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Filer's Files
By George Filer

MUFON Eastern Region Director
January 21, 2000

George Filer:
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Cosmic Ancestry is a new theory that the origin of life on Earth was seeded from space, and that life's evolution to higher forms depends on genetic programs that come from space. It is a wholly scientific, testable theory for which evidence is accumulating. "We don't know where life first started," says Curt Mileikowsky, a physicist with the Royal Institute of Technology in Sweden, "but we know Mars was available for life earlier than Earth." Mars, smaller than Earth, would have cooled to hospitable temperatures first. And most planetary scientists envision that early Mars would have been a warm, wet place -- conditions considered amenable to life. In the work, Mileikowsky and nine other researchers from institutions around the world calculated that meteors and comets crashing into the Red Planet would have knocked billions of Martian rocks into space. About one of every 150 of those Martian rocks then fell on Earth within a million years, the researchers said. In total, more than 55 billion Martian rocks have fallen to Earth in the past 5 billion years. The findings were presented at the American Astronomical Society meeting in Atlanta and will be published in the journal Icarus. The rocky interplanetary highway isn't just one way. Comets and meteors also blasted pieces of Earth into space, some of which made their way to Mars, though not quite as many.

Scientists have found a tough but peaceful pair of bacteria that might have been able to survive the arduous trip from Mars. `They are simply happy creatures,'' Curt Mileikowsky said of the two bacteria strains that were tested for road-hardiness in a Swedish lab. ``They don't cause any disease, they are very peaceful.'' But were they the first visitors from Mars? The bacteria -- Bacillus subtilis (wild) and Deinococcus radiodurans R1-- are resistant to high speeds, extreme heat and radiation. These properties would be necessary to survive a voyage by from Mars to Earth. There is even tentative evidence that the outbreak of serious flu epidemics are tied to new flu strains arriving from space. Thanks to Ken Chang Editor's Note: Its interesting that scientists now say we may not have originated from an ancient swamp on Earth after all, but that life came from outer space. I'm glad to see scientists and religion are becoming closer in agreement on how life on Earth occurred. Genesis 1-1 states, "In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth. The earth was without form and void and darkness was upon the face of the deep: and the Spirit of God was moving over the face of the waters." Verse-11, "And God said let the earth burst forth with every sort of grass and seed-bearing plant, and fruit trees with seeds inside the fruit, so that these seeds will produce the kinds of plants they come from."


BAHAMAS -- On December 25, 1999, my husband, two sons and I were aboard the Disney Cruise Ship, which was sailing to Castaway Cay from Nassau in the Bahamas at 3:30 AM. The ship was headed east and we were on the right side of the ship looking south when we spotted a very large, stationary, and oval shaped light in the sky. It was much too large to be an airplane. I grabbed the binoculars to get a closer look. The best way to describe it was it looked like a gigantic ball of large lights that subtly changed shape. The lights faded out and went completely dark and within a couple of minutes it lit back up again. One of my sons then took the binoculars and agreed he saw the same thing I did. He then spotted another ball of lights, the same exact thing, at sea level. Thanks to DDDDIXON


JACKSON -- We were at Great Adventure theme park in Jackson, and my brother took this picture with a digital camera. When he burned the pictures on a disk, we noticed this object in the sky. We had no idea it was there when we took the picture. Thanks to: Hoo:


HUNTINGTON -- My girlfriend and I witnessed an event about 25 minutes ago which we are concerned about. We live in Huntington in Long Island, NY and witnessed a greenish/blue object moving from the south towards the north at a high altitude and at an incredible velocity. It was not an airplane, a comet/meteor, nor Satellite either! I don't know who to ask. Please direct me somewhere that I can get some peace of mind. Thanks to Gregory Mineo and


DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA -- I attended "America's Millennium" celebration at the National Mall on New Year's Eve. With a large crowd we were entering the Foggy Bottom Metro Station escalators at about 1:00 AM with the sound of fireworks still exploding not far away. I noticed shooting stars near the western horizon and said to my friend, "What good timing for shooting stars?" Then I got a better look at what they were. I saw an identical pair of dark but lit cylindrical objects "flying" in formation from northwest to southeast passing almost directly above me. They were definitely not meteors. They moved at high speed, but I was able to see them clearly. Less than a minute later a single cylinder moved from WSW to ENE at about the same speed and had the same appearance. I then said, "Am I seeing UFOs?" No one else seemed to notice. Thanks to Peter Davenport NUFORC


RICHMOND -- On October 10, 1999, a disk shaped UFO was observed by a high school teacher and her two teenagers at 7: 00 PM in clear weather. MUFON investigator Joan Woodward interviewed the witnesses. Therese P. was driving on Route 645 along the Appomattox River near the Ft. Lee Military Reservation when Mathew 14, sighted a large object rising out of the woods. The object was hovering low above the trees just south of the Federal Reformatory at twilight. The three witnesses described the object as 10 to 13 pulsating and rotating white amber lights in a circular formation-moving counter clockwise. There was also a large white amber light that did not pulsate. Therese continued to drive toward the lights and, when they were a half mile away, they estimated the entire formation was about 100 to 150 feet above the ground and the size of her fist. A few seconds later they saw more single lights rapidly approach from the south and hover in a horizontal line to the left of the others. These lights were about the size of one of the lights in the circle.

Route 64 curves to the south about one hundred yards to the east of where the lights were and, as they made this turn, the vehicle's head lights passed under the objects. The objects appeared to respond to the headlights by slowly moving south parallel to the road. The lights hovered over several buildings used to house the staff of the Federal Reformatory. They wanted a better look, so they drove west down a private driveway toward the houses. When she was almost beneath the lights, she pulled to the side of the road, cut the engine and lights off, and rolled down the windows. The witnesses reported there was an unnatural silence in the area and it was like entering a sound proof room. They observed the lights through some trees. The object was the size of an automobile tire at arm's length. After watching for a few minutes the formation of lights then disappeared and two seconds later reappeared in the east in the same formation. Mathew saw a streak of white light as they moved. The object then moved instantaneously to an area about three miles distant. Contacts with local military and airports indicate no one else was aware of the incident. The 13-year-old daughter had a red mark on the back of her neck and one behind her left ear. There was also a semi-circular formation of red puncture marks on her forehead after the incident. Thanks to VA State Director Ricardo Atristain


LA GRANGE - Investigator John Thompson writes I visited with the father and son who were 75 to 80 yards from the UFO that was hovering about 12 feet high above their property! Both are excellent witnesses. This was a close-encounter and may tie in with what folks in South Mississippi and airplane crew in Missouri saw the same night. Unless the shuttle was fixing to land in a Troup County pasture and has silent boosters we can safely rule the shuttle out! Actual time of sighting was around 8:05-8:10 p.m., Eastern Time. The forty-four-year old father, who is a large landowner, has two years of agricultural engineering. The object maneuvered as "smooth as silk." It descended, ascended and changed directions several times with sparks or ashes "coming off like a campfire." The sparks or ashes were not ejected. He is certain that the UFO is of alien manufacture, was under intelligent control and was not piloted by a human. The witnesses believe the speed of the UFO was 400 to 500 mph. John made some measurements and calculations and feels the speed was 325-350 mph. The reaction time to do the zigzag or "weave" in response to lights going on (truck lights) was, as he said, entirely too fast for any human to perform. It could be a cruise missile with highly sophisticated terrain-hugging, light-sensing, sensors and computer controls. However, the witnesses and John have trouble accepting this explanation. It remains a true UFO of truck size that could manipulate its own internal lighting, guidance and speed. A pinkish red light seen at the end of sighting was not the exhaust of an engine No sound was made at any time of the UFO sighting. The UFO was upwind from the witnesses, and they could clearly hear coonhounds upwind baying over a mile away. The UFO made no sound at only 75-80 yards. No burn spots were found under the path of the UFO. A thorough search was made of the property. The FAA knows of no military or commercial testing in the area. The witnesses were video taped and signed a general case form. John says, "I consider this to be in the top ten percent of cases I've done." Thanks to John Thompson


SUMMERFIELD - "On January 5, 2000, at 0415, I was dispatched to the north side of Lebanon in response to a call received by the St. Clair County Sheriff's Department." An object described as big as a two story house with bright lights was flying around the northern end of Lebanon. While heading east on Widicus Road, I saw what looked like two big, very bright white lights, very close together, in a stationary position, over the town of Summerfield. I called this in to the dispatcher, advised that I was going over there to check on it. I also told them it definitely wasn't the moon or a star. While heading south on Rt.4, it changed shape, and looked like the two lights merged into one big one before my eyes. After getting into the town of Lebanon, I turned eastbound onto Route 50. While traveling eastbound, I watched it change into what looked like an elongated cigar. It was to the southeast of me at this time. There were a few cars on the road, so I turned on my overhead emergency lights, I was going approx.75-80 mph while heading in the direction of the object. When I turned onto old Route 50, it started moving slowly northeast. I stopped my squad car, turned off the overhead lights, and turned off the car. It then headed southwest at a very high rate of speed. It looked like it was 2000 ft above the ground. It passed just south of my position, about 150 to 200 feet away from me. When I began to tell the dispatcher, it then accelerated, and headed southwest towards Shiloh, before I could finish what I was going to tell the dispatcher, it looked like it was over Shiloh's southeast side. I told the dispatcher that if a Shiloh officer would look up, he should see it. Right after the end of my transmission, Shiloh advised he could see it, and that it was still heading southwest at a high rate of speed.

Soon after that, the Millstadt officer told the dispatcher that he could see it. The next reporting agency was the Dupo police Dept., who said he was watching it through his field glasses. I couldn't discern what shape it was until it flew almost overhead. When it did, it looked like a large, narrow triangle, with the sides being longer than the base. It had three large very bright white lights in what appeared to be the three corners. The lights were pointing straight down, with no oscillation. There was one red light that blinked near the base, just in front of, and in between the large white lights. When it was moving away from me, the back end looked long and narrow, with white light coming from it. The light looked like it was one long unit. There were multi-colored lights spanning the length of the back. I could tell there was more than one color, but not sure which ones because they seemed to blend together. Total length of observation was approx.4-5 minutes. Also, when it flew past me, It made no noise. I've drawn a total of five pictures of what I saw, and the Shiloh officer has drawn one. The Millstadt officer said he was able to take a picture of it, but that it turned out fuzzy due to the cold. Thanks to Peter Davenport NUFORC Editors Note: John Thompson one or our best investigators writes, "Seems people are now admitting that the sightings were in a direct line heading toward a blimp airport in Cahokia, IL and the object emitted a low level buzz not unlike that of a blimp." Its obvious further investigation is needed.


NORTH ISLAND -- A commercial pilot reports to ISUR that on December 15, 1999, he and an associate were walking on a beach located on the East Coast of North Island. A large green light came across the calm and still water at about 11:30 PM. The green light turned a bit, indicating two additional smaller lights. The object/light accelerated past the witnesses at an estimated 200 knots and at an altitude of about 100 feet, completely silent. The object/light was observed as it traveled about 3 kilometers and then disappeared. The witness later spoke to a nearby farmer who told him that he had observed a similar event while driving his tractor. The farmer had topped a rise and suddenly stopped his tractor when he saw a huge UFO 50 meters away. There were flashing lights around a middle rim of a stationary disc that was 100 meters in diameter. The farmer turned off his tractor lights and at that moment the lights on the object went out. Another bright light appeared at the top and it took off with a deep buzzing noise and disappeared. Thanks to ISUR at and Tom Sheets


In recent months we have been getting reports of hooded and robed humanoids walking along roads and possibly participating in abductions. The witnesses report they are awakened in the middle of the night when a blue light fills the bedroom. They are paralyzed but able to look around the room, and a robed figure is present. Sometimes the witnesses claim the eyes are red or glowing red in appearance. The witnesses' claim that they and other family members describe similar or the same hooded robed figures in their homes. Often the robed figure is observed coming out of the wall with several other smaller humanoids with it. The larger robed figure usually has its face covered. The witnesses often ask, "Who are you, what do you want? However, they have trouble talking, and are only able to make muffled or chirping noises. This may indicate their vocal cords have been paralyzed. Usually the witnesses awake in the morning with indications that an abduction or some type of examination as taken place.

This is the key time for witnesses to review the night's events. If you believe you have been visited its imperative that you look for evidence. At the very least, this is when the floor, bed, covers, night table, walls and ceiling should be closely examined for evidence. The evidence is most likely on a molecular or very tiny level, specks of dust, footprints, powder, sand, or silicon. Anything unusual should be carefully swept up using a cotton swabs and placed in a small glass jar. Try to obtain a witness to the collection of the evidence. You may want to call the police, Ufologists or at least another member of the family. Abductions may only be remembered like a dream. Frequently, examinations, powdering, cutting and bruising of the skin have taken place. Again evidence and testimony from physicians and outsiders is needed. A dream or waking in the night needs substantiation. If anyone has entered your house you have a right to have a police investigation. It is up to the possible abductee to cooperate, photograph and help others to obtain evidence. If a hooded figure or other humanoids were in your room it is very possible they left evidence. The most likely point of entry into your room may still be damaged or changed in some way. Tiny pieces of residue, silicon, glass, and meteorite powder may have been left behind. Meteorite powder will likely contain iron and other minerals that can be picked up by a magnet. Crop circles often contain meteorite powder, while areas outside the crop circles have virtually none. If you have happen to have meteorite powder in your bedroom, this is strong evidence. I encourage people who suspect they have had an encounter to take action. Get dressed up and visit your local police, newspaper and politicians with others. You might want to take a copy of the above police report in these files. You may simply tell the police you suspect prowlers are in your home at night and you wish protection. I would not mention UFOs, unless you have support from other witnesses. You saw a flash, possibly a flashlight and a prowler in your room. You found this powder on the floor. I'm not aware of even one abductee bringing in evidence to the authorities. Now that police are observing these craft they may be more willing to listen to your complaints. Next is the story of a brave possible abductee.


Bill Bean writes that, "In July of 1997, I became mysteriously ill and couldn't swallow, because there was a pressure on my throat." I felt I was choking, just drinking water. It was the most horrible experience of my life, and I wish it on no one. I saw eight different doctors and many tests were done and nobody gave me an answers. I was rushed by ambulance to the hospital, three times in three weeks. I truly thought I was dying. I noticed a pattern of red circular marks on my back that I felt was a reaction to the medication. My wife photographed them. I could not eat and my weight went from a muscular 240 lbs. to 198 lbs. On December 16, 1997, I was in the bathroom with my wife, brushing my teeth when felt a bristle came off my toothbrush causing me to cough. I reached in my mouth to get the object with my right index finger and found a gold - square - flat - chip. Our first thoughts were that it had to come out of the toothbrush. Something told me to save it and I did. The next night, while brushing my teeth, I started coughing again and expelled two more of these things in the sink. After expelling the first piece, I felt like some pressure had come off of my throat and the next night a lot of pressure had come off. I began eating normally and felt much better. Last year, I sent one piece to Derrel Sims who had the object analyzed. Bill says, "My piece matches a piece that was surgically removed from a person four years ago in Brazil. An isotopic test to determine if the piece is alien is being accomplished." Thanks to Bill Bean Editors Note: Derrel Sims and I feel this may be the most significant implant case thus far.


ACAPULCO -- Citizens confirm that an OVNI (UFO) flew over the city of Acapulco Mexico on January 18, 2000. Many inhabitants of the tourist port on the Pacific Ocean are saying that they saw a UFO that was kind of bright and oval in shape. It was seen for about seven minutes flying over the city with making strange circles in the sky leaving a flash of green and yellow light in trail. Guillermo Alarcon UFO Investigations Guillermo Alarcon UFO Investigations


WHITEHORSE -- On January 18, 2000, sensors aboard DOD satellites detected the impact of a meteoroid at 16:44 UTC (9 a.m. local time), in the Yukon Territory. The object detonated at an altitude of 25 km at 60.25 degrees North latitude, 134.65 degrees West Longitude shaking houses and providing residents with a dramatic light show. Optical sensors detected the same event at 16:43:42 UTC. The event lasted 2 seconds at 1 micron wavelength Estimates of total radiated power are 1.1 x 10 exp. 12 Joules. - Witnesses in Carcross said the explosion rattled windows and shook snow from roofs in the small village about 120 miles (190 km) north of Juneau, Alaska


NORO - On December 28, 1999, at 10.30 AM Respondents report sighting a rotating unidentified object near the port of Noro, New Georgia Island, Western Province. Solomon Islands. The 'object appeared quite bright at first, though it looked like shinning glass in the sky'. After some minutes it passed through some clouds and then appeared to be an 'solid object'. Thanks to the Solomon Star 1/ 6/ 20 and National Space Center, Ross Dowe


James Bond Johnson the photographer of the debris in General Ramey's office on July 8, 1947, says, "If we take a scientific look at the scene, at Headquarters 8th Army Air Force we can make certain assumptions, including:

1. General Ramey, having only recently achieved his big dream of becoming an Air Force commander and having serious aspirations to becoming an early Chief of Staff of the about to be born US Air Force would have been VERY careful. He did not want to screw up with this hot potato that fate had tossed in his lap.

2. I think there can be NO serious conclusion that Ramey was "holding a press conference" grounded in Neil's astute observations. A careful commander like Ramey certainly would have gotten his "dog and pony" show better organized and prepared. And gotten his staff to "spruce up" -- like HE did!

3. If Ramey was going to "fake it" for a photo opportunity he would have scrounged up easily identified "spare parts" from some RAWIN/MOGUL and not a bunch of weird "out of this world" pieces that can't be matched up with the RAWIN/MOGUL blueprints even 52 years later! He NEVER would have risked some inquisitive newspaper reporter questioning those weird "things" spread out in the photos. Even w/o computer enhancement the parts look unworldly! And Ramey's stars would have twinkled out! Poof!

4. The urgent and unprecedented action of General Ramey to rush that same night right over to radio station WBAP and to go on the air live with his "weather balloon" announcement surely must have been "damage control" to defuse the ROP, which he knew would be showing up in every newspaper in the world the next morning under the front page banner of "General Ramey Examines "Flying Saucer" Wreckage". Ramey knew that his action certainly would subject the AAF to ridicule as he now was having to ADMIT that his command had made a giant faux paus. The last thing that a military general wants to have to do is to have to say "oops!" "Sorry, guys, my new command just blew it! We couldn't tell a flying saucer from a common weather balloon!" Does anybody challenge ANY of the above statements or what to add to this list? Thanks to Bond Johnson.

Stan Friedman responds: "People seem to be forgetting that CIC Cavitt went to the crash site and brought back wreckage as well, the night of July 7, 1947. Col. Blanchard was NOT his commander. He undoubtedly notified his people in Albuquerque who would have notified Washington DC. Clearly the wreckage was not of a plane under Col. Blanchard's command. It thus became an intelligence or counterintelligence problem. In addition there were spotter planes at the base who would have easily noted the wreckage from the air and conceivably could have landed out there first thing in the morning on July 8. Don't forget General McMullen's call to General Ramey taken by Colonel DuBose. I too, doubt there was really a press conference. I do think it was clever to divert attention from Roswell to Fort Worth." Thanks to Stan Friedman. Editors Notes: There are about a 100 witnesses who claim they saw fantastic metal/plastic materials at the Roswell crash site. Photos taken of the debris under high resolution show half inch thick materials with hieroglyphic like markings. The message in General Ramey's hand speaks of a crashed craft and bodies. Roswell may include parts of a Mogul balloon, but it also contains other wreckage. So in a sense everyone is right, so I urge all Ufologists to stop arguing and investigate. It is really a shame there are no funds for real scientific investigation. If you would like your name to go down in history consider funding this research. Neil Morris is the primary researcher and some of his work can be seen at: and


PASADENA, Calif. (AP) - The $165 million mission to Mars has officially ended in failure has NASA's has given up hope for saving the mission. The Jet Propulsion Laboratory 's craft was scheduled to touch down on December 3, 1999. No signal has been received from the craft. The craft was sent to help search for life on the planet. Most missions to Mars are a failure while overall NASA missions including those to Mars are 90% successful. Perhaps the bacteria found on Mars has grown up and they don't like us there. NASA keeps on claiming they are reviewing all possibilities and will continue to seek an explanation for the failure of their last two probes. The orbiter was lsot in September. Our satellites and shuttles are observing UFOs; the Phobus 2 satellite took a photo of one. I'm happy to give NASA a briefing on the data we have obtained. I suggest they examine the STS 48,75, 80, 84, and 96 shuttle film for the possibility that there is life out there. I also suggest you include some UFO investigators in your examination of the loss of your last two craft. John Schusseler or Dr. Bob Woods both former experts in aviation in space would be my choice. In the Air Force I frequently briefed generals and on occasion congressmen and would be happy to help NASA save a couple hundred million on the next probe.


UFOCAT 99 is the latest version of the database begun during the Condon Committee study in 1967 by Dr. David R. Saunders. It contains over 111,500 citations (some UFO reports contain multiple citations). It exists as a modern relational database in MS Access 97, and comes with the Access 97 run time system on the CD-ROM. The CD-ROM is available for purchase for $59.95 from either Arcturus Books, the Center for UFO Studies, or Sun River Research Inst. ( It requires 100 megabytes of free disk space to install on your computer. Visit the website for the latest research using the UFOCAT 99 database. New this week will be a number of charts showing the relationship between the occurrence of UFO reports and sidereal time! Thanks to Don Johnson Drdonj5219


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