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Filer's Files
By George Filer

MUFON Eastern Region Director
June 12, 2000

George Filer:
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Numerous strangely glowing green fireballs were observed penetrating the Earth's atmosphere prior to heavy solar flare activity in late May and early June. Fireballs were reported in Massachusetts, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Florida, Missouri, South Dakota, Colorado, and Oregon. Although, these may be meteors many reports indicate the objects made sharp turns similar to the extraordinary linear accelerations that UFOs are able to make. Later, a series of flying saucer shaped UFO reports were noted over various parts of the United States with a spectacular sighting over Dallas.

Major solar flare activity erupted on our Sun on June 6, and 10th. The blast of charged solar particles hit the Earth's magnetic field 32 hours later causing scattered radio blackouts and unusual weather. The storm did not significantly disrupt telecommunications or electrical power that had braced for outages. Stargazers in northern latitudes were treated to spectacular Aurora Borealis displays and will likely continue. The sun is approaching the height of its eleven-year storm cycle and further activity is likely. The sun is beginning to flex its muscles," said solar forecaster Dave Speich of the Federal Space Environment Center in Boulder. Powerful X-ray flares ejected an estimated billion tons of charged particles into space that ride the solar wind at speeds up to 2 million mph. The particles hit the Earth on June 8, and more is expected over the next eight days. The particles can damage satellites and alter their orbits. In 1989, a severe solar storm knocked out power stations serving Canada and the northeastern states. Since then, power grid and satellite operators have taken steps to protect their systems. The prolific flare-producing sunspot group #9026 unleashed another moderately strong solar flare on June 10. The eruption was accompanied by a partial halo coronal mass ejection (CME) that might be Earth-directed and arrive in the vicinity of our planet on June 13.

There is speculation that UFO activity is slowed by the geomagnetic disturbances and turbulence produced by the solar storms. November had more than 400 UFO reports while May had slightly over 100. The unusually low number of crop circles this year may also be reflected in the low UFO activity. For more information and pictures, visit


Jersey City -- My roommates and I were enjoying a late night barbecue on May 26, 2000, in our backyard when all three of us observed a large orange sphere moving quickly across the sky heading southwest at 11:15 PM. It did not have any blinking lights, tail or trail behind it and was silent. The object itself appeared to be dimly lit from within. We all remained silent and transfixed until it passed completely out of sight. Thanks to Peter Davenport Director National Reporting Center,


ROANOKE COUNTY -- Robin Hodge and her daughter were driving down Route 419 when Robin spotted a strange object in the sky at 5:47 PM on June 8, 2000. Robin said; "I saw a jet flying over a contrail made earlier by another jet. This left an 'X' symbol in the sky, on e of many we have seen in our skies lately. "Out of the middle of the 'X' came a silver disk, I noticed the light reflect off it." I saw it fly about two inches across the sky, if I was to hold a ruler up to the sky, and then it suddenly disappeared. Allot of traffic was around so I am hoping someone else noticed it. It happened in a split second. My daughter was with me, but she did not notice it. By the time I told her to look, it was all over. The disc appeared to be about half the size of the jet. It was a saucer shape with a cap like a pyramid shape on the top. It happened so fast I only caught a quick glimpse, as it seemed to disappear in thin air. It was if it flew behind a veil. Poof and it was gone! The sighting happened in southwest Roanoke County. I have decided I will let you use my name and email if you like. Time to come out of the closet about UFOs. There have been F-16 fighter aircraft flying above our home and Chinook Helicopters landing at our local airport. I wonder if it is all connected. Thanks to Robin Hodge


TALLAHASSEE -- We were just lying down on the trampoline in the backyard on May 29, 2000, at 4:00 AM when we saw this light that looked like a moving star. It was too fast to be a plane and too slow to be a shooting star. It flashed and then another one came and then others, all going in different directions. They were not flying normal airline routes. We decided to get the binoculars, and we were able to see saw two of them. They looked like your classic saucer only turned vertical so it looked like a bubble. When we looked through the binoculars, we saw that the light was a dome on top. Under that was a bigger dome with a long thing like a cigar beneath. We could see a spinning movement that was spinning vertically. Thanks to NUFORC


COAST -- Peter Davenport reports two witnesses confirm seeing a bright neon green oval shaped craft moving at a high rate of speed shortly after dusk on May 30, 2000. The craft moved east to west at 9:00 PM. It was flying parallel with the shoreline along the Alabama coastline when the object simply disappeared. Thanks to NUFORC.


MILWAUKEE - Kenny Young reports he received a report from Vaughn and his girlfriend who observed a UFO on Sunday morning June 4th, 2000. Liz and Vaughn were sitting on top of a slide in the middle of a field in a southern suburb of Milwaukee at 2:00 AM. Liz pointed out rather bright lights in the sky and said, "Is that a UFO?" Vaughn says, the lights were very wide across and it looked like the lights of a baseball stadium. I could see the dome like shape of the craft in the air. I told her "It's a UFO, I'm serious, lets get out of here!" The object was coming towards us but still appeared to be about two miles away. Liz laughed because she thought I was trying to scare her, but she soon realized I was serious. We stared for a few more seconds, when the craft turned sharply to the right, and it hovered about a mile away. We ran to our car that parked on the street. Liz exclaimed, "The craft was landing, almost like it was going down stairs." We got in my car and drove toward it. We spotted it sitting on the road about five blocks away. Again, it appeared to be coming towards us, so I turned the car around. When I looked in my rearview mirror, it was gone. We are both 16-year-old high school students. We're not stupid, or on drugs. We both have high grades in school. Whatever we saw on the ground was what we saw in the sky. Thanks, Kenny Young at UFO Research


DALLAS LOVE FIELD AIRPORT -- On May 26, 2000, members of a Swedish Telecom Company were driving north on I-35 in a bus when they observed two large black/dark green helicopters with two propellers front and back flying south at 500 feet altitude. A master engineer for the company reports, the Director of Global Support was sitting in seat in front of me, and I pointed out the military helicopters near the airport." He was on his cell phone talking. Most other company employees were asleep. I then noticed a huge metallic silver disk shaped object, brilliantly reflecting sunlight, hovering at about 9 to 10,000 feet above the airport at 3:15 PM. The helicopters were flying directly toward the disc. I said, "What is that above them? ". He said, "Something is flying above!" I said, "I think it is a UFO." We both stared out the bus window transfixed. I was determined not to take my eyes off it. I should have yelled "UFO," because there were at least 5 video cameras and 20 cameras on the bus, but I could not take my eyes off it. I know the object was extremely large, because eventually the helicopters were directly under it, in the same formation, and the diameter of the disk was larger than from the back of the trailing helicopter to the front of the leading one. This was actual, not apparent. and the helicopters were about 8500 to 9500 feet below. I haven't done the math on this yet, but if the length of that type of helicopter can be found, a reasonable estimate of the actual size of the craft can be derived. It was magnificent and beautiful. About 30 seconds after the helicopters were directly under it, the UFO disappeared. I wasn't even blinking, let alone looking away, and it simply disappeared. The helicopters also flew out of-sight in a few seconds. The altitude estimate was derived from knowledge of meteorology and the apparent shrinkage of the helicopters as they approached the UFO, the time of day, and relative sizes of airplanes flying in and out of Love Field. It was a sunny day with sparse fair-weather cumulus clouds. Thanks to Peter Davenport Director National Reporting Center,


SACRAMENTO --- On May 28, 2000, the witness observed a light strobe twice in the sky, then a very bright light came on and faded out at 10:32 PM. The two lights were well separated. The witness went inside his home and asked his wife and our friend to come outside and look. They then observed a with seven lights in a 'V' shape heading east. It seemed to be just one large 'V' shaped craft object and all the lights were the same brightness and size. The three of us watched the object for ten seconds as it traveled east very quickly and silently. Then it just disappeared. There was no sound at all. My wife and our friend stayed outside looking for the object while I called Peter Davenport immediately. This object was definitely not an airplane or like anything any of us had ever seen before. Our house is located about two miles east of McClellan Air Force Base. The witness and his wife are both 37. He works has a Communications Technician. The third witness is an Insurance Agent friend aged 36. Peter spoke with this witness' at length and felt they were good quality observers. Thanks to Peter Davenport, Director National Reporting Center,


MOJAVE DESERT -- The MegaStar Daily News Service in the United Kingdom reports a UK pilot's near miss with a UFO while overflying the Mohave Desert on June 7, 2000. "The unidentified object English pilot David Hastings saw as he flew his Cessna plane came within a few feet of a midair collision," said the MegaStar News. "David quickly snapped two color photos as he and an ex American military pilot dove frantically to avoid the oval-shaped spaceship." The object they saw was described as a huge, fast moving, saucer-like aircraft with black rings around the top and bottom. Hastings said, he was under radar control, but that air traffic controllers reported nothing unusual on their radar and no other craft in the Cessna's vicinity. "As we neared the Mojave Desert under radar control it happened. We both suddenly realized that we had fast traffic in our 12 o'clock (straight ahead)," Hastings reported. "We pushed the control panel and ducked. A shadow flashed over us but there was absolutely no sound. We slowly raised our heads and asked: 'What the heck?'" Hastings said when they developed film of the encounter, "One shot had nothing, but the second had a blurred image of the UFO." He gave a copy to the Navy, which MegaStar News said "is completely baffled." The account is also published in the current issue of Pilot magazine. Thanks to Sally Suddock, and MegaStar Daily News Service, June 9, 2000.


DUESSELDORF -- The Rheinische Post reports that telephones manned by the German police were ringing off the hook and a UFO researcher had already contacted Moenchengladbacher Airport to inquire about the mysterious lighted object seen flying low on the night of May 5, 2000. One witness, Karl W. called to report that a slow-moving aircraft displaying red and white flashing lights seemed to have crashed shortly after 22:00 hours after disappearing behind trees. When an expert identified the light pattern as possible clearance lights of a sport airplane, search measures were initiated. Some 50 police officers, twelve firefighters, as well as 22 German Red Cross aids with dogs combed the area between the A 52 and boundary. In the morning, a helicopter was dispatched to again search the entire locality but failed to find anything. Other witnesses had also observed the craft including a policeman, who reported the flashing lights as being extremely bright to the point of affecting his eyes. He said that normal landing lights in comparison were very much weaker. The police were thorough in their attempts to try and explain the event, but had to exclude the presence of a hot-air balloon as well as aircraft. The fact that the object was seen traveling so slowly as well as soundlessly at treetop height for some period of time has left them with a huge puzzle. In a further report on the incident two weeks later officials admitted they were still baffled by events of that night. Thanks to Gerry@ Far Shores | Rheinische Post, - 5/8/00


Researcher John Thompson who has done hundreds of UFO investigations writes, "There is a definite God connection." As someone asked me, "How do you know that 'they' don't come from an extraterrestrial dimension instead of a demonic one?" I told him, "I don't." But the truth is it does not really matter as nearly all alien reports fit with what religious writings have warned of for centuries. The aliens behind abductions are evil and the calling for help from God--if one believes in God--stops alien activity in the household or certainly brings it to a crawl. Now if they are extraterrestrial (ET) dimensional creatures from another Universe, so what? We still cannot physically touch them and they cannot touch us. Key abduction researchers with the aid of hypnosis, have said many abductees are breeding with aliens, hybrids, and even other humans. Many abductees have reported having "perverted dreams, " It has to be concluded that these disturbing nightmares are the jelly that the best known researchers have made ET brick of. If there is sexual breeding between aliens and humans, and raping of humans by alleged hybrids--as some researchers claims--let us see proof. Such proof should constitute newly contacted unknown diseases and higher rates of sexually transmitted diseases in areas of high UFO sightings. If there is actual linkage between physical ET space craft and abductions that involve breeding games then the other linkage should also be there. Actually what they and others have done with their hypnosis sessions is a perversion to what is really going on. They have added great fog to the whole abduction issue. They have pulled out bits and pieces from abductees and constructed a partially completed puzzle that they would like to lay on a table. The problem is the "bits and pieces" are only mental images and without independent witnesses and true physical proof there is no "table" to lay them on.

Despite doing two investigations myself from what I considered reliable witnesses who saw an alien associated with a physical airborne craft, in each instance the other witness accompanying them denied seeing the aliens. Indeed, in one case the other witness denied seeing any UFO or aliens at all! As these are the only two cases I've investigated that allegedly involved two witnesses seeing aliens near or inside perceived spacecraft, I have to conclude my initial witnesses were mistaken. It is only when we get into the realm of the true paranormal, and leaving UFOs out, that we get repeatable and multiple reports of what I call innerterrestrials (INT) sightings; the "shadows' and "haints" that have remarkable similarities to "greys." UFOs may be related to areas of high INT sightings and they may not. I have been told by a former pastor well-versed in the bible that the bible talks of "manifestations." Perhaps, more remarkable UFOs are only "manifestations." Since man can project holograms it is certainly conceivable that an unknown alien intelligence is manifesting craftier illusions. By-and-large, I'm concluded that after you factor out black--budget UFOs, weather UFOs, piezoelectric UFOs--actually IFOs that most scientists or witnesses are not privy to or fully understand--heavenly bodies, common aircraft and bad witnesses, all we're left with is "lights in the sky" and "manifestations." My point is, it has to be seriously entertained that there may be no true physical UFOs in our skies. Should there be no physical UFOs -- although I remain open on this issue--then what remains are only INTs. The INTs, in turn, have help abductees and hypnotherapists feed their own extraterrestrial UFO expectations.

Objectively, the facts don't support the UFO extraterrestrial hypothesis. This would explain why not a single person in the public domain has found one physical piece of evidence to support ET visitations. And in the private domain, we can speculate that government research and storage facilities contain not only recovered UFOs as many like to believe, but captured living dinosaurs! Obviously, saying something exists because the government won't let the public see it doesn't make it so. With millions now having seen UFOs over the last 50 years at least one tiny piece of a "nuts and bolts" UFO should have been found by some lucky or determined individual in the general public. A few grams would be sufficient; yet, nothing. This total lack of physical proof also explains why many governments around the world have investigated UFOs, then abruptly halted their investigations. Objectivity has often killed many a splendid thought. The preponderance of evidence shows we are dealing with a nonphysical, dimensional intelligence that defies our concept of reality. We may wish it different but reality says otherwise. Thanks to John C. Thompson Copyright 2000, All rights reserved.


Robert Collins writes: Reference the comments made by Wendy Connors in Filer' Files #22. Most of what she is saying is correct up to the point where she states that my statements referencing "flying saucer" wind tunnel testing is "somewhat misleading:" I reference back to that one document (declassified in 1994) dealing with "flying saucers" and the Horten Brother's "flying wing." That document points directly to "flying saucer" wind tunnel testing at Wright Field. In none of those eighty pages does it mention the word "lenticular" in reference to the Horten Brother's "flying wing." There are two black and white photos (poor quality) of one such large scaled "flying saucer" set up for testing. We don't know if these photos were taken at Wright Field but they do show a "flying saucer" type aircraft: Please see 06-06-2000 update at


REDONDO BEACH -- TRW, the US Army and the Israel Ministry of Defense (IMoD) have blazed a new trail in the history of defensive warfare by using the Army's Tactical High Energy Laser/Advanced Concept Technology Demonstrator (THEL/ACTD), the world's first high-energy laser weapon system designed for operational use, to shoot down a rocket carrying a live warhead. The successful intercept and destruction of a Katyusha rocket occurred on June 6, 2000, at White Sands Missile Range, New Mexico. The shoot-down was achieved during a high-power laser-tracking test. "We've just turned science fiction into reality," said Lt. Gen. John Costello, Commanding General, US Army Space & Missile Defense Command. "This compelling demonstration of THEL's defensive capabilities proves that directed energy weapon systems have the potential to play a significant role in defending US national security interests worldwide." Major General Dr. Isaac Ben-Israel of the Israel Ministry of Defense said, "With this success, THEL/ACTD has taken the crucial first step to help protect the communities along our northern border against the kind of devastating rocket attacks we've suffered recently." "The THEL/ACTD shoot-down is a watershed event for a truly revolutionary weapon," said Tim Hannemann, general manager, TRW Space & Electronics Group. THEL was able to detect, track, engage, and destroy a Katyusha rocket with a high-energy chemical laser. Within seconds, the 10-foot-long, 5-inch-diameter rocket exploded. The US currently has no weapon systems capable of protecting soldiers or military assets involved in regional conflicts against short-range rocket attacks. The THEL/ACTD was designed, developed and produced by a TRW-led team of US and Israeli contractors to help protect civilians living in towns along the Israeli border from rocket attacks by terrorist guerrillas. Thanks to Joe Stefula. Lasers at TRW 6/7/00


Ranked in the top five of's UFO selections is a new book by Dr. Bruce Maccabee that details the FBI's involvement in UFO investigations. Maryland State MUFON Director has written a new book called The Secret History of the Government Cover-up. Among some of the real 'X'-Files of the FBI are: On July 10, 1947, Air Force Intelligence asked the FBI to interview witnesses (of alien landing at Roswell). The Air Force was worried that some sighting reports might come from communist sympathizers. --The FBI officially investigated during the late summer of 1947. The FBI interviewed a dozen and a half or so witnesses and found no evidence of communist sympathizers, but did find unexplainable sightings. Many of these interviews and sighting reports were filed under "Security Matter - X." -- Air Force Intelligence supplied the FBI with secret UFO-related information from the summer of 1947 until the middle of the 1950s. Some of this information did not appear in the files of Project Blue Book (1952-1969), which include the files of Project Sign (1948) and Project Grudge (1949-1951), or in the Air Force. -- Information supplied to the FBI during the years 1949-1950 indicated that the Air Force treated the subject seriously even though the Air Force publicly stated that the sightings could all be explained and that there was no threat to the United States. --In January 1949 an Air Force Colonel at Oak Ridge, Tennessee, who directed the project to create and atomic powered aircraft, told the FBI that saucers were real and were weapons of the Soviet Union.

In 1949 and 1950, the FBI was told by the Air Force intelligence that the saucer project had been ended. But then the FBI received further requests for sighting information, which proved that the Air Force was still investigating. The confusion of the Air Force investigators over whether or not saucers were weapons of another nation or something else is evident in the FBI file. In 1949 and 1950 numerous "green fireballs" were observed flying over restricted military installations in New Mexico and Texas. These military installations were associated with the construction and storage of atomic weapons. The security agencies were very worried that these "fireballs" were Soviet missiles. The Air Force reports also indicate a "disc shaped variation" also reported by Air Force security personnel. The local FBI agents reported numerous times to Director J. Edgar Hoover about these sightings. In 1950 the AF project set up to investigate these sightings (Project Twinkle) obtained "photographic proof" of saucer reality. This proof is presented publicly for the first time in this book.

On July 29.1952, a week after saucers appeared over Washington, DC, the FBI was told by Air Force Intelligence that roughly 3 percent of the sightings could not be explained and that it was "not entirely impossible" that some saucers were "ships from another planet." On the same day, the General in charge of Air Force Intelligence (General Samford) held a press conference and told the American public that sightings were all explainable as natural phenomena such as mirages and "temperature inversions" (affecting radar). --In October 1952, the FBI was told that some AF officers were "seriously considering the possibility of interplanetary ships." --The FBI file has a memorandum, which indicates that when Jimmy Carter became President he did query government agencies about their UFO activities, as he had promised before the election. The FBI does not now investigate sightings, however, it has "placed on the web the roughly 1600 pages of UFO files at A better solution for investigating the pattern of the FBI UFO activity is Maccabee's book. See

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