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Filer's Files
By George Filer

MUFON Eastern Region Director
August 27, 1999

George Filer:
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MARMORA - Richard Baker writes that he sighted a strange disc shaped craft on August 23, 1999, while taking out the garbage. He writes that, the object flew over me at 8:47 PM. As soon as I started staring at it, the object vanished. The sighting lasted only a few seconds, but on either side of the basic disk were two short wings with pods at the ends. Marmora is located twenty miles south east of Atlantic City. Thanks to Richard Baker.

PHILLIPSBURG -- On August 9, 1999, a rocket like object was sighted in the southwest sky over nearby Pennsylvania. The witness using binoculars saw a rocket or missile shaped object shoot straight up until lost from view. Thanks to Peter Davenport Director National UFO Reporting Center (NUFORC) Note: This report is reminiscent of a surface to air missile launch.


NINEVEH -- Peter B. Davenport, Director NUFORC, sent the following sightings. On August 18, 1999, a married couple was driving south on Route 18, three miles north of Nineveh near Pittsburgh at 10:55 PM. As their car rounded a bend in the highway, both the husband and wife suddenly became aware of a strange cluster of lights not too far ahead of them. The lights were an estimated 100 feet above the ground, and not more than 125 feet away from them. They stopped the car and exited the vehicle to inspect the lights more closely. They saw two very large, distinctively triangular shaped UFOs, each of which they estimated to be 100 feet in width. The craft seemed suspended virtually motionless above the ground. The objects exhibited red, blue, and white lights. The front of portion of the craft had prominent transparent windows. The witnesses estimated the dimension of the windows as two by three feet. They could see the lighted interiors of the craft through the windows. Both witnesses stood and watched the craft for 60 seconds as the objects drifted in unwavering formation slowly to the north. The craft passed over a small hill and disappeared.

LANCASTER COUNTY - A large rectangular craft was reported July 23, 1999, resting on the ground at 11:31 PM. The craft was approximately 150 feet long and 50 feet wide with windows and antenna. The witness stated, "About midnight I decided to begin driving back to Philadelphia from my aunt's house in rural Lancaster County. When I went out side to leave, I saw a huge object sitting in a field directly across from her front door. It was as big as a foot ball field judging by the nearby trees. The craft lit up like daylight with lights all around the bottom and windows with bright bluish/white light inside. At first I thought someone had put up a large 'double wide' mobile home in the couple hours I was visiting my aunt. Then I realized the object was larger than any mobile home, and would be as large as four of these put end to end. I also noticed a number of antennas and other 'garbage' sticking and jutting out from the top and sides. I ran back inside. My aunt came out and was a bit shaken by all this. I was pretty scared too, but I was intrigued. It was just weird. We watched for ten minutes as the craft began making a very low sound. Like a buzzing wire that isn't plugged into the stereo correctly, but with more variation in pitch and allot deeper. You could feel the vibration in the pit of your stomach and my aunt felt sick. The craft then began to lift off the ground and turn. I could clearly see it was a rectangle as it slowly turned its narrower side towards us. The craft turned off some of its lights and began moving steadily upward in an awkward wobbling motion, almost as if it was too heavy to support its own weight. We were not that far away when the sound became more intense. My aunt went back inside for fear that the craft might crash. It managed to lift off vertically and turn itself 90 degrees after reaching about three times the height of the tops of the trees. Then for about a 25 to 45 seconds it began shaking wildly. It began to accelerate like the space shuttle, but only with that low humming sound not a rocket's roar. After it started shooting upwards it was nearly out of sight within 10 minutes, becoming nothing more than a slowly moving star. I called the local TV station and they knew nothing about it and suggested I call the sheriff's department. I did and they said they had a couple reports of odd lights in the sky and they passed them to MUFON. Afterwards, I was firmly shocked. I have never believed in this stuff until now and I feel we are about to be taken over. I got a very 'sinister' feeling from that object. Like it was scouting for a place to set up operations in the future or something. "I felt it was giant processing center."

HUNTINGDON VALLEY -- On July 23, 1999, a derby shaped disk craft was observed traveling west-to east at 11:12 PM. The UFO was an illuminated silver object with crystal bright lights under the craft. A laser beam of light was projected from the rear of the craft scanning the ground. The object made no sound. Thanks to: Peter B. Davenport, Director NUFORC,

PAOLI -- Jimmy Sullivan reports that on August 11, 1999, "My sister and I saw a spotlight with red lights surrounding an amber light at 9:37 PM." It was not moving. So, I went inside to get my UFO book. I came back in about ten seconds and it was gone. I still remember the color of the lights and I remembered the spotlight. The colors matched what the book showed. That is how I found out it was a UFO. Thanks to Dave Ledger, UFO Scotland


ROCKY MOUNT - On August 1, 1999, a giant disc UFO was seen four miles southeast of Rocky Mount at 3:45 PM. The disc was a giant craft well over 100 feet in diameter. It tilted slightly down toward its direction of travel. We were going north on a county road toward Route 619, when the craft caught my attention. It was located a mile east of my position over or near the county landfill. At first I thought it was a helicopter as I saw it out of the corner of my eye. I immediately stopped my car and got out and looked directly at it. I got back in the car screaming at my partner to wake up and look at this thing. I backed up the car, spinning its wheels so we could chase the craft. I could tell that it was not a helicopter. The UFO Was easily bigger than any aircraft that I have ever seen. It had two distinct lines running around the edges with large lights or windows running between the lines. It had a tarnished silver color to it and appeared to glow. It made no sound as it moved silently north behind the trees. The trees did not move as the craft moved toward them. The air was completely still. You could hear traffic coming north on Route 220. After determining that this thing could definitely hear me and knowing that it could see me, I left the county at a high rate of speed and didn't look back. Thanks to Peter Davenport at the National Reporting Center.


DAYTON -- Four individuals standing on a rooftop at 11:00 PM on Tuesday, August 17, 1999, witnessed a "large" distinctly triangular object. Orange light radiated from its edges. It streaked from west to east, suddenly turning to the south, and disappeared.

RAVENNA - Radio station WNIR FM 100.1 FM reported the sighting of a disc shaped object on July 24, 1999. Reportedly, the witness saw a disc 200 feet above him that sprayed a cool clear liquid on him. He was taken to Robinson Memorial Hospital (330 297-0811) where nurses cleaned him up. The FBI allegedly took his cloths/cleaning rags from the hospital. A caller to the station claims he admitted his daughter a 12:18 AM and saw the FBI with truck loading the bags. Both the hospital and the FBI deny the story. Other callers claim to have seen the UFO. An ultra light plane goes down in area and an Army helicopter made an emergency landing. Ravenna Arsenal is in the vicinity. Thanks to Peter Davenport, Director NUFORC.


INDIANAPOLIS - On August 6, 1999, Carl M. an amateur astronomer was watching for meteors at 1:37 AM. He had been looking toward the northeast sitting in his favorite semi-reclining 'star-gazing-chair' in preparation for the Perseid Meteor Shower display expected on the 12th. Suddenly, he detected a movement in the southern part of the sky. Initially he assumed that it was nothing more than a dark-colored, low-flying bird whose underbelly was being illuminated by light-glow from the city. He noticed a gray spot behind it and to one side. The object continued to move rapidly in a level south-to-north trajectory and soon came into full view. Carl saw a dull-black triangular-shaped craft, with relatively straight equal-length sides. The craft had a solid-mass-body and gray spots on its tips. Carl estimated the craft to be about the length of a 16-wheel-semi-truck with attached box-trailer; but, only 4-6 feet high. As the object passed 50 feet above just over the trees, it was illuminated by bright lights from the car wash a block away. Carl could clearly see that the craft was emitting no light; and its skin appeared smooth with no visible windows, bulges, appendages or propulsion outlets. There were not any vapor trails. The object continued in a northerly direction at an estimated 100 MPH, based upon his recollection of the car racing at the Indy-oval. Carl stated that the most striking aspect of the whole 10 second experience was that there was absolutely no sound or turbulence associated with the craft. If he had not been sky watching at the time and that the city lights provided illumination; he definitely would not have known that the object had passed. Further, there were 5 dogs in his house and none of them sounded any kind of alarm during the incident. They would have done so had any ordinary object come within such close proximity! Carl says the object should have passed over I-65 at the Raymond Street Exit. Thanks to Dave Hagemeister NACOMM,


A father and two young children went sailing on Lake Michigan on August 14, 1999. They had been missing since then. Their sailboat was found after an intensive air and sea search twenty-five miles northeast of Chicago without its passengers. The craft was still in good condition with the main mast stowed. Jeff Sanio writes that two bodies have been found, and the search for the third person has been called off.

LAKE MICHIGAN -- In a possibly related sighting also on August 14, 1999, Fergus Moffat reports he saw a huge gold square object on Lake Michigan. This object was intensely bright and looked like it might have been an UFO that crashed into the lake. My brother and I saw the object on the way to a tennis match. After the match we looked for it on the lake, but it had disappeared. Thanks to Fergus Moffat,


ALBUQUERQUE -- Larry Clark reports that on June 10, 1999, about 10:30 PM three witnesses were driving west on I-40. Their speaker states, "My fiancée, my daughter and I were looking at the millions of stars, when I noticed two intensely bright stars in the northern sky about 25 degrees up from the horizon." But, they were just too bright for regular stars. I asked my fiancee to pull over. We got out the binoculars to get a better look. Just intensely bright, blue light with an "aura" around them was all we could see. Suddenly, the light on the left shot off toward the west at a mind-numbing speed, dipped down a bit, back up and just STOPPED again in the sky. Then the light on the right started to "mosey" toward the east. We drove like crazy to try and catch it. The interstate was straight at this point and another light "blinked" on right in front us in the sky and started to move slowly toward the light which had moved west. That really got our attention!! It finally just went away. We drove for about 1/2 hour trying to catch up to the light that had darted off and never even got close. We were doing about 80 mph. It was still in the sky where it stopped. We got to a little town and lost it in the trees and town lights. Thanks to Larry Clark, and


WENATCHEEA - The witness who has worked as an aircraft inspector in Washington State for approximately thirty years. On the night of Wednesday, August 18, 1999, near Grouse Tail Rock, located on the Columbia River near Wenatchee, WA, he witnessed three lights, oriented in a triangular pattern drift over in the night sky. It appeared to the witness to be a solid object, since the stars disappeared behind it as it moved across the sky. He witnessed the object for approximately 10 seconds. Many other reports for August 1999 are posted at Thanks to: Peter B. Davenport, Director, NUFORC


LOGAN VILLAGE - On August 8, 1999, six witnesses sighted a UFO that looked like a Ferris Wheel 42 kilometers from Brisbane City at 9:15 PM. The object was the size of 50 cent piece at arm's length. Jennifer walked outside and noticed her neighbor looking up at an object in the sky. The object had two rings of lights fast moving lights. One ring rotated clock wise the other going anti-clock wise. It was beautiful to look at. I ran inside and got my sister and my husband and they watched it as well. It was amazing! One ring of lights moved away from the other ring of lights and then it moved back again. The witnesses called several TV stations but they were not interested. Four residents of Hickory St. Marsden also reported seeing the UFO Ferris wheel. (1) Witness Miss Sharn J called the Hotline to ask if anyone had seen strange lights in the sky on Saturday night around 8:50 PM. Sharn said: "It was awesome the size of a foot ball field!" It had two rows of lights turning in opposite directions. The object was laying on its side, it reminded me of Close Encounters the movie and do you know not one of us was scared of it "not at all" I was so excited. I ran over to my neighbor who was outside and asked him to look up "can you see what I see" he looked and ran inside telling me he was going to call someone. He looked really scared! My friends and I went over to the park to get a clearer look. It was so cold but no one wanted to go inside to get our jackets we didn't want to miss a moment of it. We could see the reflection of the lights on the clouds. Thanks to Keith Basterfield Network and Diane Harrison Co-Director The Australian UFO Research Network Australian Skywatch Director.


KYUSHU - (AP) A Japanese fighter jet that had been sent to intercept an unidentified object off Japan's southern coast was missing Sunday, August 15, 1999, the Defense Agency said Sunday. The jet was one of two F-4EJ fighters dispatched early Sunday from an air base in Nyutabaru after an unidentified plane was spotted by radar at 1226 GMT, the agency said. The aircraft, manned by two crew members, lost radio contact with its consort plane at 5:15 a.m. local time about 50 miles off Fukue Island and remained missing Sunday evening, agency spokesman Isoji Ikeda said. The island is about 680 miles from Tokyo off the coast of Kyushu, Japan's southernmost main island. Visibility was low and the weather was bad when the jet went missing, the agency said. The crew had not made visual contact with the plane before they disappeared and did not confirm the nationality or type of aircraft, the spokesman said. The agency had no information on the origin of the plane that the pair of jets had gone to intercept, the spokesman said. Thanks to UFO Research

Editor's Note: UFOs have often been chased off the coast of Japan, and several fighter aircraft have been lost in these operations.


On August 24, 1999, I received the following e-mail from Lois who writes. "I was in Tibet last week driving to the airport at 3:30 AM and the driver said UFO and pointed to the sky. I saw a circular object pretty far up that had many white lights underneath it with red lights around it. It looked like a sign from Las Vegas. It hovered above for about 20 minutes and then disappeared. The Tibetan taxi driver in very poor English led me to believe that he had seen 5 UFO's. I couldn't understand what else he said. I know this was not a plane or helicopter. Thanks to LoisSB.


KENT -- Between fifty and sixty residents of Ayelsham, a small town near Dover about 80 miles southeast of London spotted "an armada" of bright silvery high-flying UFOs on Sunday, August 1, 1999. One witness had a camcorder handy and shot several minutes of footage. The video shows "many of these objects clearly visible" and "also shows an aircraft with anti-collision light passing underneath them, indicating that the objects were at a very high altitude." "The eyewitnesses claim that all the participants in this 'armada' were multicolored and reflective." "The videotape shows only silver-colored objects in no discernible pattern, crossing from north to south in slow procession, although there were two other objects lagging behind and seemed to accelerate to catch up with the main group." On Monday, August 2, 1999, the video was aired on a local TV news broadcast in Dover. The news team interviewed British Ufologist Timothy J. Good." A meteorologist interviewed for the broadcast explained that the UFOs may have been "helium-filled balloons let off from Maidstone." Thanks to UFO Roundup 8/24/99, Editor Joe Trainor and Jerry Anderson


SAO PAULO -- On August 21, 1999, Mr. Roberto Rabelo saw a huge UFO over the city of Cubatao, São Paulo. He reported that when he arrived at the Water Treatment Station, there were three other witnesses watching the phenomenon. "It was around 12:58 AM, when I looked to the north and saw the UFO at a low altitude." "One of the operators said that it could be a short-circuit in a nearby energy tower. We climbed the tower and realized that it was not a conventional aircraft. "The UFO was higher!" "The UFO had a red light on top and three other red lights below it, in a triangular shape. The lights did not blink. Seconds later, between the red lights, there were hundreds of white flashes! Then all disappeared. "I estimate that the UFO was bigger than a soccer field." Once again the UFO appeared, but this time when the flashing lights turned off, another object like a yellow ball came out. The UFO appeared again for a third time, and we were able to see a "triangular shadow" behind it. The sighting lasted for 20 minutes. Thanks to THIAGO LUIZ TICCHETTI Director of the Publication Department and Specialized Translation

JENNY RANDLES ON ABDUCTIONS (PART 2) will be carried next week.

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