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Filer's Files
By George Filer

MUFON Eastern Region Director
August 7, 2000

George Filer:
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Today's Headlines give an interesting picture of nationwide trouble:

The Military is called into Western States to fight biggest wildfires in 50 years.

West Nile Virus is spreading in NY and NJ as spraying continues.

Heat Wave Continues in the South while weeks of Heavy Rains and Flood Warnings Continue in the East.

Mysterious Sickness Kills Three in California.

George Bush the Republican candidate for President says, "I trust people but not government. If elected I will tell about UFOs.

The headlines above appear separate and unrelated, but I suggest they might be related to recent reports of disappearing aircraft. The last few months the search for Unidentified Flying Objects has taken on a new phase with dozens of reports of aircraft disappearing in front of numerous eye witnesses. Sometimes the craft appear to change color prior to disappearing, we have reports of white, gray, red, and patchy blue or white aircraft. In World War II, camouflage techniques lit up allied anti-sub aircraft using soft lights to conceal them from Nazi submariners. Numerous reports are being sent that report aircraft flying at relatively low altitude appear to be spraying contrails. Aircraft seen flying at higher altitudes often are not developing contrails, when they do these are white wispy contrails of condensed water vapor that soon disappear. The lower level contrails are darker, appear heavier and expand comparatively quickly often clouding up the entire sky. These clouds seem to later generate into storm clouds or continued hazy overcast. They appear very different from standard summer thunderstorm clouds.

On July 17, Georgia State Director Tom Sheets who is also a retired Chief of Police and two other high quality witnesses driving into Tennessee noticed an aircraft spraying contrails. At the apparent end of the contrail the aircraft conducting the spraying operations suddenly disappeared. This has been reported throughout the US and in several other countries. Frequently, there are several aircraft involved in the spraying operation. Many witnesses also report seeing hockey puck-like objects or disc shaped UFOs near or inside the spraying activity. I personally have 5000 flying hours and have often seen contrails formed when we flew near or above 30,000 feet. Essentially, these contrails are condensed water vapor. On July 3, I saw an aircraft making heavy dark looking contrails that appeared quite different from standard. They may have powder or impurities in them that may come from the new jet fuels. The most amazing thing that occurred is that when the spraying stopped the aircraft disappeared. I searched the clear blue sky with binoculars but no craft could be observed. An aircraft simply does not vanish from a clear blue sky unless it has active camouflage or crashes. One possible way for an aircraft to vanish would be to use a liquid screen similar to one used on a typical lap tap computer. If hundreds of liquid screens were mounted on the underside of aircraft it could be made to seem to vanish by videotaping the sky above the aircraft and applying this same color to the liquid screens covering the aircraft. To the naked eye the craft would disappear.

Many witnesses have reported seeing aircraft painted RED conducting the spraying, but seldom does anyone see a RED aircraft land. If you use a portable computer you may notice that there is often a red color that shows up on the monitor screen. After spraying, these RED aircraft also seem to disappear. An aircraft making a contrail is not an unusual sight, so why would these aircraft want to vanish? Apparently, it's the next action the aircraft take that might cause attention? Most aircraft fly comparatively straight and level, if one makes a hard 90 or 180 degree turn or some other maneuver might be noticed. Many witnesses claim they see parallel or crosshatched contrails in the sky. Assuming they are correct, some organization is spending millions to spray something from the sky and to conceal their actions in a well coordinated military type operation. The crews are unlikely to spray their families or knowingly hurt their love ones, so we can assume they are told the spraying is for a good purpose. Meanwhile, the news is reporting that helicopters and small aircraft are conducting spraying operations over New York City and the surrounding area to stop the spread of the West Nile Virus that is carried by mosquitoes.

Mysterious new illnesses are being reported around the country that might be related to the spraying? Wildfires are raging out west with almost 4 million acres burnt. The fires are blamed on unusually numerous and powerful lightning strikes that may be aided by heavy dust or powder in the atmosphere. We can speculate the impurities in the atmosphere are caused by the spraying. The South is baking under a tremendous heat wave, while the East has had weeks of unusually heavy thunderstorms, flood watches and almost continuous hazy cloud coverage. For example, parts of Philadelphia had 8 inches or rain and flooding during the Republican convention. The headlines sure make you wonder how and why all these strange things are happening. There is a flood watch in New Jersey and Pennsylvania has I write this article. We need to gather evidence to make sense of these unusual occurrences. Why would continued heavy rains be desirable in the East? Why are strange illnesses spreading? Your help is needed in obtaining more evidence to unravel this mystery. There are more questions than answers.


SPRINGDALE -- MUFON's Charles Huffer writes that, " I am the unidentified citizen on the CNN transcript and the 5th man on the Nightline transcript." The Washington Post article has my name as it appears on my card, which I gave to the reporter who interviewed me immediately after I had my first exchange with Governor Bush on July 28, 2000. On the CNN transcript is the following:

JONATHAN KARL, CNN Correspondent: "Along the way, someone thought Cheney's impressive resume would help Bush tell the truth about UFOs."

UNIDENTIFIED CITIZEN: (That is me, Charles A. Huffer, MUFON State Section Director) "Half the public believes that they are real. Would you finally tell us what the hell is going on?" (The full exchange of words with Gov. Bush was evidently not recorded. I had a recorder on but it was too far away for clarity. I did get Bush's reply, however.)

GOV. GEORGE W. BUSH, PRESIDENTIAL CANDIDATE: "Sure, I will. This man knows. He was Secretary of Defense and was a great one." CNN has made a serious error here. They have attributed some of my words to Gov. Bush. Here is the way it was:

GOV. BUSH: "Sure. I will."

Cheney then walked over to Charles Huffer and extended his hand to him.

Charles A. Huffer says: "This man knows. He was Secretary of Defense."

GOV BUSH says: "And was a great one."

Several minutes later I again saw Gov. Bush in the hall. He recognized me immediately and unsolicited he said approximately the following:

GOV. BUSH: "It will be the first thing he (pointing to Cheney) will do. He'll get right on it."

Charles A. Huffer: "Will, will you really?

GOV. BUSH: "Yes Sir."

I have this exchange on audio tape. As far as I am aware, no news organization recorded it. So Bush DID promise to tell us what the hell is going on, if he gets to be president.

The websites are still up and running as I write this. They are:

Thanks to: Charles A. Huffer


Astronomers have found nine new planets circling stars outside our solar System. This evidence indicates Earth may not be as special as we like to think. Three teams of researchers from Switzerland and the United States told a meeting of the International Astronomical Union about the discovery of the so-called exoplanets, including one known to be the second planet orbiting a single star. It was only the second time astronomers have found more than one planet orbiting a star outside our own solar system.

Jim O'Donnell, a spokesman for the astronomical group says, "That makes the possibility of life in the universe is more likely.'' Astronomers based at the University of Texas at Austin's McDonald Observatory announced that they had found a Jupiter-sized planet orbiting the star Epsilon Eridani, only 10.5 light years from Earth. Multiple planet solar systems such as our own my be more common in the universe than originally believed.


On July 12, 2000, the witness was driving back home from NJ Route 280 at Exit 1 at around 11:00 PM. The witness states, "I saw a big, very bright, cigar-egg shape flying object on the top of trees. I am pretty sure there is no airplane or other commercial flying boat to match it. I have served in the army for two years and trained to identify aircraft because my job was to fire anti-craft guns. This unbelievable flying object moved slowly and quietly cross route 280 from northeast to southwest. Two of my friends were in another car and headed in the same direction as we were, but and they were a mile closer to the object. They watched the bottom of the UFO and should report it also. Thanks to NUFORC


BRONX - On July 23, 2000, I was looking out my window, eight stories high and I spotted a black or brown spot in the sky. I then knew exactly what it was so I grabbed my camcorder and ran fast to the roof. The building security guard was up there, so he had a chance to witness it with me. It seemed like a large ball holding a smaller one in one spot keeping it's balance as though it was being held by a string. It was very windy so it couldn't have been a balloon and it was definitely not a plane. They were two together very close maybe attached to each other. It seemed to be observing everything around it, turning all around but still hovering in the same spot. The security guard ran downstairs but I kept on filming. After about twenty minutes it started it's way towards one direction. When it was gone another popped up within a minute at the same spot. It seemed to be making it's way towards me giving off a tapping sound as though someone was tapping on metal. The shape then looked round like a black or charcoal gray light bulb. I got scared and started making my way towards the exit as it moved away.

Five minutes later a third one appeared going around me heading towards the same direction. It was closer to the buildings than an airplane that passed right above it. It's on the film. I said, "Watch it disappear and another will pop up again." Then a fourth showed up at the same spot the first two did and left very quickly towards the same direction again. This is no surprise to me. They say you only see this stuff at farms, but I do spend a lot of time on my roof. People in the city do not look up at the skies very often. I got them on film now with four witnesses. I have witnessed UFOs for 3 years and now I have proof thanks to my camcorder. My wife and I saw three round like or football shaped objects directly above our heads at 6:00 PM They take their sweet time heading in formation straight across us. I've also seen silver objects with a little bit of black underneath with no lights during daylight. My uncle and cousin have witnessed a brown one with me. I admit when I see the silver or white ones I feel at peace, but the brown ones give off many negative vibes towards me and I'm scared of them. When they're directly above me they seem to change their shapes kind of like a blanket or liquid metal then they go back to their original round shapes. Peter Davenport spoke with the individual who submitted this report. We find him to be seemingly rational and serious-minded. Thanks to Peter Davenport NUFORC


MCDONOUGH - MUFON GA Field Investigator David Brown has been contacted regarding an event that occurred on July 29, 2000. Initial contact with the witness, a leasing agent, indicated that she and two of her business associates were at her apartment when a thunder storm moved through the city between 10 and 11:00 PM. The primary witness and her associates went out onto the second story balcony to watch the lightning display. As the lightning subsided, these individuals observed what they thought to be a flying craft with three rows of hazy green lights on the side. The witness indicated that it approached from the west, and then banked to the north, flying slowly within 150 to 200 feet above them as it did so. At that time it was also noticed to have 3 green lights along the bottom rear, all lights steady and non-blinking (no red or white lights in evidence).

The craft was further described as being about the size of a four door sedan, triangular and appearing to have rounded rather than pointed edges. Although there was still distant thunder in the background, the witness indicated they heard no type of motor or engine sounds. No other unusual effects were noticed, nor did there appear to be other aircraft in view. The primary witness stated that they were all surprised that any type of aircraft would be flying in close proximity to such a storm, and it's appearance and shape only added to the overall strangeness of the event. It might be noted that one of the witnesses is a former flight attendant who has experience with various aircraft types and their characteristics.

David will be scheduling to meet with these individuals during the next two weeks in order to obtain statements, sketches, and a visit to the event site. David will keep us posted as to what he develops in this inquiry. Thanks to Tom Sheets


DAYTON -- John E. Lynch writes, "I feel that the information you have written concerning UFO's and contrails is correct." I read an article on the Jeff Rense website about this. I watched all year the activity of these contrails and have become sick because of them. I work as security officer at a major hospital located in the Dayton, Ohio area. The contrails would start and by the evening the people would start rolling into the emergency department. I work outside and watched these contrails being sprayed. I observed a very strange thing around the end of June as I was watching the planes when a silver disk appeared inside one of these trails and sprayed a small trail just like the plane. I was shocked and continued to watch as this disk stopped spraying and shot off into the distance. Thanks to John E. Lynch"


NEW ORLEANS -- Michael L. Stovall reports that while flying in a commercial jet first class seat on July 22, 2000, from Tampa to Houston, at 30,000 feet, I personally viewed our jet come up on another jet at 10:00 AM heading west over the New Orleans Delta area. The other jet was approximately 2500 feet from us when it suddenly began spraying for perhaps several miles, then stopped and disappeared out of sight. We were cruising at approx. 550 mph, so they had to have gone through sound barrier to disappear out of sight in 2-3 seconds. Thirty minutes later we viewed two UFO's over Galveston Bay/NASA Houston at 20,000 feet. They were cigar shaped flat silvery gray at maybe 5000 feet linear distance from us and south of our flight path. Thanks to Michael L. Stovall,


Brenda Livingston writes last December, I had the rare opportunity to witness an aircraft or oblong object disappear -- along with its lengthy persistent contrail as I was intently watching it through binoculars. Greg Avery and I have been working together on solving the contrail/anomalous object mystery for several months now. Based on my own and other's photographs and observations and a year and a half of research regarding contrails, it would appear that not only aircraft are creating PCs in our skies. We just may be witnessing new evidence of UFO activity either creating and/or manipulating gases/ substances in our atmosphere. It is my hope that more researchers and MUFON members will get out and look up with binoculars, 35 mm Cameras. I have developed techniques to enlarge and enhance print film, and Greg's Canon GL1 video camera and retrieve more information about these anomalous objects in and near persistent contrails. Thank you for your coverage of this new area of research. Brenda has an excellent website at Thanks to Brenda Livingston: Living-Tracer Enterprises


ELK CITY -- A golf pro who takes videotape of his students captured A UFO on film. A team of MUFON investigators including Katheryn Fanning, Susan Hill, Shelly Ritter and Chuck Pine comprised the team. They met Mike Proctor and Sy Friedman the golf pro. Chuck writes, "We reviewed the tape at Sys' home." We slowed it down and most thought that the UFO was a rod, but it needs further examination. We interviewed both parties, took pictures to document the area, drove down the road and stopped at several businesses where the people work outside to see if anyone had seen anything at the 9:00 AM time period. None had seen anything. We went to the police station and airport but nothing had been reported anything. We talked with the control tower and Fixed Base Operator personnel. The object was not an insect and first appeared in the frame in the middle left edge, it was heading in an East to West direction. Each frame shows it moving, then making a turn to the NW and going down behind the trees. This places it about a mile away and 30 to 40 feet in length and approximately 3 feet in size, with large fins. It reappeared climbing from behind the trees approximately 200 yards away still heading in a northwest direction. The video further revealed an undulation pattern of the fins, a blurred pattern appears in the front and back portion of the "critter" This again is congruent with the video on the rods. The body was blurred and no definite shape would be identified. The estimated speed was 1500 mph. Thanks to Chuck Pine


CENTRAL TEXAS - Ann writes, "Contrails in our skies have taken on a new twist. I noticed a chemtrail in progress from my kitchen window. When I went outside for a better look, I noticed the pilot turning the spray off and on several times. He would turn the spray on ONLY when he crossed one of the existing trails that had been laid down in an earlier spraying pass, leaving a patch of blue sky between the trails. This could have been an attempt at stealth by making the spray look patchy instead of linear. My camera was out of film, so I took no pictures. Unfortunately, there is no shortage of photo opts where Chemtrails are concerned. I'm certain that the spraying is designed to serve multiple objectives. Any operation of this magnitude would be undertaken as a joint effort to share the expense, to confound any organized opposition by creating a "Blind Men and the Elephant" situation (keep us arguing amongst ourselves as to cause and effect, thereby, missing the big picture) and to conveniently shift the blame when the eventual day of reckoning comes. I have also noticed that it takes about 7 minutes for the planes to traverse the sky from horizon to horizon. I've pointed out the spray to my neighbors. They are horrified. All report the standard illnesses that others have associated with the spray. Even our pets are ill. Please withhold my name as I am certain that names are being taken. Thanks to Ann


KINGSTON -- Three campers and myself witnessed three disk or saucer shaped multicolor emitting objects hovering in the night sky on July 25, 2000. The sighting occurred after a thirty minute drive north of Kingston. Objects were saucer shaped, hovering erratically at 1:30 AM in an inclined roughly 30 degree angle. The bottom of each UFO was brightly lit with a white light. The top or back of each object was adorned with different colored lights with red dominating the center in a line, and blue at the tips accompanied by shades of yellow and green. The lights would pulse in a seemingly random order, with the red lights flashing in synchronization, or one at a time. At times, an object would assume a smooth regular flight path to commence hovering at a new location. Ascension and diving were rapid and at equal velocities. These objects were visible for two hours, and made no sound. It is probably worth mentioning that there was an unusually large meteor shower that night at 1:30 AM. Thanks to Peter Davenport, NUFORC,


CARAVAN SITE BURSCOUGH -- On July 13, 2000, at 11:55 AM, Bill Eatock writes Stephen Ralph and myself were sat on a bench at a Caravan Site having a break when we noticed what appeared to be two military jet fighter aircraft very high up and quite close together in the clear sky. As we watched the aircraft we were astounded to see that the planes appeared to be jerky in their movements, as if they were moving forward then jumping back slightly. Both craft did this but independent of each other. The aircraft then entered a small cloud. We waited for the aircraft to come out from behind the cloud in order to try and make sense of the strange movement. However, to our astonishment, the aircraft did not reappear from behind the small cloud they simply disappeared! Shortly after this strange occurrence a number of small propeller driven aircraft converged on the area. The prop craft were white with black wing tips and black underbelly. Thanks to Bill Eatock Director of Inquiry ERG Investigations


Dr. Bruce Coronet writes regarding Filer's Files #30. Hypothetically, if these aircraft are really becoming invisible (I have lost track of aircraft in the sky, and seen them blend in with their bright background), and represent alien craft, the reason for spraying could be in preparation for contact. As a biologist I am very aware of what foreign viruses and bacterial agents can do, and so is the government. Whole tribes of Indians were wiped out by contact with the Spanish in the Americas. If there is any possibility for cross contamination and disease, an alien species could not land and make contact, period! Unless they remained suited up in decontamination outfits.

One way of building our immunity to their diseases is to inoculate us, but doing so by airborne particles is the slow way -- not as good as a shot in the arm. If these ETs are benevolent, they would not attempt contact until a significant percentage of our population is immunized against all their potential diseases. If these ETs were here to exterminate us, why not just land. Their contamination would spread like wildfire, and the confusion resulting from contact would disrupt any attempt by government to control the spread of that contamination. Large and expensive projects to inoculate populations are usually not done by diabolical leaders intent on destroying their resources. So, don't be so paranoid. Be alert and concerned, however. Keep looking. Thanks to Bruce Cornet (


Tim Cooper writes. "According to Edward Ruppelt's account preserved in his book THE REPORT ON UNIDENTIFIED FLYING OBJECTS published in 1956, there were sightings in August, September and October of 1951."

At approximately 9:00 P.M. on August 25, 1951, an employee of the Sandia Corporation's AEC subsidiary division, and his wife observed a large, triangle-shaped craft pass slowly and silently over Albuquerque, New Mexico, at a very low altitude. The object was described as a V-shaped wing with six-to-eight soft, glowing, bluish lights on the wing's leading edges. Please see,

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