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Filer's Files
By George Filer

MUFON Eastern Region Director
February 12, 2000

George Filer:
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The foundation for all scientific knowledge concerning life on Earth is the belief in the Theory of Evolution. I found I could easily convince most people, that we were being visited by alien life forms if they question that theory. Those hardest to convince are scientists and engineers whose bedrock belief system accepts without question the Theory of Evolution. They refused even to read these files. If we assume for the sake of argument, that this theory is wrong, our scientific knowledge suddenly embraces the concept that intelligent life spread from space to Earth. For too long the Theory of Evolution has been taught as fact and as an undeniable truth. Scientists and educators have taught with fervor and passion that all life originated on Earth. Obviously there is some evidence that species change to adapt to the situation around them. But it is a giant leap of faith to assume we all came from some primeval ooze and gradually developed into complex life forms. I have had the luxury of seeing the complexity of just one cell. It is doubtful that life happened by chance. The logical conclusion is that there was a Creator. I receive many letters from scientists who claim to be experts in the field of genetics, who admit they are afraid to speak up. They are frankly afraid of losing their jobs, if they verbalize their own findings that the Theory of Evolution is in error.

Recently Oklahoma ordered publishers to include a disclaimer about the theory in their biology books. The disclaimer about evolution is that it is "unproven belief that random undirected forces produced a world of living things." The statement continues by saying, "No one was present when life first appeared on Earth. Therefore any statement about life's origins should be considered theory, not fact." Governor Frank Keating as taken a lot of heat for appointing a Textbook Committee that feels that the theory is questionable, but 700 teachers have backed him.

Astronaut Dr. Edgar Mitchell in his book, "The Way of the Explorer, discusses what he calls the Dyadic Model, a way to deal with knowledge, existence, and our knowledge of our existence. "The previous notion in science was that the Universe was a giant accident and that it would be too much of an accident for life to have formed and become intelligent life, in more than one place at a time. To science, that would be too much of an accident. " It view is clearly wrong and science has to revise its notion and accept the fact that whatever process has brought us into being has brought life into being throughout the Universe. Now that we look back on it, it sounds silly that throughout our history, until the last two or three decades, we really believed we were alone in the Universe. Now that we see beyond that, we see how archaic these types of ideas are."

My point is that once main stream science understands there are serious problems with the Theory of Evolution they will be able to see the UFOs in our skies. The mindshift, the awakening is coming soon!


I have been reviewing the videotape of several shuttle missions such as the Discovery flight of last June. The tape shows a series of Unidentified Flying Objects moving at tremendous speeds at an estimated ten miles above the Earth's surface. They apparently fly just above large thunderstorms and far below the shuttle that is orbiting at 230 miles above the Earth. My calculations indicate the speed of the faster UFOs are a startling 100,000 miles per hour. One UFO flies from Tallahassee to Pensacola, Florida a distance of 195 miles in seven seconds. The Discovery Shuttle this summer was orbiting Earth and heavy storm was over the Atlantic Ocean off the US East Coast. The thunderstorms seem almost to explode with bursts of heavy lightning in the night sky far below. I counted four lighted and sometime blinking objects moving across the screen. The lighted objects move east to west and north to south fairly quickly until they reach the thunderstorms where they seem to stop and hover. Its possible these objects are a natural phenomenon generated by the thunderstorms themselves. However, they appear to come from north and east of the thunderstorms and move to them where they seem to take on electrical energy. NASA spokesman often claim these are simply ice crystals.

Astronaut Joseph P. Allen with Ph.D. from Yale in physics wrote the book, Entering Space an Astronaut's Odyssey explains the shuttle orbits the Earth at a speed of 17,500 mph. The orbiting shuttle is maneuvered in space by a total of forty-four thrusters, or minirockets, located in the orbiter's nose and tail of the reaction-control system. Six of the thrusters are vernier jets small thrusters that slowly and quietly move the hundred-ton machine to new attitudes. The remaining thirty eight thrusters are primary jets, which are not silent. These are used for more rapid rotations and for translation maneuvers - - straight-line movements of the orbiter, forward or back, left, or right, up or down. The orbiter reacts to the primaries' shove by shaking slightly and by moving very noticeably.

During the videos there is no indication these minirockets are firing. Further most of the UFOs do not seem to be blown away from the shuttle, but come into the picture from opposite direction. I spent hours analyzing the photos and I do not feel the bulk of the unidentified objects can be explained by the simple explanation that they are floating ice crystals or parts of shuttle being blown across the screen in various directions. Close examination of the video indicates the UFOs are entering the video hundreds of miles away form the shuttle, obviously much too far away to be effected by the orbiter's rockets. Thanks to Tom Sheets and ISUR for providing the videos. Editor's note: The UFOs are moving along the 30th degree parallel at high speed towards Shanghai, China and Cairo, Egypt that also report recent UFO sightings. At this time my web site does not have the resources to show these videos to the reader.


NEW BEDFORD -- On Thursday, February 3, 2000, at 10:15 p.m., eyewitness Michele N. glanced through a window of her home in New Bedford, Massachusetts (population 100,000) and spotted a UFO passing slowly over the neighborhood. "It was a circular object with a red flashing light," she reported, "I had it in sight for several minutes." According to the witness, the large disc-shaped UFO came from the south over Mount Hope Bay. Crossing the shoreline, it flew northward over Brockton Park and Tramline Hill, moving roughly parallel to Ashley Boulevard, before it went out of sight. New Bedford, a prominent whaling port in the early Nineteenth Century, is located 58 miles south of Boston. Thanks to UFO Roundup Vol. 5 #6 2/10/00 Editor: Joseph Trainor


WINTER HAVEN -- On February 7, 2000, ISUR received reports from two different witnesses of an orange circular light stationary in the eastern sky. JB reports that between 8 and 8:45 PM, two and then three lights would also appear. These looked similar to rockets being fired from Cape Canaveral at night, but the location was to the south and inland of the Cape. The witness contacted NASA, who reported no launches during that time period. The witness reportedly videotaped the event. Another witness in Jupiter, Florida and observed a black disc in the sky to the NNE. It appeared to be traveling at about 200 mph, about 1 or 2 miles away, He estimated the disc to be 50 to 100 feet in diameter and very thin. It traveled 'on edge,' resembling a dinner plate. It also appeared to be wobbling, and the witness thought it might have been out of control. The witness reported this event to ISUR within 3 hours of the sighting. Both cases were referred to Bland Pugh, the Florida MUFON State Director.


COLUMBUS -- Neither City authorities nor Ft. Benning officials could explain the loud 'boom' that shook the area about 5:20 p.m. February 5, 2000. Many concerned callers directed their inquiries to Ft. Benning officials and Columbus 911 searching for answers.
"We don't believe it was anything on Fort Benning," said Captain John Hollar. "What a lot of people outside are saying is that it was a sonic boom. But we had no planes in the area." A 911 dispatcher said she had four calls since arriving to work two hours after the incident." But they got a lot more earlier." There have been no reports of injuries or explanations of what may have caused the boom. The boom was also felt and heard in Alabama and is similar to one heard on August 2, 1999, that included UFO sightings. The usual suspect, the military have denied it was their aircraft. Seismic earthquake activity was not detected, so a sonic boom is most likely responsible. A full investigation was made of the 8/2/99 blast and was submitted to GEMA Thanks to John Thompson. Editor's Note: I'm beginning to think these booms may be tied to UFOs under certain circumstances. Those UFOs passing over at 100,000 mph would not be seen, but they might be heard as booms.


ELK RIVER -- On January 28, at 9:00 PM and again on January 29, 2000, at 5:30 AM, residents spied an unusual object with bright multicolored lights hovering near their homes. "We first noticed a bright red light in the sky," Denise M. reported. "At first I thought it was a jet since we have jets that pass over making their descent into Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport. The UFO approached from the east and hovered. The longer I watched, I realized it was not moving. I got my binoculars and I could see it had white lights that ran around the bottom of the object, and blue, green and red lights were flashing from the top." I watched for 45 minutes before it moved to the south, then hovered in that position." I called a neighbor to verify what I was seeing. He looked through the binoculars and agreed he had never seen anything like it. A few minutes later it disappeared to the southeast quite slowly." Thanks to UFO Roundup Vol. 5 #5 2/3,/00 Editor: Joseph Trainor


ARLINGTON -- Dannyk1 writes in the autumn of 1991, I was driving east on Highway 36 when I spotted two lights in the sky to my left. I first thought they were wing lights on a low-flying B-52, but I realized the lights were hovering on either end of an immense object. I then noticed a bright halogen light following me down the highway. I decided not to turn toward the large mystery object because my daughter was sleeping in the back seat and I did not want to endanger her. I have to admit I was getting a bit panicky. This continued for several more minutes until the headlights of an oncoming car suddenly appeared ahead of me at Haswell, some 15 or so miles distant and the highest point in the county, so high you can glimpse the distant Rocky Mountains. When the other car suddenly appeared the white light behind suddenly stopped and seemed to recede in the distance as I continued to speed eastward. I mentioned my sighting to the county sheriff, who had spent many nights a decade earlier chasing cattle mutilations. He accepted my comments at face value, but revealed he was glad I had not turned off toward the mystery object. He said it might have been associated with a drug drop and that I likely would have been shot at with sophisticated laser weapons had I ventured toward it.


EDWARDS AIR FORCE BASE -- Billy Dee's contact reports on February 8, 2000, that the last three nights have been active with flights of fighters, helicopters, and transports doing night drops. In addition I was watching a strange object going in one direction and abruptly reverse course. It's lighting was randomly changing from flashing to non-flashing red and green lights, bright white light, and sometimes no lights at all. The object flew almost directly over the house. Imagine my surprise to hear a small engine! My wife and I watched as it flew over, still randomly changing it's lighting pattern. Last night, just after sundown, I saw this same plane take off from Edwards again and head directly towards me with extremely bright white light, and two red lights. I called out two family members and we all watched as it flew overhead. Because it wasn't quite dark yet, I was able to see through binoculars that it was a small ultralight with an open cockpit, fixed wings, and the engine behind the cockpit. It had a pole projecting forward with different colored lights attached. There were also lights on the end of both wings and the rear. All of these light s could randomly change color, from red, to green, to bright white, or none at all. We watched for twenty minutes as constantly changed the configuration of its lighting. It appears designed to confuse. Thanks to Editors Note: It does appear they are testing various light configurations possibly in an attempt to fool enemy antiaircraft gunners. With the advent of stealth aircraft that are almost invisible to radar, enemy gunners often must rely on visual recognition of a target. Various lighting patterns can confuse attempts to down our aircraft.

SAN FRANCISCO -- On the evening of Super Bowl Sunday, January 30, 2000, I was hauling up a line of crab traps off Farlon Island aboard our 25' boat. My dog started to bark furiously. I looked up and saw a huge triangular object hovering above with NO sound. I was hit by a beam of white light and fell backward. I grabbed my Ruger 10-22 rifle loaded with a 100 round banana magazine and stared firing as fast as I could until the clip was empty. I was able to shoot out the light. While grabbing for a second clip, I saw a hatch open up on the bottom side of the object and two people leaned down to yell, "STOP SHOOTING AT US YOU IDIOT." The only other noise I heard was a hissing sound like air escaping from a flat tire. As the object moved off to the south, I saw a helicopter come out off the top and move in next to my boat about 20 feet off the water and only feet away. Someone in the side door held up a camera and the flash shot off a picture of me in the boat holding the rifle. The helicopter made no noise and had no markings on it. It was solid flat black as was the huge Triangle. The chopper then took off toward the Golden Gate Bridge climbing up. The Triangle slowing gained altitude and was last seen heading south. At first I thought it was an alien UFO and was genuinely startled by it. However, I now believe it was an experimental military platform for transporting a small fleet of black helicopters that leave and enter out of the top of a huge silent floating triangle the size of a football field. A rigid airship if you will. (NUFORC noted: This may be the first report we have received that has the occupants of such a craft using a camera with a flash attachment.) Thanks to Peter Davenport at

PETALUMA -- On January 24, 2000, a disk shaped object was first spotted by two retired merchants and a writer. The three witnesses stopped their car and watched for two to three minutes from outside their car until 6:11 PM. The UFO was observed moving from south to north at moderate speed until it was obscured by buildings near the horizon. The object was a dull silver metallic color and saucer shaped about as tall as wide. It was about the size of a pea at arm's length. Its shape was like two cones, joined at the rims, but with the tips truncated, so that it appeared somewhat saucer-shaped, but about as tall as it was wide. Several short, dark rods were seen near the bottom, arranged radially, with respect to the center of the object. The weather was overcast, the light level rather low.


GLACE BAY -- Eugene H. Frison Nova Scotia MUFON Provincial Director writes that Jeff, a 17 year old paperboy began his route at 6:15 AM on January 24, 2000. He cut through a graveyard to save time and realized something wasn't right as there was a high-pitched whining sound riding the wind. Upon reaching the center of the graveyard, he became aware of a tall, dark object coming up behind him and, at first, assumed it was a person walking fast. However, as it passed him at his side (within about three feet) he realized that it was much taller than any person. It was instead a black triangular shaped object with no apparent features. He says it was definitely solid and as it passed him his scalp became very hot. Once it had moved out in front of him, it then increased its speed and veered off on an angle, crossing the entire graveyard in about ten seconds. He says he was surprised at how fast it could move. Jeff relates he watched the object skim over a tombstone and realized at that point it was gliding just above the ground, not moving along it. The object was very tall but not very wide -- just a bit wider than a large adult across the shoulders at its widest point. It was a definite triangular shape with rounded edges. At that hour of the morning, it was still dark but there was enough light coming from a street light located in the graveyard to be certain of what he had witnessed. Jeff is one month away from his seventeenth birthday. The incident is still being investigated by myself at the present time! Thanks to Eugene H. Frison Nova Scotia MUFON Provincial Director


The MUFON Journal February 2000 carried an article concerning a huge UFO hovering over Fox Lake in the Yukon Territory, Canada on December 11, 1996. The circular craft appears something like a walnut in the photos drawn by 22 witnesses. The giant craft was believed to be to be from a half mile to over a mile in diameter based on triangulation calculations and the testimony of the witnesses. There are no known flying objects this large on Earth. One of the sightings that most influenced my own interest in UFOs was that of Captain Kanji Teach and Japanese airline Flight 1628. The crew spotted a giant similar shaped UFO on November 17, 1986. The Japanese pilots noticed some unusual lights accompanying their 747 aircraft that approached very close. They caught a brief glimpse of the main object's walnut-shaped silhouette and judged it to be "two times bigger than an aircraft carrier or 2,000 feet long." The pilot was instructed by air traffic control to descend to 4,000 feet and make turns, but the object continued to follow the plane for 32 minutes before vanishing.

The FAA admitted the objects were tracked on radar, but had not registered on the radar tapes. The FAA investigated and found the crews to be normal and rational. I have flown this Pacific Ocean route on many occasions and you can often see other flights ahead and behind you. I did some checking and TWA pilots were flying further south along the Alaskan Coast and also saw the huge UFO. Whenever there is a verified airborne sighting it is prudent to attempt to determine what other aircraft are likely to be in the area. Airline pilots are generally told not to talk to the news media but they will often reveal sightings to investigators. The FAA will seldom if ever admit they have a UFO on radar. Even when an aircrew has one in sight, they will not admit it is on the radar but they will divert you from a midair collision. It appears the huge walnut UFO apparently has made its appearance once again. We have aircrews and 22 ground witnesses who seem to be describing a craft so large that it is unlikely to be from Earth. I encourage you to get the MUFON Journal and read this entire story by Martin Jasek a civil engineer and MUFON investigator.


EAST KILBRIDE - Three members of the East Kilbride UFO group claim they had a sighting January 29, 2000, of a bright light which landed. Around this light 15 to 20 figures emerged. They have all this on videotape, one exceptionally good shot shows part of a 'creature' caught in a car headlight. His members claim they have forwarded the footage onto UFO Magazine for examination. Thanks to MarkFraser and the Ayrshire UFOs at

WORCHESTER -- "A woman struggling to sleep saw a UFO land 30 miles south west of Birmingham. Georgina Wells said she saw a glowing object which hovered in the sky for more than an hour at 2:00 AM Thursday [Feb. 3]. The 20-year-old said she saw the "extremely bright" egg shape from her third floor bedroom window at the back of her Bransford Road home. But she said she was amazed to see the glowing yellow object, which she claims had a helicopter next to it the whole time, begin to descend. "It got lower and lower then it stopped glowing," she said. "I'm convinced it landed but I don't know where. But minutes later it came back into view and was really bright again and shot off into the sky and vanished. I have never seen anything go that fast before." Miss Wells, who was awake because of a cold, added she had not taken any medicine, which could cause her to hallucinate, nor was it a dream. "I was awake because I could not stop coughing," she said. "I stood up and watched it. It was not a police helicopter with its spotlight as there was no light-beam. Worchester Journal of February 7, 2000.


NEIL MORRIS from University of Manchester in England has been studying the Roswell debris photographs taken by J. Bond Johnson in July of 1947 in General Ramey's office. This is the only known physical evidence of what crashed near Roswell. Neil also examined the Alien Autopsy film that allegedly shows the imprints of a six fingered alien control panel and alien writing. Many researchers feel this film is a fraud or counterintelligence scheme.

Neil Morris writes, "During the early stages of the reexamination of the Fort Worth photographs it became increasingly apparent that the debris contained markings laid out in a regular fashion. This can be seen even on very damaged beams, that the "symbols" maintain a regular layout." I tried to match them with known characters used in both ancient and modern written languages. Some of the symbols appeared much like those used by the early Egyptians but many others did not seem to match anything that could be found on Earth. I also attempted to match these symbols with those witnesses who had encounters with UFOs, but again no matches were found.

I was well aware of the Alien Autopsy film and symbols seen on beams displayed in the film that appeared in the UK early in 1995. I examined some good quality prints of the beams from the Alien Autopsy debris footage. While I examined one of these images at high magnification, off to one side of the image, away from the main debris on show in the frame, my eye was attracted to a regular pattern in the dark background of the photograph. The regular pattern of an Alien Autopsy "symbol" had seen just a few minutes earlier was matched the symbols in the Fort Worth debris!
These findings will no doubt prove to be highly contentious but it does not change the content of the images and their similarity of form and style. Before being dismissed these points have to be credibly answered. If that cannot be done then we have to contend with the distinct possibility that (a) at least a portion of the AA Film, The Debris Footage, could very well be a historical record of events. (b) The debris seen in the Fort Worth photographs and that seen in the Alien Autopsy debris footage once shared a common source.

The linkage hinges on the fact that unknown and only recently discovered features in BOTH sets of images match, and that as one of these sets of images (the Fort Worth Photographs) has a proven history dating back to the day the photographs were taken and developed on the 8th July 1947. They are a factual historical document. The logic then is that "undiscovered" features within these images could not be known to post 1947 "hoaxers" for inclusion in a later "fake." Hence IF matching features, both "undiscovered" until now, were found in the "test" document there is a very high probability they too originated from a contemporary 1947 source. Bearing in mind we are speaking of "unique" symbol features so far untraced elsewhere. To my knowledge the features I discovered twelve months ago in both sets of images had never been noted or reported. I assume this is because no one has ever seen them before. I leave the final judgment to you, I myself find the evidence compelling. Thanks to Neil Morris. Please visit his website for more details at: or at

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