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Filer's Files
By George Filer

MUFON Eastern Region Director
March 21, 2000

George Filer:
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Like David Letterman last week I had heart by-pass surgery so I'll be around for another thirty years. It was a mind expanding experience and I wish to thank the great team of Doctors who up dated my mechanisms at Deborah Hospital in Brown's Mills, New Jersey. Almost hourly C-141 and KC-10 aircraft from Mc Guire Air Force Base flew by the hospital windows kind of waving at their old flying buddy. I could write a book about my week in the hospital, while trying to get out these files. While flat on my back, I tried to convince others in the hospital about the realty of UFOs and many agreed with my point of view. Several of my nurses had stories concerning the reality of the phenomenon. One night at about three in the morning my attractive nurse came to my hospital bed to give me some medicine. She told me about her close friend who had worked with aliens at a Western Base. Here I was with tubes and electronic devices connected to me, hardly able to move, and a very sincere person was six inches away telling me a fantastic story about the reality of UFOs. Her friend worked for GE a major US company and would be gone for six months at a time. Unfortunately, she could not reveal his name but she did provide creditability to the following story about Dr. Hans Nieper. This is one of the fascinating things about Ufology, not a week goes by without someone telling me a story or sending a photograph about UFOs. A clear pattern is starting to emerge. Let people know your interested and you will start getting stories from people as well.

With the coming of spring, UFOs are moving around the country on a more regular basis. They seem to like the comparatively mild weather. So if you personally would like to see a UFO, you have a good chance while watching the setting sun. Face the sun and block it with your hand or some object. Now watch for fast moving objects often moving from behind your back towards the sun in western sky. Let me know if you see one.


Bruce Jessop writes, "I would like to share something with you which is not a sighting but a meeting I had in November 1998 with a Dr. Hans Nieper who unfortunately has since passed away in Germany. We were talking about various things and the subject of antigravity came up. He has written a book on the subject. And I noticed in his office that he had photos of himself with a couple of other well-known people and US presidents. After some minutes he asked me if I believed in UFO's? I shared with him two sightings that I had back in New Brunswick, Canada and Montreal in 1981 as a huge craft slowly glided across the highway no more than 35 yards in front of my car. He asked me "What do you think the highest classified secret of the US government is?" I waited and he answered, "The US government have made contact with four races of alien life." He described them as follows: 1) Short grays. 2) Tall grays. 3) Reptilian, 4) tall fair skinned like this part of the world. Dr. Nieper was a world-renowned medical doctor. But most revealing, after he told me about the four races, I asked him where he got this information. He just pointed to the wall and there was a photo of him and Werner von Braun. He told me that he had had early involvement with von Braun, starting up NASA and was privy to classified information. He was an intimate friend of von Braun. Dr.Nierper was also an astrophysicist and had gone to study the pyramids in Egypt and wrote an article to show proof that the stones had been cut with a laser device." Thanks to CAUS and Bruce Jessop for letting me use his article.

Editor's Note German scientist Hermann Oberth who headed an official West German three year UFO study group and is considered the father of rocketry stated in 1954, "There is no doubt in my mind that these objects (UFO's) are interplanetary craft of some sort. I am confident that they do not originate in our solar system, but they may use Mars or some other body for a way station. It is also our conclusion that they are propelled by distorting or converting the gravitational field." From Frank Edwards' book, Strange World, Lyle Stewart, New York, 1964, pp. 209 - 210.


MIDDLETOWN -- Investigator Larry Clark has forwarded the following message: "My name is Dean Burgess and I want to report a UFO sighting around 8:00 PM on March 10, 2000." Looking out my window I saw a bright light hovering over the Powder Ridge Ski Resort seven miles away. The light did not move for a minute and then started to move horizontally. The light was huge about the size of a pea at arm's length. As I watched it started a descent that took it behind the mountain and out of my sight. "Did anyone else see this light?" Thanks Dean Burgess and Larry Clark at Larry Clark writes, "You mentioned it moved horizontally at the top of the mountain ski resort. My first assumption would be that it was some kind of equipment associated with the facility. Was the facility operating when you saw this bright light? If so, and people were atop the mountain, I would expect that anything unusual that could be seen so closely by a number of people would have resulted in an item in the local newspaper. Investigation will continue.


BRIGHTON -- MUFON State Director Jim Bouck writes this is for your files: "In the town of Brighton, a man, while out hiking on March 15, 2000, at 6:12 PM observed a totally black triangular object in the sky. The closest thing he could compare it to is the stealth fighter plane. The difference being that the object was estimated to be no more than six feet long and four feet wide. It was shaped more like an arrow head with the arrow head notch toward the rear. The sides were ragged in edge, not clean edged. The object flew at a very low altitude, perhaps forty feet above treetop level at about ten miles per hour. The sighting lasted about 45 seconds. Thanks to Jim Bouck NY MUFON State Director.
Editor's Note: The size of objects in the sky are very difficult to estimate. However, smaller objects are often reported departing from larger ones. UFOs have often been reported with an ability to change size and shape. The investigation continues and perhaps other witnesses can be found. I would also like to welcome Jim Bouck as our new State Director who took over from our lawyer friend Dana Schmidt who has now retired. We want to thank Dana for all his great work. Jim has many talents including excellent computer knowledge that will aid our work.


PLYMOUTH BOROUGH - On March 12, 2000, the witness was preparing for bed when she noticed bright white, non-blinking lights stationary object in the sky, The object seemed to be a group of lights arranged in a cross pattern (exact number not known, but definitely exceeded 8). After going outside for a better look, the witness saw what appeared to be 2 more identical objects. The first object remained stationary approximately 1/2 mile distant, while the 2 additional objects traveled slowly to the north. No sound was heard that could be attributed to the objects. At the time of the sighting the sky was partly cloudy with no precipitation. The objects remained beneath the cloud cover for at least 10 minutes. Thanks to Peter Davenport, NUFORC


Peter Davenport writes that a government witness reports, "I observed two small lights cross the night sky from the Belt of Orion to the North Star." They appeared to be chasing one another. I was standing in Constitution Gardens on the north side of the pond, looking approximately southwest towards Orion. "I saw what I at first took to be a shooting star because of its speed and the way it seemed to be falling or dropping, but it didn't fade away the way falling stars usually do." Then I saw that there were actually two lights, which were moving along parallel to each other. The lights were small and white with a pale greenish tinge. I thought it might be an airplane with a light on either wingtip, but the lights were not flashing, and they seemed to be moving too fast for an airplane. As I watched, the two lights converged into one, and then changed again so that one appeared to be following or chasing the other. The rear light seemed to be 'swinging' back and forth behind the path of the front light. It crossed my mind that they might be fighter planes, but they looked like they were much too close together, and there was no noise. A regular airplane went by in same location, and I could clearly hear it. The lights were headed almost directly towards the North Star, but a little lower on the horizon. They disappeared into the lights of the city. I looked at my watch, it was 10:05 PM, and the entire incident had taken about ten seconds. Thanks to NUFORC
Peter B. Davenport states, "The yellow orbs were seen over Prescott Valley again this evening. They first appeared on February 2, 2000, and they have been seen sporadically over Arizona since that time. Other states from which similar phenomena have been reported are FL, TX, CA, OR, IL, MI, WI, and PR. "Very strange stuff, in my opinion."


SAWGRASS -A woman driving south on the Sawgrass Expressway (I-75) saw a huge light hovering just east of the highway on March 2, 2000. The light was in place for several seconds before moving at 10:14 PM. Once the object began to move, the intense light dulled and she realized it was not one large bright object, but two. The objects were just underneath each other. The objects started to move and the first object climbed straight up in the sky. The second object followed at close range.

AVON PARK -- Driving east towards Avon park on Highway 98 on February 8, 2000, I looked up in the sky and saw a burnt-orange fireball. It would fade out and glow back in another position in the sky. As I reached hwy 27 at 5:15 PM I turned south and saw toward the eastern sky three (same color) fireballs. Theses three fireballs would be as far apart from each other as two miles and as close as 200 feet. The last one I seen that night was at 8:45 PM south of Lake Placid. There is an Air Force bombing range nearby, but I know of no activity going on there at night. It is mostly a reservist base. I also hunt the land there through their lease program, and I never have seen any activity at night. Also two years ago when a friend and I were going to go hunt there, we saw the same thing (two orange fireballs) east of Wauchula, but nowhere near the bombing range. I think this in my mind rules of any kind of military flares. I am a truck driver so I headed south towards Miami, and did not see anything else. Thanks to the UFO Disclosure Net at and


I saw your "Filer's Files #10. You had a piece about a sighting I had. The exciting photographs are located at my main web site at
Contrail/Chemtrail Page:
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Photo Number 29is at :


HOWELL -- A student reported to Doug Parrish, a German/Russian/English teacher at Howell High School, that he was sitting in his bedroom 55 miles northwest of Detroit doing his homework when he saw a UFO. On March 12, 2000, at least one--and sometime later, two--UFO's were reported as having been sighted by a high school sophomore in the nighttime sky. He has a large bedroom window, which faces to the South. At 3000 feet from this window there is a tree line that take up the bottom fifth of the viewing area of the window. Suddenly, around 11:30 p.m., the student became aware that a large aerial object was visible in the right lower (southwest) portion of the window. It was as wide as the distance between the little finger and the thumb at arm's length when both fingers are stretched as far apart as they will go. The definitely large and round object was tilted at what appeared to be an angle to his line of sight. He ruled out an airplane because the navigational lights, which he saw, were the wrong colors and there were far too many of them. They seemed to be blinking in some kind of pattern and gave the impression that they were somehow circling around the edge of the craft. The craft performed unlike any helicopter and zigzagged across the sky. It first appearing here, then with a short, fast movement, appearing there, only to repeat the maneuver in another section of the sky. It would momentary halt at each point before moving quickly to the next location. His window was open a small amount, but he heard no noise. The skies were cloudy and the temperature was about 30 degrees. A few minutes later, the craft made for the lower left-hand corner of the viewing area only to disappear temporarily behind the tree line. A moment later, the craft reappeared along with a companion craft. Both craft continued with the circling pattern of lights around their outer perimeters, but then both craft once again disappeared behind the tree line. The sighting lasted at least eight minutes. It is interesting to note that the student, a well-liked young man with many friends and a member of the high school wrestling team, waited until all other students had left before taking Mr. Parrish aside to relate this incident to him. He appeared sincere. Thanks to Doug Parish


ST. PAUL -- William I. McNeff, MUFON State Director writes, "On January 27, 2000, the witness looked out the kitchen window, where there was an open field brush land extending 800 feet." He saw what appeared to be a private airplane moving toward him 45 degrees above the horizon to the West. The craft moved more slowly than the average small plane. As it came closer the witness observed a square configuration of lights about the size of a a small house. Two of the lights were white and two were blue. The altitude of the craft when first seen was estimated at 5000 feet. The appearance was similar to typical pulsing airplane lights, except that airplane lights are not blue and do not appear in a square configuration. The lights continued to approach at about 75 mph, slowing perceptibly several times and then stopping for a couple seconds at less than 2000 feet altitude and 200 feet distance. The craft made an abrupt 130 degree turn to the left and moved slowly toward the northwest. The witness watched the craft go out of sight behind a line of trees. No helicopter rotors were heard or seen and would have been evident at that distance. The witness was convinced it was not a plane or helicopter. Sighting Evaluation: Since it approached along the normal flight path from Holman Field, the craft was possibly a helicopter. However the lack of noise or rotors argues against that interpretation. Conclusion: Unidentified. Investigated by Dean and Margaret DeHarpporte.

MINNEAPOLIS -- "On September 2, 1999, a woman who is a financial/business administrator for a major local corporation was driving in the northwest suburb of Plymouth. She was driving along a road leading onto a peninsula that extends out into Medicine Lake, which is near the intersection of Highway 55 and 169. She observed a pair of bright white and very intense lights located to the northwest ahead. She felt that they resembled two landing lights. To her they seemed to be out of place, and were searching for something. She continued to drive up the peninsula a few hundred feet and reached a point where the trees no longer obscured her view. The lights were no longer visible but above the treetops was a large, dark triangular object. Its size was as large as her hand at arm's length that she felt was slightly less than that of a house. This might put it in the 30 to 60 foot range. The object was black to charcoal-gray matte-colored (see illustration below). The closest vertex of the triangle was pointed in her direction, with the object moving toward her. There were lights at the two rear vertices, one red and one green. Also, all over the underside of the object was a pattern of three dimensional rectangular relief concealing something within.

MAKINEN -- On November 20, 1999, a family of four was watching a video when the oldest son (20) noticed a bright red light in the southern sky. The family went outside to observe four lights forming a square, then changing to include fifty lights in a straight line centered between the four lights. "I thought this was really weird," Terry the father said. This prompted him to go inside and dial 911. The object stopped for a minute or so and began to pulsate. When Terry came back outside, the object began to move again toward the north and finally disappeared over the horizon. The family observed the object for eight minutes and managed to take pictures of the UFO with two cameras. The photos from the new camera look "wiggly". Visibility was about 10 miles with high overcast clouds. Some hunters in the area also witnessed the object. No conventional or natural objects seem to fit the description. Conclusion: Unidentified. Investigated by FIT Dr. Stephen Hero and FI Director Craig Lang. Thanks to William I. McNeff MUFON State Director.


OMAHA -- As I was returning to work on March 16, 2000, traveling northbound on 72nd street-approaching State Street my wife and I (a network engineer) noticed a white missile-like object hanging in the sky 140 degree nose down at 1:05 PM. Slowing our vehicle down, I realized the object was not stationary but rather traveling at a snail's pace in the sky west of 72nd at a consistent altitude. The craft did not appear to have any wings or lights nor was any sign of propulsion contrails evident. Although I cannot accurately estimate the distance the object was from me with nothing to use for a reference, it did not appear to be more than a couple thousand feet up in the sky as it traveled west/southwest. The object appeared to be an inch long and a 1/8 of an inch thick at arm's length. The sky was clear with very few cumulus clouds high above and nothing obstructed my view of the object. As I turned west on State Street and pulled over to get a better look, the slow moving object totally disappeared from view. I have never seen anything remotely similar to this object before in my life, especially the weird angles (nose-down if the front of the object was at the end which pointed in the direction that it was traveling) that it appeared to fly. Thanks to Peter Davenport NUFORC


CABOT - The witness writes, "I would like to keep my name and email address confidential if you would please regarding the fire balls in Arkansas." My husband and I saw one at approximately 8:25 PM on March 9, 2000, Thursday night just outside Cabot. It appeared at first to be a small plane on fire. It was not. It was a large ball with a tail between 20-40 feet long flying at tree top level. In fact, it looked like an oversized Roman candle. We watched it for about two minutes then it disappeared. There was no contact with earth that we could see; no explosion. No one seems to have any answers. Apparently my husband and I were the only ones to report this to the media. If you have any information regarding this mystery. I would be interested to know. Little Rock Air Force Base is less than 20 miles from where we saw it and there were five C-130's in the air at the time. Thanks to Jack Editor's Note: Based on your and other descriptions the most likely cause was a bolide meteor.


Life magazine has a fifty year history of bringing UFO photographs to the public. Just in case you did not catch this, the cover of "LIFE" Magazine's March current issue addresses UFOs ... and I believe this might be LIFE's final (or one of LIFE's final) issue. If so - this issue would likely have some historical significance (because of the unique way LIFE elected to close out their niche in photojournalism). Cover can be viewed by accessing: Shown: Photographed for LIFE by Nigel Parry in Agua Dulce, Calif. UFO photo and digitally placed UFO from National Archives. Thanks to Ron Hannivig, Simpson PA


LIMA -- During the early morning hours of this March 10, 2000, a UFO made a slow flyby of the city at a very low altitude for about 15 minutes, allowing many local residents to witness its unhurried passing. Some witnesses saw small spheres emerge from the object drifting away aimlessly. Dozens of witnesses phoned the news media and several minutes of video footage were secured by Pan-American Television (Lima Channel 5). The news has been spread all over the country on the "24 Horas" (24 Hours) news program on Pan-American TV. The following is a transcript of the broadcast: Voice of Valia Barak, anchorwoman on the "24 Horas" set: "A strange object crossed the skies over Lima early this morning. Thousands of citizens witnessed the phenomenon..." Voice of Viviana Coehllo, on site reporter, with camera image by Juan C. Amoretti: "This was the object observed by many at 1:30 a.m.. Strange movements and plays of light were seen in the heavens over the city of Lima, drawing the attention of hundreds of onlookers. " [A group of four lights in a triangular arrangement can be seen, moving with uncharacteristic slowness over the rooftops}. Eyewitness ): "It was a big ship with yellow and red lights...and ten little ships came out..." Voice of Viviana Cohello: "A considerable number of phone calls from El Callao, Los Olivos, San martin de Porres and Villa El Slavador congested the switchboards of Radio Programas del Peru (RPP). The common denominator was the unidentified flying object that flew over our capital." Eyewitness Bruno Guzman, journalist: "It is quite startling to go from receiving the claims, phone calls, and eyewitness accounts to become a participant in this environment, this spectacle we've just seen. We can't quite explain properly or scientifically what happened this morning. Around one o'clock in the morning we began receiving calls from the public; later we peered out the 7th floor window; later we climbed up on the rooftop, and we've been able to attest to the lights, these points of color that changed intermittently from blue, red to white light, moving strangely." (Information courtesy Rose Marie Paz Wells. Translation credit (c) 2000, Scott Corrales) Thanks to Skywatch International


Red Setter writes: The essential reference book for forbidden Scroll-related knowledge might be "Secrets of the Dead Sea Scrolls Revealed" by John Marco Allergo (deceased), Gramercy Press, New York, 1983. Not a single copy remains in Australia. If you can access Library of Congress and get a copy to Xerox, that would be a real breakthrough! Allegro was the British member of Scrolls team, picked in early 1950s. By 1983, he decided to divulge all. I cannot judge his translations, but apparently parts of Ezekiel and Genesis clearly detail ET. Visits. Lot's wife does not turn into a "pillar of salt", but rather her skin "turns the color of salt which is on the plain," e.g. radioactive damage. "Angels of the evening and morning star" warn the occupants of S-G, later they use "fire spears." Ezekiel shares fellowship with visitors from the stars, later he finds a glassy ring on the ground where rocks were m [rest of text missing]


Dr. Richard Boylan writes: As regards the Filer's Files newsletter I must correct several glaring inaccuracies. In the section purporting to describe Dr. Steven Greer's position on extraterrestrials, two major mistakes occur in the narrative (below). 1. Dr. Steven Greer DOES know that ET encounters are taking place, contrary to Filer. Dr. Greer has had ET encounters of his own, and talked to scores of experiencers. Dr. Greer and I have talked on this point for years. Dr. Greer _also_ makes the important additional point that, in addition to actual ET encounters, there are thousands of unlawful kidnappings and assaultings/rapes of innocent civilians by rogue military-counterintelligence units who try to use drugs and hypnosis to make their victims mis-remember their kidnapping as an "alien abduction". Dr. Greer emphasizes, as do I, the importance of not confusing these rogue military-intelligence kidnapping-assaults with the real and benign extraterrestrial encounters. But Dr. Greer NEVER says that there are no genuine ET encounters. 2. Mr. Filer seriously misidentifies the billionaire that told Dr. Greer that the ETs were demonic and behind every evil event in history. That billionaire was NOT Laurence Rockefeller, who actually _wants_ to meet the ETs and learn the secret to prolonging life. No, the paranoid billionaire described is actually Prince Hans Adam of Liechtenstein, EU, who along with Las Vegas billionaire Bob Bigelow, has financed a number of selective UFO "investigators" and gatherings which peddle the "evil alien invader" propaganda line so pleasing to The Prince. It is important to keep the facts straight. Thanks to Richard Boylan, Ph.D.


CSETI Director Steven M. Greer M.D. has put out a new book that is worth reading. Steven who provides some profound thinking in his own right indicates he does not feel abductions are actually taking place. He gives us insight into the mind of one of the most consequential men of the century who he doesn't agree with when he states, "In one lengthy meeting with a multi-billionaire, I was told that he gave great support to UFO activities which propel the so-called 'alien abduction' subject into public awareness because he wanted humanity to unite around fighting this 'alien threat'. Later, this very influential figure informed me that he believed these demonic ET s were the cause of every set back in human history since Adam and Eve. Sound familiar?"

Last Week's Editor's Note: This billionaire has been friends with many US presidents and top political, religious and economic leaders worldwide for more than fifty years. Is it possible that Laurance Rockefeller knows what he's talking about? Thanks to Steven M. Greer M.D. See

This Week's Answer: Thank you Dr. Boylan for revealing the name of the billionaire whose name I had been unable to obtain. I and others have wrongly assumed it was Mr. Rockefeller. In my discussions with Dr. Greer where we spoke to Congressional staffs in Washington DC, Dr. Greer had always referred to abductions as: "so-called alien abductions." I apparently misunderstood him. I wish to be accurate on Dr. Greer's position. Now I would be interested in learning Prince Hans Adam of Liechtenstein position on UFOs since I have not had the good fortune to meet this gentleman. Thank you for pointing out my error. Good health to us all.

PHOTOGRAPH BOOKLET of some of the best UFO shots available and data on their propulsion systems. $10.00 by US Navy Commander Graham Bethune.

US GOVERNMENT UFO PROOF RELEASED: Audio tapes of a genuine UFO Alert at Edwards Air Force base and studied by the Foreign Technology Division at Wright Patterson Air Force Base, are now available for distribution to the public. Sam Sherman's audio documentary tape called EDWARDS AIR FORCE BASE ENCOUNTER on the night of October 7, 1965, uses the actual voice recordings provided by the Air Force. During this event 12 high tech luminous UFOs invade secure air space and came down low over the runways at Edwards AFB. Tower operator Sgt. Chuck Sorrels spotted them and notified the Air Defense Command. Sgt. Sorrels is heard on the original tapes and in a new segment where he verifies the event as it is heard on the archival recordings. The UFOs are described and a decision is made to launch F-106 fighter interceptors. You are there for an important part of UFO history. Hear it for yourself, it's the best UFO tape ever made. Tape cost is $14.95 each plus $2.00 for shipping -- total $16.95 -- (for overseas orders-out of US - add $6.00 shipping cost -- total -- $20.95) you can send either a personal check or money order to: Independent International Pictures Corp, Box 565, Dept. GF, Old Bridge, New Jersey 08857.


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