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Filer's Files
By George Filer

MUFON Eastern Region Director
June 25, 2000

George Filer:
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LIQUID WATER ON MARS -- NASA has announced that there is strong evidence of liquid water on Mars. Startling photographs from the Mars Global Surveyor provide clear evidence of liquid water at or near the surface of the red planet. The features are similar to those left by flash floods on Earth. Gullies formed by flowing water and the deposits of soil and rocks transported by these flows are clearly seen. These features appear to be so young that they might have formed in recent days. We think we are seeing evidence of a ground water supply, similar to an aquifer," said Dr. Michael Malin, principal investigator at Malin Space Science Systems (MSSS) "These are new landforms that have never been seen before on Mars." Twenty-eight years ago, the Mariner 9 spacecraft found evidence -- in the form of channels and valleys -- that billions of years ago, the planet had water flowing across its surface, but these new photos look comparatively recent. The Global Surveyor can pick up objects the size of an auto, and the darkness caused by the water appears recent. NASA geologists announced that salty oceans once existed on Mars.

The presence of liquid water on Mars has profound implications for the question of life not only in the past, but today. If life ever did develop there, and if it survives to the present time, then these landforms are great places to look." The gullies observed in the images are on the walls of craters or valley walls that are marred by deep channels apparently caused by escaping water. Near the bottom of these walls is accumulated debris that appears to have been transported down the slopes. Malin said, "Because the atmospheric pressure at the surface of Mars is about 100 times less than it is at sea level on Earth, liquid water would immediately begin to boil when exposed at the Martian surface. Investigators believe that this boiling would be violent and explosive. So how can these gullies form? Malin explained, that the process must involve repeated outbursts of water and debris, similar to flash floods on Earth. "Nearly all occur between latitudes 30 degrees and 70 degrees, and usually on slopes that get the least amount of sunlight during each Martian day. The water supply is believed to be about 100 to 400 meters (300 to 1300 feet) below the surface, and limited to specific regions across the planet. Each flow that came down each gully may have had a volume of water of, roughly, 2500 cubic meters (about 90,000 cubic feet) -- about enough water to fill seven community-sized swimming pools.

The water makes it easier for human exploration crews to obtain water for drinking, to create breathable air, and to extract oxygen and hydrogen for rocket fuel or to be stored for use in portable energy sources." See:

Editors Note: These water deposits provide significant implications for the possibility of life on Mars. If water can exist in a free state without vaporizing in the deep regions such as in the Valles Marineris, then so can humans. Although, our astronauts would need breathing equipment and warm clothing, they may not need to use cumbersome pressure suits. Valles Marineris area is six miles deep and the atmosphere may accumulate in these low areas. It also brings up the possibility that several forms of life exist on Mars. Dark spots that appear on the polar sand dunes during springtime defrosting action hint at the possibility of lichen, micro-life organisms, or simple plant life.

Even the possibility of intelligent life on Mars has also been greatly enhanced by the likelihood of underground springs or aquifers. Much of this water is probably left over from oceans that existed in the past. Due to the very low Martian temperatures and little atmosphere, most scientists have scoffed at the idea of intelligent life on Mars. The flowing liquid water indicates temperatures underground are apparently much warmer than on the surface. Vegetation on Mars may be very different from Earths and the food may be produced underground like our mushroom farms. The rarity of atmosphere on Mars may require a completely altered respiratory system for warm-blooded creatures. Although a human's temperature is 98.6 degrees Fahrenheit, a Martian's temperature may be only 60 degrees F. allowing them to function well in the comparatively rare Martian atmosphere. If oceans once existed on Mars, it is likely, an atmosphere also existed. We can speculate that with deteriorating atmospheric conditions space travel to the nearest planet, our Earth may have become a Martian priority and may help explain UFOs. Evidence of intelligent life underground on Mars may only be established by looking for the entrance to caves or by the use of infrared imaging devices. The Russian Phobos II satellite mission is known to have detected sources of underground heat in relatively rectangular areas suggesting city streets. Shortly afterwards Phobos mysteriously stopped transmitting data. Some researchers claim that various structures such as pyramids and geometric shapes are also present on the surface. Expect further announcements from NASA as they slowly release their spectacular findings.


Eve Gordon, M.D. writes: "When I became aware of the results of my husband's survey of UFO sightings among his medical patients, I was surprised by the high numbers of sightings reported. I wanted to verify this for myself." If these results (11% of the population having sightings) could be reproduced by other physicians in their practices, this would confirm the widespread nature of the phenomenon, and avoid the bias of a single questioner. I work as an allergist in the same large HMO as my husband, but at a separate office about 20 miles to the east. My practice includes both adults and children. In my survey, I questioned adults and children over 12 years old. I only questioned patients who were in the office for routine follow up visits, not new patients, and not those with acute problems who would not feel comfortable discussing the subject of UFO's. I also excluded anyone with a history of psychosis, or substance abuse, which would render them unreliable as witnesses. At the end of the office visit, I casually added the question, "Have you ever seen a UFO?" If a structured craft was reported, I would encourage the patient to draw it for me on a small notepad, and to describe the sighting as completely as possible. Only structured craft not resembling normal aircraft, and nonballistically moving lights were counted as UFO's.

A total of 485 patients were asked about UFO sightings. Forty-one (8.4%) gave a positive answer, excluding ambiguous sightings (possibly explainable as meteors, stars, conventional aircraft, et cetera). With multiple sightings in 3 cases, there were 46 sightings. The objects seen by my patients included structured craft in 28 cases (61%): 17 discs (39%), 2 linear arrays of lights (4.3%), 2 cigar shaped craft (4.3%), and 6 miscellaneous- shaped objects (13%) including 2 ovoid craft, one tulip-shaped object, one flattened cylinder with a surrounding ring of lights, one crescent, one needle-like object, and one translucent "jellyfish-like' object, which moved alongside a truck on the Santa Ana Freeway in Los Angeles. Thirty-three per cent, or 15 of the objects seen were nonballistically moving nocturnal lights. The dates of the sightings ranged from 1938 to 1993. Twenty-six of the sightings were reported in California (the state in which this survey took place), 14 in the rest of the US, 2 in Baja California, and one each in Bolivia, Brazil and Fiji. Seven of the nonballistic nocturnal light sightings were reported in the Antelope Valley area of Southern California. These occurred between 1980 and 1992. One patient, an aerospace engineer, said that what he saw was not possible with existing technology. Landed craft were seen by two patients. In 1963, one man was driving with his wife and children at night in the hills near Sunland, California, and saw a bright, flame-like blue light on the ground about one-half mile away. It took off abruptly at a 60-degree angle into the sky and vanished. The second patient was driving late at night in Arizona en route to Phoenix with her husband in 1951. They observed a landed disc-shaped object surrounded by light, just off the highway, and noticed many small-stature people walking around it. They were too frightened to stop to observe the object for further detail.

There was a case of a craft following a car in the Antelope Valley, in which there were many witnesses. The patient was driving with her husband on Sierra Highway 2 one night in 1991, when they both saw a silent, radiant disc following their car. After several minutes, the craft turned sideways and shot directly upward, disappearing from view. Many other drivers had pulled to the side of the road to view the object. The patient called the nearby Air Force Base and was told that there were no flights from the base that night, but that one other person had called them to report a UFO sighting. In another case, two Navy jets were seen closely pursuing two metallic domed discs in the early afternoon, over Joshua Tree National Monument in 1958. The discs made a "buzzing sound, like high tension wires."

Although I asked about "missing time" in all those cases in which structured craft were sighted, I had only one positive response. This was from a former travel agent in his fifties who was on a cruise off the coast of Fiji in October of 1981, when he had his sighting. From his cabin porthole at 2:00 AM, he saw a crescent-shaped, glowing, "gold-amber-pink" craft hovering over the water. The ends of the crescent pointed downwards toward the island. After about an hour, the object dissolved from his view. The next morning, he awoke at 10:00 AM and went on deck. Three hours of missing time occurred then, and he found himself on an unfamiliar part of the ship. He later became intensely involved with several UFO investigation societies, and had several further UFO sightings on a trip to Brazil related to UFO investigation. He later underwent hypnotic regression by a psychologist to whom he was referred by the late J. Allen Hynek. I was able to view a videotape of the regression, which revealed a story of "medical" examinations by large-eyed extraterrestrial beings on board an unknown craft. Of interest, he commented later that he was more at ease with the beings on the craft than with the other tourists on the cruise boat, perhaps due to fear of ridicule.

Overall, it seems that UFO sightings are not that unusual in our patient population, even when respondents and their sightings are screened carefully. People are often hesitant to discuss such things in the open, but seem to be more at ease in the privacy of a doctor's office. It may be that the higher rates of sightings and "abduction"/missing time experiences reported to my husband than to me are due to his being the primary care doctor to his patients, while I am a consultant who sees most of the patients less frequently, or am less familiar to them. At first, I expected that most people would laugh at or be embarrassed by my question about UFOs, but was surprised to find that most patients took the subject seriously. Many patients said that they believed that UFOs were extraterrestrial craft, or perhaps secret experimental military aircraft. Several suspected a government sponsored cover-up of the issue. I would most definitely recommend that other interested practicing physicians try a similar survey of their patient populations in different geographic areas and to publish their data for comparison. Thanks to Eve Gordon, M.D. Editor's Note. Last week Eve's husband provided us with a similar survey of his patients. I want to thank both physicians who are courageous for revealing that some 11% and 8.4% of their patients have observed UFOs and many at close enough distance to draw the structure of the craft.


MANHATTAN -- On June 20, 2000, Helene Gould reports she was driving on BQE when she saw a large red shape flying low over the NYC skyline. It traveled from lower Manhattan to Queens in two minutes. My friend who was driving saw the red light, but he could not really look since we were driving over the Williamsburg Bridge in the opposite direction of the craft.

It was a very large singular circular red light flying very low and moving very quickly. I lost sight of the object for a maximum of two minutes and it had traveled the distance of lower to midtown Manhattan into Queens. As it flew near the Citicorp building in Queens, it appeared as if there were two more red lights. I only caught a glimpse of what appeared to be two more large red circular lights. The reason why I think it was not a plane or helicopter is because it was much larger. A size comparison- a plane would be the size of dime and this was the size of a silver dollar. There were no flashing lights like planes, and it flew too low and close to the buildings. I would like to know is if anyone else saw this? Thanks to Helene Gould and Larry Clark


DESTIN -- Bob Fiske writes, "I want to report a sighting that a friend of mine had back on March 21, 2000, along the Gulf Coast. He went out on the beach at 10:00 PM and observed seven bright white lights appear near the horizon. They then climbed to about 45 degree angle in the southern sky. They then went rapidly to the south, fading from view. He had them in sight for about three minutes. What made his sighting very interesting was that a couple minutes after the objects disappeared, he heard jets overhead, and saw the flames from the afterburners of two jet fighters going after the objects. Eglin Air Force Base is close by and they must have picked up the objects on radar. I have been interested in UFO's ever since the late fifties when I saw a V formation of round objects fly over my house one summer's day back in Chicago. I have had a strong interest in UFO's recently since buying a computer. Thanks to Bob Fiske


SALINA -- Kenny Young reports that during a local tornado warning around June 12, or the 15th, a Salina, Kansas resident took photographs of what he thinks may have been a UFO with his digital camera. The images can be viewed at: I had the enlargements made with no enhancements using Adobe Photoshop 5.0. Thanks to Kenny Young


BLUE WATER VILLAGE -- We were sitting out in the front yard when I looked over my left shoulder and saw this very large bright light in the sky on June 3, 2000. I told the other four people that were there and they all looked at the light at 8:30 PM. It was too big for a star and too big and bright for a satellite. We took some still pictures with the 35mm camera and also took the camcorder and filmed the light. The light stayed in a stationary place and did not move at all. It lasted about 40 minutes before it slowly faded out. It was oval in shape and bright white. It was much brighter than a headlight of a car for comparison. We are a typical family, I am a nurse with two children, and my husband is a mechanic.


KELOWNA -- NUFORC reports the witness was outside having a smoke on June 8, 2000, watching for the Northern Lights due to solar flares announced on TV. The witness noticed at 10:15 PM a satellite trekking along in orbit. The witness states, " I watched for about 5 seconds when the small bright light, no brighter than any other object in orbit, flared a very bright, roundish, white light for one brief second. After the flare diminished, I noticed that the object had changed direction by approximately 30 degrees. It was now moving out of orbit and appeared to be going higher. As the object increased its speed in that flash and was moving at a new constant speed. As it was moving on the new direction, it was progressively going from the small bright light (1 - 2 millimeters across) to a smaller and less bright state until it could no longer be seen. I noticed it while facing west, looking upwards at 70 degrees ascension. So far as I know anything we have that 'leaves orbit' requires several seconds of 'burn' before it can reach the speeds needed to totally overcome earth's gravity. Thanks to Peter Davenport NUFORC Editor's Note: This visual report tends to confirm NASA film taken from the shuttle showing UFOs.


LONDON -- Gerry at Far Shores writes the UK Government has declassified more UFO Files according to a Sunday Sun article by Hugh Macknight. "Is it a bird? Who knows?" But unlike our mocked-up picture they really ARE out there flying over the North, say classified documents just released on the orders of a Government watchdog. Two out of five unidentified flying object sightings in Britain in the last two years were in the North, says the report from the secretive Government department Secretariat (Air Staff) 2a, which collate statistics. The information was made public at the insistence of the Parliamentary Ombudsman after a request by Colin Ridyard, a research chemist from Wales seeking information on sightings by pilots or radar operators between July 1998 and July 1999. They reveal that in February 1999, a pilot was startled when an "incandescent light" lit up his cockpit over the North Sea. Three more planes spotted the shimmering ball, moving at incredible speed. Five minutes later, a weather station operator picked up a UFO on his radar.

In June 1999, a strange aircraft was spotted over the North Sea again. A Boeing 757 airline pilot reported that an unidentified military-looking vehicle buzzed his aircraft flying in the opposite direction. It is no surprise to UFO expert Andrew Ellis. He said: "We've had a lot of sightings recently. People have reported seeing orange and yellow balls flying silently up and down the valleys. "They're similar to sightings by pilots in World War Two of balls of light following their planes, which they called Foo Fighters." Declassified documents from June 1965 reveal that it was official Ministry of Defence policy to "play down" UFOs and "avoid attaching undue public attention or publicity to the subject as a result we have never had any political pressure to mount a large-scale investigation". Other documents from that time say that unusual sightings "are in no circumstances to be disclosed to the press." Andrew said: "The Government may be opening up more about this now, but you never know what reports they are holding back. " All the good stuff might be being dealt with 'in house'." Thanks to Sunday Sun 6/18/20, and


TALLINN -- Mihkel Kama writes that the last few months have yielded a number of new events in Estonia a small country once part of the Soviet Union. Two men from Pärnumaa witnessed a strange sphere flying near a jet in broad daylight. The sphere made loops in the sky, changing its color at the same time. After completing a few of these loops, the sphere took off at an extremely high speed. The sphere moved behind the contrail of the commercial jet. We assume it was higher and further away than the airplane but it appeared about half the length of the jet. Thanks to Mihkel Kama


COONGULLA -- At 8:00 PM Australian's Brendan Cullen and his partner Ann were driving back to their home from the nearby town of Heyfield in Victoria on April 11, 2000. There was a light drizzle of rain when nearing Sandy Point Road, they saw a glowing orange object hovering a few hundred feet above Lake Glenmaggie, which is a mile wide water storage reservoir. Brendan stopped the car and was able to view the UFO for four minutes before it banked slowly and then accelerated away without any sound. A later drawing by Ann indicated its shape resembled an oblong saucer, flatter on top with a more rounded bottom. It was the size of a small aircraft. What struck Brendan and Ann most was the two bright beams of orange light that emanated downwards an angled away from the craft. Ann described them as 'looking like legs'. This report has not been published before. Thanks to John Hallowell


On the first cursory look at the STS 101 video tapes, Jeff Challender notes 16 events of a questionable nature. After more detailed examination, all but four were found to be no more than natural things such as the Moon and some stars rising or setting through atmospheric haze, and light and lens effects. There is one bit that is still quite beautiful anyway. A night shot of a star passing through a curtain of the Aurora Australis above the South Pole. The most interesting of the events is when an extremely bright, pulsating object rises from the surface in the vicinity of Louisiana. This object gains in altitude, and brightness, and seem to be closing in on the Shuttle Atlantis until the camera iris is closed down to hide the object and the feed is cut. While this is going on, a triangular formation of objects pass below, and another object passes above the shuttle. We also have more of these strobing objects, appearing identical to those seen on STS-84, and '103, observed during the docking, and undocking from ISS. I saw two of these pass behind the ISS, thus establishing that they are not ice directly in front of the camera. Thanks to Jeff Challender who spends hundreds of hours reviewing and selling the shuttle tapes.


LOS ANGLES -- Bill Hamilton reports that Daniel Sheehan lawyer and social activist who founded the Christic Institute delivered an outstanding lecture at the June 21 meeting of MUFON. He told the story of how, during the Carter administration, in 1977 Carter requested UFO information from then-CIA Director George Bush and the request was declined by Bush. However, a confidential report was prepared for Carter and Sheehan, through connections, and a woman named Marcia Smith. He was given access to old microfilm files in a new wing of the National Archives which had armed guards stationed at the entrance. There he hand-cranked through the microfilm records. He stated there were two primary reports, one on the UFO phenomena, and one on extraterrestrial life. He described how, rolling through the microfilm, he encountered some clear photos showing a "flying saucer" embedded in snow and surrounded by USAF personnel wearing parkas. He could even see visible name tags. The clarity of these photos impressed him. He could even make out symbols on the hull of the craft.

He did not elaborate on the other report except to say that it concluded that there were at least two and as many as six extraterrestrial civilizations in our local galaxy coming to earth. Now this is quite a statement and indicates that microfilmed documents exist that definitely support something much more than microbes from Mars. He proposed that we look at the implications for including the existence of extraterrestrial civilizations in a new public policy paradigm for the new millennium. The consequence of retrievals of alien technology, back engineering efforts and covert programs to build a real Star Wars defense system and bring about a Global National Security State will affect everyone on the planet. We can acknowledge threats to humanity as far as growing hunger and poverty, global warming and changes in our ecosystem, threats of nuclear confrontations with Asian powers, but Daniel felt we should also make public the potential threat of extraterrestrial powers (and he was not emphasizing that ETs were all a threat), but that a covert program is arming us for such an eventuality. Thanks to: Bill Hamilton Executive Director Skywatch International, Inc. website:

PRESIDENT REAGAN ON THE "ALIEN THREAT?" Robert Collins writes, "For most of the readers President Reagan's comments on aliens are familiar. But, to others it's quite unfamiliar or "alien" to say the least: So, for those who are unfamiliar with ex President Reagan's statements I'll shall repeat them here followed by further information of my own: Please see, And,

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