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Filer's Files
By George Filer

MUFON Eastern Region Director
September 9, 1999

George Filer:
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Since the first of the month, there has been a spectacular display of the reentry of Russian space debris into our atmosphere as UFOs dart around at lower altitudes.


BRONX - On August 28, 1999, Peter Davenport the Director of the National UFO Reporting Center (NUFORC) obtained a sighting report from an amateur astronomer. He was using his Meade ETX90 telescope and a 8 mm camcorder. To record his observations of the moon at 10:00 PM. The astronomer stated he observed a round disc-like object moving across the face of the moon twice!!! He recorded the two objects on video tape through his telescope using 48X magnification. The moon was in the east/southeast at the time. The object was round with no lights or distinguishing marks. The discs moved across the face of the moon in a straight line. The objects made no sound. After recording the first object I continued to observe, just a minute or so later, and I saw the same thing again, going in the same direction. I don't know if it was the same object or a second one. I did see two round discs, at two different times. They had no lights or anything, they were just round, black and moving across the face of the moon. I couldn't tell their distance from me, and I didn't have a chance to see them with the naked eye. I was recording when I saw them, so I have them both on tape. As an astronomer, "My conclusion is that it simply is a UFO. No doubt about it!" Thanks to Peter Davenport Director of NUFORC.


EDISON -- Ed L. writes, "On November 18, 1996, we were traveling northbound on the New Jersey Turnpike when I saw a very fast object which appeared to be in trouble or crashing. I was looking out the passenger side window at 8:00 PM discussing the airplanes making their approach to landing. After a few minutes, the planes were no longer visible as the skies appeared quiet. Then the object appeared moving many times faster than the speed of a plane. At first, I thought it might be a meteor, but I realized it was resonating a light frequency that seemed to be a message. The communication was, "Do not repeat what you see"... "Its Okay"... "No alarm" It was too large and moving much slower than any meteorite. I immediately realized that it was a UFO. It was as bright as an exploding transformer, if you have ever experienced that sight. It was only a few hundred feet away on its speedy descending path with its erratic occulting appearance. It bounced like a buoy in the bay. I knew it was in trouble and about to crash. It went down so quickly that I felt I should cover my eyes. Expecting to see an explosion, I tuned to my associate who was driving and said, "Did you see that?" We had the quick usual discussion, "They'll think we are crazy!" After assuming it must be a UFO, it appeared again and started gaining altitude. It rose for about 9 seconds; and moved directly west over a bridge gaining speed. The UFO made an ascending 45 degree turn toward the north. It accelerated to a very high rate of speed darting through the slight high cloud cover and shot out of our atmosphere as if it was projected from a sling-shot. I am so surprised that it would do this in plain view of us and the other vehicles on the New Jersey Turnpike. Thanks to Tom Sheets ISUR and Ed L. at


BENTON AIR FORCE STATION --I retired from the Air Force in 1990 as a Chief Master Sergeant. I was on the SAC Nuclear Disablement Team for many years. We would respond to any incidents/accidents or problems with nuclear weapons. I know of an incident that occurred on March 5, 1965, at Benton Air Force Station, Red Rock, Pennsylvania. Benton was part of the Air Defense Command Interior Radar Defense Zone. Two radar technicians (one being my brother) were repairing the height finder radar antenna located northeast of the 648th Radar Squadron site. An "object" described by my brother as being a small saucer shaped object landed nearby. The two technicians decided to investigate. As they approached the saucer, a beam of light came out and struck both technicians. That was the last they could remember, and they failed to report to their command post. Air Policeman went to search for the two technicians, but they could not be found. All their tools and equipment were located near the antenna they were fixing. The Pennsylvania State Police were alerted and a search of the area began. Sixteen hours later, a state trooper found the two technicians walking on Route 487 about 10 miles from the site south of Lopez. The two technicians seemed dazed and were transported to a hospital in Williamsport. They were examined and found to be dehydrated and confused. No alcohol or drugs were found in their system. They were later transferred to an Air Force Hospital at Stewart AFB, NY. Trace amounts of alpha radiation were found on their clothing and strange marks were discovered on their necks.

Special Agents from the Office of Special Investigations interviewed the technicians. They related their story up to the point of the beam of light. They could not remember anything after that. A psychiatrist wrote in the report that each technician experienced something they could not fully explain! They both spent two weeks in the hospital and were released back to their unit. My brother was reexamined at the Air Force Psychiatric Center, Sheppard AFB, TX in 1966. During a session with an Air Force psychiatrist, the doctor asked him if he thought he was abducted by extraterrestrial visitors! That was the first time anyone ever mentioned a UFO connection to my brother. My brother thought the Air Force knew. He told me years after the incident, he had nightmares about creatures poking instruments into his eyes, ears, and mouth. My brother served out his tour and was honorably discharged. He went onto college and worked for Boeing Aircraft Corporation until he retired in 1994. He won't speak about the incident. Thanks to CMSgt. Walter.


VINT HILL FARMS BASE -- Richard Lang Assistant State Director VA MUFON writes, "We recently investigated a sighting and alleged abduction which took place on a now closed military base in Northern Virginia." We initially responded to a newspaper article about the case. In corporation with the Fauquier County Sheriff's Office we were able to locate this woman and conduct an investigation on the base. We found the following: On June 27, 1999, a 44 year old woman was attending a camp out with her daughter. At around 2:00 AM she felt compelled to leave the camp out and told one of the other adults she was going home. Her daughter stayed all night with the other adults. She drove in her van to a now closed military base, in Fauquier County. She parked in a parking lot next to a picnic area just outside the fence. She got out of her van at 2:50 AM and sat at the edge of the parking area looking at the full moon. Then she noticed a bright blue light approaching the area. The light approached from her right side and as it got closer she noticed it was egg shaped and was the color of blue Kool-Aid. The object hovered over a clump of trees in the field about 200 yards away. The egg shaped object was hovering on the inside of the Vent Hill Base fence. She saw three humanoid beings suddenly appear under the object. They were little guys, only 3 to 4 feet tall who appeared to be gathering soil samples. She remembers hearing her watch chime for 3:00 AM and the beings heard it and noticed her. They started moving toward her. Her next memory was waking up inside her van with the doors locked at 6:00 AM the next morning. She described herself as crying and shaking like crazy. She was afraid and could not remember what happened.

Several weeks after her experiences, she told our investigators that she started to have dreams related to the experience at the base. She has remembered what she thinks happened during the missing three hours. During our video taped interview, she said that after her watch chimed the beings began to approach her. She claims that the beings came through the fence and stood on each side of her with one behind her. The three beings took her back through the fence to the still hovering object. She was floated up in a very bright light beam that was shining down from the bottom of the hovering craft. She was led into a room, and was put on an examination table. She does not know how they got her on it. They then examined her and the next memory was waking up inside her van. We think there may be other witnesses to this event or others like it in this area and ask that they contact Richard Lang on the toll Free Hot Line # 1-888-556-6760. Thanks to Richard Lang, richard.lang@crestar com.


FLORENCE – A UFO video was shot on August 21, 1999, and delivered to the Greater Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky Airport's Video Production Department. The 90 second long hi-8 mm videotape was shot by a resident of Florence. It shows a strobing ‘beacon-light' that is cast against the night-sky at 10:50 PM. The rapidly strobing white or bluish-colored light zippingly blinks arbitrarily, with no pattern or consistency. This lack of regular pattern to the blink is most notable when viewed in slow-motion. There is some question if the light is one singular headlight, or ‘several' strobing lights situated around a larger object. The gentleman who took the video said that he had ten-years in the Air Force. He observed a bouncing, flickering light to the south of him near Walton. He said, "It wasn't any airplane that I'm familiar with. It kept bouncing and jumping around, back and forth." He got his camera and put it on a tripod to record the object. The object disappeared by dropping down beneath the trees. Thanks to Kenny Young , UFO Research


GALLATIN – At 10:15 AM a hovering silver-colored cylindrical object was spotted over a wooded area near a residential subdivision on September 7, 1999. A business professional states, "I was driving to my new house, when I spotted an object flying slowly about a quarter mile away." I noticed that it was not casting a reflection on a sunny day without any cloud cover at all. It was a bright metallic silver object, unlike any aircraft that I have ever seen. The object was moving very slowly, almost hovering over a wooded area. "I got out of my car to see if I could hear anything. "It was cylindrical in shape and moving ever so slowly with absolutely no sound. Within 10 seconds, the object just disappeared. "I am a 37 year old male, and haven't had a drink in weeks." Thanks to Kenny Young --UFO Research


TAMPA – The above sighting may correlate with sightings over Florida on the same day, in which many in the Tampa area were told that a Russian booster rocket had fallen into the Gulf of Mexico. An alleged video of this sighting was reportedly broadcast on a local Fox-13 News TV station, and was described by one person as resembling a 'triangular-shaped object.' Kenny Young -- UFO Research


DUBUQUE – An airfreight pilot flying a twin engine Beech Baron BE-58 aircraft reports that on August 23, 1999, he spotted a thumbnail sized triangular object. The craft was maneuvering at approximately 5000 feet above my altitude of 5500 feet Mean Sea Level (MSL). The Flying Triangle was depositing material into small cumulous clouds north of Dubuque. During a moon rise in the eastern sky at 11:20 PM, an object caught my attention moving at an unusually high rate of speed. As I looked upward and focused in on the object, I made out a dark blue or almost black triangular craft flying grid patterns in a north to south and east to west pattern. I estimate his altitude was 5000 feet higher than my cruising altitude or 10,000 feet MSL. As I watched more intensely, I noticed the craft was leaving behind it's travel path a gray misty contrail, that seemed to be slowly falling into small puffy clouds between myself and the craft. When the Flying Triangle made a change of direction, it was done very abruptly. Ninety degree turns were made with no gradual change of direction, they were instantaneous. I estimated it's rate of travel to be in the 500 to 800 knot range. Nearly 10 times that of my rate of speed. The craft had no lights, the only way I could see it was by the reflection of the moon light since it was a near full moon last night. After losing the craft behind a bank of clouds I no-longer saw it. After flying for an additional 12 minutes, I witnessed particles descending or falling past my aircraft. They almost looked like snow flakes, but the air temperature was near 50 degrees Fahrenheit, according to my outside air temperature probe. The particles appeared to reflect a gold light when tumbling in the moon light. I traveled through the particles for 20 minutes at 5500 feet with visibility dropping from 10 to 3 statue miles forward visibility. During this time period my lungs began to feel inflamed and irritable. I also felt a burning sensation and tried to keep my breathing rate at a low rate during this time. My symptoms disappeared once I left the particles. I never saw the craft during the rest of my four hour trip. It was very strange. This is the only report I am making as of today as I fear for my job security by reporting this sighting. Thanks to Peter Davenport Director NUFORC.


DEPERE -– On September 6, 1999, a husband and wife observed objects almost directly overhead at about 8:45 PM. The objects were headed slightly east and veered south zigzagging and doing circles. Movement was erratic and unlike an aircraft, satellite or meteor. There was no visible tail or colored lights. My husband has a good eye for things and when he saw the lights he got his binoculars. Although we could not see exactly what it was, we did see that the unidentified object was not following the same definition as other things in the sky. We are curious as to what this could be? Thanks to: UFO Research


LAKE WHITNEY - On August 21, 1999, the two married witnesses were delivering newspapers throughout Rural Bosque County at 3:00 AM. They observed an unusual set of lights hovering too low to be a star. They stopped and saw the object move up and even lower. During the next hour, they noticed that no matter what direction they turned, the object was always right in front of them. Further south, they saw two sets of lights. They stopped at the highest point in Bosque County heading towards Clifton. The northern most light shot straight up and disappeared. The second object moved closer and took on the shape of a triangle and its three lights flashed multi colors. After about 15 minutes, the witness reports we made our way further south when my wife said, "It looks like a giant triangle!" I immediately stopped the truck and saw that between the 3 sets of lights it appeared to be a huge Flying Triangle. As we watched the lights suddenly got bright enough to light up the deer like daylight. I got on the CB radio to ask if any of the local truck drivers were observing this? But the radio and my truck just went dead! Suddenly, just as quickly, it was dark and my truck started back up. We went back to work and observed this object zip from one side of us to the other and then back again! We observed this till about 6:00 AM when as we made our way across the Whitney Dam the triangle suddenly it shot up and to the side and was gone! Thanks to Peter Davenport Director of NUFORC.


TRAVIS AIR FORCE BASE – Steve Moreno reports, "My 13 year old neighbor, Ben, spotted a 300 feet long triangular ship flying slowly over our house at about 300 feet altitude on September 2, 1999." It traveled in complete silence with a 75 feet of glowing blue flame exiting out of its entire 100 feet rear base. It was estimated to be 75 feet thick. After traversing across the sky for a minute in a NW to SE trajectory it suddenly just disappeared. Within ten minutes afterwards Ben, and his Mom, claim they heard a storm of activity coming from Travis Air Force Base. Since Ben has lived within a mile of the base all his life, he normally doesn't take notice of something overhead. He knows a C5 Galaxy Transport when he see one. He was able to summon his Mom who observed the craft before it disappeared. I was amazed at the thoroughness and detail of his report with pertinent measurements. He plays football so he knows his distances. Similar reports were noted from Napa and Novato. Thanks to Steve Moreno Director Psi Applications


SYDNEY -- NSC Multimedia reports that witnesses saw a huge burning white cylinder shaped object crossing the sky around 2:45 PM on September 1, 1999. The object headed to the east northeast and was seen for about two minutes. The object was later witnessed by thousands in Washington, Oregon, Nevada, Arizona, Utah and Canada generating numerous reports. MUFON Washington State Director Jerry Rolwes writes, "In my pursuit of an explanation as to what was happening, I called the Air Force Public Affairs office for the North American Air Defense Command (NORAD), Peterson AFB, Colorado." They control the management for the Cheyenne Mountain Command Post complex. I spoke to a USAF Major Nouis at (719)-554-3714. The bottom-line is this. It was a spectacular event, but not a major UFO event. Major Nouis reported that it was a Russian rocket booster; NORAD catalogue item number 25761. Specifically, it was a center motor part from a Russian SL 12 rocket launched February 28, 1999. It reentered the earth's atmosphere at 10:11 PM Mt. Time/ 0411 Greenwich mean time. Speed upon reentry was approximately 17,000 MPH. I asked Major Nouis about the comment made by some callers that the USAF said this item was to reenter in a few more days. Major Nouis stated that these items are reentering the atmosphere worldwide on a very frequent basis and some more of the junk may be arriving in a few days. This information is not classified. It just doesn't take much to check these things out. Before, we in this UFO research business start declaring something a UFO, we may all wish to check out the facts. Major Nouis said, "It was possible that a piece of the motor could have crashed along the Nevada/Utah border." Power outages can be checked with local power companies. Accuracy in UFO research is not that difficult to come by with a few phone calls. I hope this info will be of value. Thanks to: Jerry Rolwes MUFON WA 509-327-4868, Editor's Comment: The objects, ranging from one to seven had glowing trails and at times were seen to "break apart" and shoot off in different directions. It should be noted that reports to NUFORC claimed the objects had maneuverability, including what one witness described as a "U-turn." Reports from Utah three hours later placed the objects still in the air. Perhaps both UFOs and space debris was seen.


BRITISH COLUMBIA -- On August 5, 1999, the witness, Ray, was observing the night sky when he saw an object about the size of his thumbnail held at arm's length. It was two miles away over the mountain behind Ruskin Dam. It had red, white and blue lights revolving around it. He phoned the RCMP and two patrol cars arrived with four officers. There were 12 friends, relatives and police watching using binoculars for two hours. Thanks to Bill Oliver, UFO BC

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