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Filer's Files
By George Filer

MUFON Eastern Region Director
April 17, 2000

George Filer:
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Astronauts Eugene Cernan and Guion S. Bluford both believe there's life beyond Earth. In a Los Angeles Times article in 1973, Eugene Cernan who was commander of Apollo 17 said, "I've been asked (about UFOs) and I've said publicly I thought they (UFOs) were somebody else, some other civilization." Astronaut Guion S. Bluford who is the veteran of four space shuttle missions also says there is extraterrestrial life in the universe. He holds a doctorate degree in aerospace engineering and was the first African American to fly in space aboard the Challenger in 1983. Bluford flew on STS 8 in 1983 (the shuttle's first nighttime launch), STS 61A in 1985, STS 39 in 1991, and STS 53 in 1992. Logging more than 700 hours in space and 5,000 hours as an Air Force jet pilot, Bluford currently is vice president of the science and engineering group for Federal Data Corp. He recently spoke at the Information Technology Association of America's Convocation in Chicago. "When you're in orbit mire than 200 miles above the Earth, you realize how delicate and thin the layer that is our atmosphere really is," he said. "And you realize how insignificant Earth is in the universe. You see no national boundaries upon the land, and you realize that all six billion of us must live and survive together." Bluford said he thinks it's likely that other life exists beyond Earth. "We're so infinitesimal," he said, "that it's hard not to imagine other life being created beyond our planet and galaxy. I don't know what form this life might take, but even on Earth, life forms are created in many different environments--undersea, on land, and in the atmosphere."


TUCKERTON -- I was standing outside my home with my family and neighbors looking at a strange pink sky on April 6, 2000. I was outside at 8:34 PM because the color was very odd. There were clear skies with lots of stars out and the moon was very clear. As we kept staring at the sky we centered our attention to an area where the sky was a pink circle that looked like pink sunrays. All of a sudden I saw two boomerang shaped objects flying through the pink rays in the sky. They had no lights on them and were dull looking, kind of like a dull silver. I watched the two objects follow each other and zigzag around a few stars until they disappeared. There were no sounds as the objects were flying across the sky. They traveled faster then an airplane but slower then a shooting star and they didn't look like a shooting stars. Thanks to Peter Davenport Director NUFORC


SAN JUAN -- On Saturday, March 25, 2000, at 5:50 PM, two high-flying UFOs were seen by several dozen eyewitnesses. According to author Scott Corrales they traveled in opposite directions. "One was traveling west at an approximate heading of 295 degrees magnetic. The other was traveling east at a heading for 115 degrees magnetic." "At least one of the eyewitnesses, Celestino 'Junior' Ortiz, a popular radio announcer on Alpha Rock 105.7 FM, was able to capture both objects on his camcorder." "As he was leaving his house, Ortiz, his wife and son, and friends spotted the mysterious object heading west at a 20-degree angle. He reached for his camcorder and began filming. The objects initially looked like comets or meteors entering the atmosphere. The object traveling east passed high above the eyewitnesses, said the members of his family. No sound of jet engines or sonic boom was heard as it flew by." In early March 2000, Wally Durand Urbino of the Puerto Rican UFO Research Group also reported a UFO sighting in the city of Isabella, P.R. "Luminous balls were seen. The witnesses reported that the luminous spheres departed in the direction of the mountains, heading north, and then veered towards the east, heading out over the Atlantic Ocean, becoming lost in the sea mist." Thanks to Scott Corrales y Lucy Guzman UFO Roundup Vol. 5, # 15, 4/13/00 Editor: Joseph Trainor


PITTSBURGH -- I saw an arrowhead shaped object without lights pass very near the moon on April 13, 2000. It took two seconds to cover the distance of the diameter of the moon at 22:30 hours. The object was moving from west to east. The sky was clear and the object probably would not have been noticed unless moonlight shone on the object. I would have thought it was a cloud by the general coloring, if it were not for its extremely symmetrical shape. It did not change shape or fade, and there were no other clouds present in the sky. The size of the image was about 3/4 the size of the moon. I'm just curious if anyone else saw something that night in the Pittsburgh sky? A few seconds after witnessing the event I did hear what sounded like a loud jet, but I live in an urban area with a great many noises from multiple sources. Thanks to Peter Davenport Director NUFORC


INDIANAPOLIS -- WB reports that he is a former Indiana Deputy Sheriff now in private security at a large Indianapolis chemical plant. On Tuesday, March 14, 2000, at about 10:50 PM, he was patrolling the facility with an associate, when he observed a white glowing elongated object about 30 to 35 feet long. The object was hovering over high-tension wires about 50 yards away. It was completely silent. As they watched, the object moved in a southerly direction at about 25 to 30 mph, and passed over them about 50 feet up. It continued along in silence and disappeared to the south after about three minutes. The witness has prepared a sketch, and indicated the object was shaped like a grain of rice, rounded at both ends. This case was referred to Indiana MUFON for investigation. Thanks to Tom Sheets, ISUR Board-SD MUFONGA


WHITE SULPHUR SPRINGS -- On April 6, 2000, the Fire Tower Look Out at Blue Bend Recreation area videotaped four UFOs at 4:30 PM. Four UFOs can be seen just after they come out of the cloud. The objects are circular and appear to be approximately 50 feet across. Within a two minutes 14 different UFO's are caught on video. The best video is when nine of these objects are seen flying straight up through the clouds all at once, together. They all continue flying even higher up into the atmosphere. All of the footage has been slowed down to 90 frames per/second. This footage is absolutely phenomenal. Thanks to Chris Miller See:


NORTHEAST -- On January 13, 2000, we watched approximately 32 UFO's and seven aircraft between 6:45 to 8:45 PM. They were going traveling in all directions and not in formation. There were eight at one time, then three or four at a time. It first started when my daughter and my two grandchildren were on their way to see me. They live about 23 miles west of me. They were driving down the road when my grandson saw something in the sky in the distance and they began to watch it closer. They were so hypnotized by it that they turned off the highway on to a secondary road to get a closer look. They drove several miles down the road until my daughter and grandson began to get scared. They wanted my granddaughter to turn around, but she would not. She was almost hypnotized by the light. She finally pulled onto a gravel road and stopped. Now they were very close to the object and observed it for five minutes. During the time they stayed in this spot the light quit moving and just hovered. The mother and grandson were getting scared so finally my granddaughter started back the same way. The light followed them as they returned the way they came. The UFO crossed over the top of their car and followed them at a distance all the way to my house. When the object passed over the car and when hovering it changed form. It went from actually looking like a UFO to looking completely different. But it was the SAME light! A soon as they got to my house they ran in and got me and we all stood outside watching. That is when it all started. UFOs were everywhere! We counted 32 in all, 7 airplanes. We got a neighbor to watch, then my daughter went to her friend's house and got them to watch, so there were actually about seven witnesses. There was no noise except the noise from the planes. Thanks to Adeline Davis


HOT SPRINGS - On April 9, 2000, I was driving home from church home and saw an enormous cigar shaped craft. I happened to look up and coming straight at me was a metallic pinkish cigar shaped object flying toward my vehicle at about 100 feet above the road when my car died at 16:30 PM. Light was glowing off of it and it was going more than 100 miles an hour. It stopped right in front of my car, and that was the last thing I remembered before I woke up. I have flashes of memory that I seem to recall being held to a table but I couldn't feel any straps or restraints. I was very cold and I heard a high-pitched buzzing the entire time. When I awoke, I was laying in the back-seat of my car. I could smell a burning odor like the wires in my car were fried. It was dark and when I got home about four and a half-hours later. I went to sleep and slept for fourteen hours. Just yesterday, I noticed I had two bright red scars running parallel to each other along my back. I read somewhere that unexplainable scars or missing time were signs of abduction. I really was skeptical at first but now I'm grateful for people like you helping us. Thanks to Peter Davenport Director NUFORC,


ARLINGTON -- Mike Harman reports seeing a large Flying Triangle or kite shaped craft on April 10, 2000, at 10:00 PM Eastern Daylight Time. I was driving north on IH 360, and drove under I 20 when I spotted a large triangular shaped object about a mile directly ahead of me. The object was 60 to 100 feet wide judging from it's proximity to the high tension power line towers near it. I would guess this craft was two pencil erasers wide as held at arm's length. The triangle was hovering or moving very slowly near the power lines. The triangle was fairly flat on top and was sharply pointed on each end. It was solid black and its nose pointed slightly downward as it hovered almost motionless. The altitude of the object was not more than 500 to 1000 feet above the ground. I also noticed a shiny metallic much smaller object just ahead of the large triangle. This object was very close to the triangle and seemed to be connected with the triangle in some way. It could have been a helicopter, but it was too far away to tell for sure. I noticed the sun glinting off the object as it made a turn. The silver object was only a tenth the size of the triangle. I was unable to determine sound as I was observing this from inside a moving automobile at the time. They hovered near high-tension lines. My wife was with me and would not allow me stop, "keep your eyes on the road," she said. I had two or three minute's total time to observe these strange craft. I was a mile away from the craft at the time of this sighting, I could not make out too much detail and could only see the shape of the craft. It was too flat for a blimp or a balloon and what was that bright silver object so near it? Both were hovering not moving or moving very slowly. The weather was partly cloudy and the object was definitely below the could cover. This is the second major sighting I've had since 04/09/2000 at 12:50PM. Thanks to Michael Harman Private UFO Investigations


With the advent of better cameras we are obtaining more videos and photographs of UFOs. Actually we would like to analyze your photos. Mark Cashman MUFON's CT State Director suggests: First of all, remind your readers that objects seen with the naked eye will appear much smaller on film. The moon, which seems so large, can be a pinpoint on film when shot with a standard lens. Photos of pinpoint light sources are useless. Second, the only photos of interest will be those which show something large enough to demonstrate detail. In addition, they must show the object near, preferably in front of, reference points of a known distance; this will allow determination of size and make hoaxes more difficult. Multiple different exposure rates, zoom, and f-stop can be helpful, as can be the use of a variety of filters. Third, a tradeoff between sensitivity and grain size must be struck. Usually this means films no higher than 800 ASA, but preferably any higher than 400 ASA. Unfortunately, in low light conditions, this means that handshake will cause blur, so a tripod is advised. Fourth, no photo is any better than the report and the investigation. Photogrammetry cannot resolve the truth of a photo alone. Witnesses who photograph must provide at least as much documentation as the anecdotal witness. They must especially identify the type of camera, lens, and the time of day and direction of the photo, and zoom / f-stop settings. In addition, they should preserve the camera for examination by experts. Ideally, after photographing the UFO, the witness should shoot a variety of natural objects at known distances using the same film, camera, and settings. These objects should be identified, their distance specified, and the prints made available along with the UFO shots. These calibration photos are essential to determining the nature of an unidentified light source or object. If the sighting is a distant night or day sighting, streetlights and passing aircraft make good calibration candidates. The lens must be clean. Finally, everyone should become more aware of the appearance of lens flares (day and night), development flaws, lens dirt, and other artifacts. Note that digital cameras have their own artifacts that are very unusual looking. Digital photos and videos should be evaluated very carefully, because they're low resolution and slow frame rates make hoaxing and errors fairly easy. Ideally, the use of stereo camera setups, like that described by Dr. Maccabee in "The Gulf Breeze Photos", can show something about the distance of photographed objects. However, calibration is essential. For subjects like "rods" which may be very close to the camera, calibration, preferably independently verified, is even more important. I hope this helps. Thanks to Mark Cashman, creator of The Temporal Doorway at (Mark Cashman)


SOMERS -- Vern Corban by all means, publish my story. The more it is seen, the more likely I will reach someone who may also have seen that craft. I was at my grandmother's home in the Flathead Valley. I was about five years old and this is why I do not recall for sure the year, but I do know it was around 1953 during the summer. The sky was bright blue and the land was covered with grass. My mother came into the living room and told me there was a UFO outside. Mom and grandma were frightened, so I was not allowed to go outside, but we did go to the window facing the UFO and peek out. Across the street no more than 50 yards away hovered a silvery top-shaped object about the size of a water tower reservoir--the kind that is mounted on long girder legs. It was directly above the neighbor's driveway. There were many people lined up along the highway, which ran between our house and the UFO. There were no intervening trees or buildings, so it was quite clear that this was no normal aircraft. It held its position 25 feet above the ground for something like two hours. Since, I was not allowed to continue to watch, I didn't see it depart. I was told several people notified the authorities and they refused to come out at first. When they finally did the craft had already left. I believe that there may have been pictures taken by some of the witnesses. Thanks to Vern Corban


Donald Macpherson writes on April 6, 2000, my wife and I were driving east on I 10 about one-third of the way from Indio toward Blythe. A quarter moon was low in the western sky around 8 30 PM and the night was clear. My wife said, " There's lightning'." I glanced out her passenger side window and noticed a yellowish light a hundred yards south of the highway. Then a second light appeared about two hand widths to the east. Then a third and fourth light appeared about the same distance east. The lights were quite evenly spaced and about the same height above the top of a hill. Another light passed over the three lights and was outlined by their glow. The lights were traveling east at about 70 mph just maintaining the same speed we were. There was another flash behind the hills. The lights were in view for fifteen minutes until the road curved to the left. I assumed there was some kind of a military operation. The lights were perfectly steady, yellowish and stayed at the same height. Flares would have been white, flickering and descending giving off visible smoke. No aircraft employs steady yellowish lights. Considering the fact that these lights stayed due south of us for fifteen minutes, I must conclude that they were traveling east at our speed. Thanks to: Donald Macpherson e mail dmacphe975


CHRISTCHURCH -- Kevin Kemm who is 42 writes I have been investigating UFO's for the last 17 years and have personally seen 25 most with witnesses at my side. It all began with abductions from my home in Christchurch. One time while on the road with my band six of us saw an enormous UFO send out what I now know as a probe. It hovered silently over our heads. The underside was exactly like the Travis Walton craft. Some of the guys in the band freaked out and returned inside the house. Two of us remained outside until the ship shot strait up and vanished. The craft was at least 100 feet across. The underside was a swirling mass like looking into a cooling volcano crust. I'm not too sure if we had missing time, as I haven't spoken to the others for many years. Perhaps, I should have regressive hypnosis to find out about these first abductions. I can remember almost everything; they were Grey's who froze me. All I could use was my eyes. I tried to speak but I couldn't. One of the Grey's came over and touched my head. I felt a lot more at ease, and I was totally awake. Since then, I have vivid premonitions, which often come true. I have predicted many events and have written them down and had the notes witnessed. Another gift they gave me was to paint awesome pictures that I wasn't able to do before. The Grey's don't like it when I move, even though I'm tagged they get lost for a while and I actually miss their presence. A close friend of mine and I often go down to the beach near our city at 2:30 AM, when the UFO how starts. I'm really surprised no one else is on the beach at that time as this happens quite often. Usually two craft come along. One blinks out and the other remains over the beach though out the night as if to keep an eye on the city. I recently purchased a digital camera and on the next clear night I'm going out. Yes, you may print my story if you want. Please dot hesitate to email me if you need an experienced field investigator as I am already a qualified private investigator by profession. Thanks to: Kevin (k-kemm)


AREA 51 -- Robert Collins writes in the URL below there is an Area 51 drawing extracted from a January, 1945 Wright Field Project Sanitary Sewerage Investigation and Report, Master Sanitary Sewerage Plan from the US Engineering Office, Cincinnati, Ohio. (File No. O-P 1175-1/2). This Area 51 is known to be on maps prior to 1945 and on maps up to at least 1948: Area 51 is located in what is known today as Area "B." of Wright Patterson Air Force Base. The drawing runs almost directly east/west and sits on a hill over looking the flight line. Above Area 51 running directly west is an "Acceleration Runway/Ramp" used for doing high velocity aircraft testing and running down the hill: See for further information and for updates and reports.


On July 7, 1947, the Army Air Force announced from Roswell they had recovered the wreckage of a crashed UFO. Less than twenty-four hours later, General Ramey the Commander's 8th Army Air Force was photographed in his office by Fort Worth Star Telegram photographer James Bond Johnson holding a piece of paper and standing in front of the alleged debris. Several distinguished groups are attempting to decipher the writing on the assumed message using modern computers. David Rudiak comments on last week's Filer's Files #14, Message Comparisons saying, "My thinking is based on what I believe to be a fairly accurate reading of a _real_ message being held by General Ramey, a Roswell principle at a critical moment." I have some important amendments to the last three lines of the message. The following I now believe very accurately conveys the content of these lines: (Capital letters/words denote higher confidence as to accuracy the lower case letters. dashes (-) denote uncertainty as to space or character).
Line 5......AT ROSWELL. ASsure [Affirm]
Line 6. thaT ciC-teAM SAID SEND MiStatEd rElease AS STORY And said [MiStakEn] [mEaning/message/vErsion]
Line 7. (story)theY nEXt SEND OUT is OF WEATHER BALLOONS would farE[takE] COPY [Stamp in large letters partially obscuring left edge of lines 7 & 8]
Line 8. (better if)THEY ADD LAND DRopsONDE CreWS. <"stage"%gt;[Handwriting beneath "dropsonde"] says "land dropsonde")

These lines are clearly about the Roswell cover-up. If my take on these lines is accurate (and I strongly feel that it is), then a scenario something like the following emerges. A counter-intelligence team was in charge (the "CIC-TEAM"). There may also be a reference to another "team" up on the third line of the message (according to interpretations by Don Burleson and myself) that handled wreckage transported to Fort Worth. ("...THE WRECK YOU FORWARDED TO THE --TEAM(?) AT FORT WORTH, TEX.")] Ramey seems to be asking (or had asked) for confirmation that this team was responsible for the original misstated/mistaken story. (Ramey would therefore appear not to be fully in-the-loop on this matter.) Thus the captured crashed disk press release from Roswell base was no accident and probably not the handiwork of regular Roswell or 8th Army Air Force personnel. Instead the press release was a plan put into action by the CI team in charge. The CI team also apparently thought that the follow-up weather balloon story next being sent out (not clear who originated it) would fly better if they bolstered it with "land dropsonde crews." A "dropsonde" is a specialized meteorological word for a weather balloon radiosonde that is dropped by parachute, usually from a plane, but sometimes lofted by a balloon. (Funk and Wagnall's Dictionary) A "dropsonde crew" is just an obtuse and unusual way of saying a weather balloon crew. Add weather balloon crews to increase credibility of the weather balloon story, says the message.

The last part of the message is referring to the military weather balloon demonstrations that followed immediately after Roswell used to debunk Roswell and the recent national wave of flying saucer sightings. This is a matter of historical record. Alamogordo was one of these on July 9, but there were others published in the Fort Worth Star-Telegram with photos on July 11. The handwriting underneath "land dropsonde crews," possibly Ramey's, says to "stage" one of the demonstrations and make sure photos were taken ("photos yes."). And so it was done a day and a half later at Fort Worth AAF. There also appears to be a "COPY" stamp indicating this wasn't the original, but a copy of a message recently sent out or received. This message obviously contains many important clues as to what happened at Roswell. (And I haven't even talked about the "victims of the wreck" phrase up near the top of the message.) The provenance of this document is unquestionable. General Ramey himself is holding the smoking gun in his hand over the dead body of a weather balloon. Where is this message now? If Roswell was truly a "nonevent" as the modern AF counterintelligence team labeled it, then Ramey's message, copy or original, should be in some archive somewhere along with other of Ramey's or 8th AAF documents. We can settle all arguments over exactly what it says by obtaining a copy of it. What harm could possibly come of it? On the other hand, if Roswell was a lot more than a crashed Mogul balloon, then we can expect to get the usual run-around from the Air Force during FOIA requests. Thanks to David Rudiak

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