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Filer's Files
By George Filer

MUFON Eastern Region Director
October 22, 1999

George Filer:
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Congratulations to the National Reporting Center and Director Peter Davenport on their 25th Anniversary. This organization and especially Peter has done a great job in recording and reporting sightings. There were 317 UFO sightings recorded during September. Thank you Peter for your excellent work and long hard hours operating the phones. Their Web site is at:


CAPE KENNEDY, WASHINGTON DC – The huge IMAX movie theaters are showing a film called "Mission to Mir." One scene shows the US Space Shuttle near the Russian Mir space station with three disc shaped UFOs approaching Mir. Calls to NASA by MUFON's distinguished Ernest Jahn have failed to confirm the UFOs. The NASA footage shows two unknown objects fly slowly past the Mir and the third UFO stops and appears to observe the space station. The movie features Astronaut Sharon Lucid aboard the Mir. Those who have seen the film insist these are not ice crystals but some unknown space ships. Susan Creden the Founder and Director of the Florida UFO Research & Study Group at Vero Beach, FL is sending me a copy of the film for review. This film was obtained by a free lance researcher and may also be the same one show at the Leeds UFO Conference in England. Barry Taylor from Australia also wrote to tell me this is a wonderful film and it's not ice crystals but UFOs.


GOOSE CREEK – On October 7, 1999, a school teacher was taking her dog for a walk and noticed a row of blue-white lights up in the sky. She thought it might be a plane until she realized it was not moving. It stayed in one spot in the sky for about ten minutes. The sun was just coming up at 6:45 AM. The UFO was shaped like a hamburger with a row of circle lights across the middle. There were sirens and lights flashing, so I thought the police knew about it and were looking at the same thing. I got my daughter so she could see it too and she called the family next door. We all watched it ascend straight up without any noise and change to a diamond shape. The next morning I looked up in the same spot and there it was again, but higher. It started coming straight down and wobbling side to side. I called the police to report it and when the officer arrived it had moved back up higher into the sky. He said, it looked like a star to him. It is very frustrating to not have people believe you. I'm just glad the neighbors saw it too. Thanks to NUFORC and Peter Davenport


DANDRIDGE -- Following a five-day hiatus, UFOs returned to the small town of 1,540, offering two nighttime viewing experiences. According to eyewitness Patricia G., the UFOs returned at 2:00 AM on Wednesday, October 20, 1999. She reported, "The UFO was in the northwest sky. He was a little lower than usual and, as I noticed the pulsating and flashing of the brilliant colors, he sank lower, and the trees blocked my view. This was no airplane. It was the same light in the sky we have been watching all year." Several UFOs turned up in Dandridge again on October 16, 1999. Patricia added, "Tonight from 8:30 to 9:00 PM, there were five UFOs that I could see. They were in their usual position in the northwest sky. Four of them were scattered, and the one to the northeast was very, very bright. There was one in the southwest sky of the same intensity. I can't understand for the life of me why others are not reporting these things." Dandridge is located 23 miles east of Knoxville, Tennessee. (E-mail Interview) Thanks to UFO Roundup Volume 4, #26, 10/21/99 Editor: Joseph Trainor.


TAMPA – I phoned MUFON State Section Director Lorraine Gerber to determine the status investigation of the September 7, 1999, UFO sighting. Fox Channel 13 showed a video of a UFO on the 10:00 Nightly News. The two anchors gave a fair and honest appraisal of the UFO. Lorraine had some military personnel examine the film and they felt it showed a triangular shaped craft banking in a turn.

CASEY KEY -- On October 10, 1999, A large triangular shaped craft flew from horizon to horizon as observed from the stern deck of a motor vessel at 10:30 PM. The witness is a Vietnam vet, pilot and captain of motor vessel. When sitting on the stern deck of my motor vessel I observed a black triangle craft pass over and through my field of vision. Five bright white lights were visible on each arm aspect on the craft the size and shape of the craft was evident as it continued to cover clouds and star fields. No noise was heard. The sighting lasted 30-60 seconds. Thanks to NUFORC and Peter Davenport.


CLIFTON – Henri a possible abductee sent this message concerning his missing time on October 20, 1999. Henri states, "Something happened last night." I left with sensations on my back and neck as if something was lifting me. I went out the back way of my apartment in the middle of last night, different from the direction I was taken from last time. That is all I remember." Sometimes I see a great deal more including craft. At other times hardly anything.


ELYRIA – On October 1, 1999, a triangle shaped object with 12 lights was observed moving very slowly at low altitude at 4:40 AM. The object had three lights right at the very tip, shaped like a "V." There were three more lights on each side of the "V." None of the lights blinked. The two wing's tip lights would change color. The witness stated, "The blueish-gray object was moving very slowly, with a low rumbling sound and stopped over our house." It was the size of a football field but it blended with the sky. The stars were so bright tonight, when it passed over you couldn't see the stars. It paused over our house, and then kept moving very slowly southwest. Thanks to Peter Davenport NUFORC.


After further investigation the September 3, 1999, encounter by Mike and Henry appears to be false. Henry claims he saw the head of a grayish white entity 4 to 5 feet tall outside. They went outside and both saw four flashing colored lights in the sky on a hovering triangle shaped craft. Investigator JoAnne Scarpellini has learned from Billy Dee of UFOSSI that Mike's father who was very reluctant to talk and didn't say much more than Mike is a pathological liar. Among the things I found were Mike had told UFOSSI that he is 34 years old and veteran of military service. He is in fact 16 years old, confirmed by the man with whom he lives. Henry the other witness is 17 years old and is very easily influenced and led. He will instantly agree with anyone about anything. It appears this case is most likely a prank by the two teen agers. Thanks to JoAnne Scarpellini and Billy Dee

Editor's Note: The initial reports carried in these files are followed up by in-depth investigations whenever possible. Occasionally we turn up hoaxes. In most cases these pranks are perpetuated by teen agers. I usually avoid carrying teenage reports for that reason. There is an alarming tendency for our teenagers to lie.


LOVELAND -- Morgan Clements Director, of the World Wide UFO Reporting Center writes, "We are working on a unique possible abduction case with an experiencer who has been branded with a special undeniable mark on her thigh." On September 21, 1999, the witness reported very strange dreams that were a little too real to be dreams. The witness states, "Almost every night I get a very strange feeling that I am going to be abducted, but have not ever been before to my knowledge." In my dream I am in a very dark place that looks like the field about one half a mile from my house. I see a landed alien ship. I blink my eyes and the next thing I know I am in a silver ship. An extremely bright light was pouring from it as if it were liquid-light. Inside there was a bunch of TV monitors that display images of what seemed to be various sections of the interior of the ship. The creepiest thing I saw was an alien with large oval shaped black eyes wearing a shiny blue suit. He seemed to paralyze me. He was lying on the floor and he didn't have eyelids so I couldn't tell if he was knocked out or just resting. I continued exploring the ship and saw a TV monitor that showed the alien on the floor had disappeared. I saw some movement through the wall of the ship and realized that it was that same being! After that everything is a freaked out blur. In the morning and I felt terrible and found two new scratches on my lip. Thanks to M. Clements

Ron Hannivig writes, 'The above cited dateline of Loveland, immediately rang a bell.' I passed through this region back in August. Loveland appears to be located within Larimer County, Colorado -- the specific region of a very recent, rather bizarre missing person case that got a lot of national attention. The case did not make much sense to begin with. A three-year-old boy somehow got lost in the Larimer County wilderness, and from the last report I heard, the body was never recovered. One report actually claimed this lost three year old had asked hikers, if there were any bears or other wild animals about? This is indeed odd, since there are not too many boys, especially of that age, wandering alone in the woods. Additionally, the report's provided timeline (Sept. 21, 1999) is extremely interesting, relative to this boy's disappearance. There were more than enough searchers hot on the trail of this missing boy to have quickly found him, his body ... or some parts of his remains -- given the short distance any three-year-old could wander in that sort of rough terrain. Again, from what I currently understand: This remains a missing person case, and we seem to be dealing well within a reasonable window in time (of 10 days, perhaps). Thanks to Ron Hannivig Simpson, PA.

Editor's Note: I noticed that when there is a flurry of UFO reports there are often missing persons as well.


GALLUP – Reporter Jim Maniaci reports, | Not one, but two Navajo police officers chased an unidentified flying object seen in the night sky over northern McKinley County last week. According to Capt. Daniel K. Thomas, acting chief of police of the Navajo Department of Law Enforcement, Sgt. Tommy Rogers tried to reach the unusual light. But each time either he or Officer El Reno Henio approached it, the mysterious object would take off and run away from them. Thomas, who is commander of the NDLE's Crownpoint Police District, said his men described the UFO as a circular disc that projected a cone of light to the ground, with the light being exceptionally bright at the bottom of the cone, where it met the ground. He said reports describing the sighting were received from residents of Bicenti Chapter, Dalton Pass and Standing Rock, which are north and west of Crownpoint and east and north of Gallup. The first report Monday, October 4, from the NDLE came from Henio, who was headed toward Tohatchi when he first spotted the light around 8:00 PM. On Tuesday, Navajo police officers added to the original report, noting that Rogers had also seen the light. Numerous other calls were received by dispatchers at Crownpoint, and the lights also were seen in the Window Rock area. After two hours, the UFO moved off and disappeared.

"Missile Intercept Apparently Mistaken as UFO" Jennifer Canaff of the Ballistic Missile Defense Organization has told the "Gallup Independent" that a missile launched from Vandenberg Air Force Base on the California coast coincided with the time a UFO sighting was reported by Navajo tribal officials and others, at 8:00 PM October 2. It was a historic launch from Vandenberg -- the first successful intercept of a ballistic missile warhead, Canaff said. A Minuteman-2 missile was the target. And before its warhead reentered Earth's atmosphere, an interceptor rocket destroyed the Minuteman over the Pacific Ocean.


Distinguished researcher Joseph Stefula who is now healing well from surgery sends this report: A new look at observations by the American satellite Clementine show that a small area on the Moon's surface darkened and reddened in April 1994. Why this happened remains a mystery. For hundreds of years, people have reported seeing flashes, short-lived clouds and other brief changes on the Moon's surface. But astronomers have never been able to confirm the sightings. "The events were observed on many occasions, but most astronomers don't believe in them," says Bonnie Buratti of NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory in Pasadena, California. On 23 April 1994, around a hundred amateur astronomers reported seeing a darkening of the Moon, lasting 40 minutes, near the edge of the bright lunar crater Aristarchus. At the same time, the US Department of Defense's Clementine satellite was mapping the lunar surface. Intrigued by the amateur reports, Buratti's team has taken a close look at the Clementine data to see if the satellite also recorded the event. Sure enough, they found that the crater looked redder after the amateur reports. Thanks to Joe Stefula, by Charles Seife From New Scientist, 10/23/99


Celebrated researcher Dan Smith writes, 'I am hearing a bunch of hardware people talking to each other.' This phenomenon is not about hardware. It is about the intercourse between cosmic and human intelligence. The appropriate segments of the intelligence community *are* very concerned with ufologists, not for their observations of 'hardware,' but as canaries breathing the cosmic methane. When the ufologists fall off their obsession with hardware, it is time to clear the decks. The Powers-that-Know do what they can to perpetuate your adolescent infatuations with the 'mechanical' end of this phenomenon. At the same time they are willing to play footsie with those of us working the 'business' end of it, that is to say the psychological cutting edge of this phenomenon. So be paranoid. Your grip on the perch is gradually being loosened. When you fall off, it will not be gradual. : "No one has gotten a handle on the phenomenon, and until someone does, the policy people see very little to be gained by stirring the pot. The ball remains in the court of the ET's. It is still their show. What we know mainly is that any unilateral action on our part, particularly of a military sort, has been shown to be counterproductive." Thanks to Dan Smith


TBILISI -- On October 7, 1999, a UFO was sighted over the capitol of Georgia. The UFO was videotaped and photographed. The UFOs were first sighed by police on patrol who notified the local newspaper. The local newspaper staff went out to investigate and at first found nothing, Then they noticed deep-leaden-fire coloring the northern sky. To the east in the blue sky a strange object with a huge human face was observed with eyes and nose, that were like a fire color. All this was being videorecorded and suddenly the camcorder stopped working. The UFO was a bent disc shaped form. When the camera zoom was used a disc and small blue objects were visible. On a second photo the objects-modules" are flying out on another course. Thanks to: (Kutovoy, Anatoly) Zaza Edilashvili GUFOA NEWS s uvazenuem Zaza Edilashvili.


EDMONTON, ALBERTA -- In a phone call with eminent scientist Nancy Talbot I learned of a new series of spectacular crop circles found in barley fields near Edmonton. One had seven large circles and the lay of the radial extends out from the center of the circle towards the edges. Along the outer edge the lay of the barley is counter clockwise on the ground with the other barley laid on top. Seventy to eighty percent of the ranchers Nancy talks to voluntarily provide sighting information on strange lights in the sky. In addition, their tractor batteries fail, and their cattle behave abnormally during the time when the crop circles are being formed.

MIDALE – On October 8, 1999, pilot John Erickson found a new formation of crop circles two miles south of Midale, Saskatchewan. Three separate farms had formations that looked like Indian medicine wheels. This is the sixth formation of crop circles found in Midale this year. A Geiger counter placed in the field stopped working during the investigation, due to the drainage of the battery. A strong magnetic field will drain batteries. The formation was found in a wheat field and consisted of three circles close together in a straight line about 20 feet apart. The largest circle is approximately 60 feet in diameter, the second about 40 feet, and the third about 20 feet." "The smallest circle is a swirled lay that ends in a straight 'radial' type lay out to the edge of the circle." The other circles have the usual swirled lay pattern."

In another field in Texas, videocameras have failed when aimed toward the crop circle. While the camera is operating and turned away from the crop circle the video picture will clear and the camera will work normally. This phenomena has also occurred when aircraft fly over the crop circles. In one case, developed photographic film appears to show something that appears like a craft with port holes, but nothing is visible to the eye at the time the photos were taken. Thanks to Nancy Talbot BLT Research.


The United States has proposed helping Russia complete their huge missile tracking radar site in Irkutsk, Siberia. The US government claims that it is worried that Iran or North Korea may attempt to launch missiles against Russia or the US. Cooperation could be beneficial to both countries. The Russian radar is oriented eastward and covers the area from the North Pole, the Pacific and south to Korea. The Clinton Administration is trying to keep Russia as an ally in preparations for shooting down missiles that could be launched from the middle east or North Korea. This technology would also be useful in tracking and shooting at UFOs. The US government has also proposed that the Russians and the US share satellite tracking data on the trajectory of missile launches. The government announced that both Russia and the US have a common interest in guarding against attacks from rogue states. The Russians and the US have shared some data in the past. The US is now preparing to build a defensive system with 100 missile interceptors based in Alaska and another 100 in the US. Changes are needed in the Anti-Ballistic Missile Treaty to allow this system. The government claims it is willing to go quite far in providing the Russian's with advanced technical data in exchange for changes in the treaty. The Soviets were working on an advanced plasma based antimissile system that seemed very promising prior to their forming a new government. The key question is this alliance based on the threat of nations of Earth or from other powers?

When President Reagan first proposed his SDI program he stated in an address to students at Fallston High School on December 4, 1985. In his private discussions with Soviet leader Mikhail Gorbachev at last months Geneva summit, he noted that 'We're all God's children.' "I couldn't help but say to him just think how easy his task and mine might be in these meetings that we held if suddenly if there was a threat to this world from some other species from another planet outside in the universe, Reagan said the president went on to say that such an event would force himself and Gorbachev to forget all the little local differences that we have between our countries and they would find out that we really are all human beings here on this earth together. Well, I don't suppose we can wait for some alien race to come down and threaten us, Reagan added. But I think that between us we can bring about that realization.

Since 1975, the USA and USSR have a Bilateral Agreement to Reduce the Risk of Nuclear War between the two nations. Article 3 states, "The parties undertake to notify each other immediately in the event of detection missile warning systems of unidentified objects or in the event of signs of interference with these systems or with related communications facilities. if such occurrences could create a risk of outbreak of nuclear war between the two countries."

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