my rounds checking to make sure all of our doors were locked. I saw out of the corner of my eye, that there was something or someone standing behind my husband's desk chair where he sits to do his office work. This thing was just watching me. It was dark gray in color and a little taller than my 6 year old son. It had a big head, and a small body and it was wearing a black robe. When I turned around quickly, it was gone. The being really startled me. I thought perhaps it was my son playing a trick, but when I went to see if it was him, he was sound asleep. Since I have seen these strange craft, and this being, I cannot let my guard down. There is something and someone out there. Thank to S. Ritter of Yukon.


KAILISPELL -- On the evening of August 9, 1997, I happened to look up, towards the West. It was cloudless, and the sun had been down for a while, so there was just a thin band of light on the western horizon. Something came out of the west, going very fast, and as it arrived overhead, I saw its underside quite clearly. It was shaped like a short, blunt triangle, with sides that bulged outward slightly. It was colored a dirty gold, and from the back was streaming three short thin lines of exhaust. They were very evenly spaced. It was traveling very straight, as it was holding the same altitude and there was no curve to its path at all. The exhaust was the same color as the object but just a bit brighter, and I thought at the time it might be that color because of its altitude -- maybe high enough to catch sunlight? I saw no lights. The object was about 1/2 the size of a full moon. Because of it's speed, it was only visible for perhaps 6 or 7 seconds. Malmstrom AFB lies just on the other side of the Rockies from us. Thanks to kubac@digisysnet.


VANCOUVER, BC -- Bill Oliver UFO*BC reports that on May 19, 1999, Ladner Jordan was looking out his bedroom window when he viewed a triangular object in the southwest sky at 2:30 AM. It was moving very slowly to the northwest. It would periodically change position from left to right. The lights on the object were flashing in a rotating manner, and there was no sound discernible. Jordan estimates that the craft was at an elevation of 2000 feet. He watched the object until 4:00 AM.

VANCOUVER -- Mike was looking towards the south, watching a plane flying below the clouds, heading west towards the airport on June-7, 1999. Suddenly, a silver disc-like object dropped out of the clouds into a clear blue patch of sky behind and to the east of the plane at 12:10 PM. The object remained stationary while the plane continued westward. After about 5 10 seconds, there was a flash of bright light and the object was gone. The object was smaller than a dime at arm's length, but still easily discernible as a disc with light glinting off of it. The "flash" looked similar to a ship going into warp drive. On June 22, 1999, four witnesses observed a disc-shaped craft flying at a high altitude at 7:15 PM. The green, blue, red and white lights appeared to be rotating (or the craft was). The sky was clear, the moon was visible and no sound was heard. Total viewing time about 5 minutes.

BURNBY -- On July 3, 1999, Alice and a companion were driving south when they observed an extremely bright white light, stationary in the southeastern sky. They pulled their vehicle over and stopped to watch the object between 8:30 and 9:00 PM. It appeared to be below cloud level. Over the next 5 minutes the light slowly diminished in intensity and finally "vanished." Both witnesses claimed they were familiar with approaching aircraft, and this was not the case.

SOUTH BURNBY – On July 23, 1999, several witnesses observed a small pulsating red light slowly circling the Alex Fraser Bridge at 00:45 AM. After about 50 minutes it slowly drifted away. The pulsation rate was 46 cycles per minute.

LANGLEY—On July 28, 1999, Peter, watched a brilliant white light across the street from where he was sitting on his porch at 10:00 PM. "It just appeared; as large as a garbage can lid." The light/object moved slowly across the street towards him and out of sight around the house. He followed. It was hovering over a hydra pole. As he watched, the light went out. No noise had been heard emanating from it. Total viewing time was about 90 seconds.

SATURNA ISLAND -- On 29-July-99, a couple used 15 power binoculars to watch an object move back and forth then up and down in the Northwest sky at 00:30 AM. It was a bright white light that flashed red, blue and green. After 1/2 an hour, it slowly moved south towards Bellingham. It appeared to be round, very high up, and no noise could be heard. Total viewing time about 1 hour. One of the witnesses is ex-RCMP and is familiar with aircraft, having worked at the Vancouver Airport Thanks to: Bill Oliver UFO*BC

MISSISSAUGA, ONTARIO -- Aaron and I were outside helping pack my parents van as they were heading out to Nova Scotia on July 23, 1999. I was looking at the stars in the sky when I spotted an intense bright white light heading west over the Clarkson/Lorne Park. The light was moving at a fast rate of speed. It made no sound. After about 10 seconds, it made a sudden 90 degree turn to the north. It started to move faster and after about another 5 seconds turned again 90 degrees and headed east. The light then disappeared from sight. My house is under flight paths for planes arriving and departing from Pearson International Airport, however the airport is closed at this hour. Thanks to


LAVRINHAS -- On July 13, 1999, Luís Messano, a teacher and owner of a farm said, "A flight of UFOs hovered above the cities of Lavrinhas and Cachoeira Paulista, in São Paulo at 8:00 PM." Two of these objects were very big. They were the size of the full moon. Around ten smaller UFOs departed from the two mother ships. The event took 3 hours and some other people saw it as well. On July 22nd, Mr. Messano reported that virtually the same event happened again, and that five Brazilian Air Force jet-fighters attempted to intercept them. We are still looking for more information on these events.

PRAIA DA BALEIA -- On Wednesday, July 7, 1999, "two metallic yellow OVNIs" or UFOs were spotted while flying over Praia da Baleia beach on Ilha Bela in the South Atlantic Ocean, off the coast of Sao Paulo State. According to Diario de Grande ABC, "the objects had a strange metallic yellow color and were coming from the ocean" at a height of "about 20 meters (66 feet). They had no wings and made no sound." Brazilian ufologists are investigating the sighting. (See the Brazilian newspaper Diario de Grande ABC for July 8, 1999. Thanks to THIAGO LUIZ TICCHETTI Director Departamento de Publicação e Tradução Especializadas (DEPTE - EBE-ET Brasilia)


EDINBURGH – On June 28, 1999, Pamela Hunter reports, "As I am in the flight path for flights going into Edinburgh airport, it's not unusual to see landing-lights from aircraft. However this time, I noticed a very bright light and very HIGH like a star. It was moving in a straight line at 11:00 PM. At first I thought it was a plane, but the light was too bright and too far away I just knew it was different I have never seen anything like this before. I followed this light for 25 seconds then the light dropped from the sky towards earth. It was so fast, it looked as though it dropped 100s of feet in a very short space of a second or two. Then the light continued in a straight line again then quickly moved off and disappeared. Thanks to Dave Ledger UFO Scotland


On Saturday, July 10, 1999, a silvery UFO was seen hovering over Rojas, a tiny town in the rugged mountains of the Tras os Montes region of northern Portugal. "There were a lot of witnesses to this sighting," a resident reported. "They say it was kind of like a silver ball with a black or navy-blue stripe at the center. They had it in view for over five minutes." Rojas is about 50 kilometers (30 miles) west of Mirandella, site of last year's big UFO sighting, and about 270 kilometers (164 miles) north of Lisboa, the national capital. Thanks to Joseph Trainor, UFO Roundup 8/11/99 and Guillermo Alarcon.


UK investigator and outstanding author Jenny Randle's writes, "By all means I will comment on abductions." I first investigated such a case in the UK 20 years ago. For seven years I worked with clinical psychologists and attended about a dozen regression experiments on various cases. The outcome was quite varied and none involved the traditional US gray figures conducting medical examinations. What entities did appear were mostly human or Nordic. But there was a range of others -- from monsters to robots. The only real consistency came in the basic form of the experience -- witness sees a light, witness loses consciousness, witness awakes in strange bright room and sees entities, some sort of contact/psychic experience or message is conveyed, witness reawakens back in prior environment (e.g., bedroom or car -- these accounting for 17 out of 19 cases I was part of during that time). There were smatterings of medical probes but nothing like that found in the Hopkins cases. The above work occurred between l979 and l986. From this data several conclusions emerged. Various witnesses explained their doubts about hypnosis. They felt it made them more confused, not less so. They were unclear of the reality status of their experience. Some felt positively harmed psychologically by the trauma of hypnosis. I also saw warning signs -- e.g., a case where I found myself suddenly speaking to the witness (in regression) who was no longer describing her encounter but channeling the alien and cosmic messages as if I was now actually addressing that being. Or another where a witness suffered an epileptic seizure during regression. And at least three cases where the doctor, monitoring EEG and ECG of the witness, terminated the experiment as these became dangerously high. I even later discovered that one doctor (medically qualified) whom one of my colleagues was working with was evidently using a drug to help induce hypnosis that brought him considerable pressure from the medical council afterwards, since I gather some of his patients were unaware of its use.

For these reasons I rapidly came to see hypnosis as a major part of the problem -- given its less than acknowledged ability to always stimulate memory rather than fantasy. As our primary duty was to the witness, it was to my mind dangerous to push them into such situations merely on the pretext that we were seeking 'better evidence' about their abduction. The tighter controls and l988 BUFORA ban on the use of regression altogether greatly reduced the number of reported abductions; although not to zero. Some conscious memory cases did arrive and, of course, several UK groups continued unabated with the use of regression. Although I have not recommended the use of hypnosis to any witness since the BUFORA ban and have not been directly involved in any subsequent case that has used it I have personally undergone hypnosis (via a clinical psychologist) as part of an experiment and sat in as observer on other peoples cases where hypnosis was used (again via a different clinical psychologist)

I also discovered several cases where my investigation revealed that the perceived time loss of a few minutes -- the period thought to contain the abduction -- probably never actually occurred. Logically, if there was no time lapse (or at most say five minutes) then there could be no abduction. But as an abduction recall did emerge vis hypnosis in these cases we had a problem. Was the recall a fantasy induced by hypnosis but taken more seriously because of the misdiagnosis of a time lapse? Or was the abduction experience real enough but contracted in time so that it seemed to last, say, an hour when only five minutes went by? If so there is one phenomenon that already involves what we find in abductions -- such time contractions, scene jumping and impossible reality superimposed onto normal reality. That phenomenon is the dream -- particularly the lucid dream. I thought immediately this was a significant clue and have developed from it my 'waking lucid dream' hypothesis.

From the evidence I have watched unfold -- across personally now some 30 cases and with association of some kind with several others - I have some opinions on what is happening. Firstly, witnesses to an abduction are almost always sincere. These are not hoaxes but genuine, mystifying experiences. They occur to what we might call an abduction prone personality -- with traits that have clearly stood out in my cases and via several other studies (e.g., by Keith Basterfield in Australia, Ken Philips in the UK and Dr Alex Keul's European anamnesis experiments). They are predominantly young (very few over the age of 40), female (around two thirds of UK witnesses), above average intelligence, creatively visual, with a developing interest in ecology and similar ideals, possessive of above average recall of early life experiences (e.g. prior to the age of 2) and commonly with a life long track record of experiencing strange phenomena of which the abduction/s is/are just a part. Not all witnesses have all features but 90% of mine have at least three. As such I think it is fair to say that being an abductee is a specialist skill. The second part of this article will continue next week. Thanks to Jenny Randles.

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