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Filer's Files
By George Filer

MUFON Eastern Region Director
May 1st, 2000

George Filer:
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You will be hearing a great deal about a grand planetary alignment on May 5th, 2000, that according to many predictions will cause catastrophic events to occur on Earth. Violent windstorms, massive floods, earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, and even tidal waves are predicted. I have been receiving a steady stream of these doomsday forecasts promising devastation and they are based on Dr. Charles Hapgood's, Ph.D., book the "Path Of The Pole" that claims that this planetary alignment is likely to create enormous shifts in the Earth's crust. The great scientist Albert Einstein wrote the foreword of the book, so there is some basis for the warnings. The idea is that the combined gravitational pull of Jupiter, Venus, Mercury, Saturn, and Mars on planet Earth will create havoc causing twenty-degree shifts of the poles. Tidal waves hundreds of feet high are forecast to crash over most of the coastlines of the world on Friday. An ice age is likely to follow shortly there after. Sensational books, tabloids, newspapers, and proliferating web sites all create a very violent period ahead for all of us. Fortunately, several respected scientists do not agree with the predictions.

I personally feel there will not be catastrophe. Don't worry, be happy for in March, I had heart surgery and learned an important lesson. Prayer works! My family and friends prayed for me and I successfully made it through the surgery. We also prayed that we will all be safe on May 5. We have some dire scientific predictions that the world will end versus the power of our prayer. It should be an interesting experiment, but I am confident that our prayers will work again.


MONTAUK, LONG ISLAND -- On April 15, 2000, the witness reports, "We were fishing off the pier at Montauk Point in the early afternoon, and I saw a blazing light flash in the sky. I spotted three disc shaped objects hovering about 20 feet above the Atlantic Ocean at 1:09 PM." It seemed there were windows in the craft, but I am not positive. The discs were spinning in circles, very tight circles for about five minutes and then they plunged into the water. When they dove into the water, there was really no splash. It was like there was an opening in the ocean, and it just swallowed them up. Editor's Note: UFOs have often been observed entering and leaving the water. It is reasonable to assume they use water to cover their operations and bases. Thanks to Peter Davenport Director NUFORC


SEA ISLE -- On March 31, 2000, Tom Hamm was inspecting a rental property at the shore near the Atlantic Ocean. While observing west towards the bay from the roof at about 3:30 PM Tom says, "I saw a flying "V" going in vertical motion." Then it changed to horizontal flight and also seemed to change shape. I checked to see if my girlfriend was observing; she also saw the object. It was quite far away but it looked like a UFO. This the third sighting we have had at the shore over the last several years. Thanks to Tom Hamm, Thbhb.


BALTIMORE - Bill Bean writes, "I would like to report my latest UFO video footage on April 24, 2000, from 11:40 AM to 12:40 PM." In this one hour time span, I video taped 48 "Rods" and five UFOs over my backyard. This tape must be seen to be believed. This is the largest number of objects I've caught on tape to date. I will be sending you a copy of this incredible footage. These "Rods" are moving extremely fast and move both vertically and horizontally. Some are thin and shorter while others appear to be very big and thicker [Cigar shaped]. If anyone out there has similar footage. Please contact me at If anyone would like to more about me or my footage please go to my website Thanks to Bill Bean, (Bill & Linda Bean)


NAPLES -- Scott Klein captured on video a comet-like object moving across the sky at a snail's pace above the Gulf of Mexico in February. So far, authorities have not been able to identify the ball of light he captured in the night sky. Scott Klein has captured something extraordinary on his home video camera. In fact, Klein has seven minutes worth of the object on tape as it sailed across the night sky over the Gulf of Mexico before disappearing behind the tree line. Klein's young son, Lucas, was the first to spot what he calls a slow moving "big ball of fire" as he played in the family's yard. He then told his father, who began recording the object immediately after he saw it. The Klein's were excited about spreading the word about what they saw in the sky, but the family was leaving on a trip to Colorado the following morning. They felt certain that others had seen the object, and expected the news media to explain the sighting. They returned a week later and realized that the media had not covered the story. Scot Klein quickly contacted NBC 2, as well as the National UFO Reporting Center, which is now seeking more information from Kline.

GULF OF MEXICO -- Ship board witness reports, "My wife and I were on the last night of a Western Caribbean cruise aboard the MS Ryndam on April 15, 2000." I had put our luggage out in the hall of the ship to be collected, as we would be ending our trip the next morning. We departed Key West at 5:00 PM and were sailing south going around the end of Florida heading for Fort Lauderdale. I was out on the deck listening to the waves and gazing at the stars at 2:00 AM when I thought I saw a meteorite. The light appeared on the western horizon of the Gulf of Mexico and moved upward into the sky in a 45-degree arc. As the pinpoint of white light arched across the sky it got larger. It was spherical in shape (about the size of a fingernail at arm's length) and I noticed a color shift to orange. It seemed to emit a hazy glow maybe from heat. Then, as it continued to arch across the sky I noticed that it was not flying a straight course, but was oscillating rapidly up and down as it continued moving forward. It seemed unstable and then it dropped down about 750 feet, hovered for an instant and then did a reverse arch back above its original course. Finally it proceeded to the southeast at five times the speed it was moving before and just disappeared. I never seen anything like this and don't know what to make of it. Thanks to Peter Davenport and the National Reporting Center at


ST. CLAIRSVILLE -- Kenny Young reports that four witnesses report visual observation of an unidentified aircraft described as being triangular in shape with a total of seven lights on its surface on April 28, 2000. Two sisters, Nora and Betty, had just exited the bowling alley in St. Clairsville. As they were heading to Betty's vehicle Nora spotted the triangular shaped object almost hovering above them. They watched the object for a few moments and then got into their car to head to the local Wal Mart. They noticed the craft appeared to follow them. Upon exiting a store to approach their parked vehicle, they noticed the object's very slow progression to the west. Three of its seven lights were red, three were green, and there was one yellow-amber colored light, which pulsated or rotated. All of the lights blinked and appeared to be synchronized at 9:40 PM. For the length of time the object was observed, it traveled at twice the height of the trees, or about 100 feet off the ground. It was the size of "a jet airplane" but made no sound. The craft traveled in a west to northwest direction over Belmont County. It covered four miles in 50 minutes and just casually left the area. Both women got back into the car and headed to Nora's where her sister had to drop her off. They looked for the craft but could not see it, so Nora called her daughter who lives further west. Her daughter, Jill, and her son Chad, both watched the craft between 10:05 and 10:30 PM. They observed it taking two small 90-degree turns. First to the right and then back to the left. Nora, stated, "It was not a plane and not a blimp. I'll probably never get to see it again either." I am going out tonight April 29, and look. Thanks to Kenny Young and Don Keating.


MACOMB COUNTY -- Todd Lemire reports that six witnesses viewed a diamond shaped craft on April 28th, 2000. Todd says, "I received an e-mail report form from a witness reporting a "bright light in the sky with three airplanes near it at 9:30 PM, which disappeared and reappeared in a different spot in the sky." She goes on to state that six of us were outside at a friends house and we were looking up at the sky because it was a pretty clear night. We saw a very bright light in the sky, not moving much, with about three airplanes or helicopters around it. Then it disappeared. When my brother and I were walking back to our house, we saw it again with the airplanes around it once more. I guess it's a UFO! Thanks to Todd Lemire,, Michigan UFO CENTRAL


MILAN -- Nancy Talbot says, "I just got off phone with witness to huge crop circle which occurred about mid-way between Memphis and Nashville. In a field of winter wheat immediately across from her front door, a very long (perhaps 1/4 to 1/2 mile long) pictogram occurred on the Sunday night, April 23-24, probably about 3 am. Witness's 10-year-old daughter and a "sleep-over" friend were awakened at about 3 am by a "weird" humming noise; there were no windows in the room they were sleeping in so it is not known whether there was light phenomena associated. A family dog, which had been sleeping on the mother's bed, also barked around this time. At about 7 am Monday morning, upon opening the front door to let the dog out, the mother saw the huge crop formation in the field opposite her front door. She and a step-son went into the field briefly and noted somewhere around 10 circles and associated pathways, at least one circle that was ringed, another circle that had occurred around an electricity pole in the middle of the field. They did not explore the whole formation because there are many snakes in this field, including poisonous copperhead snakes and water moccasins. If you are thinking of visiting the site, wear high boots.

After exiting the field, both the mother and stepson noted "pain" in their legs, up to the knees. Both also felt "light-headed" and unusually fatigued all of this week since being in the circle field. The mother contacted a local crop-duster, who is apparently also interested in crop circles, and he stated that there was other crop circles "all over the place" in this area. In fact, the mother states that there is another small circle in a field immediately behind her mobile home, which occurred the same night as the larger one in front of her house. No aerial photos have yet been taken, but I've alerted other interested parties in the area who will try to get some, particularly since the crop duster is apparently willing to take people up to get shots. It is also of interest to note that the phones and computer did not work the morning the crop circles were discovered.

The mother also reports that some of the downed crop was already yellow on the first day after the formation was found. Also, the mother had noted about a week previously that there was dead cow lying in a driveway about 1/2 mile from her home and that there seemed to be very peculiar cuts on this animal. In addition, the mother reported a very peculiar incident that had happened to her when she was 15 or 16 years old, living in Selmer, TN with her mother, 2 sisters, and a brother. She related this story to me stating that it had "nothing to do with the crop circle," but I am not so sure: on the night of this incident she and her mother and sisters and brother were all awakened in their home at about 2 am by a strange "beeping" noise directly over their house; then, in sync with the beeping sound, a beam of light came down through their ceiling, on and off, for 10 to 15 minutes. The whole family was terrified and afraid to go outside and look up. The next morning she was found to have massive bruises all over her legs, which could not be accounted for. That same day a young boy who lived nearby came to visit her and told her, without knowing about the family's experience, that a relative of his who had been out "spooning" that night nearby had seen a number of "aliens" which had so frightened him that he'd driven the whole way home with all 4 car-doors open and flying about. Thanks to Nancy Talbott/BLT Research


TABLEROCK -- Ike Bishop MUFON's State Director reports I had an interesting sighting here on April 21, 2000. It started when I received a call from investigator Chris Altman about a bright light in the Table Rock area at 10:45 PM. I went outside and was able to see it as well. I noted that it was between the landing path of the airport, and the microwave towers of Tablerock. The light was not flashing and stationary and would turn off and on in no particular pattern. The object appeared to be about four miles distant. I drove to a vantage point on Federal Way with unobstructed view and looked for the light. The light was gone and was soon replaced by four dim lights in a linear pattern with no blinking. It looked like the Phoenix lights only smaller. There appeared to be a larger space between the second and third lights. The others were evenly spaced. This formation appeared to be advancing toward Boise, because the lights became brighter and drifted to the north at a very slow pace, much slower than conventional craft. The formation went behind the mountains and disappeared. The sky was clear, but had a haze due to high humidity gave the stars only about 50% of their normal brightness. This could only mean that the formation was closer than one would imagine. It was two football fields in length. I was unable to see any craft associated with the formation since it was about twelve miles away at an altitude of 8,000 feet. Investigator Chris Altman was able to capture first bright light on videotape and a local TV station is enhancing the video. The length of sighting was fifteen minutes. Thanks to Ike Bishop MUFON's State Director of Idaho.


The March and April issues of the UK-based magazine AIRCRAFT ILLUSTRATED have a two part series "Secrets of Area 51." According to the following excerpt by Meinrad Eberle a triangular shaped aircraft was sighted, and a radio message intercepted at 06:00 AM on September 8, 1999, "The Swiss hikers Raffi Bloechlinger, Dino Regli and this writer intercept and tape-record the following radio message from Tikaboo Peak over looking Groom Lake. "Now traffic departing off Runway 32, a Fastmover, the winds calm, cleared for take-off!" The witnesses watched its takeoff roll [starting off from the intersection of the base's Southern Delta Taxiway with Runway 14L-32 R], using image-stabilized 15x45 CANON binoculars: [SNIP] Streamlined silhouette, smoothed-out overall appearance, massive upper main body/fuselage, and no shining parts whatsoever visible. Aircraft in dark color, most probably black, cockpit hardly visible, well integrated into aircraft body with two very high and massive-looking rear fins close to wingtips. There was no undercarriage whatsoever visible and no signs of engines mounted under, at or right above wings. No signs of engines integrated into lower aircraft body and no engine inlets visible. The aircraft continued accelerating down the tarmac and got airborne before climbing swiftly to altitude, accompanied by a distinctly audible low rumbling, but not pulsating noise. The craft then hung a left turn high above Emigrant Valley, not too far away from Bald Mountain.

Previously seen in side view, the craft's silhouette then started growing -- into a DELTA SHAPED PLATFORM, showing us its flat, dull dark (black)? belly. No engines were visible, no apparent air intakes and no under-fuselage stores of any kind -- just a smoothed-out triangular bodywork. The estimated overall length: 100 feet, overall height: 12+ feet, width: 55 feet with an estimated wing sweep of 75 degrees. Also striking was the complete lack of lights on the aircraft. Neither any blinking or turning red anti-collision nor any other lights of any description/color were visible. Just one dark mass turning westward, steadfastly heading out of sight. Visible was a roughly segmented rear wing area with two vertical fins, which left us with the initial impression that they were slightly canted outward, reaching up higher than the main fuselage. My two colleagues had the impression that they were not canted in any way. Topping it all off were two huge, just HUGE exhausts, which appeared to be still on afterburner. The engine exhausts seemed to be integrated into the main upper fuselage, rather than bolted down onto wing area. The A-12 aircraft is similar. For additional Area 51 info, exclusive pictures, trip reports, etc., do not forget to check out AI website at Thanks to Joe Stefula and Meinrad Eberle.


MADERA -- Robert Cunningham reports that after reading your article I would like to relate that while sitting in our backyard at 8:30 PM, in May of 1985. The sun had already set and we had just had a heavy rainstorm, I looked up toward the sky and right overhead were two clear-colored oval shaped "cells." They were both moving very fast, one right behind the other, in a wave motion like they were moving over an invisible roiling sea, going in a northerly direction. When they were right over me about 200 feet up, they made a hissing sound and the edges of both of the "cells" lit up. Just the outside edges lit up for a couple of seconds and then the lights went out. They continued on their way like they knew exactly where they were going. A family next store saw them too and screamed when they heard the hissing and saw the lights come on. It is something I will never forget! Robert Cunningham


Dr. Virgilio Sanchez-Ocejo reports the Chile 'Cronica' Newspaper, April 24, 2000. headlines were that a "UFO Makes a Giant Triangle in the Region." Jose Ignacio Prieto and four friends were happily having dinner when they felt some heat and the lights went off. They were in darkness, when a strong blue light came through the dining room windows leaving them temporarily blinded. After that, the lights came back on. The next day they found a giant triangular mark in the ground with a base of 35 meters with each side some 20 meters apart. In one of the triangles, there is a tower that carries high voltage electricity. The triangle is on a small hill of 30-degree inclination. The plants inside the triangle were bent at the base like crop circles. The police from Tucapel went to the remote area and verified the marks. The newspaper reported on other UFO sightings in this region. In San Pedro de Atacama, police received reports of strange red lights (UFOs). Anti-narcotic police went to investigate the area looking for a clandestine trafficker airstrip, but to their surprise, also found a perfect triangular mark. This triangle was 50 meters base, and was formed by small rocks, no bigger than ten centimeters that appear to be burned. "They were hot to touch." police reported. NOTE: Chile is also experiencing a rash of 'Chupacabra' attacks. More than 200 animals; chickens, ducks, doves, dogs, cats, goats, pigs and cows were attacked in the past weeks by unidentified blood sucking predators. Thanks to Dr. Virgilio Sanchez-Ocejo Miami UFO Center ,,


Gildas Bourdias writes, "First, I want to tell how much I appreciate your "Filer's Files". It's really one of the best sources of information that I know. However, I feel the need to correct you comments on the French "Cometa report" (Filer's Files No 16). That report is a purely private initiative: it is not a report sponsored or initiated by the official IHEDN, even though many members of Cometa have been "auditors" at IHEDN (on the other hand, they are not "junior auditors", contrary to what Perry Petrakis claimed last year, in an effort to depreciate the report). In short, the Cometa members are close to official circles but it is still a private initiative. The other point is that they have not written that UFOs are a "threat." More subtly, they said that it is a serious question, which must be studied from the defense viewpoint. Hence the title "What must we prepare for?" Cordially, Gildas Bourdais


WHITEFIELD, MANCHESTER -- Ian who works has a Network Development Manager had a sighting of a UFO that shot vertically towards space on April 9, 2000,at 11:45 PM in his back garden. I positively saw an unidentified flying object, which was in my opinion, definitely not a conventional aircraft. The event took place in less than a minute on a perfectly clear night. The crescent moon allowed me to see the edges of the entire moon. After seeing the Northern Lights earlier last week, I popped out into my garden to see if the event would be repeated. I saw a bright star-like flash. Thirty seconds later it flashed again in the same position. I looked directly above towards the edge of my roof and saw a large V shaped object 'gliding' in a Northwest direction. The craft made no noise, and for the want of a better word, it maneuvered more fluidly than any aircraft I have ever seen. The back of the V had vents with glowing red and orange lights. These were on both lengths of the 'V' and may have been engines of some kind. There was a haze close to the lights causing distortion like you see on a road on a hot day. The object then smoothly stopped and turned north without banking. Turned to face my direction, so all I could see was a rectangular outline with three white dots (one at each end and one in the middle). The lights then flashed very brightly and the object turned, pointed upwards, and shot directly up in the air showing only its red vents at the back before disappearing. I was a member of the Territorial Army and was trained to identify military and civilian aircraft. Thanks to Ben Field, BUFOD,


HOEVEN -- Nancy Talbott writes, "Here's what I can tell you about the probably the first crop circle of the century." A Ten-circle formation in the shape of a "cross" was discovered in a grass field near a small village in southern Holland in the early morning hours of Good Friday on April 21, 2000. The crop circle was found by Robbert v/d Broeke and his parents after Robbert awoke at 4:00 AM after an extremely lucid 'dream,' in which he had heard a familiar voice call his name. He then 'saw' a large, very bright white light over the field in which the formation was subsequently discovered; as he 'watched.' He then observed multiple small balls of light, some 'orangey' and some bluish, descend from the white light down toward the surface of the tall grass. In his 'dream' he did not actually see the crop circle itself, but felt sure that a new formation had occurred--which was, in fact, discovered a few hours later.

For the last six years, Robert has had similar 'dreams' or intuitions about new crop circles having formed, sometimes in locations far distant from his home, but where new formations are subsequently discovered. In this case, the field in which the Good Friday cross was discovered is very near the location of several past crop circles and is adjacent to an area where he has witnessed multiple balls of light on many occasions. Several years ago during the afternoon, he was observing multiple balls of light spiraling over a nearby field when some of these 'detached' themselves from the larger spiraling mass, approached him and began to circle around him; he apparently became unconscious and, when he awoke some time later, found himself lying inside the middle of a new circle. In many cases the plants and soils from Robbert's crop circles have been tested by the BLT Research Team and have been found to have the elongated nodes, expulsion cavities and germination abnormalities consistently found in crop formation plants around the world. It is interesting that Robbert's report (in his 'dream') of a large white ball of light from which smaller, colored, lights descend to the crop surface is echoed by a report obtained from an elderly farmer in southern England some years ago--who observed a very similar event at 4:00 AM in one of his fields where a new formation was discovered at daylight. Actual sightings of crop circles forming are rare. And although in this case the young man was asleep in his bed and witnessed the event in a 'dream,' the similarity of this report with the unpublished account of the elderly farmer who was AWAKE during his observation is striking." Thanks to Nancy Talbot (Nancy Talbott).
Editors Note: If someone is trying to send a message, it is interesting that the first known crop circle of this century was made on Good Friday in the shape of a cross.

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