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Filer's Files
By George Filer

MUFON Eastern Region Director
December 24, 1999

George Filer:
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At Christmas time, we hear many stories about Angels visiting the Earth. There message is that God not men is the final authority. In the first chapter of the New Testament we're told the Holy Ghost visited the Virgin Mary and that an Angel of the Lord visited Joseph. When Jesus is born the Magi or Wisemen from the East follow a star and are able to find the baby Jesus. Technically a star is very difficult to follow because stars appear to move as the world turns on its axis. It is more likely that the star was an unidentified light hovering high in the sky. Jesus Christ when he grows up declares, "He was sent by his Father in Heaven and in my Father's house there are many mansions and I go to prepare a place for you." His statements infer this is a place or planet in the northern sky. He gives a message of morality and peace. Obviously there are many interpretations of his statements, but much can be interpreted in relation to both angels and aliens and extraterrestrial travel. Psalms 91, 10-12 gives us a great promise that the angels watch over us.

"No evil will befall you nor will any plague come near your tent. For He will give His angels charge concerning you. To guard you in all your ways. They will bear you up in their hands, Lest you strike your foot against a stone."

The Bible claims that the angels are sent by the Father in Heaven who promises the greatest gift of all, 'eternal life.' We can speculate at this time of year that the religious stories of the past are related to the signs and wonders we see in our skies now. I've studied the Bible, the Torah, the Koran and many ancient writings. The angels, the messengers of God, brought the Holy Scriptures to man. Think of these ancient writings as not only religious but as technical and historical doucuments. The Bible describes over a hundred appearances of angels as well as many UFOs in surprising detail. Their message provides comfort in our lives. Billy Graham the friend of most of our recent Presidents wrote in his book "Angels,"

"Some Christian writers have speculated that UFOs could very well be a part of God's angelic host who preside over the physical affairs of universal creation."

I wish you all a most Merry Christmas and thanks for your many letters and friendship you have shared with me this past year. I look forward to a bright and fruitful future because after all we have great wonders and signs in our skies. My hope is that your life will be filled with good health and joy and that your guardian angel continues to protect you.


GLENS FALLS -- The witness stated, "On Sunday, December 19, 1999, myself and another security officer who was a mile away were discussing our previous UFO sightings on our cell phones when I saw one again." It was a brilliant white pulsating light, with an orange tinge that slowly rose into the sky. My friend held the line open as he headed to a field for a better observation point. Finally, he informed me he also had the light in view. The object hovered for 5 minutes, drifting left, then right, then back to a center position. The object turned on red strobe, and slowly drifted towards Glens Falls. I feel the object tried to disguise itself, as within minutes, Air Force planes from the north and west seemed to converge on our area. This was our third Sunday sighting just before or after dark. The first sighting was on November 28, when the object hovered and bolted north into the Adirondacks, like lighting at an estimated speed from zero to 3000 mph. In the second observation object went out like a flash. Although, we work for different companies we are observant security officers who have both witnessed the UFOs. Thanks to Larry Clark and


SEWELL - MUFON's Evelyn Galson turned in her investigation of a triangle shaped UFO observed by Chris Augustin a web designer. On July 17, 1999, Chris looked up while throwing something in his trashcan. The lighting configuration on a low flying object was very strange. The triangle had three white lights, one in each corner and a center red light. It flew from west to east towards the Atlantic Ocean very slowly. The craft was much lower than normal traffic at an estimated 500 feet altitude and was three times the size of the full Moon. It appeared solid with sharp edges and making a low humming noise. Thanks to Evelyn Galson and Chris Augustin.


HUNTINGTON--I was a skeptic until I had my 1st & 2nd dramatic UFO sightings. My 2nd sighting left me with a wonderful feeling and a tingling sensation up my back and over my head. I said to the UFO "I know you-I know who you are; I've seen you before." Then it blinked out. Now that I have met sincere people with similar encounters, I know that this is a real phenomenon. Do you think these individual contacts are preparation for eventual contact? Thanks to Joe Gardner


COLUMBIA - My wife was taking my daughter's friend home on December 8, 1999. They were headed east on Route HH, when my daughters' friend spotted the object at 9:30 PM. It scared my wife as she thought it was an airplane crashing into the trees. It came from the north and crossed their path. My wife was afraid to turn onto Kircher Road, because the object was hovering over the trees near the road. It was moving sporadically, hover and then move, hover and move again. The children had their windows down and the object made no noise as it hovered. The distance was hard to judge, but since it is a heavily wooded area they must have been very close to see it for as long as they did. They didn't want to report it for fear people would think them crazy, but many others also reported the same exact sighting. A boy in the area, witnessed the object floating over his house. My wife was not a believer in UFO's but now she's changed her mind. I asked them why they couldn't make out a shape of the vehicle at such close range? They all said the lights were so bright that they couldn't see anything, but large brilliant landing-like lights. My wife recalls seeing white and red lights as do the children. They claim that the lights are much brighter also. Thanks to Peter Davenport Director, National UFO Reporting Center


ASHEVILLE -- Hi my name is John. "On a night in October 1998, I was riding in a golfcart at the hotel where I work and I saw a bright red light more less hovering high in the western sky." So I went around to the back of the hotel and walked up a fire escape for a better look. It was very high as far as I can tell. It would get a very bright red for a while and then fade out buy not on a regular basis just kind intermittently. I watched it for about 10 minutes and it was drifting up and to the right very slowly. I saw at least two aircraft fly nearby and I know they had to have seen it also. I went back down the fire escape and knocked on the door of the gift shop and asked Phyllis to come see this. She and I watched for five minutes. It would get very bright and then get dimmer and finally just disappeared completely. A few minutes later Mike and George came by on their rounds, so I told them what Phyllis and I had seen. Mike said, "Is that it?" The UFO was there again? So all four of us watched for ten more minutes. I had to leave but Mike told me that he watched it for about 10 more minutes. The next morning it was on WLOS morning news and six people had called the police. Thanks to John at


CAPE KENNEDY -- After watching the shuttle launch on July 25, 1999, at 12:24 AM, I went back to the Intercoastal waterway on Jeffrey Street in Boca Raton, at 2:30 AM to check my catfish lines and saw a "star twinkling red yellow and green." I immediately loaded my 35 mm camera with 800 ASA speed film and put on 270 mm lens, and set it on my tripod. Looking through the lens I distinctly saw smaller craft appear one at a time right next to the "mothership" in formations of three's, four's and five's. They put on the greatest laser light show that you could ever imagine, shooting colors at each other. Wile visiting my mother in Boca Raton, we watched shuttle launch on CNN. The TV news conference indicated there were allot of problems with the launch, and you could see the concern on the faces of the NASA people. After watching the liftoff on TV we ran from mom's condo about fifty yards to the Intercoastal waterway and were able to clearly see the shuttled headed due east. About 2:30 AM, I noticed a strange "star" about 45 degrees above the horizon in the northeast sky just below the seven sisters constellation. After I set up the camera, Billy woke up and confirmed what I was seeing. I'm 46 with 20/20 vision but the eyes of an 8-year-old are much better. We also had 8-24*50 Legacy Binoculars. The larger object appeared white and round. About every 15 minutes it would turn completely opaque or translucent. Although you could still see it, it appeared as star pulsing colors.

I focused each frame with the main object in the bottom portion of the circle of the 270 mm lens. As Billy and I watched the round white dot through the lens a smaller dot or craft would appear right next to it on the right. Then another object would appear, then another, and they would flash colors at each other. These craft formed triangles, squares, and circles, depending on how many decided to appear at once. Then these smaller craft would either leave or turn their lights off, leaving only the larger white dot. Billy and I never took our eyes off this object until daybreak when it slowly began going up and to the left about 7:30 AM. Our photographs show the mothership in color with red on the bottom and green on top, quite different from what we saw through the lens. I used automatic exposure on most of the shots, which kept the lens open for three seconds. You can detect the small movement of the main craft during these exposures by the slight trailing of the green on top and red on bottom. I took quite a few photos with the smaller craft doing the formations near the mothership, there are trails of distinct colored objects all over the frames showing up as red, yellow then green. The bottom of the larger craft shows objects sitting on the "deck" in some frames. I can see a triangular shaped craft in the middle of the deck surrounded by smaller dots on the edges of the deck.

An amateur astronomer reported seeing a similar object with an 8" Celestron from Miami Shores. He saw a disk shaped craft with a definite dome. " This is exactly what I saw in one of my photographs. The image I have shows a definite dome shape, red on the bottom and green on top. Thanks to Patrick Mullarky


Jim Hickman-Director, Aerial Phenomena Research Group has received data from the Norman National Weather Service on the July 11, 1997, radar images showing a possible UFO. Several of experts were consulted to come up with this version. "These radar images were obtained from the Twin Lakes (near Oklahoma City) National Weather Service radar at 7:18 PM CDT on 25 May, or about three minutes before the "object" was videotaped. Reflectivity is shown, which relates to rainfall intensity in order of increasing "warm" colors (blue to green to yellow to red indicates increasing intensity). The "object" video was shot looking northeast from just to the left (west) of the dot representing Loco, OK (near the center of the zoom. This location is about 75 miles SSW of the radar site. Due to earth's curvature, the radar beam was at a height of about 6,500 feet above ground level at the video location. Also due to the earth's curvature, the radar was unable to "see" anything below this height. These displays are presented only to show the relative positions of nearby thunderstorms near the time of the "object" sighting.

They do not show the "object" itself. They should be considered inconclusive as evidence in regard to any direct scientific investigation of the "object." The "object" was not, nor could it be, resolved by the radar. There are several reasons for this. First, the "object" was below cloud base (which was around 3,000 feet in this case), and thus was well below the radar's "horizon." Second, estimations of the "object's" size (50 feet or less) indicate that it was far too small to be resolved by the radar at that range. Although weather radar's can detect very small objects in certain cases, they are not designed to resolve specific properties (such as size, shape, speed) of objects smaller than the width of the radar beam. The beam itself is a narrow "cone" that increases in diameter (or width) with increasing distance from the antenna -- much like headlight beams, only much narrower. At a range of 75 miles, the beam width on this radar is about 7,000 feet. Therefore, it cannot resolve details of individual targets smaller than about 1.3 miles wide. (This value would be smaller for targets closer to the radar, and larger for more distant targets.) Third, even if the "object" were high enough or large enough, the radar antenna takes at least 20 seconds to rotate through a full 360-degree sweep. The chances of it being pointed in the right direction at the exact time of the "object" (which was on video for only about 1.5 seconds) are extremely remote.

What the radar does show are intense thunderstorms, measuring about 10 miles or more in average diameter and extending about 50,000 feet or more in height. Details of the structure of these storms, down to a resolution of a mile or so, can be seen. The storm that was being videotaped is seen just to the north and northeast of the video site. The storm structure exhibits an appendage or "hook" extending westward from the main core of the storm. This feature, among others, is indicative of possible rotation in the area of the appendage. In this case, rotation was confirmed by the video in the form of a funnel cloud extending from a lowering in the cloud base known as a "wall cloud." Thanks to National Weather Service and Jim Hickman,


PERRIN FIELD -- Navarrone Technologies writes that in 1953, I was a Radar Tech at Perrin Field North of Dallas. I was performing routine maintenance on a PPI scope (Plan Position Indicator) when I spotted a huge blip in the New York area. I called an Officer, who was the Operator, and we watched as the Blip split into nine smaller ones, flying in formation. The bogies did not respond to IFF interrogation. Radio contact from the radar hut was made to Denver and Salt Lake bases, and they confirmed the sighting. Perrin Field was a long-range early warning base; we could measure distance and azimuth but not altitude. F-86 Fighters from Perrin Field and other fighters from Denver and Salt Lake were ordered to intercept and destroy. They were staggered at altitudes of 500 feet, to try and get a visual sighting. The formation of UFO's was heading directly towards Dallas. We watched as the fighters were heading to intercept; the UFO's had crossed the border of Oklahoma and entered Texas by this point. When the fighters got to about 20 miles of interception, the UFO's stopped dead in the air, made a right angle turn and took off towards the Northwest. We calculated their speed at about 8000 miles per hour.

There were 8 officer Radar Operators and 3 Radar Techs in our Hut during this episode. Within ten minutes after the final sighting a group of about 8 men in civilian suits, and 14 uniformed armed guards came into the Hut, separated us, and took us at gunpoint to a hangar on the other side of the field. We were each interrogated for about 4 hours and during that time had to draw diagrams of what we saw, and write a written narrative of everything that took place during this "encounter". After having the fear of God put into us about NEVER talking about this incident to anyone, we had to sign a document that threatened us with a $10, 000 fine and 10 years imprisonment for violating the Official Secrets Act. These objects, whatever they were violated the laws of Physics, as we know it. I don't think there is any doubt that they were not of this Earth. Thank you for your efforts in trying to end the secrecy. God Bless, Chandler Yergin


MEXICO CITY -- December 8, 1999, executive Jose Gerstl awoke at 7:20 AM, and saw for the first time in his life a OVNI (UFOs) in the sky on a clear morning and only a very short distance away. At first the object looked like a small balloon. But in a few seconds, it began moving forward and backwards slowly. Jose ran for his videocamera thinking that this could my chance to tape one of those strange objects. The object seemed to have gotten closer. It was a clear morning with a bright sun at 7:45 AM, so I had a good view and with my camera's zoom lens I made some close-ups of the OVNI. It had an oval shape and the sunlight reflected on the left side of the object. About 4 minutes passed when suddenly it emitted some kind of beam of bright light from the center and then the light turned from yellowish to reddish in sequence and then returned to white again. The sighting lasted almost 8 minutes, Thanks to Jeff Rense and Santiago Yturria OVNI Investigaciones Mexico.


Russel Kirchner phoned to inform me that the GOES might have photographed a large dark mother ship UFO. Russel started a rather large controversy with many readers sending in different opinions. Bob Young was probably the first to write that the Moon was most likely the object photographed in space on November 21, 1999, at 14:45Z hours. Bob wrote: The satellite is geosynchronous, that means that as the Earth turns (360 degrees in each 24 hours, or 7.5 Moon diameters each 15 minutes) the Moon will rather quickly move out of the field of this picture. The previous pictures had the Moon way over to the left, 7.5 diameters, and the next picture had the Moon behind the Earth. The thing is that at the time of the picture the Moon exhibited the phase of the oval and it was in the position of the object. Since there aren't two oval objects in the location of the Moon, unless the UFO was, by great coincidence, in front of the Moon, the mystery of this picture seems to be solved. Bob Young (YoungBob2) said, I am NOT supporting the UFO claim, and now it appears neither is Nick Balaskas from York University.

Nick at first felt it was not the Moon based on the UFO's shape, dark color and size. Nick has revised his opinion: "Jupiter was at opposition (opposite the Sun with respect to the Earth) a month before the November 21, GEOS picture." Why does it appear to be behind the Earth in the picture I thought? Well, since the Sun was not shining directly down on the Earth but a little to the right, Jupiter would be roughly at the location where Sky & Telescope says. Then I thought, where would the Moon be with respect to Jupiter? Well, since the Moon moves by just over 12 degrees in the sky each day and according the my Observer's Handbook the Moon had the same R.A. or celestial longitude as Jupiter on the 20th at about 22:00Z, then 3/4 of a day later when the GEOS picture was taken the Moon be nearly 10 degrees further east (to the left of the picture). Since I calculated earlier that the Earth in the GEOS picture was about 20 degrees across, the Moon would indeed be in the general vicinity of the UFO is in the picture. Conclusion: Our "...Giant UFO in Earth Orbit" is now an IFO - the Moon. Thanks to Nick Balaskas Physics and Astronomy York University, Canada.

Nicla Camerin writes, "He has also observed the UFO in the NOAA Satellite photos. These objects are NO a moon. I looked at the images for the day before and after at the same time. If that object had been the moon, it would have been there on those days as well. The moon was only a quarter more or less but doesn't appear the day after or before. But I'm sure that is not the moon. The image appears to be a full disk, and in the left corner you can see another 'spot'. I zoomed in, and rendered and seems to be another 'object.' Do you have any idea at what timing are get this satellite images? In the full disk 4 seems to be a 'blur' in the top-left part instead of the bottom are defined. In the full disk there seems to be some kind of heat around the object. Which the images are UV, IR of the goes satellite of this series? Thanks to Nicla Camerin

National Weather Service professionals that use the photos everyday have an interesting opinion. Gary writes: "I am of no help with respect to the Goes-8 images you sent me. My immediate thought was a transmission and/or processing error. I have looked at tens of thousands of Goes images and I have never seen the moon. So, I think that is out. Also, I would think that an advanced alien society would not get caught in a somewhat low-tech weather satellite image." Have a great holiday!". Thanks to Gary and Jim Hickman.

Here again are the controversial photos: There is some disagreement if the moon will show up on infrared. Anyone know?

"Robert Selover writes, "In the photo, the "moon" appears elliptical in shape - I wouldn't think such an expensive camera setup could produce such a distorted representation of an essentially "round" object." Then, there's the infrared photos which also seem to show the same elliptical shape as above -- again representing a generally round planet with the same profile and orientation with respect to earth. I'm really curious -- how does the moon come off as appearing elliptical with the same profiles and earth-wise same orientation in both simple unfiltered photos and in corresponding IR photos? There is an apparent optical distortion. Thank "Robert Selover"

John locker writes close inspection, and the time stamp indicate this to be an image of the Moon. Anyone with Satellite Toolkit software can confirm this by viewing the Moon, from the position of the Goes geostationary satellite. Those "windows" are the Ocean of Storms, the Sea of Rains and the Sea of Clouds. Thanks to: (John locker)

I constantly surf around the NOAA website checking out the satellite images for interesting "landmarks." I can explain the UFO seen in the GOES 8 images from Nov. 21, 1999. The UFO is actually the Moon! It is not an alien space craft as speculated. Here is what happens: When the moon, the earth and the Goes 8 satellite are at a precise position its cameras catch the moon in the image. Please refer to: NOAA websites.
Hope this helps your experts, Mark Lennox, York University, Toronto, Canada


BEIJING: JM Mariojouls, Skywatch China Director in Macau reports that a strange UFO was seen all over the eastern area between Shanghai and Beijing on December 10, 1999. Clear pictures of it have been aired on a Hong Kong TV channel. I'm contacting everyone I know to get more info and the pictures. Until now, the UFO has been described as a very strange ball leaving a trail of smoke behind and flying up (at least on the pictures). Dec. 10, 1999 -- (Agence France Presse) China is undergoing a sudden surge in unidentified flying object (UFO) sightings, always with the same description, the normally staid official press said Monday. The Beijing Youth Daily published an article on the sightings Monday with a photo of two airborne oblong luminous objects taken the night before by China's central broadcaster. The newspaper said the photo, which resembles a pair of missiles, was taken above the district of Changping, north of Beijing.

In another article, illustrated with a similar photo taken above the capital, the newspaper carried witnesses accounts of UFO sightings on November 14 and December 11. Shanghai's press weighed in last week, reporting -- with a photo -- on two local UFO sightings on the same date at the beginning of the month, at roughly the same place and time. "It was oblong, yellow, with a shiny pointed top and a white tail," said Mrs Yang for the Liberation Daily. An aviation expert who saw video footage of one of the sightings was quoted as saying the object was neither an airplane nor a meteorological phenomenon, but an "artificial flying object." (c) 1999 Agence France Press) Editor's Note: The Communist Chinese government is very sensitive to signs and wonders in it's skies. Several million imprisoned Christians and the Falun Gong tend to take them as a sign of support.

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