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Filer's Files
By George Filer

MUFON Eastern Region Director
July 31, 2000

George Filer:
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I've followed the UFO situation for more than twenty years and its hard to explain but, I have a feeling something is very wrong, but it is not much more than a hunch. Consequently, I need help from anyone reading this report to use your resources to collect data about this new turn in events. My strong premonition is based on some reliable information that started a couple years back when Chuck Warren, told me he was photographing low level contrails made by large four engine white jet aircraft flying over the Philadelphia area. I have some 5,000 flying hours and have often seen contrails being formed by our aircraft, but never at these lower levels. We generally flew at 30,000 feet or higher in our C-141 Starlifter and often I observed four contrails developing well behind the engines, these would combine into on long contrail that would soon dissipate. Jet aircraft engines emit tiny particles that serve as condensation nuclei. At high altitudes water vapor collects on these particles and crystallizes, and in turn creating streaks of frozen water vapor otherwise known as contrails.

Chuck and his friends assured me these were not normal contrails, that the aircraft were flying much too low to form the standard contrails. He showed me some film of what appeared to be a white 707 or KC-135 aircraft flying at a few thousand feet leaving two contrails. The spray was coming from the tail area and not from the engines. According to hundreds of reports this spray called chemtrails falls to the ground and often makes some people sick with flu like symptoms and skin rashes. The planes are often seen flying in a crisscross checkerboard pattern and soon the whole sky is clouded over. Weather satellite photos also show the operation from space. These photos can be seen at several websites such as www.contrail

I first thought the government was spraying perhaps due to the Nile Fever scare. I checked with some old tanker Air Force and National Guard people all of whom denied any knowledge of the spraying. Samples of the chemtrails have been collected and are alleged to contain various toxins and reportedly red and white blood cells, and other unidentified cell types. Using a sub micron fiber sample these appear to be cells of a desiccated freeze dried nature. These samples were sent to the EPA who thus far have given unsatisfactory answers. Their response has been that aircraft normally form contrails and spread toxins similar to cars exhaust. There is nothing to worry about.

On July 9, 2000, I was at Long Beach Island, New Jersey over looking at the Atlantic Ocean when I noticed a white four engine jet making a long contrail. It was a very thick heavy contrail in a beautiful blue sky. I looked left towards New York and the contrail was at least fifty miles long. Within a few seconds I looked back to the front of the contrail to get a closer look at the aircraft and it had disappeared. I searched the sky with binoculars, but it was gone. The contrail had suddenly stopped where I last saw the aircraft. I thought that was very strange, but perhaps I just lost it in the clear blue sky?

At the recent MUFON Conference Louisiana State Director Greg Avery explained his video camera was picking up UFOs inside the chemtrails and showed us some videos to that effect. Greg is a private trail lawyer whose philosophy concerning UFOs is: "that more often than not the evidence of the existence of flying saucers would have been judged a "proven fact" a long time ago if the question and the evidence had been put before an American jury using the same standards of proof used in civil trials for more than two hundred years." Driving home from the MUFON conference the Georgia State MUFON director who is a retired Chief of Police and others saw aircraft spraying. All those in the car noticed the contrails. While they were watching the spaying from the aircraft it disappeared. These are high quality witnesses, they are not mistaken. I've learned from other contrail experts this has happened before. To my knowledge humans do not possess aircraft that can disappear. The spraying is real, therefore I suspect that UFOs are involved. I want to know what they are spraying and why. The UFO and the chemtrial phenomena may have moved to a new level of seriousness.

My inquiries lead me to believe no one in government is noticing or analyzing the data? If anyone happens to see an aircraft at low level making contrails I urge you to videotape and get other witnesses watching. The more important the witness you can notify the better. Attempt to collect the spray. For example, large plates, plastic or your car's hubcaps could be used to collect the liquid. Once the spray lands use Q tips to collect the spray and put into clean glass or plastic containers. Keep a record of what's happening. Let me know and I will give you an address to send the samples and videotapes. There is an urgent need for airborne sample collection flying behind the airborne chemtrails. This could be dangerous, but airborne samples would be much more valuable if properly collected and recorded.

I also suggest you put your name and address on this letter and send it to the most powerful person you know. We are attempting to get the news media and politicians aware of this potential problem. I will be on the Jeff Rense show Tuesday night to talk more about it. The EPA wrote David Peterson at the Chemtrail Research Fund on February 22, 2000. "We are not aware of any program to disperse fibrous material on the US population. My experience is that the government authorities are not engaged in quiet research to determine the problem, but tend to scoff at our efforts.

I wish to caution the reader that our data is not proven, the results of this spraying could be either helpful or hurtful to mankind. We are attempting to collect data and sort this out. We have obtained reports from almost every state in the US and numerous foreign countries such as Australia, England, France, Holland, Italy, New Zealand, Scotland, and Sweden.

The following are Essential Elements of Information that we need collected: Describe the craft and how it seems to disappear? Report location, date, time, speed, angle above the horizon, distance, size, etc.

We can estimate altitude of the craft based on the angle and distance. For example, if the aircraft was 800 feet away at 30 degrees above the horizon its altitude would be 762 feet. Caution concerning your reports. High flying aircraft with contrails are a normal situation. Generally an aircraft smaller than your thumb nail at arm's length is at altitudes where normal contrails form. If the aircraft is larger than your thumb at arm's length it is unlikely contrails will naturally form and these should be especially videotaped. Attempt to get an overall wide angle view of the scene before and after zooming in on the object.

The obvious possibility is that the chemtrails are being spread by white unidentified flying objects that appear fairly normal until they suddenly disappear. It is much too early to come to conclusions, but it is important to collect data on this phenomenon. I certainly suspect a control system is operating. The phenomenon may be forcing us through a learning curve. The chemtrails and recent reports of threatening UFOs indicate a potentially more serious situation is developing. The following Kentucky report and those from Sweden and Australia help confirm this data.


On July 17, 2000, Georgia State Director Tom Sheets (this writer), ASD Mark Ausmus and CFI Jim Clifford, all of MUFON of Georgia and ISUR, were returning to the Atlanta area from the MUFON Symposium in St. Louis. We were driving southbound on I-24 in a Chevy van, Sheets driving, Clifford front right, Ausmus in 1st back seat.

While passing thru Kentucky and into Tennessee, Clifford had been pointing out an extraordinarily large number of jet contrails in the sky. The weather along this route was some thin haze and some thin almost transparent cirrostratus patches in some areas, with some cirrus, but mostly sunny with temperatures in the 90's, no appreciable wind noticed.

At 4:40 PM CDT, approaching the 97 mile marker between Nashville and Chattanooga, about 81 road miles NW of Chattanooga, Clifford pointed up and out his window saying something to the effect of "Look, there's a jet giving off a contrail or chemtrail".

Note: At that time the sky to our front, and front right and front left, was the aforementioned thin transparent partial haze, but it abruptly ended to our front and slightly upwards. From that upward point in front, on to the overhead point, and continuing behind us to right and left, was clear blue sky with bright sun. No clouds, no haze.

As Clifford remarked on the jet as described above, I glanced up and slightly to the right and saw a contrail through and above the haze, more or less parallel to the roadway (being deployed toward us), but it terminated at the edge of the thin haze. Quickly following this line out into the clear sky, I observed a large bright white jet of the 777 or 757 or similar variety, beginning to again emit more contrail or chemtrail. The aircraft was obvious and substantial and in clear blue sky with bright sunlight. There was no mistaking what it was. The outline of the white fuselage, wings and tail were PLAINLY visible against clear blue. (Mark Ausmus was unable to see the aircraft from his position in the rear seat, but immediately observed the trails in the sky upon dismounting the van).

At that point this writer braked hard (light traffic), and began to quickly pull over. Clifford, who was still watching, then stated that.... "it's gone, it just vanished". Within a few moments, we were all out and looking. The jet had indeed vanished. The sky was double checked using binoculars with negative results. We could still plainly see the contrail/chemtrail line through the haze, stopping at the edge, then a short way out into the clear sky the contrail began again, then stopped. The course the jet had been flying was directly into the clear sky. If it had banked/turned or climbed or dove, we should still have been able to see it for several minutes. There were NO other clouds or haze for it to fly into on it's course, which was estimated at being about NWN. This writer estimated the altitude at about 15,000 feet, but it could have been higher.

Note: The contrail/chemtrail above the haze, stopping at the edge, then continuing for a brief distance in the clear sky, was similar to this;

     ------------------------            -------->       

then the jet vanished, leaving only this;

     ------------------------            ---------

As stated, this all occurred in a very short period of time, from first alert, to the jet vanishing, to our static observation of the sky. We found it difficult to believe that an aircraft that large and obvious could disappear in that manner. It should be noted that all three of us have long experience as observers, myself from 25 years of law enforcement and SWAT type operations, Mark Ausmus from years of organizing and executing MANY skywatches and UFO surveillance operations, but CFI Jim Clifford is probably the most formally trained as an observer for this type of activity. Jim retired after 23 years of naval service with a Top Secret security clearance in communications. He also has experience in the P-3 Orion subhunter aircraft, and was once responsible for visually spotting a Russian submarine that had gotten into one of our Navy's areas of patrol responsibility; the sub had been overlooked by other observers and methods, but Jim spotted it during patrol sweeps by the P-3. He is an alert, objective and close observer.

Jim later went on to comment that he had noticed a lot of these events involved the contrail/chemtrails being deployed in or above cloud cover or haze and then terminating near clear sky, as if to conceal the activity. Jim, like the rest of us, thinks the public has a right to know the 'what' and the 'why' of this activity. How will the public go about getting to the truth of the matter? What will it take? While as a group, we at MUFONGA and ISUR are more interested in the greatest enigma of our time.....the UFO phenomena.....but this contrail/chemtrail dilemma is also right in our face. Thanks to Tom Sheets, Copyright 2000, All Rights Reserved.


FRANKLIN -- Disc shaped objects were sighted over northwest Pennsylvania on July 12 and 20, 2000. The witness, a security guard reports a coworker called my attention to a bright light in the sky on July 12 at 1:56 AM. At first, all I could see was a bright light with two lights, alternating blue and red. When I changed my position, I could see that the white light was moving from right to left, along a trail of 6 or 8 blue lights. While watching the object, I became dizzy. I then broke my gaze and called everyone else to come and see the object. The object stayed in the same place for about an hour before disappearing from my view. Another coworker said, "He saw it overhead and it's underside."

On July 20, a guard reports while patrolling the grounds of my workplace, I saw the same object in the western sky almost over the local County Airport. It was further away, and higher in the sky. I had to use binoculars to see what it was clearly. The white light swept from side to side but would stop every so often, as if searching for something. This is the third or fourth time it has been spotted in the same area in the same time frame. There are other coworkers to validate my claim. Thanks to National Reporting Center


IRONTON -- Claude Foreman a security guard was on duty on July 8, 2000, at 5:32 AM, caught a glimpse of something in the corner of my eye close to Route 521. Watching it approach from the clear western sky, Foreman initially thought it to be a large bird. He then "walked into the field to get a better look at it." He said, "The UFO, seen clearly in the daylight skies, was shaped like the sole of a shoe." The object appeared to be colored like rusted old iron and looked like a shoebox of old rusted metal or iron that was rounded at both ends. "The rust-colored object made absolutely no noise as it continued overhead at an estimated altitude of 10,000 to 15,000 feet going perfectly straight." From his perspective, the security guard said the object was much longer than a routine (conventional) aircraft seen at the same estimated height. The guard, however, thought "the object was traveling much slower than conventional air traffic and low enough that he should have heard some noise," Foreman said. "It had a yellowish-orange non-blinking light around the exterior of it, like a circle with neon lighting all around it." There were also two additional lights in the back of the object. Thanks to Kenneth Young of UFO Research


NAPERVILLE -- A strange circular oval shaped object with three or four dark areas on bottom flew and moved silently on July 15, 2000, at 8:25 PM. The witness stated, "I initially noticed a momentarily illuminated disk shaped object that was presumably lit up by the sun in western horizon." The disk was at approximately 3000 to 5000 feet moving silently in an east-northeast direction. Although the sky was somewhat hazy, a circular to oval shape or perhaps trapezoidal shape dark areas on the bottom. When I stepped inside for set of binoculars, upon return I got a passing glimpse of it as it banked south and disappeared." An opaque spotty haze/vapor formed around object as it disappeared. Thanks to Peter Davenport NUFORC


SAN LUIS VALLEY -- appears to be experiencing an upsurge of summer reports ranging from classic UFO-type nocturnal lights to unusual military flight activity.

VILLA GROVE/HAYDEN PASS -On July 27, 2000 at 9:30 a resident observed a large, silent black jet that flew low over Hayden Pass and headed SW at tree top level over Highway 285. Witness called the craft, "the strangest looking plane I've ever seen." A couple of minutes later, two fighter jets followed the course of the first plane down the Valley.

CRESTONE, SAGUACHE COUNTY - On July 12, 2000, 1:00 to 1:45 AM, a witness while skywatching east of town observed eight blinking lights. They alternated green, red and white and were in a spherical formation 15 degrees above the western horizon. The formation of lights hovered over the Valley for 25 minutes.

GREAT SAND DUNES NATIONAL MONUMENT -- On June 11, 2000, near Highway 17 the witness stated, "We were hiking the sand dunes at 2:45 PM, when we saw several planes leaving short contrails and looked up to see the jet . Higher above the plane was a round shape leaving no contrail.

It seemed to be moving west about as fast the jet at that altitude. Looking through binoculars there was no fuselage or wings, just a round shape in a dull metallic color.

CRESTONE -- Two individuals camping woke up at 3:00 AM or so by a extremely brief "huge wind" that shook their separate tents. The wind only lasted a few seconds then became quiet. One of the campers; a woman woke up with three triangle arrayed puncture marks; one behind the left ear, one on back of right thigh, and three puncture marks on main vein of right arm, just below crease of elbow. Other experiencer, a teenage boy, aged 13, also experienced wind and felt something strange was happening. (O'Brien)

MAXIVILLE -- On May 24, 2000 10:30-10:45 PM near the Rio Grande north of Monti Vista two waitresses watched a brilliant low flying light zig-zagging object near the old Del Norte Airport. Witnesses were sure the silent light array was not a conventional craft. The following day a dead calf was discovered in the area with an unusual hide scrape and small cut along the backbone. CHAMA, RIO ARRIBAS COUNTY, New Mexico on May 25, 2000, Campers found two freshly mutilated cows. One with no head; the other with the tongue missing. Nearby were four elk legs and haunches without head, neck or torso. Thanks to Jim O'Brien.


PHOENIX - Tom King writes that, "UFOs have appeared five times in July over the city." To capture better video and photos Skynet is creating a rapid on the spot call list. Skynet is giving you a rare opportunity to participate in a UFO flap. The idea is to call a list of people with cameras at various locations whet the UFO called . When a UFO appears, you are to immediately take your videocamera and go outside and tape it. You have to have a video camera to join the list and be willing to share your tape with them. Use a tripod, set focus to manual, restrain from using digital zooms and stay in optical mode at highest setting. Remember where you are taping and shoot a reference shot in wide angle before and right after the sighting is over. Immediately after the sighting call the National UFO Reporting Center 206-722-3000. Then notify Tom King of your sighting. We will use all videos for triangulation and computer research to identify what kind of object were looking at. We have the technology to study UFOs on a massive scale. I want thousands of cameras on this UFO, its appearing for a reason, seize the opportunity. Email Tom King with the following information. Name, telephone number, major cross streets, and video camera gear. Thanks to "Tom King",


TROUT LAKE - James Gilliland sent me a remarkable video-tape of various lights in the sky moving near Mt. Adams and the near by Yakima Indian Reservation. The lights are difficult to explain because they do not flash like strobe lights and move about the sky, maneuver, and appear unlike aircraft lights. They are not close to the ground so they are unlikely to be 'Earthlights' caused by faults and stress under the Earth's surface. Those watching the lights can easily be heard and there is no sound of jet engines only of the Perhaps more than the video of lights in the sky there is the testimony of several Yakima Policeman and other eye witnesses to the phenomenon. Local television news is startingt to cover the story. Biologists looking for evidence may be surprised to see the cottonwood leaves growing twenty times larger than normal leaves. Something perhaps related to the lights are causing phenomenal growth of giant leaves. There has been reports of this phenomenal growth in connection with Crop Circles. James felt this growth was caused by alien contact and electromagnetic energy fields produced by the lights. The key point is that there is something tangible is happening than is being recorded. Photographs seem to record light energy fields and saucers flying through the air.


ORUSTISLAND ISLAND -- Chemtrails have been seen frequently on off the west coast of Sweden. Ulla-Britt M., a resident of Hensa, a town on Orust, reported, "In November 1998, I was standing on the balcony, third floor of the local government building where I work. I was having a cig (cigarette)with my coffee. Suddenly I heard a whining noise from above, and when I looked up, there were two airplanes racing at high speed, leaving a contrail behind. Suddenly the last (second) one came close to the first, and my heart nearly stopped. I was thinking a catastrophe would happen. Nothing happened, and I was surprised to see them linked, as if the two had become one." In recent weeks, Ulla-Britt added, she has seen them again "and they have a strange sound like whining, and this is how I know they are there even if I cannot see them. I am not afraid of them any more but I amreally worried about what they are spraying the sky with." "Often, specifically now in the summer time, I have problems with running eyes and nose, some coughing and tintinnitis and a sick feeling from the stomach. There is no clear sky any more. The chemtrails stay in the sky, and they move like a coverlet across the sky." On Thursday, June 20, 2000, unusually heavy rains blanketed south-central Sweden. Heavy rains flooded the Ljungan River near Aage, which overflowed its banks and swept away several houses. "Heavy rains have flooded roads and railways, isolating communities and shutting down all northbound train traffic from Stockholm." (See USA Today for July 20,2000, "Rains engulf central Sweden," page 5A) Thanks to UFO Roundup


QUEENSLAND COAST -- Chemtrails were observed over the Gold Coast on July 6, 2000, during a local festival. The Australian UFO Research Network reports low-flying airplanes sprayed chemtrails on the beaches at Brunswick Heads, a port city about 200 kilometers south of Brisbane. Nearly two weeks later, on July 19, 2000, "starting at 7:00 AM several large aircraft flying at low altitude crisscrossed the sky in all directions spraying chemtrails. Within a few minutes, the famous clear blue Australian sky turned cloudy and hazy. Diane Harrison reports, "For the first time in history here, it was almost impossible to see the beautiful mountains to the west." Byron Bay was the target of the spraying and "To our astonishment, the clouds did not disperse, and they were very long, all the way down Australia's Gold Coast." People stopped on the side of the road and got out of their cars to watch the incredible spectacle. I know of a few people who took photographs. The event resembled a war, as airplanes 'attacked' Byron Bay from all directions. The 'contrails' were 'turned' on just before Byron Bay and 'turned off' after the planes passed over us." The sky "resembled a load of match sticks that was dumped on the floor. These 'contrails' did not behave as ordinary contrails. While one side of these contrails remained straight, the other side dispersed, resembling a comb or a feather." Thanks to Diane Harrison

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