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Filer's Files
By George Filer

MUFON Eastern Region Director
March 4, 2000

George Filer:
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William P. LaParl reports that on Fox News, February 29,2000, at 12:45 PM EST during a live feed: John McCain was just asked a question about the lawsuit from Peter Gersten to open UFO records from the military? Before the news people pushed McCain into laughing with them about "aliens," surprisingly, McCain immediately said he was "very interested in the subject," and mentioned a series of Arizona sightings from a couple years ago that remained "unexplained." Apparently, these were the- Phoenix "V" Lights of March 1997. Thanks to Bill La Parl.


Cosmonaut Alexandr Baladin stated that "flying saucers" have come into close proximity to the MIR space station as well as the Baikonur Cosmodrom. He added there is sufficient evidence to warrant a scientific study of the phenomenon, and that it is time that world governments officially acknowledge the UFO phenomenon's existence. "General Vladimir Ivanov, former commander of Russia's Military Space Forces, recalls that three objects flew at a considerable altitude over Baikonur Cosmodrome and were picked up on radar. There is no way they could have been airplanes." insisted the cosmonaut. Baladin disclosed December 23, 1998, at Brazil's First International Ufology Forum, that he and fellow cosmonaut Musa Manarov had seen UFOs. During docking operations between his space capsule and the MIR, Baladin saw a glowing object a short distance away. Manarov managed to capture the strange phenomenon on videotape, that was shown during the UFO congress in Brazil. Baladin claimed that the recording and other evidence presented during the Congress, "must be studied by an international scientific commission." Baladin insisted that the Russian military has a great contribution to make to UFO research, giving as an example the multiple-witness case at the Kaputsin Yar missile base, whose personnel sighted a semi-circular object flying at low altitude lighting up the bases facilities with a powerful searchlight in June 1989. "Many of my old comrades, who are now working at top-secret military facilities, acknowledge having seen UFOs. Thanks to Rubén Sobrino.


I have been examining videotape purporting to document encounters between UFOs and U.S. and Russian spacecraft. One scene shows the space shuttle just below the Russian space station MIR. Watching these videos it is difficult to obtain accurate measurements of distance and size. However, the viewer can see three discoidal shaped objects approach from the right. Two of the objects appear to fly slowly past the MIR while a third object slows to a stop and hovers in the vicinity of one of the solar panel arrays. I'm not certain what these objects are but they do not appear to be spinning ice crystals or floating shuttle parts. They seem to create their own light or fireball rather than being a reflection from the sun. They do not look like space ships depicted in the movies. However, the exact design of alien space ships traveling in space is apparently unknown. There is some evidence that they may use advanced nano technology techniques to shrink the size of their craft. We have numerous eye witness accounts of a small light coming in from space. Hovering and appearing to grow from the size of basketball to a large craft. Later they can be seen shrinking or disappearing altogether. Our scientists are now predicting we are developing similar technology. You will carry your car around in your pocket. When your ready to travel you set it down and it grows into a full sized car. The NASA Shuttle films show numerous strange objects in space. They may not look the way anyone expects a space ship to appear. A small object moving through space would theoretically be able to accelerate and travel at higher speeds using less fuel. A great deal more research is needed. Thanks to Tom Sheets and ISUR who provided me with the tapes.


The January 10, 2000 issue of "Aviation Week & Space Technology", page 28, "US Milsats Dodge Y2K" has this interesting paragraph: "Officials would not comment on Defense Support Program capabilities, but the satellites probably detected many new 'targets' -- large fireworks displays -- as the new year's arrival progressed around the globe. DSP infrared sensors are designed to detect hot, long-burning events such as missile launches, but can 'see' relatively small heat sources."
Editor's Note: We assume that UFO propulsion systems would provide enough heat to be present on the satellite images. Space Command admits to picking up as many as a dozen uncorrelated targets per day, that are unknown targets not kept in their space data base.


Neil Morris writes that Christopher Farmer was able to decipher some of the message held in General Ramey's hand and photographed by Bond Johnson in 1947. The General was posed in his office for the photo in front of the Roswell crash debris fifty years ago. Chris was able to spend considerable time with the photograph and utilizing new commercial software has deciphered one line of the message. Chris states, "I was able to conclusively come up with the following in Line 2 of the message. It isn't exactly the way you have it on your website and I quote. The first word of that line which is not indisposed to be analyzed is "extract". The second word is "the" So the line actually reads:

EXTRACT THE VICTIMS OF THE WRECK AND CONVAY ON TO THE" (Ft. Worth, TX). We looked at that line by the pixels so we hope this helps. When I have time I will look at the other segments. Thanks to Neil Morris and Chris Farmer. Editor's Note: Victims and a wreck seem to rule out a balloon and infers some type of craft crashed in 1947 at Roswell. The story below also confirms this theory.


Researcher Tom Carey reports, "I was able to interview Mr. Marion Brimberry a little over six months ago. It was clear to me that he was sorry that he ever said anything about it in the first place. It was like pulling teeth to get him to say anything to me. In brief, all he would tell me was that, back in late 1947 or early 1948 when he was stationed at Ft. Worth Army Air Field, he was part of a flight crew waiting on the tarmac for a B-29 to taxi up for boarding. In the group waiting was General Roger Ramey who was talking to some of the officers in Brimberry's crew. Brimberry told me that he overheard Ramey tell one of the officers that, "It [the weather balloon story] was the biggest lie they ever made me tell.", and that the real stuff was really, "Out of this world." That's basically all that I could get out of Mr. Brimberry who is a very reluctant witness. Thanks to Tom Carey


Tim Cooper's writes concerning "The Majestic-12 Report". The controversy within the United States UFO community and to some degree, the United States government itself, is whether in the late 1940's a super-secret extraterrestrial technology intelligence collection and research and development program was created by a special classified executive order and whether such an entity exists today." One could say that the military attempted communications with extraterrestrials as early as 1924 with the Army's Signal Corps radio experiment documented in the archives of the National Security Agency when William F. Friedman, father of American cryptology, first reviewed graphs and images taken from a crude television recording of what has been reported as coded transmissions and images from Mars. ( For further updates and reports. Please see .. Thanks to Tim Cooper and Robert Collins.


WESTWOOD -- Janet writes, "I work nights for a local newspaper and February 27, 2000, I left work at around 12:50 AM and near the overpass at Route 4, I saw three dark helicopters in the cloudy sky." As I got closer to Westwood, I saw a large craft the size of a passenger plane flying very low and following Forest Avenue coming towards me. It was moving too slow for a normal aircraft, so I slowed my car down to a crawl. It flew right over my car and I could see that it was a large flying triangle. There were tiny lights at the corner, but it was just silently hovering up there. As I approached a large cemetery on Forest Avenue I saw a hole in the clouds with a very bright yellow-orange light shinning down. The hole closed up in the clouds and I saw what appeared to be a kind of searchlight coming out of the craft. The searchlight played back and forth over the clouds, appeared to detach itself from the plane, and sort of withered away. As I drove home, I saw a second black craft with large extremely bright, white lights on it. I could see this craft from underneath was shaped like an arrow. There was a long body and wings that were at the very end of the body. There were three brilliant lights along the body and four on the wings. I could see the bluish gray metal that had an almost plastic look to it between the lights. The craft descended and I could see the structure was like a cigar and the bent wings were of the same shape. The lights went all the way around the weird looking tube. The craft turned and flew along Forest towards the triangle shaped craft. I checked and moon was in its last quarter so this could not have been what I saw. The lights were moving and much too brilliant yellow-orange and circular shaped to be the moon. Thanks to Janet. Editor's Note: The witness was very close to the Oradell Reservoir that has a history of UFOs flying in and out of the water since the 1960s.


FrogyNurse writes, "In December my friend and I got up in the early morning to travel when we saw a black van parked on the side of a dark rural back road" I noticed the van had no license plates. As we passed, the lights of the van came on and it started to follow us really close. Then it would back away and turn off its lights. We were a little afraid the driver might have criminal intentions. It came close again but finally stopped. A minute later we saw the figure of a person about four feet tall dressed in black standing in the shadows. It also started to follow as we passed. It had a bushy tail that was a least half it's size. The eyes were what I saw the best. They were RED. As I looked back, it also vanished like the van. These were not like deer eyes when the lights shine on them; these were glowing red eyes. Thanks to Jon,, and

Editor's Notes: Strange half-human red eyed creatures have been seen in New Jersey for hundreds of years. They are called the New Jersey Devil. Reports like this are reported regularly and sometimes the creature is reported wearing a hooded robe.


PINE HILL -- On February 17, 2000, the witness reports, "I was driving with my girlfriend in a suburban area when we spotted two alternately blinking lights the sky at 9:30 PM. One was yellow and the other white. My girlfriend asked me what it was and I told her it was a tower, because it was completely motionless in the sky. Then I remembered that there was no tower there, so we both took a second look. "What the #!@! is that?" we both repeated. As we drove closer a boomerang-shaped craft came into focus. I began to slow down, but the driver behind me didn't even notice the craft and was beeping at me to keep driving. It was a black metallic ship in an extremely aerodynamic shape almost V shaped. We were both scared. The color of the metal was a glossy gray black and unlike any kind of metal I've ever seen. It hovered motionlessly as I drove under it between its two lights. The boomerang seemed menacing hovering above us not more than three blocks above us. It was the most unbelievable amazing technology and I still can't believe the way it looked. What the hell was that thing? I rendered this image for you as I am a commercial artist. Thanks to Peter Davenport NUFORC


WILMINGTON -- I was driving down Route 73 three miles south of Wilmington on February 19, 2000, and saw a black triangle ahead of me at 6:24 PM. I saw another one to my right and both were moving south-southeast in the partly cloudy sky. They were both moving surprisingly slow just above the horizon. Their speed was about that of a cruising jet, but they were flying way too low for a jet. Suddenly the first one just disappeared. The second triangle sped up so fast I was startled. It was so fast I had trouble keeping my eye on it. The black triangle shaped objects were no bigger than a small airplane. When they disappeared in front of me, I estimate they moved twice as fast as any aircraft I've ever seen. Although, with the craft being so low in the sky it's hard to estimate speed. What really caught my attention was how fast it sped up. From slow to very fast almost instantly. There was no sound. Thanks to the National Reporting Center.


John Alexander of NIDS responds to Philip Klass' suggestion that the January 5, 2000, sighting was Venus. "Famed skeptic Philip Klass in his March Skeptics UFO Newsletter predicts "that the Venus explanation will be rejected by many, if not all, of the 'witnesses, and by the NIDS investigators." This is one point that Phil and everyone else involved in this case can agree on. The reason is that Klass' explanation that what observers saw was the planet Venus sitting low and bright in the southeastern sky doesn't fit the facts. However, the explanation is consistent with the debunker's view that any answer is better than the UFO researcher's answer. All you need do to support your conclusion is to use selective facts, or if they don't fit, create your own facts to support the case. This is exactly what Klass has done in suggesting the Southern Illinois case of 5 January 2000 is misidentification of the planet Venus. His technique is interesting. In the report Klass includes quotes from the NIDS investigation that is posted on their web site. This is to lead the reader to believe that he is quoting directly and accurately from witness testimony. However, such is not the case. For instance, Klass quotes Witness #2 as stating "It was stationary the entire time." In fact, Witness #2 states the object was coming slowly towards him and then made a flat turn to the SOUTHWEST. Similarly with Witness #3 Klass fails to mention that the object gradually accelerated. A larger problem looms with the testimony of Witness #4. He claims the object went to the NORTHWEST. Even Klass has Witness #6 stating the object was headed towards the NORTH. And so it goes. Witnesses have placed the object to the NORTH, NORTHWEST, SOUTHWEST, but Klass wants us to believe the object was really Venus in the SOUTHEAST.

But there is an even bigger problem with Klass' solution. At 4:00 AM, the approximate time of the first sightings, Venus was to the Southeast BUT 5 degrees BELOW the horizon. Obviously, Klass also discounts all of the witness testimony about size, shape, and identification of lights on board the object. While determination of altitude at night is admittedly difficult, the difference between a large object within a few hundred feet of the observers, and a planet or star is easily discernible. For the record, the investigators who conducted the interviews were both seasoned law enforcement veterans with over 50 years experience between them. They were hired for their experience in investigation, not because they were UFO buffs. " Yes Phil, we did not seriously consider Venus as a possible explanation, and 'for very good reason,' " Venus did not fit the facts and was not visible." Thanks to John Alexander and NIDS.


ROCKFORD - Mike DuPreé of the Gazette Staff wrote, "Whatever else they might have been, the orange lights that Jeff Coan and his family saw over Rockford, Ill., the night of February 11 constitute a "close encounter of the first kind". What makes the Coans' experience more than an interesting, perhaps embellished, story is the 7 1/2-minute videotape that 16-year-old Joel Coan shot of the five lights as they flew in formation and in maneuvers around each other? They were all flying so strangely, and they were so brightly oranges. They were not that high, no more than a couple of thousand feet." The Coans were not the only folks who saw the lights. Rockford media reported several sightings on Feb. 11, 12, and 16. Peter Davenport, director of the National UFO Reporting Center, said Monday that his organization had received as many as two dozen calls reporting the Rockford sightings. Furthermore, similar events were observed on or near the days in question in Florida, Arizona, Oregon, and Texas, he said.

Karla Soeprasetyo' family who live in Rockford's northeast side were also witnesses. "On February 16, Soeprasetyo's four children--ages 9, 12, 13, and 15--were going to bed about 9:30 p.m. when they called their mother to look at the lights in the sky. Soeprasetyo, 34, and her children saw two sets of orange lights: first one of five, then a diamond-shaped formation of four. "After the first one faded away, the second came in," she said. Soeprasetyo is concerned about police saying they had no reports of sightings because she called the police to report hers. "The children were upset, so I called the local police," said Soeprasetyo, who also shot videotape of the lights. "I talked to the police department, but they didn't know what they were. Earl Wilson, operations supervisor of the Rockford Airport control tower, said he was not aware of radar confirmation of the phenomena reported by residents. But, he added, "We see a lot of stuff that isn't airplanes." Most aircraft carry radio transponders that enhance their radar images and report information, Wilson said.

A Gazette reporter watched Coan's video but was unable to view Soeprasetyo's. Most of the Coan video shows five small white lights with four of them seemingly in tandem as two pairs. The lights seem to perform maneuvers, flying around each other, lining up, and hovering. At one point, Joel Coan was able to zoom in, and two of the lights appear as orange balls. To Coan, the lights appeared to "fly in intelligent formation". Soeprasetyo thought that each set of lights, which she and her family saw for several minutes, was attached to a large object. "This was big, huge," she said. "The lights were bright orange and connected See pictures: Gazette EXTRA Janesville, Wisconsin 2/22/00


PRESCOTT VALLEY -- Two sets of witnesses spotted cylinder shaped UFOs on February 22, 2000. My husband had told me of a "UFO" sighting he had seen earlier, but I wasn't sure whether to believe him or not. A few days later, at 6:00 AM, my husband was just leaving for work and he darted back into the house and told me to come look! I saw two cylinder shaped objects, rotating in a circular motion at the top only with orange X-shaped lights on the base of each one. They were traveling about 20 M.P.H. northeast across Prescott Valley, towards Mingus Mountain. We could only see the X-shapes with binoculars and I also grabbed the camera to take pictures, but they only captured a single "orange light" for each object. One at a time, the objects eventually disappeared out of sight as they neared a mountain full of low lying clouds. My husband is a machinist, and I am a secretary. We are both are 35 years old. Two of our three children, 15 and 10, also witnessed the sighting. They were as excited as we were. None of us ever would have believed in a "UFO" until now.

On February 22, 2000, another witness reports, "I woke up at around 6:00 AM, hearing my mom and dad exchanging words that had the content of camera and binoculars." I got up, went outside in the drizzle, and looked up, and I saw two objects that seemed to be very large. "They glowed near the top and on the bottom were orangish fiery color lights in the shape of a big X". It was a flying Coke can rotating at the top with the shape of X lights at the bottom. They moved to the northeast and at a distance, seemed to gain more speed and then they flickered away. Thanks to Peter Davenport NUFORC Editors Note: Similar craft were seen over Italy the next day.


FREMONT - Walter Sheets sends a report from BF on his March of 1999 encounter with a black triangular object shortly after 10:00 PM. He was sitting in his car with the sunroof open watching a softball game under the stadium lights. As he looked up he noticed a black triangle slowly cruise across the sky at a fairly low altitude. He noticed a dim light in the bottom center of the object. The glow from the stadium lights shown on the craft so he could see the actual triangular body. As he watched, the craft made an 'L' turn without stopping or any deviation in its speed. BF watched as the craft flew slowly on and disappeared. Within about 5 minutes, a helicopter appeared and hovered in the area. Thanks to ISUR and Walter Sheets


MEXICO CITY -- A low flying UFO was reportedly seen by officers of the Secretariat of Public Safety as it maneuvered over the northern part of Mexico City in the early morning hours of February 14, 2000. It was seen between 2:20 and 3:13 AM mostly by police officers. Due to the time of day, it was evidently not seen by many civilian witnesses and did not cause any alarm. Thanks to Georghe Filerun, and CNI News.


SILBURY HILL - Driver Clive Stevens is seeking the truth behind mysterious color lights he saw over Silbury Hill the ancient monument in Wiltshire in the dead of night. He said the flashing lights formed the shape of a flattened oval -- rather like a flying saucer -- and he is hoping other motorists might have spotted them and tell him what they were. Mr. Stevens, 25, of Upper Isbury in Marlborough, was driving home on the A4, when he saw the shimmering blue, green, white, and red lights in the distance. It looked like the helicopter-landing pad on an oil-rig with all its bright lights said Mr. Stevens. Phone lines in the area were disrupted by an external line fault. No one knows for sure why the large Silbury Hill was built in the distant past. Thanks to the Wiltshire Gazette, Feb 25 2000 Gerry at Far Shores


NAPLES -- On Wednesday, February 23, 2000, "two cylindrical UFOs were observed circling over a housing development in Agnano," a section of Napoli (Naples), the famous Italian seaport. "According to the account in the local newspaper, the two OVNIs the Italian acronym for UFOs ascended to a very high altitude in a zigzag motion, with one rising much faster than the other. The two objects fled before onlookers could take a photograph. (See the Italian newspaper Il Giornale of Napoli for 2/24/00.) Thanks to Edoardo Russo di Centro Italiano di Studi Ufologici and UFO Roundup Vol. 5 #9, 3/2/00, Editor Joe Trainor Editor's Note: It appears the cylinders are taking a tour of the world, they were also spotted over Arizona.

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