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Filer's Files
By George Filer

MUFON Eastern Region Director
December 2, 1999

George Filer:
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When President Clinton first came into office, he gave Webb Hubbell one of his most trusted subordinates a specific request to obtain an answer to the question, "Are there UFOs?" Hubbell apparently never was given a satisfactory answer.

On August 5, 1996, President Clinton went on live National Television to announce that life was found within a meteorite believed to have come from Mars. Worm like creatures 360 nanometers long were found inside the ancient artifact. Clinton stated, "I am determined that American Space program will put its full intellectual power and technological prowess behind the search for further evidence of life on Mars. If the findings are borne out, it will surely be one of the most stunning insights into our world that science has ever uncovered. Its implications are as far reaching and as awe inspiring as can be imagined." Some of the television footage was used in the Jodie Foster movie "Contact." The film clip supported the main theme of the movie that we are in contact with extraterestrials. The White House allowed the clip to be used in the movie, but did not endorse the main theme. The President seemed to want to maintain deniability in either direction.


SAN FRANCISCO (Reuters) - Astronomers scanning distant stars have detected six more massive planets, five of which orbit their suns at just the right distance to support liquid water and -- theoretically -- life. The discoveries brought to 28 the total number of so-called "extrasolar" planets found over the past five years as astronomers survey hundreds of stars similar to Earth's sun for signs they may have planets in tow. Five out of the six are in what astronomers call the "habitable zone" which could allow the existence of liquid water, a prerequisite for life. This makes them different from most of the extrasolar planets found before this, which have been either to hot or too cold. "That five out of six of these things are in the habitable zones of their stars shows it is not an accident," Astronomer Vogt said, noting that planetary temperatures could range from -38 degrees to 112 degrees Fahrenheit (-39 to 44 degrees Celsius). Hopes for life in these star systems would focus on possible moons of the giant gas planets, he said.


Until now confirmation of the existence of extrasolar planets have been inferred by the wobble of the parent star. Now astronomers have witnessed for the first time a distant planet passing in front of it's star, providing direct and independent evidence that extrasolar planets exist.


ARECIBO, PUERTO RICO -- Gannett News Service reports that on November 29, 1999, the world's largest radio telescope, picked up what appeared to be an intelligent signal coming from a small star named HD119850. What's more a backup telescope at Jodrell Bank near Manchester, England was hearing the same beacon a clear sign the signal was not from Earth. Astronomer Jill Tarter 55, is chief scientist with the SETI Institute of Mountain View. Jody Foster played Jill in the movie "Contact." Other tests were conducted from the Arecibo control room to determine if the signal coming from 106 trillion miles away was real. The telescope was moved away from the target star. The signal vanished and only returned when it was aimed again at the target star. Editor's Note: The evidence is growing that there is intelligent life out there. Here's my scientific theory: "If intelligent life exists outside Earth it is reasonable to assume they could be visiting us?" :-)


CHESHIRE -- Bruce Tilden sent this interesting report. An Adams, Massachusetts police officer reports that on November 18, 1999, he observed 4 circles of light high in the cloudy sky above his home in rural Cheshire. The equidistant spaced lights formed a diamond and would rotate clockwise one quarter of a turn, then come together into one light. A second later, they would separate into the original pattern, again rotate clockwise one quarter turn, close together and so on. When the lights were apart they covered a 3 to 4 inch area at arm's length, and could be covered by the palm of the witness's hand. This event lasted for more than an hour and was witnessed by the officer's daughter, son, and the son's friend. Although no light shaft was seen shining up from the ground, the witness "called around" to see if there was some sort of an opening celebration where spotlights were being used. The result of this query was negative, and he was certain that the lights did not originate from the ground. Thanks to Bruce Tilden MUFON Field Investigator/State Sections Director Brewsteret


RARITAN CENTER -- Reverend Damian Barna indicates that in using computer enhancement of his eight minute video tape, he has been able to see small balls of energy departing from one cylinder shaped UFO. The enhancement infers that the plasma energy balls are fired between the UFOs as if they were engaged in an aerial battle only fifteen miles from New York City. An apparently hostile UFO appears to shoot green plasma charges at other intruding objects. The craft could also be transferring the plasma energy from one object to another. The large cylinder shaped UFO is estimated to be at least a hundred feet long. During the filming the cylinder like cloud seems to morph or gradually move from one position to another. This may be part of a cloaking device. Thanks to Rev. Barna who is pastor of the New Freedom Church. Editor's Note: I have seen video of many cylinder shaped objects but never one that dissipates on the left (south) of the screen and rebuilds itself on the right (north) portion. It appears to teleport itself from one place to the other. The Dead Sea Scrolls, the Bible and many significant religious writings predict a war between the forces of light and darkness. Reverend Barna appears to have captured on film amazing evidence of a pillar or cylinder cloud. The film is being copyrighted but individual frames can be seen on


SPRINGFIELD -- Ceryn L and wrote concerning last week's Filer's Files. "I just read with interest your November 17, 1999, UFO sighting report." Just wanted to add that I also saw the same formation at approximately 7:10 PM. I live just off the Huntington Metro stop south of Alexandria, VA on the hill overlooking the city with a clear view of the sky. I saw a triangular formation flying quite low out of the northwest toward the southeast though it looked more like a lead ship with two wingmen. My very first thought was my god, UFOs, followed by trying to rationalize that it was a plane coming into National Airport (but much too fast and it didn't turn for the approach) or a fighter headed for Andrews Air Force Base but still much too fast. It was gone in a blink and I did not see it again though I stood and searched the sky for some moments. Next day I read about the meteor shower and palmed it off as that, until I read your account. Weather balloons don't fly that fast, neither do commercial jets or even our fighters and it was totally silent. Thanks to Chuck Warren


TAMPA -- On December 2, 1999, I was interviewed on the Malcolm Hathorne show. A caller reported that on October 25, 1999, he was driving on Highway 301 towards the south when he saw a strange explosion in the sky that lasted for thirty seconds. The explosion occurred between 5:00 and 5:30 AM. Many people saw the object in the sky and phoned the Bruce Williams radio show. Thanks to Malcolm Hathorne


LA GRANGE -- On November 25, 1999, John Thompson my boy Corey says at 11:45 p.m last night he saw a spectacular meteor (I presume). It was travelling BELOW heavy cloud cover going to the northeast. He was laying on his back in our family room when he saw it outside behind our house to the northwest. The light covered 20 degrees of arc in one second and made no sound. It was a solid egg shape non-blinking yellowish white light with an apparent size of a quarter moon. Apparent speed was many times of an airliner and it seemed to be flying slightly upward. No trail or sparks were seen. I'm ruling out an airplane because of large apparent size, extreme speed and no sonic boom was heard. I would guess the cloud ceiling last night was below 20,000 feet. Thanks to John Thompson.


LIMA -- On November 21, 1999, the witnesses were driving northbound on I-75 towards Lima at mile marker 117, when they saw a sphere shaped craft moving slowly through a field. It was just east of the highway and low to ground in swirling fog. The craft was randomly shining a light onto the ground below it at 1:30 AM. The witness said, "We first noticed the object when we suddenly saw the ground beneath it light up." The witnesses pulled their car onto the shoulder of the road and stopped to observe the object. Although, there was no visible light source on the craft, the ground reflected off it's mirror like surface when the light was activated. It was difficult to estimate the exact distance to the craft, but it seemed fairly close. The craft was moving southbound very slowly. The light would activate randomly and had no particular pattern or color. The witness stated, "You could detect movement by the reflection off of the object while the light was on." When there was no light from the craft you could barely see it due to the fog. Only a faint outline of the top portion was visible. Traffic was sparse and other cars/trucks passed, but no one else stopped. After a few minutes the passenger rolled down his window. We could hear no sounds but could still see the object. It lit up the trees to the north of us and our parking area. The lights went off and the object left at a moderate speed north bound over the tree area it had just lit up. "The fog flowed around the craft as it moved and that was when we got a good look at it." There were no windows visible or lights on its smooth and shiny surface. The object then faded out of view.

COLUMBUS - On November 18, 1999, while on patrol in my police cruiser I noticed a dark object coming from the east at 1:50 AM. As it grew closer I noticed it was triangular in shape. It made a banking turn and continued north and out of sight. I am a police officer for a suburb of Columbus, Ohio. I had a ride-along passenger, who is a reserve officer for another agency in the area. We were attempting to find a dark area within the city to observe the Leonid Meteor Shower as it was a slow night. We stopped the cruiser, when I noticed an object coming from east to west just west of downtown Columbus. At first I assumed it was an airplane. I quickly realized this was not the case. It appeared similar in shape to an F-117 Stealth Fighter as it approached head-on. I say this because it seemed to have similar sharp angled features. After watching it for about 7 seconds I told my partner to get out of the car as I was doing the same. I pointed in it's direction and said "Do you see that thing?" He too spotted the object just before it began to make a slow right banking turn. As it turned, it showed it's underside that had some sort of distortion to it almost as if it were camouflaged.. It appeared to be an equalateral triangle shape. There were no flashing lights and absolutely no sound. It appeared to be relatively close to us. So I tried to shine my spotlight on it to light it up but it was too far away to be illuminated by it. We often have the police helicopter fly by and making a comparison the craft was much larger in size. After completing a 90 degree turn it leveled off and continued north. It was traveled slower than the helicopter. It just seemed to glide to the north as a stingray does through the ocean. I called another officer to meet me and we told him about the incident. I called the Port Columbus Airport Police and identified myself to them and asked if there was anyway they could find out if the tower had anything unidentified on their radar. The dispatcher advised me she'd been in touch with Tracon and they had nothing unusual on their radar in the time frame I'd reported. I have seen and F-117 fly and I know they are quite loud. It was close enough to us that we could distinctly see it's edges and shape although it was not self-illuminated. I am truly baffled by what we saw. Thanks to Peter Davenport Director NUFORC


Jim Hickman recently interviewed Emmy winner weatherman Gary England, inventor of the Doppler radar who is his 26th year as Chief Meteorologist at KWTV. On July 16, 1999, KWTV the CBS affiliate showed film of a UFO taken by their helicopter crew during the May 3, 1999, tornado. He calls it "The Unidentified Flying Thing" (UFT). Meteorologist Gary England stated that the film had been analyzed and the object was indeed unknown. There was other independent ground observation by two other witnesses. He is also recognized for his development of First Warning' and 'Storm Tracker' technology-- automated severe weather systems now in use nationwide. Jim Hickman said, "I think your May 3rd sighting is very important and needs to be fully investigated, especially since you have both the great video and two reputable eyewitnesses to back it up." Gary said: "Thanks Jim, as you are aware, a government employee captured a similar "unknown" object on still camera near Newcastle, Ok, also on May 3, 1999." Jim stated: "Yes, we have attempted to contact him. I have found similar objects in my research before, we have been calling them Roswell Rods for lack of a better name; as you know, they were first discovered in Roswell, New Mexico back in 1994. Gary: In fact, when we were showing our tornado video on the air, he is the one that spotted the "UFT". He came to our station and we went through the video and found the images he had seen at home on his television. Jim: It's strange that we are seeing so many unusual objects here in Oklahoma lately. I don't know if you remember the storm chaser video taken by Lan Lamphere in Loco, Oklahoma back a few years ago? I was one of the first investigators of that sighting. He had 3 videos taken of that object. He took one and several Oklahoma City news crews video-taped the others, including your station. NASA has studied the video and determined it to be an unknown object flying at 24,000 mph. Gary: Yes, and he had nothing but problems since too! He presented his May 3 case to scientists at Norman and they declined to investigate because "before research can begin, there must be a theory" and no one has any idea what the UFT is. Jim: Maybe we can get the scientific community interested if enough reputable people come forward and make reports of what they see. If only the scientists would work with us, we have theories, years of research, just no answers. Thanks to Jim Hickman, Aerial Phenomena Research Group - (Video is online at:


ELK CITY -- November 29, 1999, Scarecrow writes, "I observed a whole sky full of parallel contrails. There were 21 huge lines in the sky, all parallel. Then there were about 6 contrails crossing the first at right angles. We drove 75 miles south, and never even passed half of them. Of course I stirred up a lot of excitement since the people there had not heard of the "contrail" question before. But they became believers, because it was so obvious. The next morning, I awoke with and still have a very nasty and acute cough. My wife and brother-in-law also came up suddenly ill. I cannot believe this pattern emerges in broad daylight for everyone to see, and yet it still is not getting any real coverage in the media. About time for a new wave of unusual Asian flu to hit, isn't it? Thanks to Scarecrow and Skywatch - Scarecrow "Lions and Tigers and Grays, Oh My! Editor's Note: There are many stories explaining why Air Force and government aircraft are spraying large areas of the country with unknown substances. Some of the best explanations indicate that some kind of anti-viral, or anti-bacteria spray is being spread to kill disease or biological warfare agents.


Television star RoseAnn on her November 24, 1999, show on network TV stated she has had extraterrestrial encounters repeatedly during her life, which started in early childhood. Thus, Roseann joined the growing circle of celebrities, along with Rosie O'Donnell, Shirley McLaine and former L.A. Times Editor Phillip Krapf, who have admitted they have had encounters with aliens. Richard Boylan, Ph.D. was interviewed on the show.


AREA 51 - August 25, 1999, I had taken my son to Nevada for a mini road trip we were on the Highway 15 north, when my saw a dark object flying towards us at 8:45 PM. I looked up and saw that it was large and black, with two head lights at an estimated two arm's length apart. The weird thing is that while we driving forward, this object looked like it was coming towards us at first, then it started moving backwards. Then all of a sudden my son asked where did it go. He said that it just disappeared. The next day we drove on the "ET Highway to Rachel and stayed in the Lil Alien Inn. My 7 year old son and I got a glimpse of a small round in circumference, flat on the bottom craft. It had a clear dome on top, where you can see the pilot. The rear of the craft was shaped like a stingray with two wide pointed ends with one long one in the middle. The engine was in the rear and its maneuvers were sharp. It flew low then made a sharp 360 turn back over the mountain. Later that night we met a mother and daughter, and drove 20 miles in land to view Area 51. We observed with my binoculars, a spinning, glowing a red light, that turned to blue, then green then an amber, then black covering the red and so on in that order. This object hovered there doing this in a spinning motion counter clockwise. Sort of like the way a disco spot light would turn and change colors on a slide. Also at this same time we noticed that three other star like objects were mimicking each other. The objects hovered, then descended slowly wavering down behind Bald Mountain. A white jeep Cherokee security vehicle with its siren blasting came out to warn us off of civilian territory. The next morning after a sleepless night we saw round objects moving and what looked like communication. I stepped down the stairs and opened the door to my vehicle, when a black helicopter came swooping up from behind me and almost hit us it was so close and low. There was one pilot wearing dark eyeglasses staring at us intently as he slowly made a left turn in front of us, then disappeared out of sight. Thanks to Peijay30.


Tom Sheets writes that Tony Loredo, one of our MUFON members, stated his mother was watching the Spanish TV News on channel 51 in Miami, December 1, 1999, and she saw story about a Mexican airliner that encountered three UFOs, as if the jet was surrounded they lost some form of control, maybe instruments, don't know really, but landed safely. The newscaster played the taped conversation with the ATC in tower and she told Tony it was chilling. We don't have any other info and have checked several sources. We would appreciate an update from any of our readers. It's a Hispanic documentary show that is shown each evening from 5 to 6:00 PM. The show is called 'It Happened This Way'. Probably a cross between our 'Entertainment Tonight' or '20-20. It is a pot-pouri of events happening all across Latin America. On December 2, the Mexican UFO encounter was mentioned again, saying that the aircrew was being prohibited from speaking to reporters. Then they did a story on a real intense UFO flap occurring over the last few days in Bolivia, in a village called Cocha Bomba. Thanks to Tom Sheets and Tony Loredo.


SHANGHAI (Reuters) - Shanghai appeared convinced on Friday December 3, 1999, that an unidentified flying object had visited China's commercial capital.

Usually staid official newspapers insisted Thursday's UFO sighting was no vision. "UFO darts across the city's skyline," screamed a headline in the official Shanghai Daily. UFO appears in the sky over Shanghai,'' the Wenhui Daily said in a front page story with color photographs. Nearly 100 people claimed to have seen a cylindrical object with a flaming orange tail moving over the western part of the city for about an hour on Thursday afternoon, the newspapers said. They offered no theories on what it might have been. The Chinese government is very sensitive to UFO reports because the outlawed Falun Gong are believers in the phenomenon and extraterrestrial. Thousands of the groups leaders have been arrested across China. Only the several million Christians imprisoned by the government exceed the persecution of the Falun Gong.

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