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Filer's Files
By George Filer

MUFON Eastern Region Director
December 9, 1999

George Filer:
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One of the few scientists who ever studied UFOs, was Germany's world-famous father of rocketry, Professor Hermann Oberth. After three years of studying the information supplied by his own and other governments, the outspoken Oberth said at a news conference in 1954: "There is no doubt in my mind that these objects (UFO's) are interplanetary craft of some sort. I am confident that they do not originate in our solar system, but they may use Mars or some other body for a way station." MUFON's Antonio Huneeus interviewed him later and Oberth said he stood by his statements. His comments have new meaning based on the Mars Polar Lander failure and the September failure of the Mars Climate Orbiter. It is a total loss for the entire, $330 million Mars '98 project, which consisted of Polar Lander, the Deep Space 2 microprobes and the Climate Orbiter. Doesn't it seem strange that two out of every three of Earth's space probes going to Mars fail? You might remember we lost the billion dollar Mars Observer spacecraft in 1993, just as it was about to go into orbit. That gave NASA a wakeup call particularly since the Russian probes at met a similar fate. I suggest that Dan Goldin and NASA review the March 28, 1989, images showing a huge cylinder shaped craft intercepting the Soviet Phobos 2 spacecraft. The UFO interceptor is very similar to the ones reported by hundreds of witnesses here on Earth. We have multiple witness reports including pilot reports, videotapes and photos of these objects. ET may be waiting near Mars to capture or knock out our probes, but they are also here on Earth.

NASA realized it's kind of tough to reveal to the American public that we're losing billion dollar spacecraft to ET, even if they do pay for allot of scientists. So they did the next best thing. They cheapened the cost of spacecraft so American taxpayers only lost $157 million dollars for the Mars Polar Lander. Let's face it, NASA is in a tough spot. Congress may get upset with failed space probes and cut NASA's budget even further. It's tough to blame the failed probes on ET, so they have to admit they made some sort of a mistake. NASA continues to search for life on Mars. However, the fact that only a few of our space probes succeed provides evidence that something is out there. These Filer's Files costs nothing and operate on a shoe string, but we're apparently getting closer to proving intelligent life exits in the universe than NASA. Of course we have the services of a lot of dedicated MUFON, ISUR, National Reporting Center, Skywatch and other volunteer investigators. Ufolgists are getting better evidence each day. Imagine the kind of videos we could get with a few million dollars. The Filer Research Institute would be happy to consult with NASA and give them some techniques for getting past the ET defenders. NASA Administrator Daniel Goldin said, "It is conceivable that we will completely change our approach. "If I was Dan Goldin, I would want to get out the old Phobos 2 images and learn by the Soviet mistakes and a few of ours. According to Colonel Maria Popovich the Phobos infrared cameras picked up a great deal of heat in certain key areas indicating possible underground facilities on Mars. When the Soviet probe was ready to go into orbit of the Martian moon Phobos, an unidentified flying object came up to meet their craft. The ET welcoming team apparently captured the Soviet probe. If you assume ET actually exists your whole approach to visiting Mars changes. Other Mar's missions are now in preparation and much could be done to get them through the ET defenses. Dan Goldin admits privately something is out there. I suggest it might be time to start looking for evidence ET is visiting Earth and Mars on a regular basis. NASA might even want to start examining those so-called ice crystals they keep spotting near the Space Shuttle. Those ice crystals are making 90 degree turns, fly over thunderstorms and suddenly stop. These objects defy the laws of physics if they are not intelligently controlled. It seems odd that our astronauts operating the space shuttle cameras spend time zooming in on these disc shaped ice crystals? I suggest NASA look closely at some of their own videos. They might be surprised at the evidence they have in their own files. The Filer Research Institute will even work on a contingency basis. NASA only has to pay expenses unless our craft get through to Mars. We'll even check to see if your calculations are correct. As a former USAF Intelligence Officer, I'm prepared to brief NASA or anyone else on the ET intelligence situation. Its time to weigh the evidence. We either have incompetent scientists at JPL and NASA or something else is out there causing these failures.


The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) has several Geosynchronous Orbiting Environmental Satellites (GOES) in orbit watching the Earth's weather and environment. On November 21, 1999, at 14:45Z hours our satellites caught an amazing photo of a UFO at an estimated hundred miles above the Earth off the coast of the state of Washington. Russel Kirchner phoned to inform me that he had obtained the satellite photos and was sending them for all to see. The University of Colorado also keeps these photos on file for reference. One of the satellites is designed to pick up water vapor or clouds from space. When Russel caught sight of the UFO in the display he zoomed in and could see the steam coming off a UFO. It was the type we identify as a large Mother Ship. We discussed the possibility of the object image being caused by a computer error. Similar photos taken on June 8, 1995, over South America have also been widely distributed. Philip Imbrogno studied this case and NOAA explained the image was a "moon shadow UFO." This excuse will not hold in the latest photos. This UFO was present for only a few minutes and is not seen in images taken prior or afterwards. The UFO has structure, windows, and radiates heat in the infrared spectrum. Thanks to Russel Kirchner. See photo at http://www/


LEWISBURG - November 14, 1999, Michele W. and her children were driving on Interstate Highway I-64, and, just before reaching Lewisburg, she spotted an unusual object in the sky. "While traveling on I-64 eastbound, I saw a quickly moving V-shaped craft fly soundlessly over the road and disappear over the mountain," Michele reported, "I saw it approaching from the right side of the south." And by the time I yelled to the kids, 'Do you see what I see?' it had disappeared over the mountains." "The lights were red and steady, not blinking," she added, "It seemed like it was flying low, but it was completely soundless. Did anyone else see this?" (Email Interview) Thanks to UFO Roundup, Vol. 4, #32, Joe Trainor.


WATKINSVILLE -- On November 27, 1999, a UFO constantly changed shape and size and darted to higher altitudes for more than three hours starting around 9:00 PM. Ten friends and family members were camping out and hunting when one of the family members observed three small lights (green, orange, blue) that were zig zagging as one. As these lights were moving they eventually came together and changed into a small shape that was a circle at one end and star shaped at the other end. The craft appeared to come towards us extremely fast as a huge spinning rainbow colored ball. While closer to us, it changed back into the star shape very bright light. It was moving so fast and changing into so many shapes that it is difficult to accurately explain what was happening. Everything was caught on videotape. Thanks to the National UFO Reporting Center NUFORC Note: "We talked to the witness who has submitted this report, and are satisfied that the events she describes here cannot be ascribed to the optics of her camcorder."


John Thompson reports that in the early morning hours of Sunday, December 5, 1999, a huge bluish-white light was seen to cross the skies in Alabama and Georgia. According to Anderson Williams of Fox 6 News in Birmingham, Alabama a video of the large light was taken by a store surveillance camera positioned outside Caperton's in Weogufka, AL. The tape showed complete darkness until a brilliant light passed across the sky illuminating the area for three seconds as it passed. Seventy seconds later, the sound of an explosion could be heard." Light like the sun was rising was seen at 3:15 and 5:15 AM Eastern Time. Many reports of the white light being seen were called in to WLAG and WTRP radio stations in LaGrange, Georgia. Manager Mike Thompson of WTRP has given the best description of the meteor. He said while on his way to work at 5:15 AM, he saw a huge flash in the West. A split second later he saw a brilliant white ball, with tail, go "straight down" in the West. The ball had no sparkler or rolling effect but did seem to be on fire he said. The ball had an apparent size larger than a full moon and the tail was somewhat smaller. The meteor was of an intensity not seen since 2 February 1993 when tens of thousands saw a huge reddish-orange-white meteorite travel northward along the Georgia-Alabama border. One witness on the Atlanta TV news broadcast was convinced he saw a UFO with a trial of smoke behind it. This individual thought he saw a triangle shaped UFO with red, yellow and purple lights. The smoke trail, of course, is a characteristic of a low burning meteor. Russ Henderson article can be seen at Thanks to John Thompson.


BIRMINGHAM - J Vinsant writes, "At about 4:25 A.M. on December 5, 1999, I woke up to see a bright white light had lit up my entire back yard. I woke my wife and she also witnessed the light. The light then slowly climbed up my windows at a very slow pace, as if it were rising from the ground. We then watched the darkness of our house light up for approximately ten to fifteen seconds. Just as the light climbed up the window the darkness climbed up it also. Two minutes later, I heard an explosion that rocked most of Birmingham and was passed off as a meteor. I live south of Birmingham on a five hundred acre farm. However, my concern is not the light or the sonic boom. My concern is the UFO that I witnessed with my wife and her parents. After I heard the sound I then walked outside and saw an oval/circular shape covered with lights that was hovering over the mountain. The lights would rotate around the dish and would flash bright like a light house when they shone in our direction. We watched for an hour and a half. The UFO flew around and hovered without making any sound. It would sometimes appear to be one bright light and sometimes it appeared to be a complete circular saucer. Thanks to Mark Vinsant


BLANCHARDVILLE -- Bill McNeff, the MUFON Minnesota State Director reports that on September 13, 1999, a fighter aircraft thought to be from the 128th Fighter Wing (ANG) had crashed chasing a UFO at 2:15 AM. This was in the paper one day and then it was not mentioned again, Wisconsin State Journal 09/07/99 afternoon edition (Capital Times). (rough copied for speed) (API). The ANG was making unannounced low level flyby's and it (they) seemed to be chasing 6 little balls of light. This is not the first time either. Four previous nights they have been awakening folks in the middle of the night. However, the Control Tower at Truax Field denies any flight activity. Well today the proof is not in they're hands, one of their F-16's did in-fact go down south of Mt. Horeb for no apparent reason. The Guard unit blames the crash on mechanical failure. Witnesses describe a shoot out between the jets and the objects. One of the lights turned a different color and emitted a ray type of glow and took out the F-16 #WNG46-5607 piloted by Col. Ralph Emmit the Wing Commander. He was unavailable for comment and still is in University of Wisconsin Hospital being treated for nonlife threatening injuries. The Air National Guard has not officially commented on this matter and the NTSB was not present at the crash site. Editor's Note: We're attempting to investigate the report further for clarification. Thanks to NUFORC and Bill McNeff MUFON Minnesota.


MONTREAL - I read your Filer's files about the police in Massachusetts seeing a Diamond Light Group. My son and my husband, a friend who lives several miles away and another friend west of Montreal saw something similar in October at about 9:45 PM. Ron called to tell us to go out to see the lights in the sky. He told me to look in the western sky to see if we could see anything like that here. I saw it and so Philip and JG came out to see them too. Then when we came back inside JG called Ron and they chalked it up to some kind of spotlight for some sale. However at about 1:00 AM Florence who had just gotten home called us about the lights as she saw them too, through her balcony window. She said she had driven through the business areas there were no search lights. We hadn't thought more of it until I read this article. When I did I read it out loud our jaws just dropped because of the similar sighting. Thanks to Frances: (Frances Fontaine)


BETHWELLS BEACH -- My name is Jason Monds and we were on a holiday to North Island on November 26, 1999, when we saw a UFO. A group of my friends were heading to the beach for a late night dip at about 11:30 PM, because it's extremely hot. Before we made it to the beach, all five of us saw a cigar shaped object making incredibly fast advances up and down the shore. It was incredibly fast and silent. It was glowing glistening silver and would dematerialized and reappear. We could see the reflection of the moonlight on the water and then onto the craft. It would almost disappear and then re-materialize at a different point along the shore. It had no visible lights, but at one point, there did seem to be a line of dots or smudges along the side/edge of it. My friend Andrew, his dog Wilbur and myself made an advance up the beach towards the craft. It stopped moving and hovered 500 meters off shore, although the shimmery appearance make it hard to estimate distance. So Andrew stupidly picked up a few shells and threw them towards the craft. I shouted, " I didn't think it was a good idea." Wilber kept barking and ran toward the craft every time it would move. We had been watching the craft now for about ten minutes and the craft had left the beach, hovering over the water about 600 meters off shore. I screamed at Andrew to stop messing about but he said he wasn't going to leave without the dog, which was standing in the water barking. Andrew entered the water and felt a strange gravity or static energy run through him, but he grabbed his dog and dragged him back to shore. By this time I was more frightened than I have ever been in my entire life. I felt the craft was watching us so we ran back along the beach as quickly as we could. The craft was sitting about 100 feet off the water when it suddenly gained altitude. It dematerialized again, leaving a strange shimmer and it was gone. Once we got back to the batch one of the girls, Jess had already dialed 111 emergency and contacted the police. She was in a hysterical state but the police turned up an hour later due to the remoteness of our place. We went back onto the beach with the police but the UFO had gone. Bethell's Beach is regarded by the local natives as a highly spiritual area and scientist's have found massive concentrations of iron in the sand, giving it a black or purple appearance. I spoke to Manu, a New Zealand native Maori who has lived on the beach for 30 years. He claims UFOs are a regular occurrence and that he'd actually made contact with the craft's occupants on a number of occasions. He said, that in Maori legend the natives had actually been guided by the sea beings to New Zealand on their journey from the Hawaiian Islands long before white people had arrived. Thanks to Jason Monds Christchurch,


HEREFORD - The Amarillo Globe Daily News story reports: Law-enforcement officers in the Hereford, Texas found they had something in common with officers in the Taos, N.M. On Dec. 9, 1978, officers found out that a metallic material on the hides of mutilated Texas cows was nearly identical to the material found on mutilated cows in New Mexico. The unexplained mutilations occurred during the previous summer. Between 15 and 20 of the mutilations happened near Hereford while 12 cattle were killed inexplicably in northern New Mexico. In both places, the mutilations were discovered after local people reported seeing UFOs. To make the incident even more strange, ranchers in both places reported that the udders, rectums, tongues, ears, testicles and sometimes tails were cut off the animals with sharp and precise instruments. Entire reproductive tracts were missing from some of the animals. But other cattle were left intact. Officers in both places reported that there were no tracks or traces of human activity around or leading to where the cattle were found dead. The substance found at both places looked like slivers of gray paint and contained high amounts of potassium and magnesium. The material was not fully identified, but was believed to be some type of Teflon. Thanks to (Jeff Behnke) and compiled by Terry Moore Globe-News writer Editors Note: Similar slivers of silver material has been found on abductees in New Jersey.


ARECIBO, PUERTO RICO - Last week I ran a summary of a Gannett News article by Todd Halvorson that was published in the Home News Tribune on November 29, 1999. The newspaper did not run the entire article and left the reader with the impression this was a viable contact. The article indicated that the world's largest radio telescope, picked up what appeared to be an intelligent signal coming from a small star named HD119850. What's more a backup telescope at Jodrell Bank near Manchester, England was hearing the same beacon a clear sign the signal was not from Earth. Other tests were conducted from the Arecibo control room to determine if the signal coming from 106 trillion miles away was real. The telescope was moved away from the target star. The signal vanished and only returned when it was aimed again at the target star. The SETI Institute and Jodrell Bank wrote me to correct the story that the signal had faded and was never confirmed. I discovered later that the Home News Tribune did not carry the entire story. It ended the story prior to the announcement that this signal was not confirmed based on SETI scientific protocol. Editor's Note: Despite the denials several people wrote saying that the initial story is correct and what is not public knowledge is that the SETI people have very probably already intercepted dozens of ET 'messages' and radar signals. The signals from space are being picked up regularly. The problem is they do not stay long enough to be verified. I'm sorry for any inconvenience error this may have caused.


SHANGHAI - As reported last week, a UFO was seen over China's commercial capital Shanghai on December 2, 1999. Various newspapers and television carried the story. The UFO apparently stayed in view for 90 minutes allowing thousands to view the event. The object was cylindrical in shape with a long bright tail and appeared similar to a comet. The flying object may be a signal for further unrest and rioting. Usually staid official newspapers insisted Thursday's UFO sighting was no vision. Headlines shouted, "UFO Darts Across the City's Skyline," in the official Shanghai Daily. The Wenhui Daily said in a front-page story with color photographs "UFO Appears in the Sky Over Shanghai''. Nearly 100 people claimed to have seen a cylindrical object with a flaming orange tail moving over the western part of the city for more than an hour on Thursday afternoon, the newspapers said. They offered no theories on what it might have been. The Chinese government is very sensitive to UFO reports because the outlawed Falun Gong are believers in extraterrestrials and UFOs. Thousands of Falun Gong leaders have been arrested across China. Only the several million Christians imprisoned by the government exceed the persecution of the Falun Gong. The photo can be viewed at:


Whitley Streiber, hosting the Dreamland Nationwide Radio Program carried a story on November 28, 1999, a child asked the following question of Pope John Paul II during one of the Pontiff's Q+A sessions on one of his recent tours: "What about aliens?" The Pope replied: "We have to remember that they are children of God too." Several times, spokespersons within the Vatican have remarked publicly that the hierarchy of the Catholic Church has evidence and official confirmations from the world's governments that UFOs and their occupants are a reality. Thanks to Dreamland.


The Newsday (Long Island) Edition: Nassau and Suffolk for November 4, 1999, stated, "The dull orange glow caught Stuart Flegg's attention in the dark sky of a bracing Halloween night on Nantucket island. And for the next four to five seconds, his eyes tracked the light falling down until it vanished into the horizon formed by the ink-black Atlantic Ocean. Hours later, Flegg and his friend Scott Proffitt, who also saw the dime-sized orange spot, concluded they'd viewed the flaming wreckage of EgyptAir Flight 990, which plunged from 33,000 feet at 24,000 feet per minute on what was supposed to be a routine flight from New York to Cairo. They called police, and Tuesday, they told their story to the FBI. "What caught my eye was like an orange glow in the sky. And then it was falling rapidly. I mean, it was falling very fast. And then, about halfway down, it started slowing down," Flegg, 32, said yesterday. "And then the flame got a little wider. As it was falling down, it got longer. And then it just kept coming down, going slower, slower, slower and then it just passed over the horizon from where I was." At first, Flegg thought the small ball-shaped glow was a meteor, a comet or a shooting star, but it was moving much too fast. It "didn't look anything like" those things, he said. Proffitt, 22, said the orange light dotting the black sky initially looked like fireworks. "But then I noticed that it was way too far up in the sky to be a Roman candle and too far away," Proffitt said. "It wasn't an extraordinary brightness, but it got our attention. It was orange. If I had to pick a shade, I would say burnt orange." Both men said they heard no sound at all. The men, carpenters who work together, were among a group of about five left after a Halloween party of 40 or so people at the Fleggs'. They were seated in chairs around a backyard fire pit about a mile from the water enjoying the last moments with friends and some beer. Though they cannot pin down the exact time they saw the glow, they said it was between 1:30 a.m. and 2:30 a.m., when they retired for the night. The plane's signal was lost shortly before 2 a.m. more than 50 miles south of Nantucket... "I believe I saw the plane," Proffitt said yesterday. "I mean, there is no other explanation for what I saw. We were facing the right direction, it was the right time of the night, and I know it was not a shooting star. So I definitely believe I saw the plane."

The men told their story Monday to local folks and to two local television crews. The next day, two FBI agents showed up with a lot of pointed questions. "They asked me how the lawn was set up with the yard chairs," said Stuart's wife, Monica Flegg, 34, who had gone to sleep before the crash. "I showed them the yard and showed them how it was set up. Then they interviewed Stuart and Scott, separately." Flegg said he told them he was facing south-southeast, with Proffitt sitting to his left. He said he saw it first, tapped Proffitt on the shoulder, and said, "Look at that." He told them there is very little light pollution off Nantucket, that you can see a "long, long way," and that he often sits in his backyard and watches airplanes on similar flight patterns. Sometimes he can even see their shining lights. Flegg acknowledges that he and the others had had "a couple beers" that night, but, "I mean, we weren't falling over backwards, stone drunk." "I know what I saw-that's what I told the FBI guys," Flegg said. "I don't care what they say, I know what I saw. It was definitely that plane going down that I saw. It was definitely on fire."... Given this eyewitness testimony, the pilot's action in switching off both engines is again inconsistent with the suicide theory. Flegg and Proffitt described the EgyptAir 990 incident using phrases such as: orange glow, dime-sized spot ... fireworks ... Roman candle ... no sound. These eyewitness descriptions are remarkably similar to the descriptions of TWA 800's destruction given by Bushton, Desyron, Dougherty and Levine ..Why is it that the FBI can't believe eyewitnesses? It pulled in the CIA in the TWA 800 case to try to prove that a couple of hundred of them didn't see what they said they saw. " Thanks to Kent Steadman


Geminids will start on December 7, but reach full scale observation on Monday December 13, 1999. Most well known meteor showers, like the Perseids and Leonids, are old. They've been observed for hundreds or even thousands of years. The earliest record of a modern-day meteor shower is probably a notation in Chinese annals dated 36 AD, regarding the Perseids, where it is said that "more than 100 meteors flew thither in the morning." The Geminids are a different story. The first Geminid meteors suddenly appeared in the mid-1800's. Those early showers were unimpressive, boasting a mere 10-20 shooting stars per hour. Since then, however, the Geminids have grown in intensity until today it is one of the most spectacular annual showers with as many as 140 per hour (zenithal hourly rate).

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