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Filer's Files
By George Filer

MUFON Eastern Region Director
September 17, 1999

George Filer:
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As hurricane Floyd works it way along the US East Coast our hearts, thoughts and prayers go out to those in danger. The storm is expected to reach my area in a matter of hours, and electricity is already out at the corner stores. UFO reports continue heavy from around the world, but not near the storm.


LEVITTOWN, LONG ISLAND -- Dave Hagemeister reports on September 1, 1999, Ed G a well educated married professional heard a very unusual throbbing-sound that reverberated throughout his home. It was a rapidly cycling hum or whine-sound; that fluctuated in volume. The strange pulsating gong sound became louder and awakened Ed's wife at 10:00 PM. She called out loudly; "Ed, do you hear that strange noise?" She parted the bedroom curtains and saw an eerie-blue-glow in their backyard. Ed cautiously opened their front-door; to see a huge disk-shaped UFO, the size of a commercial-airliner, hovering 130 feet high just a few yards above the water-tower several blocks away. The object was very dark and dull circular disc that tapered from its thin edge all around its perimeter to seven feet thick at its center. The UFO tilted down toward Ed at a 45-degree angle. Ed could see a straight line of a dozen steadily glowing blue-lights, extending from the lower edge directly across its midsection, to the edge furthest from him. There was a larger bright blinking blue light at farthest edge of the object. His wife ran to see the object move slowly towards the southeast. Ed ran barefoot out of the house and down the street to follow the object, then returned for his camera but was unable to get a photo. He was surprised to realize that no one else had come outside to investigate the loud throbbing sounds. Three nights later, on September 4th, they saw the craft and heard the throbbing-sounds again at 11:00 PM. They decided to remain inside in the security of their home. Thanks to Dave Hagemeister NACOMM:


CLIFTON -- Shelly Jaffe reports that on August 11, 1999, she saw round white bright lights at 8:30 PM. Shelly reported the lights were the size of about six airplanes put together. There was no sound from this object whatsoever. Thanks to ISUR, Tom Sheets and Shelly Jaffe at


HUNTINGDON VALLEY -- MUFON investigator Tome Carey reports the July 23, 1999, sighting of a lighted silver craft was positively identified by an Bryn Athyn fireman eyewitness as a "blimp." Two blimps are based at Northeast Philadelphia Airport and one was airborne at the time. Thanks to Tom Carey.


UFOSSI reports that on September 3, 1999, Mike and Henry heard humming noises. Henry saw the head of a grayish white entity 4 to 5 feet tall outside. He heard humming sound in the bedroom that moved around in a counter clockwise circle Then Henry saw a white soft ball size light floating around the house and he thought he saw another alien. Mike did not see the alien or the light. They went outside and both saw four flashing colored lights in the sky about 50 feet apart on a hovering triangle shaped craft. The object was about 200 feet wide and moved slowly towards them. We started to back away from the craft as it approached and then it just disappeared. Thanks to Billy Dee


Tom Carey and Don Schmitt have just returned from another research trip to Roswell. Along with local investigators, Dennis Balthaser of Roswell and Nina Coleman of Albuquerque, the team continues to proactively research the most famous UFO case of all time. New witnesses continue to be located and interviewed. A former government person recalls having to vacate his employment area in Northern Virginia for one day many years ago to allow the wreckage of a crashed UFO to be moved out and relocated. Renewed focus is being placed upon the events in the Corona area as opposed to farther southeast of Roswell. One full day was spent in the high desert trying to locate the exact crash site. They believe that the true crash site was closer to the Brazil Ranch than the so-called "Corn site" -- Hub Corn Ranch located about 35 miles northwest of Roswell. Other new revelations will be announced in upcoming reports. Thanks to Tom Carey


NAVAL AIR STATION FALLON – On August 29, 1999, Chris Miller and his client Syena Sowden were on a video shoot on the desert three miles away from the base at 6:30 PM. Syena saw the UFO first. Chris states, "I was already holding the camcorder, so I just pointed it towards the UFO." It was traveling extremely fast, perhaps 600 mph at around 30,000 feet. The object was a cigar shaped craft. Close examination of the video, reveals two plasmas can be seen. Thanks to Chris Miller.


John A. Logan College in Carterville, Illinois is offering the course. "UFOs: An Alien Connection?" The course will examine the history of the UFO phenomenon and speculate on alien life. It's a continuing education course, taught on the Internet. The cost for the 7 week class is $15.00. See


REDLANDS -- Sharon Warren writes, my personal interest in UFOs began in 1968, when my in-laws had a UFO encounter. At the time I was working for the local newspaper. Dr. Seff, a professor from the University of Redlands, came to the paper and asked to run a story regarding UFO sightings in the area. He and a team of other university professors were conducting investigations for the USAF's Project Blue Book. My mother-in-law contacted Dr. Seff who came out with his team and interviewed her. I was at the interview and spoke with one of the professors. He told me that the USAF had obtained a piece of a crashed UFO from the Mexican government that had been analyzed at the University of Colorado. It contained 100% magnesium but when I related this story to Stanton Friedman he informed me it was not magnesium but manganese, and there was no way to 100% purify the substance in 1969. He also relayed to me how the UFO had been picked up on radar over Texas and chased by a USAF jet into Mexico. As the jet's pilot approached the UFO, he noted it was wobbling uncontrollably and crashed in Mexico. A second UFO appeared to be coming to its aid? The pilot then tried to pursue the second UFO, but it took off at high speed. I looked forward to the conclusions of Project Blue Book knowing that the USAF had "proof" of the existence of UFOs. When their final conclusion was made public, they stated they had found no proof of the existence of UFOs. I knew then that they were conducting a cover up and I wondered why? Thanks to: Sharon Warren


AUBURN -- On September 8, 1999, Christopher Montgomery writes, "We saw a triangular UFO near the UFO Resource Center." Around 8:40 PM, I was working late when Matt came busting into my office to grab the binoculars. Five minutes later we heard the roar of a huge helicopter flying over about ten feet above our roof. Chris ran outside and Matt said, "I want you to take a look at something!" I studied an object with three lights tilted at a 25-degree angle behind the helicopter. One red light was on top in the center. "I'll be damned! I think it's a UFO." It moved with a zigzag motion maneuver, in a classic UFO stair-step. It was shaped in a classic triangle UFO which everyone in Auburn and Kent had been reporting for years. It stayed in our area a good 20 minutes. It would fly southwest back northeast without turning. A third witness MM came out to watch. She examined the object for several minutes and was visibly shaken by the UFO. It was 9:00 PM, and we observed it for another fifteen minutes as object's body would turn while in one spot. The object's lights did funny things and breezed over me, very faintly illuminating the surrounding area. I watched it go north up the valley level with the crest of our hill. The craft was very thin and had three distinctive lights one on each point of the triangle. It was a cream or beige color dimly illuminated. A power failure to a diesel generator that operates the pump for the town's drinking water occurred simultaneously. Thanks to Christopher Montgomery UFO Resource Center (U.F.O.R.C.) newsletter:


NEILBURG -- Paul Anderson the editor of Circles Phenomenon Research Canada reports a large new crop formation in Saskatchewan. Ten circles were found in a wheat field on September 3, 1999, by Dave Robertson. Three "arms" of circles come out from a larger central circle. The center circle is about 35 feet in diameter, the others range from 4 feet to 22 feet. The "top" two circles and the center circle are clockwise, the others are all counterclockwise, all with very neat swirling and flattening of the crop. This is the seventh Canadian report for 1999, and the first this year from Saskatchewan usually the center of activity. Ray attempted to take pictures but could not get it to function properly. Thanks to: Paul Anderson CPR-Canada

SURREY -- August 20, 1999, 2:00 AM A couple stepped outside their home and observed a white light traveling slowly north to south. It came to a halt in the eastern sky. No sound was apparent. The "object" was observed through binoculars for a period of 40 minutes. One of the witnesses said the object appeared to have two large lights with three perimeter lights, and a blue light around the middle. One noted oddity was that the attached lights seemed to circle the larger lights in a propeller-like motion. The object was still in the sky when the couple retired.

VANCOUVER - August 23, 1999, The witness spotted some strange lights near the power lines on Grouse Mountain at 10:30 PM. The area has no road. The lights were blue, purple, orange and green, and pulsating. The lights went up, stopped, then went down and sideways -- far too fast for a helicopter. They appeared to be attached to the perimeter of an object the size of "the roof of a small house." The witness reported seeing the same, or similar, object on August 25, 26 and 28. His wife also witnessed the object. Louise A. Lowry "World Of The Strange Weekly Newsletter" UFO*BC


ARMAGH -- Miles Johnston reports during August since the night of the eclipse we have had five nights of UFO sightings. The Armagh Planetarium and local police stations received many calls from 2300 hours to 0400 hours each night from the Lough Neagh/ Mid Ulster area. Large rings of light, with inner rings were seen over a several hundred square mile area. They may have been unusually bright Aurora Borealis. Groups flying discs flying in formation were reported. Dr. Barnet of the Armagh Planetarium reported a USAF Flying AWACS aircraft was escorted, or accompanied by two red Flying Triangle aircraft. These flew over Northern Ireland at only 4,000 feet. He was unable to come up with an explanation for the other sightings. The AWACS, and the rays of strange lighting effects, over the southern sky, were reported by highly qualified observers, with good astronomical night time experience. Thanks to Miles Johnston

THRONE COUNTY -- Eugene Mc Namee writes that, "I was abducted tonight September 2, 1999." This is not the first time, but this time it was different. "There were other humans there (at least they looked human) working with the aliens." "They dragged me out of bed and there was a buzzing in my head that I heard while I was abducted." Thanks to Eugene Mc Namee


Since the 7.8 magnitude earthquake on August 17, 1999, where over 15,000 were killed, some very strange lights are being seen all over Western Turkey. They are incredibly clear, circular or triangular in shape, white, yellow, red and blue colored, remain visible in the sky for 5 to 20 minutes, following a materializing-dematerializing pattern. The funny thing is it became a routine thing as they have been showing up two or three times a week. They became an inevitable component of the TV news and media. Furthermore, just before the quake, the bottom of the sea in Izmit went red and the sea temperature went up to 40-45 degrees C. However, there are no underwater volcano's in the Sea of Marmara! Starting two days before the quake, hundreds of fish, crabs and other sea life forms died and not naturally! Somehow, they were burned!!!!! The fish nets of the fishermen were burned and we have several rock and stone samples from the sea, which went black in color. TUVPO (Turkish UFO and Paranormal Organization) is cooperating with the Smithsonian Institute and a few universities in the US. We already sent them some rock and burned fishnet samples, upon their request. Folks at TUVPO will hopefully run a spectrum analysis on the video tapes. Some fishermen are also saying that they witnessed an explosion under the sea. Fireballs, strange lights, sightings never ended in Turkey. At the same time more quakes with smaller scales are still ongoing in a wide range of area. As you know Greece was hit by a 5.9 quake a couple of days ago. Thanks to HAKAN


Barry Chamish reports the summer of 1999, saw the triumphant return of flying triangular formations over Israel. As always, their appearance was greeted with video cameras to solidly document them. On July 22, a triangular craft was spotted in the cities of Tsfat and Yokneam at 7:30 PM. It was videotaped in both places. A professional photographer Rafi Malka was phoned and video taped it from his home in Acceded. He earned the distinction of being the first Israeli to videotape two separate UFOs. He then phoned his nephew Doron Cohen in Yavne, who spread the word in that city that a UFO was coming. Among those he contacted was professor Rami Shkalim, who has a Ph.D. in both physics and philosophy and is currently a professor of Kabbala at Bar Ilan University. He was one of over two hundred people who viewed the craft until it disappeared at 12:30 AM. He had just purchased professional equipment, a Sony 320 zoom video camera that recorded an absolutely brilliant ten minute videotape of the craft. The craft had two silvery lights, both surrounded by a perfectly circular red aura twice their size. When the craft seems to turn a triangle of lights is visible. Then the craft becomes two lights, which emit spirally turning lights, like twisting fireworks, before the craft disappears to the west. He took the courageous step of going public with his videotape on the popular television program, "Good Morning Israel." The TV's host said, "This film is too weird to be written off as a planet or anything else we know." The fact that the UFO appeared on Tish B'av follows the pattern of UFO incidents falling on Jewish holy days. Photos at Thanks to Barry Chamois

ISRAEL RETURN OF THE BIBLICAL GIANTS? Jenny Randle's reports that along with the sightings, the Anakim or Refaim, the giants of the Bible are returning to Israel today. There are only two periods of recorded history when giants were reported in Israel. In biblical days from the time of the Flood to the ascension of King David, and since 1993 in modern Israel. The case for the return of giants to Israel is airtight. The giants thoughtfully chose reliable contactees as witnesses, and have allowed their craft to be filmed and left in their wake ample physical evidence. Jenny filmed a documentary this summer about the giants with a film crew from California. They had already filmed in Voronezh, where they got some fascinating new data on the l989 giant sightings, and flew to the UK from Israel where they had researched the cases in this article. My task was to piece stories together of giant entity cases and assess possible origins for these entities in the scheme of things. A one hour Discovery documentary will air next April. Thanks to Jenny Randles


JS Hugo reports I have followed all the reports that have been rolling in from witnesses, debunkers, verifiers and speculators. The whole situation reminds me of the event that played itself out years ago in this very manner when Sky Lab fell from orbit. I personally witnessed the spectacle of the 'alleged reentry,' late at night (September 9, 1999), driving along a deserted road in South Africa. There was time to stop the vehicle and get out to look. I saw exactly the type of display reported by everyone in Utah and Nevada. The descriptions of maneuvering objects that doubled back on themselves was a characteristic that led me to believe that I had just witnessed UFO activity. I related my story to my family on arriving at home, yeah, yeah, nice, goodnight. Only to have the morning paper shoved under my nose when awoke, halfway down the front page was three inches long column tucked to the left. It declared that the 200 calls that were received concerning the sighting, was nothing more than a space station burning up. I had to accept this reasoning, yet somehow I don't believe a word of it. The display lasted too long, longer than a meteorite fall, it looked more like a cosmic dog fight between fast moving craft. There were flashes of weapons being discharged, bobbing and weaving flaming objects. Some of the objects seemed to regroup before changing direction and then doubling back to disappear into the distance at incredible speed. This all took two to three minutes covering a large arc of the night sky. The questions are would this reentry be visible in South Africa, if it also occurred over Australia and the US? Thanks to JS Hugo

Editor's Note: Heavy UFO activity was also reported in the Tampa, Florida area. Space Command noted about 70 spent rocket boosters or stages disintegrate in the atmosphere each year. A Russian SL-12 rocket booster, item # 25761 was falling. The official explanations may hide UFO activity.


CRONULLA -- Barry Taylor reports that on September 6, 1999, local Police had received two calls at 3:00 AM from independent witnesses of a large "Flying Triangle" hovering over the ocean just offshore of Southern Sydney. The Triangle shaped craft had yellow/orange lights on each corner. Many people had been watching the Whale christened "Alex" for the last four days off Cronulla, and "I am wondering if they're interested in the whale as well? Thanks to Alan Craddock and Barry Taylor The Australian Research Network reports that on September 13, 1999, they were receiving UFO reports from all over Australia. Three people saw UFO in Victoria. Trevor saw one in Perth, Meg in ACT, Albert in NSW, and one in Perth. Thanks to ARN at: (Keith Basterfield

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