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Filer's Files
By George Filer

MUFON Eastern Region Director
August 14, 2000

George Filer:
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As I write this New Jersey is again being hit by torrential rains, flooding and poor weather. I have not seen this kind of weather since the Vietnam War. Many people are reporting strange weather that might be tied to contrails, disappearing aircraft and increased UFO reports. We had 14 inches or rain yesterday. Nothing similar to these rains are reported unless a hurricane comes through the area. When there are momentary breaks in the clouds at night, a Perseid meteor shower can be seen shining through the colorful Northern Lights. Auroras were spotted as far south as Los Angeles, California and New Jersey. On August 12, 2000, the Earth was hit by a shock wave from coronal mass ejection's from our sun as solar activity remained high. The colorful skies when visible through the clouds and smoke from Western fires has been spectacular. Perhaps the meteors, fireballs, and Northern Lights have encouraged people to report the flow of UFOs. If you can see the sky you might see some interesting sights.

I don't get easily worried but I'm concerned about what connection might exist between the vast wildfires raging out of control in much of the Western United States and many reports of fireballs, meteor showers, coronal mass ejection's, and the strange weather ongoing in recent weeks. We have more reports of low level contrails forming, hinting at some type of weather manipulation or virus control operations. The news media warns of the spreading of the West Nile Virus in the Eastern US and heavy aerial spraying to reduce the mosquito population carrying the virus. Eighty-two fires are burning in the West. I'm uncomfortable with all these reports. Living not far from Princeton, I wondered what the father of modern physics, Albert Einstein would say about all this? He said, "Science without religion is lame," Einstein also wrote, "Religion with science is blind." I take this to mean we better start collecting scientific evidence and praying for a little sunshine and help. When viruses start exploding and changing with all these weather changes, we need help where ever we can get it.


ARCTIC CIRCLE NORTH OF EUROPEAN RUSSIA -- Itar-Tass news agency said, the nuclear-powered Russian submarine Kursk reported it had hit an unidentified object underwater on Sunday, August 13, 2000. Small rescue submarines were circling the Kursk for an initial inspection and found it damaged, but sitting straight on the seabed after a collision The stricken sub was built in 1994, and is classed as Oscar-2 by NATO. Officials said, the submarine was damaged, possibly in collision with a foreign submarine. Although not generally known to the public, high speed unidentified submerged objects (USOs) are frequently reported. UFOs are often seen entering and leaving the water. RIA news agency quoted the Northern Fleet press office as saying the crew was not in danger and that the question of abandoning the stricken vessel had not been raised. ''The Russian Northern Fleet command said, "They did not rule out that the foreign submarine was also damaged and was now not far from the Kursk.'' Russian and US submarines traditionally play war games in the area. In 1993, a Russian Delta-3 class nuclear-powered submarine collided with the USS Grayling in the Barents Sea, but both vessels were able to return to base. US Navy spokeswoman said, that a US Navy ship "Loyal," that gathers underwater acoustical data, was about 250 miles away from the Russian submarine when it went down. The ship was there by coincidence and had nothing to do with the Russian submarine or subsequent rescue efforts." Two US submarines were also in the general area but there is no indication they were involved.


KENNEDY AIRPORT -- Two friends of mine Bob Durant and Don Berliner investigated one of the most significant cases concerning UFOs in recent years. At 5:07 PM on August 9, 1997, a Swissair Boeing 747 experienced a "near miss" with a cylindrical "glowing white" object traveling almost directly toward the cockpit at very high speed. The airliner was in level flight at 23,000 feet and cruising at 340 knots indicated speed in a cloudless sky. Six weeks after the event, the story was disseminated by the Associated Press new service. According to the AP account, the National Transportation Safety Board (NSTB) identified the object as a weather balloon, citing a report from another airline of a weather balloon in the same general area. The airplane was a Boeing 747, a wide-bodied along range airliner with Swiss national registration. The flight left Philadelphia International Airport at 4:50 PM and landed at Boston Logan Airport 57 minutes later. The cockpit crew consisted of Captain Phil Bobet, with 15,000 hours flying time, First Officer copilot G with 7,500 hours and Flight Engineer K. Captain Bobet was sitting in the left pilot's seat when sixteen minutes after takeoff they were over New York Kennedy Airport in clear weather. The two pilots almost simultaneously saw the UFO. The following dialogue is from the tape recording made by the FAA. This permits later investigation of communications where accidents or unusual events occur.

Swissair Flight 127 (Probably Capt. Bobet speaking.) "ATC Swissair 127."

ATC = Boston Air Route Traffic Control Center, Danbury Sector 22: "Go ahead Swissair."

Swissair: "Yes sir, I don't know what it was, but it just over flew just like a couple of hundred feet above us. I don't know if it was a rocket or whatever. But incredibly fast. Opposite direction."

ATC: "In the opposite direction?"

Swissair: "Yes sir, and the time was two-one-zero-seven (5:07 PM local time). It was too fast to be an airplane."

ATC: "OK, thank you." To Houston 986, another airplane in the vicinity of Swissair 127: "Did you see anything like a missile in your area, perhaps off to your right?"

H 986: "I'll take a good look, but if it's going that fast, I probably won't get a chance. We just saw Swissair go by a minute ago."

Swissair 127: "We had no warning. It was way too fast!"

The radio report was so provocative that the Boston Flight Standards office was notified while the airplane was still airborne and a FFA officer was sent to meet the crew. The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB), along with the FAA met the pilots. Normally this type of meeting is unheard of. The next day the Swissair crew was interviewed separately by four government agents. Bob Durant a commercial airline pilot later interviewed the Captain Bobet who said, he was clearly dismayed the balloon explanation. "He thought it preposterous!"

Captain Bolet thought, "The path of the UFO was from opposite direction, slightly right. Estimated horizontal distance-between First Officer's seat and engine #3, vertical distance between 100 and 200 feet above the aircraft. "At the same time, I saw the First Officer plunging his head down towards his knees. The Flight Officer mentioned later that he thought he would get hit by the object. The UFO speed appeared to be very high. The object was white and balloons are dark. Balloons fly for about an hour and the last one had been launched ten hours earlier. Thanks to R. J. Durant and Don Berliner. A detailed report is available from the Fund for UFO Research.

Editor's Note: Several terrible accidents have occurred in recent years that may be related to near collisions with UFOs. The crew of Egyptian Flight 990 apparently put their aircraft into a steep dive possibly as the result of a near miss. News accounts speculated that a pilot wanted to commit suicide and caused the death of those aboard. I feel it is more likely that Flight 990 took evasive action to avoid hitting an approaching Unidentified Flying Object similar to the one that almost hit Swissair 127. Allegedly, Egyptian pilot Gameel el-Batouty's said a prayer "Now I put my faith in God's hands" just prior to diving the aircraft. The plane dived for 40 seconds and seemed to pull up before failing to recover. Many of us might of stated something similar.


BETHLEHEM -- Margaret Kichline writes, "I went outside about 4:00 AM on July 23, 2000, with my binoculars since it was pretty clear. Fifteen minutes later, I saw a bright yellowish-white object right below the moon that was the size and brightness of Polaris. It was moving very fast traveling toward Ursa Minor. I would say it took 20 seconds before it was out of my view. At 4:30 AM, another object identical to the first flew directly above the moon heading north toward Polaris. About 5:00 AM , I saw three similar fast moving flying objects, except they were not as bright, and were moving in same general area of the sky. There were no sounds, and no strobing lights. They were just steady glowing objects. Thanks to: Peggy K.


TAMPA -- Skywatch reports that a lady notified them that on August 7, 2000, "I have just seen the most remarkable site when I saw three rod-shaped craft in a huge triangular formation with the largest in the center." I do not believe they are stars because you can see stars beyond them. The stars are not nearly as bright and colorful. They are not rod-shaped and are not anywhere near as large as these appear to be. They appear to be over Tampa with the central and largest object facing north. There is a misty cloud cover to the west of them and there are what appear to be two of the other, smaller rod shaped vehicles just to the north of the large triangular formation. These two are also quite elongated and bright. They do not appear to be moving at all." I watched for a full five minutes. They still haven't moved and I have never seen any stars in the Florida sky that are elongated or truly rod-shaped as these are. They look like skinny, colorful vertical bars. There is no noise. The streetlight behind my house blinked off an on the whole time I was standing there, never fully lighting up or sustaining light. At first I saw what I thought was a shooting star, but it appeared as a very THICK band of white light shooting from north to south just east of the large triangular formation. It wasn't falling down -- it crossed north/south." Thanks to: DRxDON Skywatch International, INC.


HAMPTON ROADS - Contrails are intense almost every day, but the real spooky thing is that, on any given plane, the contrails stop, start, stop, start, etc., leaving a pattern of disjointed trails what the heck is THAT? The contrails are particularly intense over Virginia Beach. It looks like tic-tac-toe almost every day. Thanks to Steven Wallace Steve

Editors Note: We are getting reports of contrails from all over the world. If anyone owns an expensive video cameral with 3ccd please take photos. If you own a plane get air samples.


MADISON -- Whitley Strieber writes he received this interesting E-mail from Mark. "Last summer, I was taking my noon walk next to Truax Field, when I saw an Orion sub hunter aircraft with the long MAD detector off the tail. I noticed because it was painted totally white, and had no markings. The Air National Guard was wheeling the craft into a hangar. About two weeks later, I was out in the sticks on the Wisconsin River when I heard the loud roar of a large plane. I looked up and there was nothing. I put on Polaroid sunglasses, and the plane was perfectly visible. I put the glasses on and off several times and the plane was only visible with polarized light. Nova had a show on camouflage, and it showed you could put lights on a military tank, and illuminate the tank, and it would disappear into the glare of the sky in the horizon. I think that there are aircraft that are illuminated with wing tip floods that make them disappear in the glare of the sky. I think the answer is technically very simple. A law enforcement friend informed me that the big Orion's are used to sniff methlabs in our war on drugs. Thanks to Mark and W Strieber,


Dave Fugere writes, "I have had Chemtrails sightings and taken pictures. Once you've had this strange stuff happen to you there is no way you can rest and blow it off without wanting to do a lot more observing. I videotaped rods on film six months before I even heard about them. I never thought I would ever be telling someone that I saw an airplane vanish in front of my eyes but it happened two weeks ago. Almost every night between 9 and 11:00 PM we have one or two planes that fly over my house with red and green lights. I was watching with my binoculars and I looked down for a for a second. When I looked back up and it was gone! You and others are now reporting things similar to what I saw.

On August 7, 2000, I saw a white fireball in the northern sky falling at a certain trajectory and then it just seemed to drop at a steep angle. I fully expected it to hit not far away and was waiting for the explosion as it disappeared over my house. I was surprised to see it still burning very bright, but it didn't leave a trail like a shooting star does and was much slower. This is the third time this year I have seen one like this but this one was the brightest and biggest and burned the longest. Thanks to (Dave Fugere)


AUSTIN -- We had a daylight sighting of a large cylindrical object which lasted 30 seconds before the object disappeared on June 30, 2000, at 8:30 PM, which is still broad daylight. My husband and I spent a week on Lake Travis in a subdivision called Lakeway. There were jets and light planes flying to and from Austin's airport. My eye was drawn to a very bright white object which suddenly appeared flying rather quickly to the southeast at four to five thousand feet. The western sun reflected on the object and we were able to see the side of a large white cylindrical object with a very distinct round, flat rear end, also bright white. After about thirty seconds we saw the round rear of the craft enter the only cloud in the sky and we lost sight of it altogether. There was no noise made by the craft. The two areas in which my husband and I disagree are the angle in which the object flew, he says at a tilt and I say parallel to land, and what the front of the craft might have looked like. My husband believes the front was flat and I just couldn't tell because the object appeared suddenly and the front end was past our point of determination. My eighteen year old son has begun to look up since our sighting and on August 6, 2000, told me he saw what appeared to be a falling star. The *star's* trajectory lasted much longer than that of shooting stars he has seen in the past. It also flashed a blue light during it's trajectory which took up the entire sky he was able to see. Thanks to Craig and Carol Cowgill


GIG HARBOR -- Linda Lull writes I have been observing and following the chemtrail story for the past eighteen months. Lately, I noticed these light objects going in and out of sight. The most I can make out of them is a shinning light, then they total disappear from sight. I have been observing this activity for some time now. It does seem to be getting more frequent. Yesterday, I spotted the bright light twice in two different locations. I have noticed these light objects being visible than not visible around Chemtrails. I did not know what to make of it? I might add I'm a former Flight Attendant. Thanks to: Linda Lull,


VICTORVILLE -- Mr. R. called the MUFON San Bernardino Hotline to report that on August 9, 2000, his wife looked out the window and noticed two very bright white lights swooping back and forth in the sky at 11:30 PM. She alerted him to the lights and he went outside his front door and was met by a blinding white light that illuminated his house and street. The light suddenly went out and he noticed both his outdoor mercury vapor lights and street lights were out. As he stood in the total darkness, he was again surrounded by the intensely bright light that lasted about a minute then once again blinked out of sudden darkness. About a minute and a half later he heard a rumbling sound like a sonic boom, that sounded like the noise that sometimes precedes an earthquake. The windows in his house rattled, but the ground never shook. Following the vibration, he looked towards the northeast sky and saw what appeared to be two faint white "falling stars" that were "falling" side by side and disappeared at the same moment. Mr. R. reported that there were no visual observations of normal aircraft or helicopters in the sky during the event and no sound was heard, with the exception of rumbling. Thanks to Cinde Costello LOOKIN4ET


NORTH LONDON - A high flying slow moving UFO was observed Friday afternoon on August 11, 2000, with a flashing light as it went into high cloud. Some observers thought the flashing light was actually light reflecting from sun. The shape discernible was egg shape on its side. It was not a plane, its possible the object was a weather balloon but both the shape and movements didn't seem right. Too low to be satellite. The object was visible for about 20 minutes until it didn't appear to emerge from cloud. Thanks to DAVE and


BYRON BAY -- BBCIC News reports a professional photographer took two rolls of films August 3, 2000, of a very heavy Chemtrails activity over Byron Bay. When he developed the films he found many 'floating objects' between the Chemtrails. Shlomo, who was formerly with the Israeli Air Force and was teaching UFO's at UCLA, California inspected the slides and determined that the 'floating objects' are classical UFO's. As the Australian public is not very familiar with the subject of UFO's, Shlomo has decided not to discuss the UFO's locally in order not to confuse the Chemtrail issue at the moment. Shlomo is now negotiating to post these spectacular UFO-Chemtrail photos on the Jeff Rense website. Thanks to Debra Livingston and BBCIC Byron Bay Chemtrails Information Center


WRIGHT PATTERSON AIR FORCE BASE -- June Crain called detective Sergeant James Clarkson in 1997, to share her firsthand account of working at Wright Patterson AFB from 1942 to 1952. June claims to have handled unusual metal parts of a flying saucer, taken dictation from Werner Von Braun, and been told of three UFO crashes. She claims to have held a Top Secret Q clearance and been asked to sign a "TOO HOT" memo as a result of a careless Master Sergeant announcing he had just flown in from New Mexico with alien bodies and wreckage. According to Dr. Bob and Ryan Woods, "Her story continues to validate the contents of the Majestic documents in both powerful overt and subtle ways. June was the only known surviving member of the parachute group of Wright Field. She passed away on August 23, 1998, yet she left plenty of evidence behind that is available at Thanks to Dr. Bob and Ryan Woods


Colin Andrews who has researched crop circles since the 80s claims the strange phenomena are caused by the Earth's magnetic field. Scientist Colin Andrews says 17 years of work has revealed that about 80% of the formations are man-made. But he believes that magnetism may account for the rest, which display a simplicity of form compared with elaborate, beautiful patterns of the "hoaxes." Dr. Andrews believes a mysterious shift in the magnetic field gives rise to a current that "electrocutes" the crops forcing them to lie flat on the ground. The known hoaxers, artists who spend hours trampling fields with footboards attached to a length of rope, say the public does not believe in scientific explanations. Explanations have ranged from freak weather conditions to alien visitors. But Dr. Andrews, funded by a grant from the Rockerfeller Institute in the US, believes he is closer to the truth. He has hired private detectives to track hoaxers and now says he can rule out 80% of the formations. He claims the less elaborate designs are the "natural" creations caused by a three-degree shift in magnetic field lines. Some claim the circles are UFO landing sites. Dr. Andrews, who plans to publish his findings later this year, says more work still needs to be done his theory. Most mainstream scientists believe the only explanation for crop circles lies in the footboards of hoaxers. Louise A. Lowry ,

Editor's Note: The fields are often guarded and watched so it seems amazing these hoaxers never get caught, and can get away with destroying the farmers crops hundreds of times a year in numerous countries.


Robert Collins writes, "On October 3, 1942, the space age began with the successful launch of the V-2 on its third attempt and the world would never be the same." Made as a weapon of war and not for science or adventure, the 46 foot alcohol and liquid oxygen V-2 had a velocity of 3500 mph and could carry a 1,650 pound warhead to a range of 200 to 250 miles. "It is the ancestor of practically every rocket flown in the world today and, in September of 1944, was launched against England toward London but came too late to affect the outcome of the war." Please see,


Lan Fleming writes I've posted an evaluation of Mark Kelly's orthorectified Mars Face enhancement. The enhancement was intended to show what the Face would look like at the resolution of the MGS camera but at the lighting and viewing angles of the lower-resolution Viking images. The Viking images were acquired under more suitable conditions for viewing a face than the MGS half-profile illuminated images taken from beneath the "chin." I think the new work is valid and the result is a powerful representation of a humanoid face. Based on comparisons with the Viking images, I don't see any justifiable way to jiggle the lighting or proportions of the MGS Face image in a way that could arrive at a depiction that differs significantly from the Kelly enhancement. This is not the result of Kelly digital trickery. since he neither added features not in the original image nor removed features that were present. The match in lighting and positions of features with the Viking images is good. I think the Kelly enhancement may eventually compel NASA to acquire a better image of the Face. We need NASA to take over head images of the Mars Face to avoid a major public relations crisis. See the Tom Van Flandern web site at Thanks to: Lan Fleming

Editor's Note: These enhanced images make the face appear much more real. It struck me that the whole ancient area was a type of religious center similar to the Egyptian and Mexican pyramid complexes. The face by itself could be an accident, but the entire complex is much more convincing. I have visited the pyramids near Cairo and Teotituacan near Mexico City. Each has a central road or canal that may be similar to the Mars Cydonia pyramid complex. The road is on a \ 45 degree angle as I look at it.


POITIERS -- A French researcher writes, "The weather phenomena that you refer too are certainly part of the climate changes that appear to be accelerating, as up till very recent months the major multinationals have fought them rather than looking for ways to alleviate the conditions that produce them. There is now little argument among the well informed about the FACT OF CLIMATE CHANGE - the argument is about what it will produce on the ground -- crocodiles in Pennsylvania and flooding of London, etc. One long ago proposed model has to do with increased cloud cover over land due to the water vapor being blown off an increasingly hot ocean. I have been observing that factor for my last ten years in Europe. The climate wherein, I live has totally changed in the eight years that I have been here -- there is no summer as it has been conventionally known here for centuries of recently recorded history AND for the last two years no Winter to speak of -- not one daytime frost last winter AND it can be warm enough in any month for us to eat out on our back terrace -- something we did last Christmas and the preceding years New Year's Day. My last guest reported great shock throughout northern Italy as she has just returned from a villa outside of Milano and for a month, no summer as the people normally know it. Our locals are increasingly disturbed. Two other facts which you can check out with scientific friends on the NASA side -- Sun spot activity is the highest on record and indicates a cycle that requires new thinking -- this certainly is influencing the climate. There have also been a rash of comets crashing into the Sun. And the real kicker -- historical climatic research indicates a 7 degree change in earth climate can occur within a decade. The normally slow system once it enters a chaotic phase can shift enormously in a very short time. Our disregard of ecological boundaries is a playing with dynamite. I would guess that strange diseases is part of the general upset, BUT would appreciate any data on those that cross your screen as I have tracked things of that sort for over 3 and a half decades. Thanks to: Ira User886114

I hope everyone has a nice summer!

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