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Filer's Files
By George Filer

MUFON Eastern Region Director
April 3, 2000

George Filer:
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NORRIDGEWOCK -- We were coming home from work at 2:15 AM on March 23, 2000, when we observed a blinding white light in the sky. We turned on to Winding Hill Road and the object was still there so we pulled over and watched the object in the western sky. We killed the engine, then I got out of the car. My wife stayed in the car but could see it from her window. There was a river to the right of us and above the sandpit the object was hovering about 700 to 1000 feet away. At arm's length the object was the size of a dime. The light was as bright as a floodlight laminating rays of light. At times some rays seemed bluish. To my left I heard farm machinery running and behind me I could hear the sound of tractor-trailer trucks on route 201A. No sound was coming from the object. At about 2:27 AM the object rose very slow, then started heading in our direction. My wife started to become very nervous. The white light then surrounded the object. As it came closer my wife stepped out of the car. On the bottom of the object there were three large orangish-yellow lights. At this time the object was directly above us. I could see a large rectangle structure with the orangish-yellow lights in the center, around it a whitish light. My wife saw the same form but was not sure how many lights there were. There was a slight swooshing sound, but we were not sure it came from the craft. The object headed east and its lights got smaller and changed to a reddish dot, which disappeared into the horizon. My wife and I have never seen a plane or helicopter like this; there were no blinking lights. Thanks to Peter Davenport, National UFO Reporting Center


FUTON -- About March 5, 2000, I was out on my nightly run. At about 8:40 PM, I was running past Lake Neantawanta in Futon, when I noticed a bright white circular light ten feet above the water. This light stood in one spot with no noise of aircraft or any other sort of sound. As I shielded my eyes to look around this light I noticed an orange rectangular light on top of the white circle. I watched this light for six minutes when it suddenly disappeared. The light never reflected off the water. Would you know if there have been any similar sightings? Thanks to Mark A. Martin -- Odie1014


Mark Cashman MUFON CT. State Director reports that, "On December 13, 1999, four witnesses observed two anomalous phenomena at 3:30 PM." The observations lasted for a total of 40 minutes. The witnesses were two adult business owners 49 (Y) and 51 (F), and his son 12, and a woman business associate (W), 80. The observations are broken into two phases. Observation of an estimated five contrails in sequence descending toward a ridge to the west. These contrails became visible in each case after a bright star-like light appeared and were the width of the light, and once reaching a specific length retained that length without change. Each contrail displayed a "puff" about halfway to the hill that acted as the horizon. The witnesses also thought there was an orange flash as each light passed below the tree-line. One contrail split into two. The witnesses believed it was possible that the lights crashed on the hill, though they heard no sound. The contrails dissolved, including the puffs. They observed two solid objects, gray in color, one "bullet-shaped" with smoothly faired fins, and one spherical with no seams or protrusions. One witness observed an apparent seam on the bullet-shaped object. The objects, of large angular size (3 inches at two feet), passed the witnesses at a relatively close distance, and as they moved to the north vanished in full view. The location of the second phase was about thirty feet to the east of the first at 41.81120 (Lat.), -72.92348 (Long). A third "phase" was the observation of a number of aircraft identified as commercial Short Skyvans believed looking for what they had just observed. The two adult men seemed credible and articulate but perplexed by the event. The child offered a reasonable level of corroboration. A more detailed analysis can be found at Thanks to: Mark Cashman.


ERIE -- Paula Borges writes, "A strange incident occurred on the night of February 9, 2000, as my husband and I were driving east on Interstate 90 out of Erie to the Cleveland Airport. We were catching a plane to our daughter's Boot Camp graduation ceremonies. I saw in the rear view mirror a large circle of colorful lights moving in a rotating motion. I told my husband to look out the window, that there was something out there. As I turned around to see it better I got a momentary glimpse of it once again and it vanished out of sight. I was interested in knowing if there has been any other reports of UFO's in this area. Thanks Paula Borges --Lil PeaPot


BALTIMORE - Bill Bean writes, "I would like to report my latest and quite possibly my greatest UFO footage." I was video taping over my backyard on March 28, 2000, and after reviewing the tape last night, I discovered a silver disc UFO. It had a black bottom in the middle of the craft. This object came from the west and glided along at a moderate altitude and speed at 1:05 PM. Another or the same UFO approached from the east and headed west at 1:07 PM. Two UFOs appear in the video from the east within a few seconds of each other. The first UFO circles and I could actually see it rotate counter clockwise. A second UFO appears in the frame heading toward the first. Both of them sway from side to side, gain and then descend in altitude. As these incredible UFO's drew closer the second reversed itself and followed by the first headed east. The first UFO makes a fast left turn and heads north. Both UFO's zip away very fast. This truly is fantastic footage. God Bless Bill Bean.


LA GRANGE - On March 28, 2000, a father and son reported they saw a brilliant green flash in the sky at about 8:30 PM. The 53 year-old father and his 30 year-old son were sitting on their front porch when they saw what they variously described as a "neon-green" to "fluorescent green" flash. Looking to the north the flash was seen at about 45 degrees above the horizon at an altitude above what airliners customary fly. The son, who had uncorrected 20/20 vision in both eyes, said definitely above 15,000 feet but the father thought it was lower. With an apparent size of "one-eighth of the moon" the split-second flash faded to a blue dot and then flew rapidly to the north. Their first reaction on seeing the large flash was an airborne flare had ignited. But the son, an ex-Air Wing Marine, said this perception immediately changed on seeing the green light fade quickly to a blue star-like dot that moved northward at a tremendous speed. The fast-moving blue light took only three seconds to disappear. The Marine said the apparent speed of the UFO was too great for a satellite or any jet plane. There was no sound. Weather conditions were 71 degrees F., little wind, with a clear sky. Thanks to John Thompson.


FORT DEPOSIT - MUFON GA State Director Walter Sheet's witness reports, "On March 29, 2000, I was traveling north on Highway 65 when I noticed a very large triangular shaped craft and a smaller craft cross over the interstate at 9:15 PM." The larger craft had three small dim lights at each end of the triangular shape and a larger red light on one side. Both were traveling around 50 mph. The smaller craft had many lights and looked more like a helicopter. By the time I had reached the part of the interstate where they had crossed, they were over the trees heading southeast. I stopped my car on the side of the road, got out, and continued to watch these two craft continue to travel very slowly. I heard no noise at all from these two craft. I got back in my car and continued to travel north. About five minutes later I saw six military helicopters cross the interstate in the opposite direction. I knew they were helicopters by the very loud sound their blades made. This all happened about 25 miles south of Montgomery, AL. Two years ago this same craft was seen almost at an identical spot crossing I-65 at extremely close range by a MUFON member and posted at ISUR's website.


COVINGTON -- Constance Griffith states on February 18, or 25, 2000, I saw a UFO at the entrance of the Brint Spence Bridge crossing the Ohio River from Covington, Kentucky to Cincinnati. I looked out my window at 9:30 PM and saw a strange sight above me but was unable to stop the car, but I looked again and it was still there. I got one more chance to glance up again before I was under the upper deck of the bridge. I got three glances at was three white lights in a triangle shape against a very black background. Each light was the size of a nickel held at arm's length. The night was dark but the lights did not seem to be like any lights that I had seen on any airplane. They were not blinking or colored. There was something very different about them. I have lived close to airports all my life and these lights were larger and in a perfect triangle. Due to construction work I could not stop or look back again, but this was very different flying object. Thanks to Constance Griffith


MADISON COUNTY -- Ken Young reports he was contacted by a witness who stated' "I am writing to you because a few of my dads friends have reported seeing UFOs in the field across the street where I used to live." They said, that they have seen the same object for twelve days in a row and it happens about 3 to 4:00 AM when one of them is getting home from work! My uncle has also reported a UFO sighting near by. These sightings are coming from a field right behind Walnut Drive, Forest Homes, Illinois between Bethalto and Alton a few miles north of St. Louis. I am serious and tell you the truth I'm a little scared! Thanks to Kenny Young and Kyle


KANSAS CITY - Scott Thompson reports seeing a UFO on March 28, 2000, while traveling on Interstate Highway 69 around a curve when he saw a UFO roughly the shape of a quarter on edge. It was moving slow from east to west at 4:05 PM flying at about 1000 feet altitude. The object was self-illuminating or the sun's glare was hitting it. The object was an inch long at arm's length and appeared dark looking without a tail. He lost sight of the object as he drove around the curve. It seemed to be shimmering a golden yellow. He lost sight of the object for about five seconds as he rounded the curve. When he had a view of the sky again the object had gone from sight. He had a good view of the sky but object had disappeared. Thanks to Scott Thompson telephone interview. Editor's Note: Video has shown that the craft accelerate at high rate of speed that is difficult for the eye to follow.


NEW MEXICO -- Brent W. writes, Consider me highly skeptical of almost all UFO reports, but my entire family and I have had experienced two unsettling occasions of not losing time, but actually GAINING time." On a trip through New Mexico, we decided to detour to Clayton Lake to see the dinosaur footprints. The drive was a winding up and down road of 16 miles and it took nearly 25 minutes to negotiate. On our return trip we turned back toward town; and drove two miles to the base of a hill, went up around the hill in a sweeping turn and suddenly found ourselves back at the highway where we had started from. We tried to make sense of it as we continued on our journey, but, there were no side roads to take an accidental shortcut. There was only a tall mountain that blocked our way, but we came out at the exact spot where we had started. Less than five minutes elapsed for the 16 miles covered and we had noticed the different landmarks on the way back.

OKLAHOMA -- At another time, we were traveling from Tulsa to Oklahoma City on the Turner Turnpike, a straight 88 mile toll road between the two cities. It was after 10:00 PM and we had stopped at McDonalds for a snack. While we were waiting, we asked our daughter what time she had since we had given her a new watch and she was learning to tell time. We jokingly made a comment about the accuracy of our timepieces on Central Daylight Time because the car clock read 10:20 PM, my watch 10:18 PM and my daughter's 10:16 PM. Each were off by two minutes. We left McDonalds and joined the turnpike on what turned out to be the strangest night I have ever encountered. My wife became hysterical when she saw a bright light in the sky. As a former pilot, the light was easily identifiably to me as a commercial airliner on a standard approach path, but her reaction was totally out of character for her. None of us remembered very much of the trip, because we were sandwiched between two large trucks. We came over a hill and were shocked to see the toll booth at the halfway point. It was impossible, but there it was. We had traveled 42 miles in an elapsed time of 16 minutes. We all checked the clocks and watches and the results were shocking. We had averaged 157.5 mph, which is of course impossible for our car and the speed limit of 75mph. We talked about this at length remembering the previous Clayton Lake anomaly. The last 46 miles was uneventful and we arrived home ahead of the expected time by nearly 20 minutes. We used a quarter tank of gas less than the drive should have taken. Two experiences with one of them timed by three different timepieces. Somehow we either gained time or distance (a hypothetical possibility based on the gas consumption). We are highly skeptical people but perplexed! Thanks to Brent W. Editor's Note: I have investigated several cases where people have traveled across states in a matter of minutes. They also had witnesses to there location prior to departure and after arrival. They were traveling by car and the only possible explanation was that they had been transported by aircraft between the two locations at several hundred miles per hour. Both sets of witnesses later remembered being aboard a UFO.


PORTLAND - BB Smith writes, "I recently experienced an event that I've yet to explain. It involves a possible UFO sighting that I witnessed on Thursday, March 23, 2000, around 12 noon, near Beaverton/Portland area on a fairly well traveled two lane road that curves through heavy trees and low elevation mountains. I'm a private pilot and was just returning from the Scappoose airport after a one hour flight. I was driving my vehicle at the time of the sighting. My question is who can I write to that might be of assistance to me in sorting out my experience. Thanks to BB Smith


There have recently been a large number of orange UFO reports in Sweden. A company called "Planet-Pluto" sells UFO balloons that are toys sold to fly up to 1.000 meters. They are self illuminated and provide an orange glow from the ground. They are being sold as toys through the mail and can be purchased and flown anywhere in the world. Slow moving orange objects moving with the wind are likely to be these toys. Sometimes they are sent aloft with several even dozens in formation. Thanks to Clas Svahn UFO-Sweden


EVINGTON, LEICESTER -- We were walking back from a nightclub on March 20, 2000, at 3:00 AM when we noticed that there were two triangular objects in the sky. At first we passed them off as planes but then the objects started shifting from one point in the sky to another at a phenomenal pace. They were intercrossing between each other. They were moving like that for about ten minutes. Then suddenly there was a flash of light and then they were gone. They moved around the sky at phenomenal speeds. We could not really see what color they were because all we could see was triangular lights on the objects


Aviation writer Bill Rose writes, "I was responsible for the placing the pictures of Project Y with the London Sunday Times and I provided some of the background research. However, you should bear in mind that this feature was written by a member of the newspaper's staff and it was aimed at a general readership, so inevitably, some of technical and historical details were left out. John Frost and his Special Projects Group designed the Project Y Manta aircraft to meet a Royal Canadian Air Force (RCAF) specification and the configuration shown in the pictures evolved from earlier VTOL disc shaped design, which proved too complex to build. Whether or not Frost was influenced by German wartime studies remains a topic of some debate and while this is a distinct possibility, there is still no absolute proof. As you correctly suggested, the Project Y design evolved into the later Silver Bug flying discs which the USAF sponsored. The Project Y Manta certainly looked unusual, but it was just the product of advanced engineering studies and had absolutely nothing to do with aliens, Roswell, spaceships or UFO sightings in Arizona during the late 1940s. There is much more of this fascinating story to be told and you can expect further revelations during the coming months. Many eyewitnesses claim to have seen panels and struts with strange hieroglyphics or symbols. If anyone was really serious about finding out about an alien Roswell crash, they would pin down the real crash site and arrange for a series of geochemical surveys to be undertaken. I was assured by a couple of professionals that even the most careful site cleanup would fail to remove all traces of extraterrestrial material -- if it were present. While I don't entirely rule out an alien crash, I personally consider it highly unlikely and my money still goes on a crashed high-tech spyplane or just possibly a B-29 with a nuke onboard. I believe there are aliens out there, but visitation to our planet is another matter. I'd like nothing better than proof that extraterrestrials are operating within our environment, but so far, I've seen none. That's not to say I have a closed mind! Thanks to Bill Rose.


Blessed Pipe Man Zephier writes the Roswell craft symbols you've described, like a 'J' is a symbol that represents the Iktomi-Spider, Holy Mother and the Buffalo Nation. The reason there is a trinity of representation is because of how Creator has delegated responsibilities to All in the Universe. First, the Earth and the help needed on ground base, secondly, galactic influence of Divine Mother to maintain a balance in this region of the Universe, and thirdly, there is the Ascended Masters, those who sit within the I AM presence-Council of Twelve. There is a Spiritual Hierarchy. The symbol that looks like 'teepees' as you have described, represents the Elements of Creation or what we call Spiritual Web of the Universe, Grandmother Turtle, Twin Flames and Singing Spider. This particular symbol deals with Manifest Realm: Elohi and Lyra. These symbols have a great profound interpretation. This is the best I can do for you at this time, but understand Native Americans have much to say about symbols as this is a part of our heritage. There is much more that can be learned from these symbols. Thanks to Blessed Pipe Man Zephier,
Editor's Note: -- The symbols described by eyewitnesses and in the debris seem to be similar. Portions of the inside of the craft held these symbols that may be Native American. I spoke with Tom Carey to obtain more information from Tex on his participating in the recovery of an alien craft near Roswell. Tex says that at least one of the pieces of metal had writing on it "like hieroglyphics or numbers". When pressed further, he stated that it looked 'like hieroglyphics from Mexico or something like that." Meaning ancient Indian like Aztec or Inca - cultures. He said, there was the "awful smell of death" in the vicinity of the wreck. Thanks to Tom Carey.


April 6, 2000, three planets and the thin crescent Moon are going to put on a memorable sky show when the quartet converge inside a circle just 9 degrees across. To admire the display, simply go outside after dinner on April 6 and look toward the southwest sky. Around 8:00 PM local daylight savings time the slender crescent moon will be easy to spot about 30 degrees above the horizon. The brightest nearby "star" will be Jupiter. At magnitude -2.1, the giant planet is 8 times brighter than Saturn, which glows pale yellow less than 3 degrees west of the Moon. Mars will lie a scant one degree north of Jupiter. The red planet (magnitude 1.4) will be about 3 times fainter than Saturn (magnitude 0.3). Jupiter, Mars, and Saturn will appear to be even closer together on April 15 when the three will fit inside a circle less than 5 degrees across. That's the most compact grouping of any 3 planets for the entire year. Nevertheless, the display on April 6 will be more beautiful thanks to the delicate crescent Moon as it passes by the trio. But wait, there's even more: Cradled in the arms of the crescent Moon will appear the ghostly outline of the full Moon, a dim glow that astronomers call "Earthshine."


VANCOUVER -- Paul Anderson reports that award-winning investigative journalist William Thomas will present on April 8, an alarming and provocative findings from his eight-year investigation into the current pandemic of auto-immune and related ailments in a feature presentation entitled 'What's Wrong with Our Skies?' at the Pacific Space Centre / H. R. MacMillan Planetarium. In his presentation, Thomas will reveal how millions of Canadian, American and British citizens have been subjected to "open air" biowarfare experiments without their knowledge or consent. He will show recent photographs and videos of unmarked tanker-type aircraft flying in formation spraying "chemtrail" plumes in complex 'X and grid patterns' in the skies over many Canadian, American and European areas. Is this spraying biowarfare experimentation? Covert inoculations against terrorist attack or desperate attempts at atmospheric remediation? Assigned to this story by the Environmental News Service in January 1999, Thomas will present the interim results of his ongoing investigation into this aerial phenomenon widely reported over many regions in Canada, the US and Europe since the fall of 1998. Referencing two US congressional investigations, as well as recently released British Ministry of Defence documents, Thomas contends that many cases of "influenza-like illness", pneumonia and related symptoms recorded at epidemic levels across much of North America and England over the past two years are not the "flu". Instead, the BC-based journalist will present evidence showing that many emergency room patients suddenly stricken by acute upper-respiratory distress and / or related heart disease and auto-immune breakdown have likely been infected by manmade pathogens created in bioweapons laboratories. Calling himself "a reluctant expert" in environmental and biological warfare, the author of the extensively documented books SCORCHED EARTH and BRINGING THE WAR HOME was the first Canadian journalist to break the story of Gulf War Illness after his own health was ravaged in Kuwait. Thomas will trace the sudden emergence of "stealth viruses," prion diseases, and auto-immune ailments following decades of biowarfare experimentation rivaling the atom bomb's "Manhattan Project". Thanks to Paul Anderson. Web:
Editor's Note: I have no idea about the validity of these findings. Its amazing to me that the news media is not interested in their own health and fails to cover the frequent spraying.

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