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Filer's Files
By George Filer

MUFON Eastern Region Director
September 23, 1999

George Filer:
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UFO sightings continue in United Kingdom, Turkey, and Australia with 200 reported per month in US during June, July and August. I personally survived hurricane Floyd with the loss of a tree in our yard and six inches of rain that filled the lake.


Hundreds of Falun Gong sect continue to be arrested in China. As many as one hundred million Falun Gong members are believers in the teachings of self-control and Buddhist enlightenment. The statues and portraits of Buddha are always inside a circle. In particular, Buddha always sits inside a circle that some believe represents a disk shaped UFO. Look at some of the ancient temples themselves, and they often are built similar in appearance to a UFO. The writings of the Falun Gong boldly state Budda was visited by extraterrestrials. These stories are similar to the teachings of angels in other religions. The Falun Gong Lecture 8, The Heavenly Circuit states, "Sakyamuni talked about the theory of three thousand worlds at his level. Namely, there are also people in this Milky Way like our human race with flesh bodies. In comparison with those lives on the planets of higher wisdom in the entire universe, the scientific level of our human race is quite low. We cannot even reach other dimensions which simultaneously exist in the same place while flying saucers from other planets can travel directly in other dimensions. The concept of that time-space has all changed. Thus, to you that this universe also has its boundary."

The point is that Communist China is afraid of the Falun Gong beliefs. The government depends on the People's Liberation Army (PLA) to keep order and prop up the regime. Up until recently the PLA ran most of the businesses and utilities in the country. Chinese fighter aircraft are being launched to chase away the UFOs. If you remember the Reuters World Service Story of a Chinese passenger plane was forced to make an emergency landing after the glass of the cockpit window was cracked by a UFO at 31,000 feet. The object collided with a Boeing 757-200 on December 19, 1996, according to the Yancheng Evening News. Prior to the fall of Communism in the Soviet Union, Poland, East Germany and other countries large numbers of UFO sightings were reported. It appears the signs and warnings in the sky will cause trouble to the Chinese Communist Regime and particularly Prime Minister Zhu Rongji. As difficult as it is to believe, it appears the Chinese government is flirting with disintegration. Military power is on the rise in these troubled times. If you believe UFOs are in our skies, its time to realize they cause change in our world. Thanks to the Falun Gong, details at:


MOUNT CARMEL -- Dr. Sam Greco who lives in the area maintains that he has observed strange objects on regular basis. Reports of UFOs in Berks and Schuylkill Counties are not unusual. Krumsville has a long history of strange occurrences. MUFON investigators Richard Lang, S.T., and Bob Tarantino went to Dr. Greco's home to investigate during June and July nightwatch's. During the June nightwatch they saw what appeared to be a small plane reverse itself. Richard Lang an experienced pilot states, "I saw by myself, a strange small plasma-like object materialize and dematerialize in front of me in a one-second period"

S.T. describes the results of the July 23 and 24 nightwatch held on top of a hill in the Krumsville area. Heavier than normal air traffic was observed on Friday, July 23, but less traffic was observed on Saturday, possibly due to a lightning. Darker than normal viewing was achieved by taking positions on an abandoned road away from streetlights. Equipment included quality binoculars (Tasco offshore 54, 7 x 50 mm, with compass, range finder, paro prisms) able to discern objects better; a scanner (29 MHz to 950 MHz, trunk tracker); a tripod video (Sony Handycam 72x digital zoom, video Hi 8 XR); a digital camera (Mavica high resolution FD 81); a handheld spot light flood light; other lower quality cameras, videos, and binoculars; and aeronautical charts, topographic charts, aeromagnetic maps, and gravitational anomaly maps from USGS. Between the two skywatches of late June and July, dozens of objects were seen that exhibited no noise; slow motion; non-regular flight traffic and maneuvers that seemed sudden. One satellite was seen. A distant lightning storm was moving west to east on July 24.

As MUFON investigators we came to some possible explanations for what was seen. It would not be too unusual not to have heard sound coming from some of the objects observed if the conditions were appropriate. No communication was received on the scanner, but this is not unusual too. A number of small airports are located around the observation position and normal landing procedures exhibit characteristics (90 degree turns and spot light checks) that can appear odd in the dark night sky. Hills and mountains surround the area and aircraft must make steep ascents and descents, hence appearing suddenly on the horizon once in level flight. The local police informed us of some unusual reported sightings and cult groups practicing animal sacrifice and chanting rituals in the area. Perhaps the latter is one explanation for historically reported cattle mutilations in the vicinity. A visit to Northumberland Airport revealed personnel knowledgeable of sightings in the area. One person recalled that ultralight aircraft were the culprit in one set of sightings. Some items remained difficult to explain. In addition to the many strange lights seen by Dr. Greco (a trained observer and MUFON investigator) in the vicinity of his Mt. Carmel home since 1993. The late June nightwatch still has the baffling appearance of an aircraft that reversed direction (180 degrees) along the same flight path. An airport person confirmed stories of ball lighting (Tesla orbs) floating into people's homes in the 1960s in Pottsville, PA. The news media did not cover the story. Black helicopters still strangely operate in the county area and photographs of one in action were taken by an eyewitness. In one photograph a strange Tesla image was captured near the helicopter. On July 24 at 10:15 PM, I observed a strange object materialize about 20 feet away in front of me. It move upward and forward (about half a foot), and dematerialize, in a short period of one-second. The object was a bright flame like consistency and the same color as fire. It appeared three feet over the road pavement and was about two feet in length, and three inches wide. The wobbling rod like shaped object had its long axis parallel to the ground. The three others in the group were faced in the opposite direction and did not see it. I can offer no rational explanations. Thanks to S.T., (Dr Sam Greco), , (Bob Tarantino)


LA GRANGE -- John Thompson reports that Ian Stern, the Public Affairs Officer for Hurlbert Field said none of their aircraft were involved in the August 2, 1999, Flying Triangle incident. However, he was most interested in what type craft were involved. His number is (850) 884-7464. All military bases checked denied that it was any of their craft. While I certainly haven't excluded some kind of secret stealth craft, my Chambers County witnesses don't believe that is the case. When the two UFOs left they went up opposite of each at 60-80 degree angles and at shooting star like speeds. Even if you accept they're exaggerating, you have to wonder how could human pilots withstand those type of G forces? Of course, they could be some kind of giant remote controlled aircraft. The other characteristic that is hard to explain--but not impossible in my estimation-is that the husband kept saying that no craft that big (160 feet or bigger) could fly that slow, 30-35 mph. He also said it was dead calm and that it didn't make a peep as it came over at under 300 feet. I'm more impressed with the tremendous acceleration without any sound as they flew into space. The witness mentioned that blimps always make some kind of engine noise. The craft was seen less than 300 feet away for nearly a minute by three people. The craft were 160 feet in width and illuminating the ground. Their slow movement and instant acceleration combined all together in one craft makes a most convincing true UFO to me. The Public Affairs Officer at Ft. Benning told me he was "courtroom" sure that no craft from there or its Lawton Field participated in the August 2nd incident. He said he pulled every "strip" on that night to check what flew in and out of Ft. Benning. I'm utterly convinced that if all the public affair officers were honest with me--assuming they were in the "know"-- then the military helicopters that showed up within ten minutes following the blasts could not have been military craft per se; more likely, military/reserve/guard aircrews detached, possibly with their aircraft, to the NSA, NRO or some other ultra-secret federal agency. NORAD finally called me and a Navy Petty Officer told me that there was no space-junk entering the atmosphere around this area within a 24 hour period. More details of this case can be seen at, Thanks to John Thompson.


MYAKKA STATE PARK -- Ann M. Lieberman reports there was a major sighting in the Venice, Florida area on September 7, 1999. An individual was driving from Arcadia toward Sarasota between 4:30 and 5:00 AM. Suddenly, the cab of his truck lit up three miles east of Myakka State Park. He rolled down his window to see where it was coming from and was shocked to see a huge object 75 yards from him. The driver said, He saw a spaceship!" (his words). He said, it started out as a bright star and it got "real bright." It was a football field and a half long (450 feet). The UFO had a blimp like shape and was brown gray in color. It had windows that were 15 or 20 feet long by 8 inches wide with a bluish light emanating from them. It stopped parallel to him and moved towards him before backing off a bit. Then it departed faster than the speed of light. It had an intense narrow cylindrical beam of light coming out of the back of it that left a little smoke for a fraction of a second when it took off silently. After watching for a while he panicked and drove off at high speed with the UFO following for a while. Then it abruptly took off He described the whole event and size of the spaceship as overwhelming. Another individual also saw the UFO just north of Venice around 5:00 AM. It was heading west toward the Gulf of Mexico. It was flying just above the telephone poles. This individual watched with binoculars and described the UFO as big lights with balls of fire that would break off and leave trails of vapor. They were similar to glowing red rocks. Thanks to Ann Lieberman


LAKE CHARLES -- On August 22, 1999, Justin Thibodeaux was informed by a 87 year old friend that she had seen some unexplained things in the sky that morning. Mrs. Mary who I have known all my life she was sitting on her back porch enjoying her morning coffee at 4:30 AM. She had a feeling of goose bumps all over and looked to the west and witnessed a large 'V' shaped craft hovering over her. It made a small buzzing noise and shone a bright blue light that lit up her back yard. The next thing she remembers is waking up at 8:00 AM in her tool shed. This has happened four times this year and she was still shaking from shock when I talked to her.

IOWA -- Eric Tyson reports that he and his wife witnessed a UFO landing on September 10, 1999, near Lake Charles. The UFO made a quiet landing in their cow pasture. They saw a door or a hatch open up and two beings got out. The entities seemed interested in the vegetation and in taking soil samples. The beings were 3 foot 5 inches tall or shorter, with an odd grayish skin color with a pink tint to it. They had large eyes and walked very fast. John and his spouse wanted to greet the beings and walked towards them. John claims, he was told telepathically to keep his distance or he will pay for it! They continued walking toward the UFO and the beings vanished into the ship and took off. Justin reports, "I can verify something did land there, the grass is burnt in a very odd way even the nearby trees are dying. I will send pictures soon. Thanks to Justin Thibodeaux at


AUSTIN - On September 9, 1999, a married couple, Mike and Judy saw a pair of dim lights move east at 9:30 PM. One light was following the other, and then zipped up beside it. They moved half way across the sky and took a quick right turn heading south and disappeared! Thanks to Morgan Clements WRC,


OZARK -- Douglas reports that on August 23, 1999, I witnessed a silver-gray disk hovering over my home. I was sitting in my home office using the Internet at 14:15 PM listening to my police scanners. The Christian County Sheriff's office dispatcher started having problems communicating with their patrol cars on frequency 155,565. I could hear a humming sound in my office that was hurting radio communications. I thought that we had a power surge that effected the town. About five minutes, I was still hearing the humming and the dispatcher was getting frantic. She called Radiophone Engineering to repair the problem. I walked outside to track down the humming and noticed a silver-gray disk directly above my home. The UFO was approximately 100 yards in diameter and 15 feet high. It was tilted at about 25 degrees towards the earth. The disk hovered about 250 feet above me for at least twenty minutes. I live next to the power transformers and some power lines in my subdivision. The disk had a blue, then white, then red light coming from the bottom moving in a perfect circle. I listened to my scanner and the sheriff's dispatcher was still having problems with her radio transmissions. The humming sound continued constantly until the UFO moved northwest of my location, along the Finley River and disappeared straight upward. The scanner indicated the Sheriff's radio cleared up after the disk left. Brake lights on two cars at Dennis Hank's Chevrolet were stuck on according to the Ozark Police Department scanner reports. Many Ozark citizens were standing on main street right after the event looking into the sky. Five minutes of time was added to my watch. Numerous aircraft and helicopters were seen for an hour after the event. An earthquake occurred four hours earlier on the New Madrid fault line at the southeast tip of Missouri. This is my first UFO report. I would never have believed it, until I witnessed it myself! Thanks to: Morgan Clements, WorldWide UFO Reporting Center, &


Nancy Talbott from the BLT Research Team writes the most interesting report I have heard lately concern's a rancher and his wife in South Dakota. Their 1800 pound bull was found lying impaled on a barbed-wire fence and mutilated a month ago. Ten days later, a neighbor located only half a mile away found a mutilated cow. They also reported seeing "columns, or shafts, of light" coming down from above. There was no discernible source where the light could be emanating. Ted Phillips reports that Missouri residents were also seeing "puddles" of light, which illuminated various areas of their fields. However, they had not seen a column or shaft of light coming down to the 'puddle' of light. Again there was no obvious source of the illumination. I'm getting weird stories from all over the world including a lot of crop circle activity in Canada. I phone people all over the world and never mention UFOs, but after collecting some facts they volunteer they are seeing them. Thanks to Nancy Talbott, BLT Research Team for the update. (Nancy Talbott)


PORTLAND -- James A. Gilliland wrote, on September 4th and 5th we had over ten sightings of UFOs flying over the Sanctuary. They burst into large golden balls of light almost as big as the moon upon flying over the center. UFO sightings are a regular occurrence at the Sanctuary. One in particular was a large triangular craft. I have seen these triangular craft at tree top level fly directly overhead making no sound whatsoever. They were around 150 ft long and were black domed triangles. We have video of the ships over Portland State University. Thanks to Glennys Mackay Director MUFON Australia & James Gilliland


ISTANBUL -- Bill Cain writes that, "At sunset on August 16, 1999, just before the great earthquake hit early the next morning, I was taking pictures of the mosques in Istanbul." After returning home, I noticed something peculiar in a sequence of shots I had taken of the Suleymanhiye Mosque, that I hadn't noticed at the time I was there. The best photo shows a small double white light separated by a column -- much like a split window of a craft in the sky over the mosque. A dim third light seems to be emanating from the back side of this craft -- away from where I was standing. The craft seems to be far in the distant sky and somewhat disc shaped. I will verify this when I enlarge the image. I am definitely not familiar with any airplane lights that resemble these lights. They could not have come from any other structure in the city. I was shooting up and there is nothing higher in that part of the city. I'd be interested to know if there were any other sightings in Istanbul that evening? Thanks to Bill Cain

Editor's Note: Numerous Earth Lights were observed throughout the area prior to, during and after the Earth Quakes. These lights are thought to be caused by the buildup of electrical energy along the fault lines. This may explain your sighting.


ASHTON-UNDER LYNE, LANCANSHIRE - Jenny Randle's reports a case was just forwarded to me by Jodrell Bank, as they often are. I have passed it to a local investigator. The incident occurred at 5:20 AM on September 8, l999. The sky was dark, but lightening with stars visible. The female witness observed a cloudy mass in the west towards Manchester. Within it was a large number of twinkling lights that broke pattern and headed off, one streaking upwards and others going in two different directions. Some remained in the cloudy mass. All were 'flashing.' Gradually all the lights disappeared. Comment: Perhaps, they were planes refueling behind clouds that can look truly amazing? Thanks to Jenny Randles.


GRAFTON -- Barry Taylor reports, "I got nine minutes of a great bit of UFO footage on September 15, 1999. At 10:55 AM, I saw an orange UFO about 3,000 feet in altitude coming in from the west and heading over the town. I set the camera on my tripod and let it move through the viewer. This UFO was trailing something under the object that looked like a shiny 'ribbon.' It was attached to a black thing under the silvery main object and rotating like a tadpole swimming. The movement of the object is clearly seen in the steady shots. It has jerky moves, similar to someone swimming the breast stroke. Thanks to. Barry Taylor


Michael D. Hitt, MUFONGA's historian and archivist, has completed his publication 'Georgia's Aerial Phenomenon 1947-1987.' Copies are now available through mail order. Michael has devoted the last three years to research for this project, and the book contains over 200 articles and witness accounts concerning our local aerial phenomenon during that 40 year period. Witnesses range from military and commercial pilots to law enforcement officers and news reporters and FAA personnel. The original sources range from Project Blue Book reports, to newspaper articles and UFO research organization files. This book is a handy historical reference for law enforcement officers, UFO investigators and Georgia citizens who are concerned about the anomalous objects in the Georgia skies. The book can be ordered for $13.00 (includes shipping) from Michael D. Hitt, 23 Old Holcomb Bridge Way, Roswell Georgia, 30076


UFO crash/retrieval Video Documentary Most readers of this column are familiar with the Roswell event, but many are unaware that a similar incident occurred in Pennsylvania in 1965, near a small rural community called Kecksburg. Veteran UFO researcher Stan Gordon, has been gathering information on this case for many years, and has produced a studio made 92 minute video called "Kecksburg The Untold Story." This production recently won the 1998 EBE film award for the Best Historical UFO Documentary. The video contains interviews with many people who have information about the case. Witnesses came across a large metallic acorn shaped object with strange markings, partially buried in the ground, before the military arrived on the scene. A witness says he saw the odd acorn shaped object on the back of an army flatbed tractor trailer truck. Civilians claim they were confronted by armed military personnel. For the first time witnesses speak out on camera discussing information which suggests that there could have been a cover-up. A startling revelation is revealed here from a witness, who says he saw a body in the same building with the Kecksburg object at Wright-Patterson Air Force Base only days after it was delivered there. Also contained in the documentary are some of the actual audio excerpts from the WHJB radio special called "Object in the woods." To order your copy of "Kecksburg The Untold Story" send a check or money order to: Stan Gordon Productions, Dept. GF, P.O. Box 936, Greensburg, PA 15601. The cost of the tape including shipping and handling is $35.90. For PA residents the cost including tax, S&H is $38.05. For more info check out Stan's website at

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