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Filer's Files
By George Filer

MUFON Eastern Region Director
May 8, 2000

George Filer:
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THE GRAND PLANETARY ALIGNMENT ON MAY 5, 2000, had little or no effect on the Earth despite many dire predictions.

SOLAR ACTIVITY -- Our sun seems to operate in a solar cycle of eleven years when it undergoes a period of activity called the "solar maximum," followed by a period of quiet called the "solar minimum." During the solar maximum, there are many sunspots, solar flares, and coronal mass ejection's, all of which can affect communications and weather here on Earth. This year happens to bring the beginning of the "solar maximum," the point in the sun's eleven-year cycle of activity when sunspots and solar flares are frequent and intense. This activity hits our Earth with increased radiation that can disrupt the functioning of telecommunications, satellites, and power grids. The cycle is expected to peak in the in the next several months, with the possibility of severe solar disruptions lasting for the next five years. It will be interesting to note if this effects UFO activity.


WATERFORD/CHISELHURST -- The first witness saw the object over head while traveling west on Route 30 entering Waterford Township on May 3, 2000. The witness saw a tiny bright light in the southeast, which then t urned to large brilliant blue electric color and climbed in altitude. It then descended to its original altitude, where it stopped shortly at 3:00 AM. The second witness saw the object slightly before it stopped moving, and noticed a shape change and a very bright blue dove like wide wing inverted. It was moving at high speed toward the northwest and appeared to be approximately 2000 to a possible 3500 feet above ground level. It then slowed rapidly and vanished. Both witnesses agree that the object changed shape and had no trail or tail. No noise was heard and the description of the speed change and color were similar by both witnesses. The car windows were closed. This took place on the return trip from Atlantic City and was reported less than an hour after the incident occurred. Thanks to Peter Davenport NUFORC

WARETOWN - A mother reports, "Last week both of my daughters came running downstairs from their bedrooms crying that there was a ball of light floating around their rooms and that it turned into three aliens." I started reading the gospel and tried to calm them. Both girls do not believe in UFO's. They were very upset and told me they will deny it, if I tell anyone.

My ten year old cried for a couple of hours. The older daughter has been complaining of something behind her ear. I can only feel a tiny lump. I also have a tiny lump on my neck. When I start trying to dig it out, I get rightened. My 10 year old gets terrible headaches and does not sleep much because she is afraid, but she will not discuss it. She explained what the light turned into three little Gray beings. I have told them repeatedly, no one wants to hear this, that if you think there is a ghost or entity, etc., keep on saying, "Jesus is my Savior. I only worship him and no other." I have been reading the Bible and UFO books, the Bible indicates that aliens are really devils in disguise. I still think there is a war among aliens to get control of Earth, because some species are becoming extinct and need our reproductive capabilities. I don't believe that when the Gray's say they are making a new breed of perfect hybrids that their all loving. My children used to listen and pray with me, but now they don't want to touch either subject and God knows I am really giving it my all. Thanks to Mary a possible abductee whose name is withheld for privacy.

Editors Note: This family has been seeing strange lights in the sky and in their home. Several other reports have come from this same area over looking the Bay and Barnegat Light House and the Atlantic Ocean. One interesting facet of the case is that the mother is constantly fatigued. There are many reports that numerous abductees may have the symptoms of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. Several recent abduction cases seem tied to this disease whose symptoms are extreme fatigue, where almost all normal tasks of life like cooking, working, shopping become difficult, if not impossible. Many CFS sufferers lose there jobs since they do not have the energy to function. According to Better Nutrition Magazine of April 2000, "Many experts believe that CFS is brought on by chemical imbalances in the body." According to two studies at England's University of Southampton magnesium may be the missing mineral. In the first trial, red blood cell magnesium levels in 20 CFS patients were found to be lower than those in 20 healthy patients, indicating that CFS did indeed involve a shortage of magnesium. In the second, a randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled study of 32 CFS patients, researchers found that weekly injections of magnesium sulphate produced improvement in energy, emotions and pain levels in 80 percent of the patients, while only 3 of the receiving a placebo felt improved. Since magnesium supplements are readily available, ask your doctor about adding a daily dose of 500 mg magnesium glycinate and increasing your calcium intake.

It is quite possible the electrical plasma like lights or the UFOs reported by abductees delete their bodies of the normal supply of these minerals. This whole area of the affects UFOs or plasmas lights have on the human body needs to be thoroughly investigated. Blood tests and consultation with your medical doctor is advised. Many abductees also report paralysis inferring some sort of electrical current or EM may be passing through their body. Studies need to be accomplished to ascertain if this could cause depletion of key minerals such as magnesium and calcium. Abductees report the Grays often look as if they suffer from anemia indicating they may be suffering from radiation poisoning, deficiencies in their immune system. or the lack of key nutrients. I would encourage medical experts t to theorize on the damage that radiation may have done to the Gray's immune system and how abductee's nutrients, bone marrow, blood cells might help alleviate their problems. Further, what damage may light plasmas or UFO propulsion systems do to a UFO witness or abductee?


MARIETTA - Georgia State Director Tom Sheets writes that the National UFO Reporting Center (NUFORC) in Seattle and MUFON of Georgia began a joint investigation into a close encounter with a brightly lit disc on May 2, 2000. Peter Davenport, the Director at NUFORC, received a call from a credible Marietta Georgia citizen regarding a disc that was observed thru a skylight during the night. NUFORC, already assisting on another joint investigation in Georgia, relayed this information to MUFONGA for follow- up investigation. On May 3, MUFONGA Field Investigator's (FI's) Olivia Newton and Michael Hitt interviewed the witness who was found to by very credible with many years devoted to work in the ministry. She awoke sometime between 3:00 to 5:00 AM and observed a brightly lit disc overhead her home thru her skylight. The disc was gray metallic with a grouping of steady red and white lights on the bottom, something like 'headlights'. As she watched, the craft tipped up to an angle on it's side and revealed that the edge had three triangular shaped window like structures. These were rotating around in a clockwise direction. Light was also coming through the windows, but was not as bright as the lights on the bottom of the disc. The craft was over the trees that surround the clearing of her home. She also detected a faint whirring sound. As she watched, the craft descended down over her home until it almost completely filled the view from her skylight except for a few inches on one edge. The lights were intensely bright lighting up the area like daylight. The craft then moved over the house away from the skylight toward the northeast. The bright glare from the lights lessening until it was gone. No EM effects were noticed, but the witness indicated that she was so focused on the event, that she felt as if she could not move. Her husband did not awaken during the event. Investigators Newton and Hitt estimate the craft size to be about 25 feet in diameter. The witness has a greed to make a sketch of the craft. Photos were taken of inside and outside the house.

TUCKER - A second case may be related as unknown objects were observed several hours earlier by three witnesses only 20 miles away from Marietta in Tucker, GA. One of the witnesses is MUFONGA Investigator David Brown of Norcross. David reports that he was at the home of his fiancé about 10:15 PM. As his habit, he always glances skyward, and he noticed a bright round object lit with multicolored lights, about the size of a dime at arm's length. Binoculars revealed a nearby second object, but not as profusely lit. The objects moved slowly down behind the trees to the southwest. David felt these were not normal aircraft, helicopters or any type of celestial bodies. He is probing further into this event and having the other witnesses to prepare sketches independent of his own. Investigations continue. Thanks to Tom Sheets, SD-MUFONGA, ISUR Board Member.


Investigator John Thompson writes, "There is a prominent congressman in Georgia who is well aware of the hundreds of UFO sightings that have occurred in Georgia in the last five years. This same congressman has a trusted friend who has seen UFOs and let the congressman know about them in detail. Yet, the congressman seemingly has no interest in UFOs and associated phenomenon. MUFON of Georgia has met with this same congressman and presented copies of UFO investigations done in his district, including one with his close confident. In an unrelated case, a photo of a UFO and its positive analysis was presented to the congressman. The congressman has acknowledged to MUFON in private that he knows the esteem retired law-enforcement officer who saw this UFO and supplied the photo to MUFON. This same photo was examined by an off-duty FBI photo analyst who declared it a genuine unknown. It is a hard road UFO investigators must pave. Fifty years of tireless labor still have not lanced the fear of the "giggle factor." Nothing, even trusted and well-respected individuals a congressman acknowledges as his equal, can induce America's political leaders to consider that an unknown alien intelligence is toying with mankind's evolution.

There is no genuine overt interest or displays of "Profiles in Courage" by our congressional representatives regarding UFOs. Instead, the public acknowledgment of UFOs by our elected leaders is so low it has to be wondered if an invasion were announced by, the media if any would have the courage to take immediate action to protect America. Make no mistake about it: "Aliens are here and they are doing more than just 'scooting' around." With no proof that our reality and current technology can decipher, millions of sightings and covert abductions point to a more dangerous and subtle invasion. They appear to be shaping man's destiny and our culture as it suits the alien intelligence for its own sinister purposes. Millions are not wrong on what they believe they are seeing or experiencing. With every congressional representative ignoring fifty years of opinion polls that consistently show approximately half of America believing UFOs are visiting earth, how is it not a single representative will explore the possibility that an alien intelligence is here? Why is it that seemingly not one Democrat or Republican statesman loses sleep over the security threat to America posed by these hourly sightings and abductions? How cannot one singular leader entertain the possibility that an interdimensional species of unknown origin is undermining the greatest country on earth and possibly imperiling the survival of the human race?

A giant among willy-nilly, yes-Representatives needs to stand forth; such a leader could be the Georgia congressman who cares about the security and welfare of the United States. If so, he must act quick as time is not on man's side. Abductions are the dark heart of the threat to explore and hold public hearings on. The rest is only distractions and tricks. Half a century of misconceptions and fool's errands, that only offers proof that is not proof. THEY are establishing CONTROL as we squabble over the details of our defeat. Thanks to John Thompson.

Editor's Note: In the past, there have been a few politicians with the courage to discuss the investigation of UFOs. These were Governors Carter and Reagan, and Congressman Steven Schiff and Gerald Ford. None of their careers were hurt when they stood up for investigating UFOs. We can make a good case that their concern for the their voters helped their careers. For example, House Minority Leader Gerald Ford on March 25, 1966, proposed to Congress that they investigate the rash of reported sightings of unidentified flying objects in Michigan and other parts of the country. Ford said he believed a congressional inquiry would be worthwhile because the American people are becoming alarmed by the UFO stories.


CENTRAL -- Allen H. writes, "I wanted to tell someone about this that would believe me." Here is my story- I was driving from a friend's house late one night; it is in this small town called Central. It is outside of Baton Rouge, LA. There are 3 or 4 roads into Central from Baton Rouge and woods surround all of them. Well, I was driving home at 2:15 AM, when my car radio got a lot of static on it and my pager started going wild. Then there was a bright light. Next thing I know it is 3:30 AM and my car lights were still on but the engine was dead. I lost an hour and fifteen minutes. Now this trip only takes about thirty minutes to make. I do not know what happened. This happened about six months ago. Recently I have had these bed looking at me but I cannot move or yell. And the whole time my wife is in the bed sleeping. I think it is a dream, but I am not so sure anymore. My wife thinks I am too stressed out. But I am not. I am scared. Thanks to: Allen H.


MUSKEGON -- Paul Willison reports that I was having our normal lunchtime get together with coworkers. I brought up the subject of UFOs just to see what the response would be and was surprised to find that four out of seven at the table reported very unusual sightings. The most interesting one was reported by a coworker who often goes to the shore of Lake Michigan to watch UFOs. This happens regularly, and he says that anyone with an evening or two to spend on the coast near Grand Haven, or Muskegon, Michigan should see the same thing. He says that he and some friends will sit on the 250 feet high bluffs overlooking the lake that gives them an awesome, unimpeded view to the west. He says that he will sometimes see 20 or more strange things in an evening; often they are lights that travel in formation, and are low to the water or horizon, but can suddenly shoot up at tremendous speed. He also sees lights travel the entire visible breath of the horizon at tremendous speed, traversing the entire horizon from south to north in two or three seconds. These UFOs are not uncommon and several other members of the lunch party said they had seen similar things, but had not reported them. I did gather that these objects are not often seen in the immediate vicinity of major cities or towns, but were common sights almost anywhere along the lake that was sparsely populated, which is still the majority of the lake shore. I think I will take my video camera, and spend a few evenings over at the dunes seeing what I can see! Thanks to and Skywatch International Inc.


WOOD DALE -- On April 25, 2000, the witness went to his car in the company parking lot after work, and saw airplanes descending in flight patterns toward Chicago O'Hare National Airport. I entered my car and drove west which was perpendicular to where planes descend very low toward the runways. As I drove, I turned to view an extremely huge aircraft that was very low to the ground and only a couple of blocks up. (2000 feet) It was much, much larger than a 747 but looked man-made. What caught my attention was that it was not moving. It seemed to be fixed in one position almost as if it was some kind of 'platform'. It was well lit and was slowly rotating. It was shaped similar to a very thin fuselage with very long wings. I don't remember seeing any engines. I slowed my driving, but didn't stop and finally the aircraft went out of view. I definitely felt I had seen something futuristic, but it did not seem to be a spacecraft. It looked as if it was some kind of a huge bomber or observation vehicle. And, again, it didn't move and it made no sounds. I think its multicolored lights even cast a shadow on the homes below. Thanks to Peter Davenport NUFORC


KANSAS CITY -- John Colaw the Kansas Director of Skywatch International writes, "I just had a great sighting, along with seven other witnesses. It was 9:15 PM when my daughter called me out to look at something in the sky. My wife Charla said "Oh my God, come out and look at this. I don't believe it." I went outside and west of my house, about 40 degrees above the horizon, was what looked like a pulsing star. It was changing brilliant colors. Red, blue, white, and yellow seemed to dominate. It changed color rapidly, but pulsed at a slower frequency. It was pulsating and changing colors. It appeared to be fat for a star, but otherwise you could not tell size, because distance was uncertain. It did not appear to be in space, it was in the sky. It was very weird to be able to watch it for so long. A friend who was visiting happened to have a nice SONY Handy cam with Night Shot infrared and 72x digital zoom. We got some great footage of it, first without the infrared. We got a good 25 minutes of it. Then we chased it in the car, but it was obviously a few miles away at least. But the best part was when we switched it to Night Shot Infrared. The object was too far away too be painted by the camera. What we shot was the infrared signature of the object, and it really is spectacular. It looks like a pulsing fog, with a bright triangular nucleus that is spinning rapidly. Like a cell made of light with a spinning triangle for a nucleus. I will get the video uploaded to the Internet and post it. I made sure to get perspective shots of the trees and streetlights in the foreground. Thanks to John Colaw and (Cliff Capers) Skywatch International.


Lamar James was assigned to write a story on Jim Rowell, a recently retired Arkansas State police lieutenant. He related a UFO story that happened to him in the early 1950s when he was driving out of East Camden, Arkansas where the state police academy is located. It was early in the morning and fog was hanging close to the ground on a lone stretch of highway. Jim said his truck's radio suddenly died, quickly followed by the engine. While he was trying to restart the truck, a red glowing object came out of the mist toward him. It passed overhead then out of sight. When he tried again to restart the truck, this time it cooperated. He asked me what I thought about what he told me. "Sounds like a UFO," I told him. He believed it to be a government craft, pointing out that several defense contractors have facilities in East Camden. The Patriot missile system of Gulf War fame was manufactured there. Jim related another story where he saw a high-flying aircraft trailing an orange cloud. Was it tricks of lighting or something extraterrestrial? I do not know, but again he had a more conventional explanation. He believed it to be a NASA craft. Jim was dying of cancer and he knew it. He had no reason to lie to me. He had an amazing story to tell and wanted someone to know about the encounter before he died. Thanks to Lamar James and Robert M. Collins


BOISE - Idaho State MUFON Director, Ike Bishop reports that, "I got my first look at the flying wedge (Wing) tonight over Boise. I am not sure what the Air Force calls it, but I knew they were working on it. It came from the northeast probably from Malstrom AFB and went south making an 'S' shaped pattern as it flew over. It was at 9:00 PM and the sun reflected off its bottom, or we would have missed it. I was with a Real Estate client and she looked up and said, " Wow, look at that!" The craft was silver in color, reflecting an orange glow from the setting sun. It was huge and very noisy, and left two vapor trails, which did not touch. The noise was different from a conventional craft. The pilot seemed to be 'testing' it as it flew a strange pattern, very gradual turns first to the south, then to the west, south again and into north central Nevada perhaps to Area 51? The craft appeared to be at about 25,000 feet but still looked huge and 'bulky'. Thanks to Dennis Gramm and Ike Bishop


PALMDALE -- Bill Hamilton writes "I have seen some strange things in the sky over the years and May 2, 2000, was no exception." I was just emerging from Von's market on Palmdale Boulelvard at about 8:59 PM crossing the parking lot to my car when I looked at the sky northeast and saw a bright light "switch on" followed quickly by 2 more so 3 lights in a row were seen. I thought this might be an aircraft on approach to USAF's Plant 42 in Palmdale when suddenly the 3 lights became 7 or 8 in a long string and then blinked off. In rapid succession 3, more lights came on, blinked off and then 3 more in another position. Then all these blinking lights went off! These did not appear to be aircraft headlights and certainly not flares, but I could not help wondering if it was a military exercise or a UFO. If anyone else has seen this display in the Antelope Valley, California, please let me know. Thanks to: Bill Hamilton Executive Director Skywatch International, Inc. Website:


The European Southern Observatory (ESO) announced May 4, 2000, that eight new very low-mass companions to solar-type stars have been discovered at La Silla. The intensive and exciting hunt for planets around other stars ("exoplanets") is continuing with great success in both hemispheres. A team of astronomers of the Geneva Observatory are announcing the discovery of no less than eight new, very-low mass companions to solar- type stars. The masses of these objects range from less than that of planet Saturn to about 15 times that of Jupiter. The new results were obtained by means of high-precision radial-velocity measurements with the CORALIE spectrometer at the Swiss 1.2-m Leonhard Euler telescope at the ESO La Silla Observatory.

This observational method is based on the detection of changes in the velocity of the central star, due to the changing direction of the gravitational pull from an (unseen) exoplanet as it orbits the star. The evaluation of the measured velocity variations allows to deduce the planet's orbit, in particular the period and the distance from the star, as well as a minimum mass. The characteristics of the new objects are quite diverse. While six of them are most likely bona-fide exoplanets, two are apparently very low-mass brown-dwarfs (objects of sub-stellar mass without a nuclear energy source in their interior). From the first discovery of an exoplanet around the star 51 Pegasi in 1995 by Michel Mayor and Didier Queloz of the present team, up to now, a total of 43 low-mass companions to solar-type stars have been detected with minimum masses less than 15 Jupiter masses. Thanks to Alien Astronomer - Hi-Tech/Secret Projects.


LINCOLNSHIRE -- Gerry @ Far Shores reports, "I've compiled the following from reports published in The Grimsby Evening Telegraph, concerning intense UFO activity. Forty-year-old Elaine King, of Tetney Lock near Lincolnshire, believes that she was transported from her bed to an alien spacecraft that was constructed entirely of a steel-like material. It happened at 09:30 hours on March 24, 2000. Miss King explained: "I was in bed and felt myself getting weaker and weaker, like I was collapsing. The next thing I knew, I was in this corridor." While on board the alien ship she opened a door and was shocked to find a human male "spread-eagled" on a table, while aliens "peeled back his skin to look at his insides." "There was a female being, who was milky white and wearing some sort of wig, I think it was to try and make her look less frightening, and more human. She communicated to me, telling me not to worry about my cats and dog, that they would be looked after. She did not speak to me in words, just put these thoughts in my head. "She didn't scare me, I think she was trying to help," said Miss King. She thought she was going to die, but the next thing he knew she was back in her bed and only eleven-and-a-half minutes had passed. "I was so shocked to be back, I thought I was gone for good," she said. Miss King said she knows people will perceive her as "mad" but she honestly believes it was an abduction attempt. She claims to have had many "alien" encounters.

Miss King's "abduction" experience happened the same day a fruiterer from Grimsby's Freeman Street saw what he believes was a UFO hovering in the sky above Willingham Street at 14:00 hours. Thirty-seven-year-old Tony Kelsey claimed he saw a pure white unearthly object still in the sky. Some six hours after this latest event at 20:00 hours eleven-year-old Reshi Kumar was sat in the back of his father's car stuck in traffic when he noticed "a really bright round light in the sky. It was hovering then it dropped steeply and left a white line behind it. ''One minute it was there, the next it was gone, it was really weird,'' explained Reshi who does not believe in aliens -- despite being an avid X-Files follower. Following newspaper reports of the above incidents, The Grimsby Evening Telegraph was flooded with callers that included writer Tony Downing who claims to have seen at least nine UFOs in the last 25 years, all above Grimsby. One was a dark shape, which made no sound and emitted a beam of light at Mr. Downing and his wife before vanishing, he claims.

Cliff and Margaret Blyth, of Corn Mews, Cleethorpes, got the shock of their lives when an unidentified red ball hurtled towards their house and passed through Mr. Blyth's body. "I saw a two-inch red ball of fire come through the window and pass through my husband's chest. We immediately lifted his shirt to see if it had left a mark, but there was nothing there." Mr. Blyth (68) said: "I'm too old to be scared, it didn't hurt but we both saw it and my wife never drinks." A grandmother from Humberston who first saw a UFO 40 years ago thought her husband was joking when he claimed to have seen a UFO in the form of a giant silver cigar. The couple was leaving the Leas of Waltham School at 19:30 hours, when John Ramsden spotted something spooky on April 6. Dorothy Ramsden, who saw a UFO in Daubney Street 40 years ago, said: "We were just about to get into the car when my husband said he'd seen an UFO. Then I saw this lovely silver object with a pinky glow hovering in the sky." John Ramsden, a skeptic, said: "It was fascinating, we just stared at it in amazement at the hovering UFO for around six minutes." Elaine Reid's husband thought she was "cuckoo" after she told him she had seen a "bright light traveling really slowly across the sky when she put her washing out April 7. Elaine described the object as "round and as big as an aerosol." Thanks to Gerry @ Far Shores


Robert Collins writes, "The draft carbon memo (no date) below is page one with eight tabs (not shown) marked as TOP SECRET/MJ-12 leaked to Tim Cooper in August of 1999." The envelope was postmarked McLean, Virginia. As of this date the time frame circa 1961, watermark and onionskin paper have been authenticated by Tim Cooper & Wood Enterprises composed of Bob and Ryan Wood. See & for updates and reports.

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