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Filer's Files
By George Filer

MUFON Eastern Region Director
November 12, 1999

George Filer:
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UFO sightings continue at a high rate with numerous reports of UFOs in Eastern US not far from fatal Flight 990 crash. Near misses and safety concerns turn these sightings into an important, but grim situation. The Dateline USA television show poll found that more than 70 percent of those surveyed believe there is intelligent life in the universe, perhaps even in our Milky Way Galaxy.


NANTUCKET -- The Shadie Pines News, of, states, "An EgyptAir plane with 214 people on board crashed at sea early Sunday off the island of Nantucket, Massachusetts, en route from New York to Cairo, Egypt. Bodies and debris were found in the water. Several pleasure boaters off the coast of Nantucket report seeing at least two large and silent triangular craft in the vicinity before reports of the loss of Flight 990 from radar. "The huge objects passed over us at an unbelievable speed," stated one observer. "There appeared to be a glowing light at each corner of the object, and stars and clouds behind it disappeared. That's how we knew it wasn't just an airplane, but something else." "We thought it was just a jet or something from JFK, but we had never seen anything like this." reported a group on a pleasure cruise on their sailboat. 'There were at least two of them, and they were totally silent and passed over us very quickly from east to west.' Thanks to Shadie Pines News 11/2/99 & Peter Robbins

Editor's Notes: Cruising is normally the safest part of flying, but it appears for some unknown reason the EgyptAir 767-cruising at 33,000 feet disengaged the autopilot. Then eight seconds later the aircraft inexplicably went into a controlled steep dive down to 19,000 feet. It's very odd that the flight crew did not issue a distress call when leaving altitude in controlled air space. This infers that some kind of terrorist action or emergency situation was to blame. Major mechanical failure or a pressurization problem would have shown up on the flight data recorder. While I flew for the Air Force problems at altitude were relatively rare. Once while over the Atlantic Ocean a raft suddenly escaped from an outside door and wrapped itself around the tail. We almost bailed out, but were able to land safely. On December 19, 1996, a Chinese Commercial airliner had a collision with a UFO according to Reuters World Service. (Filer's Files #1-97and #39-97) We can speculate that Flight 990 attempted to avoid a midair collision and chose to dive to avoid a collision. The airliner's rate of descent was unusually fast and steep, some 14,000 feet in 36 seconds before transponder signals were lost. A recovery from this sudden dive may not have been possible because of the high speed and steep angle of descent causing structural failure. The loss of electrical power may have been due to the loss of the jet engine's and electrical generators as they attempted a maximum pull out of the steep dive at high speed. Unless the crew was incapacitated in some way it still seems that someone in the cockpit would have had time to alert air traffic control of their emergency. Although numerous government agencies prefer to ridicule Ufologists with negative statements, its time they considered the possibility of an airborne collision or near miss. Commercial Airline Pilot Bob Durant's excellent investigation of Swissair 747 Flight 127 'near miss' over Long Island on August 9, 1997, is a case in point. The case was carried in the September 1999, issue of the MUFON Journal. Later in these files there is a report of another 'near miss' over London on October 22 of this year.


Charlie Quinn writes: Yes, I think that Bill Clinton is trying to gradually sensitize the American people to the evident reality of penetration of our air space by UFOs and the clear and present danger that they represent. Further confirmation of that fact can be gleaned from the motion picture "CONTACT" starring Jodi Foster. In that movie, which clearly tended to ESTABLISH alien contact with human beings, Clinton allowed videotapes of himself to be used in the context of the movie. While there was an official declaration that the President did not endorse the theme of the movie, he is shown in one film clip as saying. "Yes, this is true. It is a fact!" Now the clip was taken from a press conference where he was addressing other issues, but the White House allowed use of that film clip to reinforce and support the main theme of the movie. This is more than just coincidence. Webb Hubbell , in his book, stated that Clinton, as President, assigned him to find out as much as possible about the existence of UFOs. Hubbell, remains a loyal supporter of Clinton and friend. Is all of this just coincidence? I think not. In his book, "The Day after Roswell," Lt. Colonel Corso, stated clearly that S.D.I- the so-called Star Wars program was developed to provide a shield of protection, not against Russian aggression, but against the aggression of alien cultures. (The Forward of this book was written by Senator Strom Thurmond.) I also believe that the Egyptian air crash was due to a complete power failure while in flight- a power failure that could -- I emphasize the word "could"-- be explained by interference caused by UFOs. Thanks to Charlie Quinn,


WARETOWN -- Don writes, I am a regular follower of the "Filer's Files." I live in a small bay side community in Ocean County. It is a very small town, about 5,000 residents, so you can probably imagine how shocked I was to read about Jeanne, in your Filer's Files #44 last week. There is a local group called the Concerned Taxpayers of Waretown, that puts out a newsletter about once a month called The Bayside News and I was wondering if we could include this account? Also, there seems to be many cases like this in our area. I read about one in the next town south, Barnegat in your report about a year ago. A UFO lecturer did a presentation in the library about five years ago and he had drawings of the grays, that were seen in Toms River, twelve miles to our north. Bud Hopkins also wrote about an abduction in Berkeley Township, nine miles from here. I would also like to alert you to something, but I cannot have my name connected with it since I am fairly well known in this area and the topic of UFO's can cause big trouble in this rural area. There is something very strange going on with the street lights around here. They seem to go on and off all the time, especially during the last 30 days. I am wondering if Jeanne or anyone else has seen this? Also, Jeanne is not the only one who hears the high pitched sounds in her ears, and she is not the only one with weird dreams, like say a fleet of strange crafts flying over the bay an incredible speeds. Also, have you ever heard of someone walking up in the morning with their eye lid cut in half from top to bottom with very little blood and no idea how it happened, but no damage at all to the pupil? If I can ever be of assistance to you please. I really admire your work and respect you! Thanks to Don

CLIFTON -- Henri Calitri reports my mother said she saw two bright objects moving slowly on November 1, 1999, at 6:00 PM. She saw them above Route 46 in Clifton about 10 miles west of New York City. An airplane was moving fast underneath the two unidentified objects going in the opposite direction. She said they were very bright, like stars. She was more interested in the plane that flew underneath these lights because it showed a fire behind it. There was no smoke, which she thought was also unusual. It is also interesting to note that we both felt as if our bodies were particularly sore, the morning after she had this sighting. Thanks to Henri

PRINCETON -- On November 7, 1999, a witness observed five objects flying north at 9:40 PM. Their flight pattern was different than a normal flying object such as a plane or helicopter, which was what raised a flag in my mind. What made me look closer at these objects originally was that the two objects seemed to be "too close" to each other flying at roughly the same altitude. I continued to watch and the object on my right seemed to "catch up" to the one on the left. I noticed two more sets of lights that looked just like the first. The second set followed the first set off to the North. Another set of lights followed. I remember thinking how many of these things were there? And why don't I hear anything? I'm not used to seeing five strange objects in the sky. All I saw were white lights, one on top and two on either side slightly lower like a little pyramid. They seemed to blink but not on purpose. It looked like the motion was causing the lights to fluctuate. Thanks to Peter Davenport, NUFORC


MANHATTAN -- I have been seeing some UFOs over Brooklyn and Manhattan. I saw an unidentified craft on November 5, 1999, that emitted a 'white' strobe light. The others had colored lights, but no blinking ones. I was driving west on Canal Street in Manhattan when a pair, or so, of lights zoomed by fast below the tops of the buildings heights. 'Instantly, another pair zoomed by fast. Then a 'moment' later, a strobe light went by, fast. All one after the other. There were seemingly three UFOs. They were very close, but the shapes were not visible at all. There was another UFO, on Thursday evening, November 4th, flying low and slow heading north right over the center of Manhattan. There were three white lights, almost linear.. but in a slight 'V' shape. These were not any craft that I am familiar with. I have seen the strobe light a few times. The two? crafts with two? lights are new, The craft with three white-light is 'certainly' new. Can you identify any of these for me. Thanks to: sH.kH (Shemlan)

NORFOLK -- An entry to our Website dated November 7, 1999, was from Pam Grant. She wrote: "I am not exactly sure of the correct date, but I believe it was October 26, 1999, I went outside around 10:00 PM to feed the stray cat and looked up into the clear sky. I saw a bright white light traveling east. It was larger and brighter than a star and was perhaps at an elevation of 60,000 ft. I ran to the house to grab my binoculars. As I was spotting its position and just before I could raise the binoculars the object took off at a high speed resembling a shooting star as it disappeared out to the eastern sky, its light fading with its incredible speed. If I had not caught the slower movement prior to its take off, I would have thought it to be a shooting star. Thanks to Pam Grant


FORT MOUNTAIN -- The reports of UFO activity on Fort Mountain continue. MUFON's Tom Sheets received information from a Fort Mountain businessman Drew K. that on October 16, 1999, Drew who has a panoramic view of the valley observed a bright orange round object hovering over the valley at 10:30 PM. He estimated about a mile away. He added that it gently floated a little to the east (left to right) as he watched it go from being about the size of a basketball held at arm's length to that of a baseball, and then back to basketball size. He added that it was calm and clear that night, and the event lasted about 5 seconds. The object, which was about moon bright, then vanished.


OCALA -- A corporate pilot for a Georgia aeronautical engineering firm witnessed a UFO on October 30, 1999, at about 11:42 AM. He was piloting a Piper PA-34-200T at 7,000 feet enroute to south Florida. About 24 miles NW of Ocala, his ground speed read out was 140 knots, winds aloft 054 degrees at 40 knots. He observed an unknown aircraft at the 2 o'clock position about a finger width at arm's length above the horizon appearing to be on a collision course 3 to 4 miles away. He called Jacksonville ARTCC. Jacksonville replied they did not have the target on their screen. He viewed the craft with Bushnell 10X25 binoculars and then turned the binoculars over to his passenger an aeronautical engineer and corporate CEO. Both stated they were puzzled with the craft's appearance. They seemed to be out distancing this craft even though the course continued to converge. It was finally last observed about two miles aft of the right wing tip. At this point he had to contend with an on going airshow in Ocala, and tried to request clearance to turn around for a closer look. He later phoned flight line duty authorities in Ocala who indicated nothing like that craft was reported or flew over Ocala.

The craft had a Space shuttle like shape, but smaller and shorter, dolphin like nose (minus beak-mouth), no cockpit windshield or windows or doors apparent. The top of fuselage appeared flat, small vertical stabilizer, with tapered toward aft end into vertical stabilizer. The fuselage aft had bulbous like blisters below fins like on the shuttle but not as prominent. It had small deltoid wings on bottom appearing to be too small. There were no propellers or other external auxiliary appurtenances or jet like exhaust visible. It was a dull flat medium dark gray metallic color. It was 75 feet long, with about a 50 foot wing span in straight level flight with no maneuvering. Its estimated ground speed was 120 knots. Appearance suggested a somewhat lifting body type, but not all lifting body, not all airplane, a mixture. This witness/pilot indicated he had 13,000 hours in the air, held a transport pilot license and FAA Pilot Instructor credentials. He has numerous other aviation certifications and credentials. His passenger was an aeronautical engineer. Both were unfamiliar with this aircraft. This witness agreed to meet with a Field Investigator to further pursue the identity of the aircraft described above. This case has been turned over to MUFONGA's Earle Blanton Jr. for further investigation. Initial speculation between Blanton and Sheets is that this is some form of test aircraft or drone. Thanks to: Tom Sheets- SD Thanks to Tom Sheets, MUFON State Director.

DAYTONA BEACH -- NUFORC reports that on October 22, 1999, a witness was driving west on Interstate 4 when he and his passenger saw a flying metallic object. It kept changing shapes at 2:10 PM. I thought at first was a cloud. Then I noticed a football shaped object in a metallic color catching the sun shining on it. It moved forward and stopped and then stood itself on end and changed into a spear shape. It flew off quickly changing to a pin head and disappeared. Thanks to Peter Davenport, NUFORC


Peter Davenport reports that on October 26, 1999, the crews of two major airlines saw an anomalous object in their vicinity at 37,000 feet. Two pilots, together with the FAA air traffic controller that communicated with them have been interviewed. The witnesses report the object was a very large triangular shaped craft with extremely bright lights. It executed a turn to the east, moved ahead of the aircraft, and faded from the crews' sight. Davenport has obtained the ATC audio tape that was made in the tower using the FOIA. One pilot is a former F-16 pilot for the USAF and the other a former A-10 Warthog pilot. Both have indicated they will hold nothing back. Further someone in the tower thought the situation was so bizarre, that they turned on a tape recorder of the incident. NUFORC was later notified. A job well done for some unidentified FAA hero. Thanks to Tom Sheets and Peter Davenport National Reporting Center.

TEXAS BOOMERANG OVER FORT WORTH -- World Wide UFO Reporting Center reports that on November 5, 1999, a boomerang was sighted at 2:37 PM as the witness came out of an elevator. On each floor where the elevator doors open, there is a large window giving me an excellent west view. Today at 2:37 PM I glanced out this window on the 37th floor of the Burnett Plaza building in downtown Fort Worth. I spotted a perfect boomerang shaped object traveling at a high speed. It had narrow what looked like wings angled back sharply with no visible body seen. This object was approximate the size of a dime held at arm's length and appeared to be a dark gray in color. The sky was partly cloudy with vivid blue sky showing between the sparse cloud cover. I spotted this object moving from behind one cloud and again hidden by another cloud. It was visible for only about two seconds due to its rapid speed. I was able to clearly see the shape of this object as it contrasted against the deep blue sky. The UFO was three times the size of a commercial jumbo jet flying just above the clouds. Sky conditions during observation period were: Winds South at 14 mpg with no gusts, Cloud Ceiling 500 ft., Temperature 64, Dewpoint 60, Relative Humidity 87%, Visibility 9 miles, and some haze present. Thanks to Morgan Clements WWUFORCenter


RIDDLE OF UFO AT HEATHROW LONDON -- Daily Mail (UK) October 26, 1999 reports that a passenger jet's close encounter with a mysterious, fast moving craft seconds after taking off from Heathrow (London) had experts baffled yesterday. The crew of an MD-81 reported an object 'like a bright light' passing within 20 feet of them at 3,500 feet. Air accident investigators were unable to shed any light (pun?) on the mystery as radar records show there were no other planes in the area at the time. A dossier on last month's incident is thought to have been passed to the MoD (Ministry of Defence) to see if the UFO could have been a radar-invisible foreign spy plane or stray British test craft. Connection

SCUNTHORPE - Chris Evers reports, I have been contacted by an ex RAF type living in Scunthorpe, who an experience on November 1, 1999. He was in his back garden when he witnessed a very unusual shape moving across the sky, very reminiscent of the 'Hull Sky Slug. The craft was as large as a four bedroom house. It was hovering over a farm house, near Humberside airport (North Lincolnshire). The event happened from 7:50 to 8:00 PM, and was witnessed by three separate vehicles, and their occupants. The driver of one of these has already spoken to me. Details at-


There are numerous reports of fast moving balls of fire reported in various states. They are generally green or blue. These may be bolides or similar meteoric like objects. However there seems to be some correlation between these fast moving objects, loud explosions and UFO reports. The newspaper stories such as *Tampa Tribune |report Bright Very Fast Moving Ball of Fire with Blazing Tail on November 11, 1999.

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