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Filer's Files
By George Filer

MUFON Eastern Region Director
July 10, 2000

George Filer:
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ST LOUIS -- The symposium will be held at the Sheraton West Port Hotel, 191 West Port Plaza in St. Louis. Confirmed speakers are Stanton Friedman, Ted Phillips, John Schuessler, Gerald Rolwes, Linda Corley, Kevein Randle, Stan Gordon, Bruce Maccabee, Robert Wood, Colm Kelleher, Greg Avery, and John Greenewald. Room reservations may be made by calling (314) 878-1500.

I might remind readers the following are initial reports that are investigated whenever possible. We find that there may be other possible reasons for the sightings such as plasmas, satellites or unusual types of aircraft. Like US Air Force and British studies at least 10 percent remain unidentified.


MELVILLE, LONG ISLAND -- On June 15, 2000, the witness saw a black cigar shaped UFO while sitting at his desk looking out his office window at 4:30 PM. The witness stated, "I thought it might be a helicopter but it was too big to be a helicopter." At first it hovered, then it began to travel in an east to northeast direction extremely slow towards New York City. I kept my eye on it for at least a minute. I was looking for wings or chopper blades, but it had neither. It seemed to go in and out of focus. The oddest thing about this object is that I could see the atmosphere spinning around it. It finally passed over the building and I lost track of it. I went to the north side of the building, but I could no longer locate it. It definitely was NOT an airplane or helicopter. I see them out my office window every day, and I know what they look like even from a distance. This object looked nothing like that. After I saw the sighting, I had a feeling that helicopters would circle my house as soon as I got home. Within one hour of arriving at my house, a helicopter came and circled my house twice then headed north. Thanks to Debbie.


SOUTHAMPTON, LONG ISLAND -- Jim Bouck MUFON State Director reports that at 9:00 PM on July 6, 2000, a witness was standing next to his upstairs bathroom window when he observed a bright light outside. The light was about three miles away, and about the size of a golf ball. Behind the clouds was a smaller light kind of going around it. There was no noise and it was not moving. The witness states, "I watched it for several minutes, and went down the hall to my mother's room to tell her to look. I said, "Do you see it?" My mother saw the light neither of us could hear any sounds. It began to move up a little, then to the right very slowly and definitely "hovering." The small light went off to the left. The big light went off replaced by a red light and a green light. It kept moving west and started going faster. After three minutes, it crossed to the right and we heard a humming sound. Neither of us saw wings and this was definitely NOT a helicopter. It went off to the west and disappeared. Three minutes later, a loud helicopter came from the southeast and followed. The helicopter was loud and moving like a helicopter! Five minutes later, we saw two small lights coming from the west towards us. They were moving fast and sounded like planes. When they got closer, the first seemed to be a plane, but second light was following behind it moving at the same speed. The light underneath was but too far away to be attached to first plane. Could all this just be some testing from Westhampton Air Base? Thanks to Jim Bouck who is investigating further.


EASTON -- My name is Frank, I made a report of seeing UFOs over my house the other night, and tonight July 08, 2000, I just spent the last couple hours sky watching. Between 2 and 3:00 AM, I saw numerous objects going back and forth over my house moving in a north south direction. I have lived here all my life and all air traffic coming out of ABE airport moves east or west. They are a point of light like a star, but are moving way up high. I cannot tell what they are because they move so fast that it is hard to keep up with some of them. I use binoculars and there are no blinking lights. One had a yellow flash, the others were just white. I even saw two moving together. I got to a point where I just said OMG there is another one. Three of four moved in a northern direction and I saw two moving back the same way they came. They were tag teaming each other. The front one would make a yellow flash and pull away till the second one caught up. Then it flashed pulled away. It was strange and disturbing. At sunrise, it got hard to see them. Thanks to Frank Gualberti and Barry Taylor

Editor's Note: We are trying to get an investigator to look into this case. Tony Eccles wrote, I came across a similar flying triangle report from Arkansas in Filer's Files #19. A satellite was seen along with what appeared to be two others, and they flew in triangular formation. It moved silently at uniform speed and they faded into the SE. In England, I had received a similar case that occurred in 5th October 1999. The man saw the same thing and the three lights disappeared in the southeast. A possible solution are US Navy surveillance satellites; known as NOSS or the Space-Based Wide Area Surveillance System that belong to the ELINT program. NOSS satellites travel in threes and Lacrosse satellites in pairs. The triangular formation of NOSS does not remain static and the three lights may appear as if in a straight line or two satellites will appear to be "intercepting" the lead light and then disappear. Thanks to Tony Eccles Merseyside Anomalies Research Association.


DEXTER -- On Friday, June 23, 2000, Walter S., his mother and his brother were at church when they saw something strange in the sky. "My brother, my mother and I were at the Webster First Church of Christ, walking around, and when we noticed to the west two bright red lights out in the field at 11:30 PM. The two red lights were gliding slowly over treetops in a field. No noise was made. The lights were just above the tree line and moving away ever so slowly to the south--perhaps at three miles per hour. The objects were red and did not blink. We thought perhaps they were planes, but there was no sound. We continued to watch them until they were obscured by some trees." Dexter (population 1,500) is on Highway D-19 approximately 50 miles west of Detroit. Thanks to Todd Lemire and UFO Roundup Vol.5 #26, 6/29/20 Editor: Joseph Trainor

RADIGAN DAM -- Jim Aho writes on July 3, 2000, Eddie and a small group of friends went camping and saw a strange craft in the Dairyland area 38 miles south of Superior. Two of my friends went for a walk a little after dark, only to come back and get me at about 11:00 PM. They brought me a very short distance from our site and asked me what I saw? About half mile away, there were two levels of lights, one at the lower portion of the distant tree line and another closer to the top of the trees. It didn't look like fog, as we could plainly make out the trees in the lighted areas. We walked back to our site and they jumped into their truck to see what was causing the lights. I stayed at the site with two other friends. We had been using my telescope to check out some very bright stars. I noticed a very distant light in the sky, moving very quickly. I called to my friends to check this out, as there were no blinking lights like an airplane would have. We watched this circle of bright lights move from east to west very fast. It suddenly stopped for just a split second and then sped away in a minute. I didn't have enough time to track the object with my Meade DS 114mm telescope that we had been using to watch stars. Thanks to W-Files and Eddie at


MINOT AIR FORCE BASE - In Captain Kevin Randle's new book Scientific Ufology he reports on a Project Blue Book case dated October 24, 1968, when missile crews, control personnel and maintenance personnel observed a UFO in the vicinity of the base. The following is the tape between the air controllers and the B-52 crew with call sign JAG Three one.
At 0330 hours: The controllers received the information that there was a UFO 24 miles to the northwest. A B-52 jet bomber (JAG 31) flying at 2000 feet was on a calibration check and requests a clearance from radar personnel. At 0334 "MIB (Minot) approach control does JAG 31 have clearance to WT fix at Flight Level 2000?"
JAG 31, Roger climb out on a heading of 290 climb and maintain 5000. Stand by for higher altitude. We're trying to get it from center now. At 0335, the controller asked, "And JAG 31 on your way out to the WT fix request you look out toward your one o'clock position for the next fifteen miles and see if you see any orange glows out there? "Roger, roger glows 31, "Someone is seeing UFOs again!" "Roger I see a........ (Rest of transmission garbled)
At 0352, The controller then radioed, "Three one, the UFO is being picked up by weather's radar also. Should be at our one o'clock position three miles now"
The pilot said, "We have nothing on our airborne radar and I'm in some pretty thick haze now and unable to see out that way."
At 0358, the pilot then requested an instrument guided approach, and received instructions. The pilot called, and then the transmitter went dead, but they could hear instructions from the ground. The controller asked them to squawk ident," which meant to use the aircraft's transponder which would paint the controller's radar with a large, glowing blip with the aircraft's identification.
At 0400, the controller then radioed, "JAG 31 if you hear me squawk ident...JAG 31 ident observed. Cleared for the approach attempt. Contact on frequency 271 decimal three and you're cleared for the low approach. They continued to have radio problems for another couple of minutes.
At 0402, they were able to communicate easily. The pilot said, "Our UFO was off to our left side when we started penetration.
"Roger, understand you did see something on your left side." "We had a radar return at about a mile and a quarter, at nine o'clock position for about the time we left 200 to 14..."They discussed the troubles with the transmission and then, the controller asked, "Affirmative. I was wondering how far out did you see that UFO?"
"He was about one and a half miles off our left wing at 35 miles when we started in and stayed with us 'til about 10."
"I wonder if that could have been your radio troubles?"
"I don't know.... But that's exactly when they started. "At 0413, Jag 31 are you observing any more UFOs? Negative on radar. We can't see anything visually.
JAG 31, request you have someone report to base ops after you land.

What we have, then, was a group of sightings made by men on the ground, at the missile sites scattered around the base. There was radar sightings from ground and weather's radar. There were visual sightings from the crew of the B-52, and an airborne radar sighting where the target traveled at 3,000 miles per hour. Scope photographs were taken. There were sightings made by S.Sgt. Bond the FSC at Nov. Flight, S.Sgt. Smith at Oscar-1, Julelt, and Mike Flight Team and a number of men in widely scattered locations. The object landed at location AA-43 and the entire observation lasted for 45 minutes. Fourteen other people in separate locations also reported the UFO. Security alarm were activated for both the outer and inner ring at the missile sites. When the guards arrived at the outer door it was open and the combination lock on the inner door had been moved.

Editors Note: The case in my estimation was never investigated properly. Project Blue Book personnel never sent a representative and the case was essentially written off despite the interest of several Strategic Air Command generals including 15th Air Force's Major General Nichols. The sighting was officially explained by on November 13, by Lt. Col. Hector Quintanilla who wrote, "The following conclusions have been reached after a thorough study of the data submitted to Foreign Technology Division. The ground visual sightings appear to be of the star Sirius and the B-52, which was flying in the area. The B-52 radar contact and the temporary loss of the UHF transmission could be attributed to a plasma similar to ball lightning. The air visual from the B-52 could be the star Vega, which was on the horizon at the time, or it could be a light on the ground, or possibly a plasma. No further investigation by the Foreign Technology Division is contemplated. This is a classic Blue Book case where dozens of Air Force personnel who see B-52s and stars nightly have their testimony doubted. They know when they've seen a UFO. In this case the scientists doing the Condon report agreed that this was a real UFO. The apparent damage to the missile site and disruption of B-52 radio transmissions was in my opinion a threat to primary nuclear offensive systems and should not have been trivialized. The records speak for themselves. This article was taken from Scientific Ufology written by Captain Kevin D. Randle USAFR. I consider this his finest book and recommend its reading. This case like thousands of others are explained away with any simple mundane explanation that can be found. Yet many cases involve the tampering of key government weapon systems. It appears Quintanilla either did not care or had instructions to write off most of the sightings with any available excuse. I wonder why the reports were white washed, while the Air Force's scientific advisor Alan Hynek was coming to the opposite conclusion that, UFOs were real?


KILLEEN -- I did see a UFO for the first time in my life on April 22, 2000, at 9:38 PM. There were many lights and no noise at all. They were bright white lights that came from the southwest and flew northeast within 30 seconds and then I could no longer see it. It reminded me of a large formation of ducks flying, but these were not ducks at all. I yelled for my husband who came out. He saw the same thing back in October of last year but I didn't believe him! I wanted to find out if others in my area have witnessed this also? I live next to Fort Hood, Texas and I do not think that this was any military aircraft. This was a UFO and no one can tell me any different. Hey-I believe in ghost's and that has always been my interest. I never really thought about UFOs until this happened. Thanks to: Ghostly


Rawlins -- On June 19, 2000, a saucer-shaped with a dome on top was observed while traveling west on Interstate 80 at 7:44 PM. The craft was brown and hovering high above the ground beneath low rain clouds. The craft then very rapidly shot almost straight up like a backward letter 'J' into the clouds, and disappeared west of Rawlins in hilly terrain. The weather was wet and cloudy. The observer is a twelve-year old boy traveling with his family on vacation. Thanks to Peter Davenport Director of NUFORC


HALTON, ONTARIO -- On May 13, 2000, I was driving home during a thunderstorm and noticed an odd craft flying slowly above a 100 feet high escarpment at 1:00 AM. I noticed that the aircraft's position changed very slightly as I approached. I kept my eye on it until I reached a distance of only 50 feet from its' position. It was hovering over a small abandoned house just off the road. I stopped the car and watched it change direction 180 degrees and slowly pass directly above me. The craft did not look like a spacecraft, but was flying in terrible weather with tornadoes forecast. It made no sound and traveled at less than 50 km/hour. It looked man made with several flashing lights on the bottom. At first I thought it was a B-2 stealth bomber, but its' fuselage and cockpit were extended past the wings. The wings were large and delta shaped, and the front resembled that of a Concord. It may have been flat in height. My conclusion is that it was man made like a futuristic observing craft. The escarpment eliminates chances of a tornado occurring within a fairly large radius of area. I found a similar report of a hovering aircraft sighting over Wood Dale, Illinois on April 25, 2000. You can use my story but I wish to remain anonymous. Thanks to Bob.

Brian Callaghan writes, "What I saw this spring at dusk defies explanation. I watched a 'V- shaped wing' fly slowly and deliberately towards the west. It had diffuse white lights across the leading edge with the center one being brighter than the others. It had no blinking lights nor did it make a sound. I was very close to it as well. The craft was larger than the distance between my out stretched arms. I can identify planes even from a distance. Thanks to Brian Callaghan


DOMODOSSOLA (CREVOLA D'OSSOLA) (VB) -- On or about June 25, 2000, there was a sensational observation of UFOs in Italy. Two objects yellow-orange in color, similar to a cigar with three bright spheres were observed for two hours starting at 9:15 PM. Thanks to Enrico Baccarini Field Investigator Trainee


ISTANBUL -- K.t. Frankovitch just returned from what is billed has the largest UFO conference in the world. She felt it was a wonderful conference with big name speakers like Mack, Friedman, Stevens Hopkins, Ware, Pope etc. The news media in Turkey reports the sightings in a matter of fact matter. She traveled to visit Izmit and Bolu where there had been devastating earthquakes last year. Some 40,000 people died when the earth shook and huge cracks in the earth developed. K.t. was involved in her own disaster in the Miami area with hurricane Andrew where thousands of Americans were killed. She feels that governments have not done enough for the survivors of both tragedies. She warns, "This August may have particularly bad storms, tornadoes, floods, quakes and even wild fires. Thunderstorms will be particularly bad in Louisiana and Texas." From her first hand experience in Miami, she told me, "If your loved ones are in disaster areas, don't trust what your news media tells you. They fail to get the story because they are usually not allowed into the disaster areas." She said, "It's up to you to make contact and take action to help your loved ones; despite reports that aid is on its way, it frequently never arrives. K.t. reports that UFOs are common over Turkey and people treat them as a common occurrence. Interestingly, both towns reported heavy UFO activity for a few weeks before the earthquakes.


Carl Sagan was one of scientists most upset when the Viking Lander seemed to rule out life on Mars. Many NASA scientists had come to the conclusion there was no life on Mars mainly because of cold temperatures and its apparent lack of liquid water. Despite great controversy data was interpreted to deny the presence of life on Mars.

Carl Sagan wrote, "Most of the present evidence suggesting life on Mars is of a different character." Each year, as the Martian ice caps recede towards the poles, sizable quantities of water vapor are released into the atmosphere. The Martian atmospheric circulation is apparently adequate to transport this water vapor across the equator, so that the water released by the retreat of one polar cap is available for the reformation of the polar cap in the opposite hemisphere. The radius of Mars, R is 3380 km. The circumference of Mars is 2 (R so the distance from pole to pole is R). It takes half a Martian year for the water vapor to travel from pole to pole, or about 344 days. The average rate at which the water vapor travels from pole to pole is about 30 km a day. At the same time that the water vapor is being transported through the atmosphere, a remarkable phenomenon, known as the wave of darkening, occurs on the surface. The dark areas become progressively darker, and their contrast with the unchanging bright areas increases. This occurs in a wavelike movement, the from of the darkening wave progressing from the vaporizing polar cap towards and across the equator, and into the opposite hemisphere. Half a Marian year later, the wave of darkening proceeds in the opposite direction. The wave of darkening is not subject to the uncertainties of eyeball astronomy; it has been repeatedly photographed, and quantitatively measured on telescopes equipped for photometry.

The wave of darkening proceeds according to recent measurement by the Greek astronomer J. Focas of the Athens Observatory, at an average rate of 35 km per day, close enough to the presumed rate of transport of water vapor in the atmosphere to suggest that the phenomenon are connected. It is this seasonal contrast enhancement which is the source of reports of seasonal color changes on Mars. (Snip) There is an alternative explanation of the wave of darkening. Mars appears to be an arid world. If there are organisms there, we might expect them to be very responsive to the availability of water. Mars is further from the Sun than Earth is, and we might expect any photosynthetic plants on Mars to be more hungry for photons than are plants from Earth. We observe that when the local humidity increases, the Martian dark areas become darker. Are we in fact observing the seasonal growth and proliferation of Martian vegetation? Intelligent Life in the Universe by Cal Sagan and I. S. Shklovskii, Dell Publishing 1966.

Last week, Edward Carpenter of the State University of New York at Stony Brook said, "Scientists have detected hardy microbes that thrive in extreme conditions of ultraviolet radiation, cold, scarcity of liquid water and darkness at the South Pole." ` `Bacteria in South Pole snow, was metabolically active and synthesizing DNA and protein at local ambient temperatures of 10.4 degrees to 1.4 degrees Fahrenheit (minus 12 to minus 17 Celsius). These conditions are not too different from those on Mars.

An expert in circadian biology, Joseph Miller has taken special interest in one of three Viking Lander biology investigations conducted on Mars in 1976. Called the Labeled Release experiment, a sample of Martian soil was mixed with a nutrient "soup" containing radioactive carbon-14. If living organisms were in the soil sample, they would digest the radioactively labeled nutrients, then give off gases indicating the presence of life metabolizing the nutrient. On Mars, the Viking assay detected a surge in the radioactivity of released gases. "Every organism that we know of on Earth has a circadian rhythm. It's reasonable to think this holds true for any microbes on Mars." Those results remain not only puzzling, but controversial as well. The investigator behind the experiment, Gilbert Levin, President of Biospherics Inc., Beltsville, Md., has long held that the gas releases mean living microorganisms were found. Other experts counter that a nonbiological response was seen. But in pouring over published results from that Viking experiment, Miller did a double take. He saw evidence of Martian life in a different way. "There's a rhythm in the release of radioactive-labeled gas in that experiment," Miller said. "There might have been an organism producing methane or carbon dioxide. But the real kicker is the existence of a circadian rhythm in that data. Every organism that we know of on Earth has a circadian rhythm. It's reasonable to think this holds true for any microbes on Mars," he said.

Editor's Note: It is my opinion that there has been a plan to delay the disclosure of life on Mars for as long as possible, because once the public realizes there is life on Mars the hundreds of UFO sightings per month take on much greater significance. Every few years Mars is hit with tremendous windstorms with 200 mph winds that raise voluminous dust clouds and obscure the surface. When these winds subside, there is a noticeable greening of the planet. This greening according to scientists is actually greenish ferrites making it only appear the planet has plant life or microorganisms similar to lichen. This greening is called false foliage. If those clouds contain water and the temperatures increased the greening may real. During a summer day on Mars, the temperature reaches a balmy 68-Fahrenheit. Up until a few weeks ago, we were told there was little or no water and there was no life on Mars based on the Viking Lander's findings. I suggest the results from the Viking Lander experiments were inaccurate due to preconceived notions of what would be found. Even at the time, there was a great deal of controversy regarding the findings. Because I had chased and seen first hand UFOs I knew they exist, I had seen Air Force documents that state that within our Solar system Mars had the best chance for life. Most newspapers are losing readership while UFO Internet sights, UFO radio shows, are increasing their circulation. Its only a matter of time before the most respected media outlets will start to realize UFOs sell newspapers and gain an audience.


Tim Cooper writes,"Governments and religious authority have a long history of suppressing knowledge that conflicts with traditional beliefs regarding man's origin and contact with extraterrestrials." As with UFO/alien secrecy, the Hebrew Bible containing secrets of Jehovah (YHWH known by scholars as the Tetregrammaton, Greek, for the four letters for the name of God) were classified and held secret by tyrants, kings, princes, yes, even by whole empires, have striven to destroy these truly majestic documents. Please see,

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