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Filer's Files
By George Filer

MUFON Eastern Region Director
June 5, 2000

George Filer:
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MOSCOW -- President Clinton and Russian leader Vladimir V. Putin have apparently agreed to establish an Early Warning Center in Moscow. With this new partnership the US and Russian military experts will exchange information within minutes on the launching of ballistic missiles or space vehicles detected by either nation. Agreeing with the American assessment that so-called rogue states pose a nuclear threat, Vladimir V. Putin hinted that the two nations could collaborate on new ways to shoot down enemy missiles soon after they were launched, rather than in space. The Russian proposal is intended to replace the plan for a nationwide shield to protect the United States against incoming warheads from nations like North Korea. President Clinton presented a speech to 400 Russian legislators on June 5, saying, ''I know our partnership, our relationship, is fundamentally the right course for both nations. Despite differences, partnership is the right course for both nations." America and Russia are not destined to be adversaries again, he said, ''but it is not guaranteed that we will be allies.'' Clinton said,' The world we seek to bring into being can come only if America and Russia are on the same side of history,'' The US plans to build a limited missile defense system to protect against strikes by rogue states. The plan would require changes in the 1972 antiballistic missile treaty that Russia opposes. Putin's alternative approach seems to resemble the plan known in the United States as boost phase defense, which advocates hitting enemy missiles shortly after launch from so-called rogue states. Such a system would be of little use against the Russian nuclear force. That would make it far more acceptable to the Russian military.

Editor's Note: The so-called Antiballistic Missile Defense System was first proposed by President Reagan who stated, that his discussions with Soviet leader Mikhail Gorbachev at Geneva, touched not only on "Star Wars," but the extraterrestrial. Reagan said, "We're all God's children. I couldn't help but say to him just think how easy his task and mine might be in these meetings that we held if suddenly if there was a threat to this world from some other species from another planet outside in the universe, Reagan said the president went on to say that such an event would force himself and Gorbachev to forget all the little local differences that we have between our countries and they would find out that we really are all human beings here on this earth together. Well, I don't suppose we can wait for some alien race to come down and threaten us, Reagan added. But I think that between us we can bring about that realization." (Speech Fallston High School, December 4, 1985)


BETHPAGE, LONG ISLAND -- Pat noticed a large bright craft fly past his bathroom window at 300 feet on May 26, 2000. I spoke with Pat who said it looked like a Chinese lantern squashed down. He called his wife and they went outside to see the slow moving craft at 9:30 PM. It was the size of watermelon at arm's length indicating it must have been a very large craft. A small lightning bolt or waves of electricity seemed to coming out or in the bottom right hand corner of the craft from a darkish striker like plate. It appeared to be sucking electricity from huge power lines near by. There was no sound from the craft has it flew over head in the clear sky. It seemed to flying on its side and looked like a postage stamp with rounded corners. Bethpage is located about twenty miles east of Kennedy Airport, so aircraft are frequently observed in this area approaching or leaving the airport. Pat assured me this was no plane or blimp. He had served in the Air Force and knew aircraft. He tried to follow the craft in his car but lost it. He felt it could not have been anything built on Earth. It was last seen heading east flying over the local police station and above large power lines. The craft was pure white like the moon moving at about 5 to 10 mph. Thanks to Pat for a telephone interview and Kenny Young UFO Research who was first contacted. Editor's Note: This is one of the strangest reports received in recent month. The observer holds an important position and was formally in the Air Force. He seems well qualified and assures me this was not a blimp, aircraft or other standard flying object.


On May, 15, 2000, I was taking a break from mowing the lawn to grab myself a beer, and just take a look at the full moon. It was still daylight outside at 7: 30 PM, when out of nowhere a cigar shaped craft appeared. It was fully lit up like a piece of the sun flying high up above the moon. Never in my life have I seen a craft completely bright from distance. It looked like the sun itself. I ran into house to find camera and went back outside to see craft fade into the sky. Minutes later the craft reappeared moving slowly, and again faded away. A few minutes later, a single engine dark green plane was chasing the craft. This was for real. Thanks to NUFORC


RED LION -- my name is AJ, I am 14 years old, and I wish to report a UFO sighting. It happened last Thursday, May 25, 2000. I was trying to find some airplanes in the night sky at about 10:30 PM and I saw a bright yellowish light sitting over a small township called Windsor. At first, I thought it was a helicopter, but it had no flashing lights and made no sound. I did not see any other planes either. I watched it for a few minutes then I saw in the distance an airplane. I looked back, saw the light kind of dim, and disappear. The next night, again about 11:30 PM, I saw two of them. They were both sitting stationary. One was to the north and the other was to the east. They hovered, the north one dimmed and disappeared. Then light in the east did the same. About 5 minutes later, I saw another on move in from the north and slowly go by. Then, it too disappeared. Then lastly I saw a quick streak go through the sky and that was it. Thanks to NewbyNole and MUFON HQ


Jen writes that with the help of Bill Bean who is with MUFON, she has been taking several hours of videos of the sky. He slows the video down and you can see some very unusual objects there. I tried the same thing at home. Except with this experiment I used a video cam that you use on the computer for video conferencing. I have enclosed the film clip in this letter. I found this object on the third try. I was also watching the sky visually noting any birds or close insects, which might give the appearance of an anomaly. The camera is a very basic and I had it set to 30 frames per second. I could only film a minute or so at a time. I filmed an anomaly towards the end of the video. You will not see the object running the video at normal speeds. The anomaly appears on the far left hand side of the screen 3/4 of the way through. Then slow it down to frame by frame. It appears abruptly, hovers for a couple frames then darts up and out in 2 frames. You can see it disappear and jump up twice and then finally disappears. The trees in the background are 75 feet from my apartment. The film was shot under clear skies with unlimited visibility. Thanks to Jen Runningpony


Wendy Connors says I wanted to comment about the Flying Saucer Wind Tunnel Testing at Wright Field in your #21 edition of Filer's Files. There is no doubt that wind tunnel testing was accomplished at Wright Field on Lenticular plan forms and low aspect ratio designs. Alfred C. Loedding used the wind tunnels to test his "pumpkin seed" designs in 1947, as well as the engineering staff testing Dr. Alexandar Lippisch's delta wing designs and the low aspect ratio designs of the Horten's low aspect ratio designs. Wright Field Laboratories, especially the wind tunnel staff, would conduct tests on all manner of wing shapes, whether they were for current aircraft designs or not. The attempt was to garner data on all possible planform configurations for possible future use. Mr. Collins implication that Wright Field was specifically testing a "flying saucer" at the Wright Field wind tunnel complex is somewhat misleading. About the only person whose design being tested at the Wright Field Wind Tunnel which could come close to being described as a "flying saucer" was Alfred Loedding's designs, since his designs were specifically based on the investigations he and the Project SIGN people investigated. Thanks to Wendy Connors Project SIGN Research Center


MILLSTON - The witness reports, "I was traveling down US Highway 12 near on May 14, 2000, at 5:00 PM when my car's engine suddenly killed and I had to coast to a stop. My car refused to start. I got out to lift up the hood. I heard a humming sound coming down the road from the east. I looked and it was a disk shape object that looked like a huge top spinning on the road. I ran inside my car and looked at it and it suddenly became airborne. It shot straight up about 75 yards from my car. "It scared the living hell out of me." I did not tell anyone because they would not believe me. I will never travel this road again. I had to report this to someone. Thanks to NUFORC Director Peter Davenport.


DICKINSON -- Dave Fugere reports I was able to observe all three classic disc shape UFO sightings with a pair of Bushnell binoculars. I doubt if the naked eye would have been able to see these craft. They were definitely flying in formation. The first time it was about 10:30 PM, and the weird thing is they just flew into my line of view which was basically right over my house as this time I was looking straight up just off my deck. These craft are going so fast that there was no way I could count them because they cluster so close together. I can't imagine the Air Force Thunder Birds Demonstration Team flying that fast so close together. There would be no margin for error. I can still safely say there were at least 9 or 10 perfect disc shaped craft. They had a faint white glow that silhouetted the craft. Slightly trailing the main group were two more off to the east. I was awed and quite excited and I ran into the house and woke the whole family telling them what I had just seen. What I am writing about I swear is the truth! This was July 2nd or 3rd, 1998.

During the middle of the summer of 1999, I again had the binoculars out and I saw two of them going south at a lower altitude. They were beautiful, but made no sound. I had the feeling they would not feel a bit of turbulence while in flight. Just as they were getting out of range they tilted on their side and made a left turn and two seconds later I could no longer see them. They had a perfect slight white glowing darker at night. On March 3, 2000, I again saw the discs traveling north a little to the west of me. I saw five out front with 25 to 30 UFOs flying in a straight line formation at perfectly spaced intervals. This is when I became really alarmed because there were so many. I counted to five and they were gone. The first time I had time to count to eight seconds and the second time seven seconds before they just got too away far to see. They must be traveling around the 10,000 mile per hour. In the summer of 1985, my girlfriend and I had a campfire going at Cedar Dam when a weird lightning formation lit up the sky for 10 to 15 seconds going east and west. There were no clouds. A half hour later an object from the same direction started coming towards us. It had no lights and was silhouetted in the glow from the full moonlight. It was glass like in appearance and had the shape of a sphere, but the light made it look like it was five or eight sided like an octagon. It flew directly over us at low altitude, so slow that I thought it would fall out of the sky. I tried to walk with it until it got out in front of us and disappeared. Thanks to (Dave Fugere)


SANTA ANA -- James Schuld called to report that he saw plasma UFOs on May 26, 2000, at 8:00 PM as it got dark. They stay right over his home and they are there almost nightly. Different peeps per minute, ten peeps pause then two peeps, Indians claim to have seen near there. They are also seen coming out of the ground, Two or three feet in diameter fireballs, pinkish make peeping sounds.


LONDON - I took the kids to Heathrow on May 7, 2000, to see the Concorde takeoff... While waiting and watching other aircraft taking-off, my sight caught a small object, very high up, traveling exceedingly SLOW. With interest, I watched this object for approximately 15 to 20 minutes, sometimes seemingly stationery. It was too high to see any details, but, I would say that it was shaped like an aircraft fuselage, but with no wings or tail. What was more odd was that it was traveling length ways and others it seemed to move side ways in the same direction! Clear blue sky, moving due north, slight orange in color I believe. Thanks to Dan


Bill Eatock reports, "As I drove slowly along the road, I suddenly saw a wall of fog in front of me and was surprised that it started so suddenly. I drove into the fog and immediately heard a very high pitched whining sound. The sound was gaining in intensity, to the extent that it was hurting my ears. I was unable to see anything. By this time, the sound was overpowering and I reached for the car radio to see if it was turned on, but it was not. My ears were hurting by this time and I was fast becoming disorientated. In desperation I pulled the wires out of the car radio just in case it was coming from there and I thought I had turned off the walkie-talkie, but the sound continued. "At this stage, everything got confused and the next thing I remember was driving out of the fog to a totally clear road and the sound had stopped. Another strange thing was that this road is usually quite busy with other cars, but I never saw one. I drove home feeling sick, with my left ear and left side of my face burning. On my arrival home, my wife noticed that the left side of my face appeared to have been sunburned. I don't know what caused this but I felt ill." Even now, Bill remembers with clarity the events that followed this encounter. "My wife was in the kitchen waiting for me (when I got home) and when she looked at me her eyes opened wide. She could see I was in a bad way. She said, "What the hell's happened to you? Where did you go for those thirty minutes?" I did not know what she was talking about, as far as I knew Id been talking to her none-stop, on the walkie-talkies. "I went into the bathroom and saw the sun tan down one side of my face. At the same time I started vomiting, bad, it was clear liquid. As if something had been pumped inside me. It was very unpleasant. I then realized that my left ear was bleeding, something damaged my ear, and now I cannot hear very well in that ear. "I had to go to bed. I fell asleep for hours. When I finally woke up, I felt like I was dying. I had panic attacks for no reasons. If I went in a confined space, I started panicking - it was horrible. Even today, my fear of being trapped is indescribable.

"I went to see a trained hypnotist and was regressed. It came out that I had been abducted. What happened was that as I had been driving along the whole lock, stock and barrel went up in the air. The car, everything went up into a ship, a spaceship! And after the "greys" did certain various "checks" on my person, they put me down in exactly the same position. There were none- human looking creatures, a lot of them. What I remember most about it was that there was a human looking being with them who was very tall, about forty-five/fifty is, with grey hair, powerful, very well built, a very healthy looking person, he had total control over the "greys" He was the boss. He came to me after the creatures had examined me and spoke to me in perfect English. Clear, concise, inflection-free English. I saw that there was a lot more human beings as well. There was a girl next to me, a young girl, she said she came from Parbold/Dalton, or somewhere near there. She was terrified and in a very fearful state." This was the only regression session Bill underwent, but it helped him come to terms with what happened to him that night. Now there is no doubt in his mind that he was abducted by aliens and taken aboard, to use his own words, "A spaceship". Nor does he now believe it was an isolated incident. Like many abductees he now believes he has had experiences ranging from his childhood right up to the present day. William George Eatock


LONDON -- On Feb. 15, 1999, an air traffic controller in Scotland noticed something strange on his radar screen. A bright blip on his screen suggested there was a very large object traveling at 3,000 mph over the Scottish coastline heading southwest. The size of the blip suggested the object was 10 miles long and two miles wide. Two minutes later, the object disappeared from the radar screen. Three months earlier, British Ministry of Defense documents record that a commercial pilot flying over the Midlands region reported an unusual object traveling at "very high speed" with a very bright strobe light flashing once every 20 seconds. Although the two incidents were unrelated, both were reported to a little-known department in the ministry known as Secretariat (Air Staff) 2a, the secretive section which collates reports of unidentified flying objects that cross British airspace. The government has treated reports of UFO sightings as highly classified and only released information to the public after 30 years. But the parliamentary ombudsman insisted that the Ministry of Defense hand this information to Colin Ridyard, a research chemist from Wales who had been seeking information relating to UFO sightings by pilots or radar operators between July 1998 and July 1999. Initially, the ministry refused. But after the intervention of the ombudsman, Michael Buckley, the ministry agreed to release the information as a one-time exercise for $120. The ministry handed two reports to Ridyard, yet official information from the Civil Aviation Authority suggests there had been additional sightings. During the same period the CAA said it reported two more UFO sightings to the ministry, neither of which it disclosed. According to official CAA reports, in the same month that a radar picked up an enormous object flying across Scotland, a pilot flying over the North Sea became startled when his aircraft became illuminated by an "incandescent" light. Three other aircraft in the area reported seeing a ball of light moving at high speed. Air traffic controllers reported there were no strange aircraft in the area, but five minutes later an operator at a weather station picked up a fast-moving object on his radar. The other incident which the CAA reported to the ministry occurred in June 1999 when the pilot of a B757 flying over the North Sea reported an unidentified military-looking aircraft passing close by in the opposite direction. Nothing was seen on the plane's radar or by air traffic controllers. The ministry told the CAA there were no aircraft known to be in that area. By Antony Barnett London Observer Service Source: Rocky Mountain


PRINCETON, NEW JERSEY -- Jonathan Leake, Science Editor writes: Scientists claim they have broken the ultimate speed barrier: the speed of light. In research carried out at Princeton, particle physicists have shown that light pulses can be accelerated to up to 300 times their normal velocity of 186,000 miles per second. The implications, like the speed, are mind-boggling. On one interpretation it means that light will arrive at its destination almost before it has started its journey. In effect, it is leaping forward in time. Exact details of the findings remain confidential because they have been submitted to Nature, the international scientific journal, for review prior to possible publication. The work was carried out by DR Lijun Wang, of the NEC research institute in Princeton, who transmitted a pulse of light towards a chamber filled with specially treated caesium gas. Before the pulse had fully entered the chamber it had gone right through it and traveled a further 60 feet across the laboratory. In effect it existed in two places at once, a phenomenon that Wang explains by saying it traveled 300 times faster than light. The research is already causing controversy among physicists. What bothers them is that if light could travel forward in time it could carry information. This would breach one of the basic principles in physics -- causality, which says that a cause must come before an effect. It would also shatter Einstein's theory of relativity, since it depends in part on the speed of light being unbreachable. Wang said: "Our light pulses did indeed travel faster than the accepted speed of light. I hope it will give us a much better understanding of the nature of light and how it behaves." Wang emphasizes that his experiments are relevant only to light and may not apply to other physical entities. But scientists are beginning to accept that man may eventually exploit some of these characteristics for interstellar space travel. June 4, 2000. Editor's Note: If speeds greater than the speed of light are possible than flight to the 43 planets already located is not has time consuming as once thought.


Richard N. Soles says, "Read your article about the sighting of an UFO by STS 101 shuttle astronauts between the hours of 12:30 AM and 2:30 AM. I rechecked my video recording of the flight, I might have missed that portion of the repair job being done, but I did notice the one astronaut doing something different. He was signaling the crew inside the shuttle that he saw something, in fact he did it twice, and then he took pictures. It looked like he was going to take photos for the other astronaut but he changed camera angle and took it looked like 2-3 photos. Then he signaled the crew again, by tapping on his helmet/suit and pointing. Just thought you'd like to know what I saw. Thanks to Furie...

Jeff Challender writes that preliminary findings concerning STS 101 indicate I found some of the objects in question. They appear on S-band sequential still shot TV, and this is just too ambiguous to make much of without more corroboration. I have, as of this writing, 17 six hour tapes of STS-101. So far, I have only looked at the first four. There is still a lot to go through, so there is some hope. Alas, I can only tape the mission when my cable operator makes the feed available. My source is cable access channel 72 in Sacramento, California that does not broadcast NASA TV continuously. My tape for the evening of 21 May 2000 did not start until 11:00 PM PDT. I have been through all I have from that evening's spacewalk, and can find nothing resembling a metallic disc. I did see some of the S-Band still shot coverage of the astronauts, which included some objects which came and went with the changing still shots. Unfortunately, these are inconclusive. I have seen frequent cases where there seems to be a bogie in the field of view, and it turns out to be only a solar effect of the camera lens. However, NASA's stinginess with the camera downlink is making it far more difficult to find anything. Furthermore, this new favor for the S-band link is a real pain in the neck, as one is only seeing the equivalent of brownie camera shots, and anything of note can be lost in the background clutter due to lack of motion. For what it's worth, I do believe that when bogies are detected by NASA during live downlinks, they switch to the S-band mode. This allows them the greatest latitude for selective editing, and later plausible deniability. Also, if you watch enough of NASA, some strange patterns begin to emerge, such as little or no live camera views, or even substitution of "clean" tapes as live. In any case, the impression is that NASA wants very much to have complete control of what is seen by the public, and that nothing unusual shall be allowed past the censors in Houston. Thanks to Jeff Challender.

Editor's Note: Jeff is our expert on shuttle tapes and has put together an exceptional tape that runs 88 minutes showing standard objects in orbit near the shuttle such as debris compared to Unidentified objects. STS 101 shuttle craft successfully made repairs to the International Space Station (ISS): to replace four of the six solar charged batteries on the Zarya module, to stabilize a wobbly 3-meter construction crane that was installed during an earlier shuttle mission, to complete the installation of a partially installed Russian 15-meter crane on the Zarya module, to replace a faulty communications antenna, to boost by 32 km the altitude of the station which has been loosing 2.4 km/week, to deliver a ton of food, fuel and supplies to the station, and prepare the station for the arrival of the Russian service module, Zvezda, in mid-July.


Jerome Clark writes Filer's Files #21 states Pioneer of psychiatry, Dr. Jung stated in 1954:"A purely psychological explanation is ruled out ... the discs show signs of intelligent guidance, by quasi-human pilots ... the authorities in possession of important information should not hesitate to enlighten the public as soon and as completely as possible" (Dr. Carl Jung on Unidentified Flying Objects, 'Flying Saucer Review', Vol.1, #2, 1955.) This bogus quote was the focus of an international uproar in the summer of 1958, after the Lorenzens revived it in their A.P.R.O. Bulletin and it got picked by an Associated Press reporter. Jung was embarrassed, and the Lorenzens ended up making an unqualified apology to him, and AP retracted the story. The quotation above was taken out of context from some highly qualified remarks Jung made in a 1954 letter to the Zurich weekly Die Weltwoche. It is almost certain that Jung maintained a private conviction that UFOs are probably of extraterrestrial origin, but he was circumspect in what he was willing to say publicly. It is, however, unfair and misleading to use words Jung specifically disavowed. For a full discussion of Jung and the UFO phenomenon, see The UFO Encyclopedia, 2nd Ed., pp. 547-49. Jerry Clark Editor's Note: Jerry, you say on pp 213. "Ironically, after all the controversy and all the public backpedaling, Jung turns out all along to have been a UFO proponent, even if one who chose his words with excruciating caution." My quotes were taken from several sources including numerous newspaper releases around the world and from the "Unidentif ied Flying Briefing Document, The Best Available Evidence" by Don Berliner and Antonio Huneeus.


OMAN --A new meteorite find in the Middle East may have evidence of microbial life from Mars. CNN reports the fragment is believed to be only the 15th identified as originating from Mars. Weighing in at 37 ounces, the grayish meteorite piece has been named Dhofar 019; it's been examined by scientists in both the US and Russia. "We're convinced it's from Mars," University of Tennessee geochemist Lawrence Taylor said. He analyzed samples of the Oman find with Mikhail Nazarov, a Russian colleague from the Vernadsky Institute in Moscow. The scientists identified chemical properties in the sample similar to those found in a Mars meteorite fragment in Antarctica in 1984, which NASA and other scientists have said contained fossilized signs of microscopic life. The fragment is composed principally of Martian basalt, and was found in the Dhofar region of Oman. Thanks to Sally Suddock SHnSASSY1 and CNN.


John Schuessler of MUFON writes...All human beings experience various forms of stress every day of their lives. Since Ufologists are human beings, they cannot expect to be stress free. In fact, they experience some unique forms of stress very much like that experienced by explorers, research scientists, and entrepreneurs. Ufologists are busy collecting data associated with anomalous events, interfacing with research institutions and government agencies, dealing with the most varied populations of humans possible, lacking sufficient funding and support, and usually doing this as an unpaid second job. These factors naturally subject Ufologists to additional forms of stress that they would not otherwise experience. Why do some individuals handle the stress better than others? How can UFO organizations help their workers deal with stress? Are there some common sense steps available to Ufologists for stress relief? This paper provides answers to these questions and more. Please see, And, for updates and reports.

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