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Filer's Files
By George Filer

MUFON Eastern Region Director
November 19, 1999

George Filer:
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SIGNS AND WONDERS IN OUR SKIES -- Heavy UFO sightings continue while videotapes of UFOs, Rods, and Fireballs are becoming more common. Two of the best UFO videos I have seen were obtained this week. Fishermen in Bermuda saw a missile like object come out of the sea. Similar objects were seen over Missouri by several pilots, and video taped over Baltimore and New Jersey.


CHARLIE QUINN writes, the pursuit of the copilot as potentially suicidal seems to be the current focus. An Islamic prayer uttered by him before the systems went out is the thin thread upon which investigators hope to construct a thesis that he intended suicide. The pilot allegedly stated, "I put my faith in God's hands." If the plane's equipment failed, might that not also explain his prayer? He was rich; had 5 children; was bringing auto tires home and asked his son to meet him at the Cairo airport. He also had 35 year's experience, first in the Egyptian air force and then as a commercial airline pilot. Hardly a good candidate for suicide? Apparently, there was some panic in the cockpit and one pilot was pulling one way and the other was pulling the other way, causing one part of the tail wing to point up and the other to point down. None of this "proves' a struggle between two pilots, one bent on salvation and the other bent upon death! Is it mere happenstance that Clinton and 50 other world leaders have decided to hold an emergency "summit conference" in Turkey? Or am I demonstrating paranoid ideation? Do I believe so deeply in international secrecy concerning the potential threat posed by UFO over flights, that I even suspect the real purposes of this hastily organized emergency summit meeting? Thanks to Charlie Quinn

Editor's Notes: I accept the reality of UFOs because I chased one when I was in the Air Force as directed by a London Controller. I saw it visually as well as on my own radar. It is possible Flight 990 was attempting to avoid a mid air collision with an unidentified flying object or missile. Meanwhile, the Egyptians are outraged at the speculation by the US government that the crash was caused by the suicide of one of their pilots. Another strange aspect of this crash is what happened to the bodies of those who died in the crash? After three weeks, it's seems reasonable that at least one of the 217 bodies identified as being from the crash would have been retrieved?


Filer's Files #44 correction. Several people have commented they didn't get President Clinton's actual statement made in response to the Republican Congress Funding Bill on October 28, 1999. Clinton stood ready to veto the measure because of the damage he said would be caused by the bill's 0.97 percent across-the-board cut that failed to provide money to help communities hire thousands of school teachers. Clinton told educators visiting Washington. "If we were being attacked by space aliens we wouldn't be playing these kinds of games."

Editors Note: Is the President thinking about UFOs?


Teri Lamb reports that on Friday afternoon, November 12, 1999, fishermen on a boat off Bermuda were terrified by a missile that erupted from the sea beside them. It shot up into the sky, maneuvered, and then exploded. I have this from a person I trust who talked to the fishermen, so I believe it to be true. I did not know until now that NASA has a tracking station or something on Bermuda, but if the launch was an accident, we should have heard about it. Has anyone seen anything in the press? Thanks to Teri Lamb and Lunascan Project


KANSAS CITY -- NUFORC reports that on November 11, 1999, interesting report from the FAA Kansas City Center of two executive jets in the vicinity of Farmington, MO, that reported an object that "looked like a missile" pass in proximity to their aircraft. The incident occurred at approximately 8:00 AM. (CST). I have no reason to believe it is related to the alleged Bermuda incident, but I mention it because of the apparent similarity between the objects reported in both cases. Peter Davenport, Director NUFORC


HAUPPAUGE -- On November 5, 1999, over Long Island at 3:10 AM the witness saw object brighter than a star. This did not appear to be a plane or helicopter due to the erratic maneuvers it was making. It stayed in the same area, approximately 10,000 feet high over the south shore of Long Island. It had an up and down, side to side and even a diagonal motion to it. Periodically there were faint blue flashes emitting around it. It was a diamond to saucer shape. After about 15 minutes, it slowly moved southwest until it disappeared from my view. Thanks to Peter Davenport NUFORC Hotline: 206-722-3000.


KEASBEY -- Reverend Damian Barna called to inform me he had shot eight minutes of an extraordinary UFO video in broad daylight on November 11, 1999, over Middlesex County only fifteen miles from New York City. The video tape is shows several different shaped UFOs. One is the standard disc shape. The primary ones are two cylinder or rod shaped craft. As the cylinder moves slowly through the sky it appears to be covered in a thin vapor. Although it is difficult to estimate length the craft appears on the video as at least a hundred feet long. It sends out a thin line forward an estimated 600 feet, or about six inches at arm's length. Somehow the object seems to morph or move along the tube to the second position. The movement is clear and distinct and may represent some sort of cloaking device. I have never seen an object move in this manner. It seems to gradually disappear in one spot and gradually appears as the same size and shape in another. The tape is copyrighted and will be placed on our web site in a week or so. The video was taken at 4:50 PM over Raritan Center. This is an extraordinary tape of very strange UFO activity. Thanks to Reverend Barna who feels the craft were made visible to him for important religious reasons that may portend great changes.

MATAWAN -- On November 6, 1999, 6:03 PM an unbelievably large Flying Triangular shaped craft with pale orange colored non-blinking lights. Three friends and were just settling into the Jacuzzi when one friend noticed something and pointed upward. They saw a large Flying Triangular craft going overhead at an extremely low speed. There was no sound. It was headed in a southwestern direction and seemed to be flying in a vapor like cloud. My friend there with me is former Air Force and said it did not follow protocol with it's lights All we could say was "Oh my God!" I can't shake the image from my mind. Thanks to Peter Davenport UFORC


BALTIMORE WASHINGTON AIRPORT-- Bill Bean sent me an extraordinary group of photographs and video of Unidentified Flying Objects near the airport. Most were taken during October from his home in Baltimore and at the Baltimore Washington Airport. The videos were taken by Bill and his Father-in-law. Most of the objects were flying at high speed, and are too fast to be seen by the untrained eye. However, if a person starts looking for them they do seem to become more visible. Often Bill just points his video camera at aircraft in the sky. The video shows the fast moving UFOs darting about the area. Generally, they are comparatively close to the ground and below the commercial aircraft. The sizes and shapes vary but most are rod shaped or disc shape. Thanks to Bill Bean for his excellent video.

Editor's Note: Although we are having computer problems the photos will be posted on ASAP.


DORCHESTER -- (AP) Investigators on November 13, 1999, pulled a cockpit voice recorder from the wreckage of a jet plane that crashed three years ago in a dense forest. Among the debris, spread over about 150 yards, were the two seats containing the remains of Johan Schwartz, 31, and Patrick Hayes, 30. The two Connecticut men had been trying to land in rain and fog at Lebanon Airport on Christmas Eve 1996 when their plane dropped off radar. Their disappearance prompted the largest official search in state history. The plane was found 20 miles from the airport in the foothills of Smarts Mountain on private land. Thanks to Frank Mattioli

Editor' Note: The crash occurred after a flurry of UFO activity in the general area.


ASHVILLE - An executive recruiter phoned to tell me he had witnessed an object west of town on October 24, 1999. It was about 5:30 PM when he and is wife witnessed a hovering bright orange halogen like light in the sky. As their car moved along it disappeared behind the trees. Although it was still daylight, the craft appeared as bright as motorcycle light at night a hundred feet away. They could not see a definitive shape. A couple weeks later, on November 12, they both saw a silvery disc shaped object that had strange erratic movements in the sky. A relative who works for air Pollution Control Agency saw greenish fireball fall from the sky on November 1, 1999.


PALM BEACH -- While I was driving to work at 6:15 AM, November 13, 1999, I heard Dan Bryan host of the "Morning Report" informing from WJNO 1040 AM Radio Station in West Palm Beach, about a UFO sighting on the beach. His colleague-CO-host, John Casson and several other eye witness saw a huge flying stationary object in the East, toward the Atlantic Ocean. The UFO was witnessed in the early morning hours by several people. Thanks to Rigo Muniz Rigo12 and WJNO


PITTSBURGH - Stan Gordon reports numerous sighting of luminous orange and blue white formation passing over at 7:05 PM on November 16, 1999. Stan says, 'I received sighting reports from Butler County, north of Pittsburgh as well as Indiana County in southwest Pennsylvania. I also talked with the Altoona FAA Flight service station, who had received a number of aircraft sighting reports from various locations including Erie. There were 10 to 12 round objects, each with a luminous trail, in perfect single formation, one behind the other. These round lights all appeared uniform in size and color.' Thanks to Stan Gordon


GRAND RAPIDS -- Paul Willison driving home on November 16, 1999, at about 7:00 PM witnessed a spectacular fireball traverse the sky from west to east very slowly. I was traveling on US 131 and timed their passing for 30 seconds to travel about 70% of the horizon. It had a comet-like appearance, with an extremely bright central body and a very long trailing tail. It was brilliant emerald green in color, fading into white. The most impressive thing was the very slow, almost controlled flight that did not decrease in altitude as it disappeared going east. Thanks to Skyopen and

WI, MI, OH, IN, IL, KY, TN, NY, WV, GA, and Washington, D.C.

November 16, 1999, Peter B. Davenport: The National UFO Reporting Center received over 100 reports from numerous eastern states regarding spectacular sightings in the sky. The reports are widely variable, ranging from single, slow-moving fireballs, to formations of up to a dozen or more objects in seemingly precise formation. In addition, we have received reports from two FAA facilities, indicating that multiple flight crews have seen extremely bizarre objects and formations in the night sky. To the best of our knowledge, most of the sightings occurred between 1900 and 1910 hours. (EST), although one sighting was reported from Georgia for approximately 90 minutes later.

Editors Note: The most likely cause for these series of reports are comparatively slow moving Bolides or brilliant fireballs. UFOs might use these for cover other activities.


CINCINNATI -- My daughter-in-law saw a triangular flying object while observing the meteor shower on November 16, 1999, around 8:00 PM. A caller to station WLW, claiming to be an Air Force Captain, told host Bill Cunningham that he witnessed the event from Hamilton, Ohio, and described seeing a "solid object as big as the 'Titanic,' with a triangular formation that had a distinct structure." The triangular structure appeared to be "breaking apart," the caller said. Thanks to NLowe81849.


WHITEHOUSE -- Another possibly related event happened at 9:15 PM. A trucker driving north on Route 24 reported on 700 WLW [Cincinnati] that a large meteor fragment impacted near Whitehouse, Tennessee. A very large fire is currently burning, and an attempt is being made to contain the blaze. It was said that a hole 30-yards across could be seen burning from I-65 . The Fire Station confirmed the fire in a field that may have caused by a fireball - Thanks to Kenny Young UFO Research


YUKON -- S. Ritter reports that on November 14, 1999, my husband walked outside at 6:20 PM, and looked south towards the moon, and noticed that it looked larger than last nights moon, then he looked east to view Jupiter, when he noticed overhead, a bright light moving north. He watched for at least a minute, then he called me to see it also. Then it had moved east. The bright appearance changed to a more yellowish color that was like a ghostly glowing aura around it. We observed the disc for 2 to 3 minutes, then it disappeared. There were no red or green navigational lights on this strange craft that made no sound at all. It was about the size of Jupiter. Thank to S.Ritter


CANNON CITY -- Christopher O'Brien reports a woman evidently was able to capture several aerial anomalies on video as they hovered over the Penrose, CO area. Video is 20 minutes long and a tripod was used during filming. Interestingly in one segment, "the two objects for 8 or 9 frames appear to have a connecting beam between them." One object has the appearance "of a children's top with spokes" extending out from the object.

SANGRE DE CRISTO MOUNTAINS - On November 15, 1999, at 4:15 PM the witness states, "I observed the same or similar silent, wingless white plane as reported November 14. It was headed south up the San Luis Valley at normal speed. Plane appeared to be at 17,000 feet; directly above the Sangres. Before and after sighting of this object, commercial traffic higher up and further away were plainly heard; this craft was completely silent. Under 50 X power binoculars, I was unable to discern any wings, but the vertical stabilizer fin was apparent--even with unaided vision. The tail extended further up the topside of the fuselage toward the front of the craft than a normal Boeing commercial jet. Thanks to (Christopher O'Brien)


ONTARIO -- F. Camire age: 44 an Airline Pilot on November 16, 1999, sighted a UFO 50 nautical miles east of Simcoe, Ontario. The UFO was sighted at 7:10 PM in or near an air route. Luftansa Flight 470 and two other aircraft reported the sighting to Toronto Air Traffic Control Center. Their aircraft was about 5 miles to the right of us at 35,000 feet also going westbound as they reported seeing the lights to the left at roughly their altitude. While we still had the lights in sight, we also reported the sighting after another aircraft in the area did the same, but we did not note its flight number. ATC responded that there was nothing special on their radar. It was a very spectacular sight and something that we had never experienced before. We were speculating at the time that it might be a satellite or space debris coming crashing down in the atmosphere. The UFO was sighted for 20 seconds. Thanks to Ben and the British UFORC


MONTERREY - On November 14, 1999, a green Flying Triangle was spotted over downtown Monterrey at 6:30 PM. Manuel Hernandez age 35 of Monterrey claims to have witnessed a UFO. He has been watching the night sky for several weeks and spotted four UFOs. The biggest had a triangle form and also has bright green lights. The location of this UFO was near the Saddle Hill. The other UFOs had a saucer shape with flashing red and blue lights. Thanks to World Wide UFO Reporting Center


ADRANO -- On October 23, 1999, around noontime, a luminous hovering UFO was sighted above the summit of Mount Etna performing small maneuvers, for ten minutes. The oval-shaped UFO was seen by hundreds of people in the city of Adrano, southwest of the volcano. The UFO was described as "a white circular object with a dark central mass that appeared scorched. The object changed its position vertically, horizontally and frontally and also its shape." "In Adrano, a movie house owner and a TV newsman videotaped the object for several minutes and described it as a disco volante. (Italian for flying saucer--J.T.)" (Italian newspapers La Sicilia 10/24/99, &Il Messagero for 10/25/99. Centro Italiano di Studi Ufologici, Thanks to: UFO Roundup Vol#4, #28 11/4/99 Joe Trainor Editor.


PORT MORESBY -- Papua New Guinea (Post-Courier) reports seeing a UFO about 660 feet long, 165 feet wide that was lit up like a city in the sky. It moved very slowly across the sky, making a quiet puffing noise according to thousands of people on the Gazelle Peninsula of East New Britain. The people of the remote Bainingo ranges, say the craft had huge lumps on the sides with light flickering around it. Some Bainingos said the object was lit up all around like a red-hot stone in an oven pit. They saw exactly what others on the Gazelle Peninsula witnessed on November 4, 1999. They felt they were witnessing a spacecraft from another planet. Over on Duke of York Islands they saw a huge craft hovering just meters above the seas off St. George Channel. They claimed they saw other smaller crafts with bright lights circulating the bigger craft in a playful manner. At Rangulit village John Berenti and his family saw a huge craft. "It was so big, about 200 meters by 300 meters wide. "It was moving very, very slowly across the sky and was lit up like a shooting star and it had two very bright lights at the tail. "We honestly did not know what it was, but it certainly was not an aircraft," Mr. Berenti said. "It was traveling too slow, far too slow. It made a quite puffing sound as it glided gracefully over the tree tops," he said. People lit handheld fires and chased after the craft. He considered that the bright glow around the craft was its magnetic field, keeping the force of gravity away." Police Officer Ray Theodore at Vuvu Beach noticed a huge craft traveling just meters above the seas. "First, I thought it was a ship but then we saw it travel over Waton Island." "It had very bright lights at the back," he said. Thanks to: Pacific Islands Report, 11/11/99, The Post-Courier Newspaper (Papua New Guinea) University of Hawaii at Manoa.

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